President Trump ‘Supporting American Way of Life’ Rally – Muskegon, Michigan – 5:00pm ET Livestream…

President Trump travels to Muskegon, Michigan, today to deliver remarks on ‘Supporting the American Way of Life’ at a campaign style event.  The venue is Flyby Air and the anticipated start time is 5:00pm ET.  [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream Link



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122 Responses to President Trump ‘Supporting American Way of Life’ Rally – Muskegon, Michigan – 5:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. Eric says:

    Holy crap!

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  2. RSBN 262k views 4 min ago. That’s amazing. Congrats RSBN.

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  3. 4EDouglas says:

    I wanted to see AF-1 on a low pass over the crowd with landing lights ,position lights and vertical stabilizer light on looking like the mothership or in the case of the president-the “fathership”…


    • Something like that... says:

      It was pretty awesome just to see it take off!~ We were stuck on the wrong side of security when he landed… I was really hoping to see if the rumor I’d heard about the chase vehicle with the mini-gun pointing out the back was true… maybe next time he comes to town?

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  4. SuzyAZ says:

    Backyard family bar-b-cues and homemade ice cream. Sounds pretty darned good.


  5. Something like that... says:

    Well I don’t know how many people they say where there, but there was a ton of people still waiting to get in when he started speaking.. I was one of them! The lines to get through security were FULL when he started. There was a big screen on the far end of the line and the sound was so quiet it was hard to hear. Eventually we found out they had closed access to get in and i’d say 75% of the people left. The rest of us stood outside around big screen trying our best to hear. Eventually they told us they were letting us in and we finally got to see him in person.


    I think we saw 10-20 protesters… they were pretty pathetic…

    Anyway, it was an great experience! God bless you President Trump, we’re praying for you!

    PS – I’ve been lurking for over 5 years and have just now posted for the first time a few minutes ago… you guys have been an amazing blessing to our household! Sundance, keep it up and God bless you too!

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  6. Medicine Man says:

    Live 12 miles from here. Blue collar county. You can see by the numbers why he is here. Great call. Lost to Hillary by a few hundred votes. I couldn’t make it but sister in law was and lots of friends. Says it was unbelievable.

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  7. Esperanza7 says:

    We took our 5 children including 6 month old baby!! It was BEAUTIFUL! It was like being with family. People were so polite, courteous and helpful to each other and police officers! Only saw one lame protestor at the event and a few lame ones on the way to event. We got there late (for obvious reasons….) We were in the overflow for most of the speech because it was so packed inside. YUGE #S and pumped friends!!! Saw Tedd Nugent…lol. I had no way of gauging how many friends were there….I just know it was
    PACKED. Truly an opportunity of a lifetime to support our POTUS!!!!! I was awestruck that after he spoke here in the mitten til 6:30 or so… he was off to wisconsin!!!!!!! Have you looked at his peaceful protest schedule??? Its crazy…He does a rally in a different state about every 3 hours🤪. At the event…he told us he did a rally in 2016 at 1am on the eve of the election❤❤❤ And dont forget about interviews with idiots as well as running the country. Praise God for raising up this leader.
    My kids were like…”mom…when does he sleep???” Then they said…”God must give him his strength…” So profound!❤ Tireless and devoted man who truly wants to save our republic!!!! Thank you POTUS…it was an honor to support you.

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  8. rayvandune says:

    Did you notice the new them President Trump mentioned in both events? He brought Americans together by helping them succeed together! Very insightful.

    I would like to see him compliment Americans more on their wisdom and resistance to being fooled by the skillful propagandists arrayed against us by the Democrats, the Chinese, and the Russians, using the giant megaphone of the mainstream media. It is truly amazing how many of us are capable of independent thought and action in the face of propaganda institutions that make the Nazis look amateurish.


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