September 19th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1339

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,467 Responses to September 19th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1339

  1. dufrst says:

    I didn’t hear any snark or disrespect from the press lol

    Too late to play nice! Your just desserts for being utter a**holes throughout this first term. MAGA!!

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    • gsonFIT says:

      “We are here now,,,and we have an obligation to the voters”, President Trump

      Lots of smart folks like this man are prone to over think things, even small things. Not the Lion

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  2. Ninja7 says:

    You are so right. MITCH, must be sweating bullets since he hired NICK Sandmann, the VERY Rich🤗😁 Covington Young man. Having a 4-4 split makes the end of this Republic very possible.


  3. BareKnuckledConservative says:

    Would McConnell be pressing forward if he didn’t have the votes? Doesn’t seem to me that he would.

    Is this “voting present” strategy real? Meaning up to 6 weak kneed Republicans could vote present and create a potential 47-47 tie for Pence to break.

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    • gjgrak says:

      As Bar Wind said yesterday relative to Bader’s replacement, and I completely agree:

      “Fear not treepers. Potus got this. Mitch is corrupt. Mitch wants his tribute. They already cut a deal. That’s what the new scotus list was about. They knew. They made a deal. Mitch already has the votes. Thats why he released his statement tonight. He has the votes. He doesn’t lose big votes. Now the kabuki theatre begins. But always remember. Mitch has the votes already. And since he is up for reelection he will not double cross potus. Mitch already approved Trump’s pick and counted the votes. The hand ringing is all for show.”

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    • Carrie says:

      Ok, I’m not a huge Mitch fan. I also warned against Levin McCarthy who is a puppet of his.
      However I do have a source in the Senate and they assured me that Mitch has this. They seemed very convinced.
      I sure hope that is the case!

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    • Flabbergasted says:

      The Republicans have no option but to push this through. I am from Kentucky and have badgered Senator McConnell relentlessly of late to simply take a stand and support the President. If the Republicans do not push this through, they will lose many, many elections going forward. The Democrats and their arguments against filling this seat now are all frauds.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Ginsberg decided to wait till Hillary was President to retire, which was a mistake. Why should Trump not nominate a Judge when he does not know if he will win himself or keep the Senate in Republican hands? I think Trump will win another term but why take the chance on the Senate?

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      • paper doll says:

        Hubris. She was suppose to win, and then Hill and Ruth were going to have some girl power moment passing the torch.Oppsie. It must be killing Hillary that PT is about to name his 3rd SC justice. She really should have gotten out of Malibu more and visited Wisconsin! 😂

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    • Jason Ross says:

      so far only three are on potentially sitting it out (voting present), so wouldn’t that make it 50-47 and result in confirmation?

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  4. albertus magnus says:

    Sometimes I think people just like to post nonsense to see if they can get reactions from people. Everytime folks attack our allies over NOTHING but their own false accusations and paranoid delusions, that is the only explanation that makes sense.

    Unless people are just stupid. What is to be gained otherwise?

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    • Simple Citizen says:

      albertus magnus,

      Good point.

      Perhaps it is just shepple in a time of crises. Certainly, I do not have easy answers, but brainwashing has been going on for some time now and the digital era is failing on its original promises.

      Either way, you have a valid point.

      Please be well.


    • Kitty-Kat says:



    • DeWalt says:

      It’s a passtime for many Millennials .It’s called Shit Posting.

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    • gsonFIT says:

      They are trying to validate themselves and the anonymity makes it easy. The beliefs they post might not be how they feel but they want to test drive those ideas without obligation.
      All young Americans want to be accepted. Their actions are with that end point in mind


    • WRB says:

      I think people just like to post nonsense

      Some, I believe, are trolls. Some are so ignorant, I have to think they are foreigners paid to post BS. Those are the posts that make no friggin’ sense.

      I guess we will see lots of it due to the upcoming election, and God forbid, the possible subsequent chaos.

