October 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1376

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. PaulCohen says:

    Funny, the hack who published the entire “pee dossier” tries to rationalize MSM control and framing of Biden stories as a good thing:

    “Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It.”


    • PaulCohen says:

      A lot of people don’t realize the extent of the divide between opinion and “news” divisions of the Wall St Journal….. the alleged “news” side is not conservative at all, is very mainstream MSM liberal, and just as determined as the NY Times and Washington Post to defend/advance Democrat Party interests. The WSJ pushed a lot of the worst of “Russiagate” without much critical filter, but now suddenly is so proud of keeping much of the story of Hunter and Joe Biden out of view…..


      • Baron Sicluna says:

        Never seen anything like this in my life. not Reagan not anyone. I’ve never seen a presidential race where there is so much enthusiasm and passion on one side and absolutely zero on the other. no one no one no one comes out to see Joe Biden. it’s more than just a pandemic. they will come out for BLM. they will come out for antifa. they will come out with for any type of social justice matters. but they can’t draw more than a hundred people to a Joe Biden event. Bon Jovi comes out and they got 50 people in cars. This is insane. the media and the pollsters entire reputation is on Trump losing . You can see them now transitioning. all of a sudden the lead is kind of slowing down. t you’re seeing their built-in excuses
        Joe didn’t campaign enough
        Joe didn’t meet the people enough
        Cameltoe didn’t campaign enough
        they didn’t have ground forces
        The basement strategy was ill advised
        Trump’s rallies swung the election
        Biden made a miscue at the debate about oil they are setting up their narratives to explain how the polls were so wrong yet again.

        • thedoc00 says:

          Your list of reasons is a replay of the DNC “After Action” Reports and Reports by Media Spinning heads from January-February 2016. Donna Brazile’s book tour, which got her hired at Fox News, was based on this list and Clinton Foundation Financial moves to take over the Party.

          This DNC election campaign is a total replay of the 2016 Campaign but this time it is a FULLY coordinated effort and President Trump no longer has the same element of notoriety he had in 2016. The swamp now knows he does and can accomplish his promises, which is very dangerous because it sets a real voter expectation.

    • PS says:

      Why is it that so much of the Trump Russia Collusion Dossier seems to be correlated to material on the Hunter Biden Laptop ?

      Drugs, prostitution, fetish videos, Russian money laundering, secret overseas accounts . . . The Biden family was really busy ! ! !

      • Rosemary B says:

        I know. it is kind of like a mirror of all of the accusations and lies pointed toward our President Trump.
        Amazing. and psycho really.

      • wheelbaro says:

        As previously mentioned, accusations from the Left tell you what they are doing. They yell fire after they light it under the auspices Trump/We did it. Then all parties bureaucratic and media alike jump on Trump/Us. Softens the outrage at and, of the real culprits. Wears down us down by trying to defend ourselves. We the people need to say No that is your untruth. Here is one undeniable fact. If you can’t accept that fact. End of debate. No more distractions. An Governmental Coup was attempted on Our Country. It is still ongoing. All suspected must be held accountable. See you in Washington after the election. I am glad our Military is coming home. God Bless PDJT/Us

      • jus wundrin says:

        Accuse others of what youre guilty of

        ~ alinsky

        There is your answer.

      • RAC says:

        When writing a novel they based it on their own life experience, that’s who they are.

    • gingergal says:

      Enjoy it while they can, it’s over in eight days. I see the word BS and Covid in the same sentence in a post election tweet.

      • Baron Sicluna says:

        Trump up to 52% on Rasmussen. A president has never lost a reelection bid when they are over 50%. Trump in the margin of error in swing states fake news polls.

    • Sentient says:

      Let the libs hide under their beds while we go out and vote. I think I have covid, and I’m going to – cough, cough – stand in line to vote. I’m lousy with covids and I’m coughing my ass off, so you better stay home, libs.

    • LoonsCall says:

      just so incredible in every sense of the word.. has gotten so bad that one has a hard time knowing where to start.. these leftist assholes have messed things up so badly that some people don’t know.. well, I know.. not only follow the money but follow the perversion.. they don’t only want your money..

    • Joe Kenney says:

      Man, I love our President!

  2. In these days just before the most important battle of our lives, I thought of this scene from Braveheart:


    • johnnyfandango says:

      We are going to need more than a speech and Barr blowing his bagpipes Elder..The most important fight will be the days following the election. Clearly the left is more organized than the right, we’re more organic, they are ACORN on steroids and want to overthrow the Government. The Pussy Hats, Never Trumpers, Resistance, law suits, fake crimes, fake news, Swap creatures levels deep, BLM, Antifa, they will be in full force. They will never accept any Republican winning, ever.

      I’m sure Bill O’Reilly all ready has his next book ready for print, ”Killing Trump, the Last Republican President”.

      Grid your loins, because it won’t be pretty. Since the FBI and DOJ has decided to take a pass and a knee and not punish the lawlessness on the left, the left feels they are invincible and can do what ever they want.

      Good article…I think it’s very accurate.


    • Tornorosa says:

      Thank you Seneca. you council wisely. We must all step up and become narrative engineers of our own Reality reflecting the vision of the Old Patriots, our forefathers, and reject that peddled by the soulless globalist goblins.

