Glenn Greenwald Discusses Media, Intelligence Operatives and Their Allied Political Operations…

Glenn Greenwald, a famously left-wing liberal – albeit one who is intellectually honest, appears with Liz Mac to discuss how sheeple voters within the Democrat party are being manipulated by political intelligence officials and their media allies.

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121 Responses to Glenn Greenwald Discusses Media, Intelligence Operatives and Their Allied Political Operations…

  1. gsonFIT says:

    Glenn Greenwald is the truth

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    • gsonFIT says:

      Liz Macdonald has really come into her her own too. You can tell she cares about her work

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    • kleen says:

      He is a far left communist. I don’t agree with him on most topics, but at least he is not falling for the TDS like his colleagues.

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      • gsonFIT says:

        He is liberal. He is not extremist. He is honest and he will exist and let us exist with him.

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      • gsonFIT says:

        One other thing. He isnt mockingbird either. In fact I think that is his point in this interview, and most of USA is not familiar with Operation Mockingbird. Mockingbird is CIA collaboration with MSM for political purposes. I like his values not his ideologies

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        • willthesuevi says:

          Agree, I place Glenn with Dershowitz, the late Nat Henthoff and to some extent Camille Paglia. They are on the left side of the aisle but they do not hate the USA and they do actually debate the Constitution instead of wanting to tear it up.

          I want to see more of this type of opposition come back to the Democrat party. It generates debate and keeps BOTH sides honest.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      It ticked me off that he said the media were protecting Biden the criminal because they argue Trump is one as well. What?#$#!?? Those people no more believe Trump is guilty of anything than I believe the moon is made of cheese. I’m SICK of hearing that.

      Those “reporters”? Their editors? They know Trump was set up!

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    • spoogels says:

      “However much contempt you have for the mainstream press right now, it’s insufficient. I don’t have words to adequately convey what they’re doing.”

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      • Will Hunt says:

        The MSM and social media are the enemy. Without their support and complicity we would not be where we are today.

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      • Judith says:

        @spoogels the problem with Liberals like Greenwald is that we can’t have it both ways. Either we have a Constitutional Republic or we don’t. 🇺🇸 or 🇨🇳. It’s that simple.

        We are at the one yard line. The politicians he supports are making a mad dash for a Totalitarian State, a One World Order.

        There will be no individual freedoms, no free speech or press, no accumulated wealth, no sovereign people or nations, no Constitutional rights to assert.

        By the time he realizes that he has lost *all* his freedoms (including the freedom to be a confused, ideological Liberal) it will be too late to turn back.


        • gsonFIT says:

          So America wouldn’t pass a law for homosexual civil unions, circa 2011. GG moved with his mate to Brazil, I believe, so they could be recognized as legally a couple. He did not scream and burn down court houses because the USA didnt recognize gay marriage. He moved.

          I am not sure what politicians he supports, but he is a reasonable man who will communicate. Also a NSA expert and constitutional lawyer. Again I endorse him but do not agree with everything. But we should not expect a homogenous society. That is what extremists want. Might get boring

          I do expect honesty from the people in government and for the electeds to maintain the social contract not abuse it


          • Judith says:

            I think you may have missed my point. I don’t much care if Greenwald is surgically fitted with fluffy ears and a tail and identifies as a puppy. To each his own.

            However, it is only in a “free” society where individuals are “free” to travel, “free” to escape and do whatever it is they wish to do. The only caveat is we don’t hurt anybody else in the process.

            Without that “free” Constitutional Republic as the starting point, people are *not* permitted to exercise free will, much less to speak out against a totalitarian regime.

            The “we are the world” UNiparty is giving us a taste of their brutishness already. A collectivist society is the “boring”
            one, because a collectivist society is one that “cancels” all our differences. It is *not* a free society at all!

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        • Louie says:

          You totally spot on!!!


        • botchedcasuality says:

          He lives in Brazil I gather he has witnessed extremes of what you mention. He has also been the victim of censorship.
          He is an uncommon fair intellect shame he’s not on the right.


      • Jan says:

        “Greenwood is honest” means i’m more likely to listen to his opinion, which is more than i’m going to do w/any other Democrat & a lot of Republicans.


    • William Schneider says:

      He is right on for sure. Keep on praying that folks here this truth.

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    • Rhi316 says:

      Sorry gsonFIT, only one is in that category.

      “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life, no man comes to the Father but by Me” – Jesus.

