Axelrod Haz Sad – But What’s Really Going on With Fredrica Wilson?…

There’s a couple of different aspects to the Miami-Dade vote discussion that deserves a little highlight.  First, the obvious; this is how the media are framing a conversation that happened between Representative Fredrica Wilson and the authors at Politico. WATCH:


…But that conversation is really not what is going on with Fredrica Wilson; and for those new to the sketchy universe of democrat politics, and especially for those who don’t understand the internal politics of the DNC, perhaps a little explanation is in order.

If we take the quotes from Ms. Wilson as outlined in the Politico article being discussed, there is some coded language…. familiar to those who know the way the party works and the motives of those who graft personal financial benefit within the club system:

[…] “We did not get the kind of funding for different vendors who would do that type of work until late in the campaign,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson, a party institution who represents Miami’s heavily Black congressional district.

[…] “I screamed. Hollered. I called. I lobbied from the top to the bottom,” Wilson said of her efforts to get turnout operations started in the community, including sending written proposals to Biden’s campaign and having virtual Zoom meetings with his advisers. (link)

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and former Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)

What Wilson is doing in that conversation is using Politico to tell the DNC apparatus that she is not happy being locked out from the financial mechanism that generally provides a very lucrative monetary benefit.

The “vendors” she describes are actually political entities, in this case specifically black political activists and groups, that work within her network and rely upon each campaign season to fill their bank accounts.   The issue is not the Biden campaign funding a Get Out the Vote operation, the issue is the indulgency fees are not being paid.

Wilson’s self-interest is in the kick-back she gets from the local groups, a percentage of the DNC payment (10 to 20 percent), that goes straight toward her own lifestyle. It’s a familiar political racket.

The DNC club pays groups, churches, organizations etc. to activate their people toward the candidate they need. In order to get the payment the individual or group needs the approval of party insider Fredrica Wilson to get themselves on “the list” for the club payments.  That’s the process Wilson is describing, and apparently the DNC has not paid the people on Wilson’s list for their election services.  As a consequence Wilson isn’t getting paid and so she goes to Politico with an open admonishment against the club.

This article is a little like openly public blackmail.  Fund my list of favored entities or I will disparage you with our allied media.  In essence, she’s trying to leverage payment.

That’s how the system rolls.  It works on both sides of the two party system.  Republicans sell their influence schemes the same way.  Party “vendors” are insiders who gain financial benefit from the funding and donations. There is an entire business system around/inside politics.  In this case Fredrica Wilson is demanding to get paid.

On the positive side the Biden campaign didn’t see the value in paying the vendor fees for their traditional vote manipulations because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has the integrity of this election under tight controls.

Notoriously sketchy Broward county is being watched very closely and Brenda Snipes is no longer there to manipulate/activate her traditional voter fraud schemes.  Additionally, as voter fraud is now more commonly identified Broward’s next door neighbor, Miami-Dade, might actually have a representative election this year, it will be interesting to watch.

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you never watch the pantomime without seeing them.  Carry on…

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179 Responses to Axelrod Haz Sad – But What’s Really Going on With Fredrica Wilson?…

  1. MM says:

    Thanks for the insight into the political schemes!

    • freepetta says:

      Frederica is a piece of work!! That woman looks like she’s ripe for the mental institution!

    • YY4U says:

      Thank you, Sundance. I am worn out from the endless roller coaster ride. I need the Treehouse to survive this Maelstrom of disinformation, manipulating and Machiavellian maneuvers. My eyes tell me the president is confident and cementing his internal polls, but then the media (including and especially Fox) get on there and tell me I’m not seeing what I’m seeing and Biden is going to win in a landslide. I voted so now all I can do is wait. But I have no confidence in my fellow Americans. I live in a high end, geographically desirable, suburban neighborhood where the people believe nothing bad can happen to them and I see they all have Biden yard signs. How can they be so stupid? Only three Trump signs in a sea of Biden-Harris. Yet I’m not one of the three because I am afraid they’d harm my dog. So how many others like me?

