September 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1346

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Kayleigh McEnany Twitter @PressSec

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788 Responses to September 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1346

  1. henry says:

    No news coming out of Louisville? NG must be doing a great job?

    Too bad buffoons out West don’t know how to cowboy up and quash a riot/

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  2. sunnyflower5 says:

    President Trump Retweet from Jan 3, 2017:

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  3. burnett044 says:

    and the beat goes on……………………

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    At TRUMP Doral. Sweet!

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  5. CM-TX says:

    😁 (Mocking the BLM effort by athletes)

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    • RobInPA says:

      Haha! Entertaining! “Who knows? Maybe the athletes themselves will start dating white women?!


      • henry says:

        That ain’t never gonna happen. White she devils win every time.


      • Free Speech says:

        I believe what he said was maybe they’ll start dating black women- a jab at the fact that most of them pose as these black rights activists while they all have white wives and girlfriends.

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        • henry says:

          And all live in gated communities.
          Taking that sacred knee show tremendous altruism for inner city ferals.

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          • vikingmom says:

            Listening to Russell Wilson of the Seahawks talk about being “devasted” by the Breonna Taylor case. because he “has a little daughter” and he doesn’t want to see her life end like Breonna’s “for no real reason”…..

            Well, Russell, I might suggest teaching your “little daughter” not to get mixed up with guys who deal drugs, let them use your apartment as a stash house, rent cars for them to use to commit murder, and when that guy gets sent up, DON’T go and immediately get hooked up with another one just like him!

            Seriously, when does it ever end? Can’t wait for the NFL (National Felon League) to completely go under!

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            • Judith says:

              Most importantly, don’t hang out with criminals who shoot at the cops who try to arrest them. The common element in all these “police” shootings is the part where a violent felon resists arrest.

              So if you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way, don’t be a violent criminal and don’t sleep with one, either.

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      • He actually said, “Who knows? Maybe the athletes themselves will start dating BLACK women?” Rich black men tend to prefer white women. So maybe they will become as Woke as Billy Ray Joe Bob who now prefers black women.


    • John McStain says: is highly recommended, if you hate what sports have become, Outkick is the ConservativeTreehouse for sports.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      At least she didn’t have the culturally appropriated blonde hair.


  6. henry says:

    “You can’t have coal mines in the middle of a national park,” Trevor Lane from Bhejane Trust told VICE News. “It would destroy the integrity of the park and it would destroy the tourism industry.”

    But it was no mistake. The men produced permits that revealed that the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa had granted coal mining rights to their company—Zhongxin Coal Mining Group & Afrochine Smelting—for large swaths of the country’s biggest national park.

    — CCP the new WeSaySo corporation…

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  7. CM-TX says:

    For your morning enjoyment ☕️:

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  8. henry says:

    this is really great news but I hope there is something in there about ceasing the genocide against Christian and animist minorities in Southern Sudan?

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    • Sammy says:

      Have updated your Sudan news they got independence Southern Sudan in 2011, recognized by most teh world including the US, then they started a brutal civil war.


  9. albertus magnus says:

    Get ready, prolife warriors! The infantry is COMING!


    • lida rose says:

      1. What is your point?
      2. Can we wait until POTUS actually nominates a judge before we react?
      3. It’s CBSnews
      4. Nominating/Confirming a judge itself changes nothing, only cases before the court can do that
      5. I am as pro life as the come. Again, what is your point?

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      • Bree says:

        Relax. It’s a blessed day!


      • albertus magnus says:

        God bless you for your prolife conviction. So awesome.

        My post was directed not just to people who are “as prolife as they come”, It was directed to those who have been in the trenches in this battle…marching, praying at clinics, volunteering at pregnancy care centers or wherever God has called them to act. You know prolife WARRIORS.

        And just because the article is from CBS, I have been involved in the prolife movement FULL-TIME for my vocation for 30 years. The article was 100% correct regarding her past decisions and what the prolife movement’s leaders have been saying about ACB. It was concise and to the point. Other articles that have come from other sources also report it is ACB. You are right, it wont be official until 5pm and PDJT could change his mind.

        However, for prolife WARRIORS, this is a day in history that we have been praying for, for DECADES. We are EXCITED and humbled by the goodness of God in hearing our prayers. SHARE THE JOY, Lida Rose, SHARE THE JOY!

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        • lida rose says:

          My apology for mistaking (assuming) your intent.

          There has been so much back and forth about ACB this past week, much of it ugly, I thought you were taking a swipe at her. I am not for/against any of the potential nominees, but will trust POTUS judgment.