      We don’t ask the globalists for our freedom. We assert it as our God-given Right. The possession of our Freedom is made manifest with our attitude. Our attitude is something that we are responsible for. it is under our control. It is Job One. Attitude is even more important than health. With a defeatist attitude you are lost. With a positive attitude you can regain your health and overcome any obstacle


  3. jenevive1 says:

    Where is the big bombshell breaking news? Suppose to come out at
    8 or 9 this morning?

    • Nepanyrush says:

      I posted it on the previous page. But I also posted a caution because I am concerned that we stick to laundering of funds and national security risk and not these salacious items. If you read the texts, Hunter talks about killing himself. We need to stick with the issues relative to Joe Biden.

      • zephyrbreeze says:

        We heard its a done deal….

      • Jimmy R says:

        Yes. Nix the Hunter degeneracy stuff. It will only drive undecideds to Biden because they’re not going to buy any argument that it makes Joe blackmailable and will infer, “Well, if that’s all there is to this Hunter stuff is that Joe’s son is a degenerate, then who cares?”

        It’s the pay for play of Joe Biden that matters.

        • Dana Christianson says:

          “Salacious And Verified” Unlike The “Salacious And Unverified” “Pee-Tape”….
          Trump Is Gonna Give Them Ten-Fold What He Got……

          • Jimmy R says:

            Sure, but undecideds don’t care that Joe’s son is slime. They do care that Joe sold access to our government to the Chinese. More Hunter slime is noise that drowns that out.

            • Lady in Red says:

              I don’t think that’s true. I am quite sure some undecideds care.

              • Jimmy R says:

                Okay, yes, you are right, some do. But many more than that, IMO, will be driven to Biden because they will think the “Joe’s son is slime so don’t vote for Joe” argument doesn’t work and assume, “Well, if that’s all the GOP has, then I guess they have nothing and are desperate. And what happened to that Joe pay for play issue? The GOP overpromised and underdelivered on that. They were full of baloney. I’ll vote for Joe.”

            • Dana Christianson says:

              It’s Coming Out Now That Joe Covered-Up The Fact That Hunter Was Sleeping With His Niece.. While He Was Sleeping With His Sister-In-Law.. The Wife Of His Dead Brother With The Foundation To Protect “Exploited Children” ..

              • Linda K. says:

                I have to say that Creepy Joe sadly must have done bad things to Hunter and Beau when they were youngsters. Biden is a predator, it seems to me. Look at how he approached Tara Reed in a hallway. He always is handing and sniffing the kids. Such arrogance in the elite.
                Al Franken was grabbing the butt cheeks of women who posed for a picture with him. I guess he thought he was entitled or that they would be thrilled by the attention.
                The regular rules don’t seem to apply to people in this DC world.

                • Right to reply says:

                  Fully agree with that. Joe Biden is guilty of abuse. Which of his children will have the courage to admit it? His daughter has already said her dad took inappropriate showers with her.

      • cheryl says:

        He will kill himself either way. If he’s still on drugs, he will die. If he’s off drugs, his heart is still damaged from all those years of abuse. Or he could kill himself. There’s nothing any of us can do about that. Everything Hunter has done trickles right down to Joe and there is nothing off the table to talk about.

      • Nepanyrush- I agree with you. We all have to take into account that anyone who comes to the Tree House on a regular basis is, let’s face it, a Political Junkie. We are the people who actually read this stuff. Case in point, check out this article:


    • MAGADJT says:

      Just curious, who was saying there would be breaking news early this AM?

    • Nepanyrush says:

      I will repeat my exact comments from previous page:
      “Somehow, I think we need to be careful to just stick with the laundering of money issue and say the police will look at the other issues (inappropriateness with a minor; child pornography, etc.) Hunter talks of killing himself in what is being reported. The campaign needs to make sure it is only concerned with Joe Biden and his enriching himself and being a national security risk not going after his son.”

      • jenevive1 says:

        But why is Hunter off limits? The Dems went after POTUS kids they
        dragged Don Jr. into the whole Mueller thing insinuating he was colluding
        with Russia he had to go to the hearings and testify.. SO if they can go after
        Don Jr. why can;t we go after Hunter.

        • doyouseemyvision says:

          Hunter’s degeneracy is related to national security via blackmail of his father, which directly affects the Biden campaign for Presidency. That connection needs to be mentioned each time Hunter’s depraved lifestyle is mentioned.

          If Joe was a crappy dad with inappropriate oversight of his son, how on heaven’s earth can he guide our massive nation? Hunter’s behavior is an appropriate discussion, but needs to be linked to these issues.

          The media wants to silence the Hunter story because it is so explosive and it is bad for Biden and the Democrats down ballot.

      • booger71 says:

        Hunter Biden is the cornerstone to Joe’s money laundering and bribery schemes.

      • cjzak says:

        I agree with you. We all know by now that HUnter is a sleaze bag. He has played his role as a drugged up degenerate very well. It’ plain sick. But truth is, people are going to ignore this stuff unless it can be proven to have been tied to making deals with foreign govts. that Joe Biden was aware of and maybe participated in.

        Emphasis now should be on bringing proof of Joe’s role in the pay to play (etc.) events forward to the voters and leave the tabloid gossip in the background as Election day approaches. People are not going to keep paying attention to the sleazy guy, a story told over and over in America with numerous famous people who slide down the immoral drug road, but they will pay attention to the guy running for President and his criminal actions.

