Another Lie Exposed – Anonymous Source for NYT Op-Ed Revealed as Low Level Policy Advisor for Dept. of Homeland Security…

The New York Times constantly claimed the anonymous source for their op-ed against the Trump administration was a “high level administration official.”  However, today the actual person behind the “anonymous” claim is now revealed.

Miles Taylor was a low level policy advisor within the Department of Homeland Security when he wrote the op-ed for The NY Times; he later became spokesman for DHS under Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.  A DHS “policy advisor” is a long way from a “Senior Administration Official…. and even the far-left loons are now left rolling their eyes at the revelation.

The Anonymous op-ed, and the resistance claims constructed therein by the newspaper, was a complete snow-job by the New York Times in an effort to intentionally frame a false narrative against the Trump administration.

Knowing the truth of their false presentation is now stark and admitted, what does that say about all of the New York Times reporting using anonymous sources?

Taylor wasn’t even “chief of staff”, he was a simple policy adviser.

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156 Responses to Another Lie Exposed – Anonymous Source for NYT Op-Ed Revealed as Low Level Policy Advisor for Dept. of Homeland Security…

  1. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    I remember this guy….

    he Super-Sized my last Big Mac Meal.
    I almost didn’t recognize him without the paper hat.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Liberal use of Clearasil (or Photoshop) has cleaned up all the pimples….. except the big one sticking up from between his shoulders…..

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      • Baron Sicluna says:

        Their hatred of trump has forced them to destroy all of their credibility. No One Believes them anymore . Even people in Washington DC New York and California take everything they write with a grain of salt. they have totally destroyed themselves Trump is in their head 24/7. Not much of an October surprise

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        I guess this is their epic
        Time to celebrate with an epic fireworks display:


      • Eagle Driver says:

        AHHH GB…that’s just a target!!!!…for some very good ridicule coming down his way after the election of one each, PDJT!!! 😎😎😎


  2. Puzzled says:

    One fraud after the next. The NYT is undeserving of Fake news, they don’t have that level of credibility.

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    • Baron Sicluna says:

      The Trump boomerang in action. Miles Taylor thinks this will be a October surprise for the resistance movement. Since he is a nobody- he takes down himself, CNN, and the New York Times. A great self own. Trump hits an 0-2 triple men on base. More rally material.

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  3. Genie says:

    Who is Mike Taylor? Someone using the pen name “anonymous” unnecessarily since no-one knows him anyway. Eye roll.

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    • H.R. says:

      Oh, good one, Genie. 👍

      Shoulda used the byline, Mike Taylor, which is exactly the same thing as ‘Anonymous.’

      P.S. Hope you didn’t sprain an eyeball with that eyeroll. Had to have been a doozy. 😁

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    • raptors2021 says:

      Endless word games. A “source” can be literally anyone if you keep them anonymous. Once your source is identified, challenging his reliability becomes part of the process of debunking the story. But not until then.


  4. Fredx100 says:

    Here is how it all went down-

    Miles- And then trump said “Quit fussing with your hair Miles we have work to do.” A few of the people at the meeting even chuckled, it was horrible!

    Lisa- I’m so sorry Miles that must have been awful.

    Peter- Don’t worry Miles we WILL stop him!

    Miles- Thanks guys that makes me feel so much better.

    Lisa- Here have another glass of wine Miles, we will stop him won’t we Peter?

    And thus a resister is born.

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  5. wendy forward says:


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  6. Wow, a “senior official” who looks like he hasn’t even graduated from high school yet.

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  7. Former Lurker says:

    The Fake News is the enemy of the American People.

    How many times has President Trump been called out for his “extreme speech” only to have time reveal that he is, once again, merely speaking the plain truth in his own very special genius way?

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  8. Robert Smith says:

    Look like a boy-toy for the DC politicos.

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  9. SR says:

    This new NC and PA counting after Election is trouble. Democrat would know by Election Day how many ballots are short to win the election. Many congress seats were flipped in 2018 mid term California after Election Day.

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    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      “SR” you seem to be spreading “Doom & Gloom” with multiple posts on every thread!

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    • NC Patriot says:

      NC only issues absentee ballots attached to a specific voter—–(not just random mail-ins.)
      They are counting the absentees now——so come election day there will be a fixed number of absentees out and the number will be known.

      It will be logged with an attached number. If the counted number on the night of Nov 3 gives POTUS a margin high enough to exceed the known number of absentees that come straggling in, it will not matter.

