Giddy Up: It’s Time to Kick-start the 2020 Election Ground Reports – What Are You Seeing?

It’s that time again when we kick-off the pre-election ground reports.  With Treepers in every state, your information is actually a great insight into the political landscape.

Individual reports are obviously anecdotal; however, when they are compiled on a larger scale, and overlaid against the social media network we also follow, these ground reports have proven to be pretty darned accurate.

Recent state polling in Florida (not done by national media) shows President Trump with a considerable lead over Joe Biden.  The stronger than 2016 support from Miami-Dade and the increase in Latino voters for President Trump are a significant factor.  Local data and ground reality both support my own review that the Florida margin in 2020 is near the Ohio margin in 2016.   Without large mail-in ballot manipulation the Harris-Biden ticket doesn’t stand a chance in Florida.  It’s over.

EXAMPLE-2: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in Phoenix, Arizona, and the lack of support was remarkable.  A ground report from Phoenix aligns with the visible reality and highlights a true reflection avoided by MSM:

I live in Phoenix. I’d like to file the following report “on the ground” here in Arizona.

There are reports Joe Biden drew eight people in Phoenix when he visited here last Thursday.

The enthusiasm gap is staggering. There is very little real/organic support for Biden. Very few yard signs and very few Biden/Harris car bumper stickers. By contrast, there are hundreds and hundreds of old cars/pickups with Trump flags and American flags driving around. This morning, I saw a “Democrats for Trump” bumper sticker.

I have “coffee with the cops” whenever I can and the Democrat’s avowed support for Antifa/Anarchists has turned all the cops against Biden. They called his anti-police polices “bleep.” I can’t imagine any police union member supporting for him.

People here want a job not a government handout. Cindy McCain has zero support and virtually no influence.

My two boys recently graduated from ASU and were shocked by the college faculty’s attempt at liberal indoctrination. They just wanted to get a job after graduation. They will be voting for Trump (based on their own life experiences, not mine).

We the people are being sold a “bill of goods” about Biden the likes of which I’ve never seen or imagined. It is an epic crock.

God speed, patriots!  (link)

All visible support for President Trump is genuinely organic, grassroots and easily identifiable as not being politically coordinated.  Conversely all media-focused support for Joe Biden -used to frame the current election narrative- is transparently astroturf, inorganic and easily identified as being contrived.  There truly is a remarkable and easily witnessed distinction.

Additionally, I see the COVID weaponization for political purposes as a net negative. No-one has ever won an election by relying on American voters to be stupid.  We have our political differences but the DNA in our national blood carries a strong BS detector.  Once people pay attention, in the aggregate Americans can tell when things are manipulated.

So here’s the question…  What do you see in your area?

What is the visible situation from your community and how does that contrast or align with the national narrative you are seeing as promoted by media?

Ground reports are a great way to get a *sense* of the election.

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900 Responses to Giddy Up: It’s Time to Kick-start the 2020 Election Ground Reports – What Are You Seeing?

  1. TBS says:

    Took a little trip to SW Virginia (Scott and Wise Counties) last part of last week. Startling. Historically Democrat. I saw ZERO Biden-Harris signage…and a ton of Trump 2020 signs and stickers. I talked to about five locals, and they are all very concerned about losing the last of what freedom we have left. There is no way this part of VA will go to Biden — unless there is rampant fraud.


    • johnnybiface says:

      The fraud is engineered. Its a Cloward-Piven strategy. Overwhelm with chaos and volume and complexity in an engineered, planned, confused, invisible way. Huge volumes of mailed ballots, ballot harvesting in districts with Democrat election supervisors at State, County, local levels and their poll watchers. There are practiced processes so the evil conclusion can be reached for the Democrats win. Its succeeded time and time again, Minnesota Senatorial election, Washington Gubernatorial election, Torricellis Senatorial election. And in hundreds and hundreds of local elections. Insert malevolent actors in strategic places for their win with dupey opposition to scared of the medias ovewhelming support for the conclusion.

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    • SW Virginia switched over about ten years ago. They threw out their congressman who had been there for decades and haven’t looked back. The issue for VA is that there has been a ton of migration into NoVA, Hampton Roads, and Richmond areas by folks moving from up North and bringing their voting patterns with them.

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  2. Deplore Able says:

    This will be my last election as a resident of Commyfornia. The town I live in is in Darrel Issa’s district (formerly Duncan Hunter). There are two Trump pop-up stores here. They are doing a good business, but there is a general fear of putting up Trump signs or Trump bumper stickers. Instead, patriots are flying the flag. In a neighboring community a couple who flew a Trump flag had their tires slashed. The silent majority is more aptly named the silenced majority here.

