October 27th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1377

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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1,200 Responses to October 27th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1377

  1. Ace says:

    Biden underperforming Mrs, Clinton in Philadelphia and like clockwork, here comes the goons.

  2. bertdilbert says:

    Trump is a pretty amazing Commander in Chief. Without firing a shot, he led the democrats to their own death. He waved the magic wand and poof!, they all turned into lemmings.

    • dd_sc says:

      And in his spare time, established a semblance of peace in the Middle East.

      • pyromancer76 says:

        And by keeping hands off, not firing those government agents (servants of the people) who clearly deserved it, expecting them to live up to their responsibilities and their pledge to support and defend the Constitution, letting them expose their own negligent and even criminal behaviors, has permitted the American people to be jury to their own self-indictments.

        • pyro- maybe we can be their jury but it’s really a shame we can’t give them the punishment they so richly deserve.

        • More Bore says:

          As outraged and annoyed as I am/we are, about the lack of accountability to date for so many things thus far, I am actually coming to the conclusion that its appropriate for us to pause and vote, as a nation, before proceeding with the prosecutions, the firebombing of the bureaucracy, firings, etc. It may not have been what was intended or planned (I don’t believe the “trust the plan drip drip BS), but hear me out…

          As with the Matrix, which I know many of us use the language and mythology of it already in conversation (like the red pill/blue pill), I think the first phase of Trump’s presidency has been to expose all of the crazy so that everyone can see and its hard to deny. A lot of us may have “known” for years, but we just looked like old codgers shouting at the clouds. Now even a classic LIV sees the corruption, the Leviathan DC swamp thats unaccountable, the evil tentacles of the Chinese and globalists, and so on. I assure you, even those on the left see it, and quietly many are very uncomfortable. For some, that manifested as being bernie Bros.

          But now America has a hard decision to make – its whether to proceed. Trump 2.0 must necessarily plunge us into the much harder work of dismantling it all. Thats the vote. We all know whats there, and we all know what happens if we TRULY go on offense against this evil… so it only makes sense that we vote whether thats truly what we want to do next, because frankly, I don’t think its going to get prettier.

  3. Tellthetruth2016 says:

    Bert, now that there is too funny

  4. joejoefromsandiego says:

    Philly riots tonight:

    Some thoughts:

    1. Trump has been courting the black male vote.
    2. Trump started to win in the polls today.
    3. Hunter’s depravity was bringing down the campaign and even the WaPo had to address the laptop.
    4. Police shootings bring black voters to the polls and to the Democrats.
    5. A riot in Philly increases the black vote, brings black men back to Biden.
    6. A riot in Philly (with no request for help from the governor) makes Trump look weak.
    7. A riot in Philly takes Hunter off the radar
    8. A riot in Philly scares non-blacks from voting.

    This may be Soros’ reasoning. Covid and the riots wrought havoc on Trump’s approval numbers. Maybe they’re trying again….

    • joejoefromsandiego says:

      This isn’t what I think will happen. I am just very suspicious of the “shooting” and BLM being right there to wreak havoc. I think this is another Soros move.

      It will backfire.

    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Black folks are not stupid. If the person shot by police was a trouble maker, the community is well aware of it. These riots are far from spontaneous, grass-roots uprisings, and the community knows that, too.

      • joejoefromsandiego says:

        I think you’re right. That is why I think this will backfire.

        • nimrodman says:

          Two police officers shot the man after he chased them around a car with a knife and refused to drop the weapon.

          Not exactly an unjustified shooting

          – police should have waited for the psychologist to arrive

          – police should have shot him in the leg, why can’t then shoot for the leg?

          – police should have tasered him instead

          – police acted stupidly (a perennial favorite)

          Geez, police can’t stop a marauding black man with a weapon anymore without a city going up in flames?

          WT the actual F?

          This is no way to maintain the civic order that underpins Western Civilization

          Whatta we do? Institute “no-go” zones like Sweden and France?

          I blame the miscreants
          Civilization – “it’s not for everyone!”


          • Jan Pauliny-Toth says:

            Were we to institute no-go zokes, they would quickly depopulate. Only unsuccesful criminals and jubkies would remai…truly a cashless society! So they would have to forage elsewhere. Does that spillover also become a no-go zone? Ig would spread cancerously across the US of A.
            No, no no-go zones. Shoot MORE perps. Shoot molotov throwers. Shoot fireworks thugs. Shoot stone throwers. Shoot looters.
            THAT would put a quick end to BLM.

