Ground Reports #2 – Voting Begins: What is Happening in Your Area?…

This is the second in our series of CTH ground reports. With Treepers in every state, your information is actually a great insight into the political landscape.

Individual reports are obviously anecdotal; however, when they are compiled on a larger scale, and overlaid against the social media network we also follow, these ground reports have proven to be pretty darned accurate.  Early voting has begun.  If you have voted in person feel free to share your experience.

President Trump is surging at precisely the right moment.  Momentum is building and you can see all across social media platforms the MAGA movement is pushing back against censorship.  Massive boat parades and incredible vehicle parades both replete with flags and banners supporting our President.

Yard signs/banners are now out in force and the MAGA gear is visible everywhere. In the past week the latest viral platform videos are of Trump dancing; Trumpy dance and Tik-Tok duets. Good stuff.  The biggest single attribute connecting all of these visible events is joy, fellowship and the visible spirit of a patriotic movement happy to stand with President Trump.

Tens-of-thousands for rallies and Trump events; and even surrogates for President Trump are drawing exponentially larger crowds than the democrat candidates.

The monster vote is awake and alive.

All visible support for President Trump is genuinely organic, grassroots and easily identifiable as not being politically coordinated. Conversely all media-focused support for Joe Biden -used to frame the current election narrative- is transparently astroturf, inorganic and easily identified as being contrived. There truly is a remarkable and easily witnessed distinction.

We have the best candidate. We have the best message. Our color-blind movement is optimistic and filled with patriotic joy. Massive numbers of Latinos; massive numbers of blacks; massive numbers of young voters.  The confidence level is high.

Our opposition is shallow, reliant upon astroturf and media manipulation. Ignore the narrative engineers and join in fellowship. Live your best life.  Put out the signs; wear the gear; engage with everyone; be openly optimistic and rally to the standard. We have got this if we want it…

Deserve MAGA victory !!  Get your ass in the game, get serious, get everyone involved and register those who never voted before; remind everyone, and drive the MONSTER VOTE !!

So here’s the question…  What do you see in your area?

What is the visible situation from your community and how does that contrast or align with the national narrative you are seeing as promoted by media?

How does the turnout look?  What are you seeing in/around your neighborhood and polling place?   If you have early voted in-person, what was turnout like?

Ground reports are a great way to get a *sense* of the election.

Ivanka Trump in Fort Myers, FL – October 22, 2020


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769 Responses to Ground Reports #2 – Voting Begins: What is Happening in Your Area?…

  1. Susan says:

    Ohio report. Early voting started here Oct. 6th. Husband and I voted Oct. 7th early for the first time. Reason being, I signed up for the first time to be a poll worker and told to vote early since I would be working 14 hours. I always vote in person. I stepped up so Ohio citizens still had the right to vote in person. Long lines. Poll instructor told us that they were surprised the 30 year olds chose not to work this year due to COVID. BUT the 80 yr olds were still coming! The greatest generation knows what is at stake.

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  2. Teddie Dilks says:

    Cincinnati. i live right between downtown and University of Cincinnati, so it is a liberal area. My street has a few BLM signs, a Biden sign, a few signs for local Dems, and my US flag. Yesterday I drove to the other side of my neighborhood. I saw some Biden signs, but lots of US flags! This is a 70% Dem area so I was heartened by that! Voting today was a breeze at our Board of Elections. I was able to scan my ballot which I feel is so much better than using a drop box. Trump has Ohio. Our Rino governor is threatening to close our county down if we don’t get our numbers down. My Socialist cousins love him!

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    • Mr e-man says:

      You reminded me. I need to get my flag out. Nowadays, an American flag is a symbol of Trump support. Trump and his supporters love America. We don’t want to be Venezuela.

      And the American flag won’t draw the violent, hateful, liberal flies like a Trump flag or sign would.


    • Ausonius says:

      The U.S. flags are almost always a symbol of a TRUMP voter, given the hostility from DEMS toward America and even “the idea” of America.

      RINO Governor Dewine is beginning to make me sick: he is more sickening than the Wuhan Flu!

      Here in Columbus, as I wrote back on page 1 I believe, TRUMP signs are present, but crowds of BIDEN signs can be seen in certain areas. And yet, to be sure, there are all those houses with American flags but no signs!

      I see no logical reason for Ohio to turn toward corrupt, crooked BIDEN.


      • Kaco says:

        I have read and been told Pres Trump has Ohio.

        I have the battle of the signs going on with the flipped next door neighbor. She started with 3 local Dem signs, then 4. I finally put out 6 local GOP signs and my Trump 2020 sign. I went to pick up my kid from school a bit ago and now she has put out a Biden sign!!! Oh, boy, this is getting interesting. She is obviously a gullible one, also engaged now to someone who works at Akron University. I think one of her daughters went to Kent, so that’s bad news, too. If anyone asks, “I am NOT a socialist Marxist!”