        Get the dirty facts on Joe out and show that he sold out the country while getting rich himself hiding behind the public offices he has held for 47 years and paid for by the taxpayers. That is what’s needed imo too.

    • Nepanyrush says:

      Anyway, here is what was being referred to:

      “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR”


      • Jimmy R says:

        If there is any evidence of Joe covering up a Hunter crime there, there is no way that those texts can be used to prove that to undecideds by November 3rd. Maybe a lengthy trial using those texts could prove it to a jury. But undecideds have about two hours, max, over the next seven days. Their eyes will glaze over after about 20 seconds of those texts. “Okay, more about how Hunter is messed up and the family has issues. So what?” It’s not going anywhere.

        Joe’s pay for play is what matters. Big guy gets 10. Bobulinski explaining that succinctly. That’s the only Hunter stuff that matters. Joe sold access to our government to CCP. If that case can be made in two minutes, undecideds can be moved.

        • Nepanyrush says:

          Exactly. At some point, attacking Hunter Biden will lead to a backlash of sympathy for his father. Dealing with someone with Hunter’s issues, such as addiction, is a parent’s worst nightmare and many will sympathize. What they won’t sympathize with is using your government role to enrich your family, launder money, and helping our biggest rival, China.

          • sunnyflower5 says:

            You’re right stay focused on the international dirty deals of the Biden Family.
            No need to delve into Hunter affection for his dead brother’s wife. It does matter he left his wife and kids for his sister in law. It really doesn’t matter how the sister in law became nervous when Hunter turned his affection on to her daughter/ Hunter’s niece. This stuff is disturbing and it does effect Joe Biden and his family’s character……something Joe touted at the last debate. But, it’s about the Biden Crime family’s international money laundering schemes. It’s about how the FBI failed to do anything with the laptop for months.

            Fox just ran a headline that Trump is upset with Wray for “not helping him with the election” WTH?
            No — Wray just failed at doing his job….for months. If not, years.

        • Zimbalistjunior says:

          Well I’d say the big guy text has to be shown along with the text hunter sent to his daughter revealing that he has been forced to kick back to Joe 50 percent of all that he’s earned over past 30 years.
          The big guy text corroborates it but since it refers to a business deal taking place when Joe was technically a private citizen it is not as damaging in isolation as the text showing that joe has been crooked for at least 30 years, encompassing much of his senatorial and all of his VP career

      • cheryl says:

        Jill Biden has her own sins to answer for. One is why her daughter feels that the showers she took with Joe as a little girl were inappropriate and she thinks she was molested as a child but has suppressed the memories. Another is even to let Joe run with a diminished mental capacity. And another is covering up Hunter’s and Joe’s pedophilia.

    • Harry Caray says:

      It’s been moved back to after brunch. Possibly between lunch and dinner. Maybe by tomorrow but definitely by 5he end of the week

    • Dana Christianson says:

      Injunction Against “Youtube” Coming.. Plus The New Biden Stuff.

  4. zephyrbreeze says:

    Relevant: Instructions of how to access the internet without an Internet Service Provider –
    How to access wi-fi


    Good to know…if things become dicey, and the powers that be decide that we are “too connected” as explained in the

    New York Times Book Review Article below.

    They hate that people outside their own secular theology have connected:

    “Under Trump, the online mode of endless conflict for conflict’s sake became the daily mode of governance, as ever more wishful pundits kept waiting in vain for Trump to claim, even rhetorically, to be leading a united country. The White House filled up with an absurd collection of sideshow characters: the British-Hungarian blowhard Sebastian Gorka, with phony credentials and a real Fascist medal on his chest; the secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who dared a reporter to find Ukraine on a map as if it were impossible; the genuinely paranoid trade adviser Peter Navarro.

    “Tucker Carlson, a frozen-food heir (*this made me laugh…they don’t care where people get their money when it comes time for political donations.) who warned his viewers that condescending elites were scheming with foreign invaders to take their country away, became the top-rated cable news host in the country. A shifting conspiracy theory driven by an online poster known only as Q—claiming that Trump was about to take down a global ruling-class crime network—led some of its believers to commit real-world acts of violence and others to win congressional primaries. Two mass shooters, one each in New Zealand and California, not only wrote manifestos citing the same xenophobic theories but also name-checked the controversial YouTube star Pewdiepie. The awful stuff—the unnatural stuff, by Marantz’s estimation—won. Was there a moral to be extracted from this? Or even an explanation?”


    • Relevant: Instructions of how to access the internet without an Internet Service Provider –
      How to access wi-fi



      Internet access (router for most folks) is plugged into your ISP’s modem. (this is the thing that actually allows internet access)…. Then you have a “Wi if” access point (may be part of your router). That is plugged into the Router or ISP Modem.
      All the above article does is show you how to connect to a wifi network, hot the internet.
      This would be the equivalent of saying you can get free electricity if you just plug your appliance into the wall outlet…. if that wall outlet isnt wired to a fuse box attached to the electric grid…you get nothing.
      Same exact thing here…if you connect to a wifi network, but that network isnt connected to the internet, you get nothing.
      It is also a Federal Felony violation of the CFAA (computer fraud and abuse act) to attempt to access a network or computer without authorization. (This would be either cracking the wifi password or the wifi access point)

  5. This is probably the best article on our current situation (not including Sundance) that I have read in the last couple of days. And I have read hundreds of them. He nails not just the Biden Crime Family but Sessions, Barr, Wray and the entire Injustice Department as well as the No Nothing DemonRat voters. A really great read.

