President Trump Holds a Press Conference – 5:00pm ET Livestream

President Trump has modified his Sunday schedule and announced a 5:00pm press conference today.  [Livestream Links Below]

UPDATE: Video and Transcript Added


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Does anybody know these two gentlemen in the room? If you don’t, let us know. You shouldn’t be here if you don’t. It’s great to have you guys.

Yesterday, I was very proud to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. She is one of our nation’s most brilliant legal minds, and I think she’ll do very well. We’re moving along very quickly. Tremendous unity in the Republican Party. It’s the consequence of winning elections, which we did very substantially, both in the Senate and obviously in the White House. And I think we’re going to take back the House; I believe that very strongly. Kevin is doing a fantastic job. And I really believe we’re going to take back the House, and we’re all working very hard on that.

We have noticed some comments made in the media about my incredibly qualified nominee, Amy. The New York Times said her religion is not consistent with American values. She’s Catholic. That covers a lot of people. That’s a very disgraceful thing to say.

Some of the comedians — I don’t think they’re comedians because comedians are supposed to be funny; they’re not funny, like, at all. They’re nasty. They’re mean. And they think they’re funny. And someday — hopefully, it’s in five years — but someday, when I’m not here, they’re going to be off television because their ratings, which aren’t very good anyway, but their ratings are going to go down like you’ve never seen before. That includes a lot of others also.

In fact, I’m sort of waiting for the New York Times and the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSDNC — I’m waiting for them to endorse me, because if they don’t, they’re going to drop with a thud like — you know, it was supposed to have happened long ago, and then we won a race, and it was a great — it was a great victory.

And our — I think we’ve never had a more energized base. I don’t think so. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. The rallies that we’re having are incredible; we call them “protests.” They’re friendly protests. We don’t want to call them “rallies,” but the friendly protest rallies are — have been incredible. People — I don’t think anybody has ever seen anything like it. And this is still long before an election. This isn’t like the evening before. These are long before an election.

The — the incredible crowd we had in Pennsylvania and Virginia — in every state, no matter where — in North Carolina, Florida — no matter where we go, we’re having crowds like nobody — I don’t think anybody has ever gotten before ever. Not even close.

There’s a level of enthusiasm — in Iowa today, with the tractors — thousands of tractors. In different states, the boats. You know, thousands and thousands of boats. Boaters for Trump, Tractors for Trump, Farmers for Trump — it’s really been very nice to see the level of enthusiasm.

I thought, though — on the religious situation with Amy, I thought we settled this 60 years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy. But seriously, they’re going after her Catholicism. I will stand with her, fight with her, and we will make sure that these attacks stop because they really — it’s unprecedented. They’re basically fighting a major religion in our country. This is incredible. Fighting any religion and fighting Catholicism is just incredible that they can be doing it. Are you Catholic, Rudy?

Twenty-nine Supreme Court vacancies have occurred during an election year or before an inauguration. In every single instance, going back to George Washington, the President has performed his constitutional duty and nominated a justice. And in almost every one of these cases over the past 230 years where the President and the Senate were the same party, the justice — as you know, that justice was confirmed.

This is about two centuries — more than two centuries of precedent. And I think it’ll continue. I think we’re going to have — I think it’s going to go quickly, actually. And I think —

And again, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Republican Party more unified. I think it was probably even more unified with the impeachment hoax, actually. When they did the impeachment hoax, I think that was — which really turned out to be a hoax, because now you look at what’s happening with the FBI and Justice Department; if you look at all of those text messages, emails that were sent, it — we have been totally proven right. They spied on our campaign, and everybody knew it. Biden knew it; Obama knew it. Everybody knew it. And the lamestream media just, you know, doesn’t want to pick it up, although some have. I will say, Catherine Herridge at CBS has done a fantastic job on it. We appreciate that.

But this is a major scandal. This is a scandal, the likes of which nobody has ever seen. This is actually the biggest political scandal in the history of our country. And with the exception of a few, I mean, they just don’t want to write about it. You should read about that, Kelly, you know. You should write about it. You should write about it. You should do something on CNN about it, because it’s the biggest single scandal of our time; certainly the biggest political scandal, perhaps, in history.

They — they spied on our campaign, and then they tried for a coup. That didn’t work out too well. And it turned out that, if you read the — you read the texts that came out over the last three days, it turned out that they were really — it was reversed; it was the DNC and the Democrats that were using Russia. And related or unrelated, Hunter Biden got three and a half million dollars from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Why did he get three and a half million dollars? And then he got millions more than we thought from Ukraine, and he got millions more than we heard about from China. Hunter Biden — “Where’s Hunter?”

So these are all questions that are very, very big on the Internet. The biggest thing going on the Internet is exactly this. And we’re going to have to see how that all turns out, but it turned out that we were right. So we went through two and a half years of ruining people’s lives, like General Flynn and many others — ruining their lives. And it turned out to be just the opposite. It was the Democrats that were dealing with Russia and other things.

So hopefully, our Attorney General and others working on this very, very hard, very diligently, will — it’ll lead to something that will be very important for our nation. I think it’s very important for our nation. It’s one of the most important things.

A central issue of the 2018 midterm elections was the Kavanaugh confirmation. And American voters punished the Democrats in the Senate. You so what happened; we picked up two seats. Again, something that hasn’t been reported on very much. But we picked up two seats for their treatment of Justice Kavanaugh and expanded our Senate majority to confirm Supreme Court justices, which was great.

And now Democrats are really brazenly attacking Judge Barrett for, again, her faith, mostly, is what I’m hearing — for her Catholic faith. And whether it’s C or anybody else, I think they ought to treat religion with much more respect. I think it’s a disgrace that they can do it.

Biden and the Democrats are desperate to distract from the real issues, which is that their party has been taken over by socialists, extremists, and probably communists. I think it’s beyond socialism; I think it’s a step beyond, and could be many steps beyond, if you take a look.

And if they win, they will nominate justices who will destroy the American way of life, the American Dream. They will destroy the American Dream. They’ll destroy America. They’ll destroy the United States of America. Your private right to own a firearm will be totally eliminated, your guns will be confiscated, your ability to live by your religious faith will be devastated. They’ll abolish America’s borders and give government healthcare to illegal aliens, which will destroy our healthcare system because so many people will pour into our country. That’s a tremendous incentive.

On voter fraud, as you know, hopefully there won’t be a very big movement because hopefully we’re going to be able to win. I think we have the massive movement. I think we’re going to have a tremendous, tremendous victory. There won’t be a transition because I can’t imagine we call a transition if we win. You know, they talk about, “Will there be a friendly transition?” Of course, there will, but we have a big problem, and you see it every day; you see it happening every day with ballots.

