President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Macon, GA – 7:00pm ET Livestream…

After spending the day in south Florida (Miami), southwest Florida (Fort Myers), and then central Florida (Ocala), President Trump heads to Macon Georgia for a campaign rally to finish off the day.  Anticipated start time 7:00pm EDT [Livestream links below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream



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225 Responses to President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Macon, GA – 7:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. Blind no Longer says:

    I saw this earlier…gotta have one!

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  2. Oprah liked our key lime pie. (Probably ate a few pies during her visit.)

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  3. petszmom says:

    So Okra liked key lime pie back when she liked Trump.

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    • BuckeyeMom says:

      I had to switch from RSBN because they kept cutting out.


      • CC says:

        Mom–I did too but they managed to fix it….try and stay with them….its a very small company, 14 people I think…the correspondents are all young, red blooded American Patriots, working for a viewer supported entity! I give them a lot of credit and hopefully, good juju! They are polite, energetic and dedicated! I like those kids and RSBN seems down to earth, not stuffy like some other networks…


  4. Landslide says:

    Doug Collins got massive applause.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  5. Dutchman says:

    I and many other commenters have made sports type metaphors,…poker, chess or football.

    The best metaphors for this rally is a term from pool; calling his shots.

    He has SO got this, he is calling his shots, as he cleans the table. I honestly can not recall seeing such a confident POTUS candidate, since Ronald Reagan’s reelection.

    Handled the Loefflrt/Collins issue with grace and aplomb.

    God I love this guy!

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      yep, fair play! Loefner has fought hard to earn his respect.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Dutch! Love reading this uber-optimistic report from you. I’m not saying you’re a Negative Nellie but my impression from your posts is that you’re a cautious guy. So, this rousing review is GREAT!


      • Dutchman says:

        Funny, I don’t THINK of myself as ‘cautious’, I sometimes post my opinions and get push-back, but that’s WHY I post my opinions.

        If I don’t put them up to independent push back, HOW do I know if my opinions and thoughts are valid?

        There’s only 3 entities in my head, me, myself and I, and we generally agree!

        Have to get objective analyses, which includes constructive criticism, which HAS to come from outside my head,..

        But, maybe some of PDJT’s rousing optimism rubbed off. Great rally, even WITH sound level varying,..

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        • delighteddeplorable says:

          Merely an observation from my branch, could be 100% offbase but intended to be
          positive. 👍

          POTUS is definitely picking up steam into the home stretch.

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  6. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m curious if a Presidential candidate has ever gotten more mail in votes than in person votes because for Biden to win based on his rally turnouts this is what is going to have to happen.

    And if it did, how does the left explain 8-100 people show up at his 2-3 rallies per week where PT does 2-3 rallies a day with 10k-30k people and Biden wins??

    IMO it can only suggest Massive Voter Fraud!

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      POTUS will pull the same LEGAL STUNNER (with mail -ins) he did in 2016 with the electronic voting machines – that cost Hillary the election (she didnt expect lawyers to contect and shut down each one on behalf of trump – not enough time to make paper ballots)

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  7. SR says:

    WI and MI is same day counting now. How is about NC and PA, Can these count after Election Day too?


    • warrprin1 says:

      We have a an absolute mess in PA, with a State Supreme Court overloaded with Dem sympathizers of the poser in the Governor’s office. I’ll explain on the Presidential OT – but not tonight. Having too much fun at this rally.

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    • In minnesotastan, any ballot post-marked 11/3 must be counted after E-day.
      The weakest gop controlled state senate I’ve ever seen. Smaller balz than walz.


      • Dutchman says:

        I would THINK it would be treated the same as Provisional ballots; if the lead, without counting, is SOOO great that if EVERY provisional ballot was for the losing candidate, then they don’t BOTHER counting, cause it doesn’t make any difference in the outcome.

        THATS why the Dems were pushing for SO MANY to be sent out.
        Spouse and I voted yesterday, ….

        We always vote by REQUESTED mail in ballot, normally mail it, but THIS time took it to an early voting location, and dropped it in a lockbox there.

        Has our signature on the envelope, and we can go online, to confirm our ballots were counted.

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  8. The Gipper Lives says:

    “Obama knows Joe is shot–he’s a patriot”

    He didn’t say for which country.

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  9. warrprin1 says:


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  10. spoogels says:

    Joe Biden, Godfather

    Today, in a speech in Florida, President Trump referred to the Bidens as an organized crime family:

    “Hunter made no money until his father became vice president and now he’s like a vacuum cleaner….It’s an organized crime family, as far as I’m concerned.”