    “Let me be more specific. Former attorney general Jeff Sessions: Nice guy—did nothing. Rosenstein ran rings around him. Current Attorney General Bill Barr: Specializes in fancy speechifyin’ about the rule of law, but so far, from what anyone can see, has also done nothing. The guy’s been attorney general for two years, and—aside from FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who pled guilty to changing an email—hasn’t nailed a single participant in the failed coup attempt of 2016.”


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      aside from FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who pled guilty to changing an email—hasn’t nailed a single participant in the failed coup attempt of 2016.”

      This is not stated correctly.
      DOJ/FBI was FORCED to prosecute Kevin Clinesmith because he came to them and confessed of a crime. Otherwise, if he has kept his mouth shut, nothing would have been done to him either. Kevin again.. FORCED!!! the DOJ to charge him. They didnt do it of their own accord.

      • steph_gray says:

        Actually I think sundance helped force them to charge Clinesmith.

        • ziegler von strahn says:

          Let me see if I can drag up an article…..but no… once it was released into the public back in the summer…. Kevin’s Lawyer approached the DOJ and asked them to make a deal with him…….
          What we saw was the result of that. The DOJ had to react to Kevin’s Lawyer asking for a plea deal for a crime they hadnt even charged him with yet. And to my thinking, would have went uncharged if the lawyer hadnt approached them. Because they are forced at that point to either charge him or say there isnt a crime here, which they couldnt do since it was in the public domain in black and white.

  6. jenevive1 says:

    I know people say POTUS and our side should leave Hunter alone and stick
    to just Joe, But the otherside went after POTUS kids, they dragged Don Jr.
    into the whole Mueller thing and tried to make it look like he colluded
    with Russians at the Trump Tower meeting. so why is Hunter off limits?

    And if Hunter is threatening to Kill himself with all the stuff coming out
    well i take that as he is using suicide as a threat to shut people up.

    • Joe, is a huge national security risk because of his son. Hopefully, we have learned to follow President Trump’s lead. IF he is talking about it, we should be talking about it. The Biden Crime Family is trying to destroy us and all of our freedoms. We are fighting for this country, we are fighting for our kids and grandkids future of freedom. Only speak the truth but make sure the truth is spoken.

      • Linda K. says:

        Hunter is who he is because Joe Biden told him to go make some money off of Joe’s public office. If Hunter kills himself he will be following in the self destructive footsteps of every addict who sadly cannot find a spiritual light and turn to God for help. Every AA 12 step program has a spiritual component.
        Joe Biden has dominated Hunter’s existence and Joe Biden is a very bad, weak man.

        • gabytango says:

          The least of all this is: it is really sad that Hunter was surrounded by the WORST kinds of enablers. He never had a chance.

          Joe may “escape” his consequences due to Alzheimer’s, but Jill will surely pay her dues.

    • The democrats had no problems posting Melania nude pictures from her European modeling days. If you do modeling in Europe, you do nudes.

      • Nepanyrush says:

        And how do we feel about that: going after Don, Jr. and Ivank and Melania? I am angry about it. Why give the Democrats extra ammunition by posting photos of Joe’s son. Stick to the money laundering, the national security risk, the pay for play–which directly involves Joe. Say the police will deal with the issues of child pornography, etc.

        Hunter is messed up. But a lot of parents have messed up kids — with drug problems, etc. Why create a backlash of sympathy for Joe? Stick to the financial improprieties. Joe Biden was making his family rich through service in office and helping China in the process.

        • rcogburn says:

          x10000. Focus must be kept on Joe.

          There are only two reasons this stuff is relevant: 1. Joe was willing to sacrifice the well being of his own family members to protect his corrupt $$$ gravy train; 2. Joe is a severe national security risk who cannot hold the office of POTUS.

          Anything else, and it deflects the story away from Joe Biden, turning into an ugly tabloid affair about a troubled son.

        • maggie0987 says:

          The messages on the GP strike me as perhaps his first wife making exaggerated accusations about him abusing his own children to gain the upper hand during the divorce – Or am I being too naive?? He talks about never being allowed to see his children again.
          Another interesting thing – the first wife is supposed to be a big pal of Michelle Obama.

    • rcogburn says:

      Hunter is not off limits. Joe Biden made millions using Hunter to sell his his political influence in one corrupt deal after the next. Hunter’s problems are Joe Biden’s problems.

      Hunter has some very serious personal issues, but Joe’s priorities were the corrupt deals Hunter was making on his behalf, not the emotional well being of Hunter or any other Biden. Joe was not going to do anything to jeopardize the corrupt $$$$ gravy train, even at the expense of his own family members.

    • frogman says:

      VOTES NOT POINTS. That is why I feel Hunter perversions are mostly off limits, we need to win the election. It is better to show how China Joe Biden made his money through Hunter, in convincing Biden is not good. The sick stuff is often just not excepted by a lot of people out of hand. We have a week to go.

  7. Linda K. says:

    BLM mural in front of Trump tower has been targeted again. Got the whole thing this time.

  8. Nepanyrush says:

    Quite a good poll. Not long ago was approval of 43% and the overall rating of negative 13 (-13).

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday, sponsored by Liberty Nation, Conservative News Where Truth Matters, shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-six percent (46%) disapprove.

