Polls Say What? – Joe Biden Schedules Closing Campaign Rally in Minnesota….

Interesting…  If the media polling is accurate, then why is Joe Biden traveling to a state reported to be safe?   Biden is doing so well he has decided to campaign in, wait for it, Minnesota?…

Watch what they do, not just what they say…  ie. “The Iron Range”

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489 Responses to Polls Say What? – Joe Biden Schedules Closing Campaign Rally in Minnesota….

  1. Zy says:

    So Joe is on an ambitious schedule this weekend (for him). How many drug injections will his body be able to take ? There’s a risk factor.

    • merlintobie says:

      I feel guilty for yearning for a Joe Biden “side of beef” moment (as when Crooked was bodily chucked into a van)

      a tiny bit, anyway

      • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

        Don’t feel any guilt, Joe is corrupt to the core.

          • Joey Bagadonuts says:

            That was amazing!!

          • FrankieZee says:

            I hope KICKBACK JOE pays the ultimate price for selling out the USA. I hope everything he owns is taken from him and that BITCH wife of his as well. FUCHING PEDO.

          • CharterOakie says:

            That whole podcast is dynamite. But if one needed to excerpt the best part, that one is it.

          • signfollies says:

            Marymorse, I clicked on your link, but Twatter said “This is not available to you.” So I guess the sharing of your link is being blocked. Thanks anyway.

          • Joemama says:

            Refresh the page, a few times if necessary, it will load eventually.

            New form of shadow ban.

          • Marilyn says:

            I just added a comment on Facebook, of the 5 governors guilty of sending people back to nursing homes and they blocked it also. W/picture. Thats ok i got rid of the picture and it past the test.

          • jello333 says:

            I LOVE what Rudy focuses on here. That along with all the other evil Joe Biden is capable of, he’s even willing to DESTROY his own son. Anyone who’s ever had a friend or relative deep into addiction knows what I’m talking about…. how on earth could you even THINK about taking advantage of their addiction and mental illness for your own benefit?!!! And yet that’s exactly what Joe did.

            So regardless of whether or not anything Joe did is technically illegal, it absolutely was 100% IMMORAL and SADISTIC.

      • tucker7518 says:

        When Joe was having his rally today in Florida, a large cloud formed over his head and a downpour ended his rally. Joe put a Lid on it.

        • Beau Geste says:

          Al Kapp’s joe btspk?

        • Super Himalaya says:

          Breaking News: THIS JUST IN:
          It had been alleged that Old Slow Gropy Joe jogged up to the podium at his “rally” in Florida this morning.
          After a thorough and exhaustive investigation it has been conclusively determined that:
          Senile Old Joe was NOT jogging at ALL.
          He was being propelled forward by massively explosive FARTS.

      • Eagle Driver says:

        Don’t worry…we still have 3 days left…😎😎😎

      • Super Himalaya says:

        The other day at one of the President Donald J. Trump rallys he played a video clip of Slow Old Gropy Joe’s gaffs, misstatements and one all out meltdown.
        It was stunning to see all of these videos together in one place.
        The crowd was laughing hysterically.
        As was I. It as funny. But at the same time this is extremely serious business.
        For one one millionth of a second, I almost felt sorry or Old feeble Joe.
        But then I thought, no way. Stunningly corrupt, senile Old Joe put himself out there. (Extremely stupid mistake.)
        Plus, After EVERYTHING that President Donald J. Trump and this country has been forced to excruciatingly endure, due to the DemocRATS abuse of power, over the last four years, the gloves are off. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is on the table to secure a victory in this election.
        President Donald J. Trump will, WIN WIN WIN, hopefully in a landslide, and vanquish the evil forces that have been unfairly arrayed against him along with the DemocRAT, Socialist, Communist, Marxist party.
        * Apology for lack of propper punctuation. I try, but putting comas in the appropriate place is obviously not my strong suit.

    • James says:

      If Biden is closing in Minnesota, a Democratic stronghold for decades, home of Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale, his campaign is very worried.

  2. Trismegistus says:

    In 2016 Democracy Institute correctly forecasted the 2016 US election (the electoral collage victory) and Brexit referendum. DI’s latest poll showed Trump beating Biden 46% to 45% and winning almost all battleground states by a healthy margin.

    DI’s Patrick Basham on Canadian TV.


    • Trismegistus says:

      The Art of Polling

      In-depth discussion, almost 3 hours of ‘explaining’. Unexpected but I watched it all, really interesting if it’s your cup of tea .

      ”Trump is winning. The Democracy Institute’s Patrick Basham explains why.”


    • hocuspocus13 says:

      The Crow Indian Nation as well as Lil Wayne just “publically” endorsed


    • lieutenantm says:

      I will be stunned if Trump does not win 49 states……He will, however, lose my own state : Vermont.

      …Nothing I can do about that.

      • David M Kitting says:

        What’s stunning is that anyone would vote/choose to remain a slave state. That’s some serious (D)eception, right there.

      • mb says:

        Yes there is… just vote more times!

      • L. E. Joiner says:

        And the state I live in (I won’t call it ‘my state’): Massachusetts.

      • resolute says:

        If history is any guide he’s going to be hard pressed to win Massachusetts too. It’s been forty eight years, but old habits are hard to break.

        • Marilyn says:

          I am in Mass, just about everyone I have talked with is a Trump fan, maybe Boston is where the democrats are hiding, but not around here. There are a few, just not many democrats. It is hard to believe, that anyone would vote for Biden-Harris, instead of Trump, but die hard democrats, there tuff. We do have a republican governor here, so he says.