          • CorwinAmber says:

            hey, the perp was “mostly unarmed”, I’m jest sayin’

          • joejoefromsandiego says:

            You run toward a cop with a weapon, you get shot.

      • johnnyfandango says:

        The majority of blacks want law and order. If the police can’t defend themselves in a split second while being attacked then what should the do? Stun guns don’t subdue perps it seems. This is all getting out of hand.

        • Precisionist says:

          What has got out of hand is the retarded media amplifying all these local issues with their bullhorns. If people would/could disconnect from tv this would all mostly go back to being a local issue. Listen to Sundance and live your best life. Peace Out.

      • Julia Adams says:

        When the police repeatedly warn you to “drop the knife”, but the illiterate BLM thug ignores the warnings and continues to charge towards them with a weapon (knife) pointed towards the officers and in plain view, this BLM operative must know the entire incident is being recorded on mandated police body cameras to eliminate any doubt or criticism, “drop the knife” is a clear and succinct command, so simple that even a caveman can understand it.

      • bessie2003 says:

        This is also a reminder to politicians who want to defund the police and have mental health workers go to domestic violence house calls – because this person who had the knife and whom the police shot was the person whom was the reason the police were called in the first place due to his part in a domestic violence situation.

        • nimrodman says:


          Police departments need to institute a 912 number

          If you’re a family with a family member with “mental illness issues”, then dial 912 to have a psychologist or psychiatrist dispatched to you

          If you dial 911, it’ll be assumed you want actual police

          We done??

    • Wethal says:

      A riot in Philly makes the four surrounding swing suburban counties likely to vote GOP. Win them and you win PA.

    • LOL says:

      Riot in Philly = Trump voters in the suburbs

  5. What preparations are you doing for the upcoming Civil unrest on election night and post election?

    • poor camel-a realizes the Presidency will be ripped from her. Her handlers realizing that their coup efforts cannot continue for another 4 years. What to do, what to do!

    • comgri says:

      OMG…who were those people made to attend that tragic Biden speech. None of those men on the back of that trailer pulled by the white truck wanted to be there…who made them be there. The humiliation of being loaded onto a trailer and then being pulled into place by a truck..

    • comgri says:

      Actually after watching that video you can tell that Biden speech was a cutin…there is no picture of Biden and the crowd in the same shot. None of those people are wearing masks. Hmmmm those guys are standing close to each other and no masks…I believe that criwd was from before pandemic

    • RAC says:

      Most noticeable thing I got from that was the audience, look how subdued and thoughtful they appeared, no enthusiasm, more like a funeral, would like to know what they were thinking.

      • Eagle Driver says:

        That would be a “LIVING WAKE” if you will…Kinda like the dem party!!!

      • Cole says:

        That was a parody video, in case you didn’t figure it out…but a very effective one.

        Joe is wafting away like morning mist in the sun. It’s over for him.

        • steph_gray says:

          Yes, pure satire and quite brilliant!

          Pretty obvious that it wasn’t his crowd. He couldn’t pull even one of those guys to a rally, or make them sit in a distance circle. (And yes I do think it’s footage from pre-Flu d’ètat.)

          The truck slowly pulling away represented all his hoped-for voters pulling away as he bloviates.

          Nice work!

        • RAC says:

          Doh, ha ha they got me 🙂

    • mr.piddles says:

      Epic. “Folks!… guess what?… … … … you know.”

  6. Troublemaker10 says:


    Sometimes James’ drops are signifcant, other times not. Wonder what he has this time?

    • Blaze says:

      So what! The media won’t cover it and the FBI or DOJ won’t do a damn thing about it.. So James you again are wasting your time. Thanks for the hard work though and exposing it.

      • DiU says:

        PDJT has proven that we don’t need the media anymore.

        Download the video, email it to your family & friends – if you ‘wake-up’ just one person, it’s a good day. We are in an information war – do what you can to help the effort

        • Kaco says:

          What good is exposure if the fraud doesn’t get thrown out and charges brought?

          • Joemama says:

            It apparently will be a slow process and yes, most criminals will probably never be prosecuted. We will probably have to settle with ridiculing and ostracizing many of the criminals. This in itself can be a pretty potent punishment. Imagine the Obamas being sneered at any time they appear in public or go out to eat dinner at a restuarant.

            1. Wake enough people up to the reality of massive corruption, crime and coverups in our government through word of mouth/social media/alternative media, since the MSM is complicit in the criminality and will never report the truth.

            2. When a critical mass of people are woken to the reality of a corrupt MSM that cannot be believed for anything, things will start moving faster. Alternative reporting outlets will grow in influence rapidly. MSM outlets will be shunned by more and more people and therefore be starved for advertising revenue and begin to go out of business.

