Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell Discusses Replacements for FBI and CIA Director in Second Term…

Appearing on Fox News with host Lou Dobbs, former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard “Ric” Grenell discusses the ongoing internal DC conflict with intelligence officials who refuse to allow transparency.

Part of the discussion shifts to the removal of FBI Director Wray and CIA Director Haspel who have both been identified (through their behavior) as working against the interests of President Trump and the American people. Grenell recommends that executive office replacements be hired from outside the DC eco-sphere.

Interestingly, this aligns with the CTH recommendation from 2016 when we strongly suggested all intelligence agency heads be replaced by former governors, former federal judges and/or former state attorney generals.

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317 Responses to Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell Discusses Replacements for FBI and CIA Director in Second Term…

  1. POTUS must have approved of this disclosure from Grenell.
    That’s a Tell, right there.

    • Good point. PDJT has been complaining about NoWray since the restart of the rallies. They been laying off GcHq for the time being. My guess, GcHq knows where the bodies are buried and may still be useful.

      • ballgame17 says:

        Raid Haspel’s and Wray’s home at 4 am and seize all personal papers , computers , etc., then arrest them …oops , that’s for conservatives only!

        • Winston says:

          “Raid Haspel’s and Wray’s home at 4 am and seize all personal papers , computers , etc., then arrest them …oops , that’s for conservatives only!”

          Who’s going to do that? The FBI?

          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

          Who watches the watchmen? Or raids and arrests THEM?

          See the problem?

      • ballgame17 says:

        Raid Haspel’s and Wray’s home at 4 am and seize all personal papers , computers , etc., then arrest them …oops , that’s for conservatives only!

        • dayallaxeded says:

          While I’m all for this in principle and U.S. Marshals could do it, I suppose, I would not want to be the point person for a wee-hours raid on Haspel. That woman is mean! She may not look it, but indications are that she’s done some stuff you wouldn’t discuss over a meal, if you wanted to keep it down. A cornered weasel can be savage.

      • rpcoastie says:

        I think FBI Director WrongWray works pretty good too!

    • Peoria Jones says:

      Mr. Grenell has been (more than) hinting at this for some time. It would seem that election results have been determined such that a statement is warranted.

      But please continue to vote accordingly. Monster is needed.

      • Peoria Jones says:

        Ooops, I meant projections – not results. (But same either way, ha!)

      • luke says:

        As i said in an earlier post Peoria this is the part that raises my hackles. These people have been pulling a slow roll on the citizens of the US for 50+ years. Imagine what must be going thru their minds. They know hell is getting ready to break loose. They’re cornered animals, whatever animal you want to call them, they are cornered nonetheless. This alone makes them extremely dangerous.

        I got the same read as you did tho. What a helluva an announcement and a very positive sign the light is winning. May God protect our Republic and may God protect President Donald Trump ?

        • Peoria Jones says:

          Yep, keep a smile and pass it on! Speak out with aplomb!

        • jmclever says:

          Shredders on overload. Hammers at the ready

        • Jederman says:

          “…the light is winning.” You have to define “winning.”

          In this context and (unfortunately) under these circumstances, when confronting an existential threat (swamp), it’s not enough to fight to show up or fight to a standstill because the threat still EXISTS.

          Winning against such a threat requires total destruction, branch and root. So that socialism/communism in support of globalism never finds a place with either party in this country again.

          • luke says:

            Well call me optimistic or naive but I believe with another 4 years and a clear mandate (landslide win) from the American people DT may be able to perform some serious upheaval in these agencies. He knows who the dirty ones are now.

        • Winston says:

          “They’re cornered animals, whatever animal you want to call them, they are cornered nonetheless. This alone makes them extremely dangerous.”

          We’ll see who’s “cornered” after the election – us or them. And they’re extremely dangerous to anyone who is in any significant way a threat to them even when they’re not cornered simply because they can be and get away with it totally unscathed as evidenced by the total lack of well deserved severe legal consequences for anyone involved in the far worse than Watergate Spygate, Impeachmentgate, etc.

          Add to that their collusion with our greatest enemy – China – as described in Secret Empires, both the Biden Crime Family and Turtle being main characters in that book with the Clinton Crime Family having already been covered at great length in one of his previous best sellers, Clinton Cash.

          • luke says:

            Yeah well my point is now DT is an existential threat. He knows the lay of the land now. In 2016 just as they didn’t take him serious as a Pres candidate neither did they take him serious as the actual President. You better believe they know he is now. And they also know that he knows and with a clear mandate from the American People he’s gonna be hard on them.

    • Zorro says:

      Ric has been in Wisconsin, he was at the Trump Waukesha rally Saturday. He is holding an event in Milwaukee Wednesday that I want to attend. Would be interesting to ask him if he ever reads CTH.

    • stillwater66 says:

      It has been thoroughly proven that Gen. Mike Flynn, and Sydney Powell are solid American Patriots, and should be considered as replacements for CIA, and FBI. Gen. Flynn over CIA, and Powell over FBI. Jay Sekulow over the DOJ would also work. When President Trump wins reelection, the Democrats, and Deep State are going to see, and feel President Trump 3.0 unleashed, and it isn`t going to be a good feeling either. I, for one, look forward with breathless anticipation.

      • Judith says:

        Deep State traitors have definitely jumped the shark with President Trump and the American people. Had they laid off just a teensy weensy little bit, and afforded him a little bit of breathing room to lead the free world, the President may have settled comfortably into his role and not felt the need to examine them too closely. President Trump is nothing if not a *reasonable* man.