We are gravely concerned about the Democrat assault on election integrity. In Brooklyn, 25 percent of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid in June’s Democrat primary. You saw that. In a special election in New Jersey, 20 percent of the ballots were thrown out, and four people are now being prosecuted for fraud. This is all in the mail-ballots.

Thirty-five thousand mail-in ballots were rejected in Florida’s primary, and one hundred thousand were rejected in California, and that’s just the beginning.

A week after Pennsylvania’s primary, half of the counties were still counting ballots, and you’ll be counting them here because this is a much bigger version of all of that. Just last week, a number of discarded military ballots were discovered in Pennsylvania. All of the recovered ballots — these were ballots that were thrown out — had been cast for a person named Donald J. Trump.

In Wisconsin, three trays of mail containing absentee ballots were found in a ditch; they were thrown in a ditch. Three trays. That’s a lot.

In North Carolina, voters are reporting receiving two ballots in the mail. Many — many voters. I hear it’s thousands, but they’re getting two ballots. I wonder if those are Democrat areas, because the word is they are.

In Iowa caucus’s last winter, you know what happened there. You all reported on it, I think, very well. Right? Do you remember that one? It was not good, right? But in Iowa, they still don’t really know who the winner was. I think they called somebody eventually, but it was many, many weeks later. But they really have no idea, and that’s being — continues to be — and that’s little; that’s just a small — it continues to be litigated in Iowa. They can’t run a simple caucus, yet now they’re trying to radically write election laws nationwide, just weeks before the presidential election.

I heard in New York today that Governor Cuomo wants to try and simplify the ballots because he thinks they’re too complicated. And all of that, I agree with him. I think that’s good. But you don’t do that now. The ballots are starting to come in. And, you know, you can’t do it now. It’s too late.

Joe Biden and the Democrat extremists oppose all of these efforts to ensure election integrity. They oppose voter ID. Think of it: Voter ID. They want a picture. They have a picture for almost everything nowadays, but they don’t want a picture. You had a picture to get into the Democrat National Convention. You had a card with your picture on it. Did you know that, fellas? You have a — to get into the Democratic National Convention, you have a card and your picture is on it, but they don’t want it for voting, which is our very sacred right.

They want — we want proof of citizenship, a Social Security number requirement. They don’t want any of this to happen. And they want no signature verification. They don’t want to have a verified signature.

So they want none of the safety valves that you would have. Think of it: They opposed voter ID. They approve proof of — they oppose proof of citizenship. They oppose a Social Security number and requirements for Social Security numbers as a safety valve. And they oppose even simple signature verifications. They don’t want to have signature verification.

They want to require all states to do mail-in balloting, right? I call it “unsolicited.” Some people call it “universal.” I think “universal” doesn’t make sense because nobody understands why universal. So it’s “unsolicited.” They want unsolicited mail-in ballots. In other words, you send these ballots to whoever you can think of.

We had a case, I guess in New Jersey, you were reading to me, where somebody was sent two ballots, and they had slightly — one was — had a hyphen in it, the name, and the other one had a “K.” And they got two names. So I wonder if that person was a Democrat. Probably was.

And mailing of millions of ballots to people who never asked for them. So millions of people are going to be getting ballots who never asked for the ballots. They don’t want the ballots, or maybe they want them; maybe they don’t. Nobody knows, really. This is really a recipe for chaos. And when you look at what happened in Iowa — and again, that was run by very smart people. It was a very limited election. It was very small numbers we’re talking about. We’re talking about doing that for the entire nation.

And you can forget about November 3rd, because you’re going to be counting these things forever. And it’s very dangerous for our country.

So, certainly, a transition — we all believe in transition. We believe not only in transition, but a very friendly. But when the ballots and when the system is rigged, which it is; obviously it is. And the only one that knows that better than me are the Democrats. And they go into closed rooms and they must laugh like hell at what’s going on, because these ballots are being found. And this is the beginning. I talk about it now at the rallies. All these people are watching. Eyes and ears. Thousands and thousands. Tens of thousands.

But there’s no justification for these extreme changes to the election law. And if you can go to the grocery store, you can have an ID with your picture on it to vote. It’s so important. I mean, it’s just so important.

So a lot of things are going on. Very importantly, though — I think very, very importantly is when you — when you do your reporting, I think you ought to report on the FBI scandal because it’s one of the great scandals in the history of our country. And I think people want to hear about it. If you look at the Internet, you’ll see how people want to hear about it. And they will know about it, and it just makes the media look so bad. And there’s so much reporting — I could go into it right now, but I’m not going to do that.

But it would be a tremendous thing for the mainstream medium — media to really start reporting. I think your ratings we go through the roof; I really do — because people really are tired of this fake stuff where you don’t even talk about it. And the biggest scandal — certainly the biggest political scandal in the history of our country, by far; bigger than Watergate. Much bigger than Watergate. And they try and avoid it as much as possible. It’s getting very hard to avoid.

So we’ll take a couple of questions, and you may have a question for these two very wonderful people, brilliant people, from the standpoint of politics, I would say, and law. And if you have anything for Kayleigh, we’d love to do that.

Go ahead, please. Phil?

Q Thank you, sir. Last Wednesday, when you were speaking to the attorney generals, you said that you hoped federal judges were watching what was going on with mail-in ballots.


Q Do you hope that Amy Coney Barrett is watching as well?

THE PRESIDENT: I do. I’m sure she is. I think everybody is. I think everyone in the country. I think we’ve made it a very big issue, and it’s an issue that the Democrats are trying to get away with. I don’t think they’re getting away. I mean, so many reports now of phony ballots — you know, that I don’t know if it would have been reported before.

But all of these rallies — you know, we had thousands of people last night, as you know. And we were in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The night before, we were in Virginia. I mean, those crowds are — whether it was 35,000 or 30,000, those crowds are massive. And that’s on very short notice. All of those people are watching. You know, we have eyes and ears now that we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t bring it up.

So, no, I’m sure she’s watching, and I’m sure that everybody is looking at it. I think — I think it’s just common sense.

Go ahead.

Q A quick follow-up. Did you discuss the election with her?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I didn’t. I didn’t.

Q And then just one —

THE PRESIDENT: I just didn’t think it would be appropriate. And I’ve watched over the years as Presidents would interview and talk and make a decision on a Supreme Court justice, and I was actually surprised they wouldn’t talk about various things, like Roe; they wouldn’t talk about, you know, things that are very important. They think it’s inappropriate to talk about them. I don’t know that it’s inappropriate, but I’ve gone by that custom.

