Blazing Sunlight – Senate Intel Committee Refuses to Give GOP Senators Documents From Russia Investigation…

Of all the *tells* that have surfaced in the past four years, this is the biggest.  This is the one that reveals just how corrupt and duplicitous the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence really is.   Do not pass over this information without pausing and evaluating just how explosive this refusal is amid the largest, most corrupt scheme in political history.

The republican led Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) is refusing to provide documents to republican senators from their Russia investigation.  Citing archaic justification within senate parliamentary rules current Chairman Marco Rubio (R) and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner are refusing to allow Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley to review the evidence the SSCI assembled to create their report on Russian election interference.

The reason and motives for the denial are simple, yet the majority of Americans have no idea…. The SSCI was the legislative entity, both republicans and democrats, who participated in the unlawful effort to remove President Trump from office.  The risk of exposure is exactly why Mitch McConnell put Senator Marco Rubio on the committee as chairman to replace Richard Burr.  The Senate was participating in the soft-coup.

WASHINGTON DC –  The Republican and Democratic leaders on the Senate Intelligence Committee rejected a broad request from two Republican Senate leaders seeking access to the panel’s records to assist in their investigation into the Trump-Russia investigators.

Acting Chairman Marco Rubio of Florida and Vice Chairman Mark Warner of Virginia rejected a late August letter from Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who said that they “respect the authority” of the Senate Intelligence Committee to protect its interests, adding that “ultimately, we have the right as United States Senators” to access the records.

“We note that your request of the Committee is made pursuant to Senate Rule 26, but fails to account for the unique authorities and obligations invested in this Committee through Senate Resolution 400 and respected over decades of Senate and Committee practice,” Rubio and Warner responded. “Accordingly, we must reject the absolutist interpretation of Rule 26 that you propose. If this Committee elects to share materials that it has collected and generated in the course of its investigation into Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, it will do so pursuant to these long-standing Committee rules, and specifically, the joint agreement of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman.”

Rubio and Warner added: “Independent of whether that agreement is forthcoming, our position on this matter obviously does not preclude you from pursuing your own investigation, using your own authorities, as you see fit, within the confines of your committees’ jurisdictions.”  (read more)

I cannot overemphasize the importance of this sunlight avoidance enough.

Back on March 17, 2017, the SSCI secretly received the FISA application used on Carter Page from FBI supervisory special agent Brian Dugan.   The ‘review and return’ application was delivered to Senate Security Director James Wolfe, who then placed it in the senate scif to be reviewed by Vice-Chairman Mark Warner (and possibly Chairman Richard Burr).  It appears no other senators were informed of this production.

James Wolfe then leaked the FISA application to reporter Ali Watkins.  All indications are that Wolfe leaked the application to Watkins as directed by Warner, possibly with Burr’s full knowledge.

FBI Agent Brian Dugan then completed a nine-month leak investigation resulting in James Wolfe admitting to the leak.  The leak was Dugan’s FBI equity.  Due to the severity of the leak; and specifically because the leak encompassed the FISA application; in/around mid-January 2018 the special counsel in Main Justice was notified of Dugan’s findings and the investigative file was shared with the Weissmann team.

The Weissman team then took apart the investigative file and began running cover for the corrupt background story that included the participation by Senator Mark Warner.  Part of that file surfaced when the text messages between Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer Adam Waldman were made public on Feb 9, 2018.

In a pre-planned operation, as soon as the explosive Warner/Waldman texts were released Senator Marco Rubio rushed to the microphones to fraudulently state that Warner had informed the committee during his early spring (2017) contacts with Waldman and Chris Steele.  This claim by Rubio was a lie.  Rubio was running cover for Warner as part of his own affiliation with the origin of the Fusion-GPS opposition research and the subsequent transfer of information to the Clinton campaign and ultimately through Chris Steele to the corrupt FBI investigative unit.  [Later to the Weissmann/Mueller crew]

Rubio’s motive to downplay the ramifications of the Warner effort, and the subsequent Wolfe leak, directly ties to his own involvement with the Fusion-GPS effort.   Remember, at the time of this obfuscation (late ’17 and early ’18) no-one yet knew the Fusion-GPS fraudulent story (which became the Steele dossier) was originally funded by the Super-PAC funding the Rubio campaign.