      • KevinK says:

        Bernie’s home state, well that figures.

      • Lady Sid says:

        It makes me sick what has happened in VT since the 1960s — when half my liberal NY high school classmates moved there. I have Revolutionary War ancestors who were in VT before it was a state. One gave his farm to use as a fort against the British. Others were in the War of 1812. I guess they moved west for better farmland and weather by the mid-19th c. and left something of a political vacuum, to be filled by the likes of Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, both horrible old Leftists. Thing is, there are practically no children being born there anymore. Not a lot of hope for a bright future.

      • guest4ever says:

        Too bad. Leftists started moving in when I was about 10 -12. At that point, Vermont had more cows than people, seriously. So, they easily overwhelmed with all those queer numbers, etc. Conservatives could help things GREATLY by starting to have old-fashioned, faithful, LARGE families!!!

    • Frederick Os fan says:

      Boy that host seemed so disappointed in what that guy was saying. Keep praying all!! Florida has to go for Trump!!

      • Yeah, it was pretty clear she wasn’t liking what she was hearing at all. At least she stayed respectful and didn’t start pitching a fit or interrupting him or something.

        She’s Canadian, so there might some leeway here, but it also kinda shows that a lot of people have just been taking what they’ve been hearing from these pollsters at face value and haven’t been questioning it.

  3. Genie says:

    Maybe Ilhan Omar’s brother-husband will rush the podium screaming “Kamala Akbar” and scare the poop out of Joe’s Depends.

  4. flatlandgoober says:

    Poor DNC. The Chinese PROMISED them Covid-19 would kill enough Deplorable voters to guarantee a Democrat in the White House. Lousy inferior Chinese imports, anyway.

    • mr.piddles says:

      * Stock Market shoots back up…
      * GDP rebounds…
      * Trump Machine kicks into Turbo Overdrive… despite being hospitalized with The Chi-Na Virus (‘cuz it comes from Chi-Na)
      * Patriotism and Positivity pours into the streets and highways across The Nation…
      * #Winning continues unabated…

      Sound like an Epic Fail.

      • WhiteBoard says:

        as soon as these countries realize Joe, Hill, and O, have nothing to sell anymore – they will contact POTUS’s intel agencies and negotiate the black mail for peace

        2 countrys that are silent are jordan and Pakistan

        • gavinsundermask says:

          POTUS clearly doesn’t control the intel agencies or the DOJ. If anyone came to them with dirt they would cover it up and then throw bogus charges at whoever blew the whistle to shut them up.

          • Redzone says:

            … maybe not today, but what about next week?

          • gavinsundermask says:

            He’d have to fire every single person. The IC has been running this Country for decades. This is not just a problem at the top like Hannity loves to say. DC is rotten to the core. It’s Trump against everyone.

          • FrankieZee says:

            Maybe they go right to Trump or Rudy G. Screw the Intel agencies. They probably won’t survive a Trump 2nd term.

          • guest4ever says:

            FrankieZee—-Yeah, I hope and pray ALL the Intel agencies (including FBI and CIA do NOT survive Trump’s second term!!!!! Heck, I hope they don’t survive two weeks!!!! One can hope!!!

          • guest4ever says:

            gavinsundermask—-Once General Flynn is released, it’s OVER!!!! And they know it!!!

          • Marilyn says:

            There has been a slow drip on all of this, it is even somewhat boring, maybe i am not seeing it all. I did see the Hunter pictures and listened to Rudy, but what I am expecting is a link to Epstein, trafficking, satanism. We do know mainstream will go mental at that point. Already how can this race go on? The people who are listening are the same who have heard it all already. Halloween is tomorrow, A blue Moon, we can expect something good to come with that.

          • Marilyn says:

            Someone please pull the plug and drain this damn swamp, the creatures are out of control. I thought I would vote on Tuesday, still looking for that mail in ballot. I probably threw it out. I got scheduled for surgery on Wed and they made me take a covid test, now i am under quarantine til Wed. I do not have it, but it was required as cases have risen in probably most democrat states. It was a fast test, burnt a little, which I didn’t feel I needed.

          • gavinsundermask says:

            I’m a big Flynn supporter but he should have gone after them already with something. We all know he has dirt. At this point what does he have to lose? If Biden wins he’s going to prison no matter what. Our side needs to stop playing nice. We’re already in a civil war.

          • Marilyn says:

            Problem is the republicans have to play by the rules, that the democrats threw out along time ago. Trump can not even do his job without being impeached for a job related phone call. Imagine if they did anything that should not be done. All hell would break loose, but it already has.

    • vfm#7634 says:

      Their biological Manhattan Project has quite clearly misfired. If they had released it in June, Trump would probably have lost. Unfortunately for them, as we’re seeing, it doesn’t spread well during the summer due to its sensitivity to UV. But last winter was too long ago, and people are losing their fear of it.

      Also, letting it spread during the summer rather than trying to lockdown it out has undoubtedly prevented the post-equinox surge from being worse, as we’re seeing in Europe. The Midwest is getting the worst of it here, but it also saw the least of the virus until now.

      • Wendy says:

        They had to release it during the flu season. Otherwise it wouldn’t have spread as fast thus causing the mass panic. They underestimated how PTrump would handle the crisis though. He literally outworked and outsmarted the deep state.