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  3. Ackman419 says:

    Red part of Southern Oregon, Josephine County.
    I’d say it’s roughly 7:1 in favor of Trump signage.
    The Biden support is actually the side that feels stifled around here.
    I don’t understand why, but they are paranoid.
    For example: My relative volunteers at the Dem party HQ in the county seat. She carries a gun with her because “Trump crazies”.
    There is no political violence here, from the right or left, but she feels threatened anyways.
    Oregon isn’t just Portland.

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  4. TonyEuropa says:

    IMHO, vote live on election day or ask for an absentee ballot if you are going to be unable to show up.

    I always get those “I have voted” stickers. When the kids were in elementary school. I used to get several and give them to my kids so they could wear them to class.

    We usually figure out how we’re gonna vote ( want money, bonds, taxes, more rules, more laws = NO… ) and take our pre filled “work ballot” with us. I still remember when we showed our driver’s license.

    Let’s make The OC Red again. ( Amazing how the Commies call themselves “blue” ).

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    • Mr e-man says:

      And now we are doing our own ballot harvesting by putting ballot boxes in Republican areas. Brilliant!

      We have to fight fire with fire. Rouda, Porter, etc must go.

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  5. MfM says:

    Four years ago I did some sign waving in Chester County, PA. Lots of beeps, but also some thumps down and a number of women with their middle finger up. What was absolutely amazing… is the number of cars were the other person in the car gave a hidden thumps up! I didn’t see it the other way, if a car had two people in it and they beeped or gave a thumbs up it was usually both people… no subtle negative gestures.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised at the number of people who in the voting booth didn’t vote the same as their spouse, but implied they voted for Biden, but voted for Trump.

    MA has a slew of Independents. Often times that’s a way to shield your feelings. In PA it’s more difficult since you can’t vote in the primary without a party.

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  6. MfM says:

    Trump looks thinner in the short video of him dancing. I know he likely wears bulletproof protection, anyone else think so?

    I think he acts and talks totally normal and he looks fine.

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      Caught that too. Looked like his slacks were way too big? Usually so nattily attired……


      • zorrorides says:

        Ohh the big baggy slacks for the bottom half of DJT’s blue suits…
        That’s his preferred style choice. I’m sure Melania has suggested a more tailored look.

        I can imagine, “Oh dear first lady, but shouldn’t I dress to look my age?”

        Recall Ronald Reagan in his brown-tone dress suits – RR tapered himself from his big burly shoulders evenly down to his shoe tops. In comparison to Reagan, Trump’s pant legs look big and floppy. Al Gore exercised with a team of coaches for years until he could physically match up with Ronald Reagan. Then he copied Reagan’s style in suits.

        OK, that’s it. Here’s what I’d change about Donald Trump. The whole list, complete.

        1. Taper his slacks from knee to cuff.
        2. There is no two.
        3. Geddouwdahere! Sir, may you tweet whenever and however it pleases you.

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  7. meheuring says:

    St. Paul suburbs here. Biden signs here and there, but fewer political signs in general than one ordinarily sees in an election year around here. No Trump signs in our area. No surprise, though.

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    • MNslacker says:

      South of St Paul as well.

      One neighbor (public school teacher) put up a BLM sign and then Biden and Tina Smith (senator from planned parenthood) signs. The very next day 2 Trump flags went up in the neighborhood, including one next door to the professional indoctrination. LOL!

      Otherwise only city council signs, which is typical in any election here.


    • Charles County MD says:

      Same where I am in southern Maryland. The lack of enthusiasm for Biden is felt, but the faithful D voter will surely cast their ballot for him. Though I’ve seen a few Trump signs (at least one graffitied and then removed), I’ve seen an unusual spike in signs for the Republican congressional candidate, possibly a subtle way of endorsing Trump without worrying about sign vandalism.


  8. Pete says:

    In 2016, Trump won the election because Republican and Independent voters saw and heard a different breed of a candidate who is not a politician. Borrowing from Obummer, Trump’s victory was about Hope and Change.

    In 2020, Trump supporters has proven that they were right to put their trust in Trump. They’ve experienced unbelievable change, and their hope was rewarded with a streak of wins for themselves and for the country. “What have you got to lose?”, Trump asked in 2016. In 2020, there is an avalanche of Black Americans and Latinos that boarded the Trump Train. So in 2016, MAGA or Hope and Change won it for Trump. In 2020 Trump will win by a landslide because of MAGAA… Make America Great Again Again 🇺🇸

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  9. karischaf says:

    Our area is Northern Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., and I believe that our population includes many government workers. Typically the area favors candidates representing the Democrat party. In driving around, I have seen dozens of yard signs for Biden/Harris, and have only seen one Trump yard sign. Yesterday we voted — there was a line out the door of the voting location. While I could not tell who these people would vote for, I did see a number of people carrying sample ballots for the Republican party — so those may have been about equal at that time and place. Recently we traveled from Virginia to Kentucky and found that in the southern part of the state there were many Trump signs and way fewer Biden/Harris signs.