    People don’t want to target themselves. There are a few Biden signs in the neighborhood, but just as many Trump signs. I have seen as many Bernie and Tulsi bumper stickers as I have Biden/Harris stickers.

    I think Issa will win the district, but it may be close.

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    • conversefive says:

      I live in San Marino California. I see a few Biden signs in San Marino but more in south Pasadena next door. There are no Trump signs because of what Deplore Able here says. Everyone has been silenced. However, I notice many homes flying the American flag which I take to mean Trump supporter. Overall, there are way fewer Biden signs than Hillary signs four years ago.


    • conversefive says:

      I live in San Marino California. I see a few Biden signs in San Marino but more in south Pasadena next door. There are no Trump signs because of what Deplore Able here says. Everyone has been silenced. However, I notice many homes flying the American flag which I take to mean Trump supporter. Overall, there are way fewer Biden signs than Hillary signs four years ago.


      • Beach Jim says:

        I’m a life long resident of Manhattan Beach, CA and in the last week I’ve started to notice more Biden signs. Not surprising as the hedge fund managers and lawyers ran most of the old school surfers out in the past 20 years. The town has become a vacation home hot spot for Chinese money and Hollywood actors. It has been a bit depressing, but a few encouraging notes:
        1) The signs are small and mostly placed in front bedroom windows. I don’t ever remember seeing this in past elections. Yard signs have always been popular, but not little window signs.
        2) Several of the Biden signs I’ve noticed are “out of state” signs. I saw a “Nevadans for Biden” sign and a “Wisconsin for Biden” sign on different lawns. There is no way Biden’s campaign ran out of signs here in CA. What’s this fake support about?
        3) While I’ve only seen 3 Trump signs around Manhattan Beach (and it happened that 2 of the residents were outside as my wife and I walked by, so I gave them the thumbs up and said, “There’s more of us around than meets the eye!” Thumbs up and smiles in return…), there are a TON of Trump signs in the neighboring South Bay cities (Torrance, El Segundo, Palos Verdes). That’s encouraging.
        4) My family and friends are praying fervently for all you guys outside the “coastal bubble”. We’ll be voting and bringing people to the polls, but you guys will have to do the heavy lifting. As a patriot behind enemy lines I’m doing what I can, but the heroes on election day are going to be you folks in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I pray you guys all get out and vote. They can’t steal it if it isn’t close. May God have mercy on our country and continue to bless us in the days to come.


  3. alvasman says:

    It seems to me the Biden/Harris lawn signs are not all that dissimilar to the Trump/Pence ones. Or, is my eyesight failing me?


  4. ReglarMerican says:

    In Harris County, Texas (Houston) the demo-rat county officials are busy committing vote fraud.

    Some other sources give the numbers of fraudulent ballots very high, in the tens of thousands. The Hollywood left has been pouring money into democrat schemes here for more than four years, lots of funding, payoffs, organizing by the worst of the leftists. The newspaper, Houston Chronicle, is owned by commies in San Fran-sicko, so it runs constant Trump-bashing fake news.
    I have not seen many yard signs for either Trump or Biden. My circle of friends are all very conservative oil business people, so in my bubble I don’t have a good ear to the ground.
    The Houston area suffers from a lot of snooty country-club Bush supporter RINO’s, who were never Trumpers in 2016 and lost Harris County to the demo-rats by staying home to not vote out of spite. When the demo-rats took over Harris County they moved swiftly to cement their power and block any opposition. Don’t know if we can take it back.
    I expect MASSIVE vote fraud in Harris County, Texas. The same in Travis County (Austin), Dallas County and Bexar County (San Antionio) – all demo-rat strongholds.
    It could be close in Texas overall. I hope I’m wrong.


    • newpaltzwaltz says:

      I am terrified of this possibility. Democrat voters do not care how they win, and there will be no investigation if they win. If Trump somehow pulls this out, then he must run this to ground and the guilty must receive heavy punishment.
      In Johnstown, Pa., Biden came to town and we had no idea for a couple of days after. On 11 October, in Johnstown, trump enthusiasts held a car regatta that was so long that cars eventually had to change direction and go the other way…supports were passing each other for miles.

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    • listingstarboard says:

      Wasn’t the Chinese consulate there printing out fake ID’s and ballots?


    • Yy4u says:

      In 2016 while visiting Houston saw my first Hillary sign in West University Place so reading the above rang a bell, Blue staters move to red states and turn them blue then wonder what the devil happened. Classic example of insanity. Here jn southeast VA few Trump signs, usual suspects have Biden signs, lots of flags. I don’t have a Trump sign because I am afraid the crazies would poison my dog.No bumper stickers for anyone but with Covid lockdown I am not out as much as jn 2016.