            I will be sending the following video to people, which shows the difference between the real interview between PDJT and Leslie Stahl and the 60 minutes cynically edited version that appeared on the networks. I think this will be a powerful tool to start to wake people brainwashed by the MSM, as 60 minutes enjoys a high viewership and many view it as a relatively unbiased, credible outfit. That may have been the case in the past, but not any more and this video provides a taste of it:


            3. At some point the tide will turn, because corrupt people will realize that public sentiment has turned and they had better go with the flow or be made irrelevant.

      • Markelito says:

        Speaking about make the scams slow down.

      • pyromancer76 says:

        Blaze, you are out of your mind. Who are you?

        Thinking that the propaganda press is even “the media” any more?!?

        We patriotic citizens make our own media, our American-Constitution citizen fourth estate, to keep all citizens informed of good and evil.

        James O’Keefe is one of our investigative reporters, going deep, on his own nickle. He deserves lots of praise and support.

      • thedoc00 says:

        True the MSM will not cover it but if his expose on social media influences just a few voters decisions or being watchful, the drop of this story is worth every second.

      • steph_gray says:

        “So what?”

        I don’t look at the yellowstream media as some inevitable winner to whom our only possible response is fear and despair.

        And neither does PDJT. He fights them, he laughs at them, he works against them, and he is WINNING. They lose ground every single day.

        James also fights them, on a smaller scale, but with the same confidence.

        And so does our wonderful site host, who very recently was talking about David versus Goliath.

        The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  7. FL_GUY says:

    Some very significant President Trump Rallies in PA today. I encourage you to go to the RSBN channel on youtube and watch them.

    The first rally was in Allentown, PA. The backstory behind this rally is important. Apparently, the D-rat Gov of PA sabotaged the original rally site a few hours before the start time. President Trump’s team had to find a new site quickly and get set up all over again. In addition, it was drizzling cold rain all morning. Had it not been reported about the short notice change of venue, you would have not noticed what had happened because everything was set up like it normally is. Even the crowd was maxed out despite the change of venue that the steady cold rain.

    This idiot D-rat gov failed to stop President Trump’s events;,he tried to shut down all three. What this fool doesn’t realize is that he has pissed off President Trump, and President Trump is NOT a guy you want to get on the bad side of. President Trump mentioned the idiot gov several times in his speech. I suspect that this stupid D-rat PA gov is going to seriously regret his actions after President Trump wins a big victory on Tuesday and experiences the “Trump Boomerang!”.

    A new feature of the rallies is the Jumbotron. I like that President Trump is playing clips of Biden’s own words to the audiences. Highly effective in my opinion. He played some in Pensacola as well.

    One last point, I heard a new chant at this rally: “God Bless Trump!” This was in addition to the “We Love You!” chants (happening all lover the country) which happened several times during the speech. It is clear that President Trump is LOVED! This despite almost 5 years of lying, libel and slander directed at him and trying to hide all President Trump’s accomplishments from the American people. We the People know the good that President Trump has done for us and We the People will vote in PERSON in MASSIVE numbers giving President Trump a RED Tsunami that will wipe out the D-rats and whatever fraud they are trying to pull.

    Here is a picture of President Trump that I took at the end of his rally in Pensacola, FL on 10-23-20:


  8. fred5678 says:

    Realistic/pessimistic summary of where we are with DoJ/FBI


    • Jase says:

      Love Steyn. He has a lovely turn of phrase.
      Though I’ve tried to remain neutral about Barr I simply can’t argue with Steyn’s characterisation of him. His opinion on Wray, a Mueller/Comey slimeclone, can’t be bettered.

    • pyromancer76 says:

      Often accurate, but too cynical and dmeaning for my taste.

    • Charly says:

      Quote from the article :

      “Let me be more specific. Former attorney general Jeff Sessions: Nice guy—did nothing. Rosenstein ran rings around him. Current Attorney General Bill Barr: Specializes in fancy speechifyin’ about the rule of law, but so far, from what anyone can see, has also done nothing. The guy’s been attorney general for two years, and—aside from FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who pled guilty to changing an email—hasn’t nailed a single participant in the failed coup attempt of 2016. He hasn’t indicted John Brennan for perjuring himself in front of Congress, or Brennan’s sidekick, Peter Strzok, for his own participation. He hasn’t indicted Hillary Clinton for violating the US Espionage Act, for destroying subpoenaed evidence, or for apparently accepting what amounted to bribes in the Uranium One deal. He hasn’t indicted the FBI goons who framed General Flynn. He also gave Comey and McCabe a pass on their leaks, and rather than go on for another five pages, let’s just say so far, he’s provided no reason for anyone to believe he’ll ever indict Joseph or Hunter Biden—no matter how obviously guilty they are—for anything.”

