Sidney Powell Discusses Special Counsel Role in Continuing Corrupt DOJ and FBI Effort….

Michael Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell appears with Liz MacDonald to discuss the ongoing corrupt evidence surfacing against a variety of DOJ and FBI officials to include the special counsel effort to scrub their phone records.

Within the interview Ms. Powell highlights the arc of the investigative effort from the origin of ‘Spygate’ through the term of the special counsel led by Andrew Weissmann, and into the Senate effort to cloud and conceal their own participation.  WATCH:


We at CTH are not going to let this issue go, regardless of whether Bill Barr, John Durham or Bill Aldenberg take direct action to address it.

Newly released records [SEE HERE] from a FOIA show the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel team “accidentally” wiped at least 27 iPhones of data early in 2018.  Curiously timed at the same time the special counsel was attempting to cover for their coordination with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner.

Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann accidentally wiped two phones himself; through a lengthy process of entering the wrong passcode several times over a period of three hours; removing data to show his activity during the special counsel. Weissmann claimed to have entered the wrong password (takes ten attempts) and that erased all the data. Greg Andre, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s criminal division, made the same claim.

Wiping your phone to hide damaging information only works if the other phone you are communicating with wipes the same data. Guess what happened? Yup, exactly that.

James Quarles III who worked with Mueller in private practice at the Washington office of Wilmer-Hale, claimed his iPhone magically erased itself.

Before joining the special counsel team Rush Atkinson worked under Andrew Weissmann in the DOJ’s criminal fraud section where he specialized in financial fraud. Atkinson claims he too entered the wrong password ten times and accidentally erased all the data.

At least twelve other people assigned to the special counsel investigation had similar “phone wiped/erased” issues which blocked the inspector general from his review.

One “accidental” method used repeatedly was to place the iPhone in airplane mode and then lock it without providing the password. Retrieval attempts then erased all data, and returned to factory settings after unsuccessful passcode entries.

[PDF Link Available Here]

As we have previously mentioned the two-year Weissmann/Mueller special counsel, May 2017 through April 2019, was a continuum of the corrupt DOJ and FBI efforts that originated prior to the 2016 election. Many of the internal FBI and DOJ officials just transferred from the Clinton email investigation, into the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, and then into the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel investigation.

The corrupt activity within the special counsel tenure was actually worse than the corrupt activity that preceded it.

To give you an idea how difficult it is to wipe the iPhone, watch this video.

This was not done “accidentally”:


After the reports of the phone wiping surfaced the republican led Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) refused to provide documents to republican senators from their Russia investigation. Citing archaic justification within senate parliamentary rules current Chairman Marco Rubio (R) and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner are refusing to allow Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley to review the evidence the SSCI assembled to create their report on Russian election interference.

The reason and motives for the denial are simple, yet the majority of Americans have no idea…. The SSCI was the legislative entity, both republicans and democrats, who participated in the unlawful effort to remove President Trump from office. The risk of exposure is exactly why Mitch McConnell put Senator Marco Rubio on the committee as chairman to replace Richard Burr. The Senate was participating in the soft-coup.

WASHINGTON DCThe Republican and Democratic leaders on the Senate Intelligence Committee rejected a broad request from two Republican Senate leaders seeking access to the panel’s records to assist in their investigation into the Trump-Russia investigators.

Acting Chairman Marco Rubio of Florida and Vice Chairman Mark Warner of Virginia rejected a late August letter from Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who said that they “respect the authority” of the Senate Intelligence Committee to protect its interests, adding that “ultimately, we have the right as United States Senators” to access the records.

“We note that your request of the Committee is made pursuant to Senate Rule 26, but fails to account for the unique authorities and obligations invested in this Committee through Senate Resolution 400 and respected over decades of Senate and Committee practice,” Rubio and Warner responded. “Accordingly, we must reject the absolutist interpretation of Rule 26 that you propose. If this Committee elects to share materials that it has collected and generated in the course of its investigation into Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, it will do so pursuant to these long-standing Committee rules, and specifically, the joint agreement of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman.”

Rubio and Warner added: “Independent of whether that agreement is forthcoming, our position on this matter obviously does not preclude you from pursuing your own investigation, using your own authorities, as you see fit, within the confines of your committees’ jurisdictions.” (read more)

I cannot overemphasize the importance of this sunlight avoidance enough.

Back on March 17, 2017, the SSCI secretly received the FISA application used on Carter Page from FBI supervisory special agent Brian Dugan. The ‘review and return’ application was delivered to Senate Security Director James Wolfe, who then placed it in the Senate SCIF to be reviewed by Vice-Chairman Mark Warner (and possibly Chairman Richard Burr). It appears no other senators were informed of this production.

