President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House – Video and Transcript

Earlier this afternoon President Trump stopped to deliver remarks and answer questions from the assembled press pool as he departed the White House for North Carolina and Florida.  [Video and Transcript Below]


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. So we’re going to Charlotte — the Charlotte area. We’ll be talking about healthcare. We have a lot of good things happening with respect to healthcare and very positive on preexisting conditions, very positive on the fact that we got rid of the individual mandate, which was the single-most unpopular thing having to do with Obamacare, the Obamacare disaster. And — but we have a lot of incredible things, positive things, and very good things, and money-saving things on healthcare.

And then we’re going to Florida. We have a big rally, and it’ll be something — I hear there’s a tremendous number of people. So we’re not totally surprised by that, but that’s okay. A tremendous number of people.

Jennifer, go ahead.

Q Mr. President, on TikTok, have you had an update today on how the CFIUS negotiations are going on TikTok?

THE PRESIDENT: They’re working to see if they can make a deal. And if they make a deal, they’ll have to bring it to me, and I’ll either approve — approve it or not. To me, safety is the predominant factor, and we’ll see if they can do that. But they’re moving along, and let’s see what happens. If they make a deal, that’s fine. And if they don’t, that’s okay too.

Q Mr. President, are the election results only legitimate if you win?

THE PRESIDENT: So we have to be very careful with the ballots. The ballots — that’s a whole big scam. You know, they found, I understand, eight ballots in a waste paper basket in some location. And they found — it was reported in one of the newspapers that they found a lot of ballots in a river. They throw them out if they have the name “Trump” on it, I guess. But they had ballots.

Q They had no names on them, they said.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, well, they still found them in a river, whether they had a name on it or not. But the other ones had the “Trump” name on it, and they were thrown into a waste paper basket.

We want to make sure the election is honest, and I’m not sure that it can be. I don’t know that it can be with this whole situation — unsolicited ballots. They’re unsolicited; millions being sent to everybody. And we’ll see.

But if you remember, Hillary Clinton, just a week ago or so, told Joe Biden, “Do not expect the results of the election under any circumstances.” But you don’t ask her that question; you only ask me the question.

Yeah, go ahead.

Q Can you address: Do you plan to meet with Judge Lagoa?


Q Lagoa. Do you plan to meet with Lagoa?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t want to make a comment on that, but we’re going to make our decision on Saturday, but I won’t comment on that.

I will say this: I think Saturday afternoon, five o’clock, it’s going to be a very important day in the history of our country. I think it’s going to be a very monumental — a very good choice.

Q What do you say to the family of Breonna Taylor?


Q Sir, what do you say to the family of Breonna Taylor?

Q Mr. President, have you made a final choice yet? Have you asked a candidate?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m getting — I’m getting very close to a final choice.

Q One follow-up: Governor Cuomo said the federal government can’t be trusted on a vaccine, and he said New York would have to approve any vaccine that the federal government approves before you’ll ship it out.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re doing — we have numerous companies. We have Johnson & Johnson. We have Pfizer. We have Moderna. We have others too. They’re great companies — the best in the world. So I think you put the people of New York in great risk, and he’s done that. If you look at the nursing homes, 11,000 people died needlessly.

So when you look at that, it’s very sad. So we’ll see. You’ll have to see. But you have — these are great companies. These are being done by the — really, probably some of the greatest companies in the world, when you think, with Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, et cetera.

I think that they’re getting very close. As you know, they’re in final testing right now — phase three, but final. They have given shots to everybody — to a lot; to thousands and thousands of people. And, so far, it looks very good, and it looks like it could happen fairly quickly.

Q What do you say to the family of Breonna Taylor, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s a sad thing, and I give my regards to the family of Breonna. I also think it’s so sad what’s happening with everything about that case, including law enforcement. So many people suffering, so many people needlessly suffering. But with respect to Breonna, we give our regards to the family.

Q Sir, you have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Middle East peace. Sir, you have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Middle East — the historic deal that you have done. Does — your global foreign policy also checkmates China. It stops them from increasing the defense of China globally.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it was an honor to be nominated for two Nobel Prizes. So that was an honor. And we’ll see what’s happening. I know that China now, and India, are having difficulty, and very — very substantial difficulty. And hopefully they’ll be able to work that out. If we can help, we’d love to help.

