Hard Hitting Joe Biden Teleprompter Ad…

As President Trump takes questions from all adversarial media, including a staged ABC townhall event in Philadelphia attempting to ambush the president, the Trump campaign highlights the extreme control efforts by those behind the Corn Pop Joe Biden campaign.

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204 Responses to Hard Hitting Joe Biden Teleprompter Ad…

  1. delighteddeplorable says:

    It is brutal but I’m glad POTUS is going for the jugular. And, it’s 100% accurate. This is a war on so many fronts. No time to play nicey-nice.

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  2. Tl Howard says:

    Just saw a strong Biden ad, playing on sympathy for his lost son, Bo (Beau?), that suggests Trump’s health care policy would rob people like his dead son of coverage.

    IN the debates, Trump needs to call him out on this claim.

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  3. Sparky5253 says:

    Doesn’t matter. Kamala will be the President should Democrats win by cheating. Slow Joe is just the placeholder.

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    • Rosemary B says:


      All of you are just spilling out all of the truth right here!!

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    • guybee55 says:

      Joe wins and then resigns due to health. The question is whether the DNC would let Kamala serve or set her aside for trustworthy Nancy.


    • free2313 says:

      She can’t be President of America, both of her parents were immigrants, I’m pretty sure there is a law against that..

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Maybe not a law, but a constitution. She never should have been allowed onto the ticket as VP candidate. The assumption is that she bugged out of the Dem presidential primaries before the Iowa caucus because she was low on cash and unpopular. Maybe she couldn’t bring the big funds because the big money donors did not want to invest in a candidate who could have been disqualified on constitutional grounds.

        It’s not as if that deadly topic did not come up in relation to Ted Cruz four years ago. His mother was an American citizen who was born in the US, but there still was a stir.

        If Biden were to get into the White House and 25A’d out, Nanzi Pelosi (if Speaker at that point) could pull the rug out from Kamala Harris in a heartbeat because she is constitutionally not allowed to be president. That would leave Nanzi to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


    • coastermomohio says:

      And she was Obama’s pick all along. Obama never peacefully transferred power to the new President, the people’s choice, Donald J Trump. He is a traitor to this country.

      Hillary was to be his puppet and she crashed. Kamala was the new chosen one and she crashed. But they found a temporary puppet, Joe Biden, the Trojan horse for Kamala. Obama plans to be President forever.

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  4. sarasotosfan says:

    I could not watch the ABC inquisition last night. This is more proof OUR broadcast licenses are not being used in the public interest, but in the interest of special interests.

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  5. wodiej says:

    For people who thought speaking skills were so important in a leader when it came to obama, that seems to not be relevant with Biden.

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  6. Leon Brozyna says:

    Get him stumbling during the debates, or better yet, have him cancel out of the debate and it will really be all over for the Harris-Biden ticket.

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    • luke says:

      Biden cannot debate. Not sure if even drugs will help him now. Trump suggested B might be using something earlier in the year. B sounds like me after consuming multiple adult beverages. Look for B to fins and excuse to do a Zoom debate. At that point Trump cannot refuse instead he must insist that his part of the debate go as normal on stage.


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  7. fanbeav says:

    They forgot the one time Biden said “end quote” which he wasn’t supposed to read!

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  8. regitiger says:


    voters seem to understand the malarkey.

    trump will crush this ding bat

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    Russian propaganda. You always fall for it. 😉

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  10. paper doll says:

    While they are not admitting to Joe’s dementia is the time to slam him.They are pretending he’s up to the job. IF we ever get to debates, then slam Joe’s handlers for engaging in elder abuse while treating Joe himself gently. ( would you like to sit down , Joe ? How about a glass of water?) That would be the biggest put down of all! 😂

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  11. Sentient says:

    Brilliant ad from team Trump. Loved the part where he’s motioning with his right hand for them to speed up the text. Not the guy we want negotiating on our behalf. Nor Chameleon, of course.
    Joe’s shot! He doesn’t even know he’s alive!

