The Background of the “Harris-Biden” Ticket…

With Senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden making recent admissions about the actual power dynamic behind the Democrat 2020 presidential ticket more people are starting to take notice. What exactly is this Harris-Biden ticket all about?

Here’s the background to understand.

CTH readers are astute to the political dynamics, and do substantive independent research, so we will cut through the fog and just explain in common sense terms.

When Kamala Harris informally launched her bid for the Democrat nomination she did so in an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos; this was not accidental. Harris was the DNC club candidate intended to walk in the shadow of the Obama team. As a consequence when the formal campaign was launched it was coordinated with the Chicago Jussie Smollett fiasco.  That incident was manufactured; this is how they roll. These people are all connected. Racial issues are a purposeful political strategy.

Unfortunately for the Club, the Smollet effort back-fired and Harris was never able to exploit the larger racial dynamic deployed by those who organize the astroturf effort. The primary race then wobbled along as the internal DNC players tried to figure out the best way to stay in power yet keep the far-left base motivated.

While the Democrat party, writ large, are known for exploiting fragmented special interests, the Obama coalition is the internal group with expertise at exploiting race for political benefit.  This dynamic has existed since the initial contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008.  This internal dynamic continues today.

The Black Grievance Industry (BGI) is an assembly of two larger groups.  Group-one is the Black Lives Matter group, modern and extremist.  Group-two is the AME church network, more traditional and with a larger network.  The BLM group originated during the terms of the Obama administration.  The AME network has existed for many decades before.

When Hillary Clinton ran in 2016 the prior agreement between her and Obama meant that President Obama was supposed to activate BLM and AME to support her.

However, there was historic baggage between the two, some very bad blood in the background, and Obama only half-heartedly fulfilled his 2009/2012 promises.  The networks were activated but there was little forceful pressure upon them.

This weak Obama effort showed in September 2016 when Hillary Clinton attended the Kansas City National Baptist Convention, and the attendance for her key-note address was stunningly poor {Background}.  It was after this event when CTH was certain Donald Trump would defeat Clinton in the 2016 election.

Fast forward to the hot mess that was the 2020 Democrat primary race.  With Kamala Harris collapsing due to her own immaturity; and with Bernie Sanders in position to take the momentum; the DNC club was in a very bad position.  Urgent action needed to be taken to retain club power and control.

Immediately before the South Carolina primary, Barack Obama (BLM network) and the traditional racial apparatus (AME network) realized they were about to lose control to Bernie Sanders.  Their response was to quickly coordinate a club move to swing the election away from the Sanders camp.

An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called. The power brokers within the DNC Club designed a plan around using James Clyburn (AME network) as the official spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.

Former President Obama contacted all candidates and informed them when and how they would quit the race and fall-in-line behind Joe Biden.  James Clyburn was then triggered to initiate his endorsement and begin the rapid-fire process.

Within 48 hours all members of the club and candidates had their instructions and proceeded to follow-through on the plan.  They had no choice.  If they did not comply they would suffer the consequences of a fully aligned club hierarchy who would target them personally and financially.

The plan worked flawlessly.

As part of the coordinated deal Representative James Clyburn was put in charge of the Biden campaign; Clyburn stunningly admitted this immediately after the strategy went public.  As we noted at the time, Obama and Clyburn would then select/appoint the vice-presidential nominee.  That’s how Kamala Harris was re-entered into the equation.

Joe Biden has dementia. Everyone knows this to be true.  The Biden candidacy is a front; a ruse, a manipulative scheme that needs a face… That’s Joe Biden.

A Biden presidency would be a complete farce.  The Obama coalition is in control of everything behind the scenes.  All policy would be Obama policy; and, specifically because of their importance in triggering the origin of the entire enterprise, the primary policy stakeholders will be the congressional black caucus (CBC) led by James Clyburn.  This influence plan is behind the merging of Black Lives Matter and the AME network.

This racial activation strategy is why the initial George Floyd protests were so important and why so much political effort was put into the two weeks of funerals, memorials and narrative control.

In April, House Democrats created a Coronavirus investigation committee and James Clyburn, Biden’s handler and puppet-master, was put in charge of that committee.  Again, as you can see in today’s larger narrative around the issue, the COVID-19 narrative was engineered for political use against President Trump.  None of this is accidental.

As CTH noted at the time.…..

“The assembly of the Clyburn Committee is the DNC’s fourth political effort to remove President Trump from office. (1) 2017: Russia Collusion; (2) 2018: Mueller Obstruction; (3) 2019: Ukraine interference; and now (4) 2020: Coronavirus caused by Trump.”

[…] “Perhaps the DNC confidence toward pulling this off is driven by their confidence in using the coronavirus to get mail-in vote ballots approved on a state-by-state basis. The DNC Club controls the mail…. and the ballot counting… in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan…. ergo the DNC Club controls the 2020 election.

One thing is sure, Clyburn’s Trump Removal Committee will find or create every possible controversy, and manufacture whatever they cannot find, to outline President Trump as the cause for suffering in the U.S. with coronavirus. A big part of that plan will be to highlight the coronavirus impact on the black and minority communities.”

Where we are today was easily predictable five months ago for those who follow the road-map that is continually used by the DNC club; and those who understand how organized the club is at creating astroturf.

Joe Biden is a Potemkin candidate; a completely false front for the club.  The actual and purposeful operation is attempting to position Kamala Harris to deliver on the policies, goals and objectives of the far-left Obama coalition that operates in the background.

The flaw in their strategy is their dependency on black voters to stay away from President Trump.  Black constituents are catching on to the scheme; and black voters -those not blinded by the cultural peer pressure- are seeing President Trump actually deliver on issues that are important to them.

Additionally, the Obama coalition dependence on black voters creates a void around Latino voters.  There is friction between the two groups.  President Trump’s focus on delivering results for both black and Latino voters, as well as all Americans, is specifically against the designed interests of the Obama coalition.

Hispanic voters support President Trump because his policies actually create results, strong economic results, for their community.   Also there is a strong cultural connection between Trump priorities and the faith and leadership values within the traditional Latino community.  The Obama coalition is trying to react to this now… however, Harris and Biden are weak messengers for outreach toward the Latino community.

BOTTOM LINE: Joe Biden is a ruse.  Kamala Harris is who Obama and Clyburn are trying to put in place.


(Pictured) Joe Biden Latino Outreach Effort – September 14, 2020, in Miami

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339 Responses to The Background of the “Harris-Biden” Ticket…

  1. Eileen McRae says:

    If Biden drops out before election day, does Ms. Harris automatically become presidential candidate on the ticket? This would frustrate a lot of other people who struggled through the primaries – Elizabeth Warren, for one. Bernie Sanders is another one.

    Will there be “push back” from Democrats who really do not like Harris as a future “President”? What about the media – nothing much is being said on that front by the media.

    If Biden does not drop out and just happens to win the presidency, he is not inaugurated until the end of January. so he would need to remain in contention until then. If he bows out afterwards, there is still a VP position open. Does Harris get to nominate her choice? How will the American people feel if her choice is Bernie, or Obama, or Rice, or Jarrett, or someone else who might be anathema to the American public?

    Too many unknowns result in speculation.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      It’s not gonna “frustrate” any of the former runners. They all knew the game they were playing.

      DNC has been doing this sh*t since McGovern, at least.

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    • Justin Green says:

      That’s a recipe for pissing off already angry Bernie Bros.

      They’re going to need lots of crayons and adult coloring books and warm cookies.

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    • Joemama says:

      The Bernie supporters will either not vote, or vote for the Green Party or the Peace and Freedom Party, if they get really angry.

      Any of those options will help Republicans and harm demoncrats.

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    • Hess says:

      I’m wondering what would happen if Biden drops out after these mail in ballots have been printed and sent out.

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      • If Joe wins ,he just.needs to make it to inauguration.
        Then he can step aside for any reason and we have Heels Up Hitler.
        The Senate would approve or not approve her choice of VP.
        Its not that difficult, if he wins.

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        • They’ll need to prop him up for 2 years if possible. The Term limit amendment, says that if the VP serves more than 2 years of a presidents term, they can only run for re-election once.
          So if they can get Biden to 2 years and 1 day, Kamala is up for 2 additional terms instead of 1.


    • If Biden drops out before the debate, doesn’t the DNC have the opportunity to nominate someone else to the presidential candidate position while leaving Kamala as the VP candidate? That would certainly churn up a lot of activity amongst the democrat voters who feel somewhat bad about voting for dementia Joe. Think of all the possibilities…

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    • dd_sc says:

      If Biden were to resign after being inaugurated, Harris would become president and get to nominate her own VP candidate for Congressional approval. Like Ford nominated Rockerfeller.