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      • Simple Citizen says:


        You are quite on target tonight, and thanks for the post. You have hit a nail on the head, and I agree.

        Simple Citizen


  5. mandy says:


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  6. Waymore says:

    So when Judge Barbara Lagoa is nominated and the senate votes before the election, will Susan Collins sit it out? Will she vote no ? I don’t think so.

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    • labrat says:

      I’ll be very surprised if Susie wins her election. She was in very big trouble even before RBG. The Gideon campaign is strong here and they are doing an effective job. So she doesn’t have much to lose by voting with her real friends.


      • WSB says:

        Collins will move to the correct side, and since most of Maine is red, they will vote her back in rather than a Marxist alternative.

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      • Flabbergasted says:

        To Senator Collins’ credit, she seemed like the only adult in the room when the Kavanaugh vote came down. Her speech was measured, considerate, and found the correct answer amid all of the smoke. I wanted instant gratification from her like everyone else but ultimately made a sensible decision. If the people in Maine who support Angus King do not vote for her for supporting the POTUS selection for the Supreme Court because of ideology, then they are lost. The Republicans supported RGB because she was highly qualified – despite her ideology. The Dems should simply do the same.

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        • doyouseemyvision says:

          That was all kabuki theater. Mitch had the votes all along but likes to build in some drama, show Trump who is boss, then pull the plug and take his bow. It was all stagecraft to pretend they are working hard behind the scenes.

          Graham, Mitch and Collins we’re the big players on Kav. Coincidentally all 3 are up for re-election in 2020. See that now?

          My question is, who wrote her speech? It was great.

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  7. WhiteBoard says:

    Actual Video below:
    Carter Page talks of DOJ and FBI cooperating in something called the Crime Victims Act … regarding FISA litigation that CTH has covered previously.

    (inform others why this election matters – site points to various CTH topics and links DIRECTLY to CTH articles)

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    • Simple Citizen says:


      Firing on al cylinders tonight my friend. Thanks for the videos and post!

      Simple Citizen

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        We are going to drive home the litigation!

        one key point – if you read the June 25,2020 report closely…. you will see the court trying to delete some raw material (not in litigation) – NO NO NO we arent gonna let tht slide.

        thats the 16,000 ________ (i beleive PEOPLE) that will also be having litigation

        NO WAY OUT OF THIS ( and Mueller talked of the WOODS FILE importance in 2003 – more to come =] )


    • MACAULAY says:

      He comes across as an Idiot, but perhaps not. He’s going to be a rich man.

      But, every person caught up in the “Two-Hop Rule” coming out of the fraudulent Page Fisa Warrants—which is basically the whole Trump Campaign and Administration—ought to be paid too…and of course, people need to go to jail.

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    • ledygrey says:

      What’s with all his eyebrow action? So very weird! Seriously, is he for real?


  8. Drogers says:

    Both Mr. President and Mr. Majority Leader know the upcoming days are for all the marbles.

    Crazy Lady {and let’s be truthful, she’s been off in her own world since the last election} and Chuckie will empty their ammo reserve on this one. In the eyes of their followers PDJT was elected and had the most successful four years of any president. Two and possibly three justices will have been seated on their watch. If this continues in a bad way they’ll lose the lower house, PDJT gets re-elected, and always another shot at a different replacement Justice. Regardless, we’ll have the Supreme Court for 20+ years. They can’t handle it.

    It would not surprise me to see a civil war.

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  9. WhiteBoard says:

    its on ! he said it! pointing!

    OAN keeps recording live!

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  10. Perot Conservative says:

    RedState: Democrats Are in a Panic Over Prospect of a Durham Interim Report — They Know the News Is Bad

    September 18, 2020 by Shipwreckedcrew

    “…Democrats simply fail to understand that millions of people who voted for Pres. Trump in 2016 have a significant interest in knowing what has been learned about the efforts by government officials — law enforcement and intelligence agency officials — to prevent his election, and then to derail or impede his administration after he won the election in 2016. Durham’s investigation has been ongoing for nearly 18 months. He has amassed a significant body of evidence on the back of the IG investigation reflected in the 500-page report on “Four FISAs”….”

