Project Veritas Outlines Ballot Harvesting Fraud in Ilhan Omar Minnesota District…

[Minneapolis–Sept. 27, 2020] Project Veritas investigators revealed a ballot harvesting scheme here involving clan and political allies and associates of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.-Minn.) in the first of a series of reports.

[…] Central to the Project Veritas investigation was Omar Jamal, a political insider active in the city’s Somali community. Jamal works with the Ramsey County Sheriff Department and is the chairman of the Somali Watchdog Group. “I have been involved in the community for the last 20 years.” (read more)

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293 Responses to Project Veritas Outlines Ballot Harvesting Fraud in Ilhan Omar Minnesota District…

  1. freepetta says:

    Saw this earlier, James O’Keefe is awesome. Time to throw Omar out of the US and send her ugly butt back to Mogadishu 💁🏻‍♀️

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    • bertdilbert says:

      We need a national database with voter ID to prevent people from voting in multiple states and remove dead people from the voter roles. That would be a good start.

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    • republicanvet91 says:

      Actually it’s time for our DOJ to get serious on these voter fraud/ballot stealing schemes.

      FFS Omar has committed multiple felonies on immigration and other things, and nobody wants to hold her accountable.

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    • Martin says:

      I support PDJT’s merit-based immigration 100 percent. But come here and engage in fraud? Right the hell back you go, period. No excuses. All of them, from Ilhan on down, with zero chance of re-entry.

      I’m the son of an immigrant, and this enrages me.

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    • MNGal says:

      The only way to contact the US Attorney’s Office is via phone or mail. No email.

      Contact for Erica McDonald—US Attorney’s office, Minnesota District:
      St. Paul Main Phone—(651) 848-1950

      Minneapolis Office—(612) 664-5600

      U.S. Courthouse
      300 S 4th Street
      Suite 600
      Minneapolis, MN 55415

      U.S. Courthouse
      316 N. Robert Street
      Suite 404
      St. Paul, MN 55101

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      • Chip Doctor says:

        Federal laws were broken. If Bill Barr would indict one of these traitors like Omar, it would go a long way towards election integrity. But as usual, Wray and Barr are busy running out the clock while going after the Proud Boys.

        Bill Barr was a deep state plant. His out of nowhere legal opinion on his best friend Mueller’s witch hunt was intended to entice PT into thinking he was a white hat.

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      • freepetta says:

        I’m going to call today MN. The only way they move is if the public knows and files complaints. Otherwise they sit on their bums all day.
        I’ve sent it to the White House as well.
        Thanks for the info.

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      • WSB says:

        McDonald was a Trump Administration appointee. She decided not to indict on the earlier charges of immigration and marriage fraud.

        Was this strategic until today, or has she been bullied into silence by Somalis?

        Her office should make a clear statement on this.

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      • WSB says:

        So much for these Trump-appointed attorneys and judges. Just spoke to a man at the St.Paul office who directed me to a voicemail in the hope they get back to me.

        The judge who has interfered with the TikTok case is a Trump-appointed one as well.

        I have been pointing out that these Heritage Foundation/Mitch McConnell creatures could and would be compromised in many ways.

        Who has been vetting the vettors?

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      • WSB says:

        So after being directed to dysfunctional phone extensions, Angela LaTour from the Minneapolis US Attorney’s office PR department called me back, letting me know that the only public information would be on Pacer.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Is Saddam Hussein’s wood chipper still available?

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  2. OffCourseNation says:

    Make America Somali
    Vote Ilhan Omar
    Vote Joe Biden
    Vote Democrat

    Well, unless you don’t hate your children.

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  3. RedBallExpress says:

    “I screwed it” – My neighbor explaining how he attached plywood to his car to make it look like a tank and he added – “How else you going to do it?

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  4. FPCHmom says:

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  5. citizen817 says:

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    • starfcker says:

      It’s a good thing Bill Barr and Chris Wray shut this down. Oh wait, they were too busy making the case Ilhan Omar giving her husband a million dollars out of her campaign funds. Oh wait, they turned a blind eye to that too. James O’Keefe ask the question at the end oh, what are you going to do about this Bill Barr. Joe diGenova says you’re one of the finest lawyers this country has ever produced.

