Florida Governor Reopens State – Removes Restrictions on Restaurants, Nullifies All Local Mask Ordinances, Blocks Fines and Penalties…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has moved the entire state into phase three of the COVID-19 recovery plan.  All restrictions against restaurants and businesses are removed by executive order [HERE] and all local mask ordinances are nullified by the same order.

♦ No COVID ordinance may forbid or impede any business from operating.

♦ No COVID ordinance may forbid restaurants to operate below 50% capacity. Any local ordinances against these operational thresholds are nullified.

♦ No local mask ordinances shall carry any weight of enforcement.

♦ No COVID Fines or Penalties may be applied toward any individual or business operating in the State of Florida.  (executive order)

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291 Responses to Florida Governor Reopens State – Removes Restrictions on Restaurants, Nullifies All Local Mask Ordinances, Blocks Fines and Penalties…

  1. TradeBait says:

    Red states rise up. Get back to work and play.

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  2. Gunner says:

    Good on you, Guv. And congrats to all Floridians. I ‘exist’ in the people’s republic of virginia. No such luck here in what once was a great state.

    Just read where ralph northam, our alleged governor, has tested positive for the virus. Sorry, but I’m gonna need proof. Announcement just a few hours before POTUS’ rally in Newport News. Yeah, good timing ralphie.

    Keep on keepin’ us down…or at least try. What a piece of … well, you know!

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Sounds like when Chris Cuomo and all the Hollywood stars got it.

      Hopefully this will encourage more Virginians to get out and vote RED.

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      • Contrarymary says:

        Yea, sunny daze. It sure did seem like the new “me too” movement, for awhile there, didn’t it? New way for all the washed up celebs to get their names in the press.


    • Eagle Driver says:

      Will keep praying that these morons see the light…Doesn’t take very much!!!!! Don’t forget…There are other places to move too…FLORIDA maybe???????

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    • Same horrible situation in NC. So many small businesses destroyed…and I so sick of seeing people with their faces covered…very traumatizing for me…and other things…I went to SC to hike today and I think I will go to SC to just feel alive tomorrow.

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      • Country_Kat says:

        I’m praying that Cooper loses! Thankful for our small town here in NC too. Our local police department and sheriff’s office said from the outset they wouldn’t enforce anything. The only places that I know of in town that are requiring masks is doctor’s offices and Wal-Mart since W-M made it mandatory at all of their stores nationwide.

        Furious though that SEANC is backing Cooper and several other Dems. All state employees get that newsletter and my blood was left boiling!


    • jello333 says:

      Regardless, “testing positive” means almost NOTHING. I’ve now seen a few different charts showing the odds of dying of the virus. Until you reach about 60 years old, and only then if you have “comorbidities”, are you much at risk at all. The odds of you dying from the virus — EVEN IF YOU HAVE TESTED POSITIVE — is less than 1 in 1,000,000. This whole thing has been a fraud from the start… from the masks, to the “social distancing”, and all the rest!!

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    • MelH says:

      Someone this morning declared anyone under 69 years old has a 99.7% chance of surviving Covid-19, if they get it. It might have been Tucker, sorry i can’t remember whose mouth it came out of.


      • WF says:

        US Death and Survival Rates
        Table updated on a weekly basis when CDC updates demographic data.
        Survival Rate is (Number of Deaths in Age Group) / (Total Cases in Age Group)
        Explanation of survival rate here

        Age % of Total Deaths Survival Rate (All Health Conditions) Survival Rate (Healthy Individuals)
        0-44 Years 3% 99.67% 99.96%
        45–64 years 18% 97.77% 99.76%
        65–74 years 21% 91.33% 99.06%
        75+ years 58% 79.16% 97.75%



    • John-Y128 says:

      Ironic that your Governor and 1st lady both are positive for Covid-19.


    • abdb61 says:

      So what? He tests positive. That’s a good sign that herd immunity is taking place. The ‘experts’ want to quarantine those who test positive for 2 weeks . . . . . they should be out mingling with others. How else will herd immunity take place?

      Those in power are still trying to control the people. . . . still no HCQ and locking down those who test positive. Sounds as if they want this “pandemic” to last as long as possible.

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  3. sync says:

    Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered health care professionals across the state to provide the “full residential address and phone number, occupation and employer name, full work address and employer phone number as well as race and ethnicity” of all patients tested for Covid-19.