      Short and concise.

  9. parleyvous says:

    What is the situation in North Carolina?

    • Will Tucker Carlson’s interview, cause the “Biden Deniers” to climb further out, on their “dead limb of denial”?

    • Crusader says:

      The interesting thing about this story is that there are real, identified and named people who are corroborating the story along with an actual laptop with actual evidence.

      When the Dem’s create a scandal they cite “anonymous sources” and leak documents and information with absolutely no evidence of validity.

      They attack a case with real witnesses and evidence as a scam, yet they hold up as the holy grail a case made up of vapor and opinion.

      I guess this is an example of Joe’s “I believe in truth (relative) rather than facts.” Except truth is truth and facts are facts and you can’t avoid either one forever.

    • Nepanyrush says:

      Yeah, and in order to fit in “another potential superspreader event,” they abbreviate or eliminate any words that add dignity to the event: WH, CT, no President, no mention of Amy Coney Barrett.

    • tds247365 says:

      That’s right! Superspreading some serious American Constitutionalism!

  10. A2 says:

    The oldest University in Hong Kong is falling under CCP control


    All the international programmes with Universities around the world, the foreign students Will be toast.

    The PRC is tanking HK economically, financially, and intellectually. They have no qualms killing their golden goose.

  11. A2 says:


    South China Sea: China’s aggression backfiring as Quad alliance mobilises
    Even neutral nations are hitting back at Beijing’s “wolf warrior” tactics but China’s doubling down and has threatened Australia’s “peace and stability”.


    Duelling diplomats on Twitter. Fisticuffs in Fiji. “Xi thought” dominated policy. It’s all backfiring for Beijing, with previously neutral nations being driven into an alliance against it.
    India has been ferocious in maintaining its “non aligned” status for decades. It refused to openly take sides in the Cold War between the USSR and US. It’s stridently remained independent in matters of defence and foreign policy ever since.
    But that has suddenly changed.
    Earlier this week, New Delhi dared Beijing’s wrath by inviting Canberra to join its high-level naval war-games with fellow democracies Tokyo and Washington.

    Meanwhile, Beijing embarked on a charm offensive.
    Its leaders have visited nine South East Asian nations. They’ve been talking up free-trade deals and foreign aid. But, notably, they stayed away from ASEAN’s current head, Vietnam, who recently formally protested China’s territorial intrusions and treatment of its fishers.
    Analysts say this sudden attempt at nicety is unlikely to allay the fears of the 10-nation bloc. Beijing remains in direct dispute with five of them.

    The Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia have the same fears as Vietnam when it comes to the South China Sea. And neighbouring nations such as India, Nepal and Bhutan are experiencing renewed pressure on their borders with China.
    And that appears to be pushing many of them closer to the United States.
    For its part, Beijing largely has itself to blame. Governments, diplomats and people around the world have stopped buying its stories…..”

    Read the rest here?


    • jrapdx says:

      Well of course. Acting like a belligerent ass is no way to win friends and influence countries, rather it’s bound to elicit their ire and drive them in the opposite direction. I guess China’s been a bully so long its leaders thought it was working. But the way President Trump has stood up to China might well have shown other nations that China isn’t such a big shot as it portrayed itself to be. Now they’re emboldened to act in their own interests leaving China holding the bag and an empty one at that.

    • Dutchman says:

      Now everyone is seeing thru the Panda/Dragon act of China, and not falling for it, any more.

      When a CON, thats worked for a long time, stops working it takes awhile to realise it.

      Like in the movie “Pleasantville”, when the Dad is walking thru the house, yelling out “Honey, I’m HOME!,….(wheres my DINNER?)”

      We see it with CCP-China, and CCP-USA, they just keep calling the same, very predictable plays, over and over, refusing to accept that those plays ain’t working, any more.

      • steph_gray says:

        I try to mention ChiCom perfidy and responsibility for the virus in every single conversation about COVID-1984.

        And these days almost every conversation ends up being somehow about COVID-1984.

        I’ve even gotten a moonbat friend to start calling it “Chy-Na.”

        The yellowstream media is powerful but so is word of human mouth.

  12. kbrion77 says:

    Do not underestimate the new voter category this year that will help Trump, the people voting against their tyrant Democrat governors. I think the number of these voters will shock people.

