Tucker Carlson: Bobulinski Documents Intercepted and Removed From Overnight Package….

Tucker Carlson revealed this evening that someone intercepted an envelope containing documents of evidence supporting the claims by Tony Bobulinski.  The documents were mailed by a “well known overnight transport” company and mysteriously were removed in transit from New York to LA.  I have a hunch what happened…. but first, WATCH:


I review this story from a position that I cannot fully explain. However, I have personal experience -recent experience- with a similar and rather unusual situation that cannot be explained by any method other than DHS surveillance. So here’s what I think took place.

The package, likely a Fed-X delivery, was intercepted by FBI agents using mechanisms for tracking and surveillance that open targeting through portals connected to DHS.

As an outcome of the U.S. Patriot Act, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security has an agreement in place with mail shipping companies, public/private services, that essentially allows them a portal to track all in-state and interstate mail deliveries.

The FBI has access to this data network in the same way the FBI has access to federal transportation records. Just like when you book a flight and DHS portals are open that allow FBI to track your movements domestically. This type of portal is also accessed in private company transportation like Uber, Lyft etc. DHS, and as a consequence the FBI, can easily track your whereabouts.

Without much hesitation I will bet the FBI was monitoring the communication of Bobulinski, and by extension the entire Tucker Carlson production network. Once the shipment was known to be taking place, the DHS portals are opened; the package is tracked; and the FBI moves in to intercept the delivery.

The transport company doesn’t need to be participating because they are essentially unneeded. Their system network is connected to the FBI.

That’s the likely scenario.

Wanna bet?

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823 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Bobulinski Documents Intercepted and Removed From Overnight Package….

  1. Oh, for heaven’s sake… Of course there were alternate methods of delivery…


  2. margarite1 says:

    They couldn’t be scanned?

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    • Wethal says:

      Yes, but after you scan them, you send them by email, which is not secure. An overnight courier with tracking is better and safer.

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      • clulessgrandpa says:

        Why didnt they just send copies?

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        • Spamf Roming says:

          They WERE copies. They can destroy as many copies as they want. Trump needs to FIRE WRAY TONIGHT. Or maybe tomorrow at his next rally.

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          • WhiteBoard says:

            has to track conversation of WORDS in the copies first.
            once it pops up in MI 702 version…. then it can be taken to Insurrection Levels.

            POTUS is confident because he has NEVER relied on the group being investigated.

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          • nvbob says:

            I don’t think this was FBI. (I’m not saying that Wray shouldn’t be fired) This was more than likely a U.S. intelligence agency and I don’t necessarily mean the CIA.

            Obviously someone’s phone conversations are being listened to. This would take an extraordinary effort to accomplish without someone noticing.

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          • Mike says:

            If they were copies he wouldn’t even mention the intercept. Clearly they were the original source documents.

            The Deep State is fighting for its corrupt trillions. Look at the Supreme Court, in a total dereliction of duty refused to rule on election cases before the election! Led by Roberts, and Bushite compromised Kavanaugh.

            Prepare for war.

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          • bessie2003 says:

            Tucker never mentioned if they were originals, copies, or if there were copies of the originals. Really, really hoping he didn’t say anything about the documents being originals or copies or if there were copies just to keep the people who wanted the documents disappeared guessing.

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          • WRAY must be fired while he’s away > office sealed and inspected by US Marshall and DNI > then arrest, GITMO process PRONTO

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      • margarite1 says:

        My CPA encrypts the docs he sends to me through email.


      • margarite1 says:

        Actually – he sends me a password separately so I can access them. Maybe the sender wasn’t sophisticated enough or wary enough to do this.


  3. DeWalt says:

    Guns and ammunition shipped through FedEx have been disappearing at an alarming rate.

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  4. The important thing to note here is that Bobulinski and Tucker would have no reason to be monitored and contents intercepted because they Bobulinski is willingly providing these to anyone that will listen, involving law enforcement.

    The only reason to intercept them is to censor the contents and protect the illegalities of Biden’s involvement from seeing sunlight.

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  5. Leon Brozyna says:

    Make multiple copies and lie about how many you sent and which means used. Act like they’re out to get you … they are.

    Power is an intoxicating thing and there are trillions at stake here.

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    • rrick says:

      To lie is unethical. To lie to a fed is unlawful. That would be any fed. Even a postal worker. If they really want you, you just made it easier for them.