      • graystone1221 says:

        YY4U— There are lots of others like you. Maybe millions. Quietly supporting our President. Unwilling to risk what they have worked hard for- a peaceful, safe life and friendly neighbors. I’m sorry you fear for the well-being of your pet. Hurting a dog over political differences is disgusting.

        My neighborhood is the same as yours. Your description fits mine to a T. I fly my American flag and Thin Blue Line flag, illuminated with blue lights at night. Have gotten many compliments. I suspect the vast majority of “non-Biden yards” are quiet Trump supporters.

      • fillemup01 says:

        I was worried that passersby might not see my single Trump sign so I put up another one.
        KAG! Trump 2020!!

      • Sunshine says:

        It must be terrible worrying about your beloved dog. What has society come to when preference for a political candidate can get your dog killed? The Democrats are evil.

        • Yy4u says:

          Up the street, one of the 3 brave souls had his Trump sign stolen in broad daylight. A 90 y.o. lady witnessed it and told the two womem who did it they shouldn’t steal other’s property. At which time they flipped her off and told her to “Eff off”. Do you think these kind of savages would hesitate to poison a dog?

  2. laeagle says:

    In Florida and throughout the Nation it is time for the Silent Majority to be heard!

    • upstate909 says:

      I do no think they can conceive the numbers of people they believe they have silenced, shamed or otherwise “cancelled”. Their minority status will be revealed and I hope they are released from their catatonic state. We will succeed.

  3. diggy333 says:

    I live in Miami-Dade, and you have her pegged exactly. She expected a cash windfall this election season. She is whining because the Biden campaign doesn’t see a need to spend it in her overwhelmingly Democrat district.

  4. diggy333 says:

    I live in Miami-Dade, and you have her pegged exactly. She expected a cash windfall this election season. She is whining because the Biden campaign doesn’t see a need to spend it in her overwhelmingly Democrat district.

  5. mspsgt says:

    Maybe, after funding all of the rioting, looting and other nefarious mayhem these last few months, there was nothing left for the fraud.

  6. Patience says:

    The PLANtation just ain’t what it was.
    >Blexit is not freeDUMB

    Let freedom ring; and ring and ring and ring

  7. freepetta says:
    Bwahahahahaha!! Hopefully old perverted child sexual abuser Joe Biden will be in the back.
    His daughter Ashley remembers him doing things to her for years!

  8. bocephusrex says:

    These people are not bright and have been getting away with very basic scams for decades–thanks to Snipes, the jig is up–unless some much brighter people from DC have intervened to cook up some new and much more sophisticated schemes-their goose is cooked-DeSantis and his people are light-years ahead of these dopey political hacks-

    • flova says:

      They didnt have to be bright. They had everybody and their uncle covering for them. They had the race card and the media shoveling the manure. Then along came a fly in the ointnent– our beloved President Trump.

      MAGA 2020

      • vikingmom says:

        Bingo! It has been a racket that has been going on for decades, and people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Maxine Walters have gotten wealthy playing the race card and then delivering votes by bringing more and more people into their network each year, who also get a cut of the pie for delivering more votes. And so on and so on…

        But suddenly, their cooperation is now expected and their paymasters have significantly reduced the kickback amounts. They are suddenly waking up to the knowledge that they are yesterday’s news and the hot new commodities are the illegals from Mexico, along with Muslim immigrants from African nations, as represented by AOC and Omar That’s where all the money is going now…

        The big question is what the traditional black churches and African American communities are going to do when they realize they have been lied to and used and are now being kicked to the curb! Maybe they will decide it’s time to walk away! The point was made in the Uncle Tom documentary that this is the moment for the Republican Party to reach out and welcome them! Going to get very interesting in the next little while, isn’t it?

  9. booger71 says:

    So no new cowboy hats for Frederica this Christmas….sad.