          Bless you for your time in the trenches on this battle. My confirmation sponsor was a pro life WARRIOR and I admire him greatly to this day. For now, I am a prayer warrior. I do feel the calling to do more if necessary.

          Again, I apologize. More coffee before jumping the gun next time.
          Do have a blessed day.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      If she is as the article portrays, then she is a home run!


  10. henry says:

    Atlanta-based activist allegedly used BLM group to launder more than $200K for personal purchases, FBI says

    ATLANTA — An Atlanta-based activist is facing federal charges of money laundering and wire fraud in Ohio after he allegedly used money through his Black Lives Matter nonprofit for personal purchases.

    An investigation by the FBI concluded that Sir Maejor Page, also known as Tyree Conyers-Page, 32, had created a Facebook page called Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta and had been soliciting money through the page through a GoFundMe account.

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  11. sync says:

    They run American Airlines like they run Illinois…….

    Blow $12B on buybacks in 5 years, then beg the government (which finances its debt via a money printing Fed) for a $5.5B loan.


  12. Winston says:

    As the American herd continues to buy things they don’t need from China, thereby providing life support for the CCP, and retailers stock up for Christmas, thereby supplying the herd providing life support for the CCP. Buy that HDTV, laptop, or smart phone you don’t need this Christmas… NOT!

    I wonder what Black Friday will look like in the year of COVID-19. I suspect UPS, Fedex, and USPS delivery persons will be worn out carrying HDTVs and other stuff since I project MUCH more shopping will be done on-line than in the past:

    Chinese Container Factories Are Now Sold Out Until February
    25 Sep 2020

    According to one theory, U.S. import volume is so high today because shippers are bringing orders forward. Volumes will start tapering off soon and moderate through year-end.

    This doesn’t seem to jibe with what the container-equipment lessors are seeing.

    “Triton expects to see sustained heightened activity through the fourth quarter, while demand could remain strong through the Chinese New Year [in mid-February 2021],” reported KBW.

    Triton pointed to “the ongoing strength of the consumer and the shift in consumption away from services and experiences into goods, particularly anything related to the home.”


    • tpwbama says:

      I see all those compulsive spenders have ramped things up using their credit cards they don’t intend to pay back. I am the only one that notices that mortgage lending is back to their same practices in 2005 2006. Giving loans without proof of income. Whats going on everyone?


      • Remington says:

        My brother in law’s daughter just graduated from Dental school in Birmingham. He wanted to buy her a townhome for a graduation president. ~$300K. The bank wouldn’t give him a loan, even though he had assets of well over $2M….



  13. Free Speech says:

    Additional info on the Moscow, ID religious gathering and mask-related arrests in the video below. One fact I haven’t heard discussed before- the mayor of the city had recently attended a wedding where there was photographic evidence that masks were not worn. Hyprocrisy anyone?

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  14. Carrie says:

    So General Flynn was spied on in several ways- including the use of NSL’s

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  15. Carrie says:

    Barnett also revealed that the Mueller agents were joking around about wiping their phones…First insurance for the Insurance Plan, and then wipe the phones..

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  16. burnett044 says:

    anti mask crowd in London…things getting wild

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  17. borwarrior says:

    38 days to Election Day!
    How do we WIN today!

    Share with people why PDJT should be the choice?
    Implore them to share with 10 people and so on.

    If we WIN every day from now to the election, they can’t beat us.

    Let’s WIN TODAY!!!

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  18. sync says:

    This guide was written and compiled by a coalition of groups including: MoveOn, Frontline/ M4BL Electoral Justice Project, Demand Justice, NARAL Pro-Choice America, CPD Action, Indivisible, and Sunrise Movement.

    SCOTUS Rapid Response Action Guide

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  19. bertdilbert says:

    If Trump ever tells someone to jump in the lake, could be this one.

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  20. henry says:

    Kyle Rittenhouse makes first court appearance the day after his mother, lawyer got standing ovation at Waukesha County GOP event

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    • Cole says:

      The author of that piece misrepresented many facts of the incident. I fired off a scathing rebuke of his ‘story’ to his email account. Another fake news “reporter”. Disgusting.

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  21. sync says:

    Cuomo tyranny to continue long after Covid is irradiated.

    Anyone just tested for Covid will have their tracing information sent to Cuomo

    Anyone just tested for the flu will have their tracing information sent to Cuomo

    Failure to do so is a $2,000 fine

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  22. ncbirdnwrd says:

    “I was supposed to be at the Newport News rally tonight, but the case took a turn, ☺️ so I am still in D.C. But, I am catching some of it on Fox right now and Trump is killing it.”.

    This was tweeted out last night by Molly McCann, of counsel Gen. Flynn. “Case took a turn” sure puts me on high alert.