Go ahead, Phil.

Q Thank you, sir. Democrats are arguing that ACB puts in danger not only Roe v. Wade but a number of other decisions. Do you think that they are correct?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I don’t know. I mean, you know, we (inaudible). I think she’s going to rule on the law. I think she’s going to — I think she’s going to be a great justice for many years to come.

But I can say they also bring up healthcare. I mean, Obamacare is terrible. It doesn’t work. We’ve made the best of it. We got rid of the individual mandate, which is great. We protect people with — we are going to protect people with preexisting conditions, 100 percent. But if we can end Obamacare and come up with a much better healthcare system that’s much cheaper — much cheaper and much better, which is what we’ll do. On the other hand, if the Court rules against, we will manage the system better.

But don’t forget, we’ve already essentially gotten rid of Obamacare because we got rid of the individual mandate, and it was all based on that. So we’ve done a tremendous amount because the individual mandate was the most unpopular aspect of Obamacare. You had to pay a lot of money for the privilege of — for the privilege of not paying for bad healthcare. So that was a terrible thing for people.

And what we will do is, if we are fortunate enough to get rid of the little remaining in Obamacare — and again, individual mandate, the way I view it, that’s no longer Obamacare, because that was the central point, and we won that; we’ve already won that, as you know. But by getting rid of that, it’s different. It’s a much different thing.

The other thing we’ve done is managed — here’s the story: It’s no good. It’s too expensive. It’s bad coverage. You don’t get your doctor. You don’t get your plan. All the things that President Obama said, you don’t get. And Biden, too, by the way, if Biden even — I don’t think he has any understanding of it.

But you don’t get your doctor. You don’t get your plan. Twenty-eight times, President Obama said, “You get your doctor. You get your plan.” It turned out to be a lie.

So here’s what we’re doing: If we can terminate, we are going to have a much better plan, and you will have your doctor, you will have your plan. You’ll have a lot of things that you don’t get with Obamacare.

Q And then, really quickly, sir: Do you — you’ve said this numerous times, but do you really believe that Joe Biden will be on any type of performance-enhancing drug ahead of the debates? Or are you just joking?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’m not joking. I mean, I’m willing to take a drug test. I think he should too, because he’s had a very uneven — I watched him with some of the — when he was with — you know, debating Pocahontas and Harris, who treated him so badly. But I watched him, and he was out of it. Right?

And then, I watched him against Bernie Sanders, and he was okay. I mean, he wasn’t great, but he wasn’t terrible. He was okay. A far cry from the way he — you know what I’m saying. I mean, if you look at some of those debates, I said, “There’s no way he can continue. He can’t continue.”

Then, all of the sudden, he debated Crazy Bernie Sanders. And you know what? The truth is he was — he was okay. And I said, “How did he go from there, with those horrible performances, to where he was okay?” And I always joke, but, you know, it is true: He was no Winston Churchill in debating, but he was fine.

And people say he was on performance-enhancing drugs. A lot of people have said that. A lot of people have written that.

Q Who has said that aside from you, sir?

Q Who has said that, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: So — so, take a look at it. Take a look. Why don’t you just check it? You can check out the Internet. You’ll see. Plenty of people say it.

And whether he is or not, it doesn’t matter, but I would love to take a test and he can take a test, too.

Go ahead, please.

Q Yeah, so we’ll start with debate. Obviously, it is coming up. How are you preparing? Is somebody playing Joe Biden in the debate with you? Are you doing debate prep at all?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, we are. We’re doing it. These two gentlemen have been helping. And Kayleigh is there. We have —

Q But who plays Biden? Who plays Biden for you? I mean, who —

THE PRESIDENT: I would say maybe a combination of these two. And either one of them is about five times smarter than Sleepy Joe.

But we had a little debate prep before we came here. I think this whole thing, though, is debate prep. You know, what I do is debate prep every day. I’m taking questions from you people all the time. I mean, I’ve taken a lot of questions from you over the last number of years, and he doesn’t.

I watched the way he was treated on MSDNC — on Friday, I guess, he did it live — and it was disgraceful. It was an embarrassment. I know her, and she’s a pretty tough reporter. The way she was helping him along with those — it was so obvious what was going on. She was helping him. She was giving him a question and then helping him to answer the question.

I know her very well. She doesn’t do that. It was embarrassing, and people don’t talk about it. I mean, play some of those clips. Play some of those answers, those — the answers that — where he wasn’t able to give an answer, and she’s pushing him; she’s pushing him.

They never do that with me, I can tell you. But I don’t have the kind of problems he has. So —

Q How many hours — how many hours would you say you’ve spent on debate prep? I mean, is it —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t know. I mean, a little time. I mean, not a lot.

Q Is it more or less than 16 hours?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m — I’m running a country. I’m — I don’t know — you know, I don’t have the luxury. I watched other people over the years. I watched one, sort of, fairly recently — not too long ago — go into a cabin, lock himself into a cabin, and he came out and he wasn’t very effective. You know, he had so much — so many things going on. Sometimes, you can go too much in that stuff, you know. Sometimes you can go too much.

I mean, look, I’ve had — I’d never debated before, but then I debated a lot four years ago. And if you look at the polls — those polls that come out — hundreds of thousands of people in Time Magazine and all of the different polls; I think there’s about seven or eight of them — according to those polls, I won every debate — every single debate, in the primaries and then when I debated Crooked Hillary. I won every debate.

I mean, this isn’t me saying — I felt I did — but this isn’t me saying it; this is the polls. You had a Time Magazine poll. You had this, that. And I guess they take them off the Internet or they get phone calls or something. But according to that, I won every debate, and I felt I did. But I understand the subject.

Now, Chris is tough. I hope that Chris is going to be equally tough on Joe Biden. But I watched the young lady, who I won’t — I won’t say her name, but it was embarrassing the way she was getting him along.

So I just asked the question about drugs. I think it’s something that would be appropriate because you can’t have a President that needs that kind of help.

If you do — if you do have a President that needs that kind of help, when you’ve got to deal with Putin, and you’ve got to deal with President Xi of China, and you have to deal with Kim Jong Un — and, by the way, do you notice there’s no war with North Korea? Which everyone thought we’d be in in about one week after I came to be President. They thought it was going to happen immediately. No war. And that’s saving, perhaps, millions of lives, not just — you know, they were saying, “Oh, 50,000 people.” No, millions and millions of people could have died.