  10. suejeanne1 says:

    Axelrod is Chicago – wondering how things are going with the “vendors” in Chicago –

    thank you for the continuing education, Sundance!

    • TL Howard says:

      I can’t stand to watch it. What does Axelrod have to say?

      • FPCHmom says:

        He actually commented that Miami Dade is way below where it needs to be for Biden and that there appears to be a turn out problem for Biden with African American voters, which is “concerning.”

        • doyouseemyvision says:

          Essentially explaining the lack of payola to Frederika.

        • Ernesto Ledesma says:

          That comment by Axelrod worried me. I’ve noticed a pattern with all the big “blue” counties in different states like Maricopa Az, Alexandria Va, Cuyahoga Oh and Broward FL where they are always the last ones to count the votes. So you see the entire state is red and the Rs are way ahead and then the numbers start coming from this counties. They are doing again! They wait to see how many votes they need.

        • TL Howard says:


    • Dutchman says:

      The question is, is this “failure to fund” unique to Florida?
      If the Biden campaign has been stingy there, have they been stingy in OTHER key , must win areas?

      Is this a matter of favoritism, as in miss cowboy hat didn’t kiss the right butts, or is it far broader?

      Did they take the “Black vote” so much for granted, that they didn’t “waste $ and effort” on votes they thought they had sewn up?

      To have missed or dismissed the significant efforts PDJT has made within “the Black community” and expended some $ and effort to try to counter it, is a monumental error.

      Remember in 2016, Bill tried to warn Hillary. She threw an ashtray at him, and all of her advisors dismissed him.

      Now, they are realising their blindspots, too late to do anything about it, and I suspect behind closed doors, they are blame gaming, and already know they have LOST.

      CHEATING thru ballot fraud can only work, if the legitimate results are close.

      The Dems SHOULD have been working, from day one, on trying to get the legitimate vote as close as possible. And that means turn out.

      Oh, but theres “DATA”, the operation Mad Max touted. I just got a text message, from the Dem running in my district for Congress, asking for my vote.

      First from her, and she sends it four days before the election, in Az where we have been early voting for weeks, and sends it to a lifelong registered Republican?

      Yeah, there DATA operation sucks.

      There is gonna be such a red wave!

      • suejeanne1 says:

        Liked – very much!

      • jinmichigan says:

        I dont think the tyrants care about actually winning. They want to create doubt in the elections integrity and then they will take the government by revolution. Thats what this is. It is not an election. They dont give a crap about the election. This is a color revolution.


        There are Seven Pillars of a Color Revolution:

        1) A semi-autocratic rather than fully autocratic regime,
        2) An unpopular incumbent,
        3) A united and organized opposition,
        4) An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified,
        5) Compliant independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote,
        6) A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud, and
        7) Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces. (Division among police and military)


        Paint Trump as a semi-autocratic and unpopular incumbent e.g. Fascist, Hitler, by any means possible. Left wanted Trump to implement draconian measures and laws with regard to: Covid-he refused to mandate national mandates; riots – didn’t send in the troops rather informed the individuals at city and state levels to “ask for help” since it was up to each of them to protect their citizens and protect their states.
        Make the president unpopular. Well, this started at day one Trump was under attack from the left.
        I think that is blatantly obvious by truly looking at the left and their use of Antifa and BLM.
        Tee Stern (Antifa) who is the head of the Atlanta branch said, “The ultimate vision is to…for people to break with their comfort and come into the streets day after day, night after night into the hundreds of thousands, into the millions: and not leave until they have to step down.”
        June 20, 2020 a new video surfaced from Project Veritas shows an “anti-fascist” group, whose objective is to take down the Trump administration, while admitting to having received funding from George Soros.
        Actions in federal courts are allowing mail-in ballots to be counted as many as 6 days after the election setting the stage so that Americans will doubt the outcome and Biden’s 600+ lawyers will contest the results anywhere possible to further this confusion
        The media will toe the line and report on each and any assertion the Biden lawyers make – whether or not there is a basis for the claims.
        Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Unions, even public schools are organizing protests and, in some cases, violent riots
        The call to Defund and neutralize the police, using Floyd as the weapon to promote the nonsense, has been nonstop. Crime is across the country is increasing as more and more officers are resigning. Most people realize that none of this about Floyd, but some refuse to see what is blatantly obvious along with the forces pushing this agenda. Obama removed the US military as an obstacle to the overthrow of a president by purging the general ranks and replacing them with men who see the military only as a profit system.