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      • Seneca the Elder says:

        Star- you must have been reading my mind- you just made my point EXACTLY.

        When I read stories like this about the absolute, criminal corruption of politicians like this disgusting little Somali witch, why is it always James O’Keefe or Tom Fitton or some other civilian who has uncovered the crimes?

        Bill Barr is a disgrace and Chris Wray is a crook who belongs in prison along with most of his colleagues.

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        • Dwayne Diesel says:

          Well Barr is too busy moving rocks to protect Mueller. And, Wray- well he thinks the biggest issue is white supremacy….

          These two couldn’t score in a whore house.

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    • mazziflol says:

      How come James is in contact with people and not saaaaayyyy…oh I dont know, AG Barr?

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  6. E says:


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    • Dutchman says:

      WHO counterfeits $1 bills? Pic on left is definetly Ones.

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      • delighteddeplorable says:

        No kidding, Dutch. What an impressive lack of initiative.

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        • Dutchman says:

          I wonder if they were headed out of the country? Still, unless that photo was just a “file photo”, same amount of paper and ink, same difficulty for engraving,…to make a $20, at least.
          Must be a file photo, I would LIKE to think know crook is THAT stupid, but I know better from personal experience.

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          • Country_Kat says:

            I’ve read before and having worked as a cashier when I was younger, what business/cashier uses the fake bill marker on $1? None. The only bills that are checked with the counterfeit marker are typically $20’s and higher (many businesses don’t even check $20’s). So counterfeiters started making the counterfeit money in smaller denominations to avoid the bills being checked. When I worked as a cashier, at 2 different places, the only bills we were told to check were $50’s and $100’s.

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            • Dutchman says:

              The sicom Barney Miller had a show where they caught a counterfieter, …he made ones, in his basement, and just used them to support himself, for 20 years.
              Then he started making 5’s, cause inflation, you know.
              his eyesite was going, so Lincoln looked like he,was wearing a liesure suit, THATS how they caught him.

              Some funny stuff!

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              • Country_Kat says:

                Odd, I haven’t heard of him! While I was only born in 80, I grew up on those types of shows thanks to my grandma and great-grandma. Loved some HeeHaw, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson, Red Skelton, Capt. Kangaroo and oh the list can go on. I’ll have to look up and see if there are any episodes of his online!

                Funny how television from back in those days mimics real life now.


        • Dwayne Diesel says:

          Your comment made me actually lol. You’re right, why not go for 100 bills?

          Maybe the Somali’s they are buying off are just cheap.

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        • 4gypsybreeze says:

          Delighted…..dollar bills….ahem…strip clubs…bars…exotic dancers….!??

          Must be a mighty lot of dollar bills that the strip clubs deposit every day at the bank.
          Pity the teller who gets that money bag full of those bills……double glove and hand sanitizer…and keep griping until the bank gets a machine money counter! Just make sure you disinfect the machine!

          They probably get a few $5….but who would check those either?


      • MelH says:

        George Floyd was the owner of scads of counterfeit $1 bills. But since he was a part-time bouncer in a strip joint, the most likely place for the use of his bounty, it was a minor soon-forgotten item in the tsunami of news that surrounded his passing.

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        • 4gypsybreeze says:

          MelH……well….strip joint…..dollar bills……. Probably a LOT of dollar bills in that business going to the bank to be deposited every morning from the previous night!

          When I read the info about counterfeit dollar bills….I thought immediately about the joke —ever think where the dollar bill in your wallet has been–wink-wink? — I cleaned the joke up, but most people will get it!


          • MelH says:

            Oh my, I never thought about the dollar bills in my wallet, thought surely by this day and age the price has gone up to $5


            • 4gypsybreeze says:

              Don’t think they really check 5 dollar bills any more for counterfeit. Not positive though…but pretty sure.