    • clulessgrandpa says:

      This virus targets the elderly, mostly conservative. Nah- just a coincidence.Nothing to see here.

    • tucker7518 says:

      Most of the people who died from Covid are in blue states.

  5. Lady in Red says:

    Mixed bag today. A relative of mine in TX, a registered Democrat Millennial, called to tell me she voted for PDJT! I worked really hard on that one, whew! She did say she thought TX was going to turn blue, said social media was intense. Of course, I believe TX will stay red but those Millennial social media junkies are indoctrinated 23/7.

    Also today, a Millennial who works with my husband was giddy and confidently commented “it’s all wrapped up. Blue wave”. He had some map that showed which states were locked up. ..showed PA, NC and TX blue. Husband said “you seem pretty sure” he just responed “Trump’s done”. In other words, it’s not about his support of Biden its about Orange Man bad. Husband says this guy is on social media all day.

    That’s today’s update from blue CO.

    • aremore95 says:

      Anyone who believes polls are too stupid to vote, period. And chances are that “map” was from CNN or MSDNC, because all of the accurate polls show Trump winning in all of those states.

      • Marilyn says:

        I think the rallies all tell the story. Biden is hiding his followers in the basement til election day, if they exist.

        • Mitch Steel says:

          I think a good portion of the Biden votes, are going to be ‘Hate Trump’ votes. The Democrats I talk to, know that Biden is an Avatar and that Harris is a radical, but they could care less…’45 is racist, misogynistic, xenophobe…etc’

          A week ago I was confident, but now that people have voted and are saying who they voted for, I’m not feeling it as much.

        • guest4ever says:

          Marilyn—BINGO!!! I absolutely agree with you! POTUS’ voter enthusiasm is crazy!!! Joey’s, not so much!

          • Marilyn says:

            Its kind of funny as they try to stay away from the view of the people. Trump started on Biden, and all that is coming out and the media cut there cameras.

      • GB Bari says:

        Treepers spend a lot of comment column space talking about polls so I’m not sure your first sentence is a fair statement. But it’s close enough to the election deadline that some polls are going to try and adjust their polls to within the margins of error to CYA.

        And NO poll has identified what percentage of Biden’s vote will be from fraudulent ballots, so there’s that……. 😉

        • Eagle Driver says:

          Gb…and the POLLSTERS MAKE MONEY BY BEING CLOSE…JUST “close enough” is their method!!! Forgot…that is both spectrum’s — repub & dem!!!

    • Fixin2 says:

      I believe Texas will remain quite Red. There are Trump signs & flags everywhere in my neck of the Great State. 😊

      • ziegler von strahn says:

        lived there for 7 years. In central and gulf coast. Democrats think hispanics are democrats. They make this mistake every election. Wendy davis was going to beat abbot like a drum…lost by 20 points…. the beta was going to stomps cruz..lost by 11 pts….

        I’ve known many many hispanics and a lot of them are conservative. You aint takin’ their guns either.

        The only way texas turns blue is if they import enough illegals and get them amnesty. ( or the obvious vote harvesting revealed recently.)

        • aremore95 says:

          And in the case of Cruz, the only reason it was even remotely close was because people were still angry with his behavior in 2016. In fact, Trump was the main reason he even won lol.

          • Noswamp says:


            As a Texan, we were very incensed with Cruz. To this day I am angry at him. He needs to be primaried. He and Cornyn both. This election Cornyn is nervous and sucking up to Austin voters when he should be in El Paso and Dallas and yes San Antonio and Laredo. Fool. It’s ok Texans hold their noses and elect the backstabber Cornyn. We have long memories. Texas will still be red. Don’t buy the hype.

          • noswamp says:

            TEXANS hate both of our Senators and are waiting for them to get primaried. In the meantime we vote for them, because we don’t want Democrat socialists as our Senators.

          • noswamp says:

            TEXANS hate both of our Senators and are waiting for them to get primaried. In the meantime we vote for them, because we don’t want Democrat socialists as our Senators.

      • West Texas, Midland/Odessa to be precise, is solidly Trump. People who make a living in the oil industry know that I Biden win is the end of the economy out here.

      • Lady in Red says:

        Excellent! My relative is in Austin 🙄

        • Aldous Orwell says:

          Unfortunately, Austin is a Democratic haven… they have actually voted for massive fund reductions of their police department. I hope your relative is a well armed Trump supporter.

          • Lady in Red says:

            Not armed, but I think what has happened in Austin has helped lead her, as a Dem, to vote for PDJT (also, sensing weakness in this regard, I have been inundating her with FACTS, and she always says “well, I would not know that from the news”). Her husband voted for him too, but he does what she tells him to do 😂. She said all of their friends/neighbors are rabid anti-Trump.

        • Aldous Orwell says:

          Sorry Lady in Red, I did not realize that was you that alluded to a millennial relative in Texas up thread … she will be fine… especially in Austin! Blessings to you.

      • Jeff says:

        I can personally vouch for everything north of Dallas to go red. I cover about 5,000 square miles in my territory, and the Trump/Biden sign ratio is about 500 to 1, no joke.

      • tucker7518 says:

        Democrats are always thinking Texas will turn blue. It never does.

      • Ollie Hadfield says:

        Same here! I rarely seen a Biden sign and Trump signs and flags are everywhere in Houston Northwest.

    • TL Howard says:

      I have the most distaste for men who are affected by social media, addicted to it, really. I have always felt the same way about men who are too concerned with looking in the mirror.

