Giddy Up – President Trump Holds A News Conference – 2:00pm ET Livestream

Following a private oval office meeting with his Excellency Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of the State of Kuwait, President Trump holds a press conference.  Anticipated Start Time 2:00pm ET:

UPDATE: Video Added


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71 Responses to Giddy Up – President Trump Holds A News Conference – 2:00pm ET Livestream

  1. POTUS speech yesterday about the Left’s subversion of our history and civic life is exposing a lot of frauds once thought of as moderate or conservative. An example is dingbat, Soros sorority gal Melissa Francis, she said today on Outnumbered that her kids are indoctrinated in woke at school, but it’s fine because she talks to them and tells them to make up their own mind. This fraud is either brain dead or she’s on the air to pass off wokeness as benign.

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  2. bertdilbert says:

    Trump is going to have to be careful the stack of Nobel Peace Prize nominations does not get too high or they could become unstable. The Journalist will crowd around Trump’s stack and blow in unison like they are trying to put out a giant birthday candle. Not gonna work but they will nonetheless give it a best effort.

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  3. Patience says:

    Simply The Best (Tina Turner song) should be played at President Trump Peaceful Protests just before he walks on to the stage.

    Oh, and by the way, The Best IS Yet To Come
    >is not just a song.

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  4. NightFlight says:

    Well, we’re waiting….
    Judge Smails


  5. As Roberts attempts to elevate his importance. Been standing facing the camera with mike and mask ever since RSBN went live. Now speaking to the camera like anybody is listening or cares. This guy is a real piece of work, I wonder if he is related to that other Roberts.

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  6. MVW says:

    The prospect of Joe Biden winning the election may have clinched the rapid movement to ‘Peace’ so it could be argued that Biden is so pathetically bad that Joe is the one actually responsible.

    All Trump had to do was to say, if you think Iran was vicious under Barack Obama, wait to you see Iran with demented O’biden and Kamala.

    It may even be that Fox comes out for Trump (Saudis have their big foot in the Fox board).

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    • kcmarcymc says:

      Funny you mentioned that! Maybe it was just me, but Wallass actually wasn’t a total little birch when talking about Trump after the presser.
      Good thing I was sitting down!

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  7. I Hear You Now says:

    2nd question is on vaccine

    PDJT has Scott Atlas step to the mic

    Scott Atlas stepped to mic to answer 2nd question for 2 min or so

    Scott Atlas

    vaccine won’t be mandated

    people won’t be forced to take vaccine

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  8. Linda K. says:

    We have become energy independent and no longer need to bother with the mideast or bother them and their affairs. This has improved our bargaining position with all nations that fear a dominant Iran.

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    • MVW says:

      Thank you Linda for pointing this out,
      “We have become energy independent and no longer need to bother with the mideast or bother them and their affairs. This has improved our bargaining position with all nations that fear a dominant Iran.”

      Energy independence is another huge factor for us for getting out of the ME, however, Joe O’biden would kill that. On the other hand, Iran would rear its head again under O’biden and that is driving the rush to sign now and support Trump.

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    • DiogenesVindicated says:

      I remember like it way yesterday the long lines waiting for gas during the oil embargo decades ago. We never dreamed then that energy independence was so close to our finger tips. Shame, Shame on the countless politicians that never even understood that, but in response sent some of our best to their deaths in the senseless violence that engulfed the Mideast. It is in this perspective that true impact of Donald Trumps’ contribution to America will probably never be fully realized.

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  9. Henry says:

    Yes, Wray is a douche.

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  10. old sneakers says:

    “Its a scam John, and you know it”

    Trump 2020

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  11. elgato2020 says:

    Glad to hear our VSGPDJT state that they are in front of judges in each state where they changed the voting process.

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    • MVW says:

      “Glad to hear our VSGPDJT state that they are in front of judges in each state where they changed the voting process.”

      ***Federal Judges***
      There is hope in that.

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  12. waterthelibertytree01 says:

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  13. sloobiesloobiedoo says:

    I’m a little worried when Pres. Trump says he’s going to leave the mail-in voting decisions to federal judges.


  14. bleep21k says:

    The President CANNOT explain the fraud and abuse that will take place with the mail-in voting any clearer than he is doing now – if people don’t want to hear and understand that’s where the problem arises.

    Media will be complicit of course and involved of course.

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    • Paprika says:

      Yes indeedy on both points!


