Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

The DOJ, Sidney Powell and the Sullivan appointed amicus John Gleeson will hold a hearing today in the courtroom of Judge Emmet Sullivan to argue the unopposed motion to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn. The hearing begins at 11:00am ET and you can call-in to hear the audio of the live courtroom events.  (details below)

  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 5524636)
  • 888-363-4734 –  (access code 6114909)
  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 1429888)
  • 877-402-9753  – (access code 2090166)
  • 888-557-8511  – (access code 4140864)
  • 888-273-3658  – (access code 1773796)

UPDATE: If you cannot get through on any phone line use this periscope link HERE

UPDATE 2: Technical issues at the court.  Recess called until 12:35pm ET to work on issues. I’m Dropping another link (YouTube) below that was not compromised during the “technical issues”.

UPDATE 3:  Some more technical glitches and a 15 min bio break until 2:45pm ET

UPDATE 4: Hearing ended abruptly.


If the true administration of justice was to prevail in this case, the judge should simply accept the unopposed motion and this would be the end of the malicious prosecution.  However, this case has so many precedents anything is possible.

If you are listening-in to the hearing, feel free to drop your thoughts and opinions into the comment section to share.

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1,675 Responses to Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Brian Baker says:

    What? Scumbag Sullivan is actually questioning the integrity of Sidney Powell for writing AG Barr about the Flynn case and the corruption of the SCO last June.. smh.

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  2. bullnuke says:

    Sullivan hates Powell for writing Barr. What an ass. Questions legal ethics.

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  3. Juniper55 says:

    Good grief, now Sullivan is trying to blame the reason for judicial and prosecutorial hijinks on Sidney Powell, implying she shoehorned her way in, rather than addressing Cole’s pointing out the compromised actions of the FBI. She’s online listening to this whole thing right now. Good God.

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  4. bulwarker says:


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  5. OmegaManBlue says:

    It’s going off the rails now. Of the rails.

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  6. deeperinfo says:

    Sullivan is fishing: shoud have asked for evidence before if he wanted it.

    Creating list of demands.


  7. Brian Baker says:

    Sullivan asking for additional info regarding communications between Powell and Barr.
    Disgraceful. This is not going to end today.


    • Mr e-man says:

      Barr is on trial now. What has that got to do with Flynn? Release Flynn and charge Barr.

      Sounds like Sullivan wants Barr to disclose his evidence so the coup plotters can use it in their defense.

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  8. Sam Gompers says:

    He’s trying to delay again based upon this letter.

    This corrupt hack needs to be impeached.

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  9. berniekopell says:

    Suspicious Sullivan is not letting this go. Now seeking additional documents from Barr (was there a phone call; was there a reply?). Super Sidney tries to speak up and is shut down.

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  10. lolli says:

    What a POS Sullivan is.
    Trying to make Powell look bad over her letter regarding that law firm Flynn was saddled with by the crooked govt who was framing him. Good grief.
    Sullivan is aho.
    He doesn’t want Sidney to answer now, wants to drag it out. Now Sidney is on trial. 🤬

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    • cjzak says:

      Sounds like something from the foul mouth of A. Weissman. He and Sidney really, really do not like each other. She knows exactly what a corrupt bast**d he is and he knows she knows because she’s said so.

      Can’t someone step on this judge? He is so far out of bounds you can’t see him anymore.

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  11. beach lover says:

    Great… Sullivan doesnt want to hear from Sidney to answer the question. Pretty evident he wants delay again


  12. Mark says:

    In response to Sullivan questioning the propriety of Sydney’s letter to the AG, I would ask him “What do you think she should have done, gone out and started a riot?”


  13. sundance says:

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    • trapper says:

      He’s lost it. Any attorney can go over any prosecutor’s head, or try to. Nothing the least bit unethical about it. The other side is ALL the other side.


  14. mayflowerchild says:

    Aha ! So he’s mad at Sidney ! This was never brought up before, but he’s going to use it now for delay. Geez

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  15. Kroesus says:

    God bless LtGen Michael Flynn and his continuing righteous fight against the forces of Satan on behalf of a grateful nation.

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  16. beach lover says:

    Go get em Sidney!