Go look at when the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel deleted their iPhone records and history.  The scrubbing took place mid-January 2018 as soon as they realized the previously unknown leak investigation by Washington Field Office FBI agent Brian Dugan had bumped into the special counsel operation that was coordinating with the SSCI.

The special counsel warned Warner; took action to remove specific evidence assembled by Dugan (which included the Warner/Waldman text messages); created a fictitious cover story for the SSCI to use; extracted the Dugan version of the FISA application he used to catch Wolfe (which they later released under the guise of FOIA); then sent a deconstructed (now useless) investigative file back to DC USAO Jessie Liu who had nothing left except to present a DC grand jury with James Wolfe lying to investigators.

That corrupt, unlawful and coordinated cover-up effort lies at the heart of why the SSCI will not share any information with GOP senators today.

Senators Johnson and Grassley were asking for the FISA application in 2018, not knowing the original and first renewal were previously provided to the SSCI on March 17, 2017.

When congress (House Intel, House Judiciary, Senate Judiciary and Senate Homeland Security) were writing to FISA Court presiding judge Rosemary Collyer seeking a copy of the FISA application from the court they had no idea one early copy was already provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Chairman Burr and Vice-Chair Warner kept their review and use secret; but the information about their reception came out because James Wolfe leaked it and FBI agent Brian Dugan was awaiting that leak.

FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer never told any of the chairmen about the March 2017 copy of the application that was provided to Brian Dugan to deliver to the SSCI.

Throughout the attempt to remove President Trump from office, which included the impeachment effort, the SSCI was participating and assisting; now they are in cover-up mode.  That’s the reason why Mitch McConnell put Marco Rubio in charge of that committee.

There’s a reason why senior staff from Senator Ron Johnson’s committee and senior staff from Chuck Grassley’s committee are asking for SSCI documents.  It might not come out before the election, but it will come out…

BACKSTORY:  (Read Here – and All Citations)

The sequence is critical:

1.  Adam Waldman text messages. (release date Feb 9, 2018)

2. Justice Dept. Letter to journalist Ali Watkins (release date Feb 13, 2018)

3.  James Wolfe indictment (release date June 8, 2018)

4.  FISC / Senate Judiciary Letter (public release April, 2020 – event date July 12, 2018) The letter from DOJ-NSD (Mueller Special Proseuctors) to the FISC is important.

5.  Carter Page FISA application (release date July 21, 2018)  Only need the first application section. 83 pages of original application.

6.  Government Sentencing Wolfe Case memo and recommendation for upward departure and/or variance. Filed December 11, 2018

7.  Govt. Reply to Defendant (Wolfe) sentencing memo (date Dec 14, 2018)  Govt. Exhibit #13 (two page attestation is critical).


July 27, 2018,  – Wall Street Journal  – Wolfe lawyers threaten SSCI subpoenas.

Dec 11, 2018 – Politico – Senators seek Leniency:


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383 Responses to Blazing Sunlight – Senate Intel Committee Refuses to Give GOP Senators Documents From Russia Investigation…

  1. sturmudgeon says:

    Do not forget the American’s amazing power to ‘forget’ in a very short time.

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  2. Simple Citizen says:

    I kid no one here:

    I actually saw a Rubio bumper sticker on a Chrysler mini van today. It was an old sticker on an older mini van, but there it was.

    Wow! What a day.

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    • Cobra227 says:

      Thats like spotting “Nessie” 😁

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    • skipper1961 says:

      Simple Citizen,
      Please pardon the “copy and paste” but I would like to ask my beloved fellow Treepers (and you, of course) Why this email got REJECTED for “security” reasons ( I mean, INSTANTANEOUSLY directed to a “message failure” page for “security issues”?
      BTW, I am a Florida resident, so little marco shouldn’t be able to shut me out! If anyone sees anything untoward, please LMK?

