President Trump Holds Great American Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – Fayetteville, NC – 6:00pm Livestream…

This evening President Donald J. Trump heads to North Carolina for a campaign event at Fayetteville Regional Airport in Fayetteville, NC.  The anticipated start time is 6:00pm ET – Livestream Links Below.

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream



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433 Responses to President Trump Holds Great American Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – Fayetteville, NC – 6:00pm Livestream…

  1. Lanna says:

    “Hope your husbands are okay with with it””! (On attending multiple rallies.) POTUS has groupies!

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  2. Cowboy79 says:

    Obama, Himself, said that “When there is a vacancy, the President is to nominate Someone and the Senate is to Consider them”

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  3. Tic Tok, Who cares,,
    Now,, it’s FILL that SEAT!
    5 Billion into a fund for education..

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  4. Landslide says:

    Am I not hearing him correctly?? He keeps talking about Pennsylvania rather than North Carolina…..I may need to rewind!

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  5. Crazy Nancy..
    Here it comes..

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  6. Cowboy79 says:

    August, 2016, Obama sent this Tweet: “Presidents do not stop working in the last year of their term, and neither should the Senate”

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  7. Talks about #Americas Accomplishments, (Not His)..
    on too #FakeNews..


  8. Maquis says:

    Looks like we have a Sontaran working for the Secret Service now.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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  9. IdahoDeplorable says:

    For those that need another source to watch rallies there is Real America’s Voice. They show all the rallies and are a great conservative source for programming.
    MAGA 2020!!

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  10. Trashes Obama..
    Obama “leaking” “things”..
    Wheres the War?

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  11. Lanna says:

    POTUS putting out the word that US has incredible weapons — we are badass!

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  12. tuskyou says:

    “I like women more” 😂😂😂

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  13. Talking about Women & polls
    Make a decision,, Make a new T-shirt,, Fill the Seat..
    Where’s Hunter..
    Took the Money & Ran!
    No experience, 1.5 xxx dollars,, China..

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  14. President is on FIRE!

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  15. Landslide says:

    “Hunter has taken a night class on energy for $189.” 😂🤣😂🤣

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  16. rashomon says:

    Education! OUCH!

    DeVos and her crew were very good about nailing Princeton! May that carry on to the other universities that cull the rights of citizens.

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  17. Lanna says:

    I have already run out of popcorn and am in danger of running out of beer. Love these rallies!

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  18. Quid Pro Pro!
    We are dealing w/a bunch of thieving bad People!
    Want do you want?
    A Woman?
    Woman for SCOTUS, or a Man?
    (Crowd cheers)
    unofficial poll..
    (cross talk)..
    Man (not so load)
    Woman ?
    Crowd goes Wild!

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  19. WhiteBoard says:

    Biden’s list is on the teleprompter.

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  20. President Trump polls are the best polls!!!!

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  21. rashomon says:

    We need a new RED hat: Quid Pro Quo!

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  22. tuskyou says:

    Sounds like he’s gearing up to nominate Amy Coney Barrett. The left will throw the tantrum of the century!

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  23. Cowboy79 says:

    History, Law, Precedent, Senate Rules, Senate customs, ALL authorized PDJT to Confirm a SC Justice under present conditions.

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  24. sunnydaze says:

    ….” If I lose to him….I will never speak to you again!! “…. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Talks “history” about Biden, & #Fake News, giving questions to Biden..
    Softball questions..
    Teleprompter questions..
    1% Joe..
    Only, half a head remaining.. LOL..

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  26. Giving credits too Media personalities..

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  27. Talking energy & Gas prices..
    Energy Independence..

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  28. Patience says:

    My goodness
    WHAT a talent!!!!

    >VSG is Donald J Trump –indeed

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  29. visage13 says:

    He gave Mitch an out, “we have plenty of time until January”. And he called out Susan Collins, brilliant. And btw Murkowski is NOT a Republican, she is an power hungry independent/ Democrat. i think Mitch can sway Romney. Thank goodness, Jeff Flake is out of there he was a flake. It is time for Lindsey to actually do his damn job. It will be interesting for sure.

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  30. Lifting Folks outta Poverty..
    (talking Vaccine)
    Plague from CHINA..
    More bashing #FakeNews
    Telling the #Truth..
    Biden is #Exhausted..
    History & Churchill.. & Fake News..
    We love & wanna Lead our Country..
    CHINA Should be STOPPED..
    Trump gives Himself a “D” in stopping China..

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  31. Calling out ConCast (Comcast).. 😉

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  32. Patience says:

    “There’s another beauty. Hi, Lester”


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  33. Maquis says:

    Media in crosshairs…


  34. Patience says:

    Think i just p eed

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  35. Eric says:

    President Trump is doing great tonight, but this crowd seems a bit subdued.


  36. I’m trying to type (One-handed) accurately..
    4 MORE YEARS! the crowd chants..
    I’m NOT using a “teleprompter”!

    MSN/#FakeNews has a LOWER approval rating than CONgress! 😉

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  37. Maquis says:

    “You now have a President that doesn’t need a teleprompter.”
    Kindergarteners rejoice!

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  38. Hahaha, he (President Trump) doesn’t need a teleprompter!!!

    Well that’s for sure!!!

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  39. says:

    “It’s a Saturday night, we have all night”. President Trump, the People’s President, loves the people! The People love President Trump!
    The crowd chants “ We love you” as I’m typing this.

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  40. rashomon says:

    PDJT never closed a door on diplomacy until the final crosshairs. s strategy he probably learned from his father, grandfather, uncle and EXPERIENCE — the great thwacker of hubris.

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  41. rashomon says:

    “Only on line 3” — we had a Treeper who suggested that! BINGO!

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  42. Talking Noble Peace Prize..
    We want you? the crowd chats, (Nobel Peace prize)..

    Talks about the First Lady & Nobel Peace Prize..
    (tells Story), Hurricanes..
    Talks about, MSN NOT, reporting on Peace prize nominations,, , or his Peace Deal(s)..
    Good night…
    No coverage..
    ZERO TIME for Pres. Trump..
    TY NEWS MEDIA, Good night..
    We need a Honest Media..
    Bunch of scoundrel’s
    Enemy of the people..
    Red lights just went off..
    except one OANN

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  43. WhiteBoard says:

    OAN lights on! =]

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  44. bertdilbert says:

    Slicing and dicing the fake media. Like a veg-o-matic!

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  45. Ausonius says:

    Packed area, crowd seems very attentive and intense: somebody earlier wrote that the crowd was “Subdued.”

    I am not so sure that is right.

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  46. Robert Smith says:



  47. delighteddeplorable says:

    They gave Sleepy Joe a big fat shot in the ass. OMG! I’m dying here 🤣😂

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