    “…The gambit here is a hope that someone the IG can “block” any such effort.

    “That is not going to happen. The fact that they would make such a patently absurd effort only exposes the level of their desperation.”

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    • starfcker says:

      Nice bit of malarkey there. Nobody is scared of a report. Nobody wants a report. Doesn’t look like Barr is going to indict anybody. Doesn’t look like Durham has done anything either. Really? The guy can’t get the job done in two years, and you want to pull him off his job so he can write a report? Why not write some indictments? That’s the only thing that would matter. November 4th, buh by, Fatboy.

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  11. Perot Conservative says:

    The young Cuban judge has limited experience.

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  12. Perot Conservative says:

    The young Cuban judge has limited experience.


  13. Jimmy Jack says:

    Pray for a header of projection for Donald Trump and his family.

    Pray for patriots and for the globalist uniparty Republicans to confirm an honest and strict constructionist to the Supreme Court.

    Pray for our law enforcement who are now facing extra threats from rioters in the streets and asymmetric warfare.

    Pray for Sundance and America.

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  14. Perot Conservative says:

    The young Cuban woman has limited experience.


  15. Perot Conservative says:


    • Scarlet says:

      Oh, please. Someone has something on Supreme Court Justice Roberts .
      It’s been obvious that he’s been compromised from the start.
      He can not be trusted and he’s operating from an obvious point of bias.
      Bias of self protection.
      He’s unreliable, selfish , weak and compromised.

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  16. dayallaxeded says:

    It’s Jewish law/tradition to bury the dead within 24 hours. So on the 25th hour after RBG’s demise would be the time to announce PDJT’s nomination. J Barrett or J Logoa, mox nix to me, though I think time is showing Logoa may be the stronger MAGA pick. Conservatives that recuse themselves rather than stand up for solid principles don’t impress. We don’t need another Roberts. We need a new Scalia.

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  17. Perot Conservative says:

    RE the Weiner laptop being sat on…. and its John Robertson, potential FBI Whistleblower.

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  18. Carrie says:

    I guess a preview of the debate this week!

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  19. A2 says:

    CCP Global Slimes threatened the President of Taiwan with invasion and death.
    Reposting the DW video👇

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  20. A2 says:


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  21. Kent says:

    Note to Fox News…hire some decent interviewers…as in hire people who can keep their rattling trap shut and let people answer the questions and address the issues….we have no interest in seeing whoever that guy was interviewing Sen. Blackburn interrupt her and push his agenda….Blackburn had something interesting to say….the ‘jounalist’ did not….

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    • magaxena58 says:

      Agree….that jerk know-it-all shows so much contempt in his expression….doesn’t even try to hide his bias. Think his name is Leland or something. Navarro tore a strip off him for same kind of baloney interview. Marsha handled him gracefully but don’t know how she was so patient sheesh.

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      • getouttahea says:

        FOX News has nowhere to go but down. Cut the cable and you’ll never regret it.


      • MelH says:

        Leland Vitner is the Fox guy you are referring to. He used to be on only on Saturdays, has ALWAYS been a nasty Democrat who can’t hide his disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Lately they sent him out to cover the Hurricanes; a good job for him.


  22. A2 says:

    Lots of spy catching going on👇

    Journalist spying case: Delhi Police makes 2 more arrests, including Chinese woman
    Police have registered a case under the Official Secrets Act against Rajeev Sharma and the Chinese and Nepalese nationals have been arrested under the same charges


    “The Delhi police on Saturday said that journalist Rajeev Sharma, who was arrested on charges of spying two days ago, was allegedly passing on sensitive information to Chinese intelligence agencies. They added a Chinese woman, Qing Shi, and a Nepalese man, Sher Singh alias Raj Bohra, have been booked along with Sharma under the Official Secrets Act after classified documents were recovered from their possession.