  11. Doc Joe says:

    When D’s do not get the result they want, the excuse is always that enough of someone else’s money was not thrown at the problem.

  12. 804hokie says:

    The Rhinestone Cowpie!

  13. auh2o64 says:

    Cowboy hats are really expensive, even if you buy them by the gross. Then there is the usual walk around costs of maintaining her status in the “hood.”

    • Maquis says:

      Her cheesy Chinese hats aren’t worthy of any cowboy.

      • annieoakley says:

        Real Cowboys wear hats without sequins. She is on her way out even with the Democrat Party. The Party lack of response means Fredrica is done. No funding anymore for you or the people you owe. Good Luck! “We appreciate your service to the Democrat Party”

        • grenell2024 says:

          Real Cowboys wear custom hats, like the gorgeous hats made by the late Patriot Lee Keltner who was sadly murdered in Colorado by an Antifa goon.

  14. H.R. says:

    Sundance wrote: “On the positive side the Biden campaign didn’t see the value in paying the vendor fees for their traditional vote manipulations because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has the integrity of this election under tight controls.”

    The Dems are corrupt scheming connivers, but not stupid.

    What’s the point in paying for voter fraud if you’re not going to get voter fraud?

    Sorry, Frederica Wilson. You just might have to sell a few of those fancy hats if you are running short of cash.

  15. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Here is a way out idea for you Sundance: With all the corruption going on in the political world, maybe we should propose a change the US Constitution as to the way congressmen and women are chosen. Do it like the draft, selecting people randomly and compelling them to serve. If people didn’t want to do it, I think we would be much better off, in the long run.

    • etbnyc says:

      Frederica should ask for a refund from whomever is picking out her outfits. She dresses like a Hunts Point Hooker that just hit the scratch off lottery.

    • DuaneB says:

      I’ve said that for years.
      Not likely to be any worse than what we have now. Also repeal the 17th amendment and return the selection of the senators to the states. Then get rid of income tax and go to a flat-rate national sales tax. Most of the corruption comes from the ability to tweak the tax code for the highest bidder.

  16. rcogburn says:

    I bet she took a lot of heat for not delivering that sweet 2020 grift. Now she knows he’s going down, so she’s slamming them in Politico before the polls even close, putting herself on the right side of the blame game.

    We didn’t get paid and Joe got played!

    • TL Howard says:

      If Frederica thought Biden were going to be POTUS, I don’t think she’d do this and risk her future pay offs.

      • TL Howard says:

        Dingleberry in MI let it be known the other day the auto workers were for Trump!

        • Issy says:

          TL Howard: Maybe her vendors need paying too. That woman and her phony caring concern for the workers makes me ill. She was gifted her corrupt husband’s seat, and the people need to take it back.

      • adam says:

        Good point – maybe she’s shopping for a new benefactor.

        If they (even privately) think Biden won’t win the internal tug-of-war would have already begun.

  17. Patrick says:

    Did you really have to subject us all to that horrid image of “Debbie Wasserman”? It’s been awhile, yikes!, At least we didn’t have to hear the voice.

  18. Rosemary B says:

    corrupt dirtbags, all of them

  19. Alex Pazzo says:

    She must need a new hat

  20. 300 says:

    She ain’t black?

  21. starspangledred says:

    Is it just me or does Wasserman Schultz remind anyone else of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars?