James Wolfe then leaked the FISA application to reporter Ali Watkins. All indications are that Wolfe leaked the application to Watkins as directed by Warner, possibly with Burr’s full knowledge.

FBI Agent Brian Dugan then completed a nine-month leak investigation resulting in James Wolfe admitting to the leak. The leak was Dugan’s FBI equity. Due to the severity of the leak; and specifically because the leak encompassed the FISA application; in/around mid-January 2018 the special counsel in Main Justice was notified of Dugan’s findings and the investigative file was shared with the Weissmann team.

The Weissman team then took apart the investigative file and began running cover for the corrupt background story that included the participation by Senator Mark Warner. Part of that file surfaced when the text messages between Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer Adam Waldman were made public on Feb 9, 2018.

In a pre-planned operation, as soon as the explosive Warner/Waldman texts were released Senator Marco Rubio rushed to the microphones to fraudulently state that Warner had informed the committee during his early spring (2017) contacts with Waldman and Chris Steele. This claim by Rubio was a lie. Rubio was running cover for Warner as part of his own affiliation with the origin of the Fusion-GPS opposition research and the subsequent transfer of information to the Clinton campaign and ultimately through Chris Steele to the corrupt FBI investigative unit. [Later to the Weissmann/Mueller crew]

Rubio’s motive to downplay the ramifications of the Warner effort, and the subsequent Wolfe leak, directly ties to his own involvement with the Fusion-GPS effort. Remember, at the time of this obfuscation (late ’17 and early ’18) no-one yet knew the Fusion-GPS fraudulent story (which became the Steele dossier) was originally funded by the Super-PAC funding the Rubio campaign.

Go look at when the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel deleted their iPhone records and history. The scrubbing took place mid-January 2018 as soon as they realized the previously unknown leak investigation by Washington Field Office FBI agent Brian Dugan had bumped into the special counsel operation that was coordinating with the SSCI.

The special counsel warned Warner; took action to remove specific evidence assembled by Dugan (which included the Warner/Waldman text messages); created a fictitious cover story for the SSCI to use; extracted the Dugan version of the FISA application he used to catch Wolfe (which they later released under the guise of FOIA); then sent a deconstructed (now useless) investigative file back to DC USAO Jessie Liu who had nothing left except to present a DC grand jury with James Wolfe lying to investigators.

That corrupt, unlawful and coordinated cover-up effort lies at the heart of why the SSCI will not share any information with GOP senators today.

Senators Johnson and Grassley were asking for the FISA application in 2018, not knowing the original and first renewal were previously provided to the SSCI on March 17, 2017.

When congress (House Intel, House Judiciary, Senate Judiciary and Senate Homeland Security) were writing to FISA Court presiding judge Rosemary Collyer seeking a copy of the FISA application from the court they had no idea one early copy was already provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Chairman Burr and Vice-Chair Warner kept their review and use secret; but the information about their reception came out because James Wolfe leaked it and FBI agent Brian Dugan was awaiting that leak.

FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer never told any of the chairmen about the March 2017 copy of the application that was provided to Brian Dugan to deliver to the SSCI.

Throughout the attempt to remove President Trump from office, which included the impeachment effort, the SSCI was participating and assisting; now they are in cover-up mode. That’s the reason why Mitch McConnell put Marco Rubio in charge of that committee.

There’s a reason why senior staff from Senator Ron Johnson’s committee and senior staff from Chuck Grassley’s committee are asking for SSCI documents. It might not come out before the election, but it will come out…

BACKSTORY: (Read Here – and All Citations)

The sequence is critical:

1. Adam Waldman text messages. (release date Feb 9, 2018)

2. Justice Dept. Letter to journalist Ali Watkins (release date Feb 13, 2018)

3. James Wolfe indictment (release date June 8, 2018)

4. FISC / Senate Judiciary Letter (public release April, 2020 – event date July 12, 2018) The letter from DOJ-NSD (Mueller Special Proseuctors) to the FISC is important.

5. Carter Page FISA application (release date July 21, 2018) Only need the first application section. 83 pages of original application.

6. Government Sentencing Wolfe Case memo and recommendation for upward departure and/or variance. Filed December 11, 2018

7. Govt. Reply to Defendant (Wolfe) sentencing memo (date Dec 14, 2018) Govt. Exhibit #13 (two page attestation is critical).


July 27, 2018, – Wall Street Journal – Wolfe lawyers threaten SSCI subpoenas.

Dec 11, 2018 – Politico – Senators seek Leniency:


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244 Responses to Sidney Powell Discusses Special Counsel Role in Continuing Corrupt DOJ and FBI Effort….

  1. UniPartySlayer says:

    These people are sick!

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      “Andrew Weissmann accidentally wiped two phones himself”. Yep.. I’m convinced it was ‘accidental’. About as ‘accidental’ as those arson fires here in the West.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Global warming made weissman do it ! Weissman was luck global warming didn’t set his 2 ‘wiped’ phones on fire.