        But nooooooooooooooooooooooo

        Deep State now has a fire breathing dragon plus a hundred million FURIOUS patriots on it’s hands. (And that’s only in the USA).. They’ve left the free world no other choice but to obliterate them now, scatter their ashes to the winds and salt the earth they stood on.

        This is what happens when you get on the wrong side of God, who protects the innocents and everything that is good and decent in this world.

        What in the world were they thinking?

        • Cole says:

          Yes, Judith, it had to happen this way, as ugly and painful as it has been for the President.

          This seditious and corrupt behavior is now in the sunlight. Exposure brings truth and light. I am still hopeful that justice will be done. But it sure is slow. Barr and Wray won’t get it done, but a Trump 2.0 administration will.

        • Gregory Sloop says:


    • Mike in a Truck says:

      Theres no fixing these agencies. The rot goes way down to the roots. Abolish them and hand thire duties over to the U.S.Marshalls and Military. And none of it’s current employees get rehired.

      • Jan says:

        Mike, I like the way you’re thinking. Plus, we have military intelligence officers coming home from war duties; we must have retired vets who need job opportunities.

        We have good unemployed people who can replace deep staters whose jobs are document production in response to Congressional & IG inquiries & FOIA suits. We have small business owners who’ve lost their businesses that are way better managerial material than these deep staters are.

        I want Admiral Rogers to come back & like Grinell, to keep flushing the seditioners out into the open. K.T. McReynolds is another good former staffer who should come back.

        • DHarvey says:

          And move the agencies out of Washington DC and into flyover country where hopefully these bureaucrats will be reconnected with patriotic values instead of the evil bubble values in our nation’s capital

          • 1stgoblyn says:

            Absolutely, Harvey. That way maybe the dims will stop pushing for DC to become a state. There will be no reason for it esp if the agencies in fly-over country are few and far between.

        • Randolph Scott says:

          We will need to hire many many carpenters and construction people to ensure that all of the gallows are built to government code and are fully functional.

          • Judith says:

            Yes, I am afraid that capital punishment is a harsh but necessary *deterrent* to other would-be traitors. Nothing else has even made them flinch.

            The swamp is an insult to our heroes, who gave their lives in defense of the Constitutional Republic these traitors now seek to destroy.

            The swamp remains a constant threat to the free world. They must therefore be dealt with accordingly, to make an *example* of what cannot ever be permitted to happen again.

          • Eagle Driver says:

            That is why Gitmor underwent a $250Mil reno…increased the size of the cells and the court rooms!!!! That is where EVERYONE IS GOING!!!…

          • dayallaxeded says:

            Pretty sure the lamp posts along all the streets of DC are sufficient as gallows. Scum don’t deserve anything special.

        • Cole says:

          K.T. McFarland, not McReynolds.

      • Skip says:

        Exactly !! Many of the Agencies should not even be in existence.. I’ll bet the budget agency has been working on this for the last 4 years. Trump has established the tool to dismantle the SES at a snap of his finger. No recourse for them either..Here today gone tomorrow.. Same with the Agencies…

  2. SanJac says:

    Gina Haspel is gonna try and retire right after this President is re-elected and the President needs to remove her now along with the Fan Belt Inspectors number one corrupter.

    • luke says:

      No you don’t want to do anything now. This announcement is bold enough. Let’s secure 2020 and then we can get down to biz. If she wants to retire fine I just want her gone.

      • ReglarMerican says:

        We might see several top brass of dee oh jay, pent uh gone, see eye eh, eff bee eye, all decide to retire overseas … in countries that do not have extradition treaties with the USA.

        • luke says:

          Thought about that too and that would be a fantastic sign on say Nov 1….good riddance. Maybe I go hunt them down ?

        • burginthorn says:

          And then return the favor by offering those countries huge sums of money to sell them out for extradition. Just so they know how it feels …

        • Randolph Scott says:

          That is exactly why we have Spec Ops, they have the ability to travel far and wide. It has been rumored that the Operators always et their man/woman.

          • Judith says:

            They didn’t get Snowden because he traveled incognito without a cellphone. B Hussein was so pissed off!

            Now, Deep State seeks to alter our DNA via THE VACCINE to track us wherever we go and turn us into walking antennas.

            Fun times.. fun times.

            • Randolph Scott says:

              If they had wanted to get Snowden they would have done it.

              As for the vaccine, yes they are going to use it against us in some way.

              As for fun times, that remains to be seen.

        • Your Tour Guide says:

          I think John Bolton already has his eyes on his retirement
          place in the middle east. Just sayin’

          • Judith says:

            I always guessed that would be Dubai. Such a garishly opulent city, sprang up outta nowhere and swimming in dark money. But whadda I know?

      • I want to see the Great Trial, in which she (retired or not) gets caught up and taken down with the core plotters. Say 20 years for aiders and abettors like her and Ciaramello (and Vindman — “VENDman” (like “NEW-W-man” on Seinfeld), don’t forget him and the whole “impeachment” gang…And Schiff…don’t get me started (…too late).

  3. John55 says:

    >>” Grenell recommends that executive office replacements be hired from outside the DC eco-sphere.”

    Obviously that all depends on the Senate. Even the “Republican controlled” Senate has been remarkably unwilling to allow Trump any control over the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. And if the Dems win the Senate then the problem persists.

    • bluecat57 says:

      ToreSays hi to Graham, and will bring the receipts after things settle next year. I’m guessing that there are receipts out there on a lot of RINO’s. I just hope the governors replace them with people loyal to America and supportive if Trump.