      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        So how many “plants” CIA workers do they have inside the Fedex supply chain? DHL?
        NY made a tracking number and Deep State could follow it.


      • David M Kitting says:

        So, the employee [fed], can lie with impunity to the employer [The People], but it’ unlawful for the employer, to lie to the employee. Yeah…. The ends justify the means, right ?


        • rrick says:

          David, you’re arguing from a moral position. I agree with you however in my comment I avoided morality. One can still make the ethical decision to avoid that behavior or not. Yes, even though everyone else does it does not mean you should nor even want to.

          Practicing deceit always seems to make our lives more difficult.

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          • David M Kitting says:

            rrick, I wasn’t trying to make an argument at all. I can’t type fast enough to argue online. Just pointing out the ludicrous assertion that it’s illegal to lie to the mailman.


  6. H.R. says:

    Sundance: “Wanna bet?”,/i>

    Ha! You’ve taught us all too well, Sundance. No takers here on the TreeHouse.

    Try CNN. You could retire very rich man on that action.😜

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  7. Wethal says:

    Tucker has to have the lawyers advising him, and no competent lawyer would send the only existing originals through any courier or mail service or even take them to a deposition or hearing. I hope the originals are locked in a lawyer’s safe or safe deposit box somewhere.

    The FBI may have wanted to know what Tucker knew, but since he was going to discuss them with Bobulinski, and possibliy air that discussion on TV, this only delayed the revelation by one day.

    Perhaps a warning shot to Tucker and/or Bobulinski that “We know what you’re doing and can interfere any time we want.”

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    • Harvey Lipschitz says:

      This is funny. Grew up on the farm and the mailman was a gossip. Reading post cards. so we sent false statements on the cards and guess what, the gossip was spread.

      Tucker can set a test trap.

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    • starfcker says:

      I’m interested to know where the actual intercept occurs.

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      • Wethal says:

        There may be surveillance cameras at the drop-off center, and in the processing centers, but on the trucks, and in the planes it might be different. Everyhing is presumably loaded on as fast as possible by more than one person


      • Jeff says:

        One can have the package redirected to any desired address. Happens all the time, for legitimate reasons. I sometimes handle those trasactions myself. It’s not a stretch to imagine that some bureaucrats could have it done for illegitimate reasons, especially if they have access to the carrier’s computer systems, and could change the destination info at will, without the carrier knowing. The driver certainly doesn’t know, nor care. It’s just another package among thousands, sign here please.

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    • starfcker says:

      This has all the markings of a well-executed sting. There would be no reason to empty the box and leave it, it would been so easy to copy everything. I wonder if something inside that box made it impossible to put back together

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  8. rrick says:

    Hiding in plain sight is best. DHS got the pigeon, a dupe.

    Remember, you can’t stop the signal.

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  9. Flying farmgirl says:

    The Fed Ex tracking system is a lot more open than you may realize, and has some serious security flaws.

    A few years ago a concerned pilot, who was actually the head of the pilot’s safety committee, became concerned because Fed Ex allowed anyone to see exactly where each package was — including the flight. Then they could track the flight’s progress. DHS was warning about Al Qaeda planting IEDs around, and the war was on, and DHS even found a bunch of IEDs on dummy runs, that were shipped on US flights. The DOT solution was to move the cargo to Cargo only, and so the Fed Ex pilots were concerned.

    The management answer was to send him to a rogue psychiatrist who labeled him with a bogus diagnosis — which he eventually proved was nonsense, and got his job back. Ugly details, and there are other cases – where airline management silences whistleblower pilots who see too much and speak up. The bogus shrink is a dangerous tool, because the FAA requires reporting EVERY visit to EVERY healthcare provider — and once misdiagnosed it costs tens of thousands of dollars to clear, and remains on the record forever. So most people stay quiet.
    You can read details of the case in Estabrook vs. Fed Ex. Details at the OALJ (Office of Administrative Law Judge) website — not a regular state or federal case.

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    • wondering999 says:

      thank you flyingfarmgirl. Went to look and here is some of the relevant info:

      “On Aug. 3, 2013, Mr. Estabrook demanded a meeting with FedEx’s CEO over security concerns. A week later, he met with senior executives and asked that FedEx stop making flight- and package-tracking data available to the public for fear of its use by terrorists. He also stated that he feared a former colleague — who remains in prison for attempting to hijack a plane when he faced termination — had converted to Islam and “may be using a communication path to al Qaeda.”