              Yeah…inflation and all …but there is always that cheap creep!
              These guys were actually pretty clever. No one checks dollar bills. They probably made a lot of money for a long time.
              Think of all the dollar specials. Especially since we are talking strip joints and bars. Happy Hour Specials or snacks. Buy one get one for dollar deals.

              And NO–I have NEVER went to a strip joint, and I don’t drink alcohol.

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          • MelH says:

            Can’t remember the last time I used cash at all, thank heavens.


            • 4gypsybreeze says:

              Mel….well… this case-that’s a good thing!

              Ahem….unless you are Hunter Biden ! I don’t think too many married men would want to have to explain to their wives or girlfriends that the 100.00 they spent at the strip joint that showed up on their debit/credit card–was actually because they went there for lunch because the food was excellent.

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      • TigerBear says:

        It wasn’t American dollars but this tactic has been tried before
        In answer to your question Operation Bernhard! 1940 – 1942

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      • Linda K. says:

        George Flpyd had counterfeit money in Minnesota. I believe Sundance had a story about CIA might make counterfeit singles to trace the money , in a story about Floyd. Sort of like gun running to Mexican drug cartels, right Eric?

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      • Gunnar says:

        During WWII, the German goverment planned to destabilise the UK economy by flooding it with counterfeit, low value currency. Lower values are rarely checked, even when someone hands you an envelope full of brand new fivers…like, what kind of idiot counterfeits dollar bills?

        It would be interesting to check the serial numbers on these low value fakes. Counterfeit plates rarely have multiple serial numbers. However, if the money was printed by a foreign government with money-printing resources…

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        • Dutchman says:

          Definetly more to this story,…I think given the amount of “money” in various forms in addition to actual currency, that it would be difficult to destabilise our currency with counterfeits, but SOMETHING is sure going on.

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        • Dutchman says:

          I wonder if this is tied to the operation going on in minniapolis, exposed by the Veritas videos; if they are ‘buying’ votes, using counterfeit 1’s, …and yeah maybe this ties in to Floyd.

          Who would have thought minnisota would be an area of massive criminality?

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          • 4gypsybreeze says:

            AH…..dollar bills….strip joints…bars…..

            Ever hear the one when you ask (I am going to keep it clean)—ever wonder where that dollar bill in your wallet has been?

            Think of all the dollar bills that a strip joint, etc. takes to the bank and deposits every morning……ahem…..!

            I read the story and the connection to the area, George Floyd and that he was a bouncer and made the possible connection…..

            Guess I bowl too much.


            • Dutchman says:

              For several years, proscutors made a big deal of how, when large sums of cash were siezed, the bills tested positive for cocain residues.

              Until a clever Defence attorney tested bills from the prosecutor and judges wallet, and THEY tested positive for cocain.

              ALL bills in circulation, except brand new, from the mint bills, test positive. Its everywhere, including in the machines used to count bills.

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              • Your Tour Guide says:

                My former next door neighbors moved to Vermont 2 years ago.
                Before that, they lived in Denver for about 7 years. Stapleton area.

                They stopped by Atlanta to visit with old friends. My kids are close
                with their kids. Even flew out to visit twice for a week. Anyway, the
                mom and daughter both told me one thing about Denver over the
                last few years.

                You can’t go anywhere without smelling pot.

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                • Dutchman says:

                  I don’t doubt it. Denver has a terrible inversion layer, which keeps all pollution generated, close to ground level.

                  Pot has a much stronger and more distinctive smell than tobacco,…and its LEGAL, so why not?
                  I lived in Denver, for about 8 months, while “on the lam”, back in my mispent youth.

                  Didn’t care for it,…
                  Just occurred to me, if I were on the lam today, I would adopt an hispanic surname and accent, move to a sanctuary city, get some obviously bogus I.D., and be “good to go”.


              • 4gypsybreeze says:

                So actually, those guys were not so dumb. They probably made a lot of money over longer period of time.

                Think of the restaurant and bars….the stores that have second one for a dollar-happy hour specials. A LOT of ways to get rid of those singles.