Q Chris will definitely ask tough questions. And one of the ones that’s going to — likely everybody is going to be talking about is there’s a New York Times story that came out about an hour ago that says that, when you came to the White House, you were paying about $750 a year in federal income tax.

They are not releasing what — they’re not publishing the tax returns. They’re not showing that out there. They’re saying — to protect their sources. In your tax returns, sir, does that sound right, that you were paying a couple hundred dollars a year in federal income taxes?

THE PRESIDENT: No. No. It’s fake news. It’s totally fake news. Made up. Fake. We went through the same stories. You could have asked me the same questions four years ago. I had to litigate this and talk about it. Totally fake news. No.

Actually, I paid tax, but — and you’ll see that as soon as my tax returns — it’s under audit. They’ve been under audit for a long time. The IRS does not treat me well. They treat me like the Tea Party — like they treated the Tea Party. And they don’t treat me well. They treat me very badly.

You have people in the IRS — they’re very — they treat me very, very badly. But they’re under audit. And when they’re not, I would be proud to show you. But that’s just fake news. The New York Times tried it — the same thing. They want to create a little bit of a story, a little bit of — they’re doing anything they can.

Not only — that’s the least of it. I mean, the stories that I read are so fake. They’re so phony.

Q Did they tell you this was going to come out today?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I didn’t know anything about it. I don’t know anything about it. I think somebody said they were going to do a negative — they always do — they only do negative stories.

I don’t think, in the last — I used to get good stories in the New York Times. When I ran for office — and I happened to be conservative Republican — I don’t think we’ve had a good story. They predicted my loss four years ago. They then apologized for their bad reporting. Then they predicted the FBI and all of these things. That’s now proven to be a hoax — a complete hoax.

They got Pulitzer Prizes, along with the Washington Post. They should give all those Pulitzer Prizes back because everything was wrong. I mean, it was so bad. Their reporting was so bad. They were wrong. It was exactly the opposite.

Now, there are people that should get Pulitzer Prizes: Solomon, Carter. I mean, they’re not in the business of Pulitzer prizes, but Sean Hannity got it right. Lou Dobbs got it right. Laura got it right. Many people got — Tucker got it right. There were many people that got it right. I don’t know what they get, other than a great salary and great ratings. I mean, I don’t know what they get.

Please, go ahead.

Q (Inaudible) tax in 2016 —

Q Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. On —

THE PRESIDENT: Jordan, go ahead.

Q Yes, thank you. On the New York Times story, though, you have to understand that when Americans read that you may have paid only a few hundred dollars in federal income tax per year, that seems very low for someone who’s a billionaire.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you have to under- —

Q So how much — I mean, can you —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, basically, they’re saying I paid nothing.

Q Right. But can you give people an idea of how much you actually are paying?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, basically — well, first of all, I’ve paid a lot, and I paid a lot of state income taxes, too. The New York State charges a lot, and I paid a lot of money in state.

It’ll all be revealed. It’s going to come out. But —

Q When?

THE PRESIDENT: After the audit is — after the — I’m being — they’re doing their assessment. We’ve been negotiating for a long time. Things get settled, like in the IRS. But right now, when you’re under audit, you don’t do it. You don’t do that.

So we’re under audit. But the story is a total fake. And all of their stories — this one — you know, we had the same exact questions, usually asked by the same people, and that took place four years ago, you remember. This was so well litigated. It’s incredible.

If you look at the filings I have — I think I have 108 pages of filings for all these different companies that do very well, obviously, because the filings — and nobody talks about that. You’ll learn much more if you look at those filings. And we have to file every single year.

But you’ll learn much more if you look at those filings. Those filings are very complete. They’re very big. They’re very powerful. They’re very accurate. And those are the filings that you’ll learn much more and when it’s done.

But when you’re under audit, you just don’t release them. And, again, they treat me —

Q Well, sir, you can tell us what your federal tax was.

THE PRESIDENT: They treat me — they treat me very —

Q Mr. President, you can tell us what you paid in federal taxes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t call on you. I’m talking to him. You should be more respectful of this gentleman. You’re very rude to him.

But I will tell you that I look forward to releasing that. I look forward to releasing many things. I’m going to release many things, and people will be really shocked. But the New York Times has been doing — it’s fake story after fake story. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And people understand it, and people — that’s why the — the media has such a low approval rating now because of what they’ve done. It’s really a shame.

Yeah, go in the back.

Q Thank you, Mr. President. Two questions. First —

THE PRESIDENT: If you have any questions for these two gentlemen —

Q Well, that’s what I was going to ask.


Q Both you and Governor Christie and Mayor Giuliani — your two guests are practicing Catholics. You’ve talked about possible bias against Judge Barrett’s religion. Only two Catholic bishops have come out to say the same thing you have. Is any effort being made by any of you to, say, get the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops —

THE PRESIDENT: I think that —

Q — involved —


Q — or at least other leaders within the Church?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re in the process of doing that. I think it’s horrible what they’re doing. I mean, they’re playing the religious card. And it’s frankly — you’re talking about Catholics. That’s a very major religion in our country.

I don’t know — Chris, do you have anything to say about it?

MR. CHRISTIE: I think it’s obvious what they’re doing. So, you know, she’ll be strong, she’ll be tough, and she’ll stand up for what she believes in.

THE PRESIDENT: And she went through — just like I did, four years ago, in terms of litigation of different things — she went through it before and did very well.

Rudy, what do you think?

MR. GIULIANI: I think the article in the New York Times today reveals a very strong anti-Catholic bias. I mean, it says in the article that Catholicism and the American ethos can’t be — contradict each other.

Q Well, let me ask a follow-up.

MR. GIULIANI: What is — what — I mean, what is the American ethos? It’s their version of it. That’s a horrible thing to say. And then it said that Catholics have difficulty separating public and private morality. I don’t have difficulty separating public and private morality.

So what I see is the beginning of a really strong anti-Catholic attack. And having lived through the John Kennedy election, that article today reminded me of the things that used to be written before John Kennedy. “Could a Catholic be loyal to the United States?” Come on.

Q Well, having said that —

MR. GIULIANI: That’s exactly what Feinstein raised when she made that awful remark to — to the judge.

Q Well, let me repeat my question again. Why are only two bishops within the Church speaking out? And will you make an effort to get the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops —

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I think they’re going to — they’ll come out very strongly. This is day one. I mean, we’ve just started this. This is absolutely day one. And, you know, I mean, they’re going to be coming out very strong.

