August 15th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1304

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,189 Responses to August 15th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1304

  1. WhiteBoard says:

    Kim Fox is a fcking moron. she goes on CNN and reads every word.

    Any person in power that reads should be fired. whoever is writing her lines should be EXPOSED so we can ROUND UP THIS EVIL.

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  2. maggie0987 says:

    Just sayin……
    My copy of the new Jack Cashill book,’Unmasking Obama,’ arrived and in the acknowledgments
    he mentions, ‘Sundance and his Fellow Treepers’ !!

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  3. borndwebb says:

    Just a thought to consider about CONTRACTORS.

    After viewing the documentary last night which has lots of info on Outside companies and Contractors (they claim) basically have gotten a direct feed of all the data routed to NSA.

    What if the redacted info on contractors, is not NSAa contractors they refer to. BUT the govt hired Contractors getting the NSA feed and selling off the data.

    Just a thought to watch for traps as this goes forward. The fact there are private companies with direct ability to siphon off the NSA feed is huge. Might explain lack of footprints to come and more.

    NSA also has to know that they are sharing this info for “purposes” that would shield them.

    Sneaky Sneaky.

    PS I have also looked in Millie Weavers arrest. Her mother or someone posting as her mother claims this is about her phone Millie took after an argument. Her mother was recording the conversation (??) Millie discovered this and took the phone.

    Millies Mother? did say she did file charges???. but went to the station and said she didn’t want to file charges and left. Legal eagles, I understand once you file you can’t undo, they can go ahead and charge.

    The charges against MIlley supposedly are Tampering with Evidence. Obstruction of Justice, Domestic Violence. I can see each of those coordinate with the scenario with a dishonest Prosecuter and Grand Jury.

    They supposedly have set on the indictment which is in OHIO and the County is Portage. This is Mike De Wine(r). territory. Does not say if it is State or Federal charges.

    Timing says maybe they sat and waited till the documentary was released. Millie is said to have been calling others saying her internet would not work well and could not upload the video due to bandwidth issues. Then the po po shows with this charge, no paperwork, They told her she could get it at the station after transport.

    they also arrested her husband.

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    • TJ says:

      FWIW: The arrest video is at the end of this short commentary about it.


      • Margot says:

        I watched the entire documentary that she produced. And the most fascinating part was later on, when Cambridge Analytica was discussed. Remember when Manafort was let go as campaign manager during Trump’s first campaign? Who swooped in to the rescue for the final leg of the campaign? Steve Bannon, The Mercers and Cambridge Analytica, that’s who. With Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager.

        So in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about Sundance’s comment regarding an advisor close to the President who has been undermining him. Hmm, could that be Kellyanne? She’s still with the administration and I’ve always wondered about her husband and his nasty remarks regarding Trump, when his wife is so much a part of the administration. Bannon claims to be the President’s “wingman” and has that “War Room”, which is carried and/or promoted by a number of “conservative” media outlets on line.

        Curiouser and curiouser.

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        • swissik says:

          NEVER have I trusted Kellyanne C. and that was before we started hearing about her husband. To this day I fail to understand why she is still there. Maybe a friend of the Javankas? The only thing one can say is that her appearances on TV seem to have been curtailed. In other words her leash was shortened considerably. Don’t trust her, don’t like her!

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    • swamph8er says:

      Sounds to me like a coordinated movie promotion.

      The movie was very informative and worth watching, but I would never have heard of it if she hadn’t been arrested.

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    • usualwidgits says:

      Re: contractors: By and large, contractors control the agencies. Just as our educational system has been dumbed down in recent decades, the same trend can be found in the bureaucracy. Program managers can not even write the statements of work and rely on the contractors. NSA contractors own the NSA. They don’t need permission to spy on anyone. They can route info anywhere, anytime. It’s not a fault. It’s a feature.

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      • MVW says:

        I am still reeling from watching the interviews and it is beyond a horror, worse than I could have imagined. Far worse.

        What it means is that any Gruberment could hire these contractors to overthrow the US, or the contractors could just do it. And I blamed it on rogue CIA before. In a way it would be.

        Can Pandora’s box lid be closed? Dust does settle, data does gets stale, has a shelf live, but would the power hungry ever do that?

        And the vote, even if not flooded with fake votes, looks ‘hackable,’ insecure. This is a disaster.

        Free people are alive. Enslaved people are not. That is what this is about.


        • JAS says:

          The most important part in that presentation is not that they have access, but that they can pull the data and replace it with data of their choosing.

          The implications of that kind of power is enormous. If you are a target and are clean they can make you dirty, snap, like so.


    • bertdilbert says:

      It was CIA contractors. So government money used to do political spying (and maybe other things).

      Democrats are exceptional at using government money to smear opponents. Mueller and Impeachment were all government money with free media time to boot. In comparison, republicans suck in this area.

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  4. Doppler says:

    Questions, Questions. Multiple Choice Answers.