    Sanjeev Yadav, the deputy commissioner of police (special cell), said Sharma was allegedly in contact with a Chinese intelligence official named Michael and passed on to him classified information related to Indian army deployments in the China-Bhutan-India tri-junction including Doklam. Yadav said Sharma had also allegedly given him information related to India-Myanmar military cooperation and other details about the border between India and China.“

    Read more👇


    • A2 says:

      Another case👇

      Former British spy in Chinese influence probe

      Fraser Cameron denies Belgian and UK allegations that he sold sensitive information


      Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found at

      A former British spy is under investigation by UK and Belgian intelligence agencies over a suspected influence-buying operation by China, in the latest sign of European fears about Beijing’s sway on the continent. 

      Fraser Cameron, who now runs the EU-Asia Centre think-tank in Brussels, is alleged to have been involved in selling sensitive information to Chinese spies — actions that posed a “clear threat towards the European institutions” based in the Belgian capital, the country’s state security service said.

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  23. WeThePeople2016 says:


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  24. Aunt Clara says:

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    • Robert Smith says:


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      • mimbler says:

        I think the implication is we would have results by now if it wasn’t just an investigation to protect against foia. Doesn’t take over three years to build a prosecutable case against someone who perjures themself on national tv, and admits sending classified documents to be released to the media anonymously on national tv as well.

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  25. Aunt Clara says:

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  26. sunnydaze says:

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  27. sunnydaze says:

    haha. True.

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  28. A2 says:


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    • sunnydaze says:

      Taiwan tried to contribute helpful info at the very beginning of the Covid crap in PRC, too- before it had spread to the rest of the world. But was prevented from attending or being heard by WHO.

      That was when a lot of people *knew* how corrupt the WHO org. is. Totally in the Political Pocket of PRC.

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  29. sunnydaze says:

    This acc’t, RedCap has a lot of great tweets from Calif. and Amish/Mennonite.

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  30. rharkonen says:

    So if Democrats “pack the court” like they promise, is there any reason the next Republican can’t promise to “pack it again”? We can end up with a Supreme Court the size of the Senate .. or more.

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  31. darose5308 says:

    What if our Pres DJT nominates Eugene Scalia who by the way has already been vetted for RBG’s slot. Just saying.

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  32. nimrodman says:

    that global warming again

    California Man Accused of Starting Ranch 2 Fire Turns Himself in, Charged with Arson

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  33. msidaho says:

    re: mail in voting and democrat cheating
    food for thought

    We have visible evidence of our President’s popularity and Biden’s lack thereof – not to mention how many voters actively dislike Harris

    Does it occur to anyone else that Republican (especially Trump) voters are just as apt to turn in as many ballots as possible (plus vote in person) as the handful of democrat cheaters?

    I was also encouraged by the treeper who posted the comment that the red states would certify and appoint their electors soon after the polls close – easily reaching 270. After that all the cheating they try to engineer will be futile. A la the Startrek Borg – resistance is futile ….

    Similar thought re: dollar amount of donations after RBG died – high dollar donors still get one vote each

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    • mimbler says:

      Nope, Trump voters don’t cheat. That is a disadvantage, but I’m proud we don’t. We should play hardball to the legal limits, but not beyond.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Yeah, but Dems can cheat in crucial swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida

      In addition to more egregious ballot-box stuffing, Dems are registering TWICE at their same address (probably thru false names or slight variants of their actual name – I dunno). If voting officials aren’t vetting the registration rolls, they’ll vote twice.

      Cheat-by-Mail: Report Finds Nearly 350,000 Dead Voters on Rolls, Double-Voters ‘Casting Multiple Ballots’

      According to the report, titled, “Critical Condition: American Voter Rolls Filled with Errors, Dead Voters, and Duplicate Registrations,” 349,773 “deceased registrants” have been found on rolls in 41 states. Fifty-one percent of those are in New York, California, and Texas, as well as the battleground states of Michigan and Florida.