  22. Zy says:

    Isn’t Horizontal going to be in her territory this weekend ? Might be a reminder to bring an unmarked envelope stuffed with $100 bills.

  23. MILupper says:

    These dems haven’t learned their lesson that when you run a crook as the presidential candidate, just like 2016, the crook doesn’t share any of the money.

    Michigan dem party and local dem org’s where screaming for money from Hillary in the last month of the 2016 election. Hillary told them to raise the money themselves. All the money she raised was hers.

    • Dutchman says:

      Actually, all the money THEY raised was hers, too.
      Recall something about an agreement State DNC’s were coerced into signing, to that effect.

      In 2016, I thought Hillary was THE Candidate to represent the Democrat party, and truly didn’t think they could choose anyone better, to truly represent the party.

      In 2020, gotta say they beat expectations;
      Corrupt to the core, clueless, fumbling, bumbling and so out of touch with americans, and being led around by the AOC Conmunists. Yup, Joe is PERFECT to represent what the Democrat party has become.

  24. Akindole says:

    The Supervisor of Elections (office) in Palm Beach Co. is no amateur at falsifying an election result either.

    You’ll be seeing these usual suspects in the news next week.

    • willthesuevi says:

      I trust DeSantis to stick a boot up the RNC’s butt, and make sure that months ago we were ready for their shenanigans.

  25. ohnoyoudonot says:

    I’ve been saying about Sumter for a while. Today, it set a milestone, becoming the first county to surpass the 100% mark of the total 2016 turnout. As of now, Rs are overperforming 2016 by 2 pct pts. Per
    @Redistrict ‘s criteria, FL will be a blowout win by Trump!!

  26. jmclever says:

    What Wilson and CNN are inadvertently doing is taking away any narrative that would support fraudulent results. By openly declaring and quantifying the lack of effort in Miami-Dade, there is no way they can cheat enough to overcome their own narrative

  27. DeWalt says:

    It’s good. Shows the machine is breaking down.

  28. Rock Knutne says:

    The Latino perspective is very interesting. Here’s an interesting clip from the Latino UFC champ talking about President Trump.

    Worth your 2 minutes.


    • Amy2 says:

      He did a lengthy interview on Louder with Crowder the other day. His dad came over from Cuba on a raft at 14. Incredible story.

    • regitiger says:

      jorge is not just a elite level fighter.

      examine his rise to the top.

      he did it “the hard way”..

      no doubt about it..he acknowledges real fighters with true street cred.

      its unsurprising he cannot accept this phoney dem camp.

      its unsurprising he relates to trump and trump supporters..real people..hard working class Americans.

      jorge represents the class of people worldwide who as also didn’t get free passes…as with him…they earned it.

      he’ll be retiring soon. probably within next 2-3 years…he has so many real fights notched… there is only so much left before you get to that place where you either hang it up or sadly become another mike Tyson ..

      Jorge is an intelligent loose marbles.

      i can see him doing a book and it will be terrific.

      he has a good honest story to tell. people see that special earned pride… there is no phoney about him.

      he will go down as one of the best to ever fought in the octagon.

      Nate Diaz would agree…another one who did it

      the hard way.

  29. Clivus Multrum says:

    I think a poster above may have hit the nail on the head….this is what they call ‘street money’ and they already spent a lot of cash on agitating street violence.

    Ever since Biden made his infamous “…….the you ain’t black” gaffe, I’ve noted that democrats seem to have resigned themselves to abandoning the ballot box in favor of a “by any means necessary” approach. . . .

    I’m convinced that the Barack Hussein Alinsky agitation network commandeered the Biden campaign back in the Spring.

  30. jimboct says:

    Here’s something else to consider, if old joe loses, he will keep the money from his coffers to fund Biden inc. you can take that to the bank.
    If he loses, he will expand his non profit (non profit unless your name is Biden) and rake in more dough.
    My question is: Who turns on Jim Biden first? Joe or Hunter?