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    • Jayne Orum says:

      Georgetown – 40 miles north of Austin (50-70,000 population?) in my 30 minute walk around the neighborhood there are 12 Trump signs (including mine) and 2 Biden. Lots of houses with flags and no sign for either. Driving thorough the rural surrounding area only Trump signs. There is a large Sun City (55+) neighborhood here, I haven’t driven through recently but 3 weeks ago there were slightly more Trump than Biden signs and again lots of flags with no yard sign. Poor seniors have been scared to death of covid, the maskless and guess they have nostalgia for the past Democrat party and lean more toward Biden for those reasons, imho.


  5. Dixie says:

    Somebody has really been busy putting up Biden signs in and around Carteret County NC. Today I read a piece in the local paper about complaints that someone is stealing the Biden sign. It was actually in print that “they thought it was the Republicans up to their old tricks of stealing or vandalizing”.

    IMO, this is major projection because they are the ones who remove or vandalize Trump signs.

    There is an attempt going on to also change the rules of absentee voting here. Seems there are some who did not bother with the witness signature on the ballots. So now they are trying to remove the requirement. This area has lots of absentee ballots because of the military. I’m glad the Republican party is raising hell about this possible rule change; however I also read that two of the Republican campaign members are also resigning. Apparently, they’d rather abandon a test of their civility than to support the rule of law.

    Even though I think the Trump supporters far outweigh the Biden supporters still, it wounds me to say we have more stupid people here than I thought.


  6. leon0112 says:

    I drove through central Oregon this weekend. Bend and Redmond. Many Trump signs, a few Biden signs. I also saw a caravan of pick ups carrying Trump flags through Redmond.

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  7. Leroy says:

    Just spoke to a neighbor who was coming home from the polls. He stood in line 2 hours to early vote. He said the poll workers are expecting large crowds every day. This coming from Upson County Ga. KAG 2020


  8. 40thfan says:

    We are in southeast Michigan about halfway between Detroit and Flint. Hubby took a ride this morning from the northwest corner of our county (Oakland) to the center of the county (toward Detroit). On the 25 minute ride he counted 36 Trump signs and 6 Biden signs.

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    • MattG says:

      I live in North Oakland Co and agree. I also have family in Central Michigan area (farmer and blue collar country) and the Trump vs Biden sign ratio is probably closer 20-1 up there. I’ve seen large home made signs and even Trump 2020 painted on the whole side of a concrete garage.

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  9. Nancy Murphy says:

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. No one in their right mind would display a Trump sign for fear of being murdered. There are no Biden signs. Not one. There
    are however, on my block three homes that proudly display the American Flag. I think the silenced majority displays the flag in support of Trump. It’s a secret signal that California may not be as blue as the left believes it to be.

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    • Ad rem says:

      We do the same thing here in my neck of the woods. I’ve seen a real uptick in the number of flags being left out 24/7….something that’s never happened in years past. 😀


    • Verboten says:

      We are in Teton County, Wyoming. The town of Jackson and surrounding tiny towns are a sanctuary for illegals. (Will someone please send ICE without announcing it first?) We are run by and ruled over by effeminate men and be-otch women.
      Any patriot silly enough to post President Trump signage is likely to experience violence against their auto, their home and/or their body. 99.9% of the residents remain masked. They don’t want to take them off.

      The polls are busy. We know how the majority will vote. They are wearing masks.


      • TrumpTrumpsBiden says:

        Ya, they’re wearing masks so nobody will know exactly who they are.


      • ezgoer says:

        If you can’t display Trump signs in Wyoming, then things are close to being lost.
        In southern Connecticut, which used to be a lovely place 25 years ago, now full of brain-dead liberals — you can’t display a Trump yard sign for real fear your house will be vandalized. Never mind wearing a Trump cap or shirt in public — you’ll be assaulted. But I have noticed many more homes flying the American flag lately which I think signals Trump supporters since Democrats reject any patriotism display as fascist.


      • Ninja7 says:

        We may be HAPPILY SURPRISED with the vote from the mask wearing population. Hope springs Enternal, not saying that it will.


    • Hi Nancy,
      I live in Vallejo CA, however, my clients live all around the bay area and in southern california and they are voting Trump. I’m black and my family have always been conservatives and our friends always voted for democrats, but after Newsome, Pelosi, Maxine and other liberal leftists politicians shut down California and destroyed small businesses and jobs, sanctioned and supported BLM/Antifa, and passed the AB5 bill that destroy independent contractor ability to make money was the last straw.

      I’m praying that California goes red because it has always been a conservative state with the exception of LA, Oakland, San Jose and Oakland and illegal voting Democrats have been able to control California. Democrats HATED Ronald Reagan and they were determined to never let a Republican win in California again so they started ballot harvesting and having illegals to vote. Even illegals are tired of Newsome and liberal policies. LOL.