      “After the meeting, he was grounded with full pay and ordered to pass a psychiatric evaluation before he could continue flying. After four months of dueling doctor’s opinions, he was returned to the skies. However, he filed another OSHA complaint alleging that he was retaliated against for his protected activity under air carrier whistleblower protection statutes”

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  10. Peter says:

    God help us we live in the USSA Trump or no Trump

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  11. poncedefreon says:

    The smart play would’ve been to put a human on a plane with the documents. The backup would’ve been to ‘James Wolfe’ and surreptitiously mark the documents. At the very least, have copies all over the place as your poison pill.

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  12. Cthemfly says:

    Tucker is under surveillance. There’s a level of sophistication to quickly learning the precise routing of the package, its identity and characteristics, how it’s being handled and when to seize the contents. This was a well and quickly executed hit job on a package indicating someone has done this sort of thing before. If only the source maintained a copy, you won’t see the documents again. The Biden’s are binging us a taste of China a bit early.

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  13. Skidroe says:

    Now you know why Scumbama met hundreds/ thousands of times at the White House with big tech. He weaponized the IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, and has blackmail info on everyone at his shadow government building just down the street from the White House. TRAITORS!!

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  14. adam says:

    Wouldn’t this be the sort of time you’d buy a plane ticket and hand it to one of those Ex-SEAL’s you reportedly employ?

    I’m gonna go ahead and pack a fat bowl of hopium and try to imagine that this was a pre-arranged sting op.

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  15. Sprawlie says:

    “To carry out the investigation and prosecution of the matters assigned to him, the Special
    Counsel assembled a team that at its high point included 19 attorneys-five of whom joined the
    Office from private practice and 14 on detail or assigned from other Department of Justice
    components. These attorneys were assisted by a filter team of Department lawyers and FBI
    personnel who screened materials obtained via court process for privileged information before
    turning those materials over to investigators; a support staff of three paralegals on detail from the
    Department ‘s Antitrust Division; and an administrative staff of nine responsible for budget,
    finance, purchasing, human resources , records, facilities, security, information technology , and
    administrative support. The Special Counsel attorneys and support staff were co-located with and
    worked alongside approximatel y [sic] 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, a
    paralegal, and professional staff assigned by the FBI to assist the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

    We know about the big names, but whatever happened to the rest of these clowns?

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  16. jus wundrin says:

    The shipping company knows. One doesnt gain access into those areas without knowledge.

    But it sounds like Tucker Inc. had made back ups.

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  17. Joe Collins says:

    I fear for our country.

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  18. Rather Not Say says:

    On topic, the shipping company knows, but they aren’t allowed to say by the Men in Black. Tucker should make them squirm, bring them on air, talk incessantly about it, and most importantly name the company.

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  19. islandpalmtrees says:

    DHS’s surveillance thought that property belonging to Tucker Carlson show looked suspicious. Ya, that’s right Tucker has been looking suspicious. Let’s just have the FBI agents “take it”.

    U.S. Patriot Act or the authority to take whatever you want whenever you want.

    Did we just get one more reason to disrespect the FBI?

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  20. carterzest says:

    Love the picture out of SD’s hotel room from his recent DC visit!

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  21. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    journalist Sharyl Attkisson was spied on. I suspect Tucker’s e-mail is being watched so they know what he is working with.

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  22. furtive says:

    Crazy 😜 like a Fox 🦊
    There at least one informant working inside fox 🦊 newz, likely in each of their offices.
    The fbi was tipped off.
    Phones are likely bugged there.
    The fbi are 🔑 Stone kops
    They cannot do ANYTHING CORRECTLY without overpaid informants.
    It began with mueller
    The playbook is NOW their bible.
    it also justifies an inflated budget.

    “ While there are more than 15,000 FBI informants, most are low-level operatives who provide scraps of information or tips about people in their community. Only a few of them at any time are high-level operators like Torres — professional liars who travel the country as agents provocateur in elaborate stings. They can make $100,000 or more for every case they work. Torres, a former Black Panther and convict who robbed New York City transit booths, is one of these operators, a freelance agent who portrays himself as a “radicalized Muslim,” as the government’s terminology puts it.