    The latest figures include 41% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -2. (see trends)

    • Walt says:

      Polls don’t mean jack squat.
      Polling firms don’t take polls as a free public service, they do it as a source of income.
      Polls show what the sponsor of a poll wants it to show or it doesn’t see the light of day.

      I thought we learned this in 2016?

      • Nepanyrush says:

        Rasmussen was good last time. And Sundance took it off his list of compromised polls.
        And now look at today’s Head to Head with Rasmussen:

        White House Watch
        Trump 48%, Biden 47%

        Monday, October 26, 2020

        It’s neck-and-neck, with President Trump just barely ahead in Rasmussen Reports’ first daily White House Watch survey.

        The latest national telephone and online survey finds Trump edging Democrat Joe Biden 48% to 47% among Likely U.S. Voters. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, while two percent (2%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

        Last Wednesday, Biden held a 49% to 46% lead, but the race has been tightening since early in the month. This is the first time Trump has been ahead since mid-September.

  9. highdezertgator says:

    Trump Train Albuquerque New Mexico is flipping RED

  10. Bogeyfree says:

    Think about it…..

    Joe’s has done what, less than 30 rallies in the past month or two. And at those rallies he has between 8-100 people

    Cruella has done even less and her turn out is less than Joe. O has done now a couple and his turnout is under 100 people

    So where are the Biden supporters? Where are the people that will give him 65-70M-80M votes?

    I think Joe told us the answer when he said his team has created “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics”

    I’m thrilled we have the huge turnout at PT rallies, the huge turnouts at the car rallies and boat rallies but in the end how is voter fraud going to be stopped?

    I am very concerned that at this point the left is desperate to win and to bury everything. IMO Barr has given the left this opportunity under the veil of not wanting to look political when they have had hard evidence all along to expose the truth to America.

    I hope that there will be a way to break out in-person voting results vs mail-in voting results because IMO this will be the tell.

    IMO the breakdown of IN-PERSON + absentee voting will be around 54% vs 46% for PT (Note in 2008 Obama carried 53.8% of the vote to McCain’s 46.2%)

    But MAIL-IN voting IMO is going to NEED be around 75% vs 25% for JB for him to win

    How do I come up with this, let me walk you through.

    2016 around 130,000,000 people voted. 66M for HRC and 63M for PT (rounded)

    There are around 235M registered and eligible voters in 2020. So let’s assume we get a 70% turnout in 2020 due to enthusiasm and voter fraud making the turnout in 2020 a recent record of around 165M total votes cast.

    In the past 3 elections, the total normal vote count was around 125-130M of which all are in-person and absentee since we didn’t have mail-voting but for this one let’s assume normal or in-person and absentee voting jumps by 10M to 140M which would be a huge jump historically.

    So if PT carries 54% of this vote he has 75.6M in-person and absentee votes

    Joe’s has 46% of the 140M meaning he has 64.4M in-person and absentee votes. (Note a number still larger than HRC got in 2016)

    But remember we said we estimate there will be around 165M total votes cast so 25M votes this year will be from mail-in voting.

    For Joe to win he will need 75% of the total 25M mail-in votes or 18.7M while PT gets only 6.3M

    Add both buckets up and you get PT with 81.9M votes (75.6 in-person/absentee + 6.3M mail in)

    Joe would have 83.1M votes (64.4M in-person/absentee + 18.7M mail-in)

    My point of all this what if scenario, is by using some historical data and percentages one can surmise what it is going to take for the left to cheat to win.

    And what I call the normal electorate (in-person/absentee) split percentage is 54% vs 46% but the mail-in voting split percentage is 75% vs 25% it SCREAMS voter fraud.

    But the left doesn’t care. This is what IMO they MUST have to win and cover everything up.

    I do this so people can be prepared to ask questions and demand EVERY mail-in ballot be verified before this election is certified.

    The great fraud is coming. How do we know that?

    Silly, just count all the frauds they have pulled in front of AG Barr and Americans so far. You think a little mail in voter fraud is going to stop them?

    It’s time to be on guard!

    • Harry Caray says:

      Everyone is on guard. The question is what are you going to do about it when it happens.

      • Bogeyfree says:

        Simple answer……

        Between Nov4 and Jan 20 this is when American should see the greatest PT rally combined when 2-3M people descend on DC and surround the DOJ building in MASSIVE protest of this obvious mail-in voting fraud scheme.

        It can’t be ignored like so many crimes in the past.

        I think the people will absolutely rise up because the evidence of fraud will be obvious and a simple audit IMO will show at least 9,000 out of 10,000 mail in ballots audit are fraudulent. I.e. dead people voting, not registered, double votes etc.

        • More Bore says:

          Our side just doesn’t do mass protest… Pretty soon it will be too late to START, but just saying what is right now.

        • Chip Doctor says:

          Bogey, good luck. Our side does not descend on DC. We type.

        • steph_gray says:

          Our side sent 1.5 million Tea Party patriots to DC in 2009. I know, I was there, and the Park Police confirmed to us in person that was the number.

          My first personal evidence of lying fake news. Far from my last!

        • tpwbama says:

          If you listen to the rallies the past few days….PT called for us to act if cheating by mail in happens……again lets see if we organize….I have been praying someone with big mega phone and stature would step up to lead. Doubted Rush would do it but in light of his current situation he may well just do it. ….Remember the revolution was fought by a small % of patriots. I just have to believe we will step up and demand a fair result. PT is trying to get us out in the coming days to show his support to the left and to our side..We have the numbers and their cheating will be hard to pull off.