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      • iswhatitis says:

        They like to call the wildrfires, “climate fires“.

        Maybe they should call phone wipes, “climate wipes“.

        Their Lefty sycophants would absolutely buy it.

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      • David M Kitting says:

        Whatever you do sturmudgeon, don’t read Judge Nathan’s decision on the Sadr case. Shockingly, in the 2014-2016 time frame, the FBI was illegally data mining emails ‘looking’ for Federal crimes to extort, I mean prosecute, and the SDNY/DANY withheld tons of Brady material until after the guy was found guilty on 5 counts. You can’t make this stuff up. I made it through p.11 [of 42] before my BP/furious anger forced me to close the doc.

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      • Craig Branham says:

        Someone needs to introduce Weissmann to some accidental lead poisoning.

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    • lieutenantm says:

      But according to Bill Binny–who ought to know. He built the system–all of our writings here and gnashings of teeth are UNNECESSARY…….SINCE THE NSA HAS EVERY EMAIL AND TEXT MESSAGE THAT HAS SUPPOSEDLY BEEN “WIPED”…..Can someone please speak to this point.

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Can someone please speak to this point.

        The NSA speaks to this point DIRECTLY

        Your Data: If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear

        What if we could build a national data warehouse containing information about every person in the United States? Thanks to secret interpretations of the PATRIOT ACT, top-secret Fourth Amendment exceptions allowed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and broad cooperation at the local, state, and federal level, we can!

        In the spirit of openness and transparency, here is a partial list of current and planned future data collection targets:

        internet searches (ie; here’s a collection of searches by Federal Government workers)
        websites visited
        emails sent and received
        social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
        blogging activity including posts read, written, and commented on – View our patent
        videos watched and/or uploaded online
        photos viewed and/or uploaded online
        mobile phone GPS-location data
        mobile phone apps downloaded
        phone call records – View our patent
        text messages sent and received
        Skype video calls
        online purchases and auction transactions
        credit card/ debit card transactions
        financial information
        legal documents
        travel documents
        health records
        cable television shows watched and recorded
        commuter toll records
        electronic bus and subway passes / Smartpasses
        facial recognition data from surveillance cameras
        educational records
        arrest records
        driver license information


        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          WE CAN!
          (and NO….. I did not add the exclamation point…..THEY DID)

          I’m SO EXCITED…and I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!

          If I had to pick my favorite it would be my DNA!!!


          • WhiteBoard says:

            its ALL USELESS

            Biometric Hackng – has company wire money to CEO impersonated.

            how can DATA be reliable if it can be hacked ?


            Psssst – the secret is this – We LIEEEEEEEEE and say we HAVE ALL YOUR DATA – and we prosecute and frame people based on made up stuff (the public beleives cause we trained them to beleive we have it all, WHEN WE HAVE NOTHING).

            the SELL is getting you TO thinik they HAVE IT ALL.

            they dont.

            the only valuable data is the active surveill 72 forward and 72 backward….

            and that can even be fabricated.

            You need a Live Marker within someone – similar to your DNA. but it cant be a TRACE object like a finger print – it has to be a LIVE BEEEEP BEEEP that moves with you as a drone hovers over.

            somthing implanted – and unique to each person.


            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              I appreciate your posts Whiteboard….but I gotta be honest….I find them hard to follow….
              Of course they can collect this stuff…..
              Holy shit….many of these MY OWN COMPANY does.
              I can unarchive every email, IM, and document I’ve sent for the last 15 years.
              Memory is cheap.

              What is “UPSTREAM”?
              How did the FBI know to approach the DNC in 2015 about suspicious activity on their servers?
              What is “23 & Me”?
              They don’t send their customers their DNA profile….
              They send them a COPY of their DNA profile.
              How’d they catch that Golden State Killer?
              “Broad Cooperation” they say.


              • WhiteBoard says:

                Hell yea,

                great points (sorry about the technique in writing – plausible deniability)

                I was reviewing FISA law – 4th amendment etc…

                and the premise was that if something can be obtained without physically entering your home to obtain it – then its not a violation of search or privacy.

                So – when we use “services” like 23&me – we arent in the home, and we arent asking them to keep it private.

                out of deception and our ignorance we are participating in legally handing our privacy to Services.

                (for example – a Home phone versus a cell phone – one has reasonable acceptance of privacy; the other can be infered used in public or anywhere)

                Challenge for you – (could you post a new post – explaining possible ways we could keep within our 4thamendment laws? Like make it harder for companies to own our data… is there any way to use other peoples services and expect privacy?)

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                • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

                  Challenge for you – (could you post a new post – explaining possible ways we could keep within our 4thamendment laws? Like make it harder for companies to own our data… is there any way to use other peoples services and expect privacy?)