The Catholic Church is very well united on this. They are so thrilled that Amy was chosen. They are so thrilled. Oh, they’ll be — you know, again, it’s been 24 hours, okay? So it’s been a very short period of time, but they’re going to come out very strong.

Yeah, please go ahead. OAN.

Q Christina Bobb from OAN. Thank you for the briefing. You spoke earlier about some of the subjects that Joe Biden has been refusing to answer questions on, specifically Hunter Biden and his involvement with Russia, the Ukraine, even China.

THE PRESIDENT: Incredible.

Q And then the Obamagate —

THE PRESIDENT: And the press doesn’t ask those questions. It’s incredible.

Q I’m wondering — the debate is coming up this week. Do you anticipate Joe Biden being held to task? And will he be able to answer those questions at the debate?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. I mean, we’re going to find out, because a lot things are going to come up in the debate. That may be one. I mean, the son didn’t have a job. He had some big difficulties. And then, all of the sudden, he’s making millions of dollars as soon as his father becomes Vice President.

No, I think that’ll come up. I don’t think — I don’t think Joe can answer it, frankly. I think there’s only one reason he made all that money.

And then you have to say, “What about Joe’s involvement? And why did Joe not give the billion dollars over to Ukraine, as an example, until such time as they let go of a prosecutor that was investigating the company that his son was involved with?”
I mean, there are some bad questions. I don’t think they have answers. And if we had a media that was fair — even just reasonable — this would be the biggest story for years and years and years. Then you’d really be entitled to real Pulitzer Prizes, not the fake committee that gives you these fake awards.

So, I mean, it’s a really fair question. But it’s hard to believe, when you see the kind of money that he has made from China, from Russia, where the wife of the mayor of Moscow gives him three and half million dollars and nobody even has any question about it.

Why did he get three and half million dollars? I’ll tell you why: Because Joe Biden was in on it. Joe was in on it. There’s no way that he wasn’t. And uses Joe Biden’s plane — Air Force Two. Uses Joe — and they go to China, and then he comes back, and he never mentioned it to his father that he just got a billion and a half dollars?

And now it’s turning out that it’s much more money than that, Rudy. It’s turned out to be much more money from China. They have — a member of the Chinese Communist Party gave him a lot of money. And the press has no interest in these stories. It’s — it’s just — it’s very disheartening for the people of our country.


Q Mr. President, if he tries to dodge the questions or doesn’t address them head on, are you prepared with the facts and information to answer that for the American people?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I have all the information. It just came out. I mean, I didn’t know about Moscow — three and a half million dollars from the mayor’s wife. I didn’t know about that.

And he’s a very influential, powerful man in Russia, as you know. And it wasn’t me; I didn’t have anything to do with Russia. That came out loud and clear.

What also came out is they should have never gone into this fake Mueller investigation. And it also came out that the 31 phones that were wiped clean shouldn’t have been wiped clean. And that’s a criminal act.

And Bloomberg likewise shouldn’t be paying for prisoners to go — in Florida — go and vote, because he’s basically paying — which is totally illegal — going and paying prisoners. I hope he hasn’t done it yet. But he’s down in writing as doing it. This is what he wants to do so that he can ingratiate himself to the Democrats after they made him look like a total fool in the debate.

I mean, what they did to him is incredible. And that he goes out and spends money, it shows you the problems that he’s got. Mini Mike.

But for him to go out and buy votes, because that’s — I don’t know, you’re very good lawyer. Are you allowed to go tell people that, “Go vote. I’m going to pay off your tab”?

MR. CHRISTIE: You surely can’t buy votes, that’s for sure.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, because that’s what it is. I mean, it’s a very serious — a very serious charge.

Yeah, please go ahead.

Q Mr. President, if he —

THE PRESIDENT: No, I didn’t — I was talking to you. Yeah.

Q Thank you, Mr. President. You know that there —

THE PRESIDENT: I can’t — could you — we have a little hard time —

Q Yeah.

THE PRESIDENT: Good. Thank you.

Q There has been (inaudible) military action in the Karabakh — Azerbaijan. And —


Q The Azerbaijan — the Karabakh. And the civilians are killed. And according to the officials from Azerbaijan, they say the first shoot came from the Armenians. What’s your comment on this?

THE PRESIDENT: So we’re looking at it very strongly. It just happened. And I know about it. I learned about it today and yesterday. And we’re looking at it very strongly. We have a lot of good relationships in that area. We’ll see if we can stop it.

Okay? Thank you very much.

END 6:08 P.M. EDT

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415 Responses to President Trump Holds a Press Conference – 5:00pm ET Livestream

  1. FPCHmom says:

    This article explores what might have changed with Durham, and why things are taking longer –

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  2. fangdog says:

    What the average person doesn’t seem to understand about income taxes is there are legal deductions from your gross income, an example today; If you have a gross income of $100,000 and borrow $100,000 to purchase equipment which qualifies for $100,000 Investment tax-credit. You will file a tax return showing zero income.

    The Government has always given us two choices; either we will spend the tax money or you will spend the tax money. You do not have the choice of putting income tax-money under your mattress. The Government has always encouraged tax-planning.

    The bottom-line is keeping tax money in circulation. Actually, you have a choice; I choose how my tax-money is spent or I let the government determine how my tax money is spent. There is a reason something as simple as this is not taught in our schools and I think anyone reading this knows the answer.

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    • suburbanwoman says:


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    • trishinsouthernillinois says:

      Charity deductions too.


    • adam says:

      NYT got that Tax info from Weissman, et al. Don’t forget that Mueller was running a counter-intelligence investigation, which allowed him access to absolutely anything they could get with at least 2-jumps, too!

      This is why sequestering the info obtained from the poisoned tree was so important but pesky laws have never stood in the way of Democrats before, so why should it now?

      Releasing that info is a big deal, which suggests they really do have nothing to lose at this point. Filthy scum, all of them.

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    • ropala says:

      There are also very few people who understand the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. To most people, these terms are synonymous. Nothing can be further from the truth.

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      • margarite1 says:

        I worked for a Fortune 100 company in the tax department and we moved $ all over the world to achieve the lowest possible tax rate. We had permanent auditors and permanent jobs dedicated to tax law and tax avoidance. My job specifically was to help reduce the costs we’d have to pay under our frequent audits.

        It’s normal to take advantage of every opportunity to pay the lowest tax rate possible and not doing so is bad business.

        Nevertheless, Trump has paid tons of payroll, property, sales and various other taxes – huge amounts of taxes have been generated by Trump’s businesses. NY ought to thank him but like most socialists they just demand more more more.