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    Recently someone said that President TRUMP will probably be debating an empty chair later this month.

    It is getting really hard to decide who is more empty. Low IQ Creepy QP Joe Biden or Mister Hope and Change, The Kenyan with a phone and pen, but without a magic wand.

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  13. Joyce M says:

    I don’t like Joe Biden. I believe he’s as corrupt if not more so than his former “boss” Obama, but that ad makes me pity him. Whoever is forcing him to do this needs to be punished. It’s obvious to everyone that Poor Old Joe is not up to the task. Time for the charade to stop and let the old guy go home to rest.

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  14. dunewall says:

    There is so much fodder being supplied by the Biden controllers it may be hard for Trump to choose which ones. I have yet to see any truth in the Biden campaign ads.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Use them all. Not all the shot from a buckshot shell kills, but what doesn’t hurts like hell.


    • Raven says:

      Recently heard that you can tell when someone is lying if they look down and to the right. The guy ‘not answering the question’ not only licks his lip to stall, he also looks down and to the right.

      Not like we didn’t already know Democrats/liberals/Marxists lie. . .


  15. CoHoBo says:

    The Harris/Biden ticket is so bad, it makes you wonder what Machiavellian schemes these people are really up to.

    Think back to the 2018 election and the combustible powder being mailed to politicians, and blaming a “Trump supporter”.

    This is kind of dark, but it would not be outside the realm of possibility that Biden is sacrificial meat. Something happens to Biden, and it is blamed on a Trump/White Nationalist/Qanon follower.

    These people are nasty and getting desperate, and I wouldn’t put anything past them.

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    • Jeff says:

      O course I can’t personally confirm this, but nevertheless I’m quite sure that if you go into the inner city of any major city and spread a few bucks around, you can find someone that will knock off anyone you name for 5 grand. Then I couple that with Sundance’s frequent admonition, “There are trillions at stake,” well it’s quite easy to envision the scenario you suggest.


  16. CoHoBo says:

    The Harris/Biden ticket is so bad, it makes you wonder what Machiavellian schemes these people are really up to.

    Think back to the 2018 election and the combustible powder being mailed to politicians, and blaming a “Trump supporter”.

    This is kind of dark, but it would not be outside the realm of possibility that Biden is sacrificial meat. Something happens to Biden, and it is blamed on a Trump/White Nationalist/Qanon follower.

    These people are nasty and getting desperate, and I wouldn’t put anything past them.

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    • “These people are nasty and getting desperate,….”. I believe they really don’t care who and what they are trying to elect in November. They only have one main passion. Removing Donald Trump from the White House by January, 2021. They have many plans that go far beyond the Election. President Trump must be re-elected with an overwhelming true vote. The Postal System deliberate clogging by the opposition with their 80 million pieces of mail fraud ballots is part of their chaos. Rant over.


  17. trumpthepress says:

    This is great. Next will be the hair sniffing montage.

    All parents will/should pay close attention to that one…

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    • Stephen Parrish says:

      that needs to happen. i have to think we have battle space prep with the #pedophile retweet. that stuff will creep out every sane “suburban mom” and everyone else who is sane actually…

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    • Cowboy79 says:

      Happy to oblige. Creepy Joe Sniffing Montage

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      • Eagle61 says:

        Whoa, that is creepy in so many ways. These degenerates are beyond repair.
        Damn, man. Control yourself.

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      • herebouts says:

        Joe Biden played a song called, “Despacito,” while he was having his Latino rally. The translation of the title, “Despacito” to English is, “Slowly.” Check out these lyrics!
        https://lyricstranslate.com/en/despacito-slowly.html This how one of the stanza translates:
        I want to breathe your neck slowly
        Let me tell you things in your ears
        So that you remember when you’re not with me
        I want to undress you with kisses slowly
        Sign the walls of your labrynth
        And make your whole body a manuscript
        Turn it up turn it up….. turn it up, turn it up”

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        • Cowboy79 says:

          Yeah, I read that translation this morning. But, it pretty well sums up Creepy Joe. I suppose if the song were between lovers where such attention was wanted, it is one thing. But to impose such attention where it isn’t wanted is not only creepy, but criminal.

