October 24th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1374

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. Watch the new movie “the plot against the president”. I was able to get it on Amazon prime for free, I am sure there are other sources. Amazon delete this phone for two weeks for political reasons. As we all know Deven Nunes is our hero. We need to have justice in this country. Share this film with your friends who don’t know the story, it’s upsetting to see the corruption, we cannot let this go.

  2. A2 says:

    I posted before about the Zhenhua data collection in the PRCom US and other world citizens????



    • Eagle Driver says:

      Guess the Chinese found use for those VERY LARGE MAINFRAMES WITH SERVER FRONT ENDS on those campuses that China setup for American Financial Services Companies and others. Too be sure, the Chinese are EXPANDING their research into the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!!! DAMN shame that a “worm” might get in their!!!

  3. nimrodman says:

    The Left keeps pushing and pushing and pushing

    If the farmers catch a culprit, odds are they’ll stake him out in the field and make a few passes with the neighbor’s combine

    … I reckon


    Farmer who had Trump flags flying from his combine finds out his combine, two semis, and a tractor are on fire in his field

    • Robert Smith says:

      Combines can be very expensive machines.

    • botchedcasuality says:

      Has anyone started a go-fund -me?

    • Guyski says:

      This will not be covered nationally, but this is big. Every farmer will know about this, along with anyone connected to farming. ?

      • Guyski says:

        “I have been reached out to, and loved on more than anybody I know, far beyond anything I deserve. I’m not worthy and I am honored. I have people I have never met, people I’ve never heard of, helping to put my life back together. Not because I am great, because they are. I have people who are stretched to the limit, financially strapped, who are giving. Not because I am great, because they are.”

        Rempel also flew a Trump flag on his combine last year, and asked people to allow justice to take place.

        “Don’t rush the police,” he said. “We can’t afford for them to be wrong. We’re not looking for a public lynching or a Facebook execution. I don’t want that. Don’t rush to judgement. We don’t want to cheapen what happened.”


        • nimrodman says:

          thanks to all for expanding on this story

          I reckoned it was important but you comments have revealed it’s more important than I first thought

          sounds like the farmer has confidence in the police, I hope they pull an investigation through to success

          to think that partisan Leftist animus to a Trump flag would lead them to destroy half a million dollars of a farmer’s working equipment is just a staggering thought

          farmer may not want a public lynching but I’d sure like one behind a high wall

          • Guyski says:

            Thank you for posting. Never would have heard about it if you didn’t. ?

          • Bogeyfree says:

            PT a should show the burned out farming equipment on his rally jumbo screen with the caption……

            This is what they will do to you, your property and cities if they get in control and you don’t obey.

            I am the only thing standing between you and them and they are really after you, money power and control.

            Fight back like our forefathers did against this tyranny and VOTE TRUMP.

    • Bubby says:

      The difference between Capitalism and Communism is highlighted in article. This farmer will buy new farm equipment and be back in business in a few weeks if not days because he owns the land, the crops and the farm equipment. If he can’t get the farm equipment replaced in time for finishing his harvest his neighbors will do it for him! That happened to my brother, his John Deere baler broke down and his neighbor came over that afternoon and baled hay until midnight finishing the baling. In a Communist country the farmer doesn’t own the land, crops or equipment. If something breaks down the farmer just goes home and waits for the local communist party member to do something. Big big difference if you want to have plenty to eat! This lesson isn’t being taught!

    • hoosiertruthfan says:

      Donated, it breaks my heart for this family and our country. I’m stunned by how quickly the radicals are sweeping areas I used to feel were safe.
      Oh, to have a DOJ that saw this as the national threat it is instead of chasing stupid Iranian misinformation.

    • seekingthetruth says:

      Nim—Thanks for posting this so I could donate some dollars to this family.

      My parents and grandparents were farmers, and I’m so grateful to have grown up on a farm.

      The farming community is close one. I’m sure the farmers in surrounding counties are already helping this family bring in the rest of their harvest. That’s what farmers do.

  4. Magabear says:

    Good article on two men fighting against the politically motivated whuflu insanity.