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  11. PaulCohen says:

    Apparently some items started showing up on Twitter and Youtube 3 weeks ago referring to “3 hard drives” of Hunter Biden and a “sex and money” scandal etc. Bannon seems to be involved. Evidence may even have been sent to Pelosi and DOJ before the end of Sept., if the anonymous postings are accurate (who knows at this point). I hope Bannon knows what he’s doing and has a well calculated campaign going, because with his recent arrest and his associating with the fugitive Chinese billionaire it is going to be too easy for the MSM to try to cloud the stories. Still, the real Hunter Biden stuff seems explosive enough that Bannon probably can’t mess this up too badly…..

    If materials were indeed sent out 3 weeks ago it could be a nice test of Pelosi and Democrats, as well as DOJ, to monitor who might get “leaks” of info, who responded quietly in one way or another, etc. Right now I want to know whether Bannon is tightly on-message with Giuliani or is he running some “rogue” operation of his own. One hopes he has it together but I don’t think Bannon is always such a disciplined guy.

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    • Landslide says:

      With respect….wrong thread.

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    • cow wow says:

      Here’s another one the Brits bringing in a much earlier angle and then some!
      GUY ADAMS: Prince Andrew, the oligarchs and a new bombshell for Biden


      • spoogels says:

        Such ventures, in regions of the world hardly known for their probity, have always smelled distinctly whiffy. So what, then, ought we to make of the revelation that, when his father was Vice President, Biden Jr was doing business in a fourth cash-soaked but highly corrupt country?

        Namely: Kazakhstan.

        The Mail can reveal that between 2012 and 2014, Hunter worked as a sort of go-between for Kenes Rakishev, a self-styled ‘international businessman, investor and entrepreneur’ with close family connections to the kleptocratic regime of his homeland’s despotic former president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

        (Nazarbayev is a name readers may be familiar with: he’s the dictator famed for taking Prince Andrew on occasional goose hunts.)

        I did read somewhere that there were quite a few countries involved
        So far we have:

        Russia-Moscow Mayor’s wife


        • spoogels says:

          Hunter and Joe Biden (pictured left and right centre respectively) with oligarch Kenes Rakishev (far left). The Mail can reveal that between 2012 and 2014, Hunter worked as a sort of go-between for Rakishev


    • SanJac says:

      Bannon has made references to going thru a laptop and hard drives over the last week so he is involved in something. It’s in his best interest and since his arrest he knows if this President does not win re-election he is gonna be going to jail whether they did anything wrong or not.
      The man who turned in the Biden crime family laptop is now in fear of the Fan Belt Inspectors (Seth Rich or Epstein) and has deadman’s switch’s in place.


      • More Bore says:

        The main course of this latest scandal is to see the Bidens taken out.

        The dessert would be to uncover the FBI scandal and shut it down, as well.


  12. bertdilbert says:

    It has been a great rally. Red wave!

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  13. Landslide says:

    I love this part—saying what he will do in his next term. Hope he does this at the end of the debate next week. Great to leave people with a list of future policies.👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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  14. Lion2017 says:

    God Bless President Trump! We love you!

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  15. Landslide says:

    Boy….it’s really hitting me hard right now thinking that these are the last Donald J Trump rallies.😥 I am going to do my best to watch each one and soak it all up. This is a moment in time that is like no other. I do not take it for granted and am VERY thankful to be living at this time. Oh the books that will be written about his presidency!

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  16. john another says:

    It would seem there are three hard drives

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    • john another says:

      And everyone has copies.


    • All Too Much says:

      The Youtube channel is live again tonight reporting, if I understood the translation
      and graphic, that the files include names of democrats taking money from China.
      Again, that is what I picked up in a fifteen minute viewing, and I may be mistaken.

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    • Dutchman says:

      NOW I think I know what PDJT meant, in the debate with Joe, when he said ;
      “We HAVE the TAPES!”

      And, I understand why NOBODY asked PDJT what he meant, afterwards.

      I don’t know whether this source is reputable, know nothing about it,..Rudy said it’ll all be out in 10 days,…so let’s see what happens!

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    • Free Speech says:

      If China starts to fear Trump is going to win, they are going to take a big fat crap right on top of Biden. And all the Democrats they’ve been paying. They will do it hoping it keeps Trump out of their internal affairs. And to save face. Remember what Sundance has said about the Dragon/Panda strategy.