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    • Boston Bean says:

      If Teleprompter Joe dropped out, the Dems would be between a rock and a hard place: ballots are being printed. Candidate filing deadlines are, or soon will be, past. They could not put Karnela or some other candidate on the ballot. I expect they’d start litigating in a hurry, but it would be VERY expensive and VERY ugly.

      If I may rephrase my opening sentence: The Dims ARE between a rock and a hard place.

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    • Barsoomian says:

      I wondered the same thing, about what if Biden dropped out before the election; then I realized that it depended on what the D Party’s rules were about that; then I realized that it didn’t matter because they’d just change the rules to whatever suited them.

      Since at least March, I’ve been saying essentially what Sundance has explained in greater detail: the real Dem Presidential candidate would be the VP candidate.

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    • Julian says:

      If he drops out before the electoral college votes then presumably they can choose whoever they want for the Presidency? I believe they vote in early December.

      If he were to be elected I think Biden would resign after the 2022 Mid-Terms – after 2 years in the job.

      If he resigned in February 2023 I believe Harris would be eligible to run for two terms (2024 & 2028) – Maximum of 10 Years rule.

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  2. Simple Citizen says:

    Okay, okay…this thought will not get me desert after dinner, but here we go.

    What if the Democrats have no interest in actually winning this race at all? What if the design of our current events are to further destroy our electoral process and bring about a DNC inspired (but a fully compromised with the elephant) martial state in order to reestablish peace / civility / and begin a new normal / a reset if you will?

    If we were to take a step back and look at the calculus, I think we could see an even larger picture. Certainly the history would seem to prove us reasonably correct with certain assertions that we have all discussed here in the past.

    Although I do agree with a good deal of what Sundance is saying here, and I fully appreciate the perspective (completely), there seems the notable absences of such factors as the CFR and the CIA in the total picture.

    Respectfully, I would not rule their influence out of the total equation.

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    • Allano says:

      The absence of the CFR and CIA has not been lost on me and probably a lot of others. They are the real scary ones who are pulling the strings for _____-? Fill in the blank. Rothschild?

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      • Simple Citizen says:

        Yes, amongst others (although I would concede that the top of the mountain or pyramid is quite small).

        From my view, there is a lot more at play than meets the eye, and I believe one side is throwing the game on purpose, but I also know that many here at CTH are also aware, astute and vigilant.

        So we just need to stick together, help one another out, stay positive, keep praying and be very good stewards to what is left of our republic.

        Allano, thanks for the response.

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        • muckeyduck says:

          Many of us believed that God had a hand in see Trump elected against long odds in 2016. So do we all of a sudden thing God is bowing out for 2020, and will not finish what he so righteously started?

          I have always felt in my gut, that God heard the suffering of the trafficked, abused children, and intervened with Trump who woudl help end their suffering. That job is not finished.

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          • Gigi the Old says:

            Do not forget our President’s great work on behalf of Israel…”I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee”. President Trump has done much to please God when it comes to Israel.


          • bmarie says:

            God allows us agency to choose. He has a hand in revealing the evil, which has happened before our very eyes, but he won’t make our choices for us. When enough people freely choose slavery and reject his word, he will allow that nation to fall by its own hand, or by the hand of its enemy.

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    • So..If you add the “Color Revolution” theory from Revolver with the Trojan Horse Candidate that is Sen (Commrade) Harris from the SRC(Socialist Republic of California)…
      Start ordering your popcorn on Amazon Auto Reorder!

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      • Simple Citizen says:

        Stuck in Marxifornizstan,

        Like the name…funny!

        We might want to take a seat and add more butter to them kernels, because we can take this one a little further:

        As many of us know, Barry is the ultimate child of the CIA. Mom was CIA, fake dad was brought here under a CIA program (real dad was more than likely a Fibee informer, but that one is very hard to actually prove), grandpappy was a CIA furniture salesman and grandmammy was a CIA banker. You cannot get a better candidate than good ole Barry to represent the agency in a lineage dating back to H.W..

        Now although Bubba was CIA, H.R. was not and has had a tumultuous relationship with the security crowd (please recall that she and baby Chelsea love the word “pig”). What Hill is very good at is being a loyal CFR member. So when it comes to Langley, one could consider that she may not have been the best choice for the big chair.

        Swamp negotiations, swamp negotiations … the candidates mysteriously disappear in the 2008 run for a quick CFR meeting, a choice is made, and Bob’s your uncle / Barry’s your President. CIA gets the Oval Office and the CFR consolation prize is a Secretary, in a governmental body that they have controlled since the 1930s, the State Department.

        Now getting a 5th CIA president in a row, just might smell a little fishy. So new options are considered; if your first choice for the prom says “no”, then go for your second choice. After all it is probably a better fit, and voilà :

        “Vice President Mike Pence visited CIA headquarters outside Washington, D.C. on Wednesday afternoon to thank the spy agency for its work.

        “The president sent me to the CIA to listen and to learn about the critical work being done in these halls, and by all your colleagues serving abroad,” Pence said according to prepared remarks provided to the Washington Examiner. “But I’m also here to pay a debt of gratitude, and to say those two words that the CIA simply doesn’t hear enough: Thank you.”

        “Thank you for the pivotal role each and every one of you plays in keeping our nation safe,” Pence added. “You, and the thousands of men and women you direct and work with on a daily basis, are essential to America’s security.”

        Pence also received a classified briefing and paid tribute to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, a fellow Indiana Republican who formerly represented the state in the U.S. Senate, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, with whom the vice president served in Congress. ”

        We could continue on this tangent, but this response is getting a little too long for comfort.

        Notice the mention of Mr. Coats and then recall his thoughts on Russia, as well as his resignation letter. Seems pretty swampy…

        Thank you for the response, and I do think the name is quite funny / smart!

        Simple Citizen

        P.S. Lest we all forget that the swamp was gaming with Mr. Podesta, A GREAT COMPROMISE scenario, just a few short months ago.

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    • I don’t think the democrats have any control over the rioters any more so they will never be able to stop the violence they instigated. Antifa and soros are running the show.

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      • Simple Citizen says:


        Great to hear form you (I believe we have spoken before or I have just read your posts)!

        Respectfully, I would agree and disagree. To be clear, I do think there is collusion between the “peaceful protestors (the mob foot soldiers), the funders (Mr. Soros et. al), and the DNC; however, the two first groups have more of a connection to the intelligence superstructure, than the DNC specifically. All of it is global and “progressive”.

        Where I see you point is in the schism between the old DNC (still in power and holding the Congressional purse strings to some extent) and the propped up new DNC supported by our security superstructure. The first group realizes it is losing control and power mas rapido! The second group is a bunch of tools, whose egos are being fed while they are played.

        In the end, all roads lead to Rome (or rather the swamp). Your thoughts are right on the spot as to how they could begin to justify a martial state, after the “great compromise” is reached.

        So I am with you and I differ a slight bit. Either way, I appreciate the input and think you have something here.

        Simple Citizen

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        • Simple Citizen, I understand your points and do agree with you. But I don’t think many of those rioters, looters and fire starters are truly really controllable. Like a drug addict wants their dope these people enjoy their destruction and the power they feel doing it. They won’t give that up easily because if they do then they will only be some worthless nobody peons with no value to anyone. They are definite bullies who like the power of the bully persona.

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          • Raghn Crow says:

            Indeed, when you “whistle up the wind, you reap the whirlwind.” Or to use another, and totally Lovecraftian metaphor, they’ve broken the first law of Necromancy (i.e., calling up the dead, supposedly to be one’s slaves): “Don’t call up what you can’t put down.” They done that, for sure.

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            • Simple Citizen says:

              sherryoftexas and Raghn Crow,

              Good morning! Wishing you both well.

              While I agree with both of you, I do think there is enough information to suggest that the rioters are being handled. The coordination and methodology of some of the riots is professional (they are coordinated on the ground in several instances / battles). So I would (humbly) suggest a bit of both (controlled and uncontrolled) types of “peaceful protestors”.

              In terms of the how of the control, I would (again, humbly) suggest that the way a drug dealer controls a user and / or a pimp controls a prostitute is being used to have some control over the crowds. This may be especially true for the releases from the prisons who would not even be able to eat if they did not get a job as a peaceful protestor.

              Many of the municipalities literally released these criminals into the streets, with zero plan of what would happen afterward.