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    • timw42 says:

      Going to be interesting to see how it goes in NoVa (I live there as well). There are a handful of Biden/Harris signs in my development, but not much else. I’ve seen a few Trump bumper stickers while out driving. While Fairfax got turned blue, there are a lot of us “reds” in the area. So we’ll see.


  10. Ono says:

    I’m in Northeast San Diego County, Ca. and Trump is very popular here. Trump flags under American flags are flying. Roadside gear stand in Ramona and Temecula…and get this. There is a roadside gear stand in Carlsbad (liberal coastal community). There is a billboard in OC that says Ca sucks…vote republican

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  11. puca58 says:

    Just a personal observation about TV advertising over the last few days here in Phila. market. I do not have cable, I stream thru apps that I choose, so this is based on ads there. The only ads I’ve seen Biden in are Trump ads; 2 days ago, they were running ads for Harris as if she were the nominee; and today, the only ads they’ve been running are reminders of how to fill out your vote by mail ballot for those who apparently lack the acumen to read & follow instructions. Conversely, GOP is bombarding us with the Jack Brewer ad. Seems they’re going after the black vote…dems worst nightmare.

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    • More Trump signs than Biden but very few of both. PA, DE Biden commercials are pure lies and many of them stress Biden losing his wife and daughter and portray him as a loving father. One of my dearest friends who has leaned left for years told me she prays President Trump will win and she can’t wait to vote for him. She arbors Biden, knows Jill Biden’s ex and my friend has more dirt on Joe and Jill.

      No early voting in DE.

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      • puca58 says:

        I’ve said this for months, the people of the Delaware Valley have known for 40 yrs Biden is a lying, self-serving, arrogant, greedy asshat. I could throw out many more adjectives, but I have to mind my BP. 👍 to your neighbor!

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    • More Trump signs than Biden but very few of both. PA, DE Biden commercials are pure lies and many of them stress Biden losing his wife and daughter and portray him as a loving father. One of my dearest friends who has leaned left for years told me she prays President Trump will win and she can’t wait to vote for him. She arbors Biden, knows Jill Biden’s ex and my friend has more dirt on Joe and Jill.

      No early voting in DE.


  12. Gramadeb50 says:

    No early voting in Mississippi, we vote in person on election day. Absentee voting restricted to specific reasons.
    Seeing more Trump signs going up, no Biden at all here in Pontotoc County. MAGAA

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  13. Here in deep blue Washington we are 100 percent mail in voting. I don’t mail, but take it directly to an official ballot box in my county. Most of what informs me is what I see on FB and, at least here in Washington, the crazy libs are VERY vocal out there constantly pushing people to vote and then touting that they have now voted. We’ve had our ballots for about 6 days now. The TDS is strong. As I live in a community north of Seattle, I only see the yard signs there and it looks pretty evenly split. Don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance of Washington flipping red. However, we HAVE seen Joe Biden ads here which makes me wonder why? If Washington state is a safe Biden/Inslee state I don’t know why they would bother to run ads, but they do.


  14. TonyEuropa says:

    Is the WSJ holding up their story about BidenGate?


  15. Gina Regan says:

    Live in rural central KY, near Ft. Knox. Voted last Saturday and lines were non-existent. Educated others on locations and hours of voting places for three counties in our church bulletin. All around here are upbeat, openly friendly Trump voters. Almost every house has a Trump flag. Am praying we can counter the Louisville lefties.

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    • LIG says:

      I’m near Louisville but always vote against the lefties. Friends are reporting they are voting Trump but their kids believe the propaganda of b lie m. Not many signs for President because of rioting and unrest, We are afraid to put out our signs. . More Biden by 20 to 1. And if they want to signal d they are against Mitch McConnell with a McGrath’s sign.

      Voting was easy in a large ballroom with about 60-75 workers. Told them I didn’t see how this was safer than voting in my neighborhood precinct.


  16. Chicago says:

    Last Sat at bank,Teller next to mine was encouraging his customer to re-elect Trump.
    Teller was Indian born, came in late 1960s, Citizen by 1974, Customer also Indian.
    No prompting,No raised eyebrows.
    Went further to say how Dems do nothing.
    Best part is bank has recent virtue signaling campaign on how they don’t discriminate.
    No one pays attention to this garbage and hasn’t for a long time, they listen to the people they trust and weigh that when voting.
    It was great mix of Indian / English convo and fun to hear.
    Also recently old Greek couple shared with me that when they came to US in 1959 at swearing in ceremony in 1960s, there sponsor ( husbands Uncle) asked them to always vote Republican.
    Trump won’t carry Illinois ( Cook,Chicago) but he has strong support and more in the voting booth.