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  17. bessie2003 says:

    Like that new chant “Move them back!” and the name someone at the earlier Florida rally shouted out when the President mentioned Hunter Biden being the Middle Man that the President always asks ‘who are these middle men we keep hearing about” – bet there will be a Hunter Binden/Middleman T-Shirt too!

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  18. railer says:

    The recent Biden crime family disclosures are one of the yooogest October surprises ever.

    I hope Roger Stone has had a hand in this. Rudy is clearly the point man, but I’m hoping Stone is sticking it to somebody in this election somehow, and we find out about it later.


    • Dutchman says:

      So, if this pans out,…
      The Russians didn’t have videos of DJT, with peeing Russian hookers,…

      But the CHINESE have videos of Hunter Biden, having sex with underage girls.

      It’s NOT that DJT was an “agent” of Russia, but that Biden IS a compromised agent of CHINA.

      AND, that China has a “hold” of blackmail, over the political elites, and considers that they, CCP OWN them,….through corruption and blackmail.

      When you make a deal with the devil,…the devil ALWAYS reneggs. If the Political elites DON’T defeat PDJT, China will have to make good on their threat, and release the compromising material.

      Looks like maybe the pizzagate and epstein connection isn’t a far fetched, right wing Conspiracy, it is a fact.

      Easy to see how they got an in to soddom and gamora, er,..hollywood,..and from there into media..

      Human trafficking, indeed.

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  19. Wait… HOW MANY RALLIES has President Trump held in the last couple of days?

    Not bad for a guy that the press (and Kellyann Conway’s daughter) said was deathly I’ll and struggling to breath.

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    • Dutchman says:

      What better way to demonstrate the truth about the virus.
      PDJT gets it, and being a senior he gets the antibodies.
      Melania gets it, and takes chicken soup.
      Barron gets it, and shrugs it off.

      And though PDJT hasn’t SAID it, like he did with the wall, you can bet yer *ss he’s going to make CHINA pay!

      So SURE, make sure everyone who needs it, everyone it’s appropriate for (co-morbidities, seniors, etc.) gets antibody treatment “for free”, cause CHINA is going to pay for it. Big time.

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  20. Bogeyfree says:


    So if Joe steps Down……

    1) Does Cruella da Ville step up as the DNC Presidential candidate and she picks a new VP?

    2) Does the DNC get to pick and insert someone like maybe Michelle last minute to be Presidential nominee?

    3) and what happens to the already cast Joe Biden Votes?
    Do they just roll over to KH if she is elevated?


    Do they go to whoever the DNC inserts?

    Meaning are the votes considered for the person or the party?

    If person then they get canned?


    • Dutchman says:

      I THINK, since we voted for ELECTORS, those who vote ‘for’ Biden, ACTUALLY vote for ELECTORS, who are SUPPOSED to vote for HIM and K.

      If a candidate were to “drop out”, or become incapacitated or die, I should think they COULD vote for someone else the party puts up, but I am really not sure.

      A POTUS elected under such conditions would have no legitimacy or mandate, I should think.

      Not gonna happen, though. Biden is just the tip of the iceberg, and the whole Uniparty sinks or swims with him; we have already seen how big tech and msm are sticking to him like glue.

      I don’t think they will throw Joe under the bus, at this point, cause they are ALL implicated.


    • MustangBlues says:

      ”Bogeyfree says:
      October 16, 2020 at 10:07 pm

      So if Joe steps Down……

      1) Does Cruella da Ville step up as the DNC Presidential candidate and she picks a new VP?” Important Question: See the following for clarification of the facts:

      Kamal Hump Harris is not eligible to be VP nor President of the USA. She is not a natural born citizen as required by the constitution. Her parents, mother from Tamil, India and father from Jamaica were graduate students in the USA, not immigrants nor citizens, in USA on student visas,

      Just students from foreign countries who birthed a child, no different than diplomats and their birth children, who by birth are citizens of their parents’ country, as they are subject to their birth country’s jurisdiction of citizenship, no matter what country they are living in.

      Kamal Hump Harris has citizenship in India and in Jamaica, so as a dual citizen she is not eligible for the office of VP nor President, her culturation is foreign in India and Jamaica by her parents, and has no culturation of America because her parents of foreign citizens, not citizens of the USA.

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    • More Bore says:

      Been wondering this too – what if the corruption reveal is actually the DNC’s october surprise? we all suspected Biden would not be the guy to cross the finish line.


