Former ODNI Ric Grenell Says Additional Intelligence Agencies are Intentionally Withholding Evidence of Wrongdoing…

Former Acting DNI Richard “Ric” Grenell fires a warning shot across the bow of those within the intelligence community who are refusing to release documents.  During an interview with Liz Mac, Grenell shared:

“I’m getting really impatient with those individual agencies that know exactly what I’m talking about, that know exactly what documents they need to release… they’re playing games.”

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256 Responses to Former ODNI Ric Grenell Says Additional Intelligence Agencies are Intentionally Withholding Evidence of Wrongdoing…

  1. Ron Jaeger says:

    Obstruction of Justice.

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  2. Blind no Longer says:

    I would like to nominate Ric Grenell for Trump administration employee of the year award. Can we just put him in every position that needs to be wiped free of the corrupt scum that has infiltrated our government?
    All roads lead to Clinton…the center of the corrupt universe of politics.

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  3. dallasdan says:

    ““I’m getting really impatient with those individual agencies that know exactly what I’m talking about, that know exactly what documents they need to release… they’re playing games.”

    They will not budge, and will have to be forced under the spotlight of Justice to suffer consequences for their sedition, which is not likely to happen under the current leadership regime at the DOJ. It is arguable that they have a bigger stake in Biden winning than Biden does. JMO

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  4. Redhotrugmama says:

    I love Ric, but if he knows this then why didnt he get these items released when he was ODNI? Iam having a problem reconciling this.

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  5. jay says:

    Mr. G has seen the depth and darkness of deed and is very concerned. Ugh.


  6. OffCourseNation says:

    Clearly, the FBI, DOJ and CIA have declared exterminating war on the United States Constitution and Rule of Law.. Much like Antifa and BLM only far more powerful and far better financed and far better protected..

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  7. Bogeyfree says:

    I just don’t get it.

    How hard is it for AG Barr to tell the CIA or the FBI or any other agency holding up the delivery of requested documents that you have 24 hrs to turn over the now declassified documents otherwise you will be arrested for obstruction of justice.

    Why are our guys such pussy’s?

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  8. Zydeco says:

    Our government, now Of, By and For the Corrupt, is one huge resistance unit to anything except their power, their paychecks, their benefits , and their bribes.

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  9. redline says:

    Two points from our host’s recent twitter thread –

    “17.2. (T)he NSA database is being exploited to retrieve information useful for financial gains (insider information).”

    “20. This (NSA raw) database is the source, the root source, of all things currently happening in/around politics. Whoever controls it, controls EVERYTHING!”

    And EVERY ONE of its exploiters.

    To hide this game’s twelve year history and erase their names from its roster of thousands, those who were, and still are, high up in this biggest racket ever will do anything, absolutely anything at all. We’ve watched as this fact has been proven daily for the past five years.

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  10. Amy says:

    As J.W. and others implied President Trump can demand immediate release of documents from these individual agencies. They all work for the pleasure of the President.

    The President has many different paths to release the documents from these individual agencies.

    The prosecution cases are so solid; giving defendant information of these documents will not give defendants any major advantage.

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    • Susan Harms says:

      think about this: you tell your child to do something and they openly defy you, what are you willing and able to do then? Or do you just let it go?
      IF Trump orders release and they defy him, what is he able to do? One secret of leadership is dont give orders that WONT be obeyed.

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      President Trump has already demanded release of these documents.

      Unfortunately he’s put his trust in barr.

      I’m starting to think he woulda been better off putting his trust in Roseanne Barr!


  11. abel says:

    and why not declassify the peoples names and the data?


  12. tds247365 says:

    I say we do an expose on all FBI employees. Name every employee and lets publicly display their connections to the Deep State and their seditious activity associated with their coup. Since the FBI’s mission now is to engage in political hit jobs against their opponents and not to protect Americans, it’s time to clear the decks and reboot the FBI.

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  13. More coming soon. Are the wheels of Justice being booted up?

