Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

The DOJ, Sidney Powell and the Sullivan appointed amicus John Gleeson will hold a hearing today in the courtroom of Judge Emmet Sullivan to argue the unopposed motion to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn. The hearing begins at 11:00am ET and you can call-in to hear the audio of the live courtroom events.  (details below)

  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 5524636)
  • 888-363-4734 –  (access code 6114909)
  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 1429888)
  • 877-402-9753  – (access code 2090166)
  • 888-557-8511  – (access code 4140864)
  • 888-273-3658  – (access code 1773796)

UPDATE: If you cannot get through on any phone line use this periscope link HERE

UPDATE 2: Technical issues at the court.  Recess called until 12:35pm ET to work on issues. I’m Dropping another link (YouTube) below that was not compromised during the “technical issues”.

UPDATE 3:  Some more technical glitches and a 15 min bio break until 2:45pm ET

UPDATE 4: Hearing ended abruptly.


If the true administration of justice was to prevail in this case, the judge should simply accept the unopposed motion and this would be the end of the malicious prosecution.  However, this case has so many precedents anything is possible.

If you are listening-in to the hearing, feel free to drop your thoughts and opinions into the comment section to share.

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1,675 Responses to Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Summer says:

    Folks, thank you for your comments. I just could not bring myself to watch this circus myself. I am really emotionally exhausted after 4 years of injustice and the lack of accountability.

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Hang in there Summer, my mum had a saying, “it will all come out in the wash”.

      1. P Trump wins re-election
      2. Gen Flynn is exonerated
      3. Justice dept, learns what right from wrong is and
      4. The intelligence community have their wings clipped!

      Then after not enough winning, Ric Grenell wins with his KAG messaging in 2024.


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  2. todayistheday99 says:

    I guess we got to hear a travesty of injustice with our very own ears. One more reason to vote “harvest” for Trump.

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  3. Genie says:

    “Reclaiming my time!” does not work for those who listened today. Crap.

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  4. yankee55 says:

    To many outside of DC, Sullivan is the embodiment of Federal workers/DC residents/DOJ/FBI/Democrats…

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  5. anthonydog says:

    Tacking to the top… Here is the recap (so far)
    ➡️The Judge read the entire amicus brief (from the person he asked be appointed to represent him)
    ➡️The Judge wants to find a way (anyway) to proceed with a conviction on his own
    ➡️The Judge is a sexist dumb bag who mistreats Sidney Powell at any chance (barely even refer to her by her given name)
    ➡️When Sidney Powell did get her chance; the Judge drilled her about any/all contact with the president and was trying to “investigate” for improrpriety
    ➡️Sidney Powell made a motion of recusal; Judge invited it; Powell said she’ll file it right now
    ➡️The Judge wants to find any way to delay this process
    ➡️The Judge specifically was asking about preserving the case (dismissing without prejudice) so that “a prosecutor or a new Attorney General can pursue these charges in the future”
    ➡️He questions the President’s tweets, but doesn’t know how Twitter even works
    ➡️He’s looking for any possible way to infer or imply the President has influenced the DOJ to take this action (he’s asked various lines of questions along this same line for nearly 2 hours).
    ➡️The DOJ reps have iterated, reiterated, and emphasize this… “They can’t support the prosecution because of major problems with the evidence presented”.
    ➡️As soon as the defense filed a motion to remove the plea, the DOJ tried to figure out how to move forward with a prosecution and they couldn’t”.
    ➡️The judge lets the Amicus (this Gleeson asshole) drone on an on; allows accusations, filled with invective to go on and on; he quotes media commentary; he implies impropriety for the President tweeting about the Flynn case and twist that these tweets are the basis that the DOJ is being unduly influenced to reconsider the case.
    ➡️Gleeson cites the president’s “tone of his tweets” as a disrespect to the FBI, the DOJ, and the rule of law.
    ➡️Gleeson states that “Bill Barr has yielded to the President’s pressure” and the judge didn’t even ask any questions to support those statements.
    ➡️Gleeson nuzzles up the judge’s bung and reinforces the (FALSE) notion that the judge can do whatever he wants because the Judiciary has power too
    ➡️Gleeson accuses all the current prosecutors of acting without proper precedent
    ➡️Gleeson has used the phrase “to my mind” (at this typing) six times; so he’s opining, not citing case law
    ➡️Gleeson has stated four times “you don’t have to dismiss just because the defendant has friends in high places”.
    ➡️Gleeson misrepresents the foundations of this case (grossly, imo). (He misstates that Flynn lied to FBI lied. ➡️He is citing and conflating statements about expulsions vs sanctions THREE times, on different occasions). Judge does not correct, inquire or ask for clarification.
    ➡️Gleeson has assumed the role of the prosecution; his tenor and tone alone shows the he is advocating the PRIOR CASE that VanGrack and the now-known to be dirty prosecutors said
    ➡️And, to cap off this bs hearing, Gleeson rehashes actually debunked Spygate claims
    ➡️The judge is a globalist (Communist).
    ➡️The judge is a moron.
    ➡️The judge is compromised (as is his son.)
    There. That’s the recap from our friends at TheDonald.

