Senator Ron Johnson Eviscerates FBI Director Chris Wray – With Documents to Support…

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Ron Johnson, is fired up in this interview with Maria Bartiromo.  Senator Johnson starts by outlining the documents and evidence of Hunter Biden corrupt activity the media refuse to cover…… and then Johnson goes full wolverine on FBI Director Christopher Wray for concealing evidence.


A few notes. While Johnson’s frustration is righteous, his committee staff did not appear to have a grasp on the majority of evidence that existed prior to mid-2020. That said, we all know FBI Director Wray is part of the ‘resistance’; that’s the reason why AG Barr had to fire FBI legal counsel Dana Boente when Chris Wray refused to do so.

Secondly, something to contemplate -specifically for those who understand how DC information is selectively controlled- there is no better person to deliver the ‘spygate’ gut punch than Maria Bartiromo. Question those “sources” and we might just locate some sketchy narrative engineers presenting themselves as ‘friends’ of the truth.

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204 Responses to Senator Ron Johnson Eviscerates FBI Director Chris Wray – With Documents to Support…

  1. railer says:

    McConnell picked Wray and Barr, and McConnell is paid to destroy Trump and protect the Swamp and Deep State. So we can’t depend on McConnell’s minions… ever. If we get anything productive out of them, it’s a bonus. No sense worrying about it. Yes, Durham’s report should have been out months ago, with prosecutions aplenty. Yes, Flynn should have been freed from persecution months ago. But McConnell picks all these people, including all the judges, so we can’t depend on McConnell’s minions to do anything but hurt Trump and help our enemies.

    Accepting all this, we can do what is possible, what we can control, our own attitude and our drive to get Trump reelected.

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  2. Badger says:

    I’m now that ‘meme’ guy sitting outside at the table.
    “Prove me wrong.”

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  3. Waymore says:

    Unless and until Barr expressly puts a “lid” on everything Durham between now and the election, it’s all speculation based on unnamed sources.

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  4. mtk says:

    Question those “sources” and we might just locate some sketchy narrative engineers presenting themselves as ‘friends’ of the truth.

    No line has been written better or more concise in any language. Ever!

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  5. Alli says:

    Will Radcliffe release the documents?


  6. RAC says:

    Firing is too easy an out for wray, charge him with obstruction and throw him in jail alongside all the crooks that have no love for the FBI, wish him good luck as the door slams.

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  7. puca58 says:

    “Do your job!” Problem is Maria, they are. Propagandists. The media has moved into the top 3 of professions in which I have little trust.

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  8. Dutchman says:

    “There oughta be a LAW” is a common refrain, often said in responce to a headline or news story.

    In this case “There oughta be a law, against misusing the “classified” process, to conceal embarrassing or illegal behavior!”

    Thing is,…there IS. Obama signed a law, specifically making it a crime, to misuse the Classification of govt documents, for any rrason other than Natl security.

    Thing is, the perpetrators are so far down the road of criminality, that whats one more felony, committed to conceal a bunch of OTHER felonies?

    And every day, McConnell and Co.’s perfidy and involvement is being exposed. THAT is the source, the very center of the resistance. Expose that, discredit McConnell and the cabal he controls, and the Swamp collapses.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting those darn cramps in my cheeks again, from this huge, constant grin on my face!

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  9. joebidenunauthorized says:

    I hope I’m not repeating this — I’ve tried posting about my investigation into the Obama WH coverup of Joe Biden’s malfeasance in Ukraine three times. Check out my book, the proof is there — Joe Biden Unauthorized and the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party.


  10. joebidenunauthorized says:

    Yes, that post made it through. Wow. Here’s the nutshell. It’s time to go big and nail Obama, Biden, and every Dem who voted to impeach President Trump with a grand jury investigation.

    Think big — go after all of them with a direct line from Joe Biden prostituting his office to pay for Hunter’s prostitutes, to Obama for weenying out and sending Axelrod to confront Joe.

    Grand jury, grand jury, grand jury.

    And by the way, in June I sent my book to every senator on Chairman Johnson’s committee looking into Hunter Biden, so I stand behind my facts.

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  11. Cocoon says:

    Those two papers Johnson presents, one from FBI and one from GSA, the same memo presented differently with redactions, tells us the problem. Almost completely redacted by FBI and GSA only redacted a cell phone number!
    The FBI has become too big and too powerful and is not accountable to the public or our elected officials. And it’s counter-intelligence unit is a pawn for foreign actors and must be eliminated or reassigned to another Agency.
    FBI needs to be domestic only and this will diminish its power and make its accountability less complicated.

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  12. frank field says:

    Guaranteed: Wray is looking for another job as he knows our beloved is going to FIRE his crooked rumpsky shortly after reelection.

    Can’t wait!



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