      • Buddy Smot says:

        Could one, if you see voter fraud, pull the fire alarm and empty the building and take pictures? I don’t know?

        I think pulling a false alarm, if it is hooked up to the fire department, is a crime? If it is not hooked up to the fire department, and most are not, then you may be guilty of disturbing the peace, etc.?

    • booger71 says:

      I respectfully disagree. I don’t see Obiden getting anywhere near the turnout that Cankles got. Obiden has no energy and neither do his followers. Obiden has no “silent army” of voters that President Trump has (I might add that the silent army is becoming less silent everyday)
      I personally don’t want to see “demand EVERY mail-in ballot be verified before this election is certified.” Do you realize that would take months and months of court battles?
      If President Trump has 270 electoral votes when the Electors meet in December (which I think he will have more that 307) then he will be elected President.

      • Bogeyfree says:

        Just like the CV lockdowns in blue states, the blue state electors will lock down these states and thus no one will have 270 by Dec even though that is when they are suppose to declare. It will be all tied up in the courts which will force state audits.

        Just like all their other frauds, they have gamed this out as this one is for all the marbles with prison terms attached if they fail.

        • albertus magnus says:

          If you are saying that DEM states are going to lockdown so their electors cant vote in December, then this has to be the absolute most stupid post regarding the DEMS shenigans I have read in either of the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.

          They are NOT going to lockdown any state so that people cannot travel or vote by zoom to cast their state’s electoral votes. Please stop with the nonsense.

          It is comments like this that make all MAGA supporters look like morons.

          • willthesuevi says:

            No kidding.

            I have read some of the most batshit crazy stuff on this discussion board the last few weeks. What happened to the CTH? C’mon people, stop the hand wringing, pearl clutching, and “what if” TEOTWAWKI, crazy talk. Reach down and grab a pair.

            We are supposed to be the intelligent side remember.

          • Bogeyfree says:

            Try reading. They will try and lock down the final electoral vote processing and submission requirement whereby the state says who won their states electoral votes thus nobody gets to 270.

      • albertus magnus says:

        Amen, Booger. I think you are exactly right!

    • V says:

      They can use the low attendance for Biden’s “rallies” as a way to say that his people don’t want to catch/spread Covid. And they’ll use the same argument to justify the votes by mail especially the ones found days later.

      We know it’s not true, but some people believe anything. We need to keep praying that God will lift up this demonic cloud.

    • Free Speech says:

      I think Republican voters are more savvy than you are giving them credit. Many are waiting until election day to vote because it keeps the Dems from knowing how much fraud they have to risk to win. We’ve already won court cases in WI and MI, I believe, to stop ballot counting after Nov 3. Once Barrett gets seated, we can take PA and NC to the SCOTUS and have reasonable confidence we will win those cases.

      Understand— the Democrat vote by mail scam depends on them being able to know how many ballots they need to steal it, and they will need to keep counting after election day with permission to ignore postmarks and signatures to pull it off. They’re not going to get away with this in states like FL, GA, TX, who have Republican Govs, SoS, and legislatures.

      Republicans just need to follow through on our in person turnout.

    • mr.piddles says:

      I want to know where all that money that the Harris/Biden Campaign allegedly has rolling in is coming from. Nobody wants to show up for the rallies… but they’ve “raised” 100’s of millions over the past couple months.

    • Linda K. says:

      Bogeyfree, Kamala Harris can get no one to her rally so she is now campaiging at polling sites! With a bullhorn. She has a captive audience stuck in line.

      • jus wundrin says:

        In my sixty years on earth, I cant say that Ive ever seen that before. Desperation is putting it mildly.

        I also have to question its legality. Does this pave the way for campaigns to blare political ads to those who are standing in line waiting to vote? ????

  11. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.”
    Robert Frost.


    “Fifth, on Aug. 4, 2019, a supposed religious scholar and CNN contributor Reza Aslan announced on Twitter — a tweet still up as of Oct. 22 — that all Trump supporters “must be eradicated from society” along with Trump, and that there is “no longer any room for nuance.” Aslan has nearly 300,000 followers.

  12. jaxnix says:

    If they decide we’re too connected, driving around to find a new wifi signal probably will not do it for us.

  13. Dana Christianson says:

    It’s Time Joe Biden Called A “Lid” On His Campaign And Conceded To Save His Family Any Further Embarrassment Before He’s Locked-Up….

  14. furtive says:

    Bannon, “a republic if you can keep it”

    requesting poll watchers and election officials & peaceful demonstrations to oppose the street muscle.
    Presently: 200+ lawsuits; vast Voting irregularities


  15. grlangworth says:

    Now, that is a victory hat if I have ever seen one: “A Chump for Trump!” What is common sense.

  16. Liberty Forge says:

    An uplifting message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: (18 minutes)

    “International Message for Freedom & Hope”


    • listingstarboard says:

      RFK Jr. should just come out and endorse DJT–

      • doyouseemyvision says:

        I have a sneaky suspicion President Trump may find a role for this guy. If not a permanent role, then as a consultant.

        Redfield, Fauci and others will be out of a job at the CDC, NIH and FDA.