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  2. clive hoskin says:

    Ahh,the sheeple.You have to wonder about their mental stupidity.40 million of them voted for the Hilderbeast last time around and you STILL will never convince any of them that she was robbed.Sad state of affairs isn’t it?

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  3. All Too Much says:

    Well that explains the very strange text I received last week, threats against me, family, pictures of decapitated heads, we know where you live, etc. I had no idea what it was or where it came from, thought it was just bad spam, and I erased it. Maybe there was a political message init, but I don’t remember one. had forgotten about it until reading the phony Proud Boys message. I can assure you I was not intimidated, to vote, not vote, or anything else. I had more credible threats during my forty years practicing law in California federal courts, so bring it on.

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  4. C says:

    are we nearing the part of the story where we begin waking up the public about Mockingbird media and paperclip? It just feels like we’re entering closer to that then I imagined we would so soon

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    • GB Bari says:

      People are awakening but not fast enough….

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      • oldersoul says:

        Some will never wake up. See, Bezmenov.

        What we do with them, I do not know.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Lock them in a room with “Macarena” playing 24/7 at high volume until they beg to vote R.

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          • Judith says:

            LOL the dreaded Macarena!

            I used to HATE Pharrell’s “Happy” song. During the B Hussein Obola occupation, this insipid song was piped in everywhere I went: We’re so HAPPEEE.. cuz we’re HAPPEEE.. Let’s get HAPPEEEE..

            The moment we elected President Trump, a miracle occurred: I was no longer irritated by that song, because now we have a reason to BE happy!

            But the liberals aren’t happy anymore and we no longer get to hear their Happy song. So.. I would lock the sheeple in a room and play HAPPY instead! 😃

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    • Sentient says:

      It’s not about waking people up. Most of them know what the intelligence community and the media are trying to do and they’re fine with it. And even those libs who don’t know about the plot – if they found out about it – would only be upset that it hasn’t worked so far.

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  5. An honest man. I may not agree with many of his positions, but at least he is honest. Similar to Dershowitz. They are actually the loyal opposition. They belong in our tent. They do not believe in the destruction of the USA, but believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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    • vikingmom says:

      I am SLIGHTLY encouraged that there are a few more actual journalists who are waking up and speaking out about the total collapse of anything resembling their chosen profession! If enough of them would actually band together and start naming names, the whole dam could finally burst – not a moment too soon, IMHO!

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        He would be murdered once our side cease to exist. He knows it. Journalism does not exist in a defined world.

        America does favor families of Fortune and their offspring, but it still is a game of skill.

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    • Crusader says:

      PragerU has a video describing the differences between Classical Liberals and Leftists. I had always used the two terms interchangeably but ideologically they are not the same. Although many “liberals” have allowed themselves to be pulled to the left, I also think that many of them despise the left as much or more than they do the right. The independent minded classical liberals may be voting in large numbers for President Trump.

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    Greenwald speaks truth…this is Maidan all over again…the Fake News Big Tech and Intelligence Services have constructed a fantasy…one Great thing about USA is Federalism and 45 has continued to navigate the INSANITY BY RELYING ON US CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK!

    every move 45 has done is based upon patriotism and love of country…these insane radical globalists want more blood in the streets to increase their grip on power…

    Americans must go out and defend our nation by sending in their ballots, early voting, and making sure on Election Day our ballots are verified and counted!!!

    Each city/town will determine whether our Constitutional Republic continues to shine and serve as a beacon to the world!

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  7. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Some bigears dude in Philly today was wearing a face diaper outside onstage and was mumbling something about how everyone should vote for his pal sleepy Joe Biden. A couple dozen people in parked cars honked their horns and flashed their lights. It looked like maybe some sort of frathouse hazing ceremony. Well, at least the crosseyed media experts gathered there were quite impressed.

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  8. jello333 says:

    Back before I discovered the Treehouse, back when I was still a Dem and mostly “left”, I spent a lot of time at Daily Kos. I eventually got banned there because I was slowly becoming red-pilled, especially in my views on Obama. I, along with a few others, started speaking the truth about him, and it didn’t always go over too well there.

    One day some slimy person posted a “diary” (as they call user-posted threads there) relating how they had put an anti-Obama woman in her place. This person was in a grocery store when an elderly cashier said something negative about Obama, at which point the person laid into them, totally humiliating them and trying to get them fired. it was one of the most disgusting displays of joyous hatred I’ve ever seen. And the vast majority of DKos members just LOVED it, praising the guy for what he had done to that poor woman.

