President Trump Supports an Independent Special Counsel to Investigate Foreign Payments to Biden Family…

Earlier this morning President Trump called-in to Fox News for an interview on several topics. During a part of the interview President Trump draws a comparison between confirmed evidence of Hunter Biden selling influence with false accusations of Donald Trump Jr. selling influence.

President Trump discusses the upcoming debate and outlines his support for an independent special counsel to investigate how payments to Hunter by several foreign governments were constructed as a back-door process to purchase action from Joe Biden.


Given the factual, demonstrable and clearly evidenced institutional biases within the DOJ and FBI, how exactly is a special counsel supposed to be appointed and operated?

Accepting the traditional nature of the approach; yet overlaying the known corruption within the DC institutions; any investigation seems rather futile.

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303 Responses to President Trump Supports an Independent Special Counsel to Investigate Foreign Payments to Biden Family…

  1. Last CT Conservative says:

    Well I most definitely support the idea, I also believe it is a waste of time. Perhaps the headline “Special Council Appointment” may sway some. However, the only thing an appointment may accomplish between now and the election is for the selection of what letterhead to use on the obfuscation documentation to follow…

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  2. jx says:

    As a result of the DOJ’s conduct during the Teapot Dome investigation on January 31, 1924 the Senate passed a joint resolution directing the President to appoint a special counsel.

    “A joint resolution directing the President to institute and prosecute suits to cancel certain leases of oil lands and incidental contracts, and for other purposes. [ ]

    Whereas it appears from evidence taken by the Committee on Public Lands and Surveys of the United States Senate that certain lease of naval reserve No. 3, in the State of Wyoming, [ ]

    etc etc…

    Resolved further, That the President of the United States be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed immediately to cause suit to be instituted and prosecuted [ ]

    And the President is further authorized and directed to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, special counsel who shall have charge and control of the prosecution of such litigation, anything in the statutes touching the powers of the Attorney General of the Department of Justice to the contrary notwithstanding. – 65 Cong. Rec. 1728-1729 (1924) –

    On February 27, 1924 a second joint resolution was passed to fund the special counsel. – 43 Stat. chap. 42 (1924) –


  3. jeans2nd says:

    Robert Barnes.
    Barnes is just cynical enough and eyes-wide-open enough to function well as an Independent Special Counsel.
    Perhaps an L Lyn Wood.

    That said, we will never see an outsider as an Independent Special Counsel, so not holding my breath.

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  4. Chilidog says:

    The point of any investigation will be to bury it. There’s enough in the public domain to make arrests. That’s what needs to happen. They can continue the investigation after arrests and before trial. That’s what would happen to any of us. We would be arrested within two weeks of law enforcement receiving this information. Anyone calling for an investigation is just demanding that the FBI bury the story. People need to call for arrests.

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  5. Bogeyfree says:

    This is deja vous all over again. When RR appointed Mueller and everybody had to,step back and not question one thing from Mueller and team for 3 years.

    Now we get Barr would won’t indict ANYONE or ANYTHING related to a coup on a President or massive illegal spying and we expect him to pick an honest SC?

    Are you kidding me.

    Imagine what we would get if they announce that the SC to investigate Biden is end up Andrew Weismann Do you see where this could go?

    So no SC. Wait until the election is over and PT has clearly won. Then go name Sidney Powell as your nominee for new AG.

    And to put pressure on McConnell pull Grenell trick and ask Eugene Scalia or John Ratcliffe to slide over as Acting AG (no confirmation required as they are already cabinet level approved by Congress) and as strong allies of PT let them select the SC if PT still wants one.

    At least we have a shot of these guys naming someone like DiGenova vs someone like a Weismann.

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  6. I think graham should just write some sternly worded letter to whoever.
    Doesn’t matter to who just so they are very sternly written.

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  7. Bogeyfree says:

    Or PT could simply put in an AG who truly believes in a one system of justice and not lip service.

    So nominate Sidney Powell and to help McConnell see the light, slide either Eugene Scalia or John Ratcliffe over as Acting AG until they confirm PT nomination.

    This way PT has a true allied in place and these guys don’t need any Congressional approval as they are already cabinet level appointed and Senate confirmed.

    So they can have a Scalia or Ratcliffe or Powell take your pick and IMO any of them would be better than the last 5 AG’s this country has had.


  8. Zy says:

    Can we fine 13 angry Republicans that aren’t Rinos for the counsel team ?


  9. Remington says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to slojoe answering difficult questions….Like what flavor milk shake he’s going to have tomorrow…


  10. John Good says:

    Fox News is NO FRIEND of President Trump, according to the Canada Free Press article written by the boss!

    And, while you are there, read this article also:

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    • deplorablepubliussyrus says:

      Good work. I’d like to see more, including network analysis of political connections and money earned by each of the Fox Board, and exec mgmt. Dont forget non-profits and private foundations as these are used to funnel payola to family.


  11. Lottacats says:

    Aw hell, let’s get straight to arrests. I’m damn tired of all these “time honored” corrupt institutions dragging their feet. A few normal citizens could do a better job getting to the bottom of the rats nest. Can’t imagine how our President can put up with this crap 24/7/365! Trump2020 for America.


  12. Kaco says:

    There ain’t nobody clean enough to do it, except for Sidney Powell. That’s about the only one I have my faith in as far as attorneys.


  13. RBSlim says:

    I have given up on arrests and civic justice. At this point I’d rather we have complete transparency and all evidence, information and documents released to the public. Then perhaps we can get real reform and the guilty become social pariahs (think OJ).


    • ann230 says:

      Like the British Marburg Files (episode 6 season2 the Crown) No one went to jail and England was saved from Hitler. Our current elected scumbags need to stand with Edward and Wallis after giving American tax money back.


  14. bruzedorange says:

    Nah. I think this is just Donald J. Trump starting the negotiations–possibly on a phantom deal–just to see who steps up to the table and what their counter-offers are.

    Every voter who’s woke to how infested the swamp is on both sides of the aisle, will take note of who think’s this is a good idea. The follow up question is the real “out-er”… WHO would you choose to head the investigation?

    Whoever they name, will have been outed as well. Gators gotta gator!


  15. Guessed says:

    I think it would have to be a special counsel. After all the FBI and DOJ have a massive conflict of interest when it comes to the Biden Crime Family, given that the Bureau has denied the existence of organized crime families in general and in the case of the Bidens sat on a computer with all the evidence needed to charge, try, and convict them of influence peddling, failing to register as foreign agents, and I bet before it is over there will be tax evasion.

    They cannot be allowed to investigate. Give it to the US Marshals Service. They apprehend criminals and liberate abused children. Give them the Weiner laptop, too.

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  16. Jeffrey Coley says:

    President Trump needs to appoint the right special counsel to investigate these matters. Say, Rudy Giuliani.

    What’s that you say? Too biased and prejudiced based on his public statements? That didn’t stop Andrew Weissman.


  17. fillemup01 says:

    Seeing that democRATS have a special immunity that conservatives do not enjoy, what’s the point? Barr would probably appoint Huber or someone of his ilk, guaranteeing that nothing would come of it.


  18. snowshooze says:

    There isn’t a lot more investigating needed.
    The F.B.I. has been on it nearly a year.
    I want the Biden’s prosecuted by the same prosecutor I would have to face.
    And soon.


  19. sickrickfl says:

    Appoint SYDNEY POWELL as special council. Give her the SAME BROAD AUTHORITY that the weasel Rosenstein gave Weissman, errr, Mueller.

    Watch how many of the rats leave the country for places with no extradition treaties…


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