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      • ncxplant says:

        Yes… big difference … tax avoidance is *legal* 🙂

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    • Dutchman says:

      Respectfully disagree on ONE point, while otherwise agreeing with your post.
      Point of disagreement is on WHAT,the American People understand regarding taxes.

      The NYT opinion of what the,American people understand about taxes (4 years ago) mirrored yours.

      IF they had been correct, the “Bombshell” they THOUGHT they had (DJT tax return showing he ‘lost’a Billion $ in one year) SHOULD have destroyed his image image as a,”Smart businessman” and torpedoed his campaign.

      Obviously, the American people are more knowledgeable about how taxes work, than the NYT is about how the American people think, and what we understand.

      As PDJT says, this issue has already been adjudicated, 4 years ago, and DJT won, lol.

      You DO know who it was, who anonymously sent the copy of DJT’s tax return to the NYT, 4 years ago,…right?


      • fangdog says:

        Do you think the average voter, especially democrats, know anymore today? Most people working for a living see it as; “I am paying my share of taxes, but not Trump”.

        It is why the NYT comes out with Trump’s taxes. I am not saying more people are not aware, today, but not the “Joe Blutt’s” of the world and that is who the NYT hopes to have influence.


        • Dutchman says:

          IMHO, this was already “litigated” 4 years ago, in the “court of public opinion”, the NYT’s LOST the case, they still don’t understand how/why, and so don’t understand how this will ALWAYS be a winner for PDJT, and a loser for his detractors.

          It MAY feed their PERCEPTION of the ‘average voter’, but not the reality.
          This is the kind of “driveby” hits they have been throwing at him since 2016, and they just don’t get it.

          Remember HE set them up for this, in the beginning. They fell for it THEN, and they keep falling for it, over and over, like Lucy and the football vs Charlie Brown.

          I don’t think there has ever been an historic parralel. It would be like pulling the,Trojan horse trick on some army, over and over.

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  3. The upside is maybe it will focus Americans on just how bad the tax system is – compared to what you get for it ( Nancy!). Maybe DJT in the Second Term can take a sledgehammer to it – along with the FBI and CIA , throw the IRS in there and sledgehammer it.
    No other country has property taxes- that are more than a few hundred dollars a year. No other country has retired old folks living in their fully paid off home having to spend sleepless nights when they are 80 years old – on how to pay the property taxes ( which may have gone up to large numbers over the decades, $20,000/yr, 50,000/yr etc) – or be kicked to the curb homeless.
    No other country has young couples with a bright kid who despair at ever being able to afford higher education for that kid.
    No other country has people lying awake at night worrying about how they would ever afford $100,000 for a heart surgery. Its free or nominal across most of Europe and Asia.
    No other country taxes you even if you dont live in that country. Sorry , Americans can flee to Mexico, or wherever, but they will continue to file and pay taxes in the USA.
    The countries in Europe that have high tax rates – provide excellent free healthcare and schooling in return – unlike the US.
    Basically – its close to impossible for an average American with a successful middle-income professional career to ever become financially independent – or even have a carefree old age. The only ones who ever do have to hit it big with some IPO or other lottery-like scheme. Most who have a financially carefree life are born into wealth – or better yet — marry into it.


    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      So you are telling me you are still working a minimum wage job?

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    • lackawaxen123 says:

      so healthcare and schooling wins the day for you … you are a childish fool who can’t look past his/her nose … don’t lecture us with your No other country nonsense … its stupid, ignorant and again, childish … you are a fool … please leave …

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    • Bigbadmike says:

      C’mon Man. Ask yourself why President Trump paid $750 from an IRS audit that cost the Government millions of dollars. Ask yourself why Obama and his crooked IRS could only prove he owed $750.00. Answer. He only owed $750. Brilliant.

      Liked by 11 people

    • Yy4u says:

      You might get free heart surgery in nationalized health systems but by the time you get seen, you have been dead six months. Same with cancer treatment. People who can afford to pay out of pocket come to USA …tnose who can’t wait in a queue. France does socialized medicine best or used to. Don’t know now they have are inundated with refugees. We are getting there. Our wait times are approaching theirs. But you forget workers pay HUGE taxes for the “free ” stuff.

      Liked by 3 people

    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Trump already put a sledgehammer to income taxes. He simplified it in his first year in office. Generously increased standard deductions for average incomes that were far more generous than itemized deductions with high property taxes (like mine), and generously removed amortized depreciation allowing 100% deduction in the first year of purchase. Perhaps you don’t do your own taxes to know about these impressive changes?

      Regarding high property taxes, that is a local tax, not a federal tax which Trump has no control over, but raising standardized deductions helped to offset this.

      Medical insurance is becoming more and more rational and lower cost. Trump will continue to work on fixing Obamacare in his next term.

      Your last comment about becoming financially independent raises some thought. If one works at a lower paying job all your life, you may struggle in old age. Trump is bringing good paying jobs back and the annual incomes of Americans are rising where they hadn’t in the past 25 years.

      One key point to financial independence is to stay out of debt, something many Americans resist because they have to have everything NOW. The last thing you want to do is go into debt to take the family on a trip to Disneyworld, but so many do. Saving and sacrifice is the key to financial independence and one must start early and learn how to invest WISELY for comfortable retirement years.

      One word of advice someone told me a long time ago was when you pay your monthly bills, pay ‘yourself’ first. We did and that went into our savings investment accounts. Then we paid the rent and electric bills.

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      • lackawaxen123 says:

        that poster obviously never met a retired postal worker, school teacher, union worker or hundreds of other middle class job retirees that managed to retire financially secure … without winning the lottery … he avoids mentioning that many Europeans end up retired, alive and scrapping along … and suffering from their free RATIONED healthcare …

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      You clearly have not done your research about life in other countries. Your fantasy world does not exist, but if you really believe it does, nobody is stopping you from moving to one of those “other” countries.

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    • ezgoer says:

      What a crock. USA has the largest middle class of any country with a better standard of living than most.


    • permiejack says:

      Omg, how wrong could you possibly be? I never had a degree. My wife at 36 got an associates degree to become an x-ray technologist. After 25/years with no debt, used cars and investing in our retirement accounts we are both now retired. No debt, with an almost million dollar IRA. I retired as a remodeling project manager.

      We live on 5 acres totally paid off on AG zoned land. My biggest fear now is dying with money unspent. We live below our means to avoid huge taxes here California. I’m on Medicare now that I and my employer paid into for our whole lives. Am I entitled to that? Damn straight I am.