    “I don’t like the word informant,” Torres says in (T)ERROR. “I consider myself a civilian operative.”


    Trevor Aaronson’s book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War On Terrorism,”


  23. Marshall says:

    Buy a scanner


  24. OlderAndWiser says:

    I’d take that bet. I’d bet on the CIA, or ex-CIA types.
    But we’re both on the same side here – against the swamp.


  25. ed bernay says:

    You don’t think the deep state have people that it pays off who work in these shipping companies, knows every security camera and protocol? Cmon man.

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  26. Sherri Young says:

    Tucker did not say that the documents were Bobulinski’s. Tucker emphasized the word “business” in the sentence regarding that Bobulinski discussed.

    It sounds as if these new documents might be about something not strictly business-related.

    Also, found it interesting that the people in the facility that was being searched were all shown copies of the documents. These may be documents that are being suppressed but could be expected to gain public attention through gossip. By making that statement about the facility employees being shown copies of the documents, surely some people will show up to ask their friends. If anyone here is on the chans, please be on the lookout.

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  27. Varg says:

    He should try mailing them again, only this time send several hundred photocopies of his ass….

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    • furtive says:



    • WhiteBoard says:

      he should fake mail each time- and document another Treason in our country.
      continue this until the honeypot is over. and recycle them .

      he is a naval officer. zero chance his life is free today. he is the top of the line. oceans are like space. they are the top of the list in intel.


  28. railer says:

    Bogus FISA warrants have been previously approved to attack Trump, his campaign and his administration. I have no doubt that FISA warrants on this latest “Russian spy” Bobulinski might also have been approved. I haven’t heard Roberts speak out against all these bogus FISA warrants, and that FISC operates under his administration. You just need one crooked judge, and there’s plenty enough of those around, and Roberts doesn’t seem to care so…


  29. Silent American says:

    So we have to send our documentation with third parties with redundancy and retain copies? Cripes!

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  30. Bailey says:

    I understand there may have been a time element involved perhaps snail mail or private courier for those who dont want to open portals as described above.


  31. RyderLee says:

    Hmmmm , Why am I Not Surprised ? 🤔

    Should have been Loaded with an
    Exploding Dye Pack that Only the Recipient
    Knew how to Disassemble Before Opening 😜

    My 2 cents ..

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  32. Chilidog says:

    Not able to watch video. Is Tucker saying that they didn’t make copies before they were sent. Or take pictures or scan. If not this sounds stupid.

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  33. T2020 says:

    They didn’t check surveillance cameras??? Or were they magically turned off at the moment the documents were torn from the package??? Stealing someone’s property is illegal. Unless, of course, you work for one of the alphabet agencies…?


  34. Linda K. says:

    Bobu;inski had a very high security clearance when he was in the military. He is not naive about the intel community nor does he trust reporters with his best stuff. Just a guess.

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  35. TrustyHaste says:

    Fed Ex uniforms were used in the shooting of the federal judge’s son and husband in NJ. Curious.

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  36. Richie says:

    OK….So why don’t you overnight another one.

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  37. Meems says:

    I doubt they would send originals and if they did, they’d surely keep copies. Wonder how the FBI or whoever will change the narrative. Very interesting, isn’t it!

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  38. Judith says:

    Someone’s not liking these threads. I was blocked from seeing the comments for a short period. I hope Sundance and crew will reach out to us if it comes down to outright censorship, because I sense that may not be too far off.

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  39. Nowut Ameen says:

    We are already governed by a politburo. It just has not been as obvious until now.

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  40. jus wundrin says:

    Several years ago I sold a house in a city about 2 hours away. The title co. faxed the paperwork to me, and included an overnight envelope from FedUp so it would get back to the title company before the closing on the next day. They called me the next day, and said the closing went well, but they never got my signed and notarized docs. Found out that FedUp lost them at one of the transfer facilities.

    The title co. said that they would FAX another series of closing docs with another overnight envelope from FedUp. I said NO WAY, and drove over there to sign everything in person. FedUp found the docs a week later under a bin, but never offered any compensation for their poor service.

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  41. safvetblog says:

    Interesting – IIRC, Tucker played coy with the source of the documents. He didn’t *say* that they were Bobulinski’s, he only kind of implied. There are other piles of interesting documents floating around out there, e.g. from Hunter’s associate who is now doing hard time and gave access to his Gmail account….