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  17. bullnuke says:

    Sullivan wants response to letter as evidence. Let Sydney answer the questions. he has lost the bubble.


  18. gsonFIT says:

    Sullivan sucks. Is he prosecuting Sidney Powell?


  19. Go Sidney!! Throwing letter in Sullivan’s face.


  20. Blind no Longer says:

    Grasping at straws…Sullivan is officially done!

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  21. bullnuke says:

    Damn, Sullivan shut Powell down from responding.

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  22. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    Sullivan is a communist hack. Must be arrested.

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  23. sync says:

    Sullivan: I’d like to know what any further communication between AG, Rosen, and attorney for Flynn.

    Powell interrupts.

    Sullivan: I didn’t ask you.

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  24. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    Holy shit he should be walked out right now by US Marshals.

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  25. jay says:

    This is outrageous.

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  26. henry says:

    Why does it matter if she spoke to the President?

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  27. bullnuke says:

    Powell blowing holes in Sullivan’s enquiry.

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  28. sync says:

    Sullivan: Have you had discussions w/President about case?

    Powell: I have not otherwise than an update to what happened in it.

    Sullivan: Any discussions, yes or no.

    Powell: I can’t discuss that. Would be PROTECTED BY EXEC PRIVILEGE.

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  29. lolli says:

    Who is going to have a chat with Sullivan? Sorry pos. Unfreaking believable.

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  30. rublenoone says:

    Ms Sullivan finally getting to speak and address Sullivan’s point about the “letter”…..sounds like her voice is trembling with anger, Sullivan badgering her

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  31. Ned Zeppelin says:

    Sullivan is desperate and off the rails. Why the questions about discussions with the President?

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  32. He wants to know about her discussions with the President. Human scum.

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  33. All Too Much says:

    Headlines – Executive privilege!!! Squirrel!!!!!

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  34. jpf16c says:

    Is it normal for a judge to be an inquisitor? He is badgering Powell, sounds like he is prosecuting her and not listening to the facts of the case.

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  35. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    Total obstructon and obfuscation of justice. Sullivan is blackmailed. 1000000%

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  36. gsonFIT says:

    He is adversarial to the point of bias

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  37. bullnuke says:

    Judge asks Powell if she talked to the president about Flynn’s case. Powell says it is protected by executive privilege.

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  38. Blind no Longer says:

    AG Barr better remove this bastard from the bench!!!!!!!

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  39. lfhbrave says:

    Sullivan is blatantly using the court proceedings to attack POTUS by going into POTUS’s communications with Powell/Flynn. He acts like a prosecutor doing cross. Unbelievable.

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  40. Zy says:

    How many times has Dully talked to Mueller SC ?

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  41. lolli says:

    Now trying to get Sidney for lying in court.
    She shouldn’t even answer anymore. She is not the defendant.

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  42. berniekopell says:

    Super Sidney now up. Suspicious Sullivan asks if she spoke to the President. Super Sidney says I am not going to answer – that’s Executive Privilege. Sullivan now grilling her on who she spoke with. Super Sidney later says she spoke with POTUS once recently and gave him a general update. Asked him not to issue a pardon.

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  43. NCCurmudgeon says:

    This whole case can be summed up with four words. Protect 0bama. Destroy Flynn.

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  44. Blind no Longer says:

    Sidney Powell only asked him to not issue a pardon!!!! Is that against the the damn law!!!!?????

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  45. magic8192 says:

    Wow this is getting nasty. Sully doesn’t like Sydney

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  46. HE’s concerned about “appropriate” behavior!!

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  47. bullnuke says:

    How many times have you talked with Gleason, Judge?

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  48. deeperinfo says:

    Sullivan makes assumptions: tries to smear Powell with unethical interfering, saying Flynn was represented by other attorneys.
    Covington had already been dismissed.. he didn’t know.

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  49. sync says:

    Sullivan: When you wrote letter, Flynn repped by C&B. Ethically appropriate knowing represented by other counsel?

    Powell: Flynn had already terminated C&B.

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  50. amwick says:

    She is hitting him with both barrels. Wants a recusal. Bless and keep her.

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