              So I do agree with you both, but would suggest a blend of our ideas. Either way, all of it could be used as an excuse to diminish our electoral process and further erode our liberties.

              Best to the both of you,
              Simple Citizen

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          • Barsoomian says:

            sherryoftexas, looking at the mug shots of arsonists who have been arrested, and taking them as representative of the whole arson brigade, I’d say that more than one of them is addicted to drugs.

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          • cattastrophe says:

            You don’t control them you arrest them and jail them. Already being done under Fed law in many places. Notice no more Fed statues being tumbled. I think to many are forgetting these rioters are for the most part cowards. The only reason they’re doing what they’re doing is because they’re being allowed to. Once the shooting starts and they are the targets they’ll crumble into nothing.


    • KT Prayer Warrior says:

      That dovetails with what I understood Dan Bongino to say in a recent podcast. He might have been referring to the Transition Integrity Project (oxymoron) when he outlined some of an organized group’s planned steps in different scenarios. Under, “If Pres Trump wins in a landslide” the opposition would hold the election hostage demanding no more electoral college, add PR and DC as states earning senators. Pretty crazy, but this is 2020…I

      Thank You, God, for letting them plan, waste money, and dwindle away valuable time, as You raise Your Mighty hand and allow only Your glory and righteousness to win out!

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      • Simple Citizen says:

        KT Prayer Warrior,

        You and Mr. Bongino are seeing the forest through the trees, except I do not think they are totally wasting their time and money.

        In theory, you have some real patriots and powerful people who see the nation is spinning out of control fast. Not wishing to start a war, they color within the lines and find a very unorthodox, but extremely smart candidate who is genuinely thankful for all of the opportunities living in the United States of America has provided to him and his family. Plus he is an overachiever, Type A sort, who genuinely loves the prestige of the highest office in our nation. They figure out how to get him elected (which we will not get into here, because it will make this response huge), and there is an acquiescence from the other side due to a series of reasons (again too long).

        Instead they rethink a means to discredit the office and play a longer game. They attack him constantly and smear the whole Executive body, with run off smears into both Judicial and Legislative bodies, co-opting members in each of those branches of our government.

        They recommend constant insiders for office. who consistently seek to undermine the office and the nation. Next, they bring in a plandemic and bring in the “peaceful protestors” to cause a ruckus in lackey run cities. While this is going on, they attempt to take away one of the most important gifts that the citizens of a republic are supposed to have, THEIR VOICES. Just simply cover them with masks and cause fear / panic if those “mouth breathers (their term, not mine)” attempt to take them off.

        The ruckus is not dealt with by local police, in fact local police are then meant to be first disabled and then removed. While this is going on, keep having local municipalities continue to hamper the 2nd Amendment. Your citizens are contained under various versions of house arrest; they are masked and you are not even holding open forums at the local level anyway with any “elected officials” in many of the counties across the nation. There is literally no, legitimate and peaceful way to protest anything to the local leadership.

        You then start gaming the “great compromise”. A new normal. The great reset.

        Please keep praying, we are all going to need it. Thank you for the response.

        Simple Citizen

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        • KT Prayer Warrior says:

          I am with ya…I guess my prayer requires a “little” explanation. When I have doubt, or worse, fear, I pray in gratefullness that I have a God who can change things…I am praying for what I hope for. My God has come thru many times. When I feel He hasn’t, then I pray in thankfulness for when He will allow me to see how it will all work for good for those who love Him! Simple Citzen, I had Simple Faith 😉

          Always praying!

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  3. Rosemary B says:

    this whole topic is making me want to barf.

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  4. starfcker says:

    This effort will fail, for the same reason Hillary failed. The Clinton coalition always counted on working Americans as it’s base. Obama was able to create enough black excitement to override any loss of that base. Harris is no Obama. She excites nobody. Dumb as a rock, with a visible mean streak, and no apparent grasp of policy on any level. The Democrat base is gone. It belongs to Donald Trump now. This is going to be a thumping.

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    • Jederman says:

      It will fail as you say but strip away all the contrived nonsense and it fails because their ideas suck.

      They offer no pathway to prosperity, upward mobility, and the pursuit of excellence. Then there is always the implied loss of freedom associated with all things “democrat.”

      All this (continued) sneaky obama hucksterism wouldn’t be necessary if their vision and ideas could compete out in the open. They are mendacious losers.

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      • Dutchman says:

        They can NOT compete, so they MUST cheat; it is the central modus operandi of CONmunism, and ALL you need to know about conmunism.

        Can NOT compete in the marketplace, so must do dumping, forced transfer, I.P and cyber theft, etc.

        Can NOT compete in the ‘marketplace of ideas’, and so must engage in ballot shenanigans, dead illegal voting, manufactured Oct surprises, etc.

        Because, as you say, they have a LOUSY product, that nobody wants to ‘buy’.

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      • cattastrophe says:

        I agree and maybe for the first time in decades people can actually see what a difference it can make having a person like Donald Trump in charge. There’s been a gloom of hopelessness in the country for a long time as far as elections and the candidates, it’s as if we knew innately none of them were going to fix things so we hoped they wouldn’t make it worse. Which was never the case. I think for most people they were just happy to have the election cycle over and get back to what was left of their life after the last administration left.


    • Don Krause says:

      Yes,but you forget the dead vote.

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    • budklatsch says:

      I can’t recall who coined the ‘me too’ craze, but Harris can certainly lay claim to the, ‘she too’ movement.

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  5. ropala says:

    That third term will be as attainable as Moby Dick. Unfortunately, “Captain Ahbama” will never stop trying.

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    • ropala: Remember NOTHING lasts Forever!
      Including “Captain Ahbama”. It makes no difference who he believes he is; fact is: He is NOT everlasting.

      I believe the deluded DNC is about to discover the true meaning of the word “everlasting”.


  6. old sneakers says:

    Rasmussen now has Trump up in a national poll 47% to Biden’s 46%

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  7. valleyj says:

    “The DNC Club controls the mail…. and the ballot counting… in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan”

    How do you stop this control besides people going to physically vote?

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  8. TwoLaine says:

    Who said it first? Was the latter covering for them?

    BTW, I’ve always tho’t the reason they had no problems pulling out #HeelsUp early was because they did plan to insert her elsewhere later, and they wanted to do it when she was still almost unscathed.

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  9. dollops says:

    Isn’t it a stretch to attribute so much cunning and influence to Obama? Where is the evidence that he is anything more than Biden’s (?) reference to him as “our clean negro”? There certainly are above average schemers running (ruining?) the Democrat Party, but Obama?

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    • Scarlet says:

      I think he is evil. And very capable of evil.

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    • Joemama says:

      I agree with your assessment. I think the kenyan is a good actor, but not really the brains behind the coup and insurrection to overthrow the USA. I think that he is involved and key to some actions by the conspirators.

      But that is somewhat irrelevant. The insurrection is happening and using the kenyan as a focal point to explain it is convenient.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Obama is a true believer who surrounded him with worker bees to do the work. Jarrett ran things. He did what he was expected to do. Speechify (lie, divide and ridicule America), party,vacation, golf, hold meetings, give awards, mostly to Hollywood friends and sign bad stuff.

      Obama was no Machiavellian genius, the left already occupied almost every part of government so he just let them get on with their work. I will give credit where credit is due, he was definitely the most American hating evil person to ever be elected President.


  10. Vince says:

    I believe there was a plan, but I also believe the plan has gone haywire, and the democrats are way off script. This is at minimum a generational conflict inside the party. But it is also a hostile takeover somewhat like how President Trump took over the republican party.

    The plan was to exploit George Floyd’s death and keep blacks voting democrat. The scripted part (AME), lasted until the end of the funerals. However, because of the lockdown, everyone was especially stressed out, and the reaction to Floyd’s death and the riots was way more than anyone expected. Because of this, BLM/Soros decided to keep going and push hard for a color revolution.

    The AME/Biden/Pelosi side represent the establishment, but they are ancient. They won’t be in power in four years. And there is no 40-60 year old bench warmers to take the reigns from the older establishment. BLM/communism is the future of the democrat party, and it will cause a lot of people to leave the democrats. If President Trump is re-elected, the democrats will probably split

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  11. Margaret DiCarlo says:

    Considering the realities we face, knowing that a Trump victory will be challenged, is there any reason to vote a straight Republican ticket if it means you have to vote for someone like Lindsey Graham?


    • Troublemaker10 says:

      How many times does this need to be said? The time to take on Republicans is in the primary. NOT the general election. Of course you vote for Lindsay Graham in two months.

