Hunter Biden Business Associate, Lt Tony Bobulinski, Confirms Foreign Business Payoffs – Trump Invites Bobulinski to Debate…

In a major development in the ongoing exposé of Vice President Joe Biden using his office to gain financial wealth, a business associate of Hunter Biden, Lt. Tony Bobulinski, has confirmed how the bribery and payment system worked.

Hunter Biden was essentially the bagman for the Biden family; and various foreign business interests paid money into Hunter’s accounts as a pass-through to pay-off Joe Biden for his influence on policy that supported their financial interests.  Joe Biden is fully exposed within the sworn statement by Tony Bobulinski.  It is a stunning development:


President Trump is expected to bring former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski as his guest to the final presidential debate Thursday night, Fox News has learned.

WASHINGTON – […]  “I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line,” Bobulinski said.

“The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist-controlled China,” he added.

Bobulinksi also said that he believes that the Chinese involvement in the deal was “political or influence investment” on their part, and that “Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese.”

The Biden campaign declined to comment. (read more)

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293 Responses to Hunter Biden Business Associate, Lt Tony Bobulinski, Confirms Foreign Business Payoffs – Trump Invites Bobulinski to Debate…

  1. Mike in a Truck says:

    Any doubt left that the CCP owns Obama, HRC,Biden,Feinstein and all the rest of that demonic pedocrat party? Time to abolish the Democrat Party which should have been done after the Civil War.

    • SanJac says:

      Did not Osama make a trip to China after the election of President Trump and before he was sworn into office ?

      Osama is involved somewhere in this whole thing and some of his amassed millions have come directly from the communist just like Joevid-20

  2. alonzo1956 says:

    If I were President Trump, tonight at the debates I would slap the SHIT out of Biden for bring a Treasonous Traitor by attempting the coup AND selling us out to China, using my guest as verification. I would then pardon myself and walk off the stage. This Trump fan would be ecstatic and it would swing what few undecideds that are left over to the R side.

  3. soozala says:

    BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elliott says:

    I had to Stahl my Toobin to avoid getting Bobulinski’d…

  5. YeahYouRight says:

    Love it! A replay of Bill’s victims seated in the front row for Trump’s debate with Hillary!

    I Love My President!

  6. glennhanson says:

    I will be more convinced than ever that anyone knowing this that still votes for Biden without doubt has to hate Trump more than they love this country. The least any rational democrat can do is to just abstain from voting. This shell of a human is a security threat to the USA.

    • Ackman419 says:

      When PDJT wins, there will be millions of broken brainwash victims.
      They will not take it lightly.
      And I’m not talking about the rioters and protestor types. I’m talking about our Moms, Dads, sisters, in-laws, coworkers, bosses, etc. Normally functional non-radicals who will have the rug pulled out from under their world view.
      They will go into depression, lash out, give up, etc. The wailing and lamenting will be worse than 2016.
      All because of Obammy, Hillary, FBI/DOJ/CIA and the MSM.

      • fangdog says:

        Anyone who votes for Biden is truly a dumb and stupid sh*t. You don’t ever want to do any business with someone who votes for Biden. They have proved to you they have sh*t for brains. They are the type if a mechanic will replace your engine when all it needed was new spark plugs.

  7. furtive says:

    WHISTLEBLOWER Lt. Bobulinksi is on DOBBS LIVE from the debate from Nashville.

  8. doofusdawg says:

    Looking like Pelosi’s commission on presidential succession was in fact an attempt to get out ahead of all these disclosures. Perhaps Barr briefed her… maybe Ray too. What a mess.

  9. Chrissy Wallace on Fox today actually said this is all a nothing burger because Joe released his taxes and they don’t show any of these payoffs!

  10. furtive says:

    “Hunter is in possession of a large 2.8 carat valuable diamond,” lawyer Rebekah Sullivan wrote on Feb. 17, 2017.

    Ye Jianming, then the chairman of CEFC China Energy Co., gave it to him, following an introductory dinner meeting in Miami amid Biden’s divorce.

  11. jay says:

    No justice….just a lot of peace on our end.
    This is outrageous.

  12. Kerry Gimbel says:

    I think if you listened to Leslie there are no sane Democrats

    • furtive says:

      Lt Bobulinski & Donald J. Trump, a Harry Truman Democrat.
      There are no more traditional democrats in the STASI PARTY.