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  17. Jorizabeth says:

    From abused SoCal:
    I wore a homemade MAGA mask to the grocery store the other day. Granted, I was in and out fast, but nobody gave any sideways frowns or worse. Most Trumpsters like my young Hispanic neighbor are keeping it close to the chest, but trust me, San Diego is big on President Trump! I expect some gargantuan parades this weekend here! Boats too!

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  18. BuckeyeForTrump says:

    I live in Southern Ohio. The same enthusiasm for President Trump here in my “neck of the woods” as there was for candidate Trump 4 years ago. Not more, but certainly not less. This is a good thing as he easily carried my county in 2016. I will say that enthusiasm across the state seems to be about the same as the last election, but the atmosphere is feeling different going into these last weeks until the election. Can’t put my finger on it, just something different. Trump will easily carry the southern counties he won in Ohio in 2016 it is the rest of the state that might present less support when all the “real votes and fake ones” are all counted. Early voting is brisk in my area and it quite brisk across the state. At this point, it seems Ohio is a toss-up in certain areas and still “Trump Country” in other areas. Let us all hope “Trump Country” wins Ohio for our President.

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  19. Erik Heter says:

    – Trump wins BIG. Bigger than the optimists are saying. This is going to include picking up at least one state that nobody sees coming, not even the most pro-MAGA type.
    – Republicans re-take the house. This will also include winning at least one race that nobody sees coming.
    – Republicans expand their majority in the senate. Again, there will be at least one seat going to them that nobody sees coming.

    People can do polls, people can do registration numbers, people can do all kinds of analytics and base their predictions on that. But sometimes, you can just *feel it*. Trump is on a roll right now like a boulder rolling downhill picking up momentum by the second. Biden, a terrible candidate for whom their was no enthusiasm to begin with, is absolutely getting crushed by revelations of his corruption.

    This is going to be a wipeout.

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    • hokkoda says:

      You can already see the MSM shifting to “horse race” type coverage as the fake Biden leads collapse and they try to make it look like they were right all along. Trump clearly has the momentum and the wind at his back right now.

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  20. hokkoda says:

    Colorado Springs: word is going around that Recall Polis 2020 and Women for Trump 2020 Colorado are staging a meet-up car rally that will drive to Whistling Pines Golf Club for live music, food and an as-yet unidentified speaker (they know who it is but are keeping it on the down-low, I guess). 12:30 pm, 10/31/2020, New Life Church off Interquest/Voyager on the north side of town is the meet-up. The event is to run from 2-4:30pm at WPGC.

    My wife and I voted today. Some group or other sent us a super-helpful voting guide that made things a snap in terms of researching some of the more obscure ballot initiatives. I heard on the news that about 1,000,000 people have voted in Colorado so far, and El Paso County alone (very Conservative) accounts for 10% of that total. That’s good news, IMHO.

    Prop 113 is shamefully worded. It asks voters to approve the illegal and anti-constitutional “National Popular Vote Compact” Act passed by the Dems and Polis up in Denver. It effectively removes Colorado from the Electoral College by awarding electors based on the “national popular vote” even though there is literally no such thing. Anyway, all they say in the Prop is that it is an “Act” regarding “an agreement among several states” to use the national popular vote. Absolutely shameful, and I think we will wind up having to amend the Colorado Constitution to strike down this illegal law.

    I think most people out here have resigned themselves to Colorado being turned into California. El Paso is our Orange County, and so we will have to work hard to keep the communists out.

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  21. Small town, northern WA state. Our VBM-only process makes things safer (fewer personal confrontations and less voter intimidation), more convenient, cheaper and yes, it reduces voter fraud while also increasing participation. I’m proud to say my county of mostly older residents usually has over 75% voter participation, higher than the national average. This year we hope for 80%+. Statewide, the county offices have already reported that more than 15x as many ballots have been turned in compared to 2016 this far out from Election Day. Even when my preferred candidates aren’t elected, I am reassured that whoever wins truly is the local people’s choice. When they mess up, I can say, “You picked ‘em. Live with it.”

    I used the drop box behind the county courthouse to vote. It had two security cams on the building pointed right at it. Because this state isn’t very populous, there’s time for observed hand-counting, verified by machine. Complete paper trail. The ballots are stored well past certification, allowing for challenges, and those counting are full-time government employees (better incentive to do it right). I realize this would be much harder in big states. In Texas or California you would have to rely more heavily on machine tabulation or wait weeks for the counts.

    WA is a very blue state, because the population of the Seattle-Tacoma metro and suburbs dwarfs all the other counties. I can’t control that, and in most of my life it doesn’t matter. I moved here to be near family and for the lower cost of living. My lovely neighbors don’t discuss politics, and we all get along fine. (I was raised to avoid discussing politics or religion with neighbors or coworkers.)

    There are about ten Biden signs for every Trump sign in my area, and the state GOP didn’t even bother to put up candidates for some local offices. The President won’t be winning this state. I’m used to voting my conscience, but I’m not stupid. If I parked my car in Seattle and displayed a Trump/Pence sticker on it, it might get “keyed” or the tires deflated. So my bumper sticker just says, “VOTE!”.