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  23. Bogeyfree says:


    On Page 13 of the Barnett 302 document, there is a paragraph that is redacted and in the redaction area is says…..

    “Pending Unsealing by the Court”

    Can you provide some insight on what you think this means?

    Thanks in advance,


  24. bessie2003 says:

    So, if, IF, President Trump nominates someone other than ACB, with all the hype being built up by the press, Fox News especially, about this lady Judge, her being pro-life, mother of 5 including two adopted children – is this media hype being built up so when (If) the President nominates someone else the msm is hoping that all those pro-life Trump supporters will finally turn against the President for “letting them down” by not nominating this woman?

    That’s the only reason I can see why the press is creating all these supposedly knowing leaks that ACB is the President’s nominee – to build up false hopes in order to see them crash – but this could just be the cynic in me that watching the news over the years has created.


    • Palafox says:

      No one predicted Gorsuch, and no one predicted Kavanagh. Why do people seem so certain of ACB?

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      • Jenevive says:

        Exactly especially with Kavanaugh it seemed the front runner
        was Thomas Hardiman , whom was like a close second to Gorsuch
        it was talk of Hardiman…then it turned out to be Kavanaugh.

        SO I wondered the same are they setting this up maybe for the Dems
        to be thinking it is Coney Barrett and already going on abou ther adoprtion
        of Haiti children (inferring something not on the up and up) and talking her
        religion then all of a sudden it is someone else..The Dems don;t really have time
        to bash the surprise choice. do we know if any of the ladies has arrived
        in DC that would tell us who they picked.. I wouldn;t be shocked if POTUS
        picked someone else.


    • the phoenix says:

      As a Catholic pro-life Trump Supporter, I’m praying that the best nominee is chosen … whether it’s ACB or someone else. God is in control. God’s will be done.

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    • Magabear says:

      You’ve got a good grasp on how the media, both left and right, works. The left wants to peel off voters that are his base by doing just what you said and the right wants to create the inevitability momemtum so they (or so they think) box in PDJT to do what they want.

      May both sides of the media fail here.

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    • Cole says:

      Who leaked the name? Was it a trap to find out who did it? Whether it’s ACB or not, the leaker should be outed.

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      • mimbler says:

        If, PDJT didn’t want the name out there, I don’t think he would have told anyone what his final choice was. So my speculation is:
        A. someone is guessing
        B. for some reason he wanted the name out there and asked someone to “leak” it. Perhaps to goad them into unloading any dirt he may not have been aware of.

        Anyway, this is obvious speculation on my part only,


  25. booger71 says:

    Missouri knows how to handle absentee and mail in voting the correct way

    Click to access Absentee-MailinBallotSummaries.pdf


  26. Dora says:

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  27. This is my contribution to the daily humor. Earlier in the week I was at my computer working away when a political worker for my most liberal representative called. Interrupt in my work I figured it would be fair to have a discussion with him and delay his calling of other folk. Would you mind answering a few questions “Sure go ahead”. Did I vote in 2016 and would I be voting in Nov? “Yes I definitely will”. His next question, “Will you vote for Rep Slotkin? “Well tell me about something about her positions.” The campaign talking points were in play but then I asked “Will she support President’s Trump current nomination of a replacement Supreme Court Justice”? This was the equivalent of offering a vampire a nice dish of roasted garlic cloves. His reply was a resounding “No” tinged with a tone of why would anyone ask such a stupid question. My response was “Why not”? And the fun began. He knew nothing of the history or process so he would start making a false statement , then I would pleasantly refute it, give an, example and ask another question. His level of frustration kept going up. This was not going according to the script. Finally after a couple of minutes he gave the polite escape sequence of “I think this is not a productive discussion and I need to end the call:. My response “Why, I think this is a very productive discussion?” and so we went on for another couple of minutes until he came up with “I don’t think this is a productive discussion” for the second time. At that point I had finished my break and had to get back to work. So my response “Well I guess you are right”.
    This was almost as much fun as exercising a cat with a laser pointer. I cannot recommend it enough. It was also a public service because as long as this individual was on the phone with me he was not bothering someone else. My suggestions is to be apparently open to suggestion, overly polite, and, encouraging. It is hard for a volunteer hang-up on someone who is polite. I would also wager few are accustomed to receiving some variation of “no lets continue to talk”. Finally, have fun. My challenge to one and all is how many “This is not a productive conversation and I need to end the call” can yo get before they hang up? Sometimes you just have to take your fun where you find it.