  13. CovfefeBeserker says:

    A bit surreal: listening to WMAL radio in the heart of the NoVa swamp, and it sounds like CTH. Half the commercials are TRUMP ads. Discussion is about spontanious Trump caravans and parades, and about the Burn Loot Murder in West Philly, and the Police Woman run over by a truck.

    • Julia Adams says:

      WMAL 105.9 FM on Tuned-In Radio. Mornings on the Mall… followed by the Chris Plant Show…the best!

    • Cole says:

      WMAL is the only “conservative” radio station in the DC area. They used to carry Michael Savage from 3-6 p.m. but he was dropped about 2 years ago. Larry O’Conner, who took the 3-6 time slot, is generally a great Trump supporter, but still refers to the DNC email leaks as a Russian hack, which infuriates me!

      Baltimore has an AM station that sometimes has conservative hosts.

      • Alex1689 says:

        570 carries Salem network. Going down from conservative to squishy: Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Jay Sekulow, Larry Elder, Mike Donoghue, Hugh Hewitt, Hannity.

        Hewiit’s Friday morning segment with Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College is always worth a listen.

  14. TJ says:

    -Trump Campaign Takes Over YouTube Homepage for 24 Hours One Week from Election

    One will feature Duke Tanner and his son.

  15. gsonFIT says:

    Here is a US Senator calling for insurrection. He should be censured TODAY, with 99 Senators supporting the resolution. This is obscene


  16. Dora says:

    Apparently Hillary isn’t over her tantrum yet. I still can’t believe she said this.


    Hillary Clinton still fuming: ‘I was born’ to be president; it makes me ‘literally sick to my stomach to think’ of another Trump win

    Bitter much?


    • Chris says:

      Can you imagine the wars she would have us in? And we’re supposed to believe that President Trump is the unstable one. Could have fooled me.

    • Crusader says:

      Her misery makes me so giddy!

  17. comgri says:


    Ruled by a tyrannical Democrat Governor and a craven GOP who allowed the Governors edicts to stand

    “ Edwards’ emergency declaration was filed in March, and seven months later Louisiana’s economy is a complete shambles. The state has ranked among the worst in America for jobs, and its key industries — tourism and hospitality, oil and gas, petrochemical, and agriculture — are all in a state of free fall as a result of either COVID-19, the shutdowns, or the general awful condition of the state’s economic competitiveness brought on by Edwards’ policies. While a V-shaped recovery seems to be the norm around the country, experts say Louisiana won’t be back to pre-COVID economic levels (which were terrible to begin with; Louisiana’s first quarter GDP figure was minus-6 percent, and only two weeks of that period contained COVID shutdowns) until 2023.”

    • MarySue says:

      Don’t forget that Louisiana was hit by two hurricanes this year as well. Those are hard to recover from during normal times. It must be extra hard in these COVID-19 times. Just saying….

  18. mayflowerchild says:

    Does anyone have the time for today’s Melania rally in PA ?

  19. dow40kby2024 says:

    It is time to send a text or pick up the phone and message three or more friends and make sure they have voted or will vote. Every vote is going to count, especially true in several key states. It is time, this is a battle and we must treat it that way. Our way of life and justice depends on it.

    • Free Speech says:

      It won’t be popular, but I’ll say it. It’s hard to ‘back the blue’ when you see crap like this and the videos from Australia. I don’t care what your job is. ‘Just doing my job’ isn’t an excuse for tyranny and complete immorality. Any cop who has a sense of right and wrong should refuse to participate in it. If you do, and citizens defend themselves, you get what you deserve.

      Don’t let Postmodernism hijack the terms ‘oppressed’ and ‘oppressors’ because the condition is real, and the oppressed have every right to resist.

    • I’m going too repeat Myself, (Trust but verify),, I read elsewhere Police were searching for football “hooligans”.. ⚽⚽

    • Val says:

      Apparently it wasn’t about masks… and I’m not sure they were UN Police either.


      • doyouseemyvision says:

        Never knew this existed – UN COPS. IMO UN should not be in the business of policing.
        Here are some meeting minutes. I didn’t italicize important words, so read each one carefully.

        “For example, our peacekeeping operation in Haiti transitioned to a rule-of-law mission last October. The United Nations Police —as the largest component, with almost 1,300 uniformed personnel—will stand at the core of this effort to strengthen Haiti’s rule of law institutions and promote human rights.

        “The United Nations Police were with Liberia every step of this journey, from building a new national police service, to assisting with the complex response to the Ebola outbreak.