    • Wendy says:

      Social media don’t include shy Trump voters. They live in a bubble. They will be in a rude awakening again when they realize they are loud mouth minority among silent majority. Social media makes you connect with like minded ppl. So it’s hard to see beyond that bubble. Texas isn’t turning Blue not this time. I live NW Houston, there’s no enthusiasm on dems side unlike 2016 and 2018.

    • fragemall says:

      My usual answer to blue surething touts is to challenge them to put up a $100 even odds. Lots of excuses but no takers yet. Alligator mouth overloads bunny rabbit ass.

    • rpcoastie says:

      A White kid cheering for his own replacement! What an idiot.

  6. Publius2016 says:

    The Laptop from Hell has now confirmed Hunter alias of Harper “RHEast”

    yes, Twitter scrubbed all tweets…Google and Facebook suppressing the pictures, but 4Chan has all the goods and every second that passes will EXPOSE EVEN MORE PREDILECTIONS….

    OHiden needs to be confronted by an actual INDEPENDENT PRESS!

  7. railer says:

    The ABC/WaPo poll has Biden up 17 in Wisconsin. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Our host is correct. Watch what they do, not what they say, or what their paid fake news whores in media say. Wisconsin/Minnesota is Dementia Joe’s last stand in the bunker, with the enemy completely encircling his position. It is a plan, I suppose. Fake polling about Wisconsin, coupled with a last ditch campaigning effort in Minnesota, so obviously he’s hoping to somehow hang-on there in the Upper Midwest and then steal some states somewhere else. It’s literally his seppuku moment. He can’t surrender and he’s making his last stand in a state that no R has won in seemingly forever… Minnesota.

    Trump has attacked Biden’s strategic center, and he’s about to take it (With a little help from the enemy’s antifa “allies”, of course).

    It’s over.

    • Rosemary B says:

      I am praying most fervently that you are correct

    • Rosemary B says:

      Chuck Schumer is hollering in his bullhorn.

    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      “Our host is correct. Watch what they do, not what they say”

      Been saying that to everyone who will listen.

    • dow40kby2024 says:

      More good news for Minnesota and Wisconsin folks as the Trump Administration just helped delist the Gray Wolf as a protected specie. Very good news and Trump is in MN and WI on Thursday. MN and WI go Red……….

    • raptors2021 says:

      Biden is prepared to lose. He’s not prepared to lose a state Hillary won. Remember, she was on the scene, waiting to be called onto the Presidential stage, well into 2020. Hillary might still have fantasies about being another Nelson Rockefeller (appointed as Kamala’s VP).

      Pathetic Mittens harbors similar fantasies. Romney voted for impeachment, hoping he’d get another crack at the job in 2020.

      Kasich, Rubio, even Flake – bad losers abound in politics. They’ve all had Presidential ambitions since childhood.

  8. This is my projection, based on educated inference (the powder-blue and rose-pink states are those where I’m thinking that the margin of victory will be ≤ 5%): https://www.270towin.com/maps/Dey18

    • railer says:

      Welp, that’s definitely a max Trump map, k. I’d add Vermont if you’re going that route. Sadly, it’s more likely that goes Trump than Virginia.

      • Rosemary B says:

        Oh I agreeeee (an old Al Gore-ism)
        Virginia going red? NO. Virginia has changed. I believe President Trump will do very well here, but he will not take this state. I hope I am wrong, but …. nope. I’m not “seein’ it”

        • upstate909 says:

          I think NY will be the shocker that will send the lemmings over the proverbial cliff.

          • tucker7518 says:

            California will send them over the cliff too.

          • hoosiertruthfan says:

            I have a California anecdote; my dearest friend and her hubby live there. She’s a lifelong resident and has a wide swath of friends that are as liberal as the day is long. She, thankfully, is conservative leaning and reliably votes Republican. Her husband is even more conservative than I am, lol.
            The fascinating thing, which was shocking to the point he called to share, is her friends loathe Joe Biden. They can’t stand him! They refuse to vote for him.
            I’m not sure that will translate to Trump votes but even if they leave it blank, YAHOO!

          • Marilyn says:

            There is really no competition between Trump and Biden, we all know that by the rallies. So the only way Joe has a chance is by cheating. People who are illegals and burning ballot boxes, the extensions on the ballot counting dates. Trump will win by a landslide, then 3 days later all of a sudden, all the Biden votes come running in. That is there big plan, then all hell takes over. I think they take Biden out of the race before the election because of the scandal, then we will have another election. The democrats really have not been given anyone to vote for. An old has been, that hasn’t done anything for anyone but himself in 47 years. He doesn’t even know where he is at half of the time. Anyone paying attention, would not pick him. There was a census taken, they know how many people are in these states. The cheating will be very apparent. Blue Moon on Halloween, one to watch for.

          • upstate909 says:

            Maybe we can send the dems on a….

        • raptors2021 says:

          Virginia is Democrat, because the federal bureaucracy is now deeply Democrat. That’s what “The Resistance” meant. Bill Barr/Jeff Sessions were paralyzed by a their mutinous work force.

          Senators Hawley and Blackburn have been promoting the need to de-centralize the federal government. This is urgent.

      • vfm#7634 says:

        If there was actually a net out-migration of Swamp critters from DC during the Trump administration, it would make Virginia more doable.