    • Curt says:

      On the 4th of July my wife and I were in Friday harbor attending a parade. The lead marchers were carrying a huge hammer & sickle Communist banner. The second group had another large banner that read, “Revoke The Outdated US Constitution”. I’m from California and I understand leftist politics are strong but this was an incredible eye opener! This display in Washington state really got my attention. No one should be surprised by the violence in Seattle and Portland. It’s been a long time in the making……..

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      • Yeah, I moved here from Southern California. It’s definitely “bluer” here in my experience. On the other hand, we have mountain and water views from our home we could never afford before, and we now live an hour’s drive from all my extended family. As the late Justice Scalia put it, “Some things are more important than votes.”


  22. bluedevil93 says:

    Hoke County NC: Small, agricultural, lots of social welfare as agriculture mechanized and textile mills moved overseas; Heavily minority; Reliant upon spillover from Ft. Bragg for the economy; Democratic Party Dominated area.

    Lots of local Democratic candidate signs, but, very few Biden/Harris signs. Very few.

    Until early voting started.

    I’d say Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris signs were at least an 8-1 ratio until the past 10 days. And, some folks are afraid to put Trump signs out. Many have been stolen.

    Suddenly, there’s been a Biden/Harris sign push. They’re popping up like mushrooms.

    Early voting lines 200 people deep at local Board of Elections. There’s never a line.

    Can’t say what it means. But, the Democrats will steal the watch off a dead man at his funeral around here.


  23. John F. Sullivan says:

    My Trump sign was taken down four days in a row which I replanted upon discovery. The evening of the fourth someone stole the frame so I repositioned it to an inside window. The New York State Republican Party is not supplying any Trump signs so I have to travel 60 miles to purchase new ones from a private dealer. All the other candidates in the 21st congressional district have signs from the Republican Party. A sad revelation.

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    • Gee – I didn’t know there was any RNC representation in NYS.


    • Ordinaryman says:

      Put up a wildlife field camera that will trigger with motion near your sign. Then take your sign stealer picture to the police and file charges. To make it even better put up ‘No Trespassing’ signs and hit them with another misdemeanor. This has stopped sign stealing in our area. Put your camera up high with a ladder if possible to prevent them from stealing the camera once they know you have used it against a thief.


    • Bec74 says:

      My Trump signs just showed up today. I ordered them from the campaign a month ago. The delay tells me that many people are ordering them.

      I live close to NYC in NY. I want to put one sign in my front yard, but I know a neighbor who was harassed and he took his down out of fear. It’s ridiculous I know that I need to worry about harassment over a political sign.

      I am taking most of the signs to place around the neighborhood. I hate looking at the Biden-Harris signs.


  24. rushtonovember says:

    Just received a mailer from VA Republican party. On it, both front and back, are a picture of Cameron Webb, who is the Democrat candidate for the 5th Congressional district. The mailer says Vote Against Webb on Nov 3rd, but does not mention who the Republican candidate is or even that Webb is a Democrat.

    What got me mad was they used a picture of Webb, an African American, with a black mask on. I’m sure the intent was to make him look like a criminal. It’s things like this that have led to the VA Republican party losing election after election. They are idiots.

    My neighbors are African American Trump supporters and I bet they received the same mailer I did. Makes me want to take it out of their mailbox before they see it.

    Way to go VA Republican Party. Way to drive turnout down and turn off African American support.


  25. @ChicagoBri says:

    Chicago report- no D mailers, no D yard signs, and to-date, no precinct workers knocking on door.


  26. Chieftain says:

    Just early voted Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Rainy windy cold day. 9 people in line outside the building & 9 more inside total line 18 people. Took 30-40 minutes to vote. Upon leaving line still same size. At this rate they will process about 2500 people over the 10 day early voting period. In the 2016 election there was an 80% turnout of registered voters with 31,777 votes cast.
    Oshkosh has a population of 66,831.
    A lot of young college age people (college town) were showing up at the Clerks office for “election” training.


  27. mobgrazer says:

    After 2016 several states passed laws that constrained the states electoral votes to go for the candidate winning the popular vote. I haven’t heard much about it recently. Is there anyone up on this that can comment? I’m wondering if the laws have been challenged and removed or if they are still in force and how that may change campaigning.


    • rushtonovember says:

      It looks like just Maine and Nebraska.

      “They assign two votes to the plurality winner of the state’s popular vote. These two votes represent the two electoral votes they are entitled to from their U.S. Senate delegations. The other electoral votes in these states are given to the plurality winner of the popular vote in each separate U.S. House of Representatives district.”


  28. Zimbalistjunior says:

    I’m in LA beverlywood area. One Biden sign. (Also one BLM sign).
    Unsolicited mail ballots came for all the tenants of building dropped in general area not in boxes. I could have taken all of them.
    Also one ballot came for someone who hasn’t lived here in 30 years or so.