        “For one, greater political engagement. The mandated tasks for UN Police continue to evolve and expand without a commensurate increase in the numbers of police peacekeepers or resources to support their activities. Mandates must reflect the available resources, capacities and operational requirements on the ground. Without this support, we cannot succeed.”

    • Hopefully, “left out” will be the pattern.

    • More Bore says:

      I want to see Roberts pushed out in trump 2.0, and maybe even ask the older members to retire. For them, do not make the RBG mistake of trying to time your death – ensure the court stays originalist.

    • Joemama says:

      Chief Justice Roberts should recuse himself from all decisions, since it appears that he is compromised by blackmail, as evidenced by his ridiculous ruling on Obamacare.

      Actually, the honourable thing to do would be to resign from the court.

  20. wtd says:

    7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

    1. A Think Tank Guy Should Meet…A Firing Squad
    2. Shoot This CEO For Not being Woke Enough
    3. If Trump Loses, His Supporters Remain ‘An Existential Threat’
    4. Prosecute Everyone Who Supported Trump
    5. Trump Supporters ‘Must Be Eradicated From Society’
    6. Openly Attacking Members of Congress
    7. Plots to Dox Political Opponents
    Terror Is Predictably Increasing

    • Joemama says:

      Where are people seeing these videos? I haven’t seen them reported anywhere, other than some really sketchy Chinese dissident site, that I don’t think has much credibility.

      It seems like there is a media blackout on Hunter Biden stuff and yet these people keep saying how terrible they are. I don’t believe unless I can verify.

  21. Ocelot says:

    I hope President Trump has a big rally pending in South Carolina with Lindsey Graham. Sen. Graham missed the last campaign debate to stay in DC for Justice Barrett’s confirmation as did other Senators. He deserves a big show of support IMO, whether you like him or not. The Senate races are obviously a key part of the election.

    With only 8 days left, it’s crucially important what the Trump campaign chooses as their key remaining rally locations to most ensure that POTUS and as many Senators as possible are elected. VP Pence will be in South Carolina but P Trump’s schedule does not yet indicate a stop in S. Carolina.

    What would you select as a few key rally locations from his last scheduled rally Oct 28th in Goodyear Arizona (11:30 MST) to the rest of the campaign?

    • The campaign has nothing “scheduled” for Minnesota, either.
      I don’t doubt for a minute President will rally us once more before e-day.
      We are looking at some warmer wx this weekend.?

    • LOL says:

      Gasbag compromised Lindsay Graham.
      He’s what is being offered as the only option. Bleecch.

      If we want change to a corrupt system, we the people need to demand change – planned thoughtful considered executable grassroots change. That means we hold the Congress
      and all elected officials including judges accountable, their finances transparent, and demand that they execute their sworn duty. Under penalty of the swift and just law.

      t-e-r-m l-i-m-i-t-s.

      • steph_gray says:

        WIth all due respect, term limits are a pipedream. They do not work because it’s the fox that gets to choose who stays in the henhouse. None of the corruptocrats would ever vote themselves term limits, and they’re the ones we want limited. The few honest politicians who agree to them are people we want in office, so it only hurts us. It’s a purist’s argument, the perfect which is the enemy of the good.

        (As a longtime former-libertarian I’ve had my eyes opened by PDJT and sundance to the reality of politics. You can’t always get what you want, and especially not if what you want is not realistic.)

        What will work is finding and electing good young MAGA candidates to a solid and long-lasting majority to replace the RINOs. It will be a slow hard-work slog, a long fight which will be difficult and include setbacks and the wisdom of picking battles.

        Lindsay is not this week’s battle. But his time will come.

  22. henry says:

    Bevelyn Beatty celebrates ACB’s nomination….WIN


  23. henry says:

    Out-Of-Control NYC Health Dept. Inspectors Visit EMPTY YESHIVA, Start Writing Summonses


    Is Bill Barr ever going to comment on this NAZI crap?

    • Julia Adams says:

      Think about this report for a long moment. This horrible and hypocritical story is about Joe Biden’s negligence, his cowardice and his mendacity and that of his male family members ganging up to cover up on Joe’s innocent granddaughter and his daughter in law…Beau’s widow, you now my son who was an Attorney General, yeah that guy.

      Let that sink in. Child abuse. Tragic.