      “Senator Rubio,
      I would like to ask you to explain your refusal to provide documents that Senators Grassley and Johnson have requested (08/14/20). Citing some arcane “resolution” (Senate Resolution “400”), as to why you, and the senate select committee REJECT a lawful document request from incumbent lawfully elected Senators seems antithetical to TRUE oversight, and transparency. Why are only “certain” Senators allowed to see ALL government documents, while the majority are kept on a “need to know” basis? I’m sure I am not the only one of your constituents who is growing rather tired of terms like “select senate sub-commiTtee on…..” OR”GANG” (of eight) (?) Really? The country is supposed to trust the their safety and prosperity to a handful (16) of you folks in Washington, most of which don’t know what end of the shovel goes in the manure? WE KNOW how lucrative seats on those “committees are, and I for one (of your constituents) am interested how a junior senator gets appointed “acting chairman” of ANY committee, let alone ssci! Yes, I’m aware of your “cfr creds”. and that isn’t very reassuring, to be honest.
      Mr. Rubio, WE KNOW most of the granular details of Russia (obama) Gate. WE KNOW that your “gangs” not only turned a blind eye to, but actually facilitated a coup on a sitting American President. WE KNOW about your “uni-party” back room , nepotistic insider trading, selling American jobs to the lowest bidder (china), all the while “peeing on our collective legs” and telling us it’s raining (Hello! REPLACE AND REPEAL?)
      I beseech you, turn your act around, and support President Trump, and you may receive forgiveness, and grace. Choose the U.S. chamber of commerce over your constituents, and reap what you sow. Our Country stands in the balance, and I beg you with tears in my eyes, to not let humanity down. Confess (and repent) before it’s too late..
      Below is the most informative, and true website online. I would caution you to have one of your “staffers” read there first. It might be a bit much for senator of your “stature” to digest. Again, WE KNOW!!!!!
      Signed ,
      Skip Bresnahan, Orlando, Florida”

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      • lieutenantm says:

        iT’S A GREAT LETTER!

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        you said “We Know” and the FBI is scrambling to make that hate speech.

        (nope no sarcasm face needed)

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      • Simple Citizen says:

        Yikes! Nicely done!

        skipper1961, the reality is that vampires and small handed vampires hate the sunshine you are attempting to bring.

        Just try to remember that you maybe a citizen of the Sunshine State, but you have zero right to expect that your elected representative will actually represent you. First, they must represent themselves, then they have to represent their fellow Senators, then they have to represent big money, then they have to represent special interests, then general attorneys, then (gosh I am getting tired of typing this list = )…and you are way, way down the list.

        Honestly, you have done an excellent job and service here. The reality is that they do not wish to hear any truth; they simply cannot handle it:

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        • skipper1961 says:

          While I most wholeheartedly agree w/your reply, as I realized that none of little marco’s staffers (throne-sniffers) would probably EVER (?) call the junior senator’s attention to something so snarky and “rhetorical” (or would they?), my question is ; is there anything in that missive that should kick me to the “REJECT” page, the moment I clicked “submit”? Perhaps the web-link?
          I’m going to revise it, and resubmit it, I guess. As a very wise man has recently said “What have I got to lose?” Right?
          Be Well,

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          • Simple Citizen says:

            Okay skipper, I now get it. You need me to put my technical hat on (I was being a goof, but really liked your work).

            First, you would want to check both your electronic mail address and what browser you are using to approach the form. Either of those components could easily disqualify the submission of an electronic form. For instance, if you are using StartPage and ProtonMail as a combination, then the programmers of “little hand’s” site could have automatic disqualifications for accepting a submission.

            They probably would take a “vanilla” submission combination of Google (deep state) and Hotmail (also deep state). Then the initial message could pass through.

            Now, I would also not discount TwoLaine (as TwoLaine is a genius) and the wording that could have been flagged. Now I am not exactly sure what in the algorithm would have sent you out; however, you may want to try to different submissions. A plane Jane one for the online and a snail mail original as you have shown us here.

            Send it certified USPS mail to prove the little hands staff got it. Then if you have a decent local newspaper, consider placing it as an OP ED. You have very good stuff here, but I cannot exactly pinpoint why the web submission is not working.