        Dr Atlas will definitely have a perm role. Whether Robert Kennedy, Jr decides to accept the role remains to be seen. But if he wants to make a change, this would be the time and the role to do it.

        • ..and I am shock..dems still ” tolerate” him….he is better than most of RINOS…I think they are still afraid go after him… they know JFK- been last dem president and general population like him….

    • He has an excellent message and may be someone to whom the crazies are willing to listen, but he has such a gravelly voice that he is hard to listen to. Does he have throat cancer or a long history of smoking?

      He actually seems like the rare Democrat who is more interested in the good of the country and it’s people than in just following the partisan party line.

      (I want that basement! Never enough bookcases.)

      • Liberty Forge says:

        RFK. Jr. actually suffers from a rare neurological disorder — called Spasmodic Dysphoia:

        Spasmodic dysphonia, also known as laryngeal dystonia, is a disorder in which the muscles that generate a person’s voice go into periods of spasm. This results in breaks or interruptions in the voice, often every few sentences, which can make a person difficult to understand. The person’s voice may also sound strained or they may be nearly unable to speak.

    • abstain says:

      Thank you Liberty Forge, I have incredible respect for this man, and hope his organization prospers.

      Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holds the roots of the Democrat party in his soul. There were many great Democrats years ago. It is a tragedy what that party has become.

      One of his messages is that we shouldn’t label ourselves. We shouldn’t fight among ourselves party vs party. We must fight together to preserve democracy, and the freedoms enumerated in our Constitution.

  17. Ken Maritch says:

    Trump at the Lehigh Valley Airport today (Allentown PA, my home town.)
    All roads in the area are PACKED with Trump supporters!

    • dogsmaw says:

      President Donald J. Trump will deliver remarks at
      Make America Great Again Victory Rallies on
      Monday October 26, 2020 in
      Allentown, Pennsylvania at 11:00 AM EDT
      Lititz, Pennsylvania at 1:30 PM EDT
      Martinsburg, Pennsylvania at 4:30 PM EDT.

  18. Winston says:

    Joe Biden Forgets Trump’s Name Again, Claims He Is Running Against “George Bush”
    26 Oct 2020


  19. henry says:

    The comments to PT’s tweet are so ignorant and disrespectful.


  20. Brant says:

    I’m in Georgia. The senate race with Collins and Loeffler has about 20 total candidates. Its non partison. Naturally, there will prob be a runoff between Collins or Loeffler and the Democrat. I voted this go for Collins and of course will vote for the Republican whoever it is. I’m hoping the Georgia seat doesn’t end up being who has the Senate Rep or Dim. I hope at least 51 or 52 already. If not, and race decides who has Senate majority, $$$$$$$$$$ will flood the state and we will be inundated with outside money. And maybe even focused election fraud and litigation.

  21. jenevive1 says:

    This is an interesting read, and true. Living in CT there is a number of
    silent Trump supporters

    There is this lady who comes out every Thurs – Sun in the town next to mine
    where she sets up a stand that sells Trump items from T-shirts to hats to flags
    and pins. We stopped to buy my son a shirt. I said I was surprised they haven;t
    tried to shut her down.. She said they did but she is on private property (an old
    run down I assume abandoned house on a corner of one the towns major roads.)
    so they can;t do anything about it.. But the police did stop and tell her she has
    to wear a mask..so she does only when someone comes near the table.
    People have complained on Facebook. but there is nothing stopping anyone from
    setting up a Biden booth selling his items..if they wanted to..

  22. TMonroe says:

    Looks like more unintended yet predictable consequences of the “if we can save even one life” justification for shutting down everything based on women’s and dictates of governors, etc.


    ‘Ontario shut down non-urgent health services in the spring. Now hospitals are seeing many more patients with advanced cancers‘

  23. kbrion77 says:

    Seems like a really perfect timing for the COVID “second wave” worldwide. Is anyone digging deeper into the Europe spike? Are they increasing testing? Using new tests? We are now going into about the 8th month of this virus and still the one line headlines dominate the news cycle, haven’t we learned yet that the headlines are always misleading?

  24. jenevive1 says:

    Good old Yankee ingenuity
    https://tinyurl.com/y4of69ht ….from our local news

    He will probably be the hit of the neighborhood

  25. Margaret Berger says:

    As regards to hunter Biden’s incest problem in the news. No, it isn’t the only thing we should be talking about but yes it should be published. This is a family that is so hungry for power that not only have they sold out the citizens of this country to China but their own flesh and blood too. That Jill and Joe knew what was going on is beyond disgusting. Jill and Joe have used their children and their grand children to attain power and wealth. Ruthless. Ruthess.

    • FofBW says:

      This what NOT having GOD in your life looks like.

    • BofTruth says:

      IF Biden is elected, think about how EMBARRASSING it would be to have Joe Biden as President! Every time I will see him (when they let him out, which will be very limited) or think about him, I will think about how sick and perverted his family is, and how incapable he is of being President as he stumbles around looking for words as he’s trying to communicate with the electorate, world leaders et al! Biden and Kamala (who has her own comportment issues) will both be EMBARRASSMENTS for Americans!

  26. A Fortified City says:

    Reading where the media are finally recognizing the Trump rallies, boat and car parades being organized and executed are at the grassroots level and not by the RNC.
    The MSM have consistently and purposefully ignore them in order to keep any of it from public viewing. But this strategic move has backfired, the refusal of MSM to report any this has inflamed our cause, increased our resolved, has underscored the DNC’s true bias and corrupt intentions.
    The MSM and Big Tech efforts to shut the Trump train down only succeeded in fueling it making it larger and stronger. MAGA

  27. Todd says:

    What time will ACB be confirmed?? And will she be sworn in immediately?