    • marie_marie says:

      Wow! I bookmarked this WSJ article. “When Black Lives Matter broke out in the spring, 1,300 epidemilogist signed a letter saying that the gatherings were consistent with good public health practice. The same epidemiologist were arguing that we should essentially quarantine in place” I firmly believe covid19 was politicized to destroy The Trump presidency. This article validates what most of us think. Read and let it sink in. The media is the enemy of the people. Thanks Magabear for posting.

  5. sunnydaze says:

    Tim Canova retweeted this. He’s the (former?) Democrat who ran against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in FL. and got f*cked over by the DNC a few years back.

    As an aside, I just found out today that a few Muslim immigrants who are acquaintances of mine in the neighborhood (and are now citizens eligible to vote!) are huge Trump fans and voted for our Prez. They were very careful w/ their ballots, brought them to the special drop boxes cuz they’re suspicious of corrupt Dem interference in the election. Yes!!!

    I had seen a survey last week that showed Trump got high marks from American Muslims. These ladies today verified that.


  6. A2 says:


    Launch of the U.S.-EU Dialogue on China

    ‘ On October 23, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, met via telephone to discuss a range of issues of common interest in the context of the Transatlantic Partnership.

    During the meeting, they launched a new bilateral Dialogue between the European External Action Service and the U.S. Department of State on China. High Representative/Vice President Borrell and Secretary of State Pompeo welcomed the start of this dialogue as a dedicated forum for EU and U.S. experts to discuss the full range of issues related to China.

    Secretary Pompeo and High Representative Borrell agreed to continue meetings at the senior official and expert levels on themes including human rights, security, and multilateralism. The next high-level meeting between the Deputy Secretary of State and European External Action Service Secretary General will be held in mid-November 2020.’


    You need to remember that the wankerati with oceans of ink and the Dems and O’Bribe’em say the Trump administration doesn’t work with allies, has alienated them and so on and so forth.

    So blatantly false.

    Hard and sustained work has gone into this to get Europe to face the threat. Of course we may give a backhanded thanks to the PRC for their bully boy tactics.

    Promises made promises kept.

  7. WSB says:

    It is 2:44 AM est.

    I just woke up and heard on OANN that Ron Johnson refers to Bobulinski as a ‘whistleblower’, which may mean he went to a Senator or House member before any other agency.

    Does rhis mean that the FBI cannot touch him?

  8. suejeanne1 says:

    My Mom and I were watching Fox News a little bit ago – the replaying of Hannity, I think – or maybe it was Laura Ingraham – there was that clip from Inauguration Day January 20, 2017 – it showed the lovely Melania, stunningly attired – the President, their son, his daughter Ivanka and others hugging, very close –

    Mom piped up – “uh oh – President Trump is going to get in trouble again!”

    “Why, Mom?”

    “Look, how they are hugging kissing, so close, no masks!”

    “I know, Mom . . . but that was on Inauguration Day in 2017!”

    “I know it is . . . but it will still get him in trouble, they will say he was setting a bad example and that Fox shouldn’t run that because people will think he was doing that during this pandemic and it will be Trump’s fault, anyway.”

  9. Texian says:

    pay attention please.. thank you..

    ..having no choice is no fun..

    they have started it off with maskwear..

    know what you are voting for Americans..

    ..having a choice is better than not..


  10. sunnydaze says:

    Dems are losing voters like crazy. They’re going to Trump, or Green Party and other smaller Lefty parties. I don’t care where they go for now, as long ads they don’t vote Biden (and hopefully for most of them, no down ballot Dems either).


    • prognomore says:

      What a happy warrior!

    • Bogeyfree says:

      I really can’t wait to see how history remembers Bill Barr and Wray as most of the largest scandals in America’s history have unfolded at their feet and they did what???

      Look at all of these scandals and “incidents” and yet so far NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING.