    • MILupper says:

      Without the power of office Biden has nothing to sell. Look at Clinton Crime Inc. as soon as Hillary lost the money dried up. That is why she is advertising that she will be SOS under Biden.

  31. FPCHmom says:

    Look for more stories like this to show up, as they blame the campaign for losing minority voters to PDJT –

    • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

      If I was a “minority” race I’d be so horribly insulted by all this. They’re saying they didn’t spend enough money on advertising, and that is the reason? Really? It can’t POSSIBLY be that their policies are terrible for every human being in this country, regardless of skin color (/s). What pandering, condescending a**holes.

  32. Doppler says:

    Watching Pete Axelrod, I was concerned that he sees this as a non-issue, a minor distraction to be glibly dismissed.
    Why? Here’s the possibility I worry the most about: the Great Mail In Voter Fraud – planned ever since California was so successful in 2018 in flipping 5 Republican Congressional seats post election through harvesting – could allow the Dems to have already stolen or forged millions of Republican Voters ballots, voted them Democrat, and then mailed them in. Then, on Election Day, millions of Republican voters may arrive at the polls to be told, sorry, you already voted. At best, they’d be able to contest the mail-in ballot and file a provisional ballot. At worst, the polls will be jammed till 2:00 AM with people trying to vote while being accused of trying to vote twice. Mostly Republicans. We know how the media would spin that! There is no depth to their deceit and evil.

    In my experience, Republican voters are much more likely to vote at the polls, or follow traditional absentee ballot rules. So, until election night results are in, I will take zero comfort from reports that early mail-in votes from Republicans are outnumbering those from Democrats.

    I also place more faith in massive numbers of Union workers, and minority voters “walking away,” joining all the “cool” former Democrat people in voting Republican, as the Biden-Harris-Democrat narrative dissolves into lack of enthusiasm, anti-Americanism, invective, and mounting corruption.

    • BofTruth says:

      My husband and I voted early in Las Vegas, NV as we were concerned if there was glitch in the system, on election day, our votes might not count. Actually, there was a problem with the first voting station we went to and we had to go to another one. One of the questions we were asked was whether we had already voted and it indicated that it was a felony to vote twice. We actually had to confirm, electronically, that we hadn’t already voted which we were happy to see. I was concerned that my signature did not match what they had on record as it is very hard to wrote on those signature pads and my signature is long. I was allowed to rewrite it and the polling person indicated it shouldn’t be a problem with the match. Overall it went well but was unhappy that I.D. wasn’t required.

  33. trapper says:

    “Republicans sell their influence schemes the same way. Party “vendors” are insiders who gain financial benefit from the funding and donations. There is an entire business system around/inside politics.”

    Eisenhower warned of the “military/industrial complex.” See above. What liberal democrats have set up is the church/charity/social services complex.

    Every community activist has a charity group that he runs and gets paid to run. The funding for those groups comes largely from local government coffers, and all the groups contribute (kick back) to the democrat mayor’s reelection campaign. A nice little circle of graft.

    Ever notice that the local community activists never go directly at the democrat mayors? They’ll demonstrate and march against “gun violence” or “police brutality” and nothing happens and nothing changes. That woks just fine for the community activists because it keeps the money flowing into their programs. In fact, the more conditions deteriorate the more money gets shoveled into the circle to fix the never-fixed problems. But set up a demonstration against a democrat mayor or his/her failed policies and you get one of “those” communications. “Nice little program you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    And so it goes.

    • Publius2016 says:

      OHiden is weak down ballot!

      His debate performance was a disaster and the laptop from hell is 100% destructive!

      Obamacare sucked
      No oil is Insane
      more lockdowns is beyond dumb now

  34. GW says:

    Scott Rasmussen was just on Lou Dobbs, and he said he thinks Biden will win. I thought his polls were the most accurate and only trustworthy one. What does anyone think ? Thoughts Sundance ?

    • willthesuevi says:

      I am not Sundance, but IMO Scott Rasmussen lives in a bubble just like the rest of the media that touts his guesses.