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      • rpcoastie says:

        In Florida elections the absentee ballots are rarely counted and typically thrown away unopened because the number of absentee ballots are determined to be moot!


    • Kroesus says:

      PA is up for review with the ballots received between 3 Nov- 6 Nov SUPPOSEDLY held separately until the decision is rendered…….riiiiight!!!

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      • Jan says:

        If Judge Amy refuses to recuse herself from the SC’s rehearing of the Pennsylvania vote count case, Democrats are threatening to begin immediate impeachment proceedings against her (maybe also Pres. Trump for interfering in the election).

        The previous decision was 4-4 with Justice Roberts joining the liberals, so a lower court ruling allowing an extension of time for ballots to be received & counted stood. Now, Democrats are unhappy that the Supreme Court will reconsider.

        Democrat Communist Fascists would be fine if the shoe was on the other foot.

        We are pretty close to the Democrat Communist Fascists either being the next Russian mob and/or not being able to control the planned unleashing much longer because of their anger. And, of course, Philly was still at least looting tonight.

        Rioting & looting has stepped up since the 2 cops in Philadelphia shot a black man after he ran at them with a knife. Brooklyn had a riot last night; one was happening in DC tonight.

        The UK is putting the country back into lockdown on Friday. The US media says the US is on the precipice of a 3rd wave. The timing is almost perfect in a Harris/ Biden declared win…or an overthrow of all local, state & Federal governments & officials. I don’t think Harris/Biden have any problem ordering a mandatory lockdown before 1/20/2021, if there’s any chance they’re the winners of an election or an overthrow.

        Would we even bother with an outdoor inauguration ceremony w/those 2?

        Please God, keep President Trump & his family safe. Please reinstill reason & non-violence to Americans who are now our enemies & who are unleashing Satan upon our country. Please hear our prayers!! Anen.


  10. Gunner says:

    The twit denied to cnn that he was ‘anonymous’ when he was a cnn contributor. And, cnn has already announced they’ll keep him on.

    Damn, how in the name of all that is holy, does POTUS not win next week in an historical landslide? God has got this!

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  11. randyg1 says:

    He looks like he is twelve…

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  12. SR says:

    These new Supreme Court decision on NC and PA is stupid. democrats would know by Election Day how many ballots are short to win the election. Many congress seats were flipped in 2018 mid term California after Election Day.


    • Nepanyrush says:

      Please, this negative post doesn’t even relate to this thread. At least if you are going to be negative, add it to a thread that somewhat relates to you doom and gloom.

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  13. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Our Federal Bureaucracy is full of punks like this dude.

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  14. rpcoastie says:

    A Soy Boy! LOL

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  15. A Fortified City says:

    I do like how it all comes out eventually be sure your sins will find you out. Or you can say sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind.

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  16. TradeBait says:

    When will Americans realize that there is nothing they need to know that will be provided factually by the old media? Nothing. They are propagandists owned by evil people. Don’t read, don’t buy products/services from their advertisers.

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    • H.R. says:

      It’s happening, TradeBait.

      Take comfort in knowing that more and more people are catching on and tuning out and it does NOT go the other way; people tuning in.

      The YSM is slowly being left with an audience that is just hoping to get a glimpse of a bare boob or something.

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  17. sarasotosfan says:

    Nothing is surprising about this. It is more of the same fake news we have witnessed and have come to expect throughout the terms of President Trump.

    A reckoning is coming.

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  18. OffCourseNation says:

    He looks like some guy who would bring coffee.

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  19. Leon Brozyna says:

    AKA Bottom-Feeder

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  20. jb says:

    I’m sticking this comment here even tho it is off-topic:

    Tucker just announced that he was supposed to get a trove of incriminating docs against Joe Biden from either UPS/FEDEX/etc on Monday — on a route from NY to LA.
    He had been in coomunication w/ one of his producers in NY who had let them know they (the docs) were there. Tucker and the producer agreed to have them sent to Tucker in LA

    1. The docs were stolen en route (let’s be honest: by the FBI or Biden campaign)
    2. Indicating that the FBI/Biden campaign is tapping Tucker’s communications

    3. Why oh why Tucker did you not have them copied first? (I am hoping the original source has a copy)

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  21. DeWalt says:

    How do these wet behind the ears, barely away from Mama pencil necks become Policy Advisers to a Federal Agency?