                  Thanks Whiteboard!
                  (BTW: I do appreciate your posts)
                  To answer your challenge….

                  Personally I’m not too worried about all the info my company archives….
                  1) I recognize their right to do this. (If I don’t like it I can quit….right?)
                  2) I DO NOT transmit ANYTHING I think can get me (or them) in trouble .
                  3) I have a MY OWN phone (vs Company provided) and second PC that I transmit any NON business related info.
                  IMO: They have no right to that.

                  It gets more complicated with social media and what their rights are….

                  Which is one of the many reasons
                  I don’t Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc….


        • Risa says:

          That is a parody website, although it is probably too close to the reality.

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          • Rosemary B says:

            Indeed parody as it states atthe bottom of the home page

            “This is a parody of and has not been approved, endorsed, or authorized by the National Security Agency or by any other U.S. Government agency.
            Much of this content was derived from news media, privacy groups, and government websites. Links to these sites are posted on the left-sidebars of each page.”


          • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

            You interrupted my Pointer Sisters moment.


      • jeff montanye says:

        building suspense?


      • botchedcasuality says:

        It’s been suggested that they were illegally using encryption and crashed the phones to cover it up.


  2. I feel so discouraged reading all this. It’s as if there are very few guys to right this ship. Not enough of them. So many corrupt bastards.

    Can’t wait to be in DC for the #WalkAway rally in two weeks. I need to be recharged.

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    • shevee says:

      Please report in to the rest of us that weekend! I was seriously considering going before the “apocalypse” but am uncomfortable traveling just yet. Have an awesome time!

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      • I definitely will. If I knew how to share photos I would. I need it big time and being around thousands of Trump supporters for 2+ days will be great. Speakers like Lara Trump, Katie Hopkins, Dan Crenshaw and many more. It won’t be huge… but at least 6000 have RSVP’d. Then we’ll see who actually shows up.


  3. WhiteBoard says:

    One more footnote we need to focus on

    ” one was a federal agency and could receive raw”

    “one was not a federal agency and should not of received raw data, however they had unsupervised access”

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    • Mike in a Truck says:

      Whole lotta wiping goin on.If any one of us did this we’d be lookin at prison time I’ll bet.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      You now have a connection into the CIA, SSCI Clinton’s and more for Kris.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        Great follow up Island!

        glad you caught that messge on the other side.

        ” He is a writer for Lawfare, for example, and has penned articles jointly with Benjamin Wittes, the friend of James Comey, who “leaked” Comey’s memos on his meetings with President Trump to the media.

        Kris was in the Harvard Law class of 1991, Barack Obama’s graduating class, and was a national security adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008. He was on the Obama transition team after the 2008 election, and from that position received his DOJ appointment in 2009.

        Those connections, Kris’s years at DOJ in the 1990s and early 2000s, his past affiliation with the Brookings Institution, and his founding of a D.C. consulting firm (Culper Partners LLC) could all make us wonder if it’s ever possible to not swamp-source an appointed position in Washington.”

        For those of you not sure what we are talking about …

        FISC advisor (during FLYNN set up) Amicus
        (every name appointed before 2017 is a GD hack for the Democrat Party and an open Critic of Potus currently, is the boss of lisa Page(Mark), or the Lawyer of Lisa Page (jeffress), and comments of the 1800 revolution where an incumbent was overthrown (laura)

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        • islandpalmtrees says:

          I believe, I have the answer in part for the stamp.


        • islandpalmtrees says:

          I believe, I have the answer in part for the stamp.

          It’s, the stamp without the date and without the initials redacted. l, LeeAnn Flynn stamp.


        • islandpalmtrees says:

          5. Carter Page FISA application (release date July 21, 2018) Only need the first application section. 83 pages of original application.


          • WhiteBoard says:

            the first date within the text – is feb 5th 2020 talking of potential litigation by page…

            thats about the time COVID started to shut us down.

            the funny loophole – its it cites destruction requirement for FISA – but basically says any illegallly gained data IS NOT REFERENCED anywhere in FBI RETENTION OR DESTRUCTION therefore this data is not destroyable or held to retnetion rules (deleted after use).

            Seems to me like the Judge isnt fighting it – he is prepping WW3

            i still dont get your pointing at hte Clerk dates – but i do agree its odd – why redact hers – unless that was a leak trace also (AND THIS WAS LEAKED – and initiated the COVID end of the world crap we are in to KEEP THEM FROM TRAVELING to court).

            Good catch Island.


        • ConcernedALMom says:

          Notice the name of that consulting firm – Culper. There’s a little hint, that was the code name of the main patriot spy in the series Turn. That is historically correct and he was instrumental in our American revolution. Maybe that’s how this group perceives themselves in this current attempt at revolution.