        • Yy4u says:

          Unfortunately they out migrated to Virginia

          • Yy4u says:

            Virginia is two.states.now and should get a divorce. North VA and South VA. North VA is DC suburbs, down I 95, west to include Charlottesville, South to Norfolk, VA Beach border.
            VA a cities except for VA Beach and Chesapeake are deep blue Marxis t. No chance VA goes red. Even here in VA Beach most signs are Biden…two reasons…blue line moved here to escape he’ll holes their votes created elsewhere and Trump supporters are afraid of Maoist violence. VA is Californicated now. SAD. Used to be a great stats.

          • TMonroe says:

            Or instead, move the fed out of the area and let the state return to normal. If DC wants to have representation so badly, the perfect and constitutional answer is to create a federal district elsewhere, and they can revert back to Maryland. Winning all the way around.

        • upstate909 says:

          VFM7634….Coming to a theater near you in 2022!

    • clulessgrandpa says:

      I give NV to Biden, VA to Biden, NM to Biden. The whole Northeast to Biden. Biden has to then run out MN, WI, MI, PA AND MAINE- all 5 to win. Now we know why Trump went to Maine and NE. Every vote counts. Those 5 states may be this election.

      • tucker7518 says:

        Trump is much slicker than Biden.

        • frogman says:

          Agreed on that one. Nevada is very important.

          My overall prediction is not so rosy https://www.270towin.com/maps/Wp2Kx President Trump just squeaks in for a win. Please note I am a pessimist, but I am confident in four more years for the landlord. I just hope the House flips, I believe the Senate is mostly safe. On my prediction he could pick a state that is a great lake state, but I do not have any ground contacts to tell.

          I believe Biden is spending more and has much more outside support then Clinton. There is one thing he does not have and that is us, Cumps and Deplorablies. I discussing, with people who were there, when a goverentoral candidate walked into his headquarters and realized that all people there were on the payroll, at that point he knew he lost; Biden will be the same.

          We have 5 more days to make some calls to make sure all the people who will vote for Trump will vote. Warm up the Coffee or Tea. Get a call list made of who you should call and when. Make a check list of what to ask, and most of all listen to who you are calling.
          Spread the calls out as needed. Offer assistance to all that need it. Remember every vote counts even in States that will not go our way. If the people on the West cost did not get so demoralize we would of won the popular vote also. Try to have all vote for the R House and Senate candidate, every seat is just so important. Remember if the Dems had 3 more Senators the impeachment would have been a removal.

    • Eagle Driver says:

      WELLL…we did want the country to go RED but HOT-DIGITY-DOG!!!!!!

  9. Troublemaker10 says:

    It’s like everything you see and hear happening on the ground with your own eyes/ears vs what the polls/media tell you to see and they are polar opposites.

  10. vfm#7634 says:

    It would be sweet if our President flipped Minnesota, Nevada, and New Hampshire this time.

    • Rosemary B says:

      Oooh I would love it. I just can’t be so hopeful.
      I still feel…. I refuse to set myself up… I do not want to go insane😂🥳

      • Diablo1714 says:

        I think NH is going Red and will be an early indicator on Election Night as polls close early.
        MN is likely to flip Red too, as Trump lost by 45,000…but WI may go back to Blue.
        NV is likely to flip. Trump lost by 27,000 with another 37,000 going Libertarian, in a state driven by hospitality-industry I suspect many will be Pro-business and Pro-Trump

  11. Ocelot says:

    I know President Trump’s time is limited but is the RNC doing much or anything to assist candidates like Kimberely Klacic in Maryland, Burgess Owens in Utah, John James in Michigan and many others? They’re all being blasted with fake suppression polls that put them far behind their Democrat opponents. Is POTUS going to visit S. Carolina to give Graham a boost?

    When I see polls like this, I remember that these are not information polls but dishonest polls with a political purpose to discredit the Republican candidate and discourage their supporters while emboldening the Democrat.

    • railer says:

      Trump appeared with James in Michigan recently. James hasn’t fully embraced Trump, which I’m not surprised by as I believe James is one of McConnell’s bought-off minions, but it’s probably smart strategically for Trump to support him at least tacitly. I believe Trump knows one of McConnell’s acolytes has to get whacked this cycle, and Graham is a pretty good one to see get whacked. I’d prefer McConnell himself, but you know that’ll never happen. But putting the fear of God in these Uniparty Senate drones is a good thing, and makes the 2022 election something Trump can fully preside over, as he’ll have fully consolidated his power by then. He can threaten all those Uniparty drones for the next 2 years and point to the corpse of Lindsay Graham: “See what happened to the last chump who blindly obeyed McConnell like you are?”

      • Ocelot says:

        Thanks for reminding me about Trump appearing with James. If I recall correctly James spoke before POTUS arrived but was then recognized from the sidelines.

        I’m not as convinced as you however that Graham’s corpse would be a good thing. Sasse is worse IMO, and is encouraging a Trump loss.

      • frogman says:

        McConnell should have a pretty easy win. I hope all R senators win, we can not loose the Senate or even one seat.

        The way to look at it is we have a football team with a legendary Quarterback, but we also need some meh receivers and blockers. We probably never will have such a good Quarterback again, so we must do all, even stuff we find hard like overpaying idiots, to give him what he needs to win.

      • KalenaCTH says:

        James fully supports trump.

    • upstate909 says:

      Common core math: Do not catch this virus as it is mathematic death by self infliction. The Polling industry will die in 2020.

    • KalenaCTH says:

      John James is likely to oust peters in MI. Also blacks are polling 40% for Trump.