  29. donnyvee says:

    Las Vegas here. My Facebook is FLOODED with democrat donation request ads of various sorts.


  30. TimeIsNow says:

    Like nonny, I’m in Chicago burbs, north of Chicago. In 2016 HRC received 60K more vote than Trump in my county. I voted yesterday, straight R, and declined the “fair tax” nonsense. I figure it will be closer this year, but will still go toward Biden by thousands of votes. Tons of people out for early voting, but that may not be as good of a sign here as in other places. Pritzker was much more cautious with his lock-downs than many DEM governors, and the close suburbs weren’t effected by riots. He didn’t shove Covid positives into nursing homes, and kept the other lock-down areas as mild as many Republican governors.

    Long lines to vote on day 3 of early voting, and the people in line said they had come by the first 2 days and said the lines were much longer those 2 days. It took me 47 minutes to get in to vote, and as I was getting close to the building, I noticed the line had gotten over a block longer for the new people. I think I timed it Right.

    My guess is that Illinois will still go DIM, but by less than half the margin in 2016, or 200 to 250 thousand votes, rather than the 660,000 extra votes HRC got in 2016. In these close-in Chicago suburbs many early voters are still morons, even motivated crazies. But many people may not show up for Biden over-all. Some Illinois counties that went slightly for HRC, will flip. Other pro-Trump counties may get over 90% Trump. States like New York are more in play than Illinois. If Illinois get closer than a Biden 200K win, it will be a huge Trumpslide. I expect Trump to pick up several more states than in 2016 at the very least.


    • fangdog says:

      I found the quickest and shortest way to cut the bullshit with these Biden people is to ask if they have a retirement (like 401-K). Most will say yes.

      I then say, your retirement will go to zero if Biden is elected and here is why”. The “Why” is simple, because the Stock Market will plunge to levels well below 2016 and I mean almost instantly.


  31. mspsgt says:

    I live in northern Harford County, Md right on the Pa line. This is Trump Country, Trump/Pence signs everywhere. It is also pretty rural, plenty of farmland around and we are on the edge of Amish country. In fact, our one bank in Whiteford, has a hitching post for the Amish to tie their horses to when they come to do their banking. I plan on voting in person on election day at our area high school, MAGA

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  32. J Gottfred says:

    Newport Beach south to Dana Point, CA few Biden signs, few Trump signs. However saw two Trump fans sporting Trump Flags and campaign signs on busy street corners. “The Big Guys,” sign supporter nowhere to be found. Finally, HUGE turnout for Trump’s fund raiser in Newport Beach as Sunday.


  33. All Too Much says:

    Dark blue Sacramento. Ca. is quiet.
    Normally, Democrat presidential signs are everywhere by now; this time very few.
    Latinos and Asians, those I know, are all voting Trump, and for most this is a change from 2016.

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  34. Raul says:

    In the heart of Portland, Oregon. Very few Biden signs – a few new ones went up this week. Seen plenty of people driving around with “Thin blue line” and Trump 2020 flags. I have a side business mowing lawns and two separate black customers have indicated that they are concerned for their safety because of the BLM riots. One of these customers indicated that both of her sons are in the military and voting for Trump.

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  35. Here in So. Cal Riverside county. We have Ballot drop boxes at most city hall locations. No polling places set up for voting, just drop off spots. DemonRATS are gong to try to steal Ca. by ballot harvesting and illegal aliens voting. I am PRAYING HARD that Ca. turns RED or at least a HUGE chunk of it does. I will be dropping off our ballots early since they are not absentee but are mail in with a scan code.
    MAGA all!! Vote Trump and straight RED ticket!!!!!

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  36. Liqueda Carrasquillo says:

    Las Vegas, NV I have voted every election for the last 12 years at same poll location and there was never a line or waiting to vote. Not even for the ‘record turnout’ of 2016, in and out. I went on Tuesday which mid week has been my norm and the line wrapped around and took just under two hours to vote. These were just people who insist voting in person early voting since the mass mail ballots can be dropped off in box in front of polling without line. Saw a few folks dropping in box, just a very few. Off the charts turnout in my area


  37. Keith Henry Bowen says:

    Went to the Trump Tucson rally this week. The line was 8/10 of a mile long when we got there and getting bigger by the minute. Lots of cars and trucks with flags driving by and honking horns. Happy party atmosphere. My guess easily over 10K attendance (about 500 Biden rallies worth). Needed to provide water. Saw a few people overcome by heat and /or dehydration. Poor planning IMO. 100 degrees and afternoon sun of about 1 Kw/Sq meter Everyone happy nevertheless. Lots of older people along with the family aged and significant young people, lots of hispanics. Tucson leans liberal also.