      • GB Bari says:

        Tore Says on Rumble?

        • bluecat57 says:

          That’s the one. I get her podcast through PodCast Addict. I don’t “do” video. I read or listen. I barely have time to keep up with what I find interesting. ToreSays offers up a unique perspective. And be sure to find everything Robert Barnes does. He did American Countdown and then Barnes Law podcasts. He provides the “backstory” to today’s news.

          • GB Bari says:

            Both of them are very interesting pundits to whom I listen occasionally. Tore has a long show – 2 hours I believe.

            • bluecat57 says:

              2 hours, yes. I probably have 30 hours or more of shows on my list. I just hit play when I hit the sack and listen to whatever us playing when I wake up during the night. I just can’t divide my attention during the day. Dang, 4 pm and I haven’t vacuumed that room yet. I came in here at 9 to do that but got distracted reading blogs.

      • glenndc says:

        Dear Sundance,
        Any person involved in government as a profession is most likely corrupt.
        CDC? Run it with a team of commercial actuaries
        DOJ? How about corporate law attorneys… (and how about English Tort as the system? Loser pays winner’s legal costs)
        FBI? The modern equivalent of Pinkerton.
        The fundamental point is that anyone that seeks to eat at the public trough as their career is corrupt and disqualified.

      • Yes; I’ve been saying, since about 2012 (hint: the re-election of Obama, or Benghazi, take your pick), that the Democrat party is, after they picked Obama in 2008, solely an organized criminal mob (they want it to be illegal to deny “global warming/climate change”, the first definitive “tell”…for this COMPETENT scientist… of their own criminality)…so we have to clean out all of its foul nests, which means Chicago (a fine example, that spawned Obama, along with Los Angeles and other rotted enclaves), and not just Washington DC, needs to be swept clean…(!!!) Oh, just dismantle the Democrat party, to start, it is NOT LEGITIMATE since Obama came in (and yes, the black racist part of it has been not legitimate all along, for the last 60+ years, since the Black Muslims suborned the “Civil Rights” struggle).

        It’s Augean Stables time, whenever anybody finally has the wherewithal to do it. A 3-generation cancer has to be confronted and destroyed, throughout the entire system (both…all…parties).

    • Baby Hurley says:

      Hopefully, the leverage will shift PDJT’s way after re-election and a large infestation of swamp rats will scurry away on their own. Wishful thinking, I know.

    • steph_gray says:

      Can’t he just do the acting thing as he did with Grennell?

      Or does such a person have to have been confirmed by the Senate previously?

      • Kroesus says:

        I believe the way the Turtle is forcing PDJT to temporarily place an “acting” confirmation required appointment he needs an executive-level bureaucrat already with confirmation in hand for something. If the Turtle would ever allow even ONE Senator to object to a pro format session of the Senate then PDJT could recess appoint a replacement that is good until confirmation of the end of the current Congressional session (3 Jan of every odd year is new Congress).

        • coolmamie says:

          Would a Senator Doug Collins do it? I am ambivalent about that race, but Collins seems to be the type that might do it.

        • whoseyore says:

          Turtle is compromised by way of his wife (China and shipping business). I imagine if our fearless leader drains the swamp down to the dirt those two will both be gone.

          • Jan says:

            It’s not just the China shipping business that his in-laws own that trips up McConnell, it’s all the lobbying money he gets as Majority Leader from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Tom Donohue), Soros, & all the rest of the lobbyists in DC.

            Then there’s the foreign aid kickback shenanigans that more often involve more Senators than House members.

            There’s the money he gets from the RNC to use for his campaign & sums he can give or not give out of that pot to other Republican Senator campaigns.

            This man is as powerful as the SOH Pelosi, but in different ways. McConnell is usually much quieter about the power he wields & how he uses it. Schumer & Pelosi have stopped hiding what they are doing since Pelosi retook the House gavel back. Pelosi drags Schumer around like he’s her #1.

            McConnell is much more secretive than Pelosi. IMHAO, the blocking of calling a recess is only one of his tricks, and McConnell, Pelosi, Schume, Pelosi & McCarthy are a lot more in agreement than they are in disagreement almost all of the time.

            I will say this, I approve the judge confirmation program McConnell has conducted. Tonight’s confirmation of Justice Barrett was possibly the miracle we needed to keep our country from being overthrown by the Democrat Communist Fascists.

        • Lurker360 says:

          Kroesus, If accurate, Jan. 4th would be the day of reckoning (I mean the annual Senate Ski recess)…

          Don’t suppose any properties in ski towns are looking for business?
          Dr. Mr. Lobbyist, PLEASE take ALL the bums skiing and give Rand a chance to do the right thing! Rand: Hey, how can we not call for a recess? we’re all going skiing.

          Transition in this manner on the 4th gives the best bang for the buck, nearly a full year.

        • BitterC says:

          NO NO NO!!!!! One senator CANNOT put the senate in recess. It makes me crazy that this story persists here.

          Not only that, but for the Senate to go in recess it requires the approval of Pelosi.

    • cofvevern says:

      What exactly depends on the Senate? POTUS can fire and/or hire his staff and cabinet. And I agree that Wray and Haspell need to go, ASAP. tomorrow, would be my choice.

      • coolmamie says:

        You are aware that the Senate has to approve Trump’s major appointments.