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  6. FPCHmom says:

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    • msalicia56 says:

      I’ll probably get mocked, but I tend to think that Turley should be added to Trump’s SCOTUS list. Lately, he’s been spot-on. I think he would at least be honest.

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  7. DeWalt says:

    Flynn has no way of recourse to his Civil Rights being completely trampled by the courts. If Barr is truly committed to Justice and the Constitution he will file immediately on Prosecutorial misconduct and Malicious prosecution. Barr has the remedy Flynn seeks. It’s the only way for Flynn to receive Justice.

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  8. cantcforest says:

    When do we say that our system of justice has been ripped apart and our Constitution is being violated in multiple ways? With justice corrupted, we can not expect the courts to make things right. I’m praying for President Trump to pull the trapdoor out from under DC after the election.
    I ready to start topping off a go bag.

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  9. Randy Blain says:

    Judge stole million with Rep(D)Cummins from an Historically Black College. The Judge covered for his son who raped a 10 year old girl so bad she almost died and can never have kids. Judge has these two pieces of blackmail overt his head. That is the why Judge is a real jerk and acting criminal. He is and has been given his orders. This needs to get plastered everywhere.

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  10. convert says:

    Today’s proceeding was jaw dropping. Horrifying. Shocking. Terrifying. Depressing. I can’t believe our country is to the point that such an outrageous abuse of power and political prosecution could happen. I don’t think I can take the debate. Chris Wallace will be too much on the same day as Sully. 🤬

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  11. DeWalt says:

    By seeing Sullivan’s actions and completely robbing Flynn of his Constitutional rights then seeing how the FISC Federal Judges failed miserably in protecting the people and rubberstamped illegal spying operations, I now see this is how Judges now operate on the Federal level. Oh, can’t forget Jackson on Stone.

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  12. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    Did anybody expect Sullivan to give Flynn/Trump a win on the day of the debate? Really.

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  13. furtive says:

    Think out of the box:
    Q: Why is Sullivan protecting Obama?
    A: House of cards.

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  14. Misha Berra says:

    I am not an atty –
    Would it be legal for Atty Barr to go to the next trial and simply say to this rogue judge -I am the Atty General of this USA – you took the oath to uphold whatever – and I – the Atty General of the USA –
    am asking you to dismiss this case. I’m amazed this USA has no safe guards for Sullivan’s obvious stupidity for all of us to see. Did anyone count how many times he asked – what would happen if he didn’t dismiss the case. And then the letter from Strzok – the case is over – how can it be reopened – what prevents someone else from sending a letter the day before the next trial.
    Any updates on what is being done on the whistle blower rule – waiting for Pelosi to walk in with some anonymous individual saying he’s the Messiah and can fix it all!!

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Would it be legal for Atty Barr to go to the next trial and simply say to this rogue judge -I am the Atty General of this USA – you took the oath to uphold whatever – and I – the Atty General of the USA –am asking you to dismiss this case.

      He did that very thing…..several times…including today.
      US Attorneys work on behalf of the AG.
      (BTW:There was no trial)

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  15. newbietreepper says:

    Sidney was just on Lou and leveled Sullivan and his comments today.

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  16. Publius2016 says:

    Document Drops has Deep State terrified!

    Seth Rich!!!

    What else was redacted??

    “Judge” Sullivan dithered and now MOAR WILL DROP!