    On Monday, he upped the ante. The new order, obtained by Judicial Watch, mandates that doctors “collect and report whether a patient attends or works in a school and if so, the name and location of the school. This includes elementary, secondary, and post-secondary/higher education. It is also critical to list the patient’s local address if different from their permanent address.”

    Health care providers must report “within three hours.” Three hours! The price of non-compliance? “Civil penalties of up to $2,000 per day.”



    • H.R. says:

      That’s one way to get doctors to stop testing for Kung Flu.

      If they test, there’s all that garbage to deal with as well as potential financial penalties if you do something wrong. If you don’t test… pffft! Nothing happens at all.

      “And all of a sudden, nobody had Covid-19… just like that.”

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  4. chefabay says:

    Ok well now looks like I must move to Florida…. I hat these @&$#%+#& masks

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  5. Marcia says:

    Retired Magistrate here: I am so jealous of those living in Florida with DeSantis as Governor. Here in Ohio we have RINO DeWine with a statewide mask mandate and an order to examine feces at various sewage treatment plants in Ohio. No, I am not kidding. This was not voted on by the Ohio Legislature; DeWine just did it.

    They examine the poop and look for markers (don’t know how they do this) and supposedly trace it back to a certain area so they can quarantine the entire area. DeWine is doing this in five large counties in Ohio and it is costing millions of dollars. DeWine really is a tyrant. He keeps threatening to close the State down again if the numbers go up.

    Well, of course the numbers are going up because there are testing sites everywhere. What he doesn’t talk about is hospitalizations are down and so are deaths. Plus, when President Trump came to Ohio about a month ago, DeWine was going to meet him but tested positive; took another test and it was negative. Doesn’t give a whole lot of confidence in the testing.

    If I took a test and it was positive I would be quarantined for two weeks, but not our governor; he got a do over.

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      • Fredx100 says:

        The details are not In yet. Please don’t jump to conclusions. Most likely what happened was not what the headline reads. She was most likely not arrested for not wearing a mask BUT arrested for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. Big difference.

        Remember that when a representative of the property owner/caretaker(in this case the school staff, principal, football coach, etc) tells the police “We want this person to comply with our requests/rules otherwise we want you to make them leave” well guess what happens.

        You either comply with the property owners/caretakers requests and rules or you leave. If you don’t leave then the police can arrest you and if they need to utilize force they are authorized to.

        Remember that you always fight your battle in the courtroom-Never on the street with the police. You will always lose. Always. You can however win in the courtroom.

        Having said all of that as an Ohio resident Mike DeWine owns this. He owns all of this. He owns the economic destruction. He owns everything that comes with this cold/flu Wuhan virus.

        I go everywhere without a mask. This past Tuesday my wife and I went to a 9th grade football game without a mask. I urge all Ohioans to not wear a mask. I urge you to question your government. They are not looking out for your interests.

        This woman will be convicted of trespass and resisting arrest but I sure as hell hope she Sues the school board. Up until police contact she had violated no laws. I think they will have to settle out of court to her is she takes legal action.

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        • Contrarymary says:

          “Comply with the property owners/caretakers”? It is public property/accommodation and no one has a right to inhibit your breathing by putting something over your face. As I’ve told all my law enforcement customers, when dealing with these issues “the left already hates you, don’t make the right hate you too”. I let them know that the politicians are putting them in the middle and nobody will have their backs, certainly not the politicians. Pretty soon, everybody will be calling for defunding.

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        • lftpm says:


          sorry, but I have to disagree.

          School boards can tightly control entry into school buildings, and even the front lawn or playgrounds, for obvious safety reasons.

          High school stadiums represent a special exception:

          1. They are public accommodations, i.e. they are, and must be open to anyone who wishes to use them for their constructed purpose, i.e. to anyone who wishes to watch football games (also track meets in this case). Behavioral rules can be imposed and enforced, such as prohibitions of drinking, drunkenness, rowdy behavior that disturbs others.

          2. This arrested mother had an incontrovertible good reason to attend the game–she wanted to watch her son, a member of an invited visiting team, play.

          In essence she had a more compelling reason to be in attendance than most other members of the public, such as local non-player-family-member fans of the home team.

          3. The governor issued a “mask mandate” that allowed outdoor activity with unmasked closer-than-6-foot proximity, for members of families only, which the arrestee appears to have complied with. She was sitting with her mother and children. There was also a man, who may have been her husband, brother, or BIL.