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      • Margaret DiCarlo says:

        But now that we are where we are? Can this be a time to abandon Republicans in a general election simply because we know that the election will be challenged and possibly overturned? Does this hard and fast rule About primaries have no exception? I thought there was an exception to every rule and I’m just wondering if this is a time to implement it. I don’t even live in South Carolina, I live in North Carolina. Friday night I will attend a gathering with local candidates and right now they aren’t even telling us where it will be in an effort to hide it from media outlets. I’m new to North Carolina and I really don’t like Tom Tillis And it offends me when someone tells me I must vote for him. If I lived in South Carolina it would offend me if someone told me I have no choice but to vote for Lindsey Graham when all along I know that might vote for president may not mean a damn thing in the end

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        • octo49 says:

          I also love in NC, all my life, and I dislike Tillis as well. But I will vote for him because we can’t lose the Senate majority. Unfortunately too few people vote in the primaries but that is where we get strong conservative candidates to get rid of rinos like Tillis & Graham.

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        • Gandalf1938 says:

          Please Margaret, this is an existential election for the country we love. I have traveled the world and can assure you that this is the best country and it is essential that the democrats not get the opportunity to turn it into Marxist Venezuela. To avoid that it requires that the Republican ticket be in the majority in both houses of Congress and the President be Donald J. Trump. Please do not hesitate to vote straight Republican. I disagree with many of the Republicans but they count for which party holds the chairs of committees which is often as important as votes. You and I will not like the opposition in those seats.

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        • No because ,if the Dems take the House and Senates PDJT s agenda is dead in the water.
          It will be investigation after investigation.

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        • WSB says:

          Don’t even start. If a group of Treepers is trying to give you the first rules of Chess…follow them.

          Think of this way, the Republicans, the other side of the coin of the UniParty, still has a leash on its neck by constituents.

          The Democrat side of the UniParty is a rabid dog with no leash.

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      • Dutchman says:

        How about ‘as many times as it takes’?
        Voting for Graham, is just like voting for Pelosi.
        HE is working, 24/7 to conceal his, McConnell and the rest of the Republicons complicity in the ongoing coup effort, from 2016 onward, while they also CONTINUE to pursue that goal, AND apply pressure/influence to prevent accountability for the “small group” of active participants.

        So, do you disagree with that assessment,….please DO tell.

        OR, do you AGREE with that assessment, and say in effect;
        “All that is true, its a part of what WE KNOW. …..BUT you should vote for him anyway.”

        For me, I say “Blow THAT!” And, based on responces to previous posts I have made on this topic, I am NOT alone.

        So, your going to have to come up with better arguments than that, to convince me to vote for McSally in Az., or (if I lived there) Graham, McConnell, Cornyn, Barrasso, Thune, etc.

        Whatcha got?


        • budklatsch says:

          C’mon Dutchman. Name the opposition to McSally, Graham, McConnell, Cornyn, Barrasso, Thune etc and there you have the answer. In this case the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. I’ve been holding my nose for freakin decades. All, we have for the next 4 years is Trump. Don’t make his life any harder please DM.

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          • Dutchman says:

            I am NOT saying I am goung to vote for their opposition. But to me, since there is NO DIFFERENCE between a Uniparty Rino,, and a Dem, than voting for a Uniparty Rino IS voting for the enemy.
            I quit holding my nose in 2012, and didn’t vote, rather than voting for Romney.
            First time since I was old enough to vote, that I didn’t vote in POTUS election, and the proudest vote I didn’t cast, just as my vote in 2016 was the proudest vote I did cast, but gonna be second, in two months.

            There is no c’mon man, RNC hackneyed argument that is going to change my mind, and I am NOT the only one.


            • Vic M says:

              I understand not wanting to vote for Romney or any RINO, but at that moment he was the lesser of two evils. Sometimes in life that is what you are faced with.

              Your vote that you didn’t cast for Romney could have cancelled out a vote for Obama. So in essence, by not voting for Romney you allowed a vote for Obama to stand.

              If enough people that didn’t vote at all would have gone to the polls and voted for Romney, perhaps we would not have had to put up with Obama for another four years. Don’t ever, ever think that your vote doesn’t count because it does.


              • Dutchman says:

                I am NOT under the illusion that my vote ‘doesn’t count’; quite the contrary, it is BECAUSE my vote DOES count, that I refuse to vote for the enemy.

                You seem to think, delusionally IMHO, that our country would be in BETTER shape, if Romney had won in 2012,…is that REALLY your position?

                One only need research the RNC 2012 ‘autopsy report’, to get insights into what a Romney/Ryan admin would have been like.

                While you can dismiss it as ‘speculative’, I believe it would NOT have been ‘good’, or any ‘better’ than 4 more of Obama.

                Romney would have pushed thru Obamacare; after all, he was its grandfather, and Republicons showed their true intentions, by voting for R &R of Obamacare, FIFTY TIMES (me thinks thou protesteth too much!) when it COULDN’T pass, but NOT passing it when PDJT would sign it.
                Despite their denial, and despite letting Democrats draft it and ram it through, the reality is Republicons were all in favor of nationalising healthcare.

                And, under Romney/Ryan, I am confident there would have been a massive, “comprehensive” immigration bill passed. Despite denials, it WOULD have given a path to citisenship for 30 million, and any promised increased “enforcement” would have been an illusion.

                THIS is the essence OF the Uniparty, single party MASQUERADING as a two party system; it NULLIFIES the peoples vote, in a “damned if you DO, damned if you don’t, heads I WIN, tails you LOSE” quandary.

                THIS is exactly the scenario THEY have manipulated the process, to create. And you offer NO solution to getting OUT of this mess, other than continueing to do what we have ALWAYS done, in the hope that somehow we will get different results, which is INSANE.

                Look at it this way; the BLM/Antifa rioters could NOT have done what they have done, WITHOUT the active complicity of the Dem mayors, govenors and $oro$ -backed DA’s complicit support.

                In the same way, the Dems NEVER could have taken a traditionally center right country, to the edge of the Conmunist abyss, WITHOUT the active complicity of Republicons in Congress, SAYING they were representing our values and policy prescriptions, while all the while working against them.

                They are the ENEMY, impure and unsimple. They have JUST as much contempt for US and PDJT as the Dems.

                They support “Universal Healthcare”, Open Borders, GND and abolishing 2A, as a path to establishing a GLOBAL Conminist government, JUST AS MUCH as the Dems; the ONLY difference is the Dems are TELLING us, and the,Rinos are lieing to us.

                And, on the basis of that difference alone, you are telling me, in effect;
                Yes, all you say is true, but IGNORE what your own lieing eyes have seen, and vote for the liars who are trying to destroy you and your country, cause they are,’better’ than those Dems, who are TELLING you, openly of their SAME GOALS.

                I don’t know if such a position is stupid, or nuts, or whether those,who argue it think Iam stupid or nuts,…I fell for the “Dems are worse” argument for MANY years, but not any more.

                There is MAGA candidates, and the ENEMY, and I WILL NOT vote for the ENEMY, just because of a letter after their name, being R, rather than D.

                No one hear has been able to logically and cogently offer up arguments disputing my long comments, laying out my arguments, recounting public events we have all witnessed ‘with our own lieing eyes’, making the case that McConnell and Ryan HAD to be involved, ACTIVELY in the ongoing coup and protection of the small group.

                And yet you and others, seem to be offering the LAME ‘argument’ that I should IGNORE the reality, “hold my nose” and vote for traitors to Me, to US, to PDJT and to my country.
                Collectively, I say to those making such arguments, with all due respect,…ARE YOU STUPID, or NUTS? Or, do you think I am?
                As always,….IMHO


                • budklatsch says:

                  Well, if we all stay home with you DM from now on and leave the election to the socialist/Marxist faction, then we will have succeeded in doing what? Without worry of any opposition to their plans or any blowback, they will simple enact whatever laws they wish and possibly destroy our Republic quick step. I dunno, that just scares the hell out of me. I am old enough to have seen our relentless slide to the left for decades now. Many years ago, my Grandfather said to me ( he was a WWl infantry vet) ‘Bud, your generation is going to ruin this country!’ How prescient, he would not believe all that has transpired in just a few generations. My only contribution now is to drag my feet, kicking and screaming


                • Dutchman says:

                  First off, I respect your right to vote however you want, as well as your right to share your thoughts, and assume that is mutual.
                  Secondly, to clarify I stayed home in 2012, cause I really saw NO difference between the two candidates for POTUS.

                  I did NOT stay home in 2016, and I will crawl naked over broken glass, for miles thru the Az. desert, to vote for PDJT.