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  42. TFred says:

    Reminds me of that line from the movie, “Shooter.”
    “But we’re the FBI, son.”
    “Yeah, I know.”

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  43. @ChicagoBri says:

    While likely intercepted by a US alphabet agency, don’t discount that a foreign entity tried to get their hands on Biden dirt – just in case.


  44. nvbob says:

    I am not convinced the FBI did this. (Not that they are above this type of activity). I understand how they could do it but it just doesn’t sound right to me.

    My gut tells me it is another alphabet intelligence agency. One that we may not even know about. Tucker’s phone is obviously being listened to and probably most of FOX NEWS producers as well.

    TB’s movements are obviously being monitored 24/7.

    Whatever three letter agency did this obviously would know the documents were copies. The package was deliberately left in place, opened.

    This was clearly a message. I think we have lost total control over our country at this point and it should scare the begezzus out of all of us.

    Let’s see if FOX makes Tucker et. al. drop this.

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  45. There’s nothing much to like about America these days. Nothing. Much.


  46. Magabear says:

    Looks like Tucker has hit the bullseye with this interview. People ( FBI) don’t steal unimportant documents

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  47. Sammy says:

    Sorry folks, I know the system, I know the tracking, I know the sorting and loading processes. I work at a large Fedex air sort facility and have done the jobs in question. This would have had to of been opened at the origin location and emptied there. Once document paks and letters get into a sort location it would be virtually impossible to open them intentionally and have them turn up empty. It does happen more often than we would wish accidentally. From places like NY or LA where they are processing literally 10’s or100’s of thousands of those documents daily, again, once they enter the sort and then through the hubs where they move a million or two of those packages in a few hours of sort time picking one out when you’re simply scanning bar codes into bags is fairly implausible.

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    • nvbob says:

      So what you are saying is that when the FOX producer dropped off the document at the FedEx storefront or where ever; that package was monitored until it arrived at the sorting facility in NY.

      Then it was opened and emptied, then placed back in with other packages and sent on its way.

      There is obviously a witness to the handing over of the package.

      This is interesting and at the same time so very confusing. This is so high profile now I would not want to be the person that handed over that package.


      • Sammy says:

        No, I’m saying emptying it at the sort facility would be virtually impossible. The only way to have done something like this would have had to be done at the Fedex location where it was dropped off. Even that would be tough without a lot of people knowing something was going on. Unless it was dropped at a slower Fedex office location or something. Law enforcement confiscation is a fairly common occurrence here and there but even that’s a pretty big deal. We have our airport police with dogs standing over our conveyor belts sniffing boxes for drugs. The sorts are staffed with hundreds of people. Doing something secretly is pretty impossible.

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      • Susan Harms says:

        I say it wasnt “emptied” — an identical empty box was put in its place. Opening and stashing docs takes time. Just grab the box, replace with identical and you are done.


  48. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Forwarded link to this article and the first paragraph to Senator Ron Johnson and to the Senate Homeland Security Committee…

    Mr. Tony Bobulinski should be somewhat savvy to the shenanigans and subterfuge of these agencies. As I would guess Mr. Tucker Carlson and his staff as well.

    Tony Bobulinski met with Tucker in person last night. I would also guess that anything that absolutely must be hand delivered to Tucker would have been handed over during their in person meeting.

    But still, this level of chicanery is troubling. They are not even trying to be stealthy.

    Desperate much?

    Trillions at stake…


    • VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

      TheLastRefuge Retweeted
      BREAKING: The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has successfully verified all materials reviewed so far from Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski –
      4:44 PM · Oct 28, 2020·Twitter Web App


  49. avocadodipp says:

    The Center for Security Policy agrees with sundance – our intelligence agencies are conducting ops against the people of the United States.

    For pro-Biden intelligence veterans, American politics are just another op


  50. czarowniczy says:

    You have a raft of Federal agencies that have had (still have) legal/illegal main intercept programs, including US Customs – can’t forget the. These various agencies have contacts inside of all major commercial delivery services along with the US Postal Inspection Service and these contacts have assisted in ‘exploiting’ targeted mailings for decades. Sloppiness of this one is what confuses me…unless it was meant to.

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