  10. Quinn says:

    Douglas County, CO – In our neighborhood I am seeing about a 7 to 1 ratio of signs for Trump. In my cul-de-sac we have 6 Trump supporters and 1 Biden supporter. The riots and the heavy handed virus rules have red pilled a lot of people around here. I have not talked to even a single Biden supporter that supports Biden more than they hate Trump. I don’t know if Trump can win here, but there is a huge amount of support that isn’t going to show up in the polls. The liberals overplayed their hand and inadvertently woke a lot of people up.


  11. Janet says:

    Myrtle Beach, SC: HUGE Trump boat parade in July and this week I went out to dinner wearing a Trump mask and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who looked at me smiled at me. Three people commented, all positively. One guy said “Everyone should be wearing one of those!”.

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  12. Kristina says:

    Early voted today in my heavily republican county. 45 min wait. Earlier the line was out the building. Good sign.

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  13. MfM says:

    I’m in suburban Philly. In the shoulder/collar ring around the city.

    These counties all went for Hillary four years ago. More Biden signs this year then 4 years ago. Especially in neighborhoods were no one goes except if you live there. But…. there are Trump signs, in places were there weren’t ones 4 years ago, knowing some of the areas, these aren’t new residents but people who have the guts to display them. Trump signs are up near the house, likely under camera watch. So the ratio is significantly higher than four years ago, but there are more Trump signs then I would have thought.

    So there are more visible signs for both candidates (but mostly Biden) but then there is the silent Trump sign… a fair amount of American flags. Many, many more than 4 years or even 3 months ago.

    Lancaster County to my west (farm land & lots of Amish) is Trump country. Lots of Trump signs and flags and oversized signs often homemade. Where there are lots of houses it’s 20 Trump to 1 Biden out in farmland it’s more like 10 to 1. The difference? The Amish wouldn’t put signs out it’s too ‘showy’ and the Biden signs are on public property. One of the big differences is there are businesses in Lancaster County with Trump signs or flags. Not just the gun stores, but a smattering of random stores. You would NEVER see that close to Philly.

    I’m not seeing any bumper stickers for either candidate. My guess? It’s obvious for Trump supporters they don’t want their car trashed, but for Biden? It’s energy… and maybe really not thinking Biden will win the State and they don’t want to have to scrape it off?

    I’m seeing pop-up Trump sales tents for lawn signs and flags in several areas and have seen pickup trucks driving around on weekends with both Trump and American flags off the bed of the truck.

    I was out in Lancaster County, PA this past weekend and the tourist spots and markets were open and mobbed by tourists with auto plates from out of State — mostly NY, NJ, Virginia and Maryland, but a few others. All the Campgrounds are packed, like it was August not the middle of January. Those out of Staters are getting a real in your face dose of Trump support.

    Businesses in Lancaster County are not mask optional… but clearly a lot of people not wearing masks and no one says anything. One place had a hand lettered sign that said “PLEASE wear a facemask while shopping. If you don’t we’ll assume you have a medical condition”. This is PA where Masking is a mandate (except for medical reasons). No one is freaking out if you don’t wear a mask at farm stands or small gift shops. Everyone is relaxed and not uptight even those wearing masks. Enormous difference closer to Phlly, no mask and you are trying to kill them and you will be reported to someone!


  14. I live just south of Porterville in the San Joaquin Valley in CA. Kevin McCarthy is my congressman and Devin Nunes has the district just to the west of me. The county level elected officials are pretty conservative but the cities are almost all run by the Dems.

    Around the beginning of summer our Sheriff announced that he would NOT be inforcing any of Gavin Newsom’s illegal, unconstitutional edicts. He added that it would be nice if all the folks in the county who wanted to abolish law enforcement would send him their names and addresses so that he would know who not to respond to in case of emergency.

    The Cities went nuts! They demanded that they be allowed to form a commission to oversee the Sheriff’s Dept because the sheriff was unfit. That lasted about 2 weeks. I guess someone told them they held no power over the Sherriff whatsoever.

    I must say I don’t have the courage to put out a Trump 2020 sign or put a bumper sticker on my truck but my neighbors across the street have put up a large Trump 2020 banner all across the side of their barn, very visible from the street. And…they are hispanic.


  15. Aeronaught says:

    North suburbs of Pittsburgh. I am seeing a lot of Trump signs in my town. Biden signs still ahead probably 2-1 but this borough has not elected a Republican to any local office in the 16 years I have lived here. In 2016 there were literally no Trump signs. Also sense a ton of quiet Trump support- a lot of Thin Blue Line flags with “We Support Our Police” but no other signs. The anti-Trump intensity is high, but I am guessing my borough will go for Trump in 2020. The day after the BLM riots in Pittsburgh BLM protesters entered this town, I think that was a significant factor in swinging many traditional Democrats.