      The report found that 43,760 “duplicate registrants appear to have cast second votes” from the same address in 2016, while 37,889 cast ballots in 2018.

      In Michigan, where Donald Trump won in 2016 by 10,704 votes, PILF found there were 34,225 deceased voters still on the rolls and a combined 13,597 double voters in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

      Some of those voters who are registered multiple times “are casting multiple ballots,” Adams said.

      “Michigan voter rolls are a mess and that’s exactly why Michigan should not be doing mail balloting until they clean up their act,” he told The Kyle Olson Show.

      Adams contended cleaning up the “mess” would be as simple as sorting the list by address and “see who’s all crammed into one house.”

      In August, as many as 20,000 unverified ballots were fed through machines in Detroit during absentee vote counting. Bob Cushman, an eyewitness to it all, recounted his observations on a recent episode of The Kyle Olson Show:

      Adams argued that sort of incident will not be stopped “because that’s the kind of thing Jocelyn Benson likes to see.”

      He said that was how “elections got cooked” around the country. Workers would shove absentee ballots “into the counter before they could be verified.”


      • msidaho says:

        They announce their plans – we understand their intentions.
        I, for one, refuse to accept our loss – 45 days out.
        I keep remembering what Don Jr said of his dad – he DOESNT LOSE
        Do I know how the democrat cheating plan will be subverted? No!
        Do I believe we all have to do our best to get everyone we can to the polls to vote? Yes!
        Do I believe we will win?
        You Bet!

        I always love the saying ‘Good luck (God’s Grace) comes to those who work their buts off.”


        • msidaho says:

          I am no good with statistic and numbers, but I read that because the votes are delivered and counted at the local voting districts, if enough voters vote it is statistically impossible for cheaters to win. It’s like National vs Local polling. We do not vote at a national level.
          Hence my comment about Republican vs Democrat enthusiasm .. no comparison


    • Ferret2 says:

      Many candidates are promoting voting early in case of election day riots/intimidation/false flag events. I am very leery of early voting. Who is in charge of your uncounted ballot for the next 6 weeks at your early voting location? A Republican, a Democrat, Bill Barr, Nancy Pelosi?

      Paper Ballots can be swapped out. Voting machine votes can be mined/flipped. There is plenty of time to negate your vote and stack the deck against MAGA going into Election Day.

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      • nimrodman says:

        All true

        Remember the recount in 2016?
        That 3rd-party gal sued to have a recount in one or more states

        They started with a couple sealed boxes that had the vote tallies and number of ballots written on the outside

        They opened one or two boxes and they had hundreds of more ballots than the total written on the outside of the sealed box

        They couldn’t even continue on to recounting the ballots because there was obvious fraud at the boxes-and-ballot-counts level

        They were dead in the water and had to call the recount off

        Forget which state – Michigan maybe?

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        • Robin Ruprecht says:

          If I remember correctly, it was thought her votes were intentionally going to HRC in a previous election and somehow this time around they went towards her because she contested the count when in fact she had received many more votes than in the past. Like someone corrected the fraud to count her votes toward HRC.


      • BitchyPants says:

        They should use the list of stimulus check addresses to verify addresses even though not everyone got a check – there were plenty of people who called up and said hey, where is my check?
        Go to the polls on voting day – go early – take some snacks/drinks and wait it out – if the lines are real long hopefully some dumdems will say eff it and go home

        No Excuses for 2020
        Not One Person Can Say: “oh it’s just one vote”
        Keep The Faith


  34. sunnydaze says:

    The covid crap is almost a Blessing in Disguise . Trump Rallies were called off for a couple months, and when that happened, Boy! regular folks really stepped it up! Boat parades, marches, impromptu rallies in support of Trump. It’s been pretty great!