          All other persons sitting nearby in the stands were over 10 feet away from the arrestee’s group.

          4. It would require an act of the legislature, signed by the governor, to allow the school board to issue a superseding order requiring mask-wearing in the outdoor stadium for all attendees, and the act would have to authorize criminal trespassing charges and arrest for violation of the school board’s superseding order. I am confident that the legislature and governor did not pass such an act. Not 100% certain, but I’d bet on it, given even odds.

          There are statues in the Ohio Education and Criminal Codes that authorize school boards to define and enforce places, times and acts of criminal trespassing with respect to portions of school grounds that are rightfully reserved for students and staff’s usage, as well as authorized usage by students’ parents, vendors, contract maintenance and construction personnel, city utility workers et al. These statutes do not apply to general-public-accommodation stadia situated on school grounds, during defined periods and scheduled provisions of public accommodation.

          Certainly stadia may be closed to the public at other times, and subject to trespassing prohibitions and penalties, same as for city and county offices, privately-owned public-accomodating restaurants and shops, public-owned parks with curfew hours, and so forth.

          An important consideration is that the players were not required to wear masks. The under-age-18 attendees were not required to wear masks (obviously they were at very low Covid risk). But healthy adult attendees were not at Covid risk either. Moreoever teachers and other staff doing off-campus things were not required to wear masks if such were compliant with the governor’s mandate. Therefore any superseding rules applied to stadium attendance were arbitrary and capricious.

          The county prosecuting staff, consisting of two private-practice attorneys working part time as elected and hired county attorneys, working in a small town (7000 people) and county (29,000 population) are not generally expected to be experts in criminal law.


  6. frank field says:

    I’m a TBC…Texan By Choice.

    Grease your wheels and open this state Governor Abbott.

    I’m proud of Governor DeSantis! Now you better follow.

    We? The people are churning with restraint! YOU! Should be waaaay ahead of beautiful Florida.


    Being second isn’t all that bad

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  7. realitycheck6 says:

    Heres is what looks to be an end around b the Palm Beach County PUNKS

    Click to access Declaration-of-Continuing-State-of-Emergency.pdf

    Click to access PBC-EO-27.pdf


  8. Mike A says:

    Love my governor! However, I don’t see anywhere in the order that removes or nullifies mask mandates…..is that in the “no fines” portion?


  9. ericthedeplorable says:

    Does Trump have the authority to issue such an executive order to stop the Tyrant governors in states like Pa and NY?


    • Right Mover says:

      Everybody always leaves out New Jersey (including Trump, who has treated tyrant Phil Murphy was comparative kid gloves in terms of criticism).

      We are stuck here under authoritarian rule too. My kids may never get back in their classroom, and they are not allowed to attend scholastic sporting events at their own school.


      • Kids in NC are similarly being abused..so awful.


        • annieoakley says:

          Colorado is insane as the .Gov lives in Boulder (some or most of the time) and Public Health has quarantined the entire University of Colorado. Some cannot leave their homes King Polis decreed through his Boulder County Health Department. (He may have heard them protesting him) No class, no work, no amenities even if you are paying $32,000/ for the luxury of attending the institution. No rock climbing in the gyms, no swimming, no nothing ’cause you dissed King Polis-(Schultz) he got rid of his Jewish last name. Masks are forever in this state and only daycare centers are open.


  10. Jason Ross says:

    Certainly lends credence to the concept that voting should occur in person.


  11. borwarrior says:

    More states to follow.

    CDC survival rates by age group per Fox News:
    0-19 99.997%
    20-49 99.998%
    50-69 99.5%
    70+ 94.6%

    Not good for the Swamp, not good for Joey Basement, not good for Democrat states still in lockdown.

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    • John Good says:

      I’m sure that both Trump & DeSantis have seen these figures & I am hoping that Trump will follow DeSantis by opening up the whole USA soon.

      This way, I can go back to Sebring FL again this Nov. AFTER Canada will see no sane reason for keeping the border closed.

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      • annieoakley says:

        President Trump doesn’t have the power to open up the whole USA. The State Governors do have the power but most don’t want to give up the intoxicating power to impose frivolous rules.

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      • One of the things that is great about Trump is that he is a believer of Federalism. So he can recommend changes but he will not force changes. Now it falls on the state governor. When Florida doesn’t have the huge spike in deaths then the other governors are left naked to their capricious diktats.