  16. One Adam-12 says:

    Southern California:
    It is like high-stakes Poker. No one is tipping their hand. Historically when the cards are on the table CA goes Blue. It might be delusional to think CA could go Red but one thing I do know is that I cannot wait to go and cast my vote for Trump! Cant wait! My hope is when I go to vote there is a huge long line wrapped around the polling center. If that is so, then maybe, just maybe…

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  17. thedoc00 says:

    Posted similar comment on Presidential Thread.

    The Presidential Voting Act was passed by the 28th Congress in 1845, setting the date for the election. the Act evolved between 1872 and 1914 to include the elections for the House and Senate. So, over 100+ years ago, US voters who were far less mobile, less well connected, lived more remotely and had less communications were expected to vote on time and for that 100+ years nobody but today’s democrats thought there was an issue because they struggle to win elections per the election law.


  18. Roney Baloney says:

    Southeast corner of Washtenaw County, Michigan (rural area outside of Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti). Trump signs surprisingly and pleasantly thick here, and I am helping with that. This corner did go red last time.


    • UppityNigel says:

      I can second this. I’m just North of Ann Arbor (Livingston Cty). Many Trump signs and car flags. Love seeing the trucks with huge American flags. But, if course, ZERO Trump signs/flags in Ann Arbor. University towns are a LOST CAUSE.


  19. CirclinTheDrain says:

    Just visited old friends in Unionville PA, Chester County last week. There are a lot of Biden signs, and scattered signs for Trump. My friends are easygoing liberals so are mostly tolerant, but they really can’t support Trump because he’s a boorish man, and no amount of comment will persuade them that he’s not racist, xenophobic and encourages white supremacists. It’s discouraging. The Marxist media is too prevalent and has done their work well.


    • thedoc00 says:

      The DNC has mainly done a really good job of controlling their brown shirt thugs. They keep them well away from traditionally democrat & fence sitter neighborhoods,so there is no “tangible” evidence to make the people living there look harder for more information. I even see it among fence sitter friends here in Republican Collin County, TX out in the “peaceful suburbs” of Dallas. The do the SGT Schultz act as along a their personal apple carts are not upset.


    • These are the only Biden supporters I can find. The “Orange Man Bad, TV man say so” type.

      I just have to believe there are fewer and fewer of these sorts of people around. Isn’t the media already just about the least trusted institution in the entire country?


  20. SW Louisiana (aka “Cajun Country”):
    While our state is generally a red state, there are some bastions of blue (such as New Orleans – Jefferson and Orleans Parishes). I live in a college town (Lafayette, Lafayette Parish), so there are a fair share of liberals here, also. That being said, in my neck of the woods I haven’t yet seen a single Biden/Harris sign in anyone’s yard. Granted, I haven’t driven through the neighborhoods bordering the college and there are likely some there. However, I’ve seen quite a few Trump 2020 signs. In addition, I’ve seen a number of yard signs encouraging people to vote for a proposed amendment, which language is as follows:

    “Do you support an amendment declaring that, to protect human life, a right to abortion and the funding of abortion shall not be found in the Louisiana Constitution? (Adds Article I, Section 20.1)”

    I think Trump will win handily here. MAGA 2020!!!!!

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    • I am in New Orleans, which is super blue, and have yet to see any Biden signs. Granted, I live outside of Houston, and come to NO frequently, but am surprised to not see any Biden signs. Neighboring Jefferson parish is Trump country. KAG 2020

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  21. Kay says:

    I live in the heart of Phoenix. Recently the reliable “block captain” liberal who watches CNN nightly has graduated to MSNBC for moar hate has put his sign out for Biden and embraced his inner communist by adding the sign for a real communist state legislator (which isn’t a good sign). Normally once his go up there are 4 or 5 others that put up their lefty signs. Only 1 has done so but I wouldn’t put any merit in that. The neighborhood is blue so they really don’t need to put out signs. We’re the only house that’s red. This used to be Dan Quayle’s area but they’ve moved on and new people from California have moved in/knocked down the houses/built mcMansions/voted for Greg Stanton in the new jerry rigged seat that includes Tempe (ASU). It’s pretty depressing. On a better note: For the 1st time in over 20 years Phoenix has a Republican challenger for Mayor. It’s always been Democrat A or Democrat B. I guess we’ll see how many Republicans live in Phoenix after all. That number will be a baseline for Trump votes in the city that they have to overcome.