  4. G. Alistar says:

    There was a time I respected and would have voted for Marco Rubio. Young, smart, eloquent speaker with a great future as a conservative. Then he, like Mark Warner, sold his soul to Satan….
    He is dead to me….forever.

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    • gabytango says:

      Imagine how I feel when I see him in my church!!

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      • Bill says:

        I would treat him like a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
        Very dangerous to associate with!

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      • vikingmom says:

        That has to be VERY frustrating!! How well do you know your pastor? Marco Rubio should be confronted, as prescribed in Matthew 18, by you, and then, if he does not repent, then you should take two or three more with you (preferably elders or pastors) and talk with him about his actions. Lying may be fashionable in DC but it’s still a sin in the Scriptures!

        “He who practices deceit will not dwell in my house; He who tells lies and half-truths will not continue to remain in my presence.” Psalm 101:7

        Liked by 6 people

        • gabytango says:

          Senator R divides his church time between two churches here in Miami; a Baptist Church and also a Catholic Church. It’s almost like the way he operates – hedging his bets.

          I’m pretty sure the church pastoral team would RUN from anything political being discussed. They are very PC. I’m so disappointed with their timidity, especially in this time of such turmoil.


      • KT Prayer Warrior says:

        I recommend walking up to him, looking him straight in the eye while shaking his hand and very sincerely saying, “How that I am praying for you. I pray everyday day for the Holy Spirit to bring you wisdkm, coun sel, righteous decision making and most of all PEACE that passes all understanding.”. Then follow thru on that prayer each day. Know that I will do that too, starting in earnest tonight. Think about what happens in the s put it realm. God’s righteousness will haunt him. He will be flooded with God’s holiness in all aspects of his life thru our prayers. The light of God will cause the evil to flee. Sen R will be forced to face it eventually. Specifically, read Psalm 94 as you pray.I

        I have been doing something similar over the names of all of the Special Council team names. But it is much more effective give for a person claiming to be a believer.

        I have seen how small errors are brought into bright sunlight and it encourages me to continue.

        Liked by 1 person

        • gabytango says:

          I respect and agree with all your beautiful prayers, KT. Thank you for your beautiful contributions to this forum!

          I will begin doing what you have suggested, and praying over the Senator’s name!


      • donna kovacevic says:

        Your altar in the church did not collapse, with Rubio being present? This is why I depise people like that going to church, do they not know God sees and knows all? What are thinking, acting? God Bless PDJT.

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    • ruth3otis says:

      I never respected him. I thought he sounded like a robot spewing out newspeak that “sounded” good. I’ve always loathed this phoney, even when everybody else liked him.

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    • GB Bari says:

      POTUS had “Little Marco’s” number from the outset.
      I don’t believe his animus towards Rubio was at all just because of the political primary contest. No, I think President trump has known about Rubio’s deceit and disingenuousness for quite awhile.

      After all, POTUS has a significant investment in his Palm Beach FL home for many years. It makes perfect sense that he knows many of Rubio’s secrets.

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  5. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Either we have the Rule of Law or not. The institution that Barr should be defending is not the DOJ or FBI, but the USA.

    If not, let’s stop having elections….

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  6. Cowboy79 says:

    Bill Binney says that the NSA Stellar Wind (Stellarwind) program already has everything on all of the phones that Weissman et al wiped. Trump just has to request it.

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  7. Old Dawg says:

    This is will be fixed when ALL stops are pulled and all cards are face up on the deck, to include declassifying EVERYTHING with nothing left to the imagination. IF it means 50 senators go to jail, so be it. IF it means 200 congress critters go to jail, so be it. IF it means John Roberts is hung from a light pole, so be it. The problem won’t be remediated until, and only when, there’s a big axe swung and the chips are allowed to fall where they may. It may mean burning most of the system to the ground to save the remnants of our Republic.

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  8. trump20162024 says:

    Little Marco is a giant schiffhole.

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  9. Skidroe says:

    After President Trump is in office for 4 more years we need to make Sidney Powell the FIRST women President.

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  10. allin4freedom says:

    Buzzfeed reports that U.S. National Security Atty Ken Kohl has been assigned to Flynn’s case to represent the government. The question is Why? Are there going to be indictments because of government misconduct in prosecuting Flynn?

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  11. Leon Brozyna says:

    I keep wondering if there’s anything else to drop before Durham starts hitting the news cycle.

    Keep hoping that each day will start bringing long awaited results; Nora Dannehy was apparently tasked to filter material to make sure any charges that are brought will be “clean” (not using evidence obtained by “force”, as in having to testify to the IG, for example).

    Wonder if Durham will be tasked now to investigate the Weismann team or if Barr will bring a new prosecutor on board.