    Well, for some reason I decided to write to Glenn and tell him about it, linking to the post. I was shocked when he wrote back to me, and I was even more shocked when he actually wrote about it on his blog the next day. So yeah… I have some respect for the guy.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Perhaps GG will make his conversion complete one day when he realizes the inevitability of the pendulum’s swing… conservatism is the new counterculture. Fascist progressivism is the man.

      ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

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      • Carly says:

        BLM “founder” Patrice Cullors (allegedly funded by the CPP) is getting a Hollywood deal. When I read that, I immediately thought:
        The Revolution will be funded by corporations.
        Yep, the left is The Man.
        That used to puzzle me until I figured out that corporations will fund anything to wipe out the middle class and their businesses and hand over more market share and power to them.

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      • regitiger says:

        you really nailed it.

        but if I may.

        i like gg right where he has always been as an authentic journalist..

        i prefer him to maintain a honest separation between his professional investigative credential.

        I don’t want him on ” my team”..

        I want people like gg to inform me when my team deserves a good wakeup call.

        there are so very few gg’s in this world today.

        it really pleases me that sundance respects that…i sort of figured he would..i mean it’s pretty obvious when you observe world class cutting edge journalism…of course one recognizes the other.

        I genuinely hope these two inspire a new generation of honorable journalists.

        it matters

        to me. THIS is the trillion dollar issue.

        strike that.

        its priceless… it’s really that valuable.

        THIS is what the Constitution protects.

        dissent…truth..reporting uncomfortable facts.

        one day…maybe in the twilight hours after the body of their life work…how i would realky enjoy watching a conversation between these two..

        the newsmen

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Conservatism is the new counterculture. Fascist progressivism is the man.”

        Vespucci – that’s great

        I keep a collection of quotable quotes, that’s going in there – with proper attribution of course


    • sunnydaze says:

      Thanks for sharing that, Jello

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    • Anon says:

      Hi Jello, thanks for sharing that amazing story!

      PS: I also thought I was the only former Lib here at the CTH. It is heartening to see others! Maybe Sundance needs to do a survey of his readership, but until I saw your post, I thought I was about the only one.

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      • jello333 says:

        Oh no, that’s one of the reasons I love Sundance and the ladies so much. As soon as I got here (April 2012) I let them all know my background, and that I was not only a Dem, but liberal on the vast majority of issues (“classical” liberal I think). Despite that, they welcomed me with open arms. I remember a few months after I arrived, I said something like “After this case (Martin-Zimmerman) is over, I doubt I’ll hang around here much, since I’ll have hardly anything else in common with you guys.” They were basically like, “Yeah, sure, we’ll see.” 😀 And boy were they right… seems they knew me better than I knew myself! 😀

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  9. jus wundrin says:

    Apathetic, ignorant, and people who are afraid to think for themselves. This is why a 15 second political ad works so well.

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    • P noir says:

      😆 hahaha! True and yet so sad 😞

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      • Judith says:

        Wait til all the sheeple line up to receive “The Vaccine.” You know, the “mandatory” one that Globalists will roll out to “end” their China flu plandemic. I hear it will turn people into walking bar codes. And that’s not the half of it.

        You think credit cards, license plates and phones are pinging off their antennas.. you ain’t seen nuthin yet.


  10. zadatn says:

    Wray, just like Comey, before him is the heads of the Praetorian Guard. An organization that is responsible for the political policing and choosing emperors. Both set on explosive digital evidence like DNC’s leak, HRC, Winer, Huma, and now Biden’s and did absolutely nothing.

    In the comment section of this article by Yaacov Apelbaum.

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  11. Carrie says:

    Glenn Greenwald is a gift to PDJT because where the left refuses to listen to Fox News, they are horrified to be subjected to Greenwald who used to be on “their side” (its also our best chance for some of them to be exposed to the truth). I have to admire him because he is subjected to great hate online and wont waver in his convictions, and honestly, he knows a lot more about the intelligence agencies than we ever will.

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  12. Kaco says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Jared Kushner had a stake in The Intercept prior to President Trump running or taking office.

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  13. etbnyc says:

    Glenn Greenwald should be moderating the Presidential Debate. He wouldn’t need a mute button!

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  14. gsonFIT says:

    Greenwald was involved with publishing Snowden data

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  15. furtive says:

    Is this jerk in the ballot in Florida?
    Why else would he be on tv?

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  16. spoogels says:


    Meet NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny — The Woman In Charge of Doxxing and Destroying Trump Supporters

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  17. Ackman419 says:

    GG has been disowned by the left, for a couple years now.
    It’s still a good point.
    But try to throw GG’s thoughts at a leftist and the leftist will say GG is owned and not a voice of the left anymore.
    GGs shift is relevant, but it’s not a weapon.