  22. Greg Vojnovic says:

    Early voting started today in Georgua (October 12) and the lines are out the door and through the parking lot at one of theee early polling places in Roswell. Roswell is a town of about 100,000 and is the first major suburb to the north of Atlanta. We aren’t solidly res but I believe lean quite a bit more res than blue.


  23. JD says:

    I live in what could best be described as a liberal enclave in northern AZ. I’m sure you can do the math and figure it out, we are surrounded by red rocks and a lot of woo-woo’s.

    For the past few months I have been seeing many houses flying the American Flag and quite a few Trump flags too. In my neighborhood, for example there were probably 20 houses with the American flag and another half dozen with Trump flags. Mine included. When we walk in the evenings I am constantly stopped by other neighbors that tell me they are voting Trump but don’t want any problems and won’t put up a Trump sign.

    In the last two weeks there has been a few Biden signs going up around the neighborhood. I do not know what has driven this change but prior to a couple of weeks ago, there wasn’t a Biden sign to be found in this town. I suspect (hope) that it is because they realize that they are outnumbered and in trouble.


  24. n mccord-polito says:

    Live in NJ up north. Saw 2 Trump
    flags in my neighborhood. Deep blue here. Also own vacation house in Ocean County, Nj! Trump signs and flags everywhere. Also, huge boat parades. Unfortunately, Nj will undoubtedly remain blue.


  25. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Sauk County, Wisconsin

    My daily commute and afterwork errands takes me down township lanes, state highways and Broadway/Main Street.

    2 Republican Welcome centers.

    36 signs for Trump, including most of the large ones.

    31 signs for Biden.

    Lots of American flags in general.

    Lots of Dairy Strong and / or FFA (future Farmers of America) signs esp. without other political signs.

    Lots of Back the Blue and occasional Firefighter signs.

    Probably more of these signs than both Party political signs put together.


  26. Jimbo says:

    On the ground in Central Ohio. Lots of Biden signs in the ‘burbs which is very disheartening. Once you are out in the country….solid Trump.


  27. Facts says:

    Winchester VA and points west. In 2012 it was about 50/50 split for Obama vs Romney.

    In 2016 it 50 to 4 Trump vs Clinton and the 4 Clinton signs were on public property. Also notable that year was one house that always large 4×8 foot signs for the Dem had no signs that year.

    In 2020, so far, it was 6/7 in town and 7/1 in the country for Trump/Biden. Lots of down ticket signs in town and the one that was most prevalent was also in a yard with a Trump sign. If so, then Trump has a large lead in town.

    The one Biden/Harris sign in the country was in the middle of a field in a very remote rural area, which almost no traffic, so that surprised me. When I see a Biden/Harris sign, I think it should read Biden/Horrid.

    Also saw two Jesus 2020 signs.


  28. newpaltzwaltz says:

    I wrote a reply to your comment and it came out as an independent post “out of context”. I just want to say again that 4 years ago I knew Trump would win. This time around, I do not feel the same way….I think that the concerted effort to steal the election cannot be overcome. Biden will be our next President and we will have to live with that…how?


  29. newpaltzwaltz says:

    I wrote a reply to your comment and it came out as an independent post “out of context”. I just want to say again that 4 years ago I knew Trump would win. This time around, I do not feel the same way….I think that the concerted effort to steal the election cannot be overcome. Biden will be our next President and we will have to live with that…how?


  30. Robert says:

    Riding my bicycle across these beautiful United States. Started in Seattle more than 2 months ago. From the outskirts of Seattle all the way to Durango, Colorado, I saw zero Biden signs. Yes, zero. In Durango and Pagosa Springs and a couple of places in New Mexico (notably Taos) there were a few Biden signs — not many, just a few. After leaving Taos, and all the way to eastern Oklahoma, I have seen exactly zero Biden signs. That’s right, zero. Trump signs easily outnumber Biden signs at least 100-1 overall. Probably a much higher ratio than that. Trump signs were actually most numerous in the rural areas of blue states like Washington, Colorado and eastern New Mexico.


  31. ForHim says:

    I live in Gold Canyon, Arizona and while I’ve seen a few biden signs, support seems predominantly for Trump. Every so often I see a group of people waving Trump signs.


  32. ForHim says:

    In Carefree and Cave Creek, Arizona, I’ve seen only Trump signs.


  33. Squirrel Doc says:

    Allen County Kentucky, just outside of Bowling Green. Some Trump signs, maybe 1 Biden sign in town. Signs don’t go up so much, because it’s solidly conservative and people know that. The turtle would be on the trash heap if there had been a competent challenger. McGrath has no chance.