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    • tpwbama says:

      Bravo….You may have in some small way made that person think….if thats possible. I have fun with those volunteers of the Republican party…essentially telling them why I won’t contribute to the party. No leftist organizations waste time calling anyone in conservative Alabama counties…oh the fun missed.

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    • Bubby says:

      That brought a big smile with a chuckle! What a hoot of a call! Good on you!


  28. Raised on Reagan says:

    Texas Reloaded, starring Dan Crenshaw.


  29. FL_GUY says:

    For all of you condemning the entire FBI personnel, there is at least one honest agent who went on the record:

    Sundance posted this testimony yesterday and it is very important testimony.

    If you missed it, be sure to read it.


    • QCM says:

      You need exactly one exception to prove the rule.

      The entire FBI is corrupt.

      Barnett was the exception proving the rule, simple.

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      • Bubby says:

        And probably FBI Agents John Robertson and Brian Dugan but not enough to keep the FBI in business. The FBI started out investigating organized crime and became an organized crime syndicate itself to do the bidding of the deep state in it’s efforts to destroy President Trump, his family, any associates, Republicans, conservatives and Christians. It’s beyond bias training repair!


  30. cattastrophe says:

    President Trump has picked Amy for SCOTUS. Now we get to live in fear until we see what her decisions will be. Being a Christian hasn’t saved to many women raised in our country from being fine with the leftist doctrine on other things. I can’t even begin to explain how much I’m praying I am entirely wrong and she does a fine, fair job.

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  31. Henry says:



  32. sunnyflower5 says:


  33. Eric says:


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  34. senda72 says:

    Link to today’s Prayer March 2020 in Washington D.C. ~

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  35. Dora says:

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  36. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Johnson Discusses Russia Probe, Committee Investigation on Fox News
    Friday, September 25, 2020

    WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, appeared on Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Reports Friday to discuss the revelation that the sub-source for the Steele dossier was believed to have been in contact with Russian intelligence officers and his committee’s recently released interim report on their Biden-Ukraine conflicts-of-interest investigation.

    Excerpts are below and video of the interview can be found here.

    “Let’s face it: Russian disinformation itself, its effect pales in comparison to the effect on what happened with the Democrats pushing this false narrative and the mainstream media carrying the Democrats’ water.”

    “With our subpoena for the FBI to produce documents, we’ve given them two extensions now, what information we get is heavily redacted and we know there is no reason for it to be so heavily redacted because we have something from another agency, and we actually get the information from it. People within the FBI have been hiding the ball for far too many years. The American people deserve the truth. It’s well past time the American people get the truth.”

    “…we know there is no reason for it to be so heavily redacted because we have something from another agency, and we actually get the information from it.”

    In my best Scooby Doo Voice, – Whuuuhhh?

    More smoke and flames from one of many dumpster fires burning in the Washington District of Corruption…


  37. Perot Conservative says:


    • negasht7 says:

      Does anyone recall Barnett’s name coming up in text conversations b/t lovebirds Strzok and Page? Did they mention how his work ethic was affecting their efforts? I can look, but if someone already covered this it would save me some time.


  38. ganesh says:

    Trump won the following “battleground” states in 2016 by less than a 1.5% margin:

    State EV Margin % Margin (votes)
    Michigan 16 0.24% 10,704
    Pennsylvania 20 0.75% 44,292
    Wisconsin 10 0.82% 22,748
    Florida 29 1.24% 112,911

    As long as he retains Florida and all the other states he won in 2016, he can win with any one of the other three out of this group. Math would be:

    2016 Electoral Votes 306 – PA 20 – MI 16 = 2020 EV 270

    If he loses PA, MI, and WI, he will need to pick up NH 4 and NV 6, or MN 10.

    Three ways home. But the first would be the most straigthforward, as he just has to retain states he already won.

    But look at the Vote Margin – MI 10,704 and WI 22,748. 5 million voted in MI 2016 and 3 million in WI. These margins are basically rounding errors. The potential to reverse these results with very marginal fraud is huge.

    There is much less risk in states where President Trump won by over a margin of 3.5% (Arizona et al). But in these three states, with a Margin% of less than 0.82%, and a total of 78,000 votes making the difference out of roundly 15 million cast, anything could happen.

    This is why the Governors of these states are going nuts. The DNC is all over them telling them to deliver (they are all Dems).

    I would expect to see President Trump in all these states, MI, PA, WI, FL, NH, NV, and MN a lot, and he has already started.

    And to keep the Dems on defense, he is on offense, like last night in VA. Outside of NOVA (Northern Virginia) President Trump is well liked, and could give treh Dems trouble here.

    This is going to be close, because the courts and politicians in the three key states are corrupt swapies who want to be elevated to the big game in DC.