    Tampa today:

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  35. sunnydaze says:


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    • Jason Ross says:

      Not a decisive cross-section of the whole population by any means, but you have to admit videos like this show a completely organic surge of support for the President. How else do you explain it? Where does this support come from?

      This stuff is happening DESPITE the 24/7 news cycle and the endless barrage of celebrity voices who seek to stifle, ridicule and straight-up harass anyone who dares support MAGA. It makes you wonder if the unemployed baristas in Seattle who are smashing car windows and shouting into bullhorns are a very small minority, and they exist as a sad fringe of the population who is encouraged to commit acts of terror by the endless brainwashing they receive on social media.

      Apparently at least some portion of the population does not drink the kool-aid.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Yeah, that’s really rare in Hawaii, I’d be interested to know who that demographic is

        All the state and county and city-level jobs from desk jockeys to grounds-keepers are ruled with a Dem iron fist, Dem-controlled unions, etc

        Then there’s the Maui-aging-hippies contingent smoking weed, eating edibles, and doing yoga … not really a big Trump base there, I don’t think

        Then there are shop owners and business owners, people who earn their own way and prosper when business is good. That’s probably the Trump demographic

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        • Jason Ross says:

          One factor to consider is that a growing generation of servicemen and their families have only had President Trump as their commander-in-Chief. Hawaii has a large number of naval and Air Force bases clustered among the islands.

          Obama is fading into the rear view with all his recruits getting out of active service.


  36. Perot Conservative says:

    Devlin Barrett with the Washington Post wrote October Surprise – about the Weiner laptop, laptop Whistleblower and the FBI fumbling the Clinton email investigation / coverup.

    Is he one of those that got a FAKE Pulitzer?


  37. Patience says:

    Eric Trump Retweeted
    Brandon Straka
    In 2018 a poll came out saying that black support for Trump had jumped something like 10 points- & conservative media ran it around the clock for weeks. Yesterday a poll showed that 45% of American gay men plan to vote for Trump. This is HUGE. Tumbleweeds from conservative media.
    10:47 PM · Sep 17, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

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  38. islandpalmtrees says:


    Contreras Rudolph’s rotation point is Friday’s – Move forward or backward by 7 day intervals to find point of interest.

    This could help.

    Rudolph Contreras November 17, 2016 is a Thursday

    Click to access 4911949-0-19994-mem-opinion-granting-motn-to-dismiss.pdf

    Contreras Rudolph DC DC FISC 05/19/2016 05/18/2023

    Click to access FISC%20FISCR%20Judges%20Revised%20December%202019%20191218.pdf

    On July 15, 2016, Judge Contreras issued his 74-page ruling, granting Defendants summary
    judgment on all claims. July 15, 2016 is a Friday

    This plea was accepted at a hearing on December 1, 2017 before Judge Rudolph

    December 1, 2017 is a Friday

    Click to access CU-Flynn-amicus-brief-final.pdf

    May 19, 2017 is a Friday

    Click to access flynn-petition.pdf

    Just interesting ————–
    VIOLATION OF 18 USC 2071(b).


  39. Tornarosa says:

    Enthusiasm is an adjective that properly modifies a noun, such as a voter.
    Given that there is an enthusiasm gap in favor of Trump supporters, and the polls are fairly close in a number of states, where are all the unenthusiastic yet real Biden supporters?

    Any non-digital evidence of their true size? I haven’t seen any spontaneous Pro-Biden events

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    • mimbler says:

      I think about half the country will pull the lever that has a D beside it no matter who it is. So they are Biden voters even though they have zero enthusiasm for him. My only question is will their hatred of Trump motivate them enough to go to the polls? The moderate dems I run across, don’t like PDJT at all, but don’t have that deranged hatred the more liberal ones do.


  40. Jason Ross says:

    It seems very apparent to me that the national polls are kept close between the two candidates for clicks and internet traffic on the media sites.

    I’m starting to believe a few states that were a razors’ edge victory in 2016 are going to be a blowout this year. PA, NC, GA and MI and a few others.


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