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          • skipper1961 says:

            Please feel free to step in here, as one of my wisest, and most trusted correspondents?

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      • TwoLaine says:

        It might be the pee-pee part. Once burned, twice shy.

        Great missive!

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        • skipper1961 says:

          But Twolaine, it was INSTANT!? Are things that cynical and Versailles-like, that their software actually detects the word “peeing”, and in the context of coming from one of his “peons”, rejects input from the public? When I revise it, I am going to ask him to arrange an IN-PERSON town hall, during his next (impending) “BREAK”(?) WTF? ENOUGH of the “tele-townhalls” with one of his lackeys!
          I’m going to ask the same of Senator Scott. I hope he is brave enough to out-perform his globalist, little war-monger colleague.

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      • waicool says:

        Sent this to SSCI member Roy Blunt and asked bom to address this with a reply back to me.

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      • Murray says:

        damn that truth stings lol

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      • Scarlet says:

        All caps on some words.
        Heads you straight to the bin.

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        • skipper1961 says:

          While I suspected the same “issue”, I revised this version (all caps included), and it went through!!
          I’m pretty sure it was the link, as that was pretty much all I “left out”.
          Thank you for your reply.


  3. Skeeball says:

    Kentucky Republicans should vote for President Trump but not for McConnell. If that duplicitous sack doesn’t care about keeping the Senate Majority then he should be summarily fired. I know that the snake has multiple heads but nobody replacing Cocaine Mitch will have the same skills and influence as him. Let it be a lesson to all Republican Senators that they serve at the pleasure of the voters and will be terminated at will if necessary.

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    • Contrarymary says:

      I think poor little mitchy is one of the most hated men in America. The left hates him and the right hates him more. When I think of him, I think of the Bible verse that says “what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul”. Mitch and his minions are soulless political animals full of haughtiness, self congratulatory manipulative pride. They leave behind themselves nothing but decay and debauchery. They have taken the trust that has been placed in them and twisted it into evil calculations and self enrichment and a self delusion of power. They’re left with nothing of substance. Unfortunately they are taking our beautiful country down with them.

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      • skipper1961 says:

        While I blanche at a reference to Machiavelli, I was/am intrigued by one of his strategies..
        To summarize, it has to do with “enlisting” individuals of one’s conquest. By doing so, while offering a magnanimous and conciliatory hand, one also CHALLENGES (sub-consciously) the conquered to prove his/her worth and merit. E.g. Elaine Chow, Rhonna McDaniel, etc…What were they (mitch, willard) to say? “No”? “You CAN’T work for HIM!!!” That would be rather unseemly, wouldn’t it? Didn’t you just LOVE it when willard came begging for the SoS slot? HA! HA! PSYCHE!!!
        I’m sure our VSGPDJT has this in-hand, and is waiting for the moment of maximum impact, then….MOATB (Mother Of All TRUTH Bombs!)
        A guy can hope and pray, can’t he?

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      • Usually Quiet Treeper says:

        I agree that the RINO senators do not deserve re-election. But I’m going to vote for Lindsey Graham this time, for the first time ever, because the Senate may have something to do with deciding who is either installed (Pelosi, by vote fraud) or constitutionally inaugurated (PDJT, who will win on election day.) If we voters can give PDJT the overwhelming margin of the vote and a solidly Republican Senate, he will be in a position to clean out the corruption in the Republican party. He will be able to force RINO resignations, and maybe even prosecute them for crimes. He’ll clean out the RINOs if we make sure he can.

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        • vincedellasperanza says:

          not to mention Supreme Court appointments which we can kiss goodbye if the Dems control the Senate. McConnell, Graham and Rubio (let’s not forget Romney) need to go but now isn’t the time with so much else at stake.


    • vincedellasperanza says:

      I absolutely share your frustration with McConnell. I think we have yet to appreciate the full conspiracy within our own Senate to take this president down. That said, if Kentucky doesn’t elect McConnell and South Carolina (I live in SC and the DNC is spending huge sums to unseat Graham) abandons Lindsey Graham, exactly how do you propose to hold a republican majority in the Senate ? Handing a victorious Trump a Dem controlled Senate helps no one.