        Master stroke.

        As I tell people who bitch in about this in Michigan. “Just remember, you voted for this.” Makes people re-think their positions and beliefs. I believe that I have converted two families from democrat leaning to republican leaning now.

        Use this information when talking to others. A state people are free using science based evidence while we are still under a mandate.

        Cold Anger

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      • poppi says:

        ‘AFTER Canada will see no sane reason for keeping the border closed’ – we can sure hope but considering the Clown and his troop of corrupt ministers I fear it will stay closed longer with Capt. Unicorn thwarting any attempt to reopen just to spite Pres. Trump. Frustrating.


      • nuthinmuffin says:

        “Canada will see no sane reason for keeping the border closed” not too much sanity in Trudeaupia right now


      • I don’t think Canada is going to open the border very soon. My friends from Canada are not planning to come back to Florida this winter. A lot more room for people from other states to enjoy the sunshine without a mask.


  12. TreeClimber says:

    Paging Henry McMaster…


  13. TexanInFL says:

    Love our Gov! The Pensacola City Council just voted to EXTEND the mask ordinance. I love it!! I haven’t worn a mask in months and I won’t wear one. Downtown Pensacola has become a ghost town because of this….YAYA!! I don’t live in Pensacola and avoid it like the plague.

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    • Rick L says:

      What is wrong with Pensacola? We were considering relocating to Pace, FL and that is concerning since I thought that metro area was conservative.


      • Fred G says:

        Pensacola and the surrounding region ARE very conservative, very military oriented, etc, Local city councils make their silly mandates out of fear and/or for political reasons, even the conservative ones. But governor DeSantis’ new EO makes those all null and void now because of the provision nullifying all enforcements.


        • TexanInFL says:

          Pensacola is not conservative judging by their city council and the people running the city. Go outside the city limits and you’ll find a wonderful group of Military loving, God-loving, Gun-toting, America loving people.
          Pensacola is a tourist town, the heavy hitters are attorneys and Quint Studer, who own most of the Pensacola downtown businesses. Studer Foundation helped get the current mayor elected…Lots of woke language used when you attend any of their conferences etc. My job requires interaction with them.


      • TexanInFL says:

        Pace is conservative…up around Milton. Pensacola on the other hand is typical “woke” but they do support the Navy. The mayor of Pensacola ordered masks at all times in Pensacola city limits. I would not consider Pensacola conservative. Escambia County seems to be more conservative.


        • Rick L says:

          Thanks sir I appreciate it greatly, your feedback is well received and especially from a fellow Treeper. Also, thank you for your service.


          • TexanInFL says:

            I’m female, my husband is the Navy Command Master Chief😊. I work for the Navy. But thank you. I’ll tell you the beaches are stunning👍


            • Rick L says:

              I am very sorry I made an assumption based on the profile of IT in the Navy and the uniform in the picture. My grandfather was in WWII in the Navy and was at Pearl Harbor when they were attacked. I believe the ship he spent the most time on was the USS Enterprise. He didn’t talk to many people about it but shared various stories with me when I was a child. He was a man of strong faith and taught me a lot.

              The Navy has a special place in my heart. Thanks to both of you for keeping us safe.


              • TexanInFL says:

                I am IT in the Navy…the Head of IT for the Navy Southeast Region. No need to apologize. My husband (in the picture) is in the Navy.


  14. beefrank says:

    Free at last, free at last. Thank God, we’re free at last!

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  15. beefrank says:

    Free at last, free at last. Thank God, we’re free at last!

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  16. beefrank says:

    Free at last, free at last. Thank God, we’re free at last!

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  17. Jimmy Jack says:

    Are you listening Greg Abbott or are you too busy doing the bidding of the Bush cabal and their globalist buddies?

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  18. vfm#7634 says:

    Excellent news! It’s time to throw away the face diapers. I suspect Georgia will be close behind.

    In Florida, over 3% of the population has been officially diagnosed, which means that it should be nearing herd immunity by now, since only about 10-15% of actual infections are officially diagnosed as such. COVID-19 is OVER in Florida. From here on out, there will be a steady decline.

    Thanks to Gov. DeSantis, we should see an end of the social distancing tyranny that has choked our country.

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  19. T2020 says:

    NY and CA will be last, if EVER!!

