President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Waukesha, Wisconsin – 8:00pm EDT Livestream…

Tonight President Trump holds his third campaign rally of the day in Wisconsin. He started in Florida, traveled to North Carolina, Ohio, and now Wisconsin. The rally is being held at Stein Aircraft Services in Waukesha and is scheduled to begin at 8:00pm EDT though POTUS appears to be a little behind schedule. [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream Link



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204 Responses to President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Waukesha, Wisconsin – 8:00pm EDT Livestream…

  1. The Gipper Lives says:

    Glad the President explained the phony cause of death stats. The real number is probably half or less. Same with testing. Germany dialed their test sensitivity back to stop counting trace amounts that don’t cause sickness.

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    • The real number is prolly under 10,000…..check it out…just sayin…it’s all political BS!
      And the Trump-Haters think we are all so STOOPID!!!

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    • Yeah first time he really brought up the phony numbers. Sounded like there will be an investigation after the election.

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      • David A says:

        Here is more evidence from Tony Heller. Sundance may wish to repost this…
        ← New Video : Flu Cure Discovered

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        • Terry Gain says:

          Heller has also done a great job of exposing the climate change fraud of the Warmunnists. I think this pandemic was made so political from the outset that none of us know the actual figures. Entering 2020 President Trump had been so successful in creating a boom economy and improving the incomes of the working class that he was headed for a landslide reelection. It also helped that he had a very rational foreign policy.

          The pandemic provided President Trump’s enemies with an opportunity to discredit his executive ability. President Trump inherited Dr. Fauci, a Democrat and admirer of Hillary Clinton of all people, as the recognized expert on viruses. I believe it would have been too politically risky for President Trump to have fired Fauci, but the public never got the message that the spread and lethality of the virus was mainly due to comorbidities and density of population, factors which the President could not control.

          I’ve always been sceptical of the polls, but one of the things I couldn’t believe at all was that a majority of those polled trusted Biden to do a better job dealing with the pandemic than the President. Given that Biden opposed the travel ban from China and did not support the travel ban from Europe and given that he made no recommendations which had not already been implemented by President Trump and given Biden’s declining capability, these poll results made no sense.

          However, it now seems that the majority of the public believe that the economy needs to be reopened and we can’t allow the cure to be worse than the disease. This is very bad news for Biden.

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    • It was a good move. I hope he keeps it, “law and order” and “corruption” in his rally’s.

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    • rpcoastie says:

      The first month or two the CDC had been recording deaths FROM Covid-19. The numbers were still pretty low then the CDC changed the criteria to deaths WITH Covid-19 and the count skyrocketed for months through the summer until the August when it changed yet again to deaths INVOLVING Covid-19 and the count slowed. So, counting car accidents, heart attack and stroke victims who were swabbed in the ER or the OR and the test came back positive for Covid-19 counts as a death WITH Covid-19.

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    • Super Elite says:

      The number is approximately 30k according to Dr. Mercola on Lew Rockwell’s website. A very reputable source. And the 30k were mostly elderly and with comorbidities.

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      • David A says:

        I think it reasonable to go with excess deaths as a ballpark, and it is considerably higher then that. There are legitimate reasons for both an increase and decrease in average fatality rates due to the lockdowns.

        Yet where did all the flu cases go?

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        • Super Elite says:

          Some people think the lockdowns were a part of the problem and increased the number of deaths.


        • BV Conservative says:

          But most of the excess deaths were in youngrer people, so unlikely due to the virus. Drug ODs and suicides are up, and who knows how many are from failure to seek medical care because everything was shut down for covid. Excess deaths of those over 65 would be a more relevant figure.

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        • humaweiner says:

          Apparently after 15 years of 67,000 per year average American deaths from Influenza A & B it has been quietly cured.

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      • offtv says:

        At the same time the numbers went up, the regular “flu”, which kills thousands of elderly Every year, went down 90%. Coincidence?

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  2. Patience says:

    Life with Donald J Trump must be so interesting and so much fun

    What a man!
    What a mind!
    What a great President (capital P -yes)

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  3. dogsmaw says:

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  4. Maquis says:

    Slayotron! Killing Joe not so slowly…

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    • BuckeyeMom says:

      Agree. Candidate Trump used visual aids in his campaign 4 years ago and they were helpful. Some people need to see media to understand what is being said. This is a very smart addition to this campaign.

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    • Eagle Driver says:

      PDJT is about the put a “fork” in the dems hops for quite awhile…and that also includes Congress…

      NOTE: I will daresay right now, that once PDJT gets sworn in, again, if ANY CONGRESS CRITTER(s) HAS HAD OR IS HAVING ANY TYPE OF OUTSIDE INFLUENCE(S), THEY ARE GOING TO BE SHUT OFF!!!…PDJT has an agenda and the ONLY thing holding it up are The Critters…It is going to be telling in the first few days what is going on…McConnell is NOT going to have the “reigns” like he did before. His days are numbered as a broker along with a others…

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  5. simplewins says:

    That is 1 big kick ass crowd in WI. Very impressive.

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  6. rvsueandcrew says:

    Some people are morning people, others are night people. Our President is a morning, noon, and night person!

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  7. Peoria Jones says:

    Here’s the problem: While we see a disconnect between the Bernie camp and the Biden nomination, the Left has a work-around.

    It’s Kamala Harris. Vote Joe, get fascist Kamala. They’re all in.

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  8. tuskyou says:

    “If we win Wisconsin we win, if we win Wisconsin it’s all over”. He said the same in Janesville last Saturday. 10 electoral votes.

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  9. Han Solo says:

    Wow! There are about 116K watching right now, but over the last month, total views per rally are reaching 800k-1.1M views…that’s quite a reach even tho there are many that watch multiple rallies.