      • old deplorable owl says:

        Dutch – They’re never checked, unless they’re really bad. They’ve become the equivalent of what quarters used to be.

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        • 4gypsybreeze says:

          Owl—-and I bet the teller at the bank when the strip club makes their deposits—really wants to spend more time handling those dollars bills than necessary. Wonder if the bank has a money counting machine…and if they disinfect those machines after it is done counting the bills….. Who knows where those dollars bills were the night before…wink…wink…

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    • Tiffthis says:

      This is like the fake money found going through El Nuevo Rodeo

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    • As a Man Thinkth says:

      I understand a major part of the background to the George Floyd story was his involvement with counterfit bills…small bills….

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      • soozala says:

        Yes…El Nuevo Rodeo was said to be a laundering/front operation for, among other things, funny money. George Floyd worked there and so did the cop who placed his knee on Floyd’s neck….Floyd passed phony currency at the corner store possibly blowing the operation’s cover. Strange mix going on there….

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        • paper doll says:

          I wonder if he pinched some while working and then tried to pass it…which would be a huge no no….another thing how high he was. Seems he would have a better grip on usage. Lots going on there.


    • TMonroe says:

      Counterfeit bills and Minnesota, seems to me that there was a headline or two this June connected with an arrest of someone with a counterfeit $20 in Minneapolis…


    • CNN_sucks says:

      So basically, the somalis actually gets ‘funny money’ for their votes…


  7. The DOJ should be offering substantial rewards for anyone exposing voter fraud. If you are aware and possibly participating in a voter fraud scheme, and all of a sudden a $10,000 reward to be a “whistleblower” is available….. how many would take $10,000 and expose it? They could offer different tiers of rewards for exposing different levels of voter fraud.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      I wonder if the money for this is coming from Soros, China, etc.

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    • Donzo says:

      A scheme of unprecedented sophistication and malice to bring down the government was exposed and what became of it? Exposure without an AG of consequence is worthless.

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      • Donzo,
        “A scheme of unprecedented sophistication” ……

        Really?? “unprecedented sophistication”!!!!

        We Americans need to wake up and educate ourselves if you thin this is “unprecedented sophistication”.

        Ilhan comes from a place where this is SOP during elections – if you want to call that “election”.

        FYI – Look up words like “booth capturing”, “ballot stuffing”, etc. ….. I knew about it when I was a kid.

        If you don’t know what that means – remember the precinct in Detroit receiving more ballots than registered voters? That is ballot stuffing.

        Remember in 2008 black panther guys not allowing people to vote? That is booth capturing.

        BTW – Nothing sophisticated – it is raw brute power and intimidation because there is no “mail-in” or “absentee” voting so this was the only option – ballot stuffing and booth capturing.

        But wait … there is more – And if that didn’t work then there is always very old and popular method of assassinating your political rival – generally in broad daylight to set an example, and usually the MS 13 way.

        America needs to wake up and I mean wake up yesterday if we want to save the republic!

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      People would be singing like canaries on a beautiful spring day.


    • 55praises says:

      A reward is not enough incentive if you know you will be attacked. Think brute squad. If it is mainly elderly who are being targeted, they will not expose the fraud unless you re-locate them, and even then I don’t think they would want to move. They need a champion. Here’s hoping Veritas can cause enough outrage for there to be meaningful action.

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  8. Sherri Young says:

    Mr. Jamal is right. If we don’t end election corruption in this country, we are done.

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  9. Eddd888 says:

    How are those three investigations of Omar going??
    Campaign finance fraud
    Marriage fraud
    Immigration fraud
    It’s been, what? nine months now?? All three are virtually public records that a 1st year paralegal could conclude in 96 hours. Or less.

    Now we hear Gaetz calling for “an investigation” into Bloomberg’s paying off the fines of 22,000 felons so they can vote in Florida. “Investigation” is politician “code” for “you will never hear another thing about this again – ever”. It’s a way to fool the public into thinking that politicians are actually doing something.
    What Bloomberg did is either legal – or illegal. An “investigation” if it’s even taking place, should take 24 hours MAX! Not something that should take until, say, after the election. OH WAIT! Is that the point??