    Why would Clinesmith’s Criminal Information be leaked before he entered into his plea deal?
    a. He and his lawyer are still negotiating his plea deal with DOJ and shaking down the Deep State for some sort of escape hatch: the Deep State’s Witness Protection Program.
    b. He and his lawyer are still negotiating his plea deal and Durham’s Lead Investigator wanted it leaked before Saturday, to prevent Sundance from disclosing his identity, until Tuesday.
    c. Durham’s Lead Investigator requested the premature leak, as part of the signed-but-not-yet-disclosed plea deal in order to surveil Deep State handlers, fat cats and their operatives reactions, as they conspire to obstruct justice by offering him money and a new life altogether elsewhere in exchange for not cooperating, or further falsifying evidence.
    d. Clinesmith has offered up acceptable evidence in exchange for the plea deal, but Durham needs to confirm it somehow before finalizing the deal.

    Usually, such a leak most likely comes from the defense, who are part of the narrative-controlling Lawfare, while DOJ and FBI are supposed to NOT leak (unless the Dems are running it to overthrow Trump). Here, however, it could have come from either side, or they both signed off on it.
    My head hurts trying to sort out all the possibilities.

    Meanwhile, that Millie video about Internet Influence Algorithms based on all of our surveilled digital history stolen by defense contractors being used as Psyops against the American people, including “defunding the police” as a marketing plan for robo-cop manufacturers, has shaken my outlook as few things have. My gut tells me it’s true, but how could such a thing be proven?

    Questions, Questions.

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    • PaulCohen says:

      It wasn’t “leaked” — it is a 5 page official legal filing with the federal district court. It wasn’t under seal or anything like that….

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    • Right to reply says:

      It can be proven with the robocops hit the democrat states.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      “…Meanwhile, that Millie video about Internet Influence Algorithms based on all of our surveilled digital history stolen by defense contractors being used as Psyops against the American people, including “defunding the police” as a marketing plan for robo-cop manufacturers, has shaken my outlook as few things have. My gut tells me it’s true, but how could such a thing be proven?…”

      Good question, but we certainly know there is coordination going one between media/social media/government at some level. I guess the reason why videos like this are popular because it answers why? Why do “they” want to remove Trump? Because they wanted and expected Hillary but the why is the vast corruption.

      The other day when I was just out on a walk the question of why would rich people want to crash the market and the country, doesn’t that hurt them also? It should if you think if the economy as a competitive arena but it isn’t really that anymore is it? One of the big fallouts from cv-19, however you think it started or became a mania, is small businesses have been crushed. The chain stores seem be doing ok. People aren’t scared to shop there, lol unlike school, and they keep getting busier and busier by me. Corporations and chains are more easily controlled by governments and groups. So if you want to go wide, big, “conspiracies” it’s not out of question that this is just a takeover of the American economy. Because you win if you own the tables at the casinos. You don’t care if somebody loses it all or you have to provide welfare to a huge portion of the population as long as you own all the places they’ll spend their money.

      Oh, one of my malls had robotic security roaming around. It had cameras and sensors all about it so it could automatically just roam the malls by itself. Anyway, the way mayors don’t use their police in cities now all you need is surveillance and the cops come and clean up the aftermath of the crime anyway…

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    • Why does it matter if it can be proven or not. Your gut is telling you it is true, and you also know it is going to get worse.
      Start living your life without all the tech if it bothers you, and question everything, including yourself, as you may have been conned by your own demons being used against you.


  5. WhiteBoard says:

    a good refresher on Erik Prince’s comments on the NYPD seizing anthony weiner’s laptop and making a copy of it. (NYPD supporting POTUS and endorsed him publically yesterday – with the statue of the cop helping the victim child)

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    • Right to reply says:

      2 years old and nothing

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      • Tornarosa says:

        Thanks Whiteboard. The significance of NYPD’s possession of a copy of the Weiner laptop and their endorsement of President Trump can’t be overemphasized.

        At the very least it gives him a plauable excusele to know what he may already know.

        What they don’t know now becomes a weapon to instill fear into communists in our govt
        Waiting for him to mention the Weiner laptop


    • rharkonen says:

      Hard to believe there isn’t a single decent person involved who has the guts to release the evidence, even if “the system” is too constipated and corrupt to act. As if a person’s CURRENT job or “career” is the be-all and end-all of reality.

      If I had such data, I’d happily go to prison for the rest of my life to make it public, if that’s what it came to. Without a second-thought. But it almost certainly would not come to that, despite threats, if the evidence was real.


    • Robert Smith says:

      I still have a hard time believing this because other than him there;’s been ample time for something to come of this.


      • Robert Smith says:

        I am willing to believe Weiner is certainly capable of anything though.


        • WhiteBoard says:

          people don’t understand that societies have conquered tribes and raped women, murdered children like archery targets, and even canabalized to show power.

          we are civilians- civilized on how to act.

          the elites are outside of our system – they dont use commerical planes, they dont pay for things, everything is a trade.

          if you want to have balls-

          look up the number of children missing and compare it to covid deaths.

          really , kids go missing? how? oops lost one. you are toys for the elites, and thats why the nsa datbase – now converted to private companies partnering with att and teling the president to shove it , is happening

          they are ready to break loose of us.