  13. Maybe this is my imagination but every picture I see of Hunter and Joe looks really creepy. Is there a reason?

    • TreeClimber says:

      The demons behind their eyes? Maybe the fact that we know that Joe is a pedophile and since apparently they have no problem “keeping it in the family” that probably Hunter is dealing with being molested as a kid (no therapy, of course, couldn’t tarnish Daddy’s name) and then being the fall guy for all the corruption payments.

    • warrprin1 says:

      Yes. They are both very creepy looking men. It’s all in the expression – which is over the top with these two.

  14. furtive says:


  15. BV Conservative says:

    How much more of this goes on that we don’t know about? Disgusting. Sent in my absentee ballot today. Straight R. I’m concerned if we can pull it out. Hope seniors wake up.

  16. Notice National security Is a “debate Topic”.. Trump should bring it up then..

  17. joebidenunauthorized says:

    Obama knew

  18. alliwantissometruth says:

    Not sure if this was brought up here, but…

    Now this….

    A May 2017 text message obtained by Fox News reveals Tony Bobulinski was warned by his business partner James Gilliar not to mention Joe Biden was involved.

    Tony Bobulinski was brought into Sinohawk Holdings to be CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden — James Gilliar made sure to warn Bobulinski never to mention Joe Biden being involved because they were paranoid.

    “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

    If true, well, just wow

  19. Richie says:

    So the plan is to steal election with voter fraud and then impeach Biden after hes elected on foreign bribery charges etc….Biden probably wouldnt even know hes President to begin with. Is that Obamas plan to make Kamala President? Sorry if I angered anyone.

  20. Cisco says:

    But, but what about the New Green Scam, er, Deal?

  21. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    President Trump decided against inviting Frank Fusco, Hunter’s crack dealer to debate.

  22. simplewins says:

    Wow, this guy is destroying the Bidens. YES!!!!

  23. Patriot1783 says:

    “Hawk” was the name of Beau Biden’s favorite animal.

  24. T2020 says:

    This is a direct answer to many prayers to the Lord that the truth would be exposed. All thanks and praise goes to the Lord GodAlmighty, maker of Heaven and Earth. “…The battle is the Lord’s and HE will give you (the enemy) into our hands.” – 1 Samuel 17:47

    • Rhi316 says:

      Hearty AMEN T2020!
      Been praying exactly that for these many years, praise be to the Lord God Almighty that the truth is being revealed to all who would accept it.

  25. juridicus2016 says:

    What is going on? Just watched the Bobolinski press statement. He held up the three cell phones which are the central pieces of evidence supporting his claims. After the press statement he left the room and left the phones behind on the table from which he picked them up! Is the evidence about to disappear or suddenly develop chain of custody problems?

  26. Dutchman says:

    I’m sure its been said, but this is inviting Bills girls to the debate, with press conference before, 2.0.

    Has said he was “taking the gloves off” after Atlantic article. Bare knuckles, feet or fist.

    Game on! Mr. President,….game on!

  27. Ausonius says:

    Comments elsewhere about this have people writing: “BIDEN is finished.” “It’s over for BIDEN!”

    No, unfortunately it is not over. The Lies just need to be BIGGER and LOUDER!!! and then everything will be fine.

    This is how DEMS operate, courtesy of Ann Guilbert and Joey Bishop over 50 years ago:


  28. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    For 8 years the Obama/Clinton Cabal did everything and anything the wanted without fear of the democrats losing another presidential election. Then lardazz Hillary lost.

    Trying to put ole Jack back into the Box can be difficult but so far they have avoided being caught.

    We’ll see.

  29. MicD says:

    POTUS: “Why did Biden pick Harris, she treated him worse than anyone…”
    Now we know, right?
    She was part of this, and she was letting Biden know he better pick her, or else.

  30. Isman says:

    I don’t know if it has been noted here yet, but the only way I can see of how Joe Biden can reverse the momentum that has shifted against him by this story is the suicide of Hunter. Joe then accuses Trump, Fox News and the Republicans of essentially causing the death of his son. The sympathy vote would flow to Joe, perhaps making the election close enough for the Democrats to cheat their way to a win.

  31. mtk says:

    Just to enumerate, “How does a very public servant (aka Joe Biden) on a very public salary, afford the means to employ the ownership/services of a private jet!!!!!