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  10. Beverly says:

    AND here is Project Veritas’s expose of the New York City Commissioner of the Board of Elections {!!!} admitting that they “bus people from poll to poll” all day long, and have for years.

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    • Susan Harms says:

      20 yrs ago this was known to be happening every election in Houston. What was done ? NOTHING. Pct captians even took ballot boxes (paper) home, marked more ballots, signed the book in the same hand, then took the boxes to the Astrodome just before midnite. People observed her bringing them from the house to the trunk of her car. Even more years ago — recall how LBJ first got elected — dead people voted and it was KNOWN — still nothing happened.

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      And her is James O’Keefe impersonating Eminem and stopping just short of voting in his place:

      This video shows the real racists are those who use racism to rail against voter ID:

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  11. Red Mosquito says:

    This is the only way Democrats can win and they know it. That is why they want zero secure elections. They know deep down they are not the party desired by the public.

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  12. Ben Dhyani says:

    Shouldn’t the FBI be all over this political corruption?

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  13. Nigella says:

    Sad to say this will probably go nowhere

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  14. alliwantissometruth says:

    Election integrity is the top most important thing in any election, and near the top, if not the top, of importance to maintaining and keeping a free Republic

    Why hasn’t the Supreme Court been asked to rule on all of this non-traditional (fraud actions) voting procedures?

    Nothing is more important and this blatant fraud should be shut down

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  15. hpushkin says:

    I live downtown MInneapolis. I still don’t have my absentee ballot. Supposedly they were mailed out 8 days ago. I went and voted in person. And all these people not far from me already have their ballots harvested. Amazining how it works. I wonder if the Star and Sickle will report this (Star Tribune). Keith Ellison, State Att. General –do you think he’ll do something about this? Gov. Doofus, deer in headlights during riots?

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  16. James Street says:

    When I hear “Minnesota Somalis” I’m reminded of this story from 2018:

    Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why?

    MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – For five months, Fox 9 has been investigating what appears to be rampant fraud in a massive state program.

    This fraud is suspected of costing Minnesota taxpayers as much as $100 million a year.

    This story begins at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where mysterious suitcases filled with cash have become a common carry-on.

    On the morning of March 15, Fox 9 chased a tip about a man who was leaving the country. Sources said he took a carry-on bag through security that was packed with $1 million in cash. Travelers can do that, as long as they fill out the proper government forms.

    As Kerns dug deeper, he found that some of the individuals who were sending out tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of remittance payments happened to be on government assistance in this country.

    How could they possibly come up with such big bucks to transfer back home?

    “We had sources that told us, ‘It’s welfare fraud, it’s all about the daycare,’” said Kerns.

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    • Dixie says:

      Aren’t Mexican illegal immigrants doing the same thing? Except their money is going south……all together, we’ve got money flowing out of this country faster than we can pay the taxes to take care of it.

      it’s overwhelming.

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    • paper doll says:

      They come from places where if you are not committing fraud, you’re a fool. And when it’s so easy, they may be right. \s


  17. islandpalmtrees says:

    I wonder, if you had access to several hundred billion dollars. Could you buy the election this way? Who would have that kind of money? Soros, China, etc.

    Would it be worth it for Soros and/or China?

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  18. SanJac says:

    Ilham has a grocery list of crimes committed and should be prosecuted by multiple agencies yet walks free while committing another federal crime.
    Only In America

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  19. jx says:

    I’m sure the SOB Barr will get right on it….

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  20. USA First! says:

    Calling Bill Barr! ………..
    CALLING Bill Barr! ……..


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  21. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Troublemaker10 says:

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  22. SR says:

    She is black, Muslim, refugee and immigrant so she is above the law. If it’s conservative congress seat, FBI already broke the house with live CNN shot.
    I hope PTrump and RNC have some counter own mass ballot delivery at last moment. I know it’s wrong but sometime wrong way makes right way.