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  4. Simple Citizen says:

    Anyone notice how much Barr looks like Peter from Family Guy?

    Not exactly the James Bond type is he? Well I guess the CIA allows for all kinds. Heck look at how nutty James Jesus was.

    The fix is still in…Wolfe does not have to face the music; the swamp is in high gear right now.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    There’s a reason why senior staff from Senator Ron Johnson’s committee and senior staff from Chuck Grassley’s committee are asking for SSCI documents. It might not come out before the election, but it will come out…

    Could it be that Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley know about the two versions of the Carter Page FISA warrant?

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  6. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    Marco “Azucar” Rubio will not do anything unless the Sugar Lobby tells him to.

    If we could only get Big Sugar on our side . . . we’d get all the documents we want.

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  7. WhiteBoard says:

    Inform All – Get people to CTH

    (and caught up with us) —- ( all links to CTH) —- (latest eyes on – posted below)

    We initially were going to Keep the word Treason – but opted for Seditious Conspiracy for now;….

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  8. Blind no Longer says:

    After President Trump is reelected, Rubio needs to lose BIGLY. Another lying corrupt POS, who has become part of the Swamp.
    Boy is he ever a different guy now. Or maybe he was always a POS snake and just rode the Tea Party coat tails to get in office.
    Try as they might, NO MATTER WHAT…the truth is going to come out!! Surely these GOP idiots who participated in the coup realize the Left is just slobbering at the thought to expose them for their part to take their own President down
    People don’t like traitors/back stabbers of members in their own party, no matter which party it is.

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  9. WhiteBoard says:

    Rubio – you have the chance to be a hero…

    forget the promotion.

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  10. regitiger says:

    IF there was a functioning main justice… acting responsibly with it’s protected rightful constitutional power within the executive, MANY MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WOULD BE SUBJECTS OF GRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS.


    Congress members are subject to ALL federal criminal statutes.

    Highlighting the provable evidence of at least intentional obstruction of justice.

    but again… that goes no where unless main justice commences at least investigations and grand juries DEMANDING the material.

    we know this has not happened. we know this because there are no legal cases aimed at congress and SSCI for these documents.

    Barr is protecting moremthan just HIS INSTITUTIONS. He has effectively given a marker to congress…he will use this in the near future for a more expansive and enhanced secret police spy powers.

    they will be happy to comply.

    say goodbye to your privacy.


    Barr is public enemy number one.

    he is top list

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Maybe a Judge can do the Sullivan (but take it a step further, why the hell not right?)

      instead of being the judge and the prosecutor… maybe a judge can indict also? then do the Sullivan?

      (nope no sarcasm face needed, this is the world after NO JUSTICE – Barr)

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    • Dutchman says:

      Respectfully, I see it differently. By insisting on the bogus excuse of refusing to investigate ANY information coming from “the Political Silo”, he is promulgating an EXCUSE, to try to explain away his lack of action on prosecuting spygate.

      It is NOT, however the REASON. His reason is that he was brought out of retirement specifically to do, exactly what he is doing; PROTECT the Power structure in the Swamp.

      Effectively, this is just like,Sessions recusing himself, on all russia related matters, ALSO an excuse, NOT a reason.
      Same reason.

      Graham saying he would NOT start any hearings, until Durham completes his investigation; Excuse, not reason.
      Same reason.

      The CENTER of the Power Structure in Mitch McConnell. HE put Barr there.
      HE is sending clear messages to the Swamp, by his ACTIONS that he wants this to proceed with NO accountability for the small group.

      HE is the man behind the curtain, Barr is just following Mitchs orders, just like Sessions was and Graham as well.
      We need a thorough housecleaning of the Republicon Congressional Leadership; that is the Center of the Power in the Swamp, and McConnell is at the very center, along with Thune, Graham, Barraso, Cornyn, Rubio, etc.

      They need to be EXPOSED, and so DISCREDITED, so they will lose power to control public opinion or public policy, for good.

      Fortunately, the,”Trump effect” seems to be: EXPOSE, DISCREDIT, remove from power due to loss of credibility.