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  14. phillip jeffreys says:

    Why are conservatives sitting on their collective rear quarters? No disrespect to Sundance et al but they are following a course that, while necessary, is essentailly meeting the threat on a playing field it controls: the courts, media, etc. I’m all for playing this hand, but the smart thing to do is to prepare for the adverse in parallel so that action can be taken immediately should the radical Progressive Left prevail in this next election. Let’s get this out in the open – we all know that if Biden wins gross criminality will be covered up and that the probability of election fraud is very, very high. We further know exactly what will unfold – there will a clarion call for unity and “national healing.” Meanwhile the crosshairs of a re-weaponized Federal bureaucracy will be aimed at us.

    Conservatives/Constitutionalists/Patriots are going to have to organize. There is a frightening need for leadership, strategy, resources, etc., that is not being addressed.

    Play to win. You can’t prepare for a conflict after it starts and expect to prevail.

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  15. Kent Clizbe says:

    You’re “impatient,” really, Grenell?

    If only we could have a DNI in charge who would force his underlings to release these documents. (/sarc)

    You WERE DNI. You were in charge of them, Grenell. How patient were you then?

    Reminds me very much of that little rooster-haired Congressman from SC, lotsa puffing and crowing. But when it’s time to put up or shut up, he disappeared.


  16. JonS says:

    Notice Fox Business channel is the one to watch now? Except for Tucker, I never watch Fox News

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  17. mtnforge says:

    What’s got them in a pickle is we the dirt people pulled the chain on the crapper on 9-8-16, on turd so big it is stuck in the bowl refusing to go down, it is spinning around leaving nasty marks. But flush it will.

    1 Cup of Cofvee
    2 scoops
    3 picks
    4 more years

    It is called Nemesis. We here call it Cold Anger. Thank You Sundance.
    Control is now out of the hands of Barr et all. In the act of suppressing and stonewalling expose of the truth, another unintended consequence has been created. They free’d The Truth. They freed us from relying on them to provide the truth. It’s akin to another unintended consequence where because there are two sets of rules, one for them, where the only rule, (“laws”), is there are no rules, but for us they get to set the rules, (arbitrary “law”), where we are subject to their arbitrary power and rules.

    Grenell is those unintended consequences writ large come to life. He is not the only nemesis.
    Seems those unintended consequences are beginning to rear it’s head. Too many leaks in the dike, not enough elite fingers to plug them.
    The law of unintended consequences is a real ruthless bitch.
    Decades, and more, of malicious dissimulation has consequences.
    The institutional order of plausible deniability, which is the operative element, have great consequences.
    “Elections have consequences” as one particular vile actor with his pen and a phone declared; careful what you wish for, careful what you sow.
    Consequences are staking up.
    The truth always outs.

    It’s said the truth has no agenda, indeed, that in no way stops the truth from outing, it guarantees it. We see the truth is the mortal enemy of all tyrannies, all tyrants, and all their minions. Such a simple thing;
    “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth and defend the truth until death.”  -The Great Zero Gate

    The great Alt-Media can be defined thusly:
    “A very experienced action guy once told me the key to successful propaganda:
    Tell the truth, and help people to see it as such.”
    The consequences of that are intended. Intended consequences are unintended consequences come home to roost.

    I have to speculate what in desperation will they do to stop the unintended consequences they have sowed. They have reached saturation level. The pedo=elites have reached the stage where the crisis of legitimacy consumes more energy than is derived from maintaining the illusion of legitimacy and power.
    Whatever it is it’s bound to be a real doozy. Desperate overlords do desperate things to remain overlords and retain the trappings of their power. They may be cowards, but even cowards are ruthless and cunning in their way. They certainly have nothing to loose at that point, so by inference, if there ever was, there are no inhibitions on that score.
    It is not us they are fighting now, though you would be hard pressed to see otherwise on the face of things, they are now fighting to hold on to their illusion of legitimacy.
    I think this is what Barr et all are motivated by, they are fighting to save their old institutional order. If given the benefit of our doubt on that, at the least it is the trappings of the institutional order they act to preserve. They are after all products of that old institutional order.
    But that is rhetorical chin music.
    What we have here in no uncertain terms is a regime of depraved crooks employing raw naked power and they are scared shitless by us dirt people rising up and getting rid of them.

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  18. Max Tadpol says:

    OH MY!

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  19. MelH says:

    Don’t miss Comey being interviewed tomorrow morning.


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