Final Presidential Debate: President Trump -vs- Former VP Joe Biden – Belmont University, Nashville, TN – 9:00pm Livestream…

Tonight is the final debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  The venue is Belmont University in liberal enclave Nashville, Tennessee, and the start time is 9:00pm EDT.  The debate will air live on all major broadcast networks and cable news channels. Candidate Biden has been in isolation with his debate prep team since last Sunday while rehearsing responses to his newly exposed bribery scheme.

As customary for the biased Commission on Presidential Debates, the moderator is NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker with deep ties to the democrat party.  Welker deleted and closed all of her social media accounts to avoid scrutiny. The debate commission also announced the topics: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,” “National Security,” and “Leadership.”

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2,614 Responses to Final Presidential Debate: President Trump -vs- Former VP Joe Biden – Belmont University, Nashville, TN – 9:00pm Livestream…

  1. gsonFIT says:

    “guess what they showed up” – to get deported

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  2. Ellis says:

    What first responder makes minimum wage?

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  3. Talk to the hand Progs says:

    Are they throwing Joe under the bus? I can’t believe they are letting the President respond to Biden’s lies.

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  4. DaughterofLiberty says:

    Joe getting weary and therefore more angry.

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  5. Amber says:

    Biden is looking UNHINGED. Very angry while Trump is calm

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  6. Doesn’t look like they will be talking about the Biden Bombshells.

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  7. islandpalmtrees says:

    Kids are turned over by desperate parents to drug runners, slavery, etc – another Biden lie. Reason they could not find parents!

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  8. MNslacker says:

    Joe keeps talking about first responders.

    Whut? Doesn’t he know police are first responders? Don’t his supporters want to defund the police??

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  9. william k says:

    It’s funny that Biden can’t remember anything but amazing that he can remember to lie his ass off! lmao

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  10. teaforall says:

    Biden is hyper and tarting to stutter with his facts

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  11. p'odwats says:

    No question who is winning this debate. Toned down Trump is making Biden testy, but more importantly the more Slow Joe talks the more trouble he gets himself into. Trump is keeping his cool even as the moderator is starting to go “Chris Wallace” on him. It’s a sign Biden is having a bad night!

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  12. Maquis says:

    “It’s not catch and release. We caught them then released them.” H’uh? He squares his circle by claiming that they returned years later for their court cases.

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  13. bulwarker says:

    DO YOU DENOUNCE WHITE SUPREMACY question incoming.

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  14. Nepanyrush says:

    Wow! I didn’t think immigration would come up but it did and the President is knocking it out of the park.

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  15. Tiffthis says:

    Joe doesn’t understand asylum laws. I hope Trump sets it straight

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  16. Trumpstumper says:

    Bbut the CHILDREN!!!

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  17. Blue Wildflower says:

    Joe thinks those people showed up for their court dates! What a joke, why would they show up?

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  18. L4grasshopper says:

    Moderator going to play the race card!

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  19. safvetblog says:

    Catch & release – Joe’s messed up…

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  20. gabytango says:

    How about you follow the law and do NOT resist arrest!!!

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  21. jx says:

    Remember Gruber comparing U.S. workers losing their insurance to people “falling off a building”?

    ACA is designed to bring “single payer”.

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  22. Jimmy Jack says:

    Only those with the lowest IQ come back – I’m dying.

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  23. DJ says:

    I hate to sound crass, but 525 illegal kids not knowing where their parents are is not big deal compared to the number of kids who were born here and don’t know the same thing.

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  24. Tornarosa says:

    Who built the cages Joe? x4. Joe doesn’t have that programmed in his contacts. Keeps answering that President Trump is ripping the children out of the parents’ arms

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  25. Ockham's Phaser says:

    I laughed when PT told the moderator “go ahead”.
    He’s in control

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  26. Patience says:

    Anyone notice that SUDDENLY Joe can follow a thought and talk?

    Was he playng possum?

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  27. nimrodman says:

    yeah, white people have to have “the talk” too

    “son, you see a pack of 3grows coming down the sidewalk, you cross the damn street”

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  28. Rick L says:

    Biden threw Obama under the bus, big mistake. “I was VP and now I will be President.”

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  29. Dan Dan says:

    LOL… Joe throws Obama under the bus on immigration…

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  30. Jimmy R says:

    She “wants to talk about black and brown Americans”. Sounds like she’s a racist.

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  31. warrprin1 says:

    “You don’t know the law, Joe.” BAM.

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  32. Billy B says:

    Biden can’t remember facts but can remember to lie! smdh

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  33. calbear84 says:

    Oh boy. Race in America. Maybe she’ll ask about Trump’s record support from black and brown citizens.

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  34. millard fillmore says:

    The democrat ‘moderator’ spends her time arguing with Trump for Tail grabber Joe and gently leading Biden to the programmed answers she not only knows as well as Joe,but may have helped create.This is a moronic example of a debate.To be included in Golden Book of Debate in the chapter entitled,’Don’t let this happen to you’.The argumentative schoolmarm is a bore,a scold,and a rather dim fellow traveler of the far left.


  35. WanderingCon says:

    Biden does NOT look good. Looks like the angry old man who yells at everyone.

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  36. WhiteBoard says:

    Please! some smart reporter do a COUNT of how many times the moderator said “Please let Mr Biden respond” versus “Please let Mr President respond”

    it will show you the PITY being displayed for this con


  37. Keln says:

    Ahaha…Joe does took a dump on Obama “well, I’ll be president not vice president this time”.

    Ok, maybe this moderator isn’t that insufferable. She has slapped Joe with some harsh questions.

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  38. ezpz2 says:

    Time for racissss


  39. TwoLaine says:

    Joey got all the questions in advance.

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  40. tuskyou says:

    I damn sure better not hear the fine people hoax


  41. burnett044 says:

    and now the race card

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  42. Trumpstumper says:

    If you are black, you are a Victim…



  43. All Too Much says:

    Let’s have two guys discuss the black experience.


  44. Freedom says:

    How did Biden know the exact number of kids on the border unless he was given the question in advance

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  45. sundance says:

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    • adam says:

      Curious how the rapid acceleration occurred after Enrique Pena Nieto was elected President in Mexico. It’s easy to blame US Politicians but the truth is that Mexico facilitated these convoys.

      Maybe AMLO (elected 2018) was willing to help or maybe Trump forced his hand but either way, I think we can now see how that process was working.


  46. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    Altitude view:
    Prez knows he’s got the momentum & is pulling ahead in the election. Playing it cool, dagger sticks, not broadsword hacks. Getting his points in fairly well, but leaving a few fact checks on the table for after. He’s doing a great job, IMO.

    Of note: Moderator bitch actually sorta sounds like a liberal, not a *Leftist*. Important difference, even though she’s obviously biased.

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  47. Maquis says:

    Joe is now giving Black America “The Talk.” Ugh.


    • jebg46 says:

      So very tired of the pandering to different races for votes. President Trump’s answer is to improve economic conditions to improve all Americans regardless of race, to float everyone’s boat, breaking all records. That is not systemic racism.


  48. jx says:

    “the talk”? That’s obama bullshit. And not founded in fact.

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  49. Blue Wildflower says:

    is this about Corn Pop?


  50. WSB says:

    Joe is already on his closing remarks. And weirdly.


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