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    • Eric says:

      I think it was telling that President Trump kept mentioning North Carolina last night. I think last night’s rally was more about North Carolina than Virginia (like when Trump campaigned in eastern Minnesota to influence Wisconsin in 2016…media never picked up on it). Trump campaign also tweeted out how they are flipping Dems in northeastern NC (close to Newport News) last night.

      I think Trump has FL, NC, OH locked up. As you said, he has to pick up a state or two in the upper MidWest and he has sealed the deal. It wouldn’t be an issue if fraud wasn’t a problem but they have to factor in the fraud. Glad to see they are suing PA.

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    • Jimmy R says:

      I assume Biden will “win” the election. I don’t see how the Dems can screw up this opportunity for fraud with all the mail-ill ballots and the extra time to fabricate as many as they need.

      I don’t want to be Debbie Downer. Is there any remedy for this in the courts after the election? Can judges in each state wade through tens of thousands of ballots and figure out the fraud in a timely fashion? I would expect that they could not and would therefore punt.


      • Eric says:

        How can they screw this up? They picked Biden. He’s less popular than Hillary and they cheated with Hillary. Now Trump has more states in play.

        We’re in a great position. And Trump has shifted the courts too (thanks to a huge assist from McConnell).


      • Lady in Red says:

        I do not agree with your assumption that Biden will win.


      • borwarrior says:

        I think you over estimate their ability to steal the election.

        PDJT is keenly aware of the games they are playing and no doubt has a legal game plan in place to challenge the mail in fraud.

        He will have a team in place challenging the process and if some judge decides to count mail in votes after 11/3, I’m sure PDJT legal eagles will influence the process to ensure it’s fair.

        Also, we should not assume the states that allow mail ins will even matter past 11/3. PDJT has a ton of momentum and could potentially win in a landslide.

        That doesn’t mean we should be complacent. We need to be vigilant and ensure we drive huge numbers to the polls.


    • Sentient says:

      That’s why you go with Lagoa – to change Florida from likely to certain so that you can focus on PA, MI, WI, MN and VA.


  39. furtive says:

    Debate prep

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  40. sunnyflower5 says:


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  41. Jay says:

    Deplorables ✅
    Stupid bastards ✅
    Sell out negros ✅
    White racists ✅



  42. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    My latest note to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, posted via their contact page here:

    “If this report from the FBI’s own internal records regarding one of their own agents is verified and factual,

    Case 1:17-cr-00232-EGS Document 249-1 Filed 09/24/20 Page 1 of 13,

    Interview of William J. Barnett

    Click to access 04518073623.pdf

    Then you, the Senators and staff of this Committee, are witnesses to a Clear and Present Danger to our Nation.

    If the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with its motto of, “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” has so abandoned its mission and core reason for existence, in one of MANY similar high profile and public cases,

    If the oversight functions of the Department of Justice, the Inspector Generals, who appear to be failing to lead to efforts to bring this malfeasance into public sunlight,

    Then you, the Senators and staff of this Homeland Security Committee, in order to perform your role of Protecting and Defending our Homeland and our Constitution from ALL Enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC,

    as I see it, you MUST take any and all action to fully expose this corruption and malfeasance to light, to hold lawbreakers accountable, no matter their position or role.

    Time is short in these last few weeks before our National and Presidential Elections are committed to history.

    America is watching like never before; it is time to Act or be Acted upon.

    Thank you for your service to our Nation, may God grant you Courage and Strength in these Days that try our souls.”

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  43. CM-TX says:


    “Leaked’ document contains blueprint for left to disrupt Supreme Court nomination proceedings”

    | …. The blueprint also calls for demonstrators to “practice.”

    “For many actions, and always for actions that include the possibility of arrest, you should hold a training. We recommend holding the action training the evening before your action, for everyone holding a key role, so all the information is fresh in people’s minds,” says the document.

    According to the document, a cornucopia of left-wing groups were involved in crafting it. They include: MoveOn, Frontline/ M4BL Electoral Justice Project, Demand Justice, NARAL Pro-Choice America, CPD Action, Indivisible, and the Sunrise Movement. |


  44. Hans says:

    Don’t know if this is true or not… posted on GP….

    It’s hard to phantom shooting at a police man with a gun.. hitting two of them and not being charged with attempted murder. It’s almost like the AG.. wants to promote violence..

    Looks like the Feds should get involved… and file charges…

    Here is the link..


    • mimbler says:

      I saw that as well. I’m hoping it is just a common tactic of holding perps on lesser charges while they gather iron-clad evidence for the more serious ones. But in these lib cities, who knows?


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