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  18. screwauger says:

    Ouch, that’s gonna leave a mark.


  19. Simple Citizen says:

    You see, now Sundance is right on it!

    Hit the mark!

    Blew the target up!

    It was Corn Pop…it was always Corn Pop!

    Joe is a Trojan Horse for Corn Pop!

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!!

    Always Corn Pop!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (of course I am kidding = )


  20. Justin Green says:

    I try REALLY hard to have some sympathy for a human that no longer has the faculties to make his own decisions. He gets finished with an interview, and doesn’t even know how to get out of the room without help. It’s sad.

    His wife should be charged with elder abuse.

    He clearly cannot function as an executive of anything, period. He will NOT be able to make a debate. Pence should refuse to debate Kamala unless Biden debates Trump.

    If it weren’t for the sheer necessity of Americans pounding Democrats into the ground in November, I’d just keep my mouth shut. But dang, just when you thought Democrats have sunk to a brand new low, they break out the deep drilling rig and keep going.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Mrs Jill Hiden has to pay for those $700 boots she “campaigns” around in 👢👢

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      • Justin Green says:

        She should be ashamed. It’s not like the Bidens, like the Clintons, couldn’t just quit when they were well enough ahead.


        • Abolition Man says:

          Actually, they can’t! If he doesn’t win or steal the election all of his criminal activity in China and the Ukraine could be exposed! That might put him and Hunter in serious legal jeopardy, and Hunter would be on the hook for all his undeclared income in his divorce and paternity suit proceedings!

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    • RobInPA says:


      The current dem and uni-party parties need to be completely, unrelentingly and savagely eviscerated.

      Hopefully this will occur by way of a ‘political’ process as it were.

      Things will, eventually, not go well if the vermin are not neutralized now.

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    • starfcker says:

      “Pence should refuse to debate Kamala unless Biden debates Trump.” Oh, no no no. That’s going to be a worst bloodbath than Trump/Biden. Harris is a particular breed of stupid and ignorant, with a massive helping of dislike-ability, and a woefully deficient grasp of policy. Put that in the bright lights, baby, every chance you get. Pence is a calm cool machine. He’s been the executive in Indiana, he’s trained for four years under the master. Bambi vs. Godzilla II.


  21. patriciaweir says:

    Plant Tara Reade in the front row at the Cleveland debate. Joe may not recognize her but it would sure be fun to watch.

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  22. Genie says:

    Hey Russia! If you’re listening, maybe you can hack in to Joe’s teleprompter and have him say something like this:

    “All my heroes kill Wheaties..I mean eat whiteys…err…kill…uuhh…you know…the thing.”

    And, from the movie Being There:
    “You tell that asshole, if he got somethin’ to tell me, to get his ass down here himself! You got that, boy?” Then ol’Joe will look like the blooper reel from Being There:

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  23. BillRiser says:

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  24. kleen says:

    Well done!

    Trump should also start to talk about the debate and throw it out there that Biden will not show up.

    Biden won’t. 100% sure.

    Trump should start exposing the scam. Focus their attention to the debate.

    Biden will not show up to the debate. Let them call conspiracy theory etc. Then when the debate day approaches and there’s no debate, it will be harder for the left to hide.

    Once voters start questioning it and figure out they have been scammed and their Biden sticker is promoting a candidate that doesn’t qualify to be president… oh well. They will look stupid.

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    • RobInPA says:

      100% agree with this strategy, kleen.


    • Snellvillebob says:

      I fully expect Kamela and Biden to reverse offices between now and so close to November 3rd that there will be no time for Democrats to discover that throughout the entire preliminaries not a single vote was cast for her. It will be the first time in US History that a presidential candidate to be put on a ballot 100% by the DNC string pullers. They will laugh in their dachas at the fools who vote for her.