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  22. Snellvillebob says:

    He reminds me of that Mark guy who was mistakenly invited to a board meeting in place of Markem.

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  23. Tells us about Kirstjen Nielsen to hire a leaker as a “policy adviser.” Then again who hired/recommended Kirstjen Nielsen. /r

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  24. jumpinjarhead says:

    More evidence of the enemy corruption in the federal government and especially in its intell, law enforcement, military and “justice” agencies.

    This should give all Americans great pause as this makes them also much more DANGEROUS to the nation than if they were merely a few apparatchiks in the usual suspects such as the EPA and Dept of Education.

    This helps explain the ongoing gaslighting and scare campaign of DHS and the FBI since Timothy McVeigh that the greatest threat to the nation is from some vague reference to those on the “extreme right wing.”

    This is made even worse by the intentional conflation of wholly separate terms now being used as synonyms in order to have the big (and increasingly “dumb” in the sense they rely on the MSM and (anti) social media for “truth”) middle of Americans believe that being conservative or “right wing” now means being a “white supremacist.” “Right wing terrorist” and “neo-Nazi.”

    You may recall that in the weeks following 9/11, Bush’s State Dept convened a conference in DC to assess threats to America, in particular why islamists seemed to hate us so badly, and the news conference at the end surprisingly (and even as they were still clearing body parts from the rubble of the WTC!) said the greatest threat was from “homegrown right wing extremists!’

    Similarly, just a few weeks ago, the FBI reiterated this canard even as our cities were being destroyed by BLM and Antifa terrorists.

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  25. starspangledred says:

    Mercy…a revealed serious character flaw at such a young age where everyone can see. No legitimate going concern will trust him in any material position as they won’t be able to trust him. Life is hard enough without being stupid.

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  26. maggiemoowho says:

    Trying to find more emails on this topic via Wikileaks. Was he a mole for the DNC and Clinton. To: Date: 2015-04-02 17:43
    Subject: RE: Wellspring

    John Taylor in NY and Miles Taylor in DC. If you’re referring to the source of the money, whose existence is kept confidential, that’s Fred, I believe. Can you call when you have a minute? It concerns scheduling.

    From: John Podesta [] Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2015 12:35 PM To: Sandler, Herbert Subject: Wellspring What’s the brothers name?

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  27. destashjan says:

    Funny how this came out today…in the midst of Biden’s crashing campaign, Social Media being skewered, Videos, photos, emails, texts of the pervert and his family of grifters, Tucker’s record breaking interview, and SO much more……
    Oh, look….squirrel….
    And just like that, all eyes are on the soy boy…

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  28. Patience says:

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  29. T2020 says:

    Guess that’s a “shame on you” to those who thought it might be our VP.


  30. hokkoda says:

    Of note, in that Hunter Biden year thread the other day, he laments that the NYT keeps calling him for information about that SDNY criminal prosecution of god business associate.

    You know, the one where he and The Big Guy were identified as witnesses.

    You know, I can’t seem to find that NYT report…

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  31. Ellis says:

    The media has no credibility to begin with but this is devastating. The next time a “senior administration official” or “anonymous” source is quoted the answer is Miles Taylor.

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  32. 1hear2learn says:

    Shocked, shocked I tell you – says no one paying attention! They spied on the US President, can anyone be surprised they spy on yet another reporter/new analyst?


  33. upstate909 says:

    A free press will always name sources. All may face their accusers in the court of law.

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  34. KristiGnome says:

    Does anyone seriously think that the NYT gives a rat’s tush about being caught in another fake news story?

    They are utterly immoral, soulless, and without consciences. They cannot be embarrassed or shamed. Nothing can stop them from doing the same thing again and again.

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  35. CNN_sucks says:

    Sound like another Prime Minister Vindmann. Self important BS. s/

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  36. choosethisday0 says:

    My question is, why come out with this now? The original article was from, what, 2018? They even have an update on the op-Ed that he came forward and waived his right of anonymity. Clearly the media has no problem suppressing facts. If this makes the NYT look like such fools and tarnishes credibility, why do it? And the guy is willing to lie and claim he is something that he isn’t in the op-Ed, so why suddenly reveal himself now? A distraction? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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    • texasooz57 says:

      Answer: it’s a distraction…Example:
      The people: “Where’s Hunter?”
      The media: “Look, look, over here…
      why do you want Hunter when we have…Miles?”