      1) Uranium One – No Crimes, No Indictments

      2) Hammer Spying Program & 47 Hard Drives of Evidence given to the FIB in 2015 – No Crimes, No Indictments

      3) Anwan Brothers – No Crimes, No Indictments

      4) HRC Unsecured Server & 33K Emails – No Crimes, No Indictments

      5) Wiener Laptop Contents where the laptop and contents were given to the FIB – No Crimes, No Indictments (outside Wiener)

      6) DNC Server Hack where the FIB never confiscated the server but took the word of a 3rd Party that it was hacked – Alleged Crime, No Indictments

      7) Seth Rich murder where the FIB has refused all FOIA requests of any investigative reports – No arrests

      8) Fake Dossier and fraud on FISA Court 4 times where there is unequivocal evidence the FIB knew the Dossier was a fraud in Jan 2017 and still submitted 3 more FISA requests using this lie – No Crimes, No Indictments

      9) Years of FISA Abuse – No Crimes, No Indictments

      10) Years of FIB/NSA Contractor Spying Abuse as documented by Adm Rodgers audit and Judge Collyer 99 page report where 85% of NSA Contractor 702 searches were illegal – No Crimes, No Indictments

      11) Carter Page FISA Leak where the FIB has in its possession the Surveillance and Investigative report by SSA Dugan detailing the leaking of the traced FISA involving people in Congress – No Crime for Leaking (just one count lying)

      12) Numerous other Classified Leaks – No Crimes, No Indictments

      13) Numerous referrals to DOJ from Congress – No action, No Crimes, No Indictments

      14) Numerous Agents violating policy – No Crimes, No Indictments

      15) Ukraine WB fraud – No Crimes, No Indictments

      16) Impeachment Fraud and made up narrative by House Leader and now we learn the FIB had the Biden Laptop all this time and NEVER spoke up while PT was impeached – No Crimes, No Indictments

      17) Ukraine Money Laundering – No Crimes, No Indictments

      18) Epstein Death – No Cameras, No Crimes, No indictments

      19) Framing and Withholding exculpatory evidence and records in the Gen. Flynn case – No crimes, No Indictments

      20) Phil Haney Murder – No Crimes, No Indictments

      21) 31 Government issued phones used in Federal investigation all turned back in wiped – No Crimes, No Indictments

      22) Laptop in the hands of the FBI since Dec 2019 and while PT is being impeached – No Crimes, No Indictments

      So again read the words from Bill Barr’s lips below and ask yourself……..

      After nearly 2 years are we closer to a one system of justice for DC or two and if this was all just lip service?

      “Well, as I said in my confirmation hearing, one of the reasons I came back is because I was concerned that people were feeling there were two standards of justice in this country. And that the political and that the justice, or the law enforcement process was being used to play political games. And I wanted to make sure that we restore confidence in the system. There’s only one standard of justice.”

      Americans judge on ACTIONS not words.

      IMO what we have seen these past 4 years and especially over the past 2 as huge amounts of hard evidence and facts come out, this inaction is truly disgusting.

      • gunrunner03 says:

        Session/Barr/Wray. Traitors. They consciously put the welfare of their institutions (and/or themselves) ahead of the welfare of the Country. That’s their legacies: Traitors. (And Sessions is just pho-king stupid, too.)

  11. Thinking about the walk-aways: I suspect a lot of people who find themselves voting for President Trump, even if begrudgingly, will find themselves in the position of rooting for his – and therefore our – success in his second term. Which for many of them will be a far cry from where they started.

    And if they root for his success they might actually be motivated to discover real things, like he Didn’t make fun of a disabled person, he didn’t call the virus itself a hoax, the Russian collusion wasn’t from his campaign, he has never been racist, etc.

    • Kroesus says:

      In fact, the safest course is when the Dimms make an accusation of a crime or bad behavior look to THEM first for the guilty party. It is a common progressive tactic called “projection.”

  12. furtive says:

    UNCOVERED: How Joe Biden Got Millions In Foreign Bribes


      • AMK says:

        Uh, furtive, did you read this before posting? I think this is saying that Republicans stood with Trump against the collusion lie, and they’re referring to the President as the traitor.

        • furtive says:

          I posted it from a trump supporter twitter account.
          I interpreted it as trump is disgusted with RINOS because very few defend him.

        • furtive says:

          “Joe Biden was accepting influence payments, including those from Chinese entities; he should immediately quit the presidential campaign. Because even if Biden were elected, the first order of business would be impeachment and conviction.”


        • AMK, yes. The statement can be interpreted two ways. The traitor is some unnamed democrat whose photo isn’t shown nor is their name mentioned. OR the traitor is POTUS whose photo is shown next to the statement. The least that the statement could show is a photo of the traitor or else the name of the traitor. Otherwise it looks like they are implying that POTUS is the traitor. Not a good statement/photo.