  34. frog010 says:

    South Central KY: Not a lot of enthusiasm for Biden that I’ve seen. Perhaps more through the college campus but that’s about it. The college kids I know are all anti-Trumpers in an almost violent way. There’ve been a few Biden yard signs I’ve noticed in my usual driving patterns but a whole lot more Trump signs and trucks flying American flags (which I think is their way of saying “I’m a Trump supporter” lol). We have a strong refugee population here as well so the naturalized ones are pro-Biden. I think the Church goers are a little more ramped up this year compared to the past too. In sum, this area is 50/50 in the city and 70/30 Trump in rural.


  35. I’m also in Phoenix (Uptown area). I’ve seen a few BYEDON bumper stickers, and a few Trump signs, but a lot of trucks with USA Flags, Trump/Pence flags, decals, & wraps all over town. I was wondering if someone’s planning a truck parade or something. In casual conversation with people I come in contact with and without coming right out and asking who they’re voting for I’ve learned to look for clues i.e. complain about shutdowns, masks, economy – voting Trump vs. fearful of Covid, critical of law enforcement – voting Biden. I’m going to say it’s about 60/40 Trump judging by that criteria.


  36. dd_sc says:

    Aiken County, SC –

    Seen only one Biden-Harris and Jamie Harrison sign in the same yard; house two doors down has a huge Trump-Pence flag. Probably count the Biden-Harris bumper stickers on one hand. During the primaries, I saw more Andrew Yang bumper stickers than Biden.

    Trump-Pence signs, flags all around town.


  37. Lo says:

    In GA I see Trump signs and American flags everywhere. In 2016, I saw one Trump sign. I’ve actually driven through neighborhoods where ALL the homes had multiple Trump signs in their yards. I saw an electronic billboard the other day in bright red saying to vote TRUMP on Nov. 3. Early voting started here today and the lines are massively long. It feels positive.


  38. Texsun says:



  39. zerobid says:

    Greatest gap between silent and vocal Trump supporters must be here in NYC. Yes there are legions of mindless Ds. There is also an underground society of Trump supporters. It is too dangerous to admit openly as a professional, for fear of termination. Hardly enough of us to swing NY. But the rest of the US should know that not everyone here is a libtard.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Logicallyskeptical says:

    3rd Congressional District in Eastern NC.
    Trump/Pence signs everywhere. Highway 70 has several large Trump signs in front of businesses. Trump billboard at busiest intersection in our county. A bunch of Vote Republican signs and billboards. NO BIDEN/HARRIS SIGNS ANYWHERE! I haven’t seen one yet. Also hardly any Democrat candidate signs for local or state elections to be seen. We are a strong Republican district but I’m surprised not to have any Democrat candidate signage. This is the first time I have ever seen this. I have lived across the street from our polling place most of my life and I am used to seeing signs up and down the street in both directions and haven’t seen one yet for ANY Democrat candidates at any level. This is quite strange and makes me wonder what the Democrat party in NC is up to. They must really feel confident that their mail in ballot scheme is going to work. Our Senate race between Tillis and Cunningham is leading to nonstop attack ads versus each other. Although since the “honorable veteran who is the bastion of truth” narrative from Cunningham has taken a huge hit due to his infidelities against his wife and kids. His commercials haven’t stopped but he refuses to address it other than saying he let his family down. My Mom has received four unsolicited forms for her to mail in for a ballot in the last 6 weeks.


  41. Terry DeBord says:

    I find it funny they say Trump loosing wisconsin 51 to 41…I’m in Milwaukee, center of lib country and hopefully you are not holding your breath between Biden signs….you’ll need CPR. On the other hand, Trump signs, you’ll be hyperventilating. All I know is who I come in contact with or my circle…no one takes the polls. Everyone knows they lie. Libs love taking those so they can broadcast their importance. Wisconsin is not going Biden.


    • Vic M says:

      I hope you’re right about Wisconsin. We live in Dane County (also a very liberal county), and I am sad to report that there are a lot of Biden signs up, but also a good amount of Trump signs–even one in Madison!

      We put Trump signs in our yard this year, and they have made it through the week.


  42. BitchyPants says:

    This guy uses a drone to capture Trump events around South Texas:

    The only Biden sign I’ve seen is an Obama/Biden bumper sticker that has been on my neighbor’s truck since 2008 (she is a personal injury lawyer)
    Trump signs being reported stolen every day all around Texas Hill Country
    More Trump Events than I’ve ever seen in my life for a Presidential Election


  43. warmongerel says:

    I drive about 14 miles to work through Minneapolis every day. There are a total of 3 Biden/Harris signs in that extreme Leftist city. No Trump signs, of course. That would lead to your house burning down.

    I am a member of the Teamsters union. Out of 14 people in my department, at least 10 will vote for Trump. Among the other approximately 200 employees, I’d say that about 75% will vote for Trump. The Democrats have lost the blue collar, union vote.