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  25. kleen says:

    Should I volunteer to distribute Biden campaign yard signs only to watch those imbeciles have to replace the Biden sign with Kamala’s sign when Democrats push Biden out?

    It will be fun.

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  26. NCCurmudgeon says:

    As much as I dislike and disagree with with Biden, the manipulators behind the scenes deserve to be charged with elder abuse! My mother suffered from dementia and pushing anyone into situations they can’t handle is despicable!

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  27. Blind no Longer says:

    Whoa. That one’s going to leave a big mark!!!
    How could any honest human being regardless of party, vote for this obviously mentally challenged man.
    His family should live out their days in shame….it’s elder abuse. You have to be a truly evil mo-fo to embarrass someone you supposedly love, to allow them to continue to disgrace themselves and be mocked in the public square.
    There must be a lot of greedy bastards in his family.

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  28. melskia says:

    The first Presidential Debate is two weeks from today!! Does anybody really think it will happen?


    • Snellvillebob says:

      Joe will get ChiCom-19 and die from being lowered on a shish kabob skewer. The Left will blame President Trump for not wearing a mask.


    • Some old guy says:

      I can’t envision Biden doing one in person but it’s conceivable he might try a Zoom debate where they can better sneak in teleprompters and/or other aids. Zoom also provides a potential out if/when Biden craters saying technical difficulties stopped transmissions. All in all, I suspect they will claim some other issue resulting in their scuttling of the debate.

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  29. Mike in a Truck says:

    Fraud. Election fraud. Voter fraud. Ballot harvesting fruad.Cheat by mail fruad. That’s the only thing Tickle Me Joe and Kumala have going for them. Fraud.

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  30. donnyvee says:

    I think I heard today that Biden is supposed to go on a nighttime CNN show? Can anyone verify?

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    • Lanna says:

      Well, if Rush is right, night is not Joe’s friend. He talked about sundowners syndrome, where dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers have a rapid decline in late afternoon and evening.


    • Max Revere says:

      I was in the audience for a “nighttime talk tv show” years ago. It was actually held and taped in the late afternoon (around 5 pm). Played as if “live” in the 11:00 pm eastern time zone. Taped program with live audience.


  31. windbag says:

    I laughed at Obama for having to have a teleprompter for every speech, including when talking to a kindergarten class, but Biden can’t have a one-on-one conversation without it.

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  32. rpcoastie says:

    Is the RNC actually paying to put the ad on cable TV or is this another video for YouTube like all the others?


    • Rhoda R says:

      I live in an area affected by Sally and so was watching Weather Nation last night (I rarely watch TV) and every, EVERY commercial break had at least one Biden ad. There were no Trump ads. I eventually had to turn it off and hope for the best.


  33. Ken Maritch says:

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


  34. fangdog says:

    Can you imagine the preposterous state of the mind of someone who votes Biden for President of the United States. The guy can’t run a garbage disposal let alone a Country.

    Biden were to apply incognito for Walmart greeter job he would be turned down. It is really not about Biden, but it is about the mental condition of the Biden voter…..now that is what I call “scary” because everyday and everywhere they dwell among us.

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  35. Dano says:

    That has to be the most devastatingly opposition political ad I’ve ever seen! MAGA


  36. Ernest Marsalis says:

    tens of millions of your fellow Americans will vote for him.
    Tens of millions…

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  37. Kimberly says:

    I just sent the President (Whitehouse.gov) a suggestion for a campaign ad about him bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US. Suggested he use the clip of Obama asking if he was going to pull out a magic wand to make those jobs come back and then use the 1974 song “Magic” by Pilot playing in the background while touting his success in bringing those jobs back…”Oh ho ho it’s magic!!” A good mocking of that Kenyan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASGgn8bNQuA

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  38. Bogeyfree says:

    Just a reminder if you want to hear Barr speak he is giving a talk at the Hillsdale College Constitution Day event tonight at 7:00 pm ET. It is live streamed at Hillsdale.edu

    I’m hoping he takes questions as I’m sure there will be a few doozies.