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  18. PaulCohen says:

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  19. PaulCohen says:

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  20. jb says:

    The FBI and CIA in bed w/ the Democrats:

    They had Hunter’s laptop for a yr and did nothing –even though it provided clear evidence of his and Joe’s criminality.

    And now you know why NOTHING ever happened w/ Uranium1.

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  21. Alli says:

    Glen Greenwald has been making more sense over the past few years and lost the leftist. I am glad he’s being vocal however he looks scared to me. The seriousness of it all can be overwhelming. I hope he keeps talking.

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  22. MVW says:

    The dinner table is loaded with a feast, yet a disgruntled spoiler, call the spoiler the Chinese Communist Party, decides no one should eat, everyone should be miserably hungry, what to do?

    It is the ‘Garbage Can Strategy’, simply empty the garbage can onto the feast…

    That is the state of the ‘News Media’. CCP does not want the news told of Biden’s sell out for peanuts, so they flood the airwaves with Garbage from an army of paid media trolls on CNN, NBC, Twitter, FB, et al. That way no one can see that Biden is a cheap traitor who sells out the world’s greatest Republic for a handful of rubber Nickels. (The small minded Rat could of at least sold us out for $trillions).

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  23. PaulCohen says:

    I can think of only 3 left/liberal journalists who are honest enough to speak out against nonsense like “Russiagate” and similar MSM frauds — Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibi, and Aaron Mate.

    Naturally, all three get tons of abuse from others on the left. In terms of favored policies and “progressive” leftist leanings, these three are no less “leftist” than others…. but they do have the virtue of honesty in cutting through a lot of the left’s propaganda, and that is unbearable for their fellow leftists.

    Kinda like George Orwell always considered himself a “man of the left” (socialist/progressive)…. it’s just that he could not stomach the lies and propaganda of most others on the “left”…..

    Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P.) was another who was able to call out a lot of the lies of the leftists, even while remaining committed to “progressive” politics.

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  24. In the Land of Poz says:

    Greenwald is similar to Chomsky. He will continue into his old age believing in leftism as some collection of political principles, an intellectual Lego set, rather than a weapon for gaining and exercising power.

    It’s like the true believer communists in the USSR who seriously thought it was about wealth redistribution and human brotherhood. Then as old men they were puzzled when it all fell down.

    It’s the art of missing the joke while living inside it.

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    • Good_heavens_are_you_still_trying_to_win says:

      Well, you are describing Leon Trotsky, whose nominal compatriots in the Spanish Civil War, ironically, demonstrated to George Orwell the deficiency of his positions. Alas, Leon never made it to old age, did he?

      Related personal anecdote, I pulled up an old floor in an old house I own, lined with old newspapers. Therein lied a NYTimes feature on the greatness of Trotsky, as he assumed the head of economy in the old Soviet Union in an article from 1925. They have ALWAYS been who they are.

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      • gsonFIT says:

        Good stuff


      • In the Land of Poz says:

        Living deep behind enemy lines, it’s inevitable that I know some literal Trotskyists who read Leon’s works unironically in 2020. You can tell the naive true believers by how eager they are to convince you. There are no Trotskyists with common sense, today it’s the branch of make-believe communism for those claiming “real communism has never been tried”.

        The Stalinist types who just want power (current year’s model is pixie commissar Kamala Harris) don’t care what you believe, only that you pay and obey.

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  25. furtive says:


    Biden will be immediately replaced by Communist chameleon Mamala Kamala

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    • cheering4america says:

      This is a very VERY concerning video. Did he say that there were agencies under the Chief Executive that would decline to comply with the current Executive? He was confident of it.

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      • Amber Dekstris says:

        pfft to him. He said Trump had no legal authority to send in the National Guard but refused repeatedly to elaborate and you just have to trust him on this one. What a load of rubbish. The law is written down in words. Either there are words which give the president authority to do a thing or there aren’t. If he wants to claim that Trump has no authority then it’s up to him to point to the words which prohibit the president or to point to where the words would have been were they to exist (that is, point to the absence of the words giving authority).

        The law is not a secret, it is all published. But there is so much law that laymen usually don’t know where to look to find the words they seek.


    • spoogels says:

      Mamala’s husband is already telling everyone his wife is going to be the POTUS

      Guess who just said “I am married to the next president of the United States?”