    Prosecutorial misconduct weaves such a convoluted and tangled web.

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  12. furtive says:

    Attorney General Robert H. Jackson;
    “The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty, and reputation than any other person in America. His discretion is tremendous. . . .While the prosecutor at his best is one of the most beneficent forces in our society, when he acts from malice or other base motives, he is one of the worst.”

    A prosecutor has almost unilateral, unchecked ability to destroy the lives of those he charges. It is beyond troubling that our top law enforcement officer chooses the company of those who repeatedly failed their duty.

    As a JAG Lawyer, ms.Lindsey would never call a target or co-conspirator to testify until the federal prosecutor indicts.
    He needed deference from Barr.
    if POTUS is re-elected Barr will resign because he is going to close the investigation.

    He was there to procrastinate , nothing more.
    Trump had no knowledge of his colorful past.
    The “head hunter“ ad hominem means ZERO if he doesn’t pull in the reins.
    Career prosecutors will Long remain.

    CIA LIFER Barr aka “Robert Johnson“ is an eloquent con man

    By the way ms Lindsey was huckstering for campaign nickels & dimes on hannity Radio today.
    Makes you wonder why he told us to “tune in”.

    He really needs to lose his election.
    Don’t give him a Kleenex, or a mask, the creep.

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    • C2C says:

      I caught Lindsay on Hannity as well, Lindsay was saying his opponent is funded by Soros and sounded worried, pleading for donations.

      Miss Lindsay ignored the fact that many of his previous supporters are disgusted with him being a weasel & won’t vote for him again, just to send a message

      Hannity of course was deferential towards him. I want to smack Seanity upside the head.

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  13. Doppler says:

    All those special counsel phone wipers need to be put under oath and questioned about how it happened, on video, by someone skilled in questioning, and also able to offer a “deal” for the first to “fess up.”

    There’s no will within DOJ/FBI to investigate the resistance.

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  14. Genie says:

    Poor Andrew Wipeman; wipes twice and thinks he’s clean.

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    • Zy says:

      Only a Democrat would believe Herr Weissmann’s story.

      Liked by 3 people

        • GB Bari says:

          Actually I believe Barr probably does think that all those DOJ and FBI officials probably did commit many unethical and some “technically criminal” violations.

          He just doesn’t see the benefit of prosecuting any of them versus the embarrassment to the institutions it will cause.

          Admit it or not, AG Barr apparently believes in, has advocated for, and by his actions and inactions, conspicuously reinforced a blatantly two-tiered system of justice. Government officials in the upper tier, and the rest of the hoi polloi (us) in the lower tier.

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  15. nerveman says:

    This close to the heart of the beast. The Uniswamp Sedition Conspiracy

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  16. I am watching the CNN townhall with Biden. The people are reading their questions. Biden is obviously on stimulants and is performing adequately. I don’t see any teleprompter around. Obviously he got the questions beforehand. This is a practice session for the debate.

    So be sure to keep up the expectation that he has to perform at a presidential level. Don’t lower expectations at all.


    • RickInHouston says:

      Will be interesting if he’s down for a day or two after this because of the stimulant given.

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      Well, we already know Christine won’t push him and definitely will not ask anything that Joe hasn’t spent weeks being briefed on.


    • Deplorable Texan says:

      He (Biden) loses his temper very easily, many videos of it. It’s another tell of early onset dementia. All President Trump has to do is lean on him a few times, he’s gonna lose his s—t. I still think they will find a way to not do debates.


    • Amy2 says:

      What I noticed during Biden’s town hall was that he shuffled a lot. Not a very firm gate for a presidential candidate.


  17. There was one “Trump” supporter that asked about the Clean Water Act. He gave a rambling response that essentially said you can extract value from chicken manure after removing the methane. So a non-answer if you will. No follow up on that.


  18. WhiteBoard says:

    FYI ! there are 3 names on this COUP that ARENT unredacted on this phone list

    Andres is 1 of them!

    ironic you would point out somethign unique about him in your article Sundance. Makes me think there is a pattern maybe with the other 2.

    If i remember correct – the other 2 were Goldstein and Atkinson.

    Surf my comments on the article your posted if it helps.

    I think Rudy Contraras Signed a fisa on one of the 3 other FISA people (Flynn, Manafort (i forget the 3rd name , other than page)

    Liked by 1 person

  19. cedars rebellion says:

    And so, the Investigation That Never Ends has (gasp!) another couple of avenues, maybe over 20, to investigate. And remember, we have to have the complete picture and full report from Barr, Durham and the rest before they can get off the Island.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. logboom says:

    Violence against these crooked individuals is in the future. This level of corruption cannot be left to go without some form of justice. Be corporal or judicial.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. littleanniesfannie says:

    The DoJ must be proud to have had an association with so many people who don’t have the intelligence of a 6 year old when it comes to using a smartphone. If that isn’t the case, then they need to be prosecuted. You have your two choices AG Barr. Waiting for your move. (If it is too difficult, I will send X-Lax—it will help you move in a large enough dose!!)