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  23. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    “We caught them, we caught them all red handed- now let’s see what happens ” – PDJT
    and we thought that was only about spygate 😀

    Best Genius President Ever!

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  24. Zera says:

    How touching….
    Y’all think there will be prosecutions.

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  25. Summer says:

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  26. schizoid says:

    So now we know the plan. After you’re mailed a ballot you didn’t ask for an Antifa/BLM thug shows up at your door demanding you hand it over.

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  27. Leon Brozyna says:

    She’s a “good” democrat and learned her lessons well in how to be a good and powerful democrat … a powerful model for all democrats to emulate.

    Pretty soon she will be a multi-millionaire like Pelosi.

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  28. islandpalmtrees says:

    36 days and counting

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  29. noswamp says:

    Where is the FBI? Where is the DOJ?

    That’s all.

    Anything not against Trump, they move at a snail’s pace.

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  30. Zera says:

    The danger is great.
    If the Don wins on the election night count then loses on the 7 day later mail in vote count I do wonder what will happen.
    Additionally, it’s clear the US has a 3rd world voting registration and non-ID voting system.
    Casual corruption is routine. No-one including the Don seemed to care, this was all predictable to the letter in 2016.


    • rharkonen says:

      >No-one including the Don seemed to care, this was all predictable to the letter in 2016.

      Yes. Expected election security to be a big priority after 2016, but the subject petered away (somewhat quashed by governors).


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      This goes back many years, in many locations. Minneapolis
      is far from alone in this one. They just managed to push the
      envelope enough to get caught.

      This happened at the Driver’s license renewal satellite office
      that was located at the time at Kroger, in the Northlake section
      of Atlanta. It was in June, prior to the 1996 National presidential
      election. There had been a huge increase in Dekalb and metro
      Atlanta in Bosnian refugees.

      Anyway, stood in line twice, because I’d left some insurance
      paperwork at home. While I was standing in line I noticed large
      numbers of Bosnian immigrants standing in line, with “sponsors”.

      A large number didn’t yet have driver’s licenses. They were there
      for the state ID. Altogether, I stood in line over an hour. And, I
      heard 2 questions being asked of everyone. Over and over:
      ” Do you want to be an organ donor?”
      “Do you want to register to vote?”

      The lady behind the desk at the office got all miffed when
      I asked her if they should also be asking a 3rd question:

      “Are you an American Citizen?”

      Each group of Bosnians had a handler that had driven
      them there to get their ID. The female that I watched with
      about 5or 6 of them was real interesting. All sweetness and
      light with the Bosnians. Once they signed up for their ID, each
      received a phone card to call back home. The lady I was watching
      sent the group ahead of her to talk on her phone. As soon as
      they were out of ear shot, her demeanor changed entirely.

      The kindness left. She whipped out her cell phone, and literally
      snarled: “Send me some more!!”

      I’ve always thought that I was watching voter fraud in action
      that afternoon.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        OMG!! It just hit me.

        The “bribe” to entice them to come and get ID
        was the phone cards. Probably in a high enough
        amount that they wouldn’t have been able to
        otherwise afford.

        Know all about phone cards. My wife was wracking
        up huge long distance bills when she was expecting
        our 2nd child. I finally cancelled long distance altogether,
        and bought the phone cards to limit her calls.

        Ah, the joys of pregnancy.


  31. MelH says:

    In California, no need to Register to vote anymore. The DMV registers everyone automatically, and you are “pre-registered” when you turn 16, then upgraded to “registered automatically” when you turn 18. On October 5th, all Californians will get their ballots in the mail.


    • Judith says:

      Correction: Ballots will be put in the mail for all Californians. That doesn’t mean they will receive them. Thus is the stuff of election fraud.

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    • WRB says:

      You are describing a state that is no longer a constitutional republic, where citizens elect their own leaders.