        • Lurker360 says:

          And the intelligence appointments have to go through the SSCI (Senate Select committee on Intelligence), which has heretofore been led by dirty criminal swamp creatures who have benefitted by hamstringing Trump from appointing his best and brightest to fill these intelligence slots.
          They’d (SSCI members) all be at a big risk if truth, honor, and the law ruled the day.
          The Grenell play worked to get Ratcliff through the gauntlet, so it is likely that other functional gambits could be devised to repeat that success.

          Sigh- If things only worked the way they were designed to work! Have faith they will get closer to “right” in the next 4 years.

    • Revelation says:

      How about Sidney Powell for AG?

    • whoseyore says:

      I feel like his recent appointments of Tom Fitton and Larry Elder might have been a proactive way to get them in so that he could make them ‘actings’ until after he is sworn in. I am assuming if Trump wins as big as expected, we will also have the House and the Senate. These Rhinos can probably be linked to several issues on the docket. Roll them out and off with their heads, replace with Republicans who can be trusted and are not compromised.

  4. OffCourseNation says:

    “Replacements for FBI and CIA Director in Second Term…”

    Even Mo and Curly would be better than Wray and Haspel.

    • Bigbadmike says:

      Josh Hawley should be Barr’s replacement and the President should let him vet the new FBI Director. Maybe move Barr to revamp the CIA back to OSS and eliminate the spooks. America First. Nobody should be in the OSS unless they look like Joel MacRae, John Wayne, Morgan Freeman, or Peter Lorrie. Or maybe Charlie Chan.

      • deplorableelhavlco says:

        Hawley would be a great choice. However, once burned, twice shy. With a razor-thin margin in the Senate, the GOP cannot risk losing any seats. President Trump made the mistake of rewarding one of his earliest supporters, Jeff Sessions, with the AG position. Sessions, a total quisling, was immediately neutered by the Deep State. Then, the GOP lost Sessions’ supposedly locked-down Alabama senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones. That led to Songbird Mc Stain being able to sabotage Trump’s repeal of Obamacare.

        It would be difficult to find a decision that damaged the Trump presidency more than the Sessions appointment.

        • coolmamie says:

          I am so glad he lost that election. He DESTROYED his legacy and has no one to blame but himself.

        • Contrarymary says:

          Judge Roy Moore was way ahead in the polls. The rinos in congress did a hit job on this Bible believing, constitutional republic loving man. The communist, Gloria Allred, trotted out her bimbos with accusations, which Mitch loved and immediately withdrew all funding. The rino republicans piled on and ran to their nearest microphones to smear him. Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham and Hannity all called these bimbos accusations “credible”. The republican machine in Alabama piled on and withdrew funding and smeared him. Soooo, the Republican rinos threw the seat to Doug Jones to keep an honorable man out of that seat. It was a hit job by the Republican Party that I will never forget or forgive. He was truly a man who would have served, with conviction and principles, and they couldn’t have that in their slimy senate chambers.
          They will have their day in Court in front of the True Supreme Judge and no Attorney’s are allowed. Just you and an all knowing Judge who knows the machinations of your heart.

          • mnlakes says:

            I remember it well. I was so disappointed with those at FOX.

            • deplorableelhavlco says:

              Yes, it made me furious, too. The RINOs sabotaged Judge Moore. Gloria Allred is a left-wing money-grubbing legal whore, and was allowed to get away with it. As I recall, there was perjury and falsification of evidence concerning the yearbook. What a travesty.

          • Sandalwood111 says:

            Judge Roy Moore twirled a gun in front of an audience. No one knew whether it was loaded or not. Judge Roy Moore and his wife rode their horses to an important event.

            These two people is Washington, D.C. would have been catastrophic with all of the histrionics and theatrical baggage accompanying them.

            Clearly, both are unstable.

            It is too bad it worked out the way it did with Sessions. Who could have predicted the sea of sharks that awaited him.

          • WVPatriot says:

            I agree, and the “bimbos” vanished into thin air after election day…shocked, shocked.

          • frank field says:


            Yes! Every wrong perfectly righted.

            I tremble at the thought of perfect judgement and simultaneously tremble at the joy of knowing Christ.

            Let’s continue to pray for more mercy on this great nation.

            Thanks for your comment!

        • fangdog says:

          ….And that was right from the get-go.

        • WVPatriot says:

          Was it not turtle and his squad that handed over Session’s senate seat to Jones?

        • Jerry Joe says:

          Potus should, to Vlad Putin, offer up publicly Adam Schiff for a spot with his KGB. He seems genuinely obsessed on obtaining kompromat and holding secret hearings in basements.

          After a couple of weeks and if it works out well for VLad, Potus could let him select others from our List of Traitors in exchange for those on our list of most wanted Russians whom Vlad similarly finds useless.

      • the5thranchhand says:

        Bigbadmike, Joel McCrea’s son, Joel McCrea. Jr., and his family, lived down the street from me for many years. The younger son, David McCrea, ranches in New Mexico, and is the nicest man, and family, you would ever want to meet. And, David is the spitting image of Joel McCrea, Sr. A man’s man for sure.

      • whoseyore says:

        Tom Fitton is my choice for AG replacement. He has already done all of the work!

      • prayerwarrior1950 says:

        You forgot Wild Bill Donovan, he was the founder of the OSS. I am an acquaintance of the family and know some of the history of the OSS.

      • bentley1blog says:

        Big…absolutely promote Josh Hawley to take over Barr’s position. Really like the way he handles himself. Speaks with clarity as any intelligent representative should and his eye contact is amazing. These to me are honest traits which are so sorely missing with the majority of morons sitting there now.