      The husband of Kamala Harris. Does he know something we don’t know? Will the lamestream media even report this?

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    • gsonFIT says:

      That is Obamas lawyer


  26. cheering4america says:

    “The last four years has been an onslaught of disinformation.”

    It has indeed.

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  27. Val says:

    His “values” are paid by Pierre Omidyar (

    “EBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar provided the funding to launch The Intercept and continues to support it through First Look Media Works, a nonprofit organization.”

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  28. C2C says:

    What if the FBI wasn’t just “sitting” on Hunters laptop? What if the real intent was not to bury it, but to USE it to control Joe when he wins?

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    • In the Land of Poz says:

      Imagine the bullet we dodged with godfather Comey or psycho killer McCabe controlling Hillary. Under one, a DNC state with its own KGB. Under the other, the DNC doesn’t have to choose, it can have a KGB *and* disappear its enemies.

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    • spoogels says:

      You think the Deep State havent got dirt on all politicians that they use to blackmail them into submission?

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      • regitiger says:


        to this day i believe this was attempted with LTGEN Flynn.

        i am theorizing. but it connects to the larger patterns…

        they go to Flynn and show him what they have manufactured and will harm him with…

        Flynn calls the bluff.

        so they snap back and get him fired or PROSECUTED..succeeded on both counts.

        if they could not manipulate the natsec advisor to the president they opted to take him out.

        i really do believe it was going swimingly until Sidney POWELL got involved.

        doj WITHDRAWAL and vacating all charges has a very dark cause.

        they would.never allow this to go to trial..not with Powell in the driver’s sea getting all of that exculpatory in the open.

        its very likeky the spying on flynn was to find anything they could to manipulate him.

        a man close to trump…best.humint.asset ever.

        Flynn doesn’t flip…he calls the bluff.

        just a theory.

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  29. pocaMAGAjunta says:

    Go to see a liberal truth teller in Greenwald.
    However…FTA in the NYPost:
    “I don’t think that the emails — so far — reveal a huge scandal. They so far just establish standard sleaze and DC corruption.”
    This indicates a just-the-way-it-is acceptance of the status quo of corruption.

    Kudos to Glenn as he nails it here:
    The huge scandal to me is the blatant rank-closing and cone of silence — a prohibition — erected *by journalists* around this story to defend Biden,” Greenwald wrote in another posting.

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  30. Daniel says:

    First we know, especially as information is being released (trickled at a pace useful for public consumption), real crimes at all levels and severities have been committed by people in government. The growing evidence of this is infuriating people like me and like “us” in general.

    I don’t believe the first amendment is a defense for people in the media when they are covering for criminals. As evidence is given to them and/or otherwise made available to them, it is not for them to falsely claim it is debunked or unverified or somehow inappropriate or otherwise inadmissible. It it absolutely NOT for the likes of Twitter or Facebook to try to hide it.

    The press, at this point (with all the evidence of criminal behavior), is aiding and abetting felons. And it is reasonable to believe they are doing this knowingly. The fact that they did not flinch when they saw the information drop perhaps serves as indication they knew about this all along and did not consider it to be a reason to change what they have been doing.

    We need law enforcement/judges issuing subpoenas looking into the origins of their current disinformation as it relates to their covering for criminal behavior. Schumer came out claiming “Russian disinformation” and the media and other also said so. Facebook and Twitter acted on this information PRIOR to any other suggestions from the media or Schumer that this was “Russian disinformation” and since our intelligence services are now saying “we never said that to Schumer or to the media” the claims by media, facebook/twitter and Schumer need to be investigated immediately as a CRIMINAL MATTER because they are effectively aiding and abetting felons.

    I don’t believe Schumer is protected by his position as it applies to being an accessory to felonies.

    I don’t believe the CDA provisions allow Twitter/Facebook an out in this case either.

    I don’t believe the first amendment press protections apply to being an accessory to felonies apply.

    They’ve all got some ‘splainin’ to do.

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  31. doofusdawg says:

    Sad to think that the future of the culture might be in the hands of him and Taibbi. Wouldn’t want to be their food tasters.


  32. Peter B says:

    Glenn Greenwald said that the CIA etc. were created in part to spread disinformation in foreign countries and are now doing it in the USA. For years NPR’s business reporting would report “the dollar and other foreign currencies.”

    At first I was annoyed by the bad grammar. Then I realized that the USA is a foreign country to the Deep State.

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  33. Imagine……if the Dems had run Greenwald instead of their feral radicals.
    They had 4 yrs to come up with a worthy candidate…..


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