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Bogeyfree says:

    Where are the math wizards.

    What are the odds that 27 phones, some from folks within the SC AND some outside who happened to RECEIVE communications from these SC accidentally deleted phones, that the phones of people outside the SC would ALSO somehow accidentally wipe their phone.

    What are the odds.

    Probably greater than Epstein killing himself.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m willing to bet PT learned about the 27 wiped phones around the time he tweeted out the Barr is either going to be great or average message.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. trnathens says:

    If I was Ms. Powell, I would say, “Judge Sullivan, I agree, let’s have a hearing on WHY the Department of Justice now wants to dismiss the charges against my client. I will need subpoenas for every person and document from Crossfire Hurricane. Let’s start examining witnesses, shall we?!”

    Liked by 1 person

  25. TonyEuropa says:

    Get the texts from the NSA.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Janus says:

    The question–if indeed a ‘question’ is the appropriate reaction–is what will be done in the face of this rank criminality? What???? I mean, geez….they’re rubbing our face in it!!!!

    While I have several ideas how this should be dealt with, I do not think the authorities would approve. And I’m absolutely certain that members of Mueller’s political hit squad would not.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. ReglarMerican says:

    Reminds me of when I lived in an old house with a full basement. I would spray the living quarters and the roaches ran away. If I went down to the basement and turned on the light, the roaches would scurry further into the nooks and crannies seeking more darkness …

    Liked by 1 person

  28. laeagle says:

    Rather than bloviating in speeches Barr needs to step up to the plate and bring a slew of indictments NOW. No indictments = no justice.

    Liked by 4 people

  29. GTOGUY says:

    Papadopolous was charged with lying, and also he swapped out his phone and his Social Media account was locked. That, plus a FARA charge was all used to pressure him to plead guilty, which he did. So why can’t Weissmann and Co. be charged with obstruction for intentionally wiping their phones after being asked for them by the IG investigators? Not hard to prove intent and collusion / conspiracy when 12 of them are all doing it the same way in the same time period.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. bessie2003 says:

    Any chance the Awan brothers over in Pakistan still have a backdoor open into all these Senator’s and Congressmen’s computers and cell phones? If so, perhaps they’d be open for a visit by Durham’s team of investigators for a look-see?

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Ocelot says:

    “We at CTH are not going to let this issue go, regardless of whether Bill Barr, John Durham or Bill Aldenberg take direct action to address it.”

    The Demented Dem left have a vastly larger army of reporters, Network contributors, social media manipulators etc on their side but they mostly repeat the same politically scripted anti Trump mantras. concocted lies and TDS rants daily. They rarely if ever engage in meaningful rational discussions between their rants or produce cogent evidence to back up their latest allegations.

    The front line troops of the Trump side, are in contrast, honest, brilliant, skillful, principled people that actually fight for what they believe is right for the nation and not what lies and plots they can manufacture to destroy their opponent. Trump supporting media dig for the truth and discover reliable documented evidence or they argue cogently on air about the important issues in the election, about the corruption in DC and on and on. I could make a lengthy list but we know who they are.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Can America ever overcome this level of corruption? It is really sad to see how low these senators are willing to stoop to protect themselves. There is not a hint of moral duty to do right by their nation. Werner I can understand, he looks like a weasel, but Turtle and Rubio, both such self-righteous individuals, it is really sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. wlbeattie says:

    IMO your personal comments don’t enhance your negativity!


  34. SanJac says:

    Judicial watch needs to file FOIA with the NSA because all the information from those 27 phones is in the system there or in the mega data collection center

    Liked by 1 person

  35. jbrickley says:

    From a purely technical standpoint, the data isn’t gone. The SMS texts are retrievable from the phone company. The iCloud messages retrievable from Apple. Any enterprise communication email or chat applications are certainly logged at the server level. Restrictions on the installation of unapproved Apps would normally be in place on a government issued iPhone. Likely preventing tampering and manual wipe found under Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Settings and Content which is the factory wipe that only takes one confirmation and password entry not the 10 failed attempts with an exponential curve on each subsequent failed login. If properly enterprise managed, it might even capture all network traffic via VPN and / or proxy, including web page surfing, etc. The same thing goes for that IRS Lois Lerner laptop lost email snafu. The data is on the SERVER the laptop only gets a copy. They eventually located email server backups at the IRS but there should be a data retention vault because ALL private sector companies have to retain data long term almost indefinitely due to the possibility of a court demanding the data and fines and penalties if you can’t deliver. I suppose government agencies are exempt but they should certainly not be exempt.