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  37. WSB says:

    Is this a trans gender man or woman…why does every young man look like this?

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  38. Zy says:

    CNN hired this nerd without knowing he was “Anonymous” ? What value to CNN would this guy have otherwise ?

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  39. WSB says:

    A Fox News Leland Vittert snark look-a-like!

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  40. konradwp1 says:

    And this is exactly why, whenever the ‘Slimes claims to have a “Scoop”, I think of cats and litter boxes …

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  41. furtive says:

    The game of Clue: the stolen docs:
    It was Miles Taylor who was tipped off by a runner at foxnewz, who phoned George Conway, who made contact with the JFK AIRPORT FedEx manager…..


    • furtive says:

      Google prostitute


      • Kaco says:

        This guy is a complete idiot.

        “Although former Vice President Joe Biden is likely to pursue progressive reforms that conservatives oppose (and rest assured, we will challenge them in the loyal opposition)”

        What a self righteous twit. What has playing nice gotten us before? Weak, not really “standing up” and allowing the Left to keep moving this country left.

        Him and Conway are complete idiots for not seeing what is coming if the Dens take power. Really utterly stupid fools. They need to leave the GOP, if they agree with the Dem policies. Otherwise, they are cutting off their noses to spite their face because they can’t handle Trump tweets.

        I don’t give a crap how POTUS conducts his business, he is getting the business done, period. They don’t like his style. But what has he done that has been reckless? They don’t like his style, is their excuse for being against the policies. The policies the sane Americans want.

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  42. ShibaDad says:

    He probably has a “Wonk if you love Policy” bumpersticker…


  43. majorriddle says:

    DHS was created as a feeding trough for those with connections to the administration. It had no other purpose.
    Instead of addressing substantive threats to our nation, DHS focused on catching lower graded employees in errors or in lapses of judgement, they took simple tasks and made them into complex, convoluted mysteries, rewrote directives and procedures to make them vague and ambiguous; and developed a voracious appetite for reports on all manner of insignificant issues.
    DHS is still mostly an impediment. Yes, there are a few sharp, dedicated employees there, but they are not in charge of anything, that’s for sure!

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  44. jackphatz says:

    What exactly is a “low-level policy advisor”? Why would anyone need an ‘advisor’ of low significance? They’re too many of these made-up positions within our government to which too many people with nefarious ideas have access.

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  45. leavemygunsalone says:

    Punk. May Karma bite him bigly.

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  46. Kaco says:

    I just found this guy a couple of days ago, when I went on Bill Kristol’s twitter, after someone here brought him up, and saw an anti-Trump “ad” that Bill had tweeted, featuring this guy and two other DHS people.

    I’d like to ask these people, really, what policies has our President done that you don’t agree with?

    They act like POTUS doesn’t think before doing. What has he done that’s been impetuous? He may be loud mouthed but I have yet to see anything not done right for the American people?

    These are policies we have been begging for, for years, he is actually doing.

    Really, WTF? They are anti-American, including that George Conway, that’s what I see. And if they’re voting for crooked Biden, as crooked as Hillary from what I see, and these radical policies, he claims ‘they will stand up to accordingly”, yeah right, as you’ve always done? Anyway, they need to remove themselves from the GOP. They are not conservatives. And don’t use Pres Trump’s personality as an excuse for your anti-American views. At least Ben Shapiro, the weak minded person he is, recognizes the Left is way out there and will be voting for Trump this time, because he really is still conservative and understand the power grab the Dems intend on.

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  47. PaulCohen says:

    So where does Mr. “Anonymous” rank among the many political hoaxers of our time for pure dementia? We also have “Pierre Delecto” and Jussie Smollett … not to mention Ben Rhodes and the Obama team’s fake Iran narratives….oh and the “Q” fellow who gave rise to the “Qanon” b.s. James Comey and Chris Wray the fake FBI Directors…. Then of course we have Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden who are a total hoax on the American public…. Then there is just about everyone in mainstream “journalism”….. So many more frauds, fakers, and poseurs….. So many hoaxers to choose from…..

    What they all have in common is trying to influence the public with dishonest “narratives”….

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  48. Troublemaker10 says:

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  49. rpcoastie says:

    Obviously Miles Taylor doesn’t realize that as soon as his usefulness is over his news media masters will replace him just as they will replace White males all over the United States. This is what the color revolution is all about…The Great Replacement!

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  50. dogsmaw says:

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