    • Randolph Scott says:

      Make room for Larry. There’s got to be another rat that needs firing.

  5. MaineCoon says:

    “this aligns with the CTH recommendation from 2016 when we strongly suggested all intelligence agency heads be replaced by former governors, former federal judges and/or former state attorney generals.”

    Hmm, at one of the recent rallies, PDJT references former FL AG Pam Bondi and said what job does she want? She can have any job….

    Wouldn’t doubt if she landed somebig big….

  6. bluecat57 says:

    Pam Bondi.

    • JIM says:

      I don’t think Pam Bondi was a backer of Trump in 2016, she’s one to steer clear from, too RINO for me.

      • pyromancer76 says:

        Definitely, from this perspective. Her past is not a good one for the strength and integrity we need in the government.

      • Zydeco says:

        How did Bondi get on the impeachment defense team ?

      • MaineCoon says:

        She was a big-time backer in 2016. Was FL AG at that time and publicly support PT in 2016.

      • bluecat57 says:

        How is she “RINO”? There are two problems with filling key positions:
        1. You need people with experience in the field, but that experience is usually obtained through “playing the game”.
        2. People lie.
        Now, it would be much easier with a larger majority in the Senate and leadership that will act like winners when they win. I don’t trust Mitch or most of the Republican Senators to actually lead our nation. But we have to work with what we’ve got and as long as Trump has enthusiastic backing from the citizenry the elected officials will try to keep their bread butter-side up so that the jam keeps piling on it. Need a House Majority to keep legislation flowing. All the Senate can do on its own is confirm appointments.

    • Jan says:

      A good nominee from outside of DC. Boy, what a job she picks up whether it’s AG, FBI, or something else. I think we have a new 4-year plan: recruit any new agency heads & managers from as far away from DC as possible. Maybe move more agencies out of & away from DC.

      • octo49 says:

        Great suggestion!!!

      • tojak says:

        Simply delete the existing departments/agencies we don’t need such as the “department of education”, “department of energy”, “niaid”, “cdc”, “fbi”, npr, etc..

      • clulessgrandpa says:

        Not too far away.. Ca, OR and WA come to mind. lol

      • 4220ma says:

        Why not also move the FBI, the CIA, and DOJ headquarters to different locations in the fly over country. That will definitely help the social life degrade to an attainable level.

        • As a Man Thinkth says:

          Flush the libs out of the universities and public schools first…make’em work for living…most state capitol s are home to major universities …home for both libs and politics…Austin, Texas is a prime example

      • WVPatriot says:

        ONLY those with proven impeccable track records.

      • David Hertle says:

        Yes to “Maybe move more agencies out of & away from DC.”
        Several of these headquarters have no need to be in DC, other than to allow their senior staff easy access to Congressional Hill. What with the internet and secure video-conferencing a person’s office could be virtually anywhere.
        In my tenure at one of these headquarters, I soon learned that the best in the agency had little to no interest in moving to DC just to get some time in HQs.

      • bluecat57 says:

        I’d start by “giving” all of the residential area of D.C. to the surrounding states. D.C. was never meant to be a “city” or “residential area”. Then I’d move the bureaucracies out of D.C. But you run into the same problem as you would have moving the U.N. out of New York City. What do you do with the buildings? My first thought is “Burn the Bridges” to keep the bureaucrats from returning to the D.C. Swamp as lobbyists. Yeah, demolish the buildings and turn them into parks. Do you think Bernie and AOC will approve of that? Oh, and turn off the HVAC in all the remaining buildings, that would make it uncomfortable for Congress to meet.

      • CM-TX says:

        Lol, agreed! And not just no, but he11 NO!

      • bluecat57 says:

        May I open it to ask, “Why?” If you know of reasons why “no” then offer them up. If you posted them elsewhere, then direct us there.

        • Peoria Jones says:

          🙂 Pam is a self-serving opportunist – another Republicon riding on PTrump’s coattails. She is neither particularly smart, nor a good speaker. I was never impressed with her as FL Atty General, and will never trust her after her involvement in the Trayvon case.

          There has been much discussion here about Pam, over the years, from those who followed her politics closely. The obvious goes back to the Trayvon case, but if I recall correctly there was a lengthy discussion of her in a rally thread from 2016 when she stumped for Trump in FL.

    • Revelation says:

      Sydney Powell.

  7. mr.piddles says:

    I think it’s time to #ReimagineWashingtonDC.

  8. RobInPA says:

    “Bogeyfree” coming in for a landing in 3 – 2 – 1. . .

  9. KevinK says:

    Just removing the heads of these corrupt agencies is not enough because they’re rotten all the way to the lowest pay scale. Cancel them all and start over with smaller agencies with no life-time terms.

    • littleanniesfannie says:

      I can barely stomach Hannity telling us that most of the FBI are honest, hard-working men and women. Well, if they’re all that honest then why no whistleblower among their ranks?

    • Rhoda R says:

      Better yet, cancel them and only start over with agencies identified in the Constitution. We have so much graft because the Fed is so huge. Whittle it down to size and not only do opportunities for graft shrink but also visibility into Government spending is improved.

  10. David says:

    Pam Bondi actively participated in the attempted railroading of Zimmerman. As far as I’m concerned the only job Bondi deserves is prisoner for life.

  11. Mr. Grinnel was being pretty careful.
    “internal mistakes”.
    “inappropriate information”.
    Then Mr. Dobbs asks about bb, and Ric danced right around him. (and that’s a long way around)

    I expect his tone to change completely after the election, and, in his new assignment under President Trump.