      No excuses. You can extoll the virtues of the EU healthcare system but it is the successful and responsible persons paying. Not the irresponsible spendthrifts that pay for leased cars, numerous pay to watch channels, eating out 4 days a week on junk fast food. That’s what credit cards are for right? Pay 20% on credit card debt that will pay down in 20 years!!
      Enough said.

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  4. Doppler says:

    The Barnett interview doesn’t justify any delays. The clock is being run out. Team cover-up has the ball, they aren’t going to shoot or turn it over.

    I can only hope there is some serious effort to prevent the massive voter fraud being planned and implemented, with full cover provided by the Big Lie Media.


  5. Publius2016 says:

    Fake News has nothing!

    shining objects will not stop Barrett confirmation or 45 re-election!!

    Only election theft is possible through riot fires and more destruction…if they redid the vote ten times, 45 would increase his margins each time!!!

    btw OHiden and Hunter flew the world on AF2 collecting cash and carnal delights…how do we know? OHiden will tell us live on Debate Night!


  6. buster says:

    I have no doubt the NY Slimes knows exactly what is in Trumps tax returns. And they aren’t alone.

    Key Dimocrats all know. The NY AG knows. Cy Vance Jr knows.

    Anyone who thinks those tax returns haven’t been leaked long ago is delusional. Their problem is that they can’t legally use the information they have obtained …. except the media. So the Dims and NY scum officials keep going after them in court. So they have legitimate possession.


    • LBB says:

      Brian Stelter @ CNN said NYT would of spent months on a story like this . So that was a how could they have done that without his info already moment.
      They think they “got him” this time. Sheesh.


  7. The Gipper Lives says:

    Government is their god. And Communism is their creed. Donald Trump took their god from them when we entrusted him with office. That’s why they’re insane.

    Their Coup against the President is really an assault on the People. The government belong to us, not them. The FBI belongs to us, not them. The CIA belongs to us, not them. Elections belong to us, not them.

    Democrats have the same policy as Islamists, Imperialists, Slavers and Soviets.

    King George said once you were part of the Empire, you were the Empire’s forever.
    Islamists said once a nation was part of the Caliphate, your country was Islam’s always.
    Democrat Chief Justice Taney said once you were a slave, you were property in perpetuity–and your children, too.
    Soviets said once your country went Communist, you were permanently in the Communist Sphere.
    And Democrats and their Uni-Party lackeys say once they control a government–your government–it is their property forever.

    But God made us free, and free we shall remain. Amen.

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  8. konradwp1 says:

    I wonder if Cy Vance, assisted by the NY Slimes, just walked into a canary trap?


    • Jenevive says:

      Doesn’t this give POTUS ammunition in the court case that they can;t
      be trusted with his tax info.

      Also if there was shady stuff with his taxes wouldn;t the IRS have figured that out
      long ago? They audit him and he doesn;t actually do his taxes he has accountants and
      such that do them for him.

      I didn;t read it but it was posted that is says it shows no ties to Russian
      not does it show any payments to Michael Cohen?


  9. MVW says:

    Having Rudy out front as a debate coach is not subtle intimidation of Biden. Then Trump hammered on the crooked Hunter topic for 30% of the press session. Joe can claim dementia and skate, but not Hunter. And in case Biden was sleeping, Jill is not. Biden can’t win this election even if he cheats, the best he can hope for is to muck everything up.

    Trump is giving Biden and the DNC criminals a way out without mucking up the country by putting bureaucracy in charge of investigations. That could easily be changed after all the mucking around fails.

    Trump will win the election and avoid a long drawn out mucked up legal battle as Biden will concede (It does not matter what the DNC does if Biden is ‘magnanimous’ in defeat).

    So, for those that get their danders up, win the war, not the hill.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. RJ says:

    I’m sure Biden has been given the questions in advance. He’s being coached to give his canned responses like canned laughter on a stupid sitcom. When he attacks PDJT, the President should remind the country how Biden has been wrong for 47 years. Here’s a quick list:

    Biden was one of 5 Senators to vote against the Alaskan pipeline in 1972…he voted for NAFTA…voted for China to enter the WTO…bungled ISIS…the list is long.


  11. John-Y128 says:

    I’m not sure what his press conference was for this past Sunday evening, a ACB victory lap and mixing it up with the MSM? He seemed like he needed one of JoE’s performance enhancing shots, after all his campaign travels the past 4 days.


  12. Tax story = D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N

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  13. John-Y128 says:

    “In his first year in the White House, he only paid another $750 in taxes.” [NYT 09-27-20]

    PT first year in office and since he has donated 100% of his income back to the government. He isn’t working for Trump Organization, he works for US, his sons are running the business. This is a BS NYT lie to affect the election!

    Frankly, I’m surprised he doesn’t have better come-backs for these lies, besides ‘under audit’.


  14. MicD says:

    Two forms of ID (one pictured).
    SS#, Phone #, Email (optional).
    Signatures declaring no fraudulent info.
    This is what I did to get a fishing license
    Maybe next year they will send me two or four…
    Just for Common Sense :/

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Todd says:

    IF Trump was legally able to only pay $750 in taxes on a billion dollar estate…then we want this man in charge of our economy.

    I call that genius.

    Liked by 12 people

  16. trapper says:

    So, if anyone thinks Trump paid to little in income taxes, they should be reminded that Obama had several years in the Senate and 8 years as president, and Biden had 8 years as vice president and 180 years in Congress, to change the tax code so that persons in Trump’s circumstance would pay more. Neither of them did anything about it. Trump paid what the tax code requires, just like the rest of us.

    Liked by 5 people

    • fangdog says:

      What you seem to miss; We either invest the tax-money or the government spends the tax money. The only issue is who does it? The choice is yours.

      Liked by 2 people

    • The Italian Job says:

      The subject of President Trump’s taxes, whether it’s “every other president has released their tax returns, but he won’t release his”, or this latest implied “impropriety” of only paying $750 in federal income taxes makes my blood boil.

      The name of the game is tax avoidance as opposed to tax evasion. We should all diligently practice tax avoidance. Additionally, in order to create outrage- particularly with people who not only suffer severe TDS but also do not “get” taxes, the media focus narrowly on the fact “he only paid $750 in federal income tax” and ignore what I’m sure are astronomical sums paid in combined payroll, real estate, excise, sales, and state income taxes.