      PDJT has done it with NeverTrumpers and NeoCons, MSM, Dem face of Uniparty, Judiciary, Bushies, Obama and his acolytes,…in his FIRST term.

      Second term, he MUST address the Republicon Congressional leadership, once and for all, and DESTROY them.

      Its the ONLY way to truly drain the Swamp. Barr is small potatoes, indeed.

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        Does the President have to publically announce a special prosecutor he solely picks?

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      • regitiger says:

        I agree with every single point you make here.

        Sometimes my writings lack

        The larger point I’ve tried to make is…and I’ve said this dozens of times.

        The entire GAME is about using the secret police spy powers for political and financial gain…on a global basis.

        Barr will never contemplate even accusing congress of wrongdoing… nor would he dare to take any actions against agents who are “jacked in” to the IC apparatus…

        its not so much to protect institutions but to provide a steady and smooth restoration of all former spy authorities and to expand them.

        exhibit a: he refuses to act on provable evidence of a conspiracy and coup…both in house and within congress

        exhibit b: refusing to sign the most important elements of the motion to dismiss re. FLYNN…(that FLYNN HAD NOT COMMITED ANY CRIME… only to refer to the issue that the predicate nmateriality of the investigation and “interview” was flawed.. it’s a huge difference in how he constructed the motion…it literally continues to describe Flynn as a crook but one not pursuing because of some prosecutorial error…

        exhibit c: over the top aggressiveness recently ramped up toward assange.

        what do these three things have in common?

        each party represents a very real threat of exposing the lawless self enrichment schemes of a very dangerous and unconstitutional secret police spy state.

        the gold ring.

        satan himself would rather perish in eternal damnation than give it up.

        barr is one little hell boy.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Oh, we see eye to eye, its just on nuances, and how we express it is all.

          McConnell and Grahams adamant insistence on renewing FISA without hearings, without amendments, yeah,…..

          THEY were exploiting FBI Contractor access to the NSA database, JUST as much as the Obama admin was, also for political advantage.

          MUST expose Mitch AND CO.; Just getting rid of Mitch, while emotionally satisfying, wouldn’t change the fundamentals, as they have their own, unnofficial “line of seccession”; Mitch goes down, Thune moves up, and everyone along with him.

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      • jebg46 says:

        It’s time for the VERY BIG UGLY, man your Zippos for Nov 4, 2020.or Jan 21, 2021.

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        • Dutchman says:

          I would say BETWEEN those two dates, and the battle may well extend beyond Jan, the WAR certainly will.
          Zippo full of fluid, plenty of wick, and flints up the,wazzoo!

          Liked by 2 people

          • montanamel says:

            Just “pop the cap” on the left-main tank and “dip it in” for a refill…
            nothing like a full pad of “purple 115/145” avgas…. (North American F-51…Made in USA).
            (do make sure you wipe off your fingers before using, eh?)….
            AND….do move away from the flight line before lighting up !!.


            • Dutchman says:

              Hah, a trick a buddy taught me;
              Flints cost about $1 each.
              Disposable bic type butane lighters, when they run out of fuel, and so are discarded, have a flint in them, twice as long as what you need for a zippo.
              By CAREFULLY taking the old bic apart, (watch your eyes, as there is a spring in there!) you can recover the flint, cut it in half, and have TWO flints.

              Disposable lighter costs $1-2, each,…makes no sense, but “there it is”.

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  11. WhiteBoard says:

    This law must be revisited! it initially was in the favor of the people. See the middle Case prior to 2001

    (Katz vs US 1967) this must get known.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Just in case we have anyone curious – the full law post

      This will be summarized – this week for easy reading

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    • regitiger says:

      “tangible things”

      here is what the founders understood.


      yes…it IS time to educate and advise citizens why these things matter.

      one certain way to get maximum attention is to explain in detail how these “jacked in” officials have become absurdly wealthy and connecting THAT WEALTH with access to the unlocked ATM MACHINE…orherwise called the spy powers.

      1. its true
      2. its provable
      3. people detest scowflaws.