    • Ninja7 says:

      Appears that the presstitutes have an issue with long term memory. PDJT, Kayleigh, etal have explained the difference between absentee voting, where the ballot is individually requested and mass unsolicited mailed out ballots.

      Just Shaking My Head, wondering if there is a major red pilling occurring. No one can be that dense?

      Almost like that movie the first fifty dates. Where every morning the woman wakes up with a blank memory of what occurred the previous night. Just remembers the night before her accident three years earlier.

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    • More Bore says:

      He CAN explain it clearer by saying EXACTLY THAT, that the media will be participants in it. throw it in their faces

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    • DiogenesVindicated says:

      What these media dorks refuse to realize that journalistic freedom of the press will be one of the first items on the chopping block of those that they now protect and defend.

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    • A Call for Honesty says:

      Sadly people usually do not choose the principled leaders they need but the bad leaders they deserve. If it were not for the millions of decent Americans who will suffer from this choice, I would like to see these foolish people suffer from the consequences of their folly. One can only hope that their laziness will keep many from making the effort to vote.

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  15. BoomerCat says:

    At the end, he talked about the mail-in ballots. I’m a permanent absentee ballot voter in California, so the other day I went to the county voting website, and they said that everyone would receive a mail-in ballot this year, not just those on the absentee List! I don’t remember hearing that Newsom issued that edict, but apparently he has. I doubt that President Trump thinks California can be flipped, but I wonder if any of the federal judges he mentioned are challenging this in California. Oh, and while I was at the website, I signed up for Ballot Trax, so you are notified when your ballot is received and counted. Not sure if it will work, but other Californians who follow this blog might want to check it out.

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    • I Hear You Now says:

      Boomer, you might send that directly to PDJT:


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    • Singer says:

      I keep hearing about the unsolicited ballots being sent out to voters. My question that I haven’t seen anyone ask or answer anywhere is: are they sending these ballots to all Registered Voters or all Eligible Voters? If they are sending to all “eligible voters” (for instance by using the census or Driver’s License data) then there would be a much larger opportunity for fraud. Essentially there would be no way to cross match the total number of votes cast with the total number of registered voters.

      We’ve seen in the past where more votes were cast than the number of registered voters in certain cities and counties and nothing was done about it. I can only imagine the arguments that would be made about disenfranchising the eligible voters who didn’t have a chance to register….


  16. jumpinjarhead says:

    I shall forever remain a skeptic as to the bona fides of any islamic government, group or individual being sincere about “peace” with any infidel, especial Big and Little Satans.

    We continue to deceive ourselves and our countrymen with these efforts, I further believe , at our grave peril.

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    • More Bore says:

      i don’t disagree with you, but I think PT is taking the same approach he has for America, which is that economic security is national security. Too many of these peace deals are predicated on honor or reconciliation or other feel good notions and the cash flows for TALKING a good game, not WALKING it.

      If the deal can make it economically untenable to do otherwise, it will work. And over time, all the other feelings and acrimony fades.


    • Ninja7 says:

      Believe that you must have read that book, their holy book.

      Now it can be said that these are secular Muslims, Many have a hard time understanding the difference between the secular Muslims and the jihadist. A jihadist is a secular Muslim who suddenly got religion. Just Saying, be aware of that possibly.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Exactly. I have done a great deal of study on islam and even if there are “secular” islamists, they either are already or will be when necessary, dominated and ruled over by “real” islamists.


    • III% says:

      I am skeptical as well. These hostilities go back a millennia. If it lasts for a little while, we can be grateful for that, and unsurprised if hostilities resume.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Such interregnum’s are usually only to “buy time” for the islamists who will then break the treaty as needed. Perhaps not so much from these participants directly but indirectly through their financing others for direct action.

        As you note the conflict between Islam and ALL others is both of Biblical proportions (literally) and existential in that according to Islam it will be a zero sum game with only 1 “winner” existing thereafter, except for those “fortunate” male and female infidels allowed to live to be sex slaves.

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        • MVW says:

          If only the ‘holy words’ and supporting deeds by their ‘prophet’ could be scraped off the pages and washed out of the history books then there might be a chance for sanity and safety for non muzzies. If only…

          Still, a brief interregnum as you say, gives us the chance to leave and muster our forces to deal with Chinese Communist designs.


  17. dawg says:

    Mr. President, first of all, a vaccine will not save millions of lives. The virus didnt kill millions of people or even hundreds of thousands of people.

    Second, we sure as hell do not need a vaccine to get back to normal.

