Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

The DOJ, Sidney Powell and the Sullivan appointed amicus John Gleeson will hold a hearing today in the courtroom of Judge Emmet Sullivan to argue the unopposed motion to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn. The hearing begins at 11:00am ET and you can call-in to hear the audio of the live courtroom events.  (details below)

  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 5524636)
  • 888-363-4734 –  (access code 6114909)
  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 1429888)
  • 877-402-9753  – (access code 2090166)
  • 888-557-8511  – (access code 4140864)
  • 888-273-3658  – (access code 1773796)

UPDATE: If you cannot get through on any phone line use this periscope link HERE

UPDATE 2: Technical issues at the court.  Recess called until 12:35pm ET to work on issues. I’m Dropping another link (YouTube) below that was not compromised during the “technical issues”.

UPDATE 3:  Some more technical glitches and a 15 min bio break until 2:45pm ET

UPDATE 4: Hearing ended abruptly.


If the true administration of justice was to prevail in this case, the judge should simply accept the unopposed motion and this would be the end of the malicious prosecution.  However, this case has so many precedents anything is possible.

If you are listening-in to the hearing, feel free to drop your thoughts and opinions into the comment section to share.

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1,675 Responses to Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

  1. bullnuke says:

    So Gleason is the expert on with or without prejudice?

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  2. William the Comptroller says:

    I wish they could have televised this hearing. Now Strzok the Unbiased’s lawyer says the text messages were edited. Ok then, let see ALL HIS TEXTS (and from his PRIVATE phone too! No doubt SuperTexterBoy had work-related texts on his private phone….along with erotic pictures he no doubt sent to Princess Gingiva Page. What a failure of a counter-intel chief….especially in light of the DEVASTATING damage inflicted by traitor Robert Hansson 1975-2001).


  3. peddlerp says:

    An oddity? for the presiding judge to counteract the the dismissal request of the prosecution!

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  4. lolli says:

    Sully determined not to dismiss with prejudice.


  5. bullnuke says:

    Gleason given more talking time than Sydney Powell.

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  6. Cocoon says:

    I am no lawyer.
    But the defendant asking for dismissal months ago, seems not to be a part of this process?
    The Judge is asking questions of the government attorneys, not Sydney Powell? Someone should note the lack of questioning and concern for the defendant posed by this Judge.
    No credible witnesses, no prosecutors?
    Dismissal is the only

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  7. Beau Geste says:

    Powell and Flynn still do not have all of the ‘exculpatory’ evidence.
    It would be useful to file a civil suit against the DOJ, FBI, and the government prosecutors individually (van grack, etc), all persons individually (known or unknown) who withheld evidence or participated in ‘leaking’, the ‘coup’, spying on Flynn, AND JUDGE SULLIVAN for extortion, wrongful prosecution, denial if civil rights under color of law, ethics violations, withholding evidence….. There should be no judicial privilege for denial of civil rights under color of law, or participation in crimes. The discovery requests for all the ‘missing 302s’ and other withheld records, depositions of the coup plotters themselves would put AG Barr and Rat-cliffe in a squeeze. Flynn was likely in the 85% illegal FBI spying. Release the records, or have the existing evidence stand which already shows illegal spying, extortion and wrongful prosecution.
    This would be a civil suit, but should assist in removing Sullivan. Filing a criminal “counterclaim” is unheard of in criminal suits, but perhaps the DOJ could be persuaded to do so here against the perps who are also part of the ‘coup’?

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    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      Civil court would just defer until the criminal case was completed. In a real world we would all see what you have recommended as a way to get justice….in their world, they will use the criminal case to block the civil case.

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  8. gary says:

    gleeson is losing it.

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  9. fred5678 says:

    Since when does a judge need a caddy?? (Gleason) THIS AIN’T GOLF!!!

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  10. deeperinfo says:

    Gleeson arguing for dismissal WITHOUT prejudice.

    Making assertions and accusations against DOJ with noevidence.

    Pushing FARA and “possible violations” in other conversations…

    “typical rule”

    “but I, as amicus, don’t have a dog in that race” after taking time to opine.

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  11. fanbeav says:

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  12. booger71 says:

    Gleeson wants Sullivan to address meanness by the Sidney and the DOJ

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  13. QCM says:

    It just became crystal clear, Gleason is the replacement blocker (replacing the corrupt Special Counsel’s Office) to keep this going.

    Great job by the government attorneys, by the end I could hear the disdain for Sullivan in the government attorney’s voice and argument

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  14. bullnuke says:

    Gleason is Sullivan’s bff

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  15. fred5678 says:

    Gleason: “I don;t have a dog in that …”

    Hey you idiot, your have NO DOGS in this case!!!

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  16. I’m sick to my stomach over the actions and inactions of this sphincter-orifice claiming to be a judge.

    He’s not a judge – he is ANTIFA in a robe.

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  17. novanglus86 says:

    Insane that a FEDERAL JUDGE would delegate his authority and reasoning to a third party. WTF?

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  18. jay says:

    ‘ask for the reasons…the real reasons.’ They want the Government to say Flynn was given a deal.
    The purpose of this circus is to GET TRUMP.

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  19. FPCHmom says:

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    • vikingmom says:

      But Sullivan’s job at this point is simply to keep the case going…It WILL be dismissed eventually, whether through an Appellate Court or SCOTUS but every day it drags on is one less day for Gen Flynn to be free to talk!!