      That is how you get WE THE PEOPLE to act… they must understand why these corruptors get wealthy.

      connect it to secret exclusive spy powers that they alone have exclusive access.

      most people don’t give a damn about privacy… crap… they already.KNOW Microsoft Apple Google get it… they give it up without blinking. people will never be motivated on some existential threat re. privacy compromise…

      it HAS TO be something that truly registers hot cold fury…

      officials have been using spy.powers to self enrich.

      that really is how this entire mess is addressed and confronted.


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  12. Mr_Mayhem says:

    Yeah, the power of automated electronic eavesdropping, narrative control, and human behavioral control, is the “family jewels” of the Empire crowd. That’s what all the smart people are most concerned with, and crushing that machine is the main mission of survival. Too many folks are focused on the demons spawned, rather than who is spawning them. Shining light on the Senate coup participation is useful, maybe if we get those out of the way we can bring in Senators who will shut down the privacy intrusion and blackmail machines.

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    • regitiger says:

      if “recent” acknowledgements are to be understood…congress has no cuffsnnor cops. that must be realized for what that really truly means.

      how do “new” elected congress people possibly control unlawful spy operations even IF we could find a few good men?

      what prevents corruptors from doing what they have already done… NUMEROUStimes with zero negative consequences?

      said a different way… the very separation of powers has been hacked at the root level. that firewall will prevent so called law makers from doing anything significant to a corrupt main justice and executive!

      all roads lead to main justice…for there is the one and only legal and constitutionally potential to shut it down.



      ultimately THIS PRESIDENT will have to axe barr and wray. they are not capable or willing to perform what is necessary to axe these programs. they are NOT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.

      if tomorrow we replace every single scoundrel in congress with white knights…it changes few things about spy powers….the president ultimately has the power over executive spy matters. that’s the reality. Congress can do all manner of laws and purse… but it does matter very little if POTUS decides otherwise.

      its important to understand we ONLY know this level of corruption about FISA. hammer and other coup evidence because Hillary lost!!! AND the corruptors were not careful with OPSEC. its important to realize we have the almost exclusive benefit of seeing these crimes in grandular details and from the 30,000 foot birds eye view thanks to the immensely powerful diligence of Sundance (S).

      are there any among any possible candidates for congress who are even trivially caught up with the details of this coup and conspiracy as much as Sundance and our crew? and even if there was…would it really matter?

      it all goes back to two key agencies:

      the POWER of POTUS
      A functioning main justice.

      that’s where you find working options that can deploy immediately if deemed important to bear.

      I’ve heard.the arguments…it would be difficult politically… suicidal even… legally it would be a show down

      yes…and to that i say.

      is.this not.the beach worth fighting and dying to win?

      what would be?


      • WhiteBoard says:

        he is avoiding assassination..

        he walks amongst enemies daily.

        they watch over kids kids.

        his tactic is acting as the CROWD CONTROLLER of the ANGRY MOB ( we get loud he appeases us)

        its a positive strategy that keeps him alive.



  13. tax2much says:

    Maybe Joe Biden will spill the beans during one of his dementia moments when he thinks he’s the Republican challenger to Joe Biden.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. melskia says:

    I wonder if Sen. Rubio’s future cell mates will want him to wear his lift boots and his leather chaps with fringe?

    Liked by 1 person

  15. spoogels says:

    Re Muller team deleting text msgs: This won’t do. If gov wants those msgs, all they have to do is go to NSA Stellarwind data base and pull them out as all sms going over the cell network are captured & stored forever. @DevinNunes knows this. @FoxNews

    Already done.


  16. TwoLaine says:

    Yeah, so here’s the problem. Neither of these “investigations” have any facts behind them. They are puffy white clouds that disappear like climate change. ZERO SUBSTANCE, just like the former President from Kenya!

    “The conspiracy theory has been debunked repeatedly by both former special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee, which found that Russian hackers were behind the theft of emails and publication by WikiLeaks, the Daily Beast noted.”

    Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs to be deposed in Seth Rich lawsuit: report
    by Rebecca Klar
    14 Sep 2020


  17. govlawyer says:

    Sunlight? Hell, Federal and State FOIA/FOIL laws aren’t meant to shine sunlight on government, it’s meant to LIMIT what you’re “entitled” to see–and believe me, the exceptions to getting information are big enough to drive a fleet of Mack trucks driving side by side through at one time.
    Just ask Judicial Watch.
    Why should the Club of 100 which is populated by the Uniparty be any different?