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  20. Ockham's Phaser says:

    So far I have refused to wear a mask. I let my wife do the shopping. Today I really needed some supplies from Home Depot. So I put a bandana on, walk in and immediately see an old man and his grandson across from the door without any masks. I pull mine down and start to shop. From one end of the store to the other I pickup a month’s long backlog of stuff while I’m there. There are many shoppers and everyone has a mask, everyone. I get a few looks. At the far end of the store I turn around to make my way back and check out. Instead of everyone wearing a mask,now I would say a good dozen people had theirs pulled down too. I don’t know if it was me specifically, but I removed mine in response to the old duffer and I wonder if others did in response to me. I say just do it … revolt …resist with a little healthy shot of civil disobedience. Do it and people will follow your lead.

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  21. biff0101 says:

    Meanwhile Ducey sits on his hands here in Arizona! What a chicken S%%T he is!


  22. rarcangelo says:

    When I told you all months ago this was the biggest scam in history.. I meant it…. the truth will get out one day…take off your face diapers…


  23. Kent says:

    …drop the mask…..

    it’s all bullshit….they gotta hammer Trump…

    except….they can’t…he’s tried to do everything right…….and he has been remarkably successful…..

    and he DID do it right….he cut taxes…he loosened regulations……he brought exfiltrated funds back to the USA…..he blocked china from exporting their viral disease via immigration….but before that…our economy soared…so they had to stop him….and they don’t give a rats ass who they harm or destroy as long as they get their way…they must stop trump…..

    Who is ‘they’? ‘They’ is the left….the communists….the ones mccarthy warned us about…the ones the communists said they would put in place…in our schools…our institutions…our government….our media….our courts…

    and now….we have the riots….the ‘protestors’….the seditionists…..

    They must go…and it’s up to us….all we have is the vote….and the left wants YOURS….’they’…the left…intend to steal your vote…


  24. eric says:

    It’s about time…(I live in the Marxists county of Alachua Florida)…DeSantis just tipped his hat into the ring for POTUS 2025.


  25. Here in Utah the Governor is clamping down harder when he promised to re-open. .

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  26. Everett Miller says:

    Ron Desantis for POTUS 2024

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    • ZenitFan says:

      Sorry, his 2nd term will end in 2026. He’s ours until then.

      DeSantis got bad advice early on from agriculture/consumer services head Nikki Fried, who has agitated nonstop for statewide mask mandates. She needs to STFU and stick to her job. I certainly won’t vote for her again.

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  27. nimrodman says:

    Meanwhile, Hawaii turned its economy over to bureaucrats who are known not to be able to make a decision, and will be lucky to be re-opening by mid-2021

    Here’s how it’s proposed they’ll do it

    Caption for the graphic in the article was:
    “It was pitched as a simplification, but it’s a matrix of 144 restrictions and requirements, for 36 categories of social and business activities, across four “tiers” of viral danger, and takes eight pages to explain

    Four tiers, no end in sight


  28. ZenitFan says:

    This nullifies all government mask mandates, but I suspect private businesses remain free to impose them. Virtually all retail stores here (NW of Orlando) do so.

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  29. Mikey likes it! says:

    Governor DeSantis, 2024!

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  30. I want to move to Florida. I think this whole pandemic is over blown and mask watering is B.S. Ron is right. Thank you God for putting him in this world. He is a patriot and defender of people’s rights.

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  31. EDINK says:

    County here on east coast has been fair considering others to the south. Have only worn a fishing neck gaiter limited times, and once got approached by a Karen telling me my nose was exposed…. informed her she be more concerned about the emissions from my rear as I had just been to a burrito joint.
    Soooo glad we got Ron and not the meth head for Gov.


  32. jymmn says:

    Now if the other 49 governors just come to their senses.

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  33. Rickster64 says:

    Two things:
    1) the # of cases will surely rise – and that’s OK – but prepare for a media freak out
    2) regular flu season is approaching – not sure they can easily distinguish between the two – I saw a Trump press conference where he seemed to imply there was some question whether they can.


    • steph_gray says:

      Except for the extreme shortness of breath, which I’ve read here may have something to do with oxygen deprivation in the blood (and may be why so many died on ventilators because it was the entirely wrong treatment), the Chyna virus symptoms have always sounded to me very similar to those of seasonal flu.

      The only distinct markers seem to be the loss of smell and/or taste. If I experienced either one I would take it very seriously.