                  However, I will chew my own arms off, to prevent me from voting for a RINO, just as I would before I would vote for any Dem, because they are EXACTLY the same.

                  “Without worry of any opposition or blowback”,….
                  WHAT “opposition or blowback” IS that,….EXACTLY?

                  You must mean when Ryan authorised all those subpoenas for Nunes, in the lead up to the midterms, and when he didn’t announce he wasn’t running for reelection, BUT refused to step down as SPEAKER, and refused to (an authority reserved to the Speaker) file lawsuits to compel document production and witnesses, when the subpoenas were ignored, and didn’t encourage 40 of his fellow secure seat RINOS to retire, gifting the Gavel to Pelosi.

                  And, I must have been dreaming when I watched “sing along with Mitch”, as McCconnell led his choir in a rousing rendition of “For Muellers an honorable fellow, his investigation MUST continue, and slept thru where Mitch and the Republicons vigorously defended him against the REDICULOUS notion that he was a,Russian agent, called out the hoax, early on for what it was, and began subpoenaing witnesses, demanding documents, and pressuring the DOJ to prosecute.

                  Yeah, I guess I MISSED McConnel pushing thru all PDJT’s administration nominees in record time, and must have also missed Mitch adjourning the Senate, so PDJT could make recess appointments, hallucinated Ryan lieing to PDJT about wall funding in the second Omnibus bill, if he,would sign the first, the debacle of the McConnell engineered R&R Obamacare vote, another hallucination I suppose.
                  Allowing the Dems to pull the Kavanaugh hearing crap, as well, you think McConnell and Graham had NOTHING to do with that?
                  Wow, did you hear,McConnell, Graham, and Mitchs choir on all the news shows, loudly denouncing mass ballot mailings?
                  Me, either. I heard mitch clearly say “I am not concerned about election security, and Americans shouldn’t be, either.
                  Vote in person, vote by mail, it should be fine. But, be sure to vote!”

                  Yeah, boy! Democrats are clearly restrained in their behavior, due to all the opposition to their plans and all the blowback they are getting from Republicons; they are self immolating their own cities, and thumbing their nose at PDJT, and the Republicons sit on their hands, quietly cheering.

                  The DOJ continues to not persue the active perps of the coup, because,McConnell has sent clear signals against any pursuit of Justice, while the Flynn case drags on, and Mitchs choir is silent.
                  Oh, and did I mention the first Ratcliffe nomination,…and the Second which illuminated why PDJT throughout his Presidency, has had such a run of BAD appointments (cause Mitch was dictating WHO he could have!)

                  So, I ask again,…
                  WHAT “opposition to their plans and blowback” is it that you are referring to?
                  I see NO such reaction from Senate Republicons, and NOTHING but working AGAINST MAGA, PDJT and you and me.
                  Appointing Barr, who clearly cleaned up the Mueller fiasco, and is vigourously not persuing,..oh, said that already, but basically McConnell appointed Barr, who appointed Durham, who is another Huber.


                • Dutchman says:

                  Oh, and your Grandfather was right, of coarse. And the WAY it transpired, is cause we voted for the R, “cause the D is worse”,..when in fact they were BOTH working us towards the abyss, by stages.
                  As far as I know, every male in my family, going back at least 4 gens, has served, except me.

                  I had too many felony convictions on my record.


                • Deplorable Incisor says:

                  Do us a favor Dutch, ask POTUS what he wants you to do.
                  I can guarantee you that he will beg you to vote RED down the ticket.
                  Voting RED keeps congress in his hands. Voting RED stops the meaningless investigations, coup plots and shenanigans. Voting RED helps Donald Trump get judges approved, pass legislation and prevents Democrats from passing theirs.
                  For goodness sake man, we have a President to protect. Don’t let him down.
                  Hold your nose and close your eyes if you have too, BUT VOTE RED.

                  Put Donald Trump back in office, with a congress that is majority Republican in both chambers and let him work. Lining him up for the Dhims isn’t going to help him help us.


                • Dutchman says:

                  I don’t know why you say “us”, but o.k.
                  Firstly, as with previous posters, you may NO attempt to refute my observations or conclusions regarding the Republicon Congressional Leadership, which is effectively ACKNOWLEDGING their accuracy.

                  So, you are saying “YES, RCL conspired WITH the Hillary campaign, to get the FBI to open an investigation on the pee dossier, SO THAT the press would report on it, in order to manufacture an Oct. surprise.
                  (McCains efforts).

                  And YES, as an Insurance policy, IN CASE DJT won, they play a key role, from the planning stages onward, in the Mueller coup attempt, and the ongoung coverup.

                  The Injustice we all decry, can be laid,DIRECTLY at THEIR feet.

                  YES, they took part in the lynching of Flynn, Manafort, Stone and ongoing attempt at lynching PDJT.

                  YES, they hate US every bit as much as the Dems, and share the goals OF Global Conmunism.

                  But, vote for them anyway, cause PDJT would tell you to, and want you to.

                  Respectfully, its hubris to presume to tell me what anyone else would say, especially PDJT.

                  He doesn’t PANDER, as all professional politicians do, and so speaks bluntly.

                  However, by running for, and serving as POTUS, he IS a politician, and so can’t always say what he is thinking.

                  Do you doubt that he KNOWS, as we all do, that China made the virus in a lab, deliberately released it in such a way as to cause an over-reaction shut down, and all the rest?

                  I’m not talking about “Intelligence” from the intel agencies, I’m just talking “common sense”.

                  However, despite some here wishing he would, POLITICALLY he can NOT come right out and say “Hey, I was CONNED; We were ALL CONNED, Covid is a hoax, throw away your stupid masks, open everything up, it was all a HOAX.

                  Cause, like Chinatown, “Its POLITICS, Jake!”

                  Likewise, I have no doubt that he KNEW, because Mitch picked him, that Barr would NOT expose and indict the perps.
                  Certainly, when PDJT introduced the term “Durham REPORT” into the dialogue, he KNOWS Prosecutors write indictments and declination memos, they DO NOT write reports.

                  But, THAT was close as he could come, to saying what he knew; that Durham was Huber 2.0.

                  Voting Red doesn’t necesarily pass legislation he wants, or prevent Dems from passing “theirs”; I point once again to back when R’s held majority in both Houses, and the ‘failure’ (intentional on Mitchs part) to R & R Obamacare, the biggest piece of Socialist legislation you are saying voting red would prevent.

                  And I am NOT “Lining him up for the Dhims”; I continue to percieve we FINALLY have a two party system; Uniparty vs MAGA, and I refuse to vote for the “other guys”; I suspect if PDJT could answer without “political concerns” he would urge all of us to “vote our conscience”, as is still our right and priviledge.


            • cattastrophe says:

              It’s very simply, there is really no reason to make it complicated. If we want to win in the long run 1. We vote all Democrats out by voting for the Republican. 2. We find a good Republican to replace the traitorous Republican in the next election. 3. Repeat as many times as it takes to get those into office we need. I have no sensibilities causing me to not follow a procedure that will enable us to win in the long game and in this case even in the short game since President Trump is counting on us to help him and for now this is all we can do.


              • Dutchman says:

                Yeah, thing is, that was the plan, back when I first became old enough to vote, and I faithfully followed that plan, up until 2012.

                I’m 65, so you do the math. The plan, as stated, doesn’t worked, hasn’t worked, and their is absolutely NO reason to believe the plan WILL work.

                HOPE is NOT a strategy. Hoping that Barr/Durham will indict, is NOT a strategy.

                Hope that we,will be able to primary out “the bad Republicans” as you call them, is NOT a strategy.

                Especially not when they CONTROL the primary process, and manipulate the vote using splitter and other strategies.

                So, how this, as a strategy;
                We educate our fellow Republican voters, who support PDJT by 94%, as well as #walkaway former Dems, and indies, on what WE KNOW.

                And no, I am NOT talking about all the granular details, Sundance has so painstakingly sussed out.

                I am talking about what WE, and these voters have,SEEN with their own “lieing eyes”; how Ryan gifted the,House to Nanzi, HOW could the planners have known he would do that, back in 2015 when they were planning the “insurance policy”, (unless he committed to doing it)?

                Without that, the whole plan falls apart.

                How McConnell held NO hearings for 3 years, on the biggest political scandal and crime in our history,…because he,was IN on it.

                All the points I have been posting, that have gone unrefuted. IF most Republican, #walkaway Dems and indies KNEW, and consciously recognised that, these Senators would be lucky if all they lost were their seats; their constituents would be demanding their resignations, if not heads on pikes.