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  38. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    I have relatives in Wichita Ks. Trip yesterday. I did my homework and one said their Senate Candidates had massive number of Commercials and they were testimonies of Republicans which would vote for her.
    Looked her up and her republican friends………… She switch to Democrate 2 years ago. I saw a very few signs for her none for Joe Bribin’ and incredibly many for President Trump including Trump flags which were flown with American Flags.

    Flag Polls

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  39. Janet Trump says:

    Citrus County, FL (goes Republican). Son reported a facebook friend voted for the FIRST time. Female, white, blue collar, around FORTY years old, lesbian. Voted MAGA… and dared to post it on Facebook.

    We got this, folks. 😎

    I’m in blue Central FL. I always vote day of (to give the little bastids less time to screw with my vote).


  40. Northern Westchester/Putnam County NY- this is pretty much enemy territory BUT there are way more Trump signs and banners than I ever would have expected.

    The Dems have been a thousand times more active than the local dopey Repubs who don’t even have a ground game. It is really disgusting to see how lazy, corrupt and incompetent NY State Repubicans are and I honestly think that if they had done even half as much work as the DemonRats we could turn NY State Red.

    Nevertheless, except for one neighboring town that turned Blue Dem Commie several years ago, there are a surprising number of Trump banners and signs. Also, this summer we had way more boats by far that were flying Trump flags, than those that were flying BLM banners.

    Early voting is just beginning, lots of absentee ballots have been mailed out. I am very impressed that there is so much visible support for our President Trump. In the neighboring city of Peekskill which is as Commie/ Dem as you can get, there are Trump FB groups and small rallies as well some very vocal supporters who are working to get out the vote.

    I think that our President can take Putnam and Dutchess counties, but I have no hope for Westchester which is another cesspool for NY City. Thanks to everyone out there in the Free States who are reporting such positive news.

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  41. sickrickfl says:

    Voted yesterday in Broward County, Florida.

    Weird registration stats. Obviously BLUE – but the combination of R & I voters could lay in a surprise. We are VOTER ID REQUIRED.

    My early voting location is in “the hood” – so no surprise of the overwhelming number of Biden signs and Biden supporters outside in the “campaign areas”. Did see ‘biden folk” pulling up Trump signs. No one can fight a fair fight.

    I spoke with a poll observer outside after I voted. Despite the fact that DeSantis REMOVED Snipes – he didn’t bother to replace the “underlings” – so it’s “more of the same” – just without Snipes obnoxious face. There’s some cheating going on. People who are supposed to “assist” voters in understanding the ballot – are TELLING PEOPLE WHO TO VOTE FOR. This seems to happen with the (supposed) “translators” – even though the ballots are printed in English/Spanish/Creole. I’d suspect there’s some “illiteracy factor” – but not nearly as much as to require the kind of “assistance” these people are providing.

    You can also tell a lot of the voting is based on SKIN COLOR and NOT QUALIFICATIONS. This is going to show up most in the Sheriffs race – where The Coward Of Broward (Scott Israel) who was removed by DeSantis AND LOST IN THE PRIMARY against Gregory Tony (which was surprising considering the amount of dark $$ that got poured into that race). I voted for the Republican Candidate, because I voted straight R down the line anyways.

    Ted Deutsch (D), who’s been in office quite awhile – is going to win again, simply because of how blue the country is – and a “better the devil you know” attitude.


    Of 589K mail in ballots sent out – 299K have been received. Running about 50% received for each party (with the independents lagging somewhat).

    I have a feeling we’re going to do better in Dade county, than Broward – due to the massive support of the Latino (Cuban) community down there.

    As always – Florida is a KEY STATE IN ANY ELECTION. And I still advise all my friends (regardless of party) to VOTE IN PERSON, as you have a better shot of your vote ACTUALLY COUNTING.

    I hear we’re doing better in Cali than the last time. Not only do we need to SMASH THEM DECISIVELY on Electoral – but it would be nice (minus the margin of error for CHEATING) to come up even or AHEAD on the popular. If we win ON BOTH – than we really can DECLARE A MANDATE.

    We haven’t had nearly the unrest that other states have experienced – quite possibly to having DeSantis in the governors mansion. I don’t think he would HESITATE FOR A MINUTE to deploy the NG if things got like they got in Portland/Seattle/NYC/Chiraq – and THEY KNOW IT.

    And WHEN WE WIN – if the left keeps their promise to “burn it to the ground” – they’d best keep that crap OUT OF THE SOUTH – WE ARE READY FOR THEM. And it’s NOT GOING TO BE PRETTY. We are FED UP – and will not put up with ANOTHER FOUR YEARS of the crap they pulled the last 4.


  42. Chad C. Mulligan says:

    Not quite on topic but……On Sunday I had cause to go into town. Up to now it’s been 95% Trump in the yard sign department. Noon Sunday WHOA! Biden signs everywhere. Plastering the roadsides especially at intersection. Then I came upon the cause: Big SUV pulling a ten foot box triailer, blocking the road at a stop sign, Three guys setting out a dozen or more signs for Biden and all the local candidates. Driver sitting waiting.