      Using institutionalized fraud and the power of government, the “leaders” are permanently in power, a politburo more firmly in charge than the one in North Korea. They are virtually unchecked in their power, and most definitely divorced from the people they rule over.

      This corrupt cabal displays an ideology that demands the exploitation and abuse of the minority (white) population. And there is damn little that community can do to protect itself.


  32. Another ecellent piece of investigation by Project Veritas, and another excellent piece of reporting exposing yet another scheme to lie, cheat, and steal by the leftiepukes.
    And what will come of it? Besides nothing, I mean?
    I get what should happen, and what, in a better environment would happen. I get that.
    But without action against the forces that support treason NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! so stop posturing and strutting. Call your local representatives, then your state representatives and RAISE HOLY HELL about it. Do you think yet another “strongly worded letter” is going to make a difference? You do? Have you taken your medication? Do you think the enemy will be “so impressed with your principles” that he will lay down his arms against you? Really? When is your next shock treatment?


  33. Sepp says:

    Immigration moratorium

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  34. Paul says:

    Have a riot – vote Democrat!


  35. henry says:

    So she’s busted again and what happens?

    When all is said and done, I’m sure O’Keefe will end up in jail for violating her special rights or some bullshit like that.

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  36. Julian says:


    Trump appointed a HARD-HITTER named Erica MacDonald as the US Attorney for Minnesota.

    Erica will Drain the Minnesota Swamp!!

    Look! Erica is tracking down folks who involved in wildlife trafficking!!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. icthematrix says:

    This is hideous, the FIB is compromised, and we have a huge problem outside of Minnesota.

    The Dims plan is to steal the election in key swing states. Look at where they’ve invested their efforts to gain judgements on the time after Election Day to count “mail in” ballots: Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan. The President needs to (and believe has) challenge these decisions in a higher court. The scam is one already done successfully in multiple places; see what the result is and manufacture ballots as needed to overcome the difference.

    Yes we need an a avalanche of votes to overcome this pending disaster, but they are called swing states for a reason. Close will not help us against voting fraud.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Judith says:

      You’ve laid out their scheme very succinctly. Add in those fake SOROS voting terminals -whatever happened to those?- plus busloads of domestic terrorists voting all day long in the cities, and yes, we have a recipe for Banana Republic, or more accurately, UN’s Agenda 21: New/One World Order.

      Is it 2021 already? My, how time flies!

      And these Globalists, who would strip us of our Constitutional rights until our Constitutional Republic no more exists, actually have American citizens believing their TREASONOUS COUP is merely “we are the world-kumbaya” stuff. Because that is how Totalitarianism is “packaged” by foreign owned Hollyweird and the ENEmedia.


      So.. what say you Barr.. when do we rumble?

      Liked by 2 people

  38. sterlingsilver says:

    And? What’s anybody in a position of authority going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. Absolutely freaking nothing.


  39. TwoLaine says:

    So this confirms what we already knew was happening and has been happening for years.

    The only questions is, Who will fix it? Who will bring charges?

    Liked by 3 people

  40. TwoLaine says:

    Thank You James O’Keefe and team. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 3 people

  41. TwoLaine says:

    He, He, He. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  42. Perot Conservative says:

    Now apply this same possible scenario to Texas.

    I was surprised to learn that Houston has over 200 mosques, and Texas has over 320 … and many new ones under construction.

    I never knew Houston was so poor and black (over 22%). The relocation from Lousiana may have helped this trend.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. Roger Smith says:

    And nothing will be done.


    Liked by 1 person

  44. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Ballot harvesting is ballot box stuffing supercharged on steroids. Those blithely unconcerned because the “landslide will be so huge” it won’t matter are fooling themselves. This is a major threat, be prepared to hundreds of thousands of mail in votes to be “found” exactly when and where the Democrats need them – to flip Congressional seats, Senate races, and perhaps even the presidency.