  12. I think many out-state dem/dfl voters saw the night-glow of the twin-cities burning.

    Dyed-in-the-wool, and hard-headed, of course.
    But not stupid.


  13. One Adam-12 says:

    A comment I saw on CTH earlier today worth repeating. I believe it was an original quote from SD:

    “smile through all the misinformation and keep on MAGA“

  14. PaulCohen says:

    Here is a link to the blog/report article which has NBC and some other MSMscum types in a lather. Notably they (MSM) cannot allow themselves to investigate and analyze any actual facts about the Bidens …. the effort is merely to attack and try to discredit any sources of info seen as dangerous for the Bidens. Anyway, I have not gone through all of this yet but it seems worth pursuing:

    “Report on Biden Activities with China”


  15. Sentient says:

    What makes me think it’s close for the president here in MN are the recent polls (Survey USA out today, I think) showing Jason Lewis within one point of Tina Smith for US Senate. Smith was appointed to the seat after Grabass Franken resigned. I can’t imagine Lewis doing better than Trump in MN. They’re similarly controversial in that Lewis was a conservative talk radio guy so the Dems had lots of recorded material to shove in Lewis’ face. That’s why he lost a close re-election race in 2018 in MN CD2 to Angie Craig. Hopefully Craig will lose that seat to GOP Tyler Kistner and Lewis will oust Smith while the President turns MN red.

    Tina Smith looks like a Sr. Seuss character.

  16. rufnekreject says:

    Maybe Joe wants to stay in states with loyal Attorney General’s, you know, just in case? Keith Ellison is Atty Gen of Minnesota isn’t he?

    • Jason Ross says:

      Kind of sobering to know Biden has to campaign in a state with DEM-friendly apparatus at the highest levels

    • Dallavise says:

      Looking at some early voting demographics in NC, CO, FL, it appears demographics have changed (so far) a lot. Higher white vote percentage by 5-10%. Higher non college educated by 5-15%. Less blacks. Everywhere I turn, I’m hearing potentially good news for Trump. Only negative which hasn’t been confirmed is older voters turning to Biden because of the Rona.

  17. going to Mich and Minn when he could be busy flipping Tx or SC or Neb or Missou or Neb or…
    the cheap Chinese plastic veneer is cracking.

  18. Julia Adams says:

    In memory of the Herb Brooks and the 1980 Miracle on Ice NCAA Men’s Hockey Team…Trump will win MN and beat the Russians again


    • guest4ever says:

      Julia—-Tears!!! I remember that!!!! WOW!!!! Who could believe it? Beating the mighty Soviets? WOW!!!!

  19. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    The Democrats are also looking at what ballots are being turned in early (registered R vs registered D). What their not figuring in is how many that are on the books as a democrat have walking away from them and voted Trump. I have heard anywhere from 17-20% of those at Trump rallies are registered democrats.

    • FrankieZee says:

      And Trump has not lost any of his supporters from 2016. Matter of fact he has gained supporters from people who did not vote in 2016.

      • meow4me2 says:

        Have you noticed how very few of the talking heads have brought that up? Dana Perino was always saying, “Politics is about addition, adding to your base.” But I don’t hear her saying that now. Then again, I don’t watch her much either. But as far as I know, I haven’t heard it out of her this cycle.

  20. joebkonobi says:

    Biden is now saying he’s not gonna shut down the country or shut down the economy, he’s gonna shit down the virus. Note he has backtracked on every position he started with, typical politician. Meanwhile. President Trump has been steady as a rock on his positions for four years, not a typical politician. The contrast could not be greater and the choice could not be more clear. VOTE early and in person!

    • joebkonobi says:

      ooops, that should be shut. Freudian slip I guess.

    • meow4me2 says:

      Ha, ha, ha, yeah I know. There’s ole Joe – “What? You don’t like what I said I’d do? Well then here, how about I say this instead? Will you vote for me now?”

      Like every other politician before him.

      Trump is right, he’s not a politician and it’s why we adore him. Honest and keeps his word.

  21. AndrewJackson says:

    Some thoughts on polls. I have been studying these things way too much for the past 3 weeks. I have focused in on Florida because (1) there are a lot of polls and (2) Florida reports daily mail in and early votes by party (not who they vote for but what party they are registered under). Today multiple “A+” polls were released in Florida showing Trump down by 2-3 points. They all show a very funny pattern with the “already voted” sub group of the polling sample. Within the already voted group, they show Biden winning by 20%. The problem with this is if you look at the actual #s reported from the state of Florida, the D-R advantage might have been only 5% (now its about 2% and dropping daily). Anyway, that accounts for 5% of the advantage, but what about the other 15%. The 15% could only come from 2 areas, net cross over and net non party affiliate (NPA) advantage. Let’s be really generous and say 2.5% of the Rs cross over to Ds making what started out as a 40/40 battle 37.5/42.5. There is still a remaining 10% that would have to be allocated to the NPA advantage and here is where things start looking really funny. The 20% of independents would have to be split 15/5 (ie Biden winning them by 50%) for this to be true. Another interesting tidbit. The Florida Atlantic University poll actually gave a party breakdown of their “already voted” category. In that bucket it turns out that the vote is following almost entirely on party lines (ie no cross over and equal split of NPAs) in aggregate. If that is true, Rs are almost neck and neck (despite the dem mail in push) and are about to trounce the dems on Tuesday. In fact, the early vote margin appears to be SMALLER than 2016. IMO, Trump wins Florida by at least 2-3 percent if not a lot more. One piece of data that is interesting is it looks like Miami Dade is performing 10% better than 2016 for Rs. This is the sort of thing that could lead to a 5% victory. Anyway, keep the faith and get out and vote. These polls got me depressed 2 weeks ago or so and now that I have been diving into them, I mostly think they are complete piles of garbage.