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  39. dayallaxeded says:

    Elites/coup plotters have a wet dream to overrule the vote and voice of “We the People” using 25th Amendment, but they’ve never had a POTUS who would succumb to it–now they do. Anyone who thinks they’re voting for Bribem to be POTUS is as incompetent as Bribem. A Demonrat vote is for Kommiela as POTUS. VP? Who knows or cares–just another Demonrat.


  40. Johnny Bravo says:

    Who would ever want whatever it was that were given to the slugs holding power and influence?

    Selling your soul does more than create chaos, it separates us from our Lord, as well as dishonours our parents and all the work they put into making us who we are.

    Watching these slugs now twistI guess in the wind, with everything exposed, is delicious irony!

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Sheesh, I see the WordPress editor goblin is at work again🤦🏻‍♂️


    • TwoLaine says:

      I ran across a very interesting article this week during in a family history search of newspapers in the midwest. I will be transcribing and posting it later today. It was from 1 Sep 1952.

      It is titled “Stake In War On Reds”.
      Subtitle 1 is “Church And Labor Have Common Bond Pastors say”.
      Subtitle 2 is “Communism Grows Only Where Living Conditions Are Bad, a Union Representative Points Out.”

      I run across these articles that are SO VERY TODAY every once in awhile, and it makes you realize how long this struggle has gone on and how far the needle has moved in the wrong direction. Yet the message is still very clear and so is the warning.

      I remember another article, similar yet different, that I ran across in a California newspaper about bringing back patriotism in our schools. The idea was to get the vets get into schools early to talk about our flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. At the time I found it we were deep into the first round of taking a knee on the flag and our beautiful anthem.

      Another article I found was on not allowing us to go down the road of socialized medicine. It was by a BRILLIANT California doctor, who cut his teeth as a doctor in the military for many, many years. He had the inside view of what socialized medicine really looked like.

      I am curious, for any of you vets or with generations of vets in your family. Was the VA always so bad?


  41. OffCourseNation says:

    He’s lead around to mumble and deceive whenever his keepers feel he must
    His party’s yearning for absolute power is the guiding lust
    These are nightmares that themselves do spin
    Of the Soros zombie dummy
    Of the puppet called Biden the Din


  42. Cathy Phelps says:

    His family should not let him be used like this. Jill must really want to be First Lady. There is no way he can get through an in person debate with Trump.


  43. Apfelcobbler says:

    To be honest, at :40 sec, Joe may be innocently trying to pinch some nearby woman or child. How dare anyone accuse him of anything untoward like signaling a teleprompter!

    C’mon man! Don’t sell Joe short!

    Seriously, though – it was about a year ago that we learned about Joe’s and son cashing in on his position on a breathtaking par with the Clintons… It stayed under the radar for years and years!

    Ol’ Likeable Joe made it free and clear to the finish line without monetary scandal becoming public …

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  44. starspangledred says:

    Ain’t it hard when you discover that
    He wasn’t really where it’s at
    After he took from you everything he could steal

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  45. Paul Hanlon says:

    What we need is a tweet from President Trump saying:
    “And if Joe Biden won’t debate me on Joe Rogan’s podcast, I invite Kamala Harris to take his place. Let’s face it, she’s going to be the next President of the USA, if the Democrats win. It’s only fair to the American people to see what they are going to get”.
    Just under two tweets.

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  46. SJM says:

    Model that predicted 5 of past 6 presidential elections has Trump in 2020 by ‘landslide’
    Professor’s model ‘a leading indicator’ of November results



  47. Ferret2 says:

    Is Joe getting Security Briefings? Scary.


    • Simple Citizen says:


      He get a coloring book and crayons every morning. It is filled with far away lands such as North Korea and Iran. At the top of the page it reads “BAD”.

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  48. Zy says:


  49. Patience says:

    Conartist Obiden
    to be used –again– as the fool.


  50. sunnydaze says:

    Sharika Soal nailed it a while back:


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