      • paper doll says:

        Think I’m jaded, but I actually believed Hunter and Beau’s widow got it on because they fell in love. I mean why else would you? But now we see Hunter demands everyone, including his niece, submits to him sexually ….and the family sides with him….because of money. Beau’s widow submitted, but then threaten to call the cops in the case of her daughter, and the Bidens rush to protect the predator , literally a hunter,and want to”shut her f-ing mouth”

    • listingstarboard says:

      Worse part is I think it is Hunter’s ex wife, or Beau’s widow.

  24. Brant says:

    With all the threats to Trump supporters, judges, and elected officials and tweets from the likes of Robert Reich (quite the perfect name by the way) and the economic devastation wrought by demoncrat governors (Louisiana), if (when) Trump wins (and hopefully mandate numbers), he must drop the hammer swiftly and hard. We can’t be 2.5 years in and nothing has happened. The left will start salivating at the thought of Trump gone and chances are slim there will be a Trump like nominee (unless Ric Grenell or similar). Trump will be gone and we would have a milque toast wuss as a candidate. By that time the swamp MUST BE DRAINED. 80-90 % of the federal bureaucracy must be unemployed. If he can, he must do something about the devastating dim governors. Do what he can with his federal powers and what good are all the great judges if they don’t prove their worth? A good 2nd term DOJ should bring cases so they move thru the courts now in our camp. These must be begun swiftly, even before 2020 is out.

  25. Ausonius says:

    “ELEVEN PEOPLE DIED YESTERDAY ALONE OF COVID-19!!!” Local central Ohio news scaremongering for The Man.

    Ohio has eleven million people: you can do the math. And we have had days recently when ZERO was the number of deaths.

    The sun is coming up…in spite of the scaremongering! 😉

  26. MaineCoon says:

    “Klaus Schwab – The New Karl Marx Destined to Kill Millions of People”

    Clips of Schwab embedded and of Mr. WHO; links

    FTA: So many people are really just ignorant. They think this election is about picking Trump v Biden. They are clueless because mainstream media is once again supporting this agenda of the Great Reset. Listen carefully to Schwab’s words. He expressly states “equality” which is the dream which began with Karl Marx.

    The New York Times cheered Stalin and constantly reported that this was the way to the future. They are supporting once again this move to a Marxist Utopia. The New York Times hid the truth about Stalin. His great economic miracle was achieved by taking all the food from Ukraine to pretend Communism was working in Russia causing over 7 million to starve to death.

    I strongly recommend you watch the movie Mr. Jones. {Trailer embedded.]This exposes the TRUE STORY of how the New York Times tried to support Communism in the United States back then, with their top journalist, Walter Duranty (1884-1957), who was their main man in Moscow. The New York Times promoted him to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for that reporting on how Communism was Utopia and our future. When Gareth Jones (1905-1935) in March 1933 reported this was all a lie, the truth finally began to appear.
    It took the New York Times until 1990 to admit to that their reporting which covered up the truth about Stalin and the massive starvation in an effort, like Schwab, once again selling “equality” as our salvation. The New York Times covered up the more than 7 million people who died of starvation in the Ukraine famine. The New York Times wrote that their reporting on the Russian Revolution constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” They never revoked his Pultizer Prize for writing fake news about Stalin.

    It was the New York Times’ Walter Duranty who also met with Franklin Roosevelt and supported the move toward Marxism in the United States as the “New Deal”. It was the New York Times’ Duranty that helped install drastic progressiveness in taxation in the United States following Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. This is precisely what Schwab is proposing with “equality” in league with his buddy, Thomas Piketty.

    Anyone who thinks this is an election of just Democrat v Republican is a fool. There is a serious agenda behind these lockdowns and they have been intended to prevent commuters and to crush the world economy. Even Australia rules out international travel at least until the end of 2021. All of this is to reduce air travel to reduce CO2. This is the real agenda that Schwab has been selling behind the curtain. He will probably go down in history surpassing the death toll of Karl Marx. His lockdowns have already reduced the food supply and this raises the prospect of famine coming into play by 2022.

    M. Armstrong is strongly opposed to Schwarb, Gates, WHO/Tedros and others of like mind and has repeatedly posting articles with supporting evidence particularly since CV-19.


    • senda72 says:

      I looked up Gareth Jones because the article noted he was 30 years old when he passed, and found this on Wikipedia ~

      “After being banned from re-entering the Soviet Union, Jones was kidnapped and murdered in 1935 while investigating in Japanese-occupied Mongolia, his murder likely by the Soviet secret police, the NKVD.[6] Upon his death, former British prime minister David Lloyd George said, “He had a passion for finding out what was happening in foreign lands wherever there was trouble, and in pursuit of his investigations he shrank from no risk. … Nothing escaped his observation, and he allowed no obstacle to turn from his course when he thought that there was some fact, which he could obtain. He had the almost unfailing knack of getting at things that mattered.”[7]


    • Joemama says:

      The great reset seems to be consistent with the goals of the Georgia Guidestones:

  27. Jack Dempsey says:

    Had to laugh out loud
    listening to npr this am.
    Describing Biden’s campaign itinerary, reporter says Biden has been “much more strategic.”
    Like the guy sleeping on the job “conserving energy.”