    Such that, are we talking about a very public servant aspiring to the billionaire club without the lidgitimate bonifies to such ownership/services, or are we talking about ill-gotten means that have been afforded to a global player squarely being based in the center of a vast corruption laundering scandal of ill gotten means to afford the services of a private jet?

    Enquiring minds need to know!!!

  32. DJT has body slammed wrestlers at the WWF. This Joe thing is nothing. He has been wronged – All he wanted to do was make the USA better – and work 24/7 doing it – against all odds – against a corrupt , conniving, system. He wants vengeance. Bring it on.
    This is Clint Eastwood level stuff.

  33. gavinsundermask says:

    Tony should pull a Vindman and show up in full dress.

  34. eric says:

    he’s gonna drop M.O.A.B.
    for all the world to see.

    • A kinockout in the 8th round … Ali Ali Ali kumbaye!!( from Rumble in the Jungle)

    • guest4ever says:

      Eric—-Well, I’ll bet the entire world is in on it too. I’m SURE the corruption is far-and-wide-and deep—–ALL over the entire globe. That’s why almost the entire world is against our POTUS, except for the, “little” people, aka, the Deplorables!!!!

  35. Did where’s hunter call daddy and wish him well in the debate tonight?

  36. Kent says:

    Joe been gittin’ by being smooth talking airhead asshole all these years and NOW y’all gon’ call him out on it….he runnin’ fo’ PRESIDENT!

    Y’all got no respect?

    REPUB wannabeez been taking chinese bribes an’ the REST of the demuhcrats…FO’ DECADES! and now you wanna stand yo’ sorry asses up and try to put down President Trump…

    Y’all a fine piece of work…..kick my boot right up yo’ sorry asses and fire every single leftist installed into the guhvamint over the past forty years…and every bribe taking republican along with’em….

    Y’all sad…really truly sad……

  37. Ono says:


    Someone is entering a final rigged Presidential debate with dog dooo on his shoes.

    I live in Ca and it’s stinks from here.

    Joe …show us your shoes…

  38. says:

    For the first time in generations I could say (and feel) proud of my President. that alone is a big accomplishment . and I know I’m not the only one. The last time I remember that happening is when Ronald Reagan was Shot and when he did the tear down the wall speech. It was down hill from there ! to the point where I just could not believe one of our presidents was even representing the USA. it seemed like he was from a foreign country and allowed to run this country. everyday was something new and I would read President disparaging the USA and it’s people while on foreign soil. It was truly unbelievable .
    Thank GOD Donald Trump stepped forward to save the USA from these people.

  39. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    Precisely what the nation direly needs – an alpha president who puts the nation first above life long politicians who “pimp” the nation for their personal bank account. No wonder the establishment wants him out. However, we understand their game and will request 4 more years with President T.

    Me thinks too many politicians protest too much. Where there is smoke is a good place to look for fire. Get ready AG Barr.

    Viva America and Prez Trump!

  40. freepetta says:

    I have to admit!
    I greatly despise sleepy Joe!

  41. freepetta says:

    PDJT is running rings around sleepy Joe!

  42. dogsmaw says:

    “Down On The Corner”

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    Over by the courthouse, they’re startin’ to unwind
    Four kids on the corner, trying to bring you up
    Willy picks a tune out and he blows it on the harp

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  43. Julian says:

    Next up – expose the complicity of Kamala Harris in the Jussie Smollett conspiracy to commit a crime.

  44. Cocoon says:

    The WH became the Biden Family ATM.

  45. joebidenunauthorized says:

    Jie Biden malfeasance and Obama coverup — how deep does it go?

  46. Sol Benedict says:

    Lt. Bobulinksi said it all last nite. Put the nail in the coffin, he did. That’s what a true Patriot looks like. Just about upchucked over the sassy comments of the “news media”. I see the “useful idiots” for what they are, poor deluded souls with an alternative reality, crying out against the very things THEY themselves do. No matter what happens, I am proud to stand with the righteous and will try to treat the enemies of Truth with a measure of dignity, to reflect that I stand with the Creator of all things and support His moral statutes and teachings. God have mercy on the wicked. He is, but that mercy will eventually give way to righteous indignation. God bless those who fear the Lord!

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