  12. SanJac says:

    It’s beyond time to hire not only outside of the swamp but to no longer hire shysters.

    • Baby Hurley says:

      Or lawyers…oh wait, never mind, one in the same.

    • Contrarymary says:

      Or their kids or spouses, sanjac. Seems to be one heck of a lot of nepotism in dc. Seems everybody is tied to somebody.

      • jebg46 says:

        Plus we need to know who is married to whom because many women keep their maiden names instead of hyphenated. Having one’s spouse in a influential position in another agency must be exposed to see if these people are qualified and not compromised. Anyone married to the main stream media are disqualified. And silver spooned off-spring need to be vetted for actual qualifications. What a huge mess.

    • WVPatriot says:

      That will be an easy assignment; there are so few that are not shysters!

  13. borwarrior says:

    Can PDJT convince General Jack Keane to come out of retirement and serve?

  14. islandpalmtrees says:

    Sidney Powell as AG
    General Flynn as CIA
    RIC Grenell as FBI

    The following is a repeat with one small addition. The above people are reliable, but they require good people to work with.

    Like a good antibiotic President Trump must remove all the infection or the infection will return, if the patient is to live. When he wins the 2020 election, he will be faced with a huge number of corrupt people in Washington DC. All the coup members will remain in 2021 and will still be working to obstruct the President. This includes the IC and many members of all three branches of the government.

    So the monumental question is, if you can not use the Justice System to correct the problem then how can the President get it done given the size of the problem! We are talking thousands of corrupt people. Too large a problem for Grand Juries and for Special Councils.

    This seems to leave only “Martial Law”, after the election. So, don’t be surprised, when it happens, it’s overdue.

  15. Retired USMC says:

    DEFUND 75% of the Federal government…..really drain the swamp.

  16. Please says:

    Tom Fitton for DOJ

    Sidney Powell for Special Counsel to iunvestigate gov’t corruption. She already said, “get the Weiner laptop and start using it” (tho I’d guess it’s already being used…for blackmail)

    Grenell for FBI

    Flynn for DNI so he can watch them all

    Nunes for SSCI chair

    then, if we can’t lock them all up, indict and try them Flynn-style for the next 8 years!

  17. McConnell is never going to allow sunlight to disinfect the establishment. Too many repubs caught up in it. Trump should just circumvent the senate with temporary agency heads at DoJ, FBI, CIA and rotate them as required when their terms expire. That way he’s in control. Wray should be prosecuted for sitting on the Biden laptop while the President was impeached.

  18. 33trinity says:

    Ric Grenell—best person I can think of this in our country! He loves President Trump. all of us, and the United States! Whether he is the ambassador in Germany, heading the NSA or speaking up now for us, I sleep better each night knowing you are there for me…for us, Ric!

    • warrprin1 says:

      In addition to all you listed, Grenell is a brilliant strategist. A combo strategist / tough guy is needed to work around, and to push through, the corruption tarnished recalcitrants who remain so deeply entrenched in the belly of our federal government beast.

    • meow4me2 says:

      So Grenell is the trump card. Either Mitch gives the President who he wants, or the President appoints Grenell as acting and docs start being released. At least I hope that’s the plan to neuter Mitch.

  19. Tony says:

    If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Devin Nunes should head the FBI. He’s the right man for the job and this country owes him a great debt of gratitude.

  20. luke says:

    Initially when I heard this I was a little concerned. It’s a bit frightening because these people know the axe is going to fall and heads are going to roll. But announcing this was no secret Wray and crew know what’s coming should PDJT win. Honest to God this has been the biggest worry for me. People like Wray, Comey, Brennan and mid/upper leadership of the alphabet agencies so entrenched with Communist tendencies. You want proof Brennan actively campaigned for Gus Hall (Commie) in 1976. Later he gets inducted into the CIA and rolls to the top. How the hell does that happen? I can promise you it’s no accident. A thousand prayers for the safety of our Lion. May God keep shining the light downward. Lord in the last week or so it feels like the Almighty turned on such a beam of light. As I have said before I am not religious but this sure feels like God is intervening on some level. Not sure DT is a man of God; but I firmly believe he’s God’s man.

  21. Ackman419 says:

    I don’t think Grenell would make it through confirmation.
    But he’s obviously a number 1 choice on the list to head any intelligence org or state dept.
    Most likely ends up as roving warrior, as he has been this term.
    Haspel and Wray are auto flushes.
    (I’m uncertain about which positions require confirmation, excuse my ignorance)

    • linderella says:

      Put him and others like him in as acting directors of the agencies — people who will clean house and get things done — and then let the president nominate his dream team for the permanent position, like he did w Grenell and Ratcliffe. It’s a win-win, whether they put up with the acting or nominate from his wish list.

      • babrightlight says:

        That’s the better plan. Use Ric G. as the Change Agent and Disruptor to go through Agencies like a wrecking ball. Takes over the FBI and first day sends out a memo to the entire agency to write and submit a full report by the end of the week of what they knew about the coup, Crossfire Hurricane, etc. They either confess, whistleblow, or resign. If they said they didn’t know anything, then fire them for incompetence because if you’re part of an investigative agency and are that clueless and unaware of your surroundings, then you need to find another line of work…maybe learn to code.

        Wash, Rinse, Repeat with the CIA. Backfill with honest people who are good leaders. It could be done in a year.

  22. Doc Hellfish says:

    Perhaps Trump could give these SSCI folks gov appointments.. and once a new SSCI is in place, fire all of them.