    • joebkonobi says:

      Sundance says Trump will win Florida by six points. Take it to the bank.

    • Wendy says:

      I don’t even look at polls any more. Why bother? It is designed to depress the Trump voters. We have real evidence everywhere we will have a record turnout for PTrump. Early vote numbers, rallies, car and vote parade etc. Most polls are suppression polls. Even the non fake polls might be underestimating the actual votes for Trump at this point. How do you predict voter turnout? We don’t know how many dem to rep crossover this time. It will be bigger than last time. Sundance said FL will be +6% for PTrump. I think he will be right about that.

      • FrankieZee says:

        Lets face facts here. If the pollsters actually came out with the “REAL #’S” who the hell would have them on the national talk shows or using their #’s. They want to keep it interesting so people in the media keep on calling them.

  22. Bigbadmike says:

    Wow! PRESIDENT Trump is going to win in a Landslide! Why. Check out the Cienfuegos Arrest 13 days ago by Wray’s FBI. One of Mexico’s top Military Leaders has been running drugs into the USA for the last 40 years and now he is busted. Texas will be a landslide for the President, because the Mexican people are afraid that a Biden win will set Cienfuegos free. My pepe told me that this will be the impetus for Mexican Americans to vote overwhelmingly for President Trump. California may turn Red.

    • Wendy says:

      I haven’t heard of that since the fake news are too busy running COVID fear. Is he that notorious? Why would Mexican Americans are so afraid of him?

  23. SanJac says:

    There is no way on God’s green earth that Biden legitimately is anywhere near the numbers we are being spoon fed.

  24. Until the Biden Crime Family story broke, I genuinely wondered how as a wife Jill could facilitate her husband running with dementia. But it’s obvious now. She loves the wealth, the elite lifestyle, the multiple mansions… modest school teacher Jill loves living like a billionaire. And more, she sure as hell doesn’t want the Biden family to go down for RICO, money laundering, tax evasion and well, treason. She was saying today what a good man her son Hunter is, and how shameful that nasty old orange man bad Trump is – using foreign countries to smear the Biden family. It will be delicious to see her go down with the rest… she’s a real piece of work.

  25. zephyrbreeze says:

    They may be considering this is the time to push back against this:


    • jx says:

      “identity” ie psychological state which may change from one moment to the next.

    • Jimmy R says:

      Yes. The left is destroying feminism.

      There is no such thing as gender identity, other than “what sex you think you are.” To be “transgender”, if it is anything at all, is to be one sex and think you’re the other, nothing more.

      The emperor has no clothes.

  26. marmocet says:

    Here’s the pessimistic end of the range of what I’m projecting the outcome of the election will be.

    • frogman says:

      I was going to tell you not to be so pessimistic, but I was worst in my prediction see above.
      But most important President Trump gets 4 more years.

      Now to cheer you up think Nevada is a lock, based on ground reports, and some polling data.

  27. C2C says:

    I dare say, if Trump would come to CA for a rally, he’d draw thousands. I know I would walk on broken glass to attend Just imagine the consternation it would impart to our all Democrat leadership. It’d be worth it just to send a message that they don’t control all of us.

    • ReglarMerican says:

      C2C – yep, wouldn’t that be yuuge? If PDJT could somehow make quick stops in SoCal, the Red Area of NoCal, and upstate OR and WA and help the down-ballot, maybe flip OR or WA to PDJT. We gotta take back the west coast. Prime real estate, too good for blue rioters.

  28. BestBets says:

    I went for a drive around Southern New Hampshire (Nashua area) today, took side roads and drove through a number of small towns. Many, many Trump signs, some big banners, about a 55-45 split—55% for the President. Most of the Trump signs were not there last week. I won’t be surprised if he wins NH.

  29. Another Ian says:

    Last minute help (/s)

    “Biden To Take Family Homes From Children ”


  30. Linda K. says:

    I grew up in a red California and I would love to see SoCal at least, turn red again. There has been a renewed spirit recently in SoCal that gives me hope!

  31. Richie says:

    Dont forget this entire Covid lockdown hoax was for the purpose of voter fraud and only Democrats do that.


  32. ohnoyoudonot says:

    Trump campaign: “Thanks to the free speech-stifling dictates of Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, only the first 250 people will be admitted” to the Rochester, Minnesota rally tomorrow.


    • Wendy says:

      Wow just wow. They are really throwing everything they can to stop Trump movement. Will other blue swing states follow?

  33. ohnoyoudonot says:

    Trump campaign: “Thanks to the free speech-stifling dictates of Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, only the first 250 people will be admitted” to the Rochester, Minnesota rally tomorrow.


  34. ohnoyoudonot says:

    Trump campaign: “Thanks to the free speech-stifling dictates of Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, only the first 250 people will be a emitted” to the Rochester, Minnesota rally tomorrow.


    • AndrewJackson says:

      They should have a massive rally “not officially sponsored” just outside the venue.

      • Frederick Os fan says:

        I hope the people of MN come anyway. And He should book another rally right next door in Wisconsin. They suck. The set it at 250 because that’s all that will show up for Hiden Biden.