      I am a tax professional and unfortunately many tax clients have no problem trashing the President as we sit and discuss their taxes and go through their documents – having no idea where I am at politically or that I am a supporter of President Trump. Countless times I’ve had to bite my tongue and hold back what I’d really like to say.

      Beyond the fact that I find this amazing (because everyone hates Trump, right?) – trashing the President to a person who in many cases you do not know, and further do not know where they stand in regards to the President, who is preparing your taxes – and therefore has some control over your tax result no less (just saying – I would not act unethically, some unfortunately might out of anger) it’s infuriating on another level, that being, *many clients have very simple returns and yet are paying a professional to prepare their returns.

      *I prepare returns from the simple to the complex and I do not in any way say the above regarding simple tax returns to denigrate anyone at all – we all have our areas of expertise and some people just are not comfortable having anything to do with preparing their own tax returns regardless of their own understanding or relative simplicity, while others really do not have a clue when it comes to taxes and are not interested at all in gaining an understanding.

      *My point – here sits a person paying a professional to prepare a relatively simple return all the while ranting and raving about how horrible it is that the President won’t release his tax returns, and that the reason has to be that then “we would see all the fraud” if he were to release them. Yes, the fraud is right there in plain sight say on Line 19 on the face of the return. Even this particular person’s 20-something son remarked how ridiculous the whole notion was as he was sure the President had an army of tax accountants and tax attorneys.

      *My further point – how does an individual with only a slight understanding of their own simple return even begin to think they would understand an unbelievably complex return such as that of President Trump’s, particularly during the years he was strictly a businessman and not yet President? No, this person would have ZERO understanding and would therefore need the MEDIA/DEMOCRATS to not only make the points as to which parts of the return she should loose her mind over but to also endlessly hype and speculate as to what this particular item COULD mean, what that ITEM does or does not represent, and on and on.

      One last thing, I did manage – with a smile of course – to “turn the tables” on another client whose returns I’ve done for the past several years. This particular client is very witty and incorporates the subject of President Trump subtlety, and regarding his taxes, suggested that we need to see them. I listened and smiled and then said, “you know, I’d really like to see the tax returns of these forever politicians – how do some have so much money on their congressional salaries?” He was silent and in thought and then said, “you know, you’re right”. (I know ☺). End.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Patience says:

    Thread Reader App
    · Sep 2, 2019
    Replying to @MaggyBeeee
    Hi the unroll you asked for: Thread by @Johnheretohelp: “The “Italian Job”, Obama’s back up plan to take out Trump with help of corrupt FBI. Let’s meet some of the key players. […]”
    Have a good day. Robot face


  18. Publius2016 says:

    45 laid a very clear picture for Barrett approval and a thorough review of OHiden and Hunter’s selling out of our country!

    45 also explained how many American Patriots are coming out to support America First! We will win 2020 easily because The Hidden Majority wants the best for us and our future!! Dimms are destroying hundreds of years of safe guards all in the pursuit of some utopia…Mini Mike is paying criminals to vote which btw is illegal!!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. borwarrior says:

    I really wish President Trump would just tell them to stick it when it comes to his tax returns.
    He is under no legal obligation to share them with the public, let alone the media zealots. I don’t care about tradition and all Presidents prior have turned them over. It’s a silly practice and only feeds the class warfare narrative.

    I could care less what a man or women make for a living leading up to them running for President. $1 or $1 trillion.
    Who cares?
    Can they lead?
    Can they uphold the laws of the Constitution?
    Can they get results? Actions, not words!

    We’ve found our leader in PDJT. We need to fight to keep him on 11/3.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. PaulCohen says:

    Yet another reminder that the Democrat Mediascum Complex is just a bunch of PR flacks for the DNC…. so-called “journalists” ha ha……


  21. doyouseemyvision says:

    Did the President just introduce us to the new AG and FBI Director in this conference?

    Liked by 1 person

    • bessie2003 says:

      Was thinking more along the lines that both Christie and Giuliani have experience in successfully prosecuting RICO charges and might be why the President spent so much energy speaking about Where’s Hunter.


  22. PaulCohen says:

    **** There are several online reports in just the past hour that Brad Parscale has been involuntarily committed in a Florida hospital after a possible suicidal threat. Please please remember that such mental health and suicide issues can be very real, including to unknown persons who may read/hear about others on the internet. Thus, speaking with caution, care, and accuracy is very important now. Wild speculations and guesses will not be helpful. ****

    “Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hospitalized after he was armed and threatening to harm himself, Fort Lauderdale police say”


  23. doyouseemyvision says:

    Even if Trump paid $750 in any given tax year, he hires tax lawyers and accountants who apply the tax law to his personal and corporate returns. A tax lawyer or accountant is not going to fudge because they will be partially liable for errors in the return.

    Knowing Trump, if they get it wrong, he is likely to sue them. When you hire a tax professional, you are paying for accuracy and compliance with the law.

    The press is making it sound like Trump does his own taxes and fudges them, or he instructs his accountant to fudge them, which is simply preposterous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dutchman says:

      Don’t get hung up on this NYT story about DJT’s tax returns.
      He punked them 4 years ago, ON his tax returns, and I am really not sure they EVER figured it out, yet they have been smarting ever since.

      He is STILL cashing in on that “Insurance policy” he took out, when he sent them a copy of his tax return.

      THEN, he got a second milking of the cow, when he arranged a “leak” of his return to Rachel Madcow.

      He has this SOOOO covered, ….


  24. Retired IG says:

    BEST NEWS BRIEFING EVER. I almost blew my fizzy drink through my nose when the President Donald (no disrespect here at all) named the Fake News Media by their call letters, rather than jam them into the category of “Fake News.”
    Wonder if a one of them blushed with what should be their EVERLASTING SHAME. I doubt that, but it gave me a second or two of deep satisfaction. I was feeling the shame they ought to. If the “abcd” acronyms of the press aren’t going to call out the Biden corruption, at least our President is. The fake news will be the biggest LOSERS for years to come over their “loving” marriage with what I think they see as a free for all under Biden. Or whover they supposedly elect.
    Had a “bikers for Trump” rally go by my house yesterday. The honking and beeping in agreement was deafening. Not exactly a “peaceful” protest only because I hadherd my two kits who were on their daily outing I FELT HONORED to have this go past my homestead.
    Apologize for going on so, but I realized this weekend, after reading the Sat Post re Lives Matter that BLM used to mean the “Bureau of Land Management.” Am still laughing about that acronym.
    Soros could have at least picked an original acronym while trying to turn the U.S. into the Mesopotamia he and favorite pals Hilary and Obama made of the Middle East.


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