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  10. Peoria Jones says:

    Oops, did I miss what happened in France two days ago?


  11. simplewins says:

    One of the 1st people he talks to after getting off the stage is Ric Grenell. NOICE!

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  12. Donna In Oregon says:

    Great rallies!!!!! Watched them all. Always positive. 4 more years 🙂

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  13. Lion2017 says:

    God Bless President Trump! I love his dance moves at the end. MAGA!

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    • BuckeyeMom says:

      Love him!!! I have noticed how the younger generation is waiting for him to show his moves lol. I think our President is the “cool” one this time.

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      • warrprin1 says:

        He was the “cool” one last time too. But this time, he is the one and the only Dancin’ Man! Now THAT is REALLY COOL – on top of all his high powered grey matter, talent, skills, hard work, and accomplishments. Small wonder the small minds don’t “get it” about him. Some people just have to learn the hard way. Tough to be them.

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  14. bessie2003 says:

    This man has done four rallies in one day! And each one better than the other! Just WOW!

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  15. kleen says:

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  16. PaulCohen says:

    URGENT: this needs to be circulated widely, Biden/Kerry Inc. facilitating transfer of vital US dual-use technologies to benefit China’s military — this info alone should end Biden’s election prospects:

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  17. I wonder if UBOOB is controlling the live view numbers on RSBN rally coverage.

    Live RSBN gets 100k+ watching
    Hour after the event RSBN gets 500k+ views

    That’s a big jump in a short time.
    I am sure RSBN will take it. 👍🏻 RSBN

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  18. Smokey Jo says:

    I feel slightly bad about not going, live 30 minutes away. A club we belong to had our annual fish boil today (it’s a WI thing), and I was on the crew that caught the fish on Lake Michigan. Showed up fully decked out in MAGA gear – jacket, shirt, hat, scarf, gloves (yes, it was chilly out). Got home in time to watch the entirety of the rally. God Bless President Trump.

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  19. Sonia says:

    As far as the eye can see….

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  20. BuckyBadger says:

    Go Trump Go!

    Saw a YUGE Trump billboard in dark blue Madison today. Should be the scene of multiple car pile ups as the bumper sticker covered prius crowd drives off the road in rage!

    Go Trump!


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  21. Julia Adams says:

    If all you do is watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or ABC–there is no way you would know Trump is speaking to roaring, thunderous crowds multiple times a day in swing states across the country. We are witnessing greatness.

    Here’s the deal Joe Biden: The media can cover for you, suppress your crimes and avoid covering Trump rallies, but they can’t stop what is happening or deny the momentum.

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    • icthematrix says:

      Amazing President! Amazing enthusiasm! So proud of all patriots who burst through the virtual and real lockdowns to boldly get out front with visible Trump support! Every rally, every organic rally, every car or boat rally, is like a call to arms for all Americans. It says boldly…”WE WILL NOT LET OUR COUNTRY FALL TO COMMUNISM”!


  22. Julia Adams says:

    Did I hear this right? Joe Biden’s going to heal our nation and political division by…. calling Trump supporters “chumps”? Okay, gottcha

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  23. Barnestormer says:

    I wonder if Pres. Trump is aware that his rallies regularly out draw nearly every NFL game. Peaceful protest indeed.

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  24. No this is not WI or OH or NC:

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  25. SR says:

    I was in a get together in neighbor where mostly people are liberal who has masters and Phd. These people have some funny logic – Biden has rust belt root so OH and PA will vote for him. MI is union blue collar so they will vote for Biden. There is blue wave. When I brought some facts what is happening and mass rallies wow there is one guy who got super angry. Like PTrump killed thousands he should be prison and bla bla. I saw first time this liberal anger. I can not wait to throw thanksgiving party after election and big red wave.

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  26. sunnyflower5 says:

    The unmasked, cranky, 60 Minutes lady interviewing the President and VP must have spread it. How Shameful 60 Minutes!


  27. rustybritches says:

    We are the luckiest people in the world to be apart of President Trumps life He is one great person and loves America and Americans as much as we love him, God bless this man and may god protect him where ever he goes. I have watched all three Rallies today and Watching him says that he is having a lot of fun out there He has come back from the Covid and is doing great and now he is showing the world that there is nothing that is going to stop us all now..

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  28. icthematrix says:

    It is much better to vote FOR someone and something than against the same. While many will vote against Biden for representing the far left socialists or for being bought off by $$$, a much wider net is being cast by our President. Notice how much people are voting FOR him this year versus in 2016. Notice how many diverse groups of people are voting FOR our President than before! The homemade rally’s for our President are bigger, better and super enthusiastic! The President’s own rally’s are massive and beyond the energy level of 2016.

    Our President was still a bit unknown to people, even conservatives, in 2016. In 2020 he is a proven leader, the only President who accomplished nearly everything he said he would do. He also proved just how much he loves us and loves America.

    America is voting FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!


  29. msidaho says:

    There was a comment several years ago that as far as the MSM was concerned … If they did not report it then it did not happen. They seem to be of that same mindset today
    IMHO … They have not advanced, nor do they seem to accept the reality of today’s world.
    Cue declining viewership numbers vs reality. I have never seen how many folks visit TCH, but the RSBN numbers are high. So were the viewership numbers during the height of the lockdown during the daily pressers. There are many alternative ways for an interested person to ‘get’ the news – and i do not limit my statement to FB and/or twitter. Altho those two, by censoring, have made people want to go hunting for info on the Hunter laptop and salacious pix for instance
    Thank you TCH and RSBN – you are my sources for “all the news it is important to know”


  30. Ocelot says:

    President Trump Make America Great Again


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