    Can we say ASTROTURF boys and girls?

    I’m voting in person on Monday, barring acts of God or the public enemy.

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  43. Flabbergasted says:

    Wife and I voted early in Kentucky (last Friday). Two college aged kids will do so on Saturday. We voted early because our college aged kids are at school or internships and back home regularly and they are exposed to CV all the time through friends at school. Just in case we get it from them, or elsewhere, thought why not knock it out. Trump +4; McConnell (holding nose) +4.

    God Speed PDJT and all Treepers!


  44. LAS CRUCES, NM. Pretty quiet here. Not a lot of Trump or Biden signs. I just moved here, so I have no sense of the political culture except that military, medical and university facilities dominate.

    I definitely get the sense that New Mexicans loathe Governor Grisham and her COVID response.

    Early voting started here last week at the County Building. 5000 voters by 4:00 pm. I couldn’t get a good read on the crowd, except that people were respectful and in a good mood. Pretty diverse crowd.


  45. SEDeuceTER says:

    Nashville. Marxist Dem controlled city/county, along with the other 3 large metro areas in Tennessee, in an otherwise completely Republican controlled state including super majorities on both sides of the legislature. We’re in our second round of petitions to recall a Marxist Dem mayor who has totally screwed us over in dealing with the Chinavirus. Just voted about 5 days into early voting and the lines run around the building. Election personnel say they’ve never seen anything like it. Given the typical 2-1 ratio of Marxist Dems to Republicans voting by mail, I’d say this looks very promising. We may even start getting more Republicans into our city/county government which still has Democrats running unopposed for many offices.


  46. namberak says:

    As I posted a week ago, I had gone to vote at a satellite location and arrived about 5 minutes after its opening. The weather was great for this time of year in central Indiana, 74, breezy, mostly sunny. There were 150 people in line, roughly. The next day it was 47 and rainy. Out of curiosity, I got in the car and drove past the location, at the same time of day. The line was just as long, which I found really uplifting.

    Fast forwarding to today, I was telling this story to my dentist this morning. It’s another beautiful day 81, a bit of a breeze, and sunny. (Given this is Indiana in October, put your money on our having sleet or something worse by Sunday. 😉 ) As I was telling him this story I thought, I’m going to swing by and see what the line looks like. It’s a good 25% longer than a week ago! Since these Congressional district last went to a democrat in 1928, I’m guessing these are *not* Biden voters. 🙂

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  47. bosscook says:

    Prescott, AZ here. Everyone’s STILL talking about the rally here on Monday. Great turn-out. There is a massive (I’m not exaggerating…U-Hauls and moving trucks clog the roads….I get at least one person a week asking if our house is for sale…it’s not) CA influx that I have mixed feelings about. They have every right and who can blame them? Most of them (at least the ones I talk to) are conservative or ex-leftist who has had their fill of Newsom and Pelosi. However I did talk to one Dem, who said she was glad she was here, but was still voting D. Dummy. I told her “so, you’re voting for the exact same crap that made you move?” Blank stare. There’s very, if any, hope for some people. That’s ok. When their “party” craters maybe they’ll be open to true liberty, happiness, and freedom. But I guess some people want to be slaves.

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  48. wpsahm says:

    Well I can die now, I voted;) I wore my brand-new RED Trump 2020 T shirt and nobody hissed at me, so that was good. I dropped off my husband’s and my dingee daughter’s sealed ballots. I say dingee because before she sealed it I took a peek and saw she voted for Biden. Crikey. Well….in her defense, when I was exactly her age I voted for Jimma Carter, and not just once but twice! I was tempted to dispose of her ballot but my better angels took over at the end. Anyway I’ll just urge her brother to fill out his ballot and cancel her out. Now I’m off to the range!!!


  49. SMM says:

    Durham NC. Just voted at north Durham location away from the commie downtown area. Waited 15-20 minutes. 2 tables of DNC workers handing out sample ballots showing their people which ovals to fill in. I would estimate only 4 out 30 people who walked past them actually picked one up. I guess the RNC thinks we can figure out the little ovals for ourselves. There are Biden and Cunningham yard signs around but fewer than 2016 Hillary signs. No way we would risk a yard sign or sticker on our car given the recent violence. The crowds at the Trump rallies and my vote will speak louder than a yard sign


  50. liabeea says:

    Columbia, SC reporting in. My 20 year old, female, college strudent drove 5 hours home to vote last Friday in early voting. The line wrapped around the complex and she waited about 45 minutes to vote. So proud had educated herself and pulled the MAGA lever and R down the list. She reports that her fellow college students in NC “aren’t vibing with Biden” they are sitting this one out. The Trump students are silent on campus but reveal themselves when they id each other and like my daughter they are going to make sure they get to vote.


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