                But, not as long as we keep pedaling the same RNC b.s. I followed, for almost 40 years.

                If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got (the shaft).

                And to expect or hope for a different outcome, is INSANE.

                I will NOT order the dogsh*t sandwich, just cause its slightly less unpaletable, than the catsh*t sandwich, no thank you.

                But hey, bon appetite! I am NOT urging anyone else to do this, I am just saying “Here is how I will vote, and WHY.”
                As you say,….its really quite simple.


        • Maquis says:

          Only thing I can offer is the hope that Trump burns the RINOs down after he gains both chambers.
          Augean stables got nothing on McConnell and friends.
          Bet Trump’s got a lot on the entire damned Uniparty.

          Yes I know, hope isn’t a strategy, sigh.

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          • Deplorable Incisor says:

            Setting Donald Trump up with a Republican controlled congress is just the start of HOPE.
            I think Donald Trump now has four years under his belt. Once re-elected, he has nothing to hold him back. He can fix it or burn it to the ground and rebuild it. Best part is NOW he not only knows who his enemies are (all of them) but he knows who he can trust.
            And HOPE is a strategy when it leads to 2-4 new conservative justices on the US Supreme Court, another 250+ conservative judges appointed, real budget reform, new and permanent tax cuts, THE WALL completed, real immigration reform, real healthcare reform, 2-4 years of House investigations into coup plotters (with results this time), busting up Big Tech and MSM monopolies, 1776 Project education reform…I could go on.
            Then there is the damage that his re-election will do to the Democrat Party. That will be the best result of the entire election. They will be decimated.

            I don’t know about you but after we win this one I think there needs to be some serious effort put into finding POTUS46. It has to be someone that will continue America First and I’m not convince that POTUS46 is even on our radar presently. That person is out there but I don’t think THEY even know they are going to make a run for it yet. We are going to have to find that person and draft them, convince them that they are the ones we need to carry the legacy and continue the renewal of our country.

            Personally, I’m thinking Sundance has to be The One. Anyone second it?


        • KT Prayer Warrior says:

          I served with McSally. She is famous for a lot of firsts but she impressed me most when she put her entire career on the line and fought, to her HUGE peril, that women serving in the Armed Forces would wear their uniform not the Muslim dress. We witnessed first hand her willingness to take on this because of her patriotism and her Christian beliefs. Had she failed she would have missed out on a lot of firsts that came after and women of all coalition countries would still be wearing Muslim garb when not serving in specific work roles.

          I have that as evidence of her beliefs. Any other discussion has been rumor for me. I want to see her in a position to further prove me right. I prayed for her then and will continue to do so now.

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          • elderama says:

            1. why was martha mcsally absent from the latinos for trump event in phoenix monday afternoon? governor ducey was there and it was well attended and successful event. Is McSally now trying to distance herself from president Trump? in my opinion that would be a pitiful, failed strategy. it isnt working for susan collins in maine and, likewise, it wont work for mcsally in arizona. I think McSally’s only chance now is to keep hanging onto president Trump’s coattails for dear life. 2. Yes I agree McSally has many admirable accomplishments and great resume, but she does not have the hip style and panache of kyrsten sinema and the photos comparing the two of them made McSally look less interesting, more bland, 4 years ago , –sorry this is how women are treated sometimes, but not all the time!–mcSally has an image problem, maybe trying too hard? which I think mcSally could easily overcome because mcsally is attractive lady who deserves the job, but it would require some thought to convey more confidence and a slightly different image with some edge. –In my view, McSally has the resume but sinema has the style and thats why mcSally lost the senate seat against sinema last time around, which was very sad bc sinema did not have a comparable resume and I think McSally deserved the job. 3. now in 2020 I think it is difficult for mcSally to run against kelly mostly because kelly’s wife is so popular. I think McSally could maybe beat kelly if she didnt have to be actually running against the oh so popular, sympathetic figure, gabby giffords. yes Kelly is tough and capable and accomplished but very importantly he is seen as giffords husband, more important than his record as an astronaut and businessman. and so I think mcsally needs to more directly confront the sentimental gun control B.S. that Giffords was shamelessly showcased to convey at the DNC convention, and I am hoping McSallly will find some reasons why she is willing to stand up and take on the saintly ms. giffords bc giffords is to some degree who mcSally is running against. 4. I want to learn about some proposals and initiatives McSally is forecely leading in the senate. I want McSally fighting on sunday morning shows, and on “the view”, or on Fox, or breitbart, etc, with her own unique ideas. and I am sure she has many ideas. in conclusion I am afraid martha mcsally is toast unless she addresses points 1,2,3,4 above


            • elderama says:

              meant to say, initiatives where McSally is “fiercely” leading the way for us


              • elderama says:

                Back to the subject at hand: Why did biden choose harris??? Harris chosen over warren who has image of a schoolmarm and klobuchar who is boring and plodding, –harris is more fun! and harris will flirt with Sniffy and with the audience and make cute remarks on stage and so in my view, biden thinks harris helps him more because he likes her image! –I don’t think it had much to do with her “blackness”, and Sniffy doesn’t care if warren, klobuchar, or karen Bass would do more work and take the job more seriously than harris. I think Obama had different goals from biden: Obama and Valerie Jarrett wanted a veep lady they can control who wont push back with her own intellect—importantly, media dutifully reports that harris wears Timberline boots and converse chuck taylor sneakers—more fun, more cool, more style! And unbelievably, the Dems think that Harris is the kind of unthinking woman America wants to lead us.


          • Dutchman says:

            An admirable position, and it takes courage to ‘speak truth to power’, no doubt.
            However, Comeys star really started to rise, when HE “spoke truth to power”, back when Ashcroft was in the hospital.

            Graham probably secured his reelection, simply from his 2 minute speech, at the end of kavanaugh hearings.

            Point being, we all look for “White hats”, and so often get fooled by looking at words over deeds, or base our opinion on ONE action, rather than the totality.
            “The World is not made up of black and white, but many shades of grey.”

            Bottom line is McConnell CONTROLS the Senate, with an Iron hand. HE is the most powerful, and therefore most feared man in the Swamp.

            He can ruin anyone in the Swamp, with one phone call.
            He controls, directly, the Senate Republican Campaign Committee funding, as well as (through influence) the RNC campaign funding.

            Ergo, every Republicon Senator tows the line he dictates, and that includes McSally.

            Watch Nunes or Jordan on Lou Dobbs; Lou BAITS them, by doing a little diatribe on McConnell and the Senate Republicon leadership, and Nunes and Jordan NEVER take the bait.
            That is, they don’t say ANYTHING negative about McConnell.
            The FIRST interview Ratcliffe gave, after withdrawing his nomination, he said he called McConnell and Grahams office, to make,an appointment with them to discuss his confirmation, and their staffs told him the soonest they could meet with him, to discuss his confirmation, was 3 months.

            And THATS when he knew his confirmation was “dead”; LATER he went along with the story that it was the SSCI that refused to let his confirmation get out of committee.

            THATS the power that McConnell and his crew wield, not ONE Senator will make a motion to adjorn the Senate.

            When it comes to evaluating Republican Senators, I’m from Missouri, they got to SHOW me, by a repeated pattern of behavior, that they are NOT beholden to McConnell, in order to get my vote.

            All it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men and women to do nothing.


      • Deplorable Incisor says:


        Let POTUS deal with the RINOs. Our job is to keep him in power with the most power at his disposal. Trump is perfectly capable of dealing with Lady Lindsay.

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        • cattastrophe says:

          Agree totally. Our job is to get rid of as many Democrats as possible with the Republican candidates we have. That’s the only thing we can do at the present to support our President.

          Those who are so serious about the Lindsey’s now, might want to look into being a Republican Precinct Committeeman. They are the ones who choose the candidates that will run in the primaries.


    • yes…dear…even if you have to bring military gas mask to vote some for skunky smell republicons…….

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    It was pretty well established even before any one announced their candidacy that the next establishment pick to be forced in democrats was Kamala. She was Obama’s pick.

    It should have been obvious when Biden picked her as a running mate. What did she bring to table? She is from California. She is not liked by America (they remember her aggression in the Kavanaugh hearings too). She was the very first candidate to have to drop out in the primary. She couldn’t even outlast the bizarre spiritual guru, Marianne Williamson, for cryin’ out loud.

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  13. 24may98 says:

    The Biden-HARASS Administration?