      Not one pollster will be remotely close. Including Tafalgar. They may pick POTUS winning, but they will not be in the ballpark with the spread.

      Just like weather guessers today, you are better off looking out your window and making your own prediction.

    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Remember the ‘vendors’ upthread Frederika was talking about that didn’t get paid?

      Looks like Rasmussen is a ‘paid’ vendor…..

    • FPCHmom says:

      I remember Sundance explicitly saying to not pay attention to what the pollsters are saying.

      Also, I think you are mistaken if you think that Sundance believes Rasmussen is trustworthy.

      And I really doubt you will get a response from Sundance to your concern trolling.

      • GW says:

        I believe Rasmussen correctly called or was the most accurate during the 2016 & 2018 elections, and I believe Sundance has, in the past, pointed to Rasmussen polls. It is the only reason I give it any credence at all and the only one I would consider paying any attention at all to. And I’m interested if Sundance would care to comment specifically about Rasmussen, if not here in a future post.
        Rasmussen has Trump’s approval rating at 52% a couple days ago so I’m surprised he so readily said he believes Biden will win. Although he also said no one has polled during a pandemic before and who knows what affect that may have.

    • readyandable1 says:

      He doesn’t have anything to do with RasmussenReports polling and hasn’t since 2013. Literally nothing to do with them at all.

      He’s an anti-Trump RINO political analyst. But you knew that.

      Trolls are starving now a days. Get lost buddy!

    • rufnekreject says:

      My thoughts, but I don’t really know how things work behind the scenes. I’m open to hearing where I’ve got it wrong. I’m opinionated, not conceited.

      Polls were horrible 4 years ago. GOP said, ‘forget you, we’ll trust our own polling.’

      Who is paying the pollsters this time? Democrats. If I’m a pollster and I want to continue to poll, I will say what my paying customer wants me to say.

  35. TRProst says:

    Could it also be the Biden and Obama campaign events, scheduled for tomorrow that are not open to the public and in secret locations, are really about Obama and Biden talking face to face about how to make sure Obama’s share of the laundered money stays hidden?

    Just a thought.

    • rufnekreject says:

      BHO: ‘Joe, you gotta leave the country. And soon.’
      Joe: “I’m not gonna go to Mexico. Their hair smells funny.”
      BHO: ‘We can get you to Canada, but it won’t be easy. If we get caught, we’re done for.’
      Joe: “I know the Atty General in Minnesota. If we get caught there, he’ll take care of it.”
      BHO: ‘Let’s go on Saturday, Halloween. We can wear masks and blend in with the Trick or Treaters.’
      Joe: “Okay, I guess. I really hate masks. You can’t smell anything.”

  36. Rob Crrgin says:

    It looks like from the early vote, if the trend remains, that Trump will win Florida bigger than in 2016.

  37. Publius2016 says:

    Miami is in play!

    45 is destroying OHiden!!

    Wilson wants to line her pockets for her last rodeo…btw little wayne is a huge endorsement with young black males…45 is winning Black Men!

  38. Nan says:

    Maybe Ms. Frederica bellows so loudly because Ms. Frederica can’t deliver the votes. Maybe Governor DeSantis has turned off the voter spigot.

    I know Governor DeSantis has done great things for Florida, high on that list is ridDi g Florida of Barbara Snipes.

  39. Caius Lowell says:

    So wonderful to see DWS, who’s looking wonderful as usual /sarc

  40. PaulCohen says:

    If Freaky Frederica is unhappy then I am happy……

    That’s all….

  41. StanH says:

    You want to know why Barr/Durham have not pulled the string on indictments it will ensnare most of DC aka the swamp. Our government is for sale to the highest bidder and has been since Moby Dick was a minnow. I would reckon Barr & Durham would have to jump in a jail cell right along with the rest of the swamp rats.