          • steph_gray says:

            Also, this is not the moment to waste time attacking RINOs. We need every R we can get in the Senate and House to get back the latter majority (we will there, I believe, with a nice little wave of actual young MAGA challengers), and save the other majority.

            The moment to attack RINOs is the moment the election results have been certified to be an R sweep of Senate, House, and Presidency – and every moment from then on up until the 2022 midterms.

    • bessie2003 says:

      One of the saddest moments in our nation’s history that a person of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s stature is reduced to podcasts to expose information of politician’s actions that would put any regular citizen in jail for years.

      Speaks volumes on the corruption within our nation’s justice system that we are relying on private citizen videos as an attempt to gain cries for justice vs the actual justice system players sitting on incriminating evidence in the hopes no one notices.

      That little voice inside still plays the phrase we heard early on in PDJT’s first year – paraphrasing ‘when others say something is impossible, Pres. Trump looks at that as simply the starting point’ – but boy, we’ve got a long way to go.

      • 813.52Ran says:

        It’s not sad.
        I am in awe and inspired by Rudy. He could have just walked away, but he is doing what is necessary, damn the optics. Love the man.

        • bessie2003 says:

          Perhaps I stated it wrong – for me it’s sad that law enforcement isn’t doing their job and it’s up to private citizens to do the job we pay law enforcement to do.

        • tpwbama says:

          Rudy is doing what we all should be doing…Doing Our part collectively or if necessary individually. By any means. Inform the uninformed. Even if we are ridiculed or laughed at. It is our last chance to save our way of life ..our country. Most important Rudy is making the Justus department squirm. We know PT has the majority “By a lot” to vote him in…But we have to be prepared to get out of the comfort of our home and demand that we will not tolerate any effort to steal the election from him/us and it could get ugly. WE HAVE TO DO THIS. Pray….YES….Pray that God will give us the courage like Patriots of the past. Courage to get out and take a stand along side our President Trump.

      • furtive says:

        He could go on the road with POTUS and would have a live audience.
        He really isn’t prepared yet because the research has to be condensed . New 411 everyday.
        Newz directors are running out the clock. It would have more attention if it was revealed during impeachment.
        Too many greedy people will fall. FBI Is protecting the swamp

    • Bubby says:

      “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life,” – Joe Biden. Hey Joe did you take any money from Hunter? Yes of course he owed me millions! As the Big Guy I get a cut!

  13. BruceC says:

    “Four Years Ago, Trump Was my last choice … Now, I will walk across a vast plain of burning coals to cast my vote”


  14. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Unless they can somehow cheat on an enormous scale this thing is over.
    Only one person in this race.
    Always was.


    • icthematrix says:

      Check out the TDS responses to this on his Twitter post. Unbelievable.

      I’m seeing much of the same from die hard leftists in relation to the laptop evidence. Some know this is damaging but many more using specious invalid arguments to create dispersion. It’s why the bulk of this needs to come out MONDAY! Don’t keep dribbling bits and pieces. At some point the mother lode must be felled like a giant redwood tree, with so much girth and weight no one can escape being crushed by the impact.

    • stonedstooge says:

      Should have whacked Lesley Stahl over the head with it

  15. TJ says:

    “Trump is making peace deals with more countries than Obama bombed.”
    -The Bradford File


  16. CovfefeBerserker says:

    Every night, I dutifully make a stop outside the wire at Daily Kos to do recon. Lately, it has been really boring.

    But tonight an article and the accompanying comments provoked this thought. “Friday Night Owls: With code changes, Facebook helped rightwing publishers and throttled the left”

    From the comments, the libprogtards are full in with cancelling FB because they dont like something. (Honestly, I didnt read the OP. Was it the PAC?)

    But, my epiphiny is, “We should be triggering the cancel culture to cancel themselves!”

    Trigger them to cancel themselves.

    Trigger them to cancel themselves.

    • More Bore says:

      Cognitive dissonance in the extreme to think FB is in the tank for the right…

      But you know, whatever, I will take it if they JOIN US in trust-busting these piles of dung

    • msidaho says:

      Is there a posting somewhere reporting the estimated (or real) size of those attending the rallies – just this past week?
      I can’t find reports of how many watch online, either
      Help please …

    • nwtex says:

      Oh, dear. That emoji ⬆️ looks like something it’s not…. ugh.
      It is a monkey …..which I will not be using again ?️

  17. TJ says:

    -Dallas County commissioners, encouraged by Texas’ elections director, defied Gov. Abbott and passed their own mask mandate for election workers.