  44. marshkoala says:

    I live in Henderson NV which is a suburb of Las Vegas and although a lot of people are saying Nevada is in play, I’m worried. My neighborhood has lots of Trump/Pence signs and flags with a lone Biden/Harris sign but when walking for a local GOP candidate I didn’t see a lot of Trump/Pence signs but saw a lot of US Flags. I went to the Trump Rally and it was crowded and packed. But almost every official in NV is Democrat including the Governor and they have been busy trying to rig the election with ballot harvesting and keeping the lockdown in place. We get 50% of state funds from the taxes of casinos but the lockdown has crippled our casinos and driven our unemployment up to 13% , local businesses have closed, our paper Las Vegas Review Journal has endorsed President Trump so I got my fingers crossed.


  45. Phflipper says:

    SE Iowa – over the course of the last few weeks Trump signs are being stolen in waves here in my community. It used to be all you would see were Trump signs, but after the first night of theft, Biden signs suddenly appeared all over town. Do I think it was coordinated? Probably, not however to the individual homeowner level but coordinated in timing of signs being delivered.

    Took a drive through town this weekend, signs are about 50/50 in town (which is very misleading since the Republican office here cannot keep up with the Trump sign theft occurring) but out in the county, 90% Trump.

    On another note, go to Walmart and try to buy blue LED lightbulbs – sold out! Homeowners all throughout the community are lighting up the night blue in support of LEO’s! It is pretty cool.


  46. B Woodward says:

    Today (Oct 13) is the first day of early voting in Texas. We live 10 miles South of Austin, which is a liberal stronghold with a liberal university (UT). We moved out of Austin 15 years ago to avoid their high taxes and liberal policies. We see only a few Biden signs in the yards and we have a Republican congressman (probably not the best). Anyway, my wife went out mid-morning and I just got a call from her that the local city hall had cars parked everywhere and there were people wrapped around city hall waiting to vote. She said there could have been 300 people there to vote. So that’s a good sign for turnout to support President Trump!


  47. mamadogsite says:

    We went into Bradenton, (Manatee County, FL) about 18 miles from our house to drop off our absentee voting ballots in person as we don’t trust the mail.

    The Supervisor of Elections complex is huge, and connected to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department with hundreds of parking spaces.

    We had to drive around to find a vacant space to park. As we approached the complex, there were 6 people in line waiting to drop their ballots into the slot attached to the building. I sat in the car with the dogs and observed…after my husband deposited ours, I counted 11 people behind him. And at least a dozen cars driving around looking for parking spaces to open up+.

    And the early voters were pouring into and out of the building as well.

    This is insane. Crazy. Never in my 54 years of voting have I seen anything like this. And we’re still 3 weeks out. Looks like a lot of other people don’t trust the mail either.

    And signs along that 18 mile route….? 2 Trump billboards, (which have been defaced) and plenty of Trump flags, and a few signs. One truck with a Trump bumper sticker.


    So, from discussions with friends, most of their neighbors and friends are voting for Trump as well.

    Sure don’t know where they are getting those very fake poll numbers for Florida.

    So my recommendations to Florida voters, vote early, hand deliver your absentee ballots wherever possible. If it is this busy, this early, can’t imagine what election day will be like.


  48. Report from Chesterfield County, Virginia (suburb of Richmond):

    I’m a native Virginian and have been in the Richmond area for almost 30 years. (I’ll be 40 next year)

    I live in a pretty affluent neighborhood (lots of executives, doctors, lawyers, etc.). Most of the neighborhood is fairly young, like myself (30’s & 40’s), but we do have some older folks too. What strikes me is just how much the Richmond suburbs have changed over the last decade. Virginia was a blood red state until 2008 at the presidential level, but even after Obama won that year, we swung heavily at the state level.

    Between 2017-2019, the commonwealth has shifted hardcore to the left. I’m beyond shocked at how many neighbors put up BLM garden flags and now have Biden signs. Now granted, I believe that there would be a majority Republican overall, but not at the rate you would expect with professional folks like doctors.

    It’s a longwinded way of saying that Virginia is most likely out of reach for Trump; however, I do think we can take back some of the congressional seats that were lost in 2018. The more rural areas of the districts have to turn out in full force though.


  49. BigTex52 says:

    Today, Oct 13, is the first day of early voting in Texas. In my town just north of Dallas, There have been lines of 3-4 hours at both main early voting sites in Dallas County. Lots of Trump signs, flags, etc. suddenly springing up. The only signs for Biden that I have seen locally have been the guy that lives behind me.


  50. Downtown Portland, Oregon (inner SE). A handful of Biden signs, no Trump signs.


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