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  20. Oldretiredguy says:

    Absolutely pathetic. Sullivan is raging idiot. THERE IS ZERO BASIS FOR THIS SCAM TO CONTINUE

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  21. bullnuke says:



    • novanglus86 says:

      She doesn’t need to do so – the DOJ is killing all avenues for Sullivan to travel to keep this thing alive. They have the benefit of being perceived as more neutral – they are not advocates for Gen. Flynn.

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  22. bulwarker says:



  23. jay says:

    This Crime was committed in the West Wing! – Gleeson

    Everyone should hang up and let Gleeson and Sullivan continue to talk shit…..

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  24. bullnuke says:

    Gleason should give a lot of weight to the president’s tweets. What a buffoon.


    • nichan says:

      If court and judge is influenced by (tweets) in any case making their job harder, (cannot do their job?) where a person is either proven or not proven guilty; by what considerations are they presiding over the case?


  25. msalicia56 says:

    Wish Sullivan could be questioned under oath on how often he has consulted with Eric Holder and/or others from Covington concerning this case.

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  26. Brian Baker says:

    Gleason has an incurable case of TDS.

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  27. fred5678 says:

    “What about the Tweets?” Sheesh!!! WHAT ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION and THE RULE OF LAW???

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  28. lolli says:

    Sully already says Flynn is guilty.
    What a crook.
    The crime was the set up you POS and you know it.
    No freaking prosecutor, no freaking crime.

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  29. usstigerclaw says:

    Sullivan is convinced Biden will win


  30. Screaming Eagle says:

    Never heard Sullied-Van speak before. He comes across as an idiot, contradicts himself, cuts counsel off, loves to hear himself, talks in circles. How does a fool like this get to such a critical position? It is just sickening.


  31. bullnuke says:

    Gleason, an amicus for a criminal trial. Unheard of. No wonder Powell wants anything he has said thrown out.

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  32. berniekopell says:

    Now he asks Gleeson “under what authority can I deny the motion without prejudice.” Gleeson waffles, and says its an open question. The “off the rack” / “default” rule is without prejudice. He cites no cases and starts rambling about calls with Kislyak. Says if he grants the motion it should be without prejudice, but I have “no dog in this race.” Gleeson can’t even get his cliches straight.

    Gleeson now says that this “pretextual” dismissal is clear on its face. Next logical step, if motion denied, would be to address the motion to withdraw. Gleeson now waxing poetic about the significance of a guilty plea. Claims Flynn changes his mind because the wind is blowing a different way.

    Now Suspicious Sullivan goes back to the tweets from POTUS. Asks what weight he should give them. Gleeson says the fact that additional Brady material keeps coming forth means the DOJ keeps adding new reasons to dismiss, proving pretext. Claims DOJ is not giving the “real reasons” for dismissal.


  33. booger71 says:

    Gleeson is saying this a collusion between the President and the DOJ


  34. deeperinfo says:

    Gleeson reply so very weak. No proof of misconduct accusations.

    he wants to dismiss all the disclosed violations because “he plead guilty”.

    Now asking for inference divining, tweet fantasies, wants to mak it an issue, as if.

    No proof of interference if tweets are all they got. That’s it?


    “Your job Judge.”

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  35. Johnny Bravo says:

    For one without standing, Gleeson is getting an awful lot of air time🤔

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  36. gsonFIT says:

    Neither Sullivan or Gleeson can show evidence only their feelings and opinion. Actions of PDJT are not direct evidence of General Flynn’s guilt or innocence.

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  37. Cocoon says:

    Gleeson, the hired hand of Judge Sullivan, ignores all things since Flynn pleaded guilty….twice.
    Except Trump tweets.


  38. Blind no Longer says:

    Here we go with more Trump tweets!!! Consulted with defense counsel…here we go!
    It’s all Trump’s fault…..WTF


  39. booger71 says:

    Sullivan just lets Gleeson keep going and going against President Trump


    • deeperinfo says:

      They got Nothing!

      This is the Judicial version of crazies screaming at the sky…

      I envision a video meme of Gleeson rapping at a BLM “protest”

      Check out Biden: hairylegs on youtube or spotify if you haven’t laughed yet today


  40. fred5678 says:

    Here it comes — let’s create another impeachment based on, not a phone call, but a bunch of Tweets!!!!

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  41. Peter Rabbit says:

    Gleason continues to falsify the facts again and again. Gleason will drag this out as long as possible. No conclusion anytime soon. Flynn will eventually be exonerated.

    Gleason now complaining about Trump tweets and 1 short recent briefing conversation with Trump.
    DOJ and Attorney report directly to the President.

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  42. JC1974 says:

    I listened to 5 minutes of this embarrassing sham and I cannot say anything favorable about Gleason, God help me for my thoughts on what can happen to him.

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  43. gsonFIT says:

    Gleeson is an idiot

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  44. Nagothm says:

    Not the US vs General Michael Flynn. It is Judge Sullivan vs the US Gov and General Michael Flynn.

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  45. bullnuke says:

    Gleason is a private citizen who wants Flynn in jail. He should not be part of this judicial proceeding.
    Kudos to the liberal hacks on the Court of Appeals for allowing this clown show.

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  46. OmegaManBlue says:

    Arguing conspiracies theories in court…

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  47. Sam Gompers says:

    Gleeson argued that all this evidence of wrongdoing being put forward by the current DOJ is “pretense” and shows a “consciousness of guilt”.


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  48. I Hear You Now says:

    All this makes me want to make a donation here:


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  49. lolli says:

    Yep, PT tweets truth.
    All true.

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