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  14. Anon says:

    If anyone has any doubts about how artificial and non-democratic the Democratic Party really is, check these out. (useful for anyone you know who is still sitting on the fence):

    What happened to Bernie Sanders in 2016, as explained by the DNC

    Here is Jake Tapper asking Debbie Wasserman-Schultz why Clinton came away with the same number of delegates as Sanders, even when Sanders blew Clinton away in the NH primary:

    DNC Chair Says Superdelegates are needed for Diversity & Inclusion

    Super Delegates are needed for diversity and inclusion, so that all voices are heard in the Democratic Party (other than the voters) and so that Party Leaders don’t need to run against Grass Roots Activists (said voters)….

    And here you can see Eric Weinstein (a former Lefty) pick up on that “sleight of hand” and try to educate his young Progressive listeners that “Super Delegates have nothing to do with Diversity and Inclusion”. He demolishes the Democrats in the first 10 minutes. (or start at 2:55).

    Andrew Marantz – Surfing the Wake of The Woke – Eric Weinstein

    And then there is this from Wikileaks. (Read it slowly, because it is really jaw dropping):

    Podesta Emails – 2016 – Wikileaks

    “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.”

    No doubt, if the Democrats could implant “chips” in their voters, it would be on the table.

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  15. Joemama says:

    “The Black Grievance Industry (BGI)” and the Democrat Media Complex (DMC).

    Awesome. Make these phrases part of the US national parlance. Share them wide and far. Tweet them, share them on Parler, Gab and facebook.

    We can’t let the marxists be the only ones creating the catchphrases.

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  16. cherokeepeople says:

    i think i can safely say we all know biden wasn’t what they wanted,he is just the “popular”figurehead to get the dems votes.with harris making the slip last week of the harris administration,why hasn’t the trump campaign started with the anti-harris commercials?i think even alot of dems see the writing on the wall for dementia joe.

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    • fangdog says:

      I agree
      The Trump campaign is wasting its time and money on Biden. It is Harris as to where the focus should shift. I mean, even imbeciles can see the Biden incongruity. It is Harris who the imbeciles need to be acquainted.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yeah, cause as everybody here knows, PDJT is horrible at branding, marketing, strategy and tactics, and has no clue how to run a campaign against Dems,….right?

        Gee, I don’t know, maybe TIMING, like go after her closer to the election?
        Or, perhaps he is using their ploy against them? If he “goes after her”, he is attacking a WOMAN of color, a doubley ‘protected’; if he goes after Joe, pointing out how he is just a placeholder for HER, the attacks are just as effective, but they can’t cry their bs, about white priviledge, intersectional bullshirt?

        Sorry, just pushes a button whenever I see a post that says “PDJT should”,..

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  17. We had this same problem during the civil war It was the DEMORAT slave owners against the Republican Patriots. Guess what we won! Like I said before , the demorats have stuck a stick into a hornet nest. We are not going to roll over and play dead! We will be in full force attack mode or this great Country as we know it will be lost.

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  18. Make no mistake, this is how Oregon got Kate Brown. Once installed, impossible to get rid of until she is ineligible for reelection.
    While we are on the subject, Oregon appears also to be the trial ballon for BLM/Antifa rioters and then arsonists, literally burning it to the ground.
    Not sure how Oregon got to be the trial balloon for all of this but there it is.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. nomadic100 says:

    Biden is 77 years old. He does NOT have “early onset dementia.” He seems to have been cognitively intact in 2016 when he was 73. Clinically, Biden has dementia, precise diagnosis either not known or not revealed. Biden claims that, if elected, he will make all his medical records public but will not do so before then. Given his obvious cognitive difficulties, there should be a loud hue and cry for him to disclose his records now and, if he has not already had one, obtain an MRI of his brain at a minimum. I am convinced that his physicians have been experimenting with stimulant drugs (which are short acting) to improve his cognition and focus while not causing toxic effects. The conditions imposed by the drugs limit the amount of time Biden can be in the public eye and that is why his appearances are so brief.

    Liked by 5 people

  20. Lloyd Wehnes says:

    Don’t forget. Kamala kissed the ring. I knew she was going to be the running mate.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. CTH Fan in Los Angeles (i.e., a drop of red in a sea of blue) says:

    I’m just throwing this out there….How many of you have seen the original “The Manchurian Candidate” with Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey from 1962? If you recall, the actual candidate in question was the Democrat VP nominee, who was being set up take over the top of the ticket in an emotional display at the Democrat national convention after the presidential nominee was “eliminated” mid-acceptance-speech by Laurence Harvey, the brainwashed American soldier-turned-assassin. I’m not suggesting this as a literal example of what could happen, but as a model for there being a stunning, emotional event on TV where Biden falters and Kamala cradles him in her arms and then gives a tearful speech as she picks up the torch. Sad to say that I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to try something like this to manipulate emotion-based voters. We’ll know soon enough.

    Liked by 5 people

    • CTH Fan in Los Angeles (i.e., a drop of red in a sea of blue) says:

      On reflection, I think this was about the Republican presidential and vice-presidential nominees and the Republican national convention. Same points apply, though!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Joemama says:

      They could do it in a movie studio using actors and just past biden & harris’s faces on them. Who would know. They don’t do anything in public due to the fake pandemic.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Jase says:

    Biden knew that him and Hunter were caught red handed money laundering/scamming in Ukraine.
    Their only protection against prosecution was for Biden to be on the ticket.
    My two cents is that Jill went to the DNC and ‘if Joe isn’t on the ticket, when he goes down you’ll all go with him’.
    He panicked and blackmailed them in to giving him the nomination.
    I think that was why Obama said ‘you don’t have to do this Joe’; Obama was confident he had enough DoJ operatives and judges in his pocket to make sure Biden would never face consequences.
    He wasn’t saying ‘you don’t have to run for President, he was saying ‘you don’t have to blackmail us, we’ll protect you’.

    Liked by 7 people

    • rayvandune says:

      I have had similar thoughts about Biden blackmailing the Dems. It might all come unglued as Joe’s anger management falls apart. Jill’s role may evolve into controlling that. She may also come to the conclusion that the best way out for Joe is a deal with Trump / Barr: Joe and Hunter skate, and Joe says “I was getting sick and wanted to drop out, but they made me do it because the thought they could control me.” That benefits Trump but the obvious question is what does Joe give the DOJ? Stand by for a stomach-churning ride!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Dutchman says:

      I well understand the concept, and the easiest shorthand way to describe it is “blackmail”, but I think its different, this form of swamp negotiation.

      They see it as ‘power plays’; literally PLAYING with power. Basically, you can’t rape the willing, they are,ALL doing it to each other, ALL the time, using both carrot and stick, coercion and bribes, to manipulate for positions as close to power as they can get.

      Its what they DO, its what they ARE, and its pretty damn disgusting.

      Liked by 4 people

  23. Apfelcobbler says:

    Sundance has her number.

    Hateful Harris intended to propel herself with the Smollett hoax and her coordinated “Justice for Victims of Lynching” campaign. Instead, Tulsi aired Kamala’s real world ‘accomplishments’ of creating more hell than justice. Tulsi performed a valuable public service, sending millions of people in search of that video of Harris cackling about intimidating single mothers with truant kids. She’s every bit as calculating as Hillary, minus the charm! In fact, her real world likability problem was so bad that her sister was about her only remaining campaign staffer.

    Unlike Joe, Kamala is able to take direction, and we saw the evidence of Kamala benefitting from voice coaching at the convention – she’s making an effort to sound less strident.

    But what are Kamala’s accomplishments as Senator? Surely more than “Yes or No???” Perhaps more than any other Senator, Kamala gleefully chucked legal traditions for a game of “MeToo”.

    Stripped of SJW “righteousness”, it’s not clear Kamala stands for anything but anger (for the masses) and the pursuit of power (for herself). Like Obama, there’s rage and Identity angst below a show of surface civility.

    Kamala Is of an age where she grew up with much higher educational standards than today’s, but she tosses them aside for the sake of personal power. I can’t think of a “public servant” who obviously relishes the exercise of power more than her … well, maybe Peter Stzrock.

    Expect Harris to “have that conversation” at you! Expect contempt for the First Amendment. Expect more “Justice for” legislation, like “Justice for Victims of Namecalling”, “Justice for Victims of Eyerolls”, and “Justice for Victims of Hurt Feelings”. In short, with Harris, er Biden, expect to lose standards!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mr e-man says:

      Kamala had a facelift to remove her dour expression and paint a permanent “smile” on her face. Then they told her to smile and giggle more to be more “likable”. It is all so fake, no one is buying her “acting” and “makeup”.

      She has always been a vapid twit.