      Of course they’ve now thrown the kitchen sink into the list of symptoms they quiz you about (I got quizzed three times in two days). At my primary care the list included muscle aches. Everybody over 60 has muscle aches! The agenda to force everyone to test is nakedly obvious, don’t you think?

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    • mimbler says:

      Testing clearly distinguishes between the two, but symptoms are very similar between the two except for the smell and/or taste loss which often doesn’t present with covid either.


  34. Ed Koops says:

    Perfect timing for the election! Texas has got to follow. and other red states. Then the voters in the Blue states will realize they are being held hostage, and hopefully vote accordingly.!

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  35. TJ Wix says:

    Finally, some CLEAR direction and LEADERSHIP! This scan-demic.has.gone.on for. Far too long. Never in history were the healthy required to quarantine. Like so much that goes on, its all about getting Trump at all costs. Root out the corrupt deep.state!

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  36. I wish Texas Governor Greg Abbott had the balls to do this.

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  37. Badger says:

    “No COVID ordinance may forbid restaurants to operate below 50% capacity. Any local ordinances against these operational thresholds are nullified.”

    This one seems to be worded pretty poorly (or I haven’t had enough coffee yet). I think what DeSantis wanted to say was that local tyrants couldn’t MANDATE that restaurants operate below 50% capacity.

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  38. sam spade says:

    Free Again! Way to go DeSantis.


  39. sam spade says:

    Florida also did not restrict the use of Hydroxychloroquine…so if you do suspect you’ve contracted covid, a call to the doc and $20 should give you peace of mind.

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  40. Craig says:

    Thank you Governor Desantis.
    Pinellas county commission was beginning to create reasons to mantain their mask madate after meeting the stated goals twice.

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    • Bajasurfer says:

      Yea , they’re (leftists) looking for any little reason to keep the mask mandates . I’m in Pasco county and the health commissioner will keep the mask mandate because he said there was an increase in case possibly due with school children . It’s all BS . They lie lie lie . But , I will continue not to wear a face diaper .


  41. Jack Worthington says:

    God gave us free will, freedom to choose, and no politicians or bureaucrats were anointed to deny us our freedoms, our free wills as given us by Jehovah God. Getting permission to act is admission that we are just stinkin’ slaves on the plantation state operated by commie/socialist masters/politicians and their overseers/judges/enforcers all in the alleged “land of the free and home of the brave.” How ironic is that?


  42. uselogic19 says:

    Well, Orange County businesses and organizations (YMCA) are NOT seeing this as a removal of face mask mandates because it’s not directly addressed. You may not get fined, legally but the mandate is still in force.


  43. Abster says:

    I live in Virginia but have leased condo in Central Florida for year. I was in several places in Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island today. Most people are still in masks. I am heading back
    to Virginia in October to vote. Virginia’s governor will have the state locked down as long as he possibly can. I read he and wife have Cov19. I’ll bet that is bs.


  44. KAG says:

    That makes it a slam dunk…wintering in Florida!!!!


  45. KAG says:

    Hello Greg Abbott!?!?!


  46. And I just relocated from Mexico Beach, Florida, after 5 1/2 years back to my home state of Georgia. Believe me, I didn’t want to! But after Hurricane Michael housing was even less affordable than before, so that door was closing. At least I can do my part in voting here in Georgia, for what it’s worth.

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  47. mo says:

    Mask Nazi”s are doubling down in some businesses here in St Pete FL. As of Saturday, 9/27, yesterday afternoon,(two days after the Desantis EO), I was twice aggressively approached to wear a mask.(by employees). I left each business after telling them to stuff it. Every jackass in both places had their masks on.
    For a minute I wondered whether I had entered the Twilight Zone.
    I can’t find where St Pete or the county are trying to push back against Desantis.
    Amazingly, I had frequently been to each of these businesses since the mask mandate, without a mask, and was not bothered in the least.
    When the dictate was set, back in ??, if a business asked me to wear a mask, I would say health exception. And they would welcome me in. I have never worn a mask, and never will.
    Also, interestingly, I only had one fellow customer ask me where my mask was. It was at a Home Depot. I told him it was up his ass. That silenced him.
    This manufactured panic has been an eye opener for me. The ignorance and SHEEP mentality of the population as a whole is stunning.
    That said, now Ooooommmmmmmm.

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