    The only data lost on a smartphone due to a wipe would be the data that Apple keeps on the device such as GPS logs and the like that are not uploaded to Apple but used for things like knowing where you are going and estimating your ETA compared with current traffic info. Its basically a whole lot of metadata using by the machine learning hardware built into the iPhone.

    They run Apps and those Apps talk to servers to send and receive communications. All that data is kept at the server level. After wiping the iPhone and re-enrolling with the mobile device management server the data is sync’d back onto the device. Email especially and chats. Even if they delete the email and chats, there’s copy in the data retention vaults.

    It really pisses me off watching these hearings and questioning the wrong individuals at government agencies. Asking all the wrong questions. They should not be talking to the CIO of IT they should be dragging in the email and mobility engineers and administrators and grilling them.

    Liked by 5 people

    • evergreen says:

      Really, now, why would they want to do that? They are getting the answers they want: data gone. Oh, darn it! Well, I guess there’s nothing more to do or talk about.

      Liked by 1 person

    • SanJac says:

      I’ve watched TV shows where a search warrant from a judge will get ALL phone records including actual phone conversations.
      I can’t believe all the politicians (Shysters) we see complaining about the phones being wiped don’t know how the NSA and the mega data capture center works.


  36. Jerry Joe says:

    None of this corruption, disregard for Rule and Law and amoral behavior was born from political ideologies. It’s simply good vs. evil.

    When counting worthy souls in DC, one need not look to his toes to help keep track. Evil is hiding behind politics, showing its upper hand, and holds no barr to keep VSGPDJT isolated and appearing overpowered.

    The American Odyssey by Sundance continues…

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Bogeyfree says:

    My question is if Mifsud was always a western asset and used by the DS or possibly the SC.

    Isn’t it likely the SC might have had communications with Mifsud?

    If so doesn’t Barr have Mifsud’s two phones?

    So maybe they didn’t erase ALL of the phones?


  38. islandpalmtrees says:

    It must be the date they are hiding, look at Page 83. It’s the same l, LeeAnn Flynn Hall as before.

    Click to access FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf


  39. evergreen says:

    A Senator could write a letter to Apple and request that “the data in question be quarantined for future use in criminal investigatory proceedings. Please confirm said intent. Thank you.”


  40. SanJac says:

    I would bet none of these nickel chasing shyster actually knows how to wipe a phone without the help of someone who actually knows how to wipe them.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. melskia says:

    I may be a little slow here on the uptake but, has the NSA not captured all phone conversations, text messages and email messages for years and have them all in their data files in Utah? Can these phone calls and messages be recovered and recreated? Can somebody with a little more knowledge about the NSA please help out here?

    Liked by 2 people

  42. AccountabilityPlease says:


    Many of us are wondering why the “deleted” messages cannot be recovered from the NSA database since they intercept and store all electronic communications.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Mr. Morris says:

    The corruption is gob smacking. The worst part is knowing how terrible it is and being helpless to do anything about it. Sundance has done a wonderful job with his incredible research and has gone to the mat by informing those with responsibility for fact finding, and bringing charges against the cabal. Judicial Watch, Lee Smith, Peter Schweitzer, Sara Carter and others have also contributed.
    I am experiencing an anger that can only be described as white hot. My solution is to vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and volunteer to help them get elected.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. Carrie says:


  45. Rayc22558 says:

    Sidney Powell, our next Attorney General.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      How about WH Justice Czar right now with full authority to ride shotgun with Barr/Durham and declassify any document because McConnell is never going to confirm Sidney post Nov.

      PT could do all this with the stroke of his pen and there is nothing the boys in the Senate could do about it.

      Obama had 47 czars, PT has had zero.


  46. Right to reply says:

    Why won’t Trump declassify?
    Why don’t we the people take a class action against the special council?


  47. joebkonobi says:

    If they get away with this, we, as a country, are doomed. There is no rule of law. DC needs to be evacuated of anything to do with our so called government. We cannot stand by and let this happen, otherwise we are complicit. Trump is one of the few in DC working for US. Except for Trump and a few others, I a really gonna have to hold my nose while voting, God help us!

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Beau Geste says:

    Another example of the DUAL Justice System.
    Even after the crooked DOJ ‘forgets’ about release of Top Secret FISA WArrant to Wolfe’s sleepover friend that would put an ordinary citizen in jail for 10+ years, the coup-participating “SENATORS SEEK LENiENCY for former aide” is also not considered in any way to be Obstruction of Justice.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. snailmailtrucker says:

    Wray Claims “White Supremacists” Make Up the Largest Share of Racially Motivated Terrorists in the US as BLM Burns Businesses to the Ground (VIDEO)

    What Planet do these Lying Mouth Breathers live in ?

    Liked by 1 person

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