  23. jnr2d2 says:

    To be a “temporary” requires one to have been confirmed for some position. Who at a lower level would that be? Scalia’s son for example?

    • jebg46 says:

      That’s what I thought. The temporary acting has to come from another senate approved position. Unfortunately Grenell is a private citizen.

    • borwarrior says:

      Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but something tells me you like Cuchinelli?

      • Rayc22558 says:

        Yes. I live in Virginia and he was back stabbed by the Republican Party when running for governor because he was true Tea Party. He’s also great when testifying before Congress. Mitch doesn’t like him but I think President Trump will have more sway over him second term. I think Trump has wanted him for Homeland, but Mitch.

        • Kroesus says:

          I think PDJT has the Turtle’s number and will burn his house down if he pulls the same resistance and delay BS in the 2nd term. Turtle had some cover at least the first two years with Ryan’s House but once the GOPe regains the House on 3 Nov I do not think he gets that this time.

          • frogman says:

            Hopefully Trutle will still be in charge, not Schumer. Senator Schumer is my least favorite Senator, and that is say something as their are way too many bad ones.

  24. Rayc22558 says:

    Sorry about the repost. Word Press makes me sign in after I lost even though I’m already signedin. Then it tells me I already posted. It’s been like this for about 4 weeks.

    • michrider41 says:

      Same here

    • GB Bari says:

      You *may* have too many blocking settings on. One setting is “allow or prevent cross site tracking” cookies. I have found that for CTH, that needs to be “allow”. There are others but they vary by browser.

    • meow4me2 says:

      Try downloading the Word Press app, sign in there and select stay signed in. That allows me to stay signed in on Safari browser, no need to sign in for every post. If I don’t sign in WP app, safari makes me sign in again every time. I have WP app on my iPad, but not my cell phone, so I observe this depending on which device I post from.

  25. mamadogsite says:

    Pam Bondi. She was a hesitant Trump supporters, but through the years, has matured, become close to the Trump family and inner circle. Her diligent, fearless attack against the Bidens during the impeachment trial earned her credits and National attention.

    Also would like to see Gov. Kristy Noem from SD in an administration role.

    Tired of the military people in supportive roles. I would suggest Gov. Ron DeSantis from FL, but we love our Gov. and don’t want to lose him.

    • KT Prayer Warrior says:

      Give Kristi Dept of Interior. She understands land CONSERVATION versus environmental activism. They are very different things.

      The job and the department need to move out of DC, close to the real work/mission of the office….near the nat’l parks, bureau of land mgt areas….most are West of the Miss. River

      And what a job for a (g)Noem….close to the earth!

      • meow4me2 says:

        Yes, seeing lots of Kristi Noem since this summer. She definitely is getting her name out there for a reason. If she’s good and supports the President, I’m fine with her.

    • lakelurelife1 says:

      I do not wish to see Pam Bondi given anything.
      Let that be a massive consequence for her role in the railroading of George Zimmerman.
      That atrocity should never…ever…be forgotten!
      We cannot just sweep under the rug the hateful harm done not just to the Zimmermans, but to our nation.
      Trayvon’ good-for-nothing parents, Ben Crump, the whole lot of them, made money and fame on a lie. It was a lie perpetrated by Pam Bondi among others.
      No way should she be rewarded with anything. Ever.

    • Outlaw Josey Wales says:

      That it a huge NO to Noem having any position within the administration. She maybe good looking and able to memorize speeches and talking point, but she is an incompetent fool. Her unelected bureaucrats make all the decisions for her and she hasn’t seen a tax hike she wouldn’t implement. The only good thing she has done as governor is signed constitutional carry.

    • Rhoda R says:

      I think both Kristy Noem and Ron DeSantis are both potential future Presidential candidates.

  26. Blind no Longer says:

    Massive MOAB, headed towards those beloved institutions Nov. 4. I was sorta hoping President Trump would call em all on election night at around 9 pm and tell to lock the offices and hand in their keys!!

    For the POS Wray…all he has to say is complete and total incompetence or corruption, take your damn pick.

  27. grahampink says:

    Never a good idea to start measuring for drapes before you actually move in.

  28. slowcobra says:

    What was the (now retired) guy’s name that was hwad of Fbi’s NY office? Cal nordstom or similar? Is host of a FBI files show….?

    He could be pulled back in…He is PT supporter. No idea how old he is.

  29. glenndc says:

    Dear Sundance,
    Any person involved in government as a profession is most likely corrupt.
    CDC? Run it with a team of commercial actuaries
    DOJ? How about corporate law attorneys… (and how about English Tort as the system? Loser pays winner’s legal costs)
    FBI? The modern equivalent of Pinkerton.
    The fundamental point is that anyone that seeks to eat at the public trough as their career is corrupt and disqualified.

  30. Non-C_A background next? Seems prudent, given all that’s transpired.

  31. jus wundrin says:

    AG Tim Fox from MT would be a good candidate for any position.

  32. glenndc says:

    that means governors, attorneys general, and all other ‘public servants’ can go to hell, and as for, me, like Davey, I’m going to Texas to clean out Austin, Dallas and Houston.

  33. BCF1701 says:

    I think we really need to think about what a free republic means. Can we truly have secretive organizations with unlimited black budget funds running ops while the citizenry have no idea what for? It’s difficult enough to get citizens to look past the media framed narratives and see clearly what our three branches are up to in broad daylight. How much more dangerous are organizations like the FBI, CIA and NSA without the same measure of sunlight of the three branches? I think we need to start asking fundamental questions. Do we desire a free republic? Can that exist with a shadow government underneath? Does such a shadow truly represent the voters or the Constitution? If we don’t think long term, I fear those organizations (or viruses, for a lack of a better term) will only mutate and come back stronger and smarter than before. Hopefully this time in history will allow younger generations to wake up to the threat of these agencies and begin asking these fundamental questions for the future of the republic.