    The key is the ballot harvesters are allowed to turn in votes for days and weeks AFTER the election. Once they know how many are needed, they have the time they need to find them. And don’t think for one minute that postmarks won’t be forged … or that they don’t already have thousands of postmarked envelopes for this precise purpose.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      This ^^^^. All this and more! Once in person voting is completed the ballot harvesting/ stuffing is easy because the opposition will have their target number. If they are not calling the races on election night, their should be no talk of turn out results whatsoever. The current system is fraud in stages. Layer upon layer to get to whatever result they need. The media is their megaphone that the openly communicates the narrative and keeps their participants on the same page.

      Liked by 2 people

  45. Bogeyfree says:

    Time to remind everyone of Barr’s words about one system of justice and why he came back.

    “Well, as I said in my confirmation hearing, one of the reasons I came back is because I was concerned that people were feeling there were two standards of justice in this country. And that the political and that the justice, or the law enforcement process was being used to play political games. And I wanted to make sure that we restore confidence in the system. There’s only one standard of justice.”

    1) Zero indictment on Russia Collusion fraud

    2) Zero indictments on a Coup on a sitting President

    3) Zero indictment on framing Gen. Flynn

    4) Zero indictment on the Massive NSA Contractor Spying Operation From 2012-2017

    5) Zero indictments on the non secure server and contents of Wiener Laptop

    6) Zero indictments on Hammer Spying Program as admitted by the WB who did the illegal spying

    7) Zero indictments on wiping 31 Government issued phones

    8) Zero indictments for Lying to a FISA Court 4 times

    9) Zero indictments for leaking the Carter Page FISA to the media via possibly people within Congress.

    10) Zero indictments for Voter Fraud and ballot harvesting

    Everyone of these has hard evidence, with many even having first hand fact witnesses and whistleblowers and yet ZERO Indictments from AG Barr.

    IMO, When the Republic goes down because Barr felt all of the above was just to political and thus he and Durham would not indict anyone before the election, the American people need to remember this total lack of action and total failure to deliver one system of justice.

    More empty words from a DC insider where the DC Elite get another pass.

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Liked by 4 people

  46. Blind no Longer says:

    “If American people don’t pay attention to what’s happening, the country will collapse,” he said.

    “The regulations, if you ignore that and you let corruption and fraud become a daily business and then tough luck, the country will not exist as they [Americans] know it,” Jamal said.

    If this isn’t addressed ASAP by AG Barr, then this will (or has been happening) continue all over the country. It explains the foreign money entering the US to influence elections.

    I immediately thought of Soros, and the Muslim Brotherhood, who want to destroy us from the inside out!

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen to these criminals to make them regret their shameful actions. There will be no investigations by the State of Fed, there will be no prosecutions, and there will not be any Fair elections in any part of America because We The People sit on our asses and do nothing.

    Read it People, if we do not take our country back from the criminal Politicians and illegal immigrants, soon there will be no United States of America.

    Trump and the Senate should put in place a law that states, ‘Any state that allows ballot harvesting of any kind will loose their Electoral College votes, Any state that does not prosecute and jail the perpetrators and beneficiaries of ballot harvesting will loose all of the Electoral College votes.

    These criminal politicians must be jailed or eliminated.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. etbnyc says:

    Typical. These Somali are barely here one generation and they’ve already taken on all the worst attributes of ghetto culture. Why is that?

    Liked by 2 people

    • 4sure says:

      No assimilation. They are not encouraged to give up the corrupt culture they fled.

      Commies in charge like it that way. Makes it easier to take over the country with a willing population who will accept communism as a way of life.

      Liked by 3 people

    • paper doll says:

      Honestly ,if she wasn’t involved in fraudulent practices, her constituents would vote her out….for fraud.


  49. Bogeyfree says:

    When the Republic collapses, I wonder how history will remember…….

    The current DOJ

    The current so called Republican members of the Senate

    Shameful, Absolutely shameful IMO.

    Liked by 3 people

    • bentley1blog says:

      Bogey…how will history remember these turncoats? These traitors will be dead and buried for many years when their history is made public. Why would they care what history has to say! They were heartless evil people who had not a twit of concern while destroying our country but I do respect your input.

      Liked by 2 people

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