Q Mr. President, how did you feel about some of the chanting that was going on outside the Supreme Court: “Vote you out” and fulfill — “Uphold her wish”?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think that was just a political chant. I could — we could hardly hear it from where we were. Somebody said there was some chanting. But they were right next to the media. But we really could hardly hear too much. We heard a sound, but it wasn’t very strong.

Q What do you think the peaceful protesters are fighting for?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think the peaceful protesters — number one, it’s fine to do that in a peaceful manner. But when it gets least — when it gets less than peaceful, as you see all over, then it’s unacceptable, and that’s where law and order is necessary, and that’s where law enforcement is very important.

Q But what are they fighting for?

THE PRESIDENT: Jennifer, go ahead.

Q You didn’t answer my question, though. (Inaudible.)

Q Susan Collins —

THE PRESIDENT: Jennifer, go ahead.

Q You didn’t answer my question. What are they fighting for?

Q Susan Collins, would you — are you endorsing Susan Collins in her race for U.S. Senate in Maine? Are you endorsing Republican Susan Collins?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re speaking with a lot of people about that. I’m doing very well in Maine. You’ve seen the numbers. What I’ve done for Maine is what nobody has done. I have freed up 5,000 square miles of ocean that was taken away by President Obama. And for the lobster — the people that go out and get us those great lobsters that we all like so much, I freed that whole business up, and the fishermen too — we freed it up. So it’s — I think I’ve done more for Maine than just about anybody, certainly in many, many years.

So I’m doing very well in Maine. I don’t know — I haven’t seen polls on Susan, but I hope she does well. Thank you.

END 3:11 P.M. EDT

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11 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House – Video and Transcript

  1. Larry says:

    Regarding Donald’s tax returns… You know Obama’s crew looked this stuff up while they were in power. They know there is nothing there. As you learn about the rabid corruption in the Obama organization, you know they looked at all tax returns of all potential rivals.

    Just sayin’….

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  2. CharterOakie says:

    The new tactic by the whimpering, simpering enemedia jackals:

    “Sir, you didn’t answer my question!”

    Correctamundo, genius! POTUS is using your stupid gotcha question as a springboard to say what HE wants communicated.

    You would think those dumbasses would have waved the white flag by now.
    But stupid is as stupid does.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. GB Bari says:

    Presstitute: “What do you think the peaceful protesters are fighting for?”
    PDJT: (gives a nice polite and truthful response – see above)

    Me (if I were king): Uhhh, excuse me moron but when they’re fighting then it isn’t peaceful.
    (I guess I’ll never be king…)


  4. joejoefromsandiego says:

    September 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic group rallying to have a total of 5,400 Masses said in support of President Donald Trump’s re-election says the response to its initiative “has been nothing short of miraculous.”

    “Masses are now being said in 43 [American] states and 11 countries worldwide, all expressing undying love and support for America and its President, Donald J. Trump,” Richard Manougian, founder and coordinator of the group The Novena of Masses for President Donald Trump, told LifeSiteNews. “President Trump, if re-elected, will continue to promote the rights of unborn children against the abortion culture, mainly by appointing pro-life judges.”

    According to the group, in addition to most states in the U.S., Masses have been pledged in African countries, Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

    As a result of their initial demand, in early September the Catholic group called for an additional 5,400 Masses to be said “during this time of unprecedented evil.”

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  5. PaulCohen says:

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SanJac says:

    Going after the number one son is the communist tactic just like they tried with general Flynn. Now the corrupted SDNY has it’s new target in the number two son.


  7. fangdog says:

    Biden doesn’t know a helicopter from AF-1. I can see Biden getting out of the helicopter, walking 15-20 feet getting confused and getting back in the helicopter thinking he is getting in AF-1 or thinking he has already gone and is now coming back…..a dumb-stupid sycophant reporter would shout out, “Mr. President how was your trip to Disneyland”?


  8. Wonder if the Manchurian medicate will have a covid exposure and need to “quarantine ” instead of debate ?

    Or if Hollywood has arranged and rehearsed a “show” where Ol Joe has a mask on, moves his lips under it and some mimic offstage provides the voice……..

    Nothing would surprise me at this point.

    Remember o bummers’ columns and parting the seas?


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