      Liked by 6 people

  24. joejoefromsandiego says:

    The Billionaire Backers of the ‘Insurrection’
    American Greatness
    By Julie Kelly • September 14, 2020

    (One of these billionaires is the son of Rupert Murdoch)

    Liked by 3 people

  25. tds247365 says:

    The Obama administration was merely a continuation of the Clinton administration. So the Harris-Biden ticket, supported by Obama, is a continuation of the Obama administration, which is merely a continuation of the Clinton administration.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. Mr e-man says:

    The flaw in the strategy is that Joe Biden’s condition can not be hidden.

    The genius in the strategy is mass mail in voting. Elections will never be free and fair again.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. 0bama slithered into office because he was “clean & articulate”, effectively employed liberal “white guilt” and actually convinced a significant percentage of the independent vote (not to mention the democrat base) that he was some sort of a moderate.

    Kamela isn’t “clean“, articulate or in a position to convince anyone with half a brain that she’s a moderate.

    0bama has been exposed as the destructive & subversive scum-bag he is and the riots aren’t helping what’s left of his legacy.

    I’m of the opinion that the left had one shot at their “identity politic” candidate and 0bama was it.

    Harris / Biden are toast,

    Liked by 4 people

  28. FPCHmom says:

    Liked by 1 person

    • StanH says:

      This is what matters. The con only works if it’s somewhat believable, a close race.

      You compare this to President Trump’s car parades as many as 7000 cars I’ve read. In Michigan the two candidates had opposing rallies Biden had 5 people President Trump had 15-20 thousand at an airport hangar.

      They attempt a steal with this kind of enthusiasm gap this is how people wind up like Mussolini, on lamppost.

      We Know! …and we love our country, real problem for the swamp rats.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Joemama says:

      Those must be the boots that walk all over Joe.

      “These boots were made for walking, that’s just what they’ll do, one of these these boots will walk all over you!”


  29. Gunner says:

    No one with a brain cell or two ever believed that biden was the bonafide candidate for the left. He can’t even play the role of puppet, much less be one.

    This, my friends, is why career politicians — on the left and right — are out of their minds with fear of our president. He loves this Republic, as do we. He has exposed the left for the demons they are, and now we have no excuses but to put on the armor, and stand with him — that is if you want to keep our Republic.

    POTUS will win the election on 3 Nov. The left is poised to steal it…or burn the country down if they can’t. Be prepared.

    Liked by 7 people

  30. Luke_Luck says:

    It’ll be Hillary…but only after the election. She’s too disliked to reveal herself before then, and would tank the ticket.


  31. mugdiller says:

    All the political analysis is good, but what’s with the mail in voting? Does that make all this moot, or do the Republicans have it under control?


  32. Mr. M says:

    I would like to know how can Kamala be Joe Biden’s vice president pick. Hypothetically, If Joe Biden wins the presidential race and then dies, wouldn’t that make Kamala next in line to become president? Since Kamala’s dad is Jamaican and her mom is Indian, I’m not sure she would be qualified to be president. Am I missing something? The info. about Kamala’s parents can be seen on the following Breitbart News website: (

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Zorro says:

    Kamaleon Harris prepared for the role of puppet president from her participation in the Blowsy Two Door Ford and Juicy Smollett hoaxes.

    BTW- It’s a short trip to Obama’s shadow White House from the real White House for her.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Thomas Wigand says:

    I’m half expecting Biden to die soon of the Arkanicide strain of Covid. He’s becoming such a “dementia’d” liability that he’s now putting at risk even the ability to top-down bottom-up “and not a shot is fired” / “color revolution” stealing of the election.

    Such a death would provide cover for Obama and the DNC for his removal, while buttressing the “need” for mail-in ballots due to Covid.

    It would allow the insertion (at the top or VP level) of another “woman of color” for a “historic ticket” — which recall would not have to be someone intending to serve much past inauguration (they could resign after “mission accomplished” of getting the Democrats over the election and inauguration lines).

    Think Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey to shore up the Black vote that is rapidly slipping through the Democrats’ fingers. Or perhaps someone to shore up the Hispanic vote, which is also slipping through their fingers, and feeling ignored by the Dems to boot.


  35. Sunshine says:

    Let’s all remember when Obama said “You don’t have to do this, Joe”.
    That statement indicated Obama was pulling the strings, the goal of which would be His Third Term.
    I’ll never forget that.


  36. furtive says:

    – He has been “outed“…in more ways than one.
    – The Fix:
    Obama “is prepared to end the Republic”.(Steve Bannon 9-17-20) ..the ends justify the means, utilizing LAWFARE, Media, & Terror in the streets.
    – Obama has cheated since he unsealed his opponent’s court docs in Chicago in his first election. His opponent resigned and Obama won by acclimation …no opponent!!
    – He has cheated all his life.
    – Q. How did a choom gang member drug addict EVER get into Harvard Law School?
    A. He is a CIA Lifer…a MADE MAN. He now thinks he’s “Moses 2.0“
    – His devious sinister “plots” are created in his own image…and they ALWAYS fail.
    – His “new” bio written by a ghost writer is called “the Promised Land”. LOL!
    (this from a Muslim who despises Israel,)

    II. He was forced to insert joe, knowing his cognitive status, because It was Joe’s “Last Hurrah”.

    III. Biden’s campaign staff is young, inexperienced Obama “groupies”.
    – Biden “won” all primaries with fake ballots and voter fraud.
    – No one shows up to support him.
    – This is his worst of 3 attempts, because the DECEIT is SO OBVIOUS.

    IV. “Mamala” Kamala’s brother in law is Tony West, a Special Assistant Attorney General in California.
    – He assisted candidate Obama in raising tens of millions of (Laundered) dollars as a co-chairman for Senator Obama’s presidential campaign,
    – In return, in 2009 West was appointed to the 3rd highest DOJ position: Assistant AG to help run the DOJ’s civil division which represents the government, Congress and presidential cabinet officers and handles cases dealing with significant policy issues.
    -West was a defense lawyer for convicted al-Qaeda terrorist, John Walker Lindh, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence. Lindh — or Jihad Johnny — was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 while fighting against the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance as a member of the Taliban army. He actually pleaded guilty to aiding the Taliban and carrying explosives while fighting U.S. troops in the region, according to case records.
    – West is a clandestine part of the present Harris campaign too.

    Obama ain’t Moses. He’s the real life Javert in world history books.

    V. Trump knows all of the above.
    – He is playing Chess.
    – Wisdom prevails again.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Pat Thomas says:

    The Democrat Party has become the (Socialist Identity Party) and promise Progressive fantasies, (“The Carrot”), i.e. Bernie’s unsustainable Socialist programs to further their evolving Marxist/Maoist ideology (“The Stick”). Maoist methods (Cancel Culture) are used to erase America’s Customs, Culture, History, and Established Ideas in their strategy to destroy America’s current form of government based on the Founding Father’s Constitutional blueprint. Their ultimate goal is to install a Totalitarian atheistic government that starts out as a form of corrupt and unworkable Socialism.

    America endured 8 years of Obama’s criminal political assault and his failed coup called (RussiaGate) to overthrow President Trump. RussiaGate was a conspiracy to overthrow a sitting president carried out by a coordinated effort of high-ranking government employees across many agencies, who knew exactly what they were doing. Americans are starting to understand how the Obama administration weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA and IRS to go after his political opponents, and in doing so, he trampled the Constitution and fueled the violent overthrow of cultural norms. America, in her glorious history, has never experienced anything in politics as corrupt as Obama’s RussiaGate. Nixon’s WaterGate political crimes look like an overdue library book by comparison.

    Read “The Permanent Coup”, by: Lee Smith to fully understand the scope and depth of Obama’s RussiaGate crimes. Try the “Audible” version.


  38. Warmongerel says:

    I’ve been wondering if Biden isn’t being drugged or poisoned so that the Democrats could slip Kamala in through the back door when Biden has his upcoming “stroke”. Nobody wanted Biden as the candidate judging by his primary results.

    I think the real question is whether the Democrats decide that Biden will have his “stroke” before or after the election. Now that President Trump has caught up in the polls, I’d go with the before the election option.


  39. shipley130 says:

    We need to take the gloves off if we want to stem the tide of the Communist BLM movement…political groups need to run ads that have no hyperbole, only use the words of the communists that are the original organizers of the group. We have a strong tide against us, I think the commies even have Dr. Phil now.


  40. Lenny says:

    Sundance one plot was missed. Obama wanted Rice as VP, but had to back away and go for Harris to get Tech on board. Harris’s hubby carries water for Tech and the Chinese and he forced the issue.


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