      • Lady in Red says:

        Massive peaceful protest. No limit on those, right Dems?

    • Mr. Morris says:

      Most people, I dare say, don’t like Gov. Tim Walz and AG Keith Ellison taking away the rights of American citizens to attend a rally for President Trump several days before an election. I think they are deliberately interfering in a Presidential election.
      Because of the Democrats heavy handed authoritarian tactics I see Minnesota turning deep red.

  35. Danimal28 says:

    We here in the southern end of the MN 8th district and the rest to the north of us are voting for Donald Trump next Tuesday; the first time our northern brethren have voted outside the norms in generations. The 45,000 votes Trump needed in 2016 will be had and then some. Many sums. This district is not the metro and our voting polls will be as secure as possible against fraud.

    May God bless Donald Trump, his family, and those in government working on behalf of the American People.

    • Wendy says:

      Great to hear. Can you share the reason why you think ppl in your district didn’t vote for him but will vote this election?

  36. Shiggz says:

    I have learned that national polling is agenda driven but internal campaign polling is very results oriented.

    Any freepers know what Minnesota ballot verification is? Wouldn’t it be interesting if Joe was campaigning everywhere that had some kind ballot security but not in purple states without?

  37. SGH says:

    I think his campaign wants to fill 50 circles, not just 12. Optics!

  38. Retired IG says:

    So many posts here I enjoyed reading tonight. Loved the Rudy Giuliani video. What a righteous man. He sees the things I see re how JB threw his son under the bus for MOAR, MOAR, MOAR.for himself only. Not what he was doing to his son. If he would do that to his son, imagine what he would do to our country?
    If my Dad were alive he’d be making up a joke that would be something like “What’s the difference between the MSM and pollsters? You’d think about it and come up with some ideas. He would listen to our guesses laughing to himself, and then tell us “NOTHING.” We would be so mad at him for making the answer to the question so simple.
    But these day’s it seems to there is no difference. Both polling organizations and MSM have lost the key to their OBJECTIVITY. Both professions have lost their ability to report FACTS absent the need to insert their personal opinions. Everyone wants to be a Star these days
    Pollsters somehow forget they cannot produce a poll that measures HUMAN FEELINGS and EMOTIONS in a Bell Curve, plus or minus the standard deviation or what an outlier even means. Heck, very few pollsters actually reveal their sample size or how they selected it. When one is reporting FACTS in a poll ALL of those measurements are a pretty big deal.
    And the news that’s fit to print with so many isn’t. My local paper actually reposted an article by the WP. And the AP can’t report anything without interjecting opinion. I have learned not to read AP articles over breakfast because I find myself arguing with them out loud. Every article inserts an OPINION. For example, HCQ sucks as a therapeutic. It’s wearisome to me.
    Finally (and so very sorry for this long post). I found “Peace at Last” after the debates, plus watching so many President Trump rallies.
    The pollsters and the press cannot not measure “Love for Country.” Newspapers and social media are NOT arbiters of TRUTH. I must surrender my opinions now to the American people decide in this election. All I want to say, speak, and write in these days before this election is” God Bless America. My Home Sweet Home.”

    • mutantbeast says:

      its said that part of the laptop in hell shows Hunter with 2 different teen age girls. One of them is thought to be Beau Bidens 14yo daughter. According to the GOP Senate candidate, the other is the 14yo daughter of Delaware senator Chris Coons. If this is true, Xiden wont even protect his own grandaughter because he needs Hunter to serve as his bagman.

    • zurizara1 says:

      I believe China Joe said at one “I believe in truth over facts”. This from the party that would not know truth if it shook hands with it.

  39. Troublemaker10 says:

    Donald Trump will get ‘over 300 electoral college votes’


  40. Retired IG says:

    Just had to post this song. It sings Trust that the Universe is unfolding, as it should and always will be.
    The Blue Nile – Happiness

  41. Brenrod says:

    Perhaps the polls are rigged by the bookies and gambling interests to get folks to bet on the loser early in the game?

  42. mutantbeast says:

    the Iron Range LONG a stronghold of RATS like Humphrey Mondale and Wellstoned has turned into a GOP stronghold. EVERY single mayor there is endorsing Trump , they saw what the RATS did in MSP after George F;loyd, attacking the cops instead of attacking the problem. Theres a failry good chance we can add MN to the Trump victory column in 2020. Xidens “rally” here is proof of that,

  43. Mow Noname says:

    Sorry, those are coal miners in that photo. Rangers of NE Minnesota are iron men.
    …who are holding spontaneous Trump rallies in Chisholm, Virginia and Buhl…
    Unfortunately, down in the cities, Ilhan Omar has sponsored more of her family members for US citizenship than are in these small towns. Plus, the state has air dropped diverse replacements in ALL of the towns up there.
    Voting is necessary, but not sufficient.

  44. warmongerel says:

    I’m a member of the Teamsters union in Minnesota. Most of the people that I talk to are voting Trump. MN is a red state because the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) team up with the Iron Range and always vote for Democrats. From what I can see (I have relatives on the Iron Range), Trump could very well take the Iron Range and, if that happens, the Democrats lose.

    The Iron Range mines most of the steel that is shipped through the Great Lakes to the Rust Belt where it is made into steel. President Trump has stopped China from dumping steel at ridiculously low prices and the people of northern Minnesota really appreciate that.

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