    If this vaccine comes out in the next few months, nobody is going to take it anyway. The Democrats wont trust it and most Republicans dont even think its needed. Neither I nor anyone in my family will take it because, 1, we’ve all already had the virus, and two, even if we hadnt had it, this whole thing is precisely 94% hoax and its just as likely that a Bill Gates vaccine is an attempt to neuter my children as it is that it will protect us from anything.

    I mean, has he been completely duped? What in God’s name is he talking about?

    Somebody please help me out here without getting upset that I criticized our President Trump, because I dont even see any good POLITICAL strategy behind this.

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    • Somebody says:

      Once a vaccine is available covid is no longer the boogeyman. Matters not whether people rush to take the vaccine or not, it’s there. Not that many take the flu vaccine even though it’s there.

      Blue state governors and mayors are hiding behind the covid boogeyman to keep things shut down. Once there is a vaccine they won’t be able to do that. Having the vaccine is about getting the country fully open.

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      • dawg says:

        No, because it will be labeled Trump’s vaccine and none of the blue governors and mayors will advise anyone take it. They will say not to, actually.

        The CDC director himself just said he thinks that masks are more effective than the vaccine.

        Then some study will come out saying it has massive side effects.

        It will be exactly the same as if a vaccine doesnt even exist.

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        • MVW says:

          What you say may be true, but it doesn’t matter. The big Pharma’s will be pounding these Libtards through their network advertising muscle (70% ad revenue is $BigPharma).

          Then there are those that take Zinc supplements as a prophylactic. Moreover HCQ is winning its battle, Ivermectin studies are showing it is a super antiviral and also works as a champion prophylactic.

          It is never the one thing….ever. And it is getting the economy open. But more important is the political victory for Trump and Nov 3 election, in providing hope, and countering the media lies again.

          By the way, the narrative that 330 million doses is the milestone is rubbish. Theoretically all that is needed is enough doses for the vulnerable and the worried, which is a small fraction of that. Trump knows this but it is too involved for the media to understand given their idiocy and the Mammet principle.

          It could well be that the vulnerable are covered by access to a vaccine even by November, which rules out the need for mail in ballots.

          PS My brother was taking Zinc, got Covid, was well in 2 days, and he is 70.

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      • Elizabet says:

        Agree with. Somebody. He is merely taking away their talking point


    • lackawaxen123 says:

      vaccines = not more shutdowns = no more ruined and lost lives due to shutdowns …


    • TheTorch says:

      I am afraid everything is politics and you need to look at this from the political perspective.

      Covid-19 did damage as in it affected some of senior vote, so rather than being rock solid for President Trump it is a bit wobbly in some states. An announcement prior to the election of a vaccine that is available either before or shortly after the election, will resolve that issue and it will make a lot of older folks a lot more comfortable. It also shows that President Trump has done a great job and is on top of it. It therefore removes it as an issue going forward.

      It would quite frankly be a game changer, why do you think the Democrats are terrified of a vaccine coming so early, they know what it means. Democrats are running on nothing but hate, and the only issue which gives them a slither of a chance in some battle ground states is the Covid issue. If that is removed off the table completely, they have nothing.

      The fact we can even have a discussion about a vaccine that possibly could be available as early as end of October is astonishing in of itself.

      President Trump being a business man, has done a marvelous job of dealing with this issue. The testing is unbelievable, just look at other countries, the UK’s testing program is shambolic, other countries are also having major difficulties.

      No other administration could of achieved what President Trump has done, and you only have to look around the world to see the evidence of that. He unleashed the full power of the private sector and it speaks volumes, it also helps greatly that the USA health system is private, so it is far more efficient and able to adapt to almost any situation. Other countries don’t have that at least not to the extent America does.

      Whether a vaccine is needed, or whether you want to take one or not, is completely irrelevant. Covid-19 has been politicized to a horrid extent, and a vaccine cures it as a political issue, and if safe and works, kills Covid-19.

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  18. Publius2016 says:

    Puerto Rico???



    so many policy issues point AMERICA FIRST!!

    unequivocally VSG!!!

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  19. Patience says:

    Next headline / talking-point: “Is it still a scam if you win, –SIR???”

    Does that bimbo get a bonus
    for yelling that question
    just before the President exists the room?


  20. Igy says:

    Is anybody at the CTH concerned about “mandatory” vaccines? I have only heard one statement, made in passing (months ago) and while Trump is usually very “wordy”, he was not on this subject.


  21. paper doll says:

    PT can come up with as many vaccines as he wants,as long as we can decline it.

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