  28. Did Trump abandon the KAG and went back to the MAGA slogan?

  29. With China Virus hysteriabthe last arrow in the Left media arsenal, expect even lower Dem in person early and election day voting.

  30. Todd says:

    What time does ACB get confirmed?? And will she be sworn in immediately??

  31. PaulCohen says:

    Once in a while a libtard gets a clue….. but then the normal procedure is to push it out of mind asap…. how many Pulitzers does Kristof have? How long did it take him to think up this story?


    • Dana Christianson says:

      Pretty Soon They Will Be Checking Peoples Temperature In Order To Go Into A Walmart Using A “Rectal-Thermometer” And The Sad Thing Is Most “Sheep” Will Submit….

  32. Lots of comments on here about voter fraud with the election. What does the Constitution say? Get the below paper to your federal and State reps as soon as you can.


  33. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    This ad ran last night on AMC when the Walking Dead series aired. ?

    • thedoc00 says:

      See my post upstream.

      Again, read ALL the literature on this years flu shot, even that published by the drug companies and people administering the shot.

      1. The list of side effects of the flu shot = China Virus Symptoms used to declare a case.
      2. The description of the flu virus this year’s flu shot was created to counter is an aexact replica of the list of China Virus physical impacts and symptoms.

    • Oldspeak says:

      “Centres for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman Scxxx Paxxxx offered similar speculation. “We saw flu rates drop in the Southern Hemisphere possibly due to stringent mitigation measures like social distancing and mask wearing,” he said.” – BS – I have DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of life in South Africa – 70% of the population has ZERO effective mitigation measures – simply because they CAN’T – huge numbers live in close proximity small crowded living quarters (6 to a room easily) – their ONLY means of transport is by mini-bus taxi – packed, many overloaded, some masks, most not. Many times changing rides in “hubs” – crowded. Long, long, long lines EVERY DAY for relieve grants, food, water, transport – And you know what?? THERE IS NO WAVE OF DEATH – In deaths per million, way, way less than most, if not all Western countries. What is coming from our MSM, “experts”, even our supposed lofty scientific “institutions” IS DISINFORMATION.

  34. Winston says:

    GREAT, 10 minute motivational video:

  35. CC says:

    RSBN up and running…rallymania…all those chumpy Trumpsters…I love it! MAGA! Love those kids!

  36. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    Here’s another! ? more info in the video’s description.

  37. Sentient says:

    I’d like to wish a happy 73rd birthday to Hillary Clinton. The senate will be giving you a present this evening.

  38. Nepanyrush says:

    President Trump ahead of Biden in today’s Rasmussen poll:

    White House Watch
    Trump 48%, Biden 47%

    Monday, October 26, 2020

    It’s neck-and-neck, with President Trump just barely ahead in Rasmussen Reports’ first daily White House Watch survey.

    The latest national telephone and online survey finds Trump edging Democrat Joe Biden 48% to 47% among Likely U.S. Voters. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, while two percent (2%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    Last Wednesday, Biden held a 49% to 46% lead, but the race has been tightening since early in the month. This is the first time Trump has been ahead since mid-September.

    • Eric C. says:

      Correction: this is the first time the pollster were allowed to show a Trump lead, I assume it’s over but they want to try to get the Dem “base” (whatever that is) fired up and to show up at the polls.

      To me, the President is campaigning to solidly flip the house and maintain/slight grow the R’s in the Senate. This isn’t a campaign for re-election, this is a campaign to get out the vote so the House flips.

      The lose of the House is squarely on Nancy. With Biden checking out, it’s up to her to maintain her status. It’ll be interesting if they (the squad) move to vote replace her as House leader. What political capital can she have left after losing the house?

  39. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Watching the stock market this morning. Are we seeing a last ditch effort to stop President Trump’s re-election? Are Deep State Billionaires attempting to crash the US economy instead of losing graciously? It won’t work as intended but it will hurt a lot of people. It would cause such a backlash that the globalists wouldn’t know what hit them. They would not be able to hide from retribution for long if they went ahead and did it.

    • Harry Caray says:

      The stock market isn’t the economy. Crash away.

    • MAGADJT says:

      Nah. They would have already done it if they could because probably 60 million people have already voted.

    • rcogburn says:

      Looks like it’s due to the stimulus bill not going through – that one’s on Nancy!

    • thedoc00 says:

      The big fish are doing two things:
      1. Panic the little fish to get them to sell and big fish get to scoop up stocks at bargain prices. Make money by shorting and pad their portfolios at the same time.
      2. Panic the little fish and the lemmings (by supporting the headlines) into voting for Biden because the “economy” will crash if Biden looses. As stated by another stated here on CTH, the stock market is not the main street economy in which we live.

    • More Bore says:

      I don’t think there are any other october surprises left (knock on wood) so would not be surprised at all to see more of that this week.

  40. State Governments should instruct the Election Officials for their State that they must obey & enforce the election laws passed by their State legislature and not the usurpatious orders of judges. Judges have no constitutional authority to change what the State Legislatures do on this issue! See this paper, then pick up the phone and scream at your State rep!!


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