  18. Jim in TN says:

    Never forget. The Senate makes its living pretending to want what we want but making it look like it is not their fault it never happens.

    One of their favorite tactics is to use the moderates and black sheep. Collins and McCain were reliable thwarters of conservative Republicans. But look what happened when McCain died. There was no end to anti-Trumpers revealing themselves to step up and thwart the people’s will. Many of them lost, but Utah gave us Romney to replace McCain.

    And they take turns. 6 year terms gives them lots of time to misbehave before they need to act like they want our votes. If all this obstruction wasn’t really acceptable to the vast majority of Republicans, it would never be allowed and it would have negative consequences. Even in the “independent” Senate, there is a heavy price to pay for not playing the game.

    So, never forget. It is not the intelligence committee that thwarts ambassador nominations. Etc. Everyone consents in silence to the denial of recess appointments, not the intelligence committee. While the intelligence committee had a role to play, the key committee for the coup was the Senate Judiciary Committee. You can’t run the DOJ through the Special Counsel if the AG and DAG don’t play along. You can’t have a Special Counsel if the AG and DAG don’t appoint one. You can’t run a DOJ coverup if the AG and DAG aren’t controlling it. From Sessions to Rosenstein to Barr the Judiciary was the key player making sure the right people are in place to run the coup and its coverup.

    The DAG is the Chief Operating Officer of the DOJ. That makes him like the executive officer on a ship, running daily operations. Even when he is not playing musical chairs with a recusing AG, he has a controlling influence over all that the DOJ does.

    Rosenstein set up a special counsel. Rosenstein appointed Mueller to run it and controlled which coup participants were transferred over to work in the SC. Weissman, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith and many others came from the DOJ bringing their pet coup projects and continuing those coups under ‘independence’ of the SC. Rosenstein ran the DOJ to satisfy the whims of the SC that he set up. Rosenstein ran the coverup that thwarted or delayed truths of the coup from getting out.

    Leaking the FISA application was bad. And it fingers corruption in the Senate. But the essential Senate task in the coup was to ensure the “right” person was DAG and acting AG. Ensuring only the “right” people are confirmed and that nobody is recess appointed is a Senate wide obstruction to the President. Beyond that “Resistance”, they are also “Resisting” the very policies the President and they ran on. They just make it look like it is Mccain’s or Romney’s fault. Etc.


  19. Learned Hat says:

    The Fox trio need to address this and have someone on to interview (Grassley is a bad interview though). It needs to get out to conservatives so that they have pressure on them. Nobody is broadcasting this wide enough.


  20. WDS says:

    TPTB are going to groom Rubio for a 2024 run. He’s been given committee assignments to bolster his lackluster “street cred”. He’s a swamp favorite and was used as a prop by the Gang of Eight to push amnesty for illegals and to be totally honest, I’m more worried about the ’24 election than I am about this one.


  21. itsy_bitsy says:

    I am pretty shocked! I believed that Rubio believed in what this country stands for, but it’s beginning to look like he has been bought off by the Marxist democrats! Shocking if it’s true. That would put a slur on the names of his parents who struggled to give him freedom. The last thing I would think they would want would be for him to align himself with the same Marxists his family fled from in Cuba?

    Liked by 1 person

  22. WhiteBoard says:

    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was established in 1978 when Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which is codified, as amended, at 50 U.S.C. §§ 1801-1885c. The Court sits in Washington D.C., and is composed of eleven federal district court judges who are designated by the Chief Justice of the United States. Each judge serves for a maximum of seven years and their terms are staggered to ensure continuity on the Court. By statute, the judges must be drawn from at least seven of the United States judicial circuits, and three of the judges must reside within 20 miles of the District of Columbia. Judges typically sit for one week at a time, on a rotating basis.


  23. Tom says:

    “The leak was Dugan’s FBI equity.” What is that supposed to mean in actual English ?


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