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Biden is relying on surrogates to drag him over the finish line. Those surrogates include CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the NYT, the WP, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and many more media types. All of them have moved into full campaign mode and are not even trying to disguise their advocacy.

      It all amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of in-kind contributions to a political campaign, and all of it is totally off the books.

  28. wtd says:

    A great quote that captures in its entirety the lunacy of the Joe Biden campaign/candidacy….Joe Rogan’s analysis on a Joe Biden presidency:

    It’s like going on a hike in the woods at night with a flashlight that has a dying battery. It’s not going to end well.

    • “no one paid the price”, yet.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      This sure seems like PT is letting everyone know who has failed this country and it sure isn’t PT.

      • Bogeyfree says:

        I wonder if this tweet by PT is his way of asking how can the people responsible for upholding justice, who have now had close to 2 years, see all of this below and not able to find a single crime or indictment in ANY of this?

        We know the media is bias and covering up the facts but how is it truly possible there is a big fat zero from all of this?

        Review this list and AG Barr’s scorecard and you tell me if truth and justice is paramount anymore and if there isn’t a two tier system of justice within DC!

        1) Uranium One – No Crimes, No Indictments

        2) Hammer Spying Program & 47 Hard Drives of Evidence given to the FIB in 2015 – No Crimes, No Indictments

        3) Anwan Brothers – No Crimes, No Indictments

        4) HRC Unsecured Server & 33K Emails – No Crimes, No Indictments

        5) Wiener Laptop Contents where the laptop and contents were given to the FIB – No Crimes, No Indictments (outside Wiener)

        6) DNC Server Hack where the FIB never confiscated the server but took the word of a 3rd Party that it was hacked – Alleged Crime, No Indictments

        7) Seth Rich murder where the FIB has refused all FOIA requests of any investigative reports – No arrests

        8) Fake Dossier and fraud on FISA Court 4 times where there is unequivocal evidence the FIB knew the Dossier was a fraud in Jan 2017 and still submitted 3 more FISA requests using this lie – No Crimes, No Indictments

        9) Years of FISA Abuse – No Crimes, No Indictments

        10) Years of FIB/NSA Contractor Spying Abuse as documented by Adm Rodgers audit and Judge Collyer 99 page report where 85% of NSA Contractor 702 searches were illegal – No Crimes, No Indictments

        11) Carter Page FISA Leak where the FIB has in its possession the Surveillance and Investigative report by SSA Dugan detailing the leaking of the traced FISA involving people in Congress – No Crime for Leaking (just one count lying)

        12) Numerous other Classified Leaks – No Crimes, No Indictments

        13) Numerous referrals to DOJ from Congress – No action, No Crimes, No Indictments

        14) Numerous Agents violating policy – No Crimes, No Indictments

        15) Ukraine WB fraud – No Crimes, No Indictments

        16) Impeachment Fraud and made up narrative by House Leader and now we learn the FIB had the Biden Laptop all this time and NEVER spoke up while PT was impeached – No Crimes, No Indictments

        17) Ukraine Money Laundering – No Crimes, No Indictments

        18) Epstein Death – No Crimes, No indictments

        19) Framing and Withholding exculpatory evidence and records in the Gen. Flynn case – No crimes, No Indictments

        20) Phil Haney Murder – No Crimes, No Indictments

        21) 31 Government issued phones used in Federal investigation all turned back in wiped – No Crimes, No Indictments

        22) Laptop in the hands of the FBI since Dec 2019 and while PT is being impeached – No Crimes, No Indictments

        Seriously, look at this list and virtually NOTHING from Barr and our Government.

        I’m not sure it is even statistically possible but here it is.

        Where is the Barr’s one system of Justice for all?

        This list SCREAMS, two tier system of justice. One for us and one for the elites in DC.

        It truly is sickening!

        Maybe PT should just tweet………We’ve gotten a big fat ZERO from AG Barr.

  29. DougEKnow says:

    Just more good news to consider for at least the next 2 presidential elections after this one…based on current US Census projections, red states should have a net gain of 3 to 5 electoral votes for those two cycles!!!

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