  21. cjzak says:

    i followed along all day today since I had some free time for a change. I’m exhausted and I hardly left my kitchen table with me being glued to the computer and tv. How in the world does this man do what he does?

    I wonder how it feels to be the pilot of AF1. How much fun driving it around like it was a limo instead of a giant plane? Flying all over the USA and days where they fly 2 or 3 places. Unreal and so cool! There is nothing better than seeing that beautiful machine coming in for a landing and then taxiing right up to the people. It gets me every time I see it.

    I agree with everyone who said we are witnessing something historic and that we will never see again probably. An amazing man and an amazing President, a people’s President. How lucky we truly are!

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  22. spoogels says:

    Joe Biden in Michigan
    He’s speaking to a small group of people and he still needs a teleprompter.


    Joe Biden’s teleprompter in action. He literally cannot speak coherently without

    — Jake Schneider (@jacobkschneider) October 16, 2020

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    • spoogels says:

      Is the guy blind or something too?

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    • furtive says:

      and he’s way ahead….yup.
      If a moderator cannot ask about his eulogy for Robert Grand wizard kkk Byrd;
      Or the Prima facie emails,

      why should we believe he’s the winner of any state, even if declared by the AP.

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  23. StanH says:

    Boom! …and the lion roared. Great Rally!

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  24. SR says:

    There is new Chinese money payment email about Biden but how PTrump campaign would make this to fake media and push Biden to answer these questions. Biden supporters like to vote him just he has good table manners and not crazy.


  25. luke says:

    I have never understood this. I mean this unrecognizable energy. How does he do it. I am half his age and I don’t understand. You guys know me as the feller who testifies against religious wonder. DT is in Gods hands hands. Noooo I don’t say that lightly. God……we need you now more than ever. Love everyone who comes here. ❤️

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    • I’ve been praying for supernatural intervention and believe in God’s moving throughout this entire campaign. And yes, the energy of this man God has chosen for this time is unbelievable. Indeed he is in God’s Hands and am so thankful we have a warrior who loves this country!

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  26. oblio59 says:

    Ground report:
    Awesome rally, unbelievable energy from our President and crowd enthusiasm. Only disappointment was no AF1 flyby and the venue (old Boeing ramp on South side of airport) did not allow taxi up to the crowd. And the music was great too!


  27. spoogels says:

    Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Facebook, Twitter censorship scandal – watch these 3 things
    Here’s why the latest Hunter Biden scandal is so curious


  28. Julia Adams says:

    Three rallies in one day following last night’s town hall in Miami. The President is unique and has more energy, stamina and drive than a man or woman a third of his age. So proud of President Donald Trump. Please Lord keep him, Melania and his family healthy and safe.

    Please Lord, help our Nation and the world by blessing us, the silent majority, with the strength, courage and conviction to re-elect him to office for 4 more years.

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  29. spoogels says:

    UK’s US ambassador Kim Darroch investigated over fears he leaked White House secrets to CNN reporter
    Remember he suddenly resigned after he said anti Trump stuff?


    • TMonroe says:

      Once again, it’s supposed to be based on an affair, just like the Strzok-Page exchanges and the Wolfe-Watkins exchanges. Anyone else think it might just be a convenient cover for planned collaboration?


  30. furtive says:

    Substitute this 2016 ad for 2020.


  31. MustangBlues says:

    Wow!!!! Glorious President Trump, the Leader, Boss, El Jefe, El Padron, Fabulous, Outstanding, Wonderful, Master Performance, A Pleasure to See and Hear;

    We are all blessed to have this Man as Our Leader, Our President. Superb Performance of Patriot Leadership.

    Pity the communist democrat fools, hope they come to their senses, but always consider them evil beings, and have no mercy for any communist democrat spawn.

    Surely, Anyone who votes communist democrat for biden and harris and pelosi and schumer et al criminal cabal, is complicit in the rape and murder of the USA, and guilty of crimes against the American Citizen.

    The seditionist criminal communist democrats have made an irrevocable eternal blasphemy against American constitutional civil humankind , that will follow their children throughout the time until their lineage ceases to exist.

    All Citizens: Seek to Salt their fields, pollute their water wells, poison their animals, castrate all males, kill their female children, banish any citizen that takes pity on their deserved plight.

    Remove this cursed ruination of all that is good from human civil society.

    Is this irony, sarcasm, parody or prophesy???


  32. cbjoasurf says:


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