    -Two workers who were subsequently fired, tried to fight back. Until they hit a roadblock.


  18. nwtex says:


    Katherine Mach
    Love these people. Getting out there. God bless.

    • doyouseemyvision says:

      These are Vietnamese, not Chinese. Vietnamese do not like Chinese and are very distrustful of them. Vietnamese detest Communism.

    • Julia Adams says:

      This situation is not a one off. It happens nearly every day in NYC. If the Jewish Community there breaks for Trump, AOC, Schumer, Cuomo and all other prominent Democrats in NY are all done.

      NY just might be closer than we think. Flip NY Red 2020!

      • bentley1blog says:

        Julia…what a wonderful flip that would be! Smacking the likes of cuomo right in his demonic face.

      • More Bore says:

        Appreciate the optimism, but the Jewish community is NOT EVEN CLOSE to a large enough bloc to shift the results that much. In fact, thats a lot of the reason why they are being targeted because Blasio knows he can without consequence, and can appear to be doing something about it. They are largely peaceful, would probably vote Dem anyway, and if they don’t, they just get targeted all the more.

        If he dared this on the black community, I think we all know what the consequence would be.

        • Dana Christianson says:

          Funny How The “Secular-Jews” Aren’t Outraged By The Treatment Of The “Orthodox”.. Where’s Chuck Schumer On This?……….

  19. barry did not go to Philth_adelphia to support croakin’ joe.
    He went to insure the machine was in place.


  20. Guyski says:

    I think there will be a large number of voters that will vote for President Trump; not because they support him, but to punish or send a message to their governors and mayors. ?

    • Shelley Childs says:

      That would be great if it happened in Massachusetts, we’re pretty fed up.

      • steph_gray says:

        It’s happening. There’s a private FB group of women in blueMA for Trump that was only about 3K members large 6 weeks ago and is almost 12K members now.

        The good thing is that anybody in it who might have accepted the invite just to punish Baker et al are learning rapidly that there is plenty to vote _for_, as well.

        I am promoting the Treehouse there and it’s getting attention!

  21. destashjan says:

    I hope this shows up! A photo of the support for our President. In (gasp) Massachusetts!

  22. nwtex says:

    Why not disrupt the lives of people in your own towns….no worries….cameras will follow.
    So rude.

    Beverly Hills To Shut Down Rodeo Drive On Election Day: ‘We Are Planning For The Worst’
    October 23, 2020 at 10:10 pm

    Starting Oct. 31, all 135 Beverly Hills police officers will be on tactical alert — 12 hours on, 12 hours off — through election day. A SWAT team from Santa Paula will come in to back them up and 80 private security guards, all ex-military or law enforcement, will patrol the city starting on Halloween in an effort to deter criminal activity.






  23. Jimmy R says:

    Jack Maxey says he’s found another incriminating audio recording of Joe Biden.


  24. Peoria Jones says:

    Is there any credible news on the Twatter account of Tony Bobulinski? It appeared to be real, years old, and got disappeared last evening.

    • Jimmy R says:

      One of the replies in one of the threads said that it was an old Trump satire account which is how it had a lot of followers already) that had just changed its name to Tony Bobulinski. Lots of the replies in the threads said it was fake. To me the tip off was the tweet along the lines of “Wait until they find Hunter’s other laptop that he left in another computer repair shop” which had to be a joke. It was very dry satire, which made it seem real, though.

    • bentley1blog says:

      Exactly. It’s what the left lives for. Such dangerous fools.

    • Tl Howard says:

      How can one be a Bernie Bro and have any faith in this guy’s integrity any more?

      I haven’t really seen much analyses of what Bernie Bro voters are doing in this election. Have you? Hoping that most of them sit this out BUT I think many of them will hold their nose, vote for Biden and hope that the radical wing of the party takes over should he get in.

  25. wtd says:

    I never ask direct favors of my followers, but would every one of you watch this brief video to the end, please?


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