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  17. mazziflol says:

    Lawyer for Michael Flynn personally asked Trump not to pardon ex-national security advisor in FBI lie case


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  18. RoyS says:

    Has anyone seen the article below regarding Sullivan, dated yesterday, 28 Sep, in the WaPo.
    I apologize, but I didn’t know how to link it, but it’s interesting AND he’s doing other things for his masters.
    “Third U.S. judge bars Postal Service delivery cuts before November presidential election”

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  19. Doppler says:

    Me thinks DC is a Kabuki Theater, with Deep State operatives continuously writing new scenes and script, and Judge Sullivan takes his orders from someone.
    I thought his questioning of Sidney about “have you ever spoken to the President?” were scripted for him, the operatives using him for their own discovery purposes. Sidney wasn’t prepared for that question. She initially declined to discuss it, raising the President’s executive privilege, but then gave what appeared to be an honest account, saying she only asked him to NOT pardon General Flynn. I do not think the Judge had grounds to lawfully inquire of her on this topic. The judicial power extends to cases and controversies under the constitution and laws of the United States. The USA vs Flynn case is no longer a controversy, the USA and General Flynn having joint filed a motion to dismiss.
    Sullivan is trying to assert independent judicial oversight of the DOJ’s decision-making, which is not part of the judicial power. He’s taking on the role of a party in a different case. As such, I think Sidney would be justified in asking him, “have you ever been contacted by C&B, former Obama DOJ personnel, Lawfare, the NYT, Wapo, or political operatives concerning this case? What led you to appoint Gleeson? Who did you discuss that decision with before announcing it? Are you being blackmailed? Has your son been threatened if you do not continue with this travesty? What is the theory of the case you are trying to make, to keep alive? What criminal counts are there? What civil causes of action? What do you say to those who suggest that your judicial train has run completely off the tracks?”

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  20. way2opinionated says:

    “…and this would be the end of the malicious prosecution.”

    Sundance misspelled persecution.

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  21. Sidney Powell deserves a Medal of Freedom …or two.

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  22. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  23. Christopher Chantrill says:

    Problem I see is that Judge Sullivan has dug himself a huge hole, and needs some face-saving way to get out of the hole he dug.

    Any ideas?

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    • Publius2016 says:

      plan seems obvious…”Judge” will drop case without prejudice…

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      • Hans says:

        And if I were Flynn I would appeal that to the Supreme Court… maliciousl prosecution..

        But that’s not going to happen.. Judge Sullivan needs to prolong this.. this is all about a get out of jail card… for that impeach President Trump.. it’s a repeat of Nixon..

        The house will impeach AG Barr and PDT .. for obstruction of justice.

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    • doyouseemyvision says:

      It’s not about face saving.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Judge Sullied does not need to save face. The people whose opinions matter to him (his “face”) are the very ones whom put him up to this clown show today. He already has his $ millions.

      Sullied does not care other than to stretch out this case as long as is possible and use it as a public forum in which to impugn the Defendant, damage the President, smear the AG, attack the Defense Counsel, and malign all others who have contributed to and support Flynn’s defense..

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    • jsh says:

      THAT ship has SAILED!

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  24. imo the previous administration will go to any lengths– legal or otherwise– to ensure that gen. flynn never EVER be allowed to speak on the malfeasance he personally witnessed as a former senior member of that administration. if he doesn’t have one already, he needs a 24/7 security detail lest he be “epsteined”. we should all fear for his life at this point. i’m sure he does.

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  25. Raceforpotus says:

    ‘The Judge specifically was asking about preserving the case (dismissing without prejudice) so that “a prosecutor or a new Attorney General can pursue these charges in the future”’

    My understanding was that the law they used (abused) to even consider prolonging this case was written specifically to prevent that from happening. So, it seems he is acting outside the law.

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  26. Brian Baker says:

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  27. Cocoon says:

    I heard the most Senior Attorney in DC Office state clearly he could not bring this matter to prosecution due to the evidence and lack of credible witnesses.
    I heard the defense attorney state clearly the Judge appointed Amicus was biased and should have all his input stricken from the record. She also stated clearly, Judge Contreras pleading was void with his recusal.
    And then I heard Judge Sullivan and his Amicus state “but he pleaded guilty…twice” and therefore there must be more here.
    Like no defendant had ever changed his plea or new facts and evidence never had a prosecution team dismiss its case.
    Americans have now learned not to trust the FBI and some Judges will refuse to acknowledge evidence provided and not provided by the prosecution.
    If anyone should be on trial here it is those who withheld exculpatory evidence.

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