  34. Alli says:

    I believe Mr Grenell is highly qualified to run the State department. I think he may very well have a short list of others that are qualified to run other agencies and President Trump has trust in Mr. Grenell.

  35. law4lifeblog says:

    Sidney Powell of Texas woukd be perfect at FBI, she knows all their corrupt tricks. Woukd have to finish Flynn case, of course.

  36. Retired IG says:

    I grew up watching Walter Cronkite on the TV. Lou Dobb’s in this my world now is his equivalent. He listens to the people he interviews. What a rarity. And Ric Grennell, I have not yet experienced his equivalent in my lifetime.
    Have been on the computer too long watching Trump rallies in PA, my home state today. It was such a joy to see the President recognize the Amish who attended his rally. If you don'[t live around the Amish.
    Then the Amy Coney Barret confirmation. I had tears in my eyes..
    Have to send a picture in another post.

  37. Beverly says:

    Sundance, would you consider giving this documentary by Amanda Milius, patriot, prominent play? It is just released: The Plot Against the President.

    Everything you’ve been talking about in a dramatic, riveting, and chilling movie that will blow people’s minds:

    Anyone who sees this post, please copy, paste, and spread the word far and wide. It’s up to us. (Amanda is the daughter of John Milius, famous director of the movie Red Dawn, and she’s a terrific director in her own right.)

    This movie can reach people who won’t sit still for a factual presentation, and it really grabs the viewers by the throat and brings The Coup to vivid, terrifying life. Devin Nunes is the hero.

  38. Retired IG says:

    Fork. If anyone can find a picture to post re a CAT wearing a mask. Please post it. The irony….Never underestimate human or feline intelligence.

  39. Carrie says:

    Does anyone think PDJT should throw a bone to Giuliani for sticking his neck out for PDJT? I’m not necessarily saying he should get AG, but he does deserve some sort of position. (Please, no Pam Bondi or Chris Christie!)

    • Rhoda R says:

      Giuliani would be a good AG to clear out the corrupt attnys in that organization. I don’t know how good he would be afterwards, though.

  40. AussieJo says:

    I have a feeling, when President Trump wins next week, the transition will be quite peaceful, just like the confirmation of ACB. I think the word is out that if any trouble starts, things will be released. President Trump will have nothing to lose and I’m sure over the last 4 years, he has been gathering all the dirt on the Swamp and Dems and deals will be done with some. I hope though, those at the top will get their just deserts, at last.

  41. Erik Heter says:

    Wondering with regard to Grennell’s comments about putting people in position who don’t have a DC address if he might have been looking beyond just the FBI and CIA and at the DOJ as well … i.e. Barr.

  42. Richie says:

    I wonder what that fat boy over at the DOJ is up to.

  43. robert trafeli says:

    Slightly different topic ….but not really which is why I post.
    So, anyone wonder why it has been so “easy” for Trump to make peace in the middle east with Israel and Sudan, Bahrain and UAE? It’s because the whole world, especially the middle east wants it and has wanted it for years but IT WAS NEVER OFFERED TO THEM. So who has been keeping it from them for all these years continually sewing discord…. The Military industrial complex “swamp” which is why I post this. The whole of DC is a swamp, MIC, FBI,CIA and the rest. Now extrapolate the middle east peace with the intelligence community. They want mayhem and discord as well as so much more. Bongino keeps asking why no journalists on the Biden laptop story. Because the intelligence community who sat on that, on russia/ukraine/spygate and the never to be seen Durham report, are all the same story. Bongino is being naive and can’t extrapolate; there is a coup take over by China with multitudes of treasonous characters all profiting and selling out the country and MSM and the intelligence community are rogue and working together. The only ones that aren’t seeing the big picture is you and me, we the people. Don’t believe me. See how many are voting for Biden this election and heaven help us as the weaponized intel agencies are all working to steal the election in a few battleground states. to maintain their mayhem. Yes, pray for DJT, a Mount Rushmore president who must stay alive AND WIN to save the country. Lastly, I must be missing something. So, why isn’t Rick Grennell being discussed as the CIA chief?

  44. Gary Lacey says:

    The FBI was again….AGAIN….caught helping the Democrat Party sweep their demons under the rug.
    Well, just as Abraham was bargaining with GOD to save Sodom, (if there was one righteous man) such might be the case for a new Director for the FBI.(is there one righteous man in DC?) Wray is a total disaster.

  45. Why not get someone like Kobach in there to clean house first then hire staff. Every department and agency needs cleaning up but if Trump could get defense, Intel, and law cleaned up it would be a miracle. We need federal employment reform to make easier firing bureaucrats. Finally, SOMEONE HAS TO GO TO PRISON!

  46. Cocoon says:

    Still cannot understand how FBI held this laptop info during a Congressional Impeachment of POTUS which supported POTUS actions?
    Something not right there.

    • plane of the ecliptic says:

      They were going to place the laptop in the Bureaus version of Warehouse 13. To be used as future blackmail.

  47. lambgraham says:

    Forget about firing Wray. What can he be charged with under Title 18 of the US Code?
    He along with the USA of Delaware withheld exculpatory evidence from President Trump’s impeachment trial.

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