  42. MGBSE says:

    This sounds like the voter fraud O’Keefe busted in Texas … a “Republican” campaign worker getting paid nearly $100,000 to flip votes to Biden & Heger by bribing voters.

  43. willthesuevi says:

    When the Godfather stops sending sharing the ill gotten gains with the minions, the Godfather’s demotion happens rather quickly.

    The real house of cards.

  44. polk8dot says:

    I was convinced for months that Dems are trying to steal this election, with voter fraud rampant, and their political machine mobilized to the hilt.
    I think this, in conjunction with so many other seemingly unreasonable and inexplicable decisions of the party apparatus, makes it clear that DNC is NOT trying to win this election. Putting it even more bluntly, the DNC is trying to LOSE it .
    Despite every screaming rant – passing for an interview – they give to proclaim their ‘governing agenda’, the DNC knows that there will be humongous pushback, verging on, or maybe even turning into, an actual civil war, if they do in fact steal this election. Keeping in mind that their preferred mode of getting anything advanced, if not necessarily actually accomplished, is temper tantrums, intimidation, group violence and rioting, they believe they stand to gain more politically from the violence and unrest following Trump’s win, than if Biden came out on top.
    It is the same mentality we’ve seen from RINOs for the last 2 decades, with the McConnells et al happy to be a minority, while decrying daily their put-upon virtue. They always preferred to talk up what ‘they would have done had they won’ as opposed to actually doing it once they did. Only DEMS are doing it on steroids. That’s why they are mobilizing the useful idiots everywhere, to deal with election results. They know they are going to lose, they are trying to lose, and they are ready to use it to the fullest extent as a springboard for activate their mob.
    The only saving grace in this that I see, is the fact they truly
    do not understand how completely they’ve been exposed by PDJT, how transparent their goals and methods now are to OUR half of the country, and how fed up and ready for a reckoning we are.
    I’d say ‘Be careful what you wish for, lest you may get it’ – but it is too late. The Reckoning is coming.

  45. zimbalistjunior says:

    Damn SD you good.

  46. Brant says:

    A thought. Some blacks will vote for Trump….but isn’t low turnout also a vote for Trump. Maybe can’t bring themselves to vote for him, but not voting is probably a half vote for him.

    • Issy says:

      Brant: I would agree. Blacks have no enthusiasm for him. They pretty much helped him get the nomination by carrying him to a decisive victory in South Carolina, but I guess Jim Clyburn got his vendors paid.

  47. “Draining The Swamp” really entails draining the cash flows to the creatures. Throw some sand in the gears of the “Political Entrepreneurs”.
    Money is everything in our culture. People with billions are worshipped like gods. Everyone is hungry for more. So, in such a culture, why does anyone go into politics? Because they think its an easier way to make money than starting a business. They have the aptitude for it.
    Very very few probably go into politics to “do good”. Probably no more than marketing executives at Coca Cola go into work worrying about the global diabetes epidemic. Or big pharma marketing executives worrying about global health. No. They have deals to make, have to show bottom line profits – or get fired. Its stressful enough without worrying about all that idealism stuff – leave that to your CEO and his speechwriter.

    The only way this changes is if people start voting for independently wealthy people ( like DJT) – who dont need to be in politics to build their fortunes.

    Because – its easy to fake idealism – that is part of the skill set for a Political Entrepreneur. And some like Obama – could really give a rousing speech ( as long as a good speechwriter wrote it) – off a telepromter. Another valuable skill for Political Entrepreneurship.

    So – like capitalism itself ( that does not depend on altruism) , our politicians need to be able to demonstrate that they are not money-hungry as they enter their office. because if they are money-hungry – they cannot be trusted.

    So , what is the threshold at which someone can claim to be free of money-hunger? The number varies widely ( its my favorite party question!). But as a rough estimate I would say $10 million in net worth . (maybe $5 million) .

  48. islandpalmtrees says:

    General question: would they have used people like Fredrica Wilson to push destruction of the cities? Antifa, funding for example.

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