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      • Free Speech says:

        There have been a half dozen or so NYPD officers, all of whom had some connection to the Weiner arrest/laptop evidence, who’ve died either by random shooting or ‘suicide’. One of the cops allegedly shot himself THE DAY AFTER HE RETIRED. Yeah, that makes a ton of sense.

        One of the officers was a black woman who was shot by street thugs, allegedly. I believe POTUS attended her funeral.

        When nothing is done, facts fade over time.

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    • rharkonen says:

      Smells bad … the NYPD supposedly has massive incriminating data on crimes, but THEY — and absolutely everyone involved — are the ones somehow blackmailed into total silence precisely BECAUSE they have all the incriminating evidence. That’s not how it works.

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        Lorreta Lynch threatend the RETURN of the eric garner case if they didnt cooperate and hand it over to STRZOK

        the question is – did the nypd pass a copy over before Weismann could surf the NSA database to find who had it.. DING DING.


    • SanJac says:

      Is this why so many NYPD LEOs have committed “Suicide”

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  6. F.D.R. in Hell says:

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    • F.D.R. In Hell,
      While this is good from entertainment point of view, let us not drop down to dems tactics.

      Quick search on “Kamala meaning” in duckduckgo will tell you that it is a Sanskrit language word that means “lotus”. Considering her mother’s Indian origin, that is consistent and especially with her big eyes, it is no surprise that she is Kamala.

      If I have to go out on a limb, don’t be surprised if her real name is “Kamalanayani” or “Kamalanayana” – both means “eyes like lotus” and it is abbreviated to current version of “Kamala”.

      This is not in any defense of what that thing is about.

      Use this information if your socialist friends accuse you of being an illiterate andxenophobic. With this information, I will guarantee you one thing – you will come out to be ahead and more knowledgeable about the word “Kamala” than your socialist friend.


  7. KT Prayer Warrior says:

    So darn refreshingly honest

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    • jus wundrin says:

      Awesome Governor!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Isn’t the media waiting for the nationwide spread of CV-19 from Sturgis now?


      • KT Prayer Warrior says:

        Funny that. Mid-week of Sturgis this year, I saw an article saying that the cases are on the rise in SoDak….I thought it took 2 weeks to manifest….

        SoDakotans are just busy counting all the money. Sturgis brings in all kind of money because many riders ride completely across the state and spend money beyond Sturgis and the Black Hills. And Wyoming usually makes good money too! Good thing WY remained mostly open too.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          Well, let’s see if they can get a big spike out of this for their media narratives. You know they’d like to take down the SD gov. If I lived in SD or more northern states, you can bet your @ss I’m not going to stay in when its nice out.


  8. sunnydaze says:


    This looks like it was a really good in-city market. The guy re-opened after one ransack episode. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson now.

    You’d think the city would prioritize guarding these food stores, because….people gotta eat, ya know?

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    • Right to reply says:

      There can be no revolution on a full belly, but that isn’t the drug of today’s society, is it. Its why ANTIFA/MARXISTS, or if you like, secret service agitators, are going to start blowing up substations and signal towers. The CELL PHONE/INTERNET, is the drug of choice today.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Lightfoot will probably insist that he continues to pay his taxes in full, While forbidding him from either selling he property or breaking his lease.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      More insanity in Chicago. The Miracle Mile Riot was advertised on Social Media (..”meet up at 12AM for looting…” ) but cops weren’t there for it.

      Cops used to monitor Soc. Med. but “Civil Rights” groups protested it (interfere’s w/ Free Speech).

      What a Democratic Sh*tshow.

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      • paper doll says:

        They wouldn’t have shown up anyway. 😠

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Civil liberties groups – where do they get their funding?

        Restricting access means raise the drawbridges so the downtown area has a moat!

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      • Rileytrips says:

        Sunnydaze, it looks like the looters in Chicago have taken all that was remotely valuable out of the nice and “elite” stores in downtown. I have heard that truckers and truck companies will not be making any deliveries to areas where the police have been demonized and defunded and crime is rising. So, these stores will not be replenished in the near future.
        What will BLM, Antifa, and looting citizens do now…now that there is nothing left to take and/or destroy?
        I have a feeling that they will be rioting/looting next in wealthy neighborhoods in Chicago – neighborhoods like the Obama’s and that CEO’s of wealthy companies reside in. Will they be allowed to protect themselves? Will the leaders of the riots be charged and put in jail then? Will be interesting to see.


    • sunnydaze says:

      More on the in-city market. Took the looters 25 min. to break in. Owner had reinforced Metal doors because of previous May break-in.

      Owner called cops immediately, but they never showed til the whole place was demolished.

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      • cheering4america says:

        As far as whether to reopen or not – again – he may not even have a choice; who would insure a store with this record in this neighborhood?

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  9. Troublemaker10 says:

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  10. Mariposa323 says:

    So I just voted in the Primary here in Miami Dade . In person . Masks were enforced . However no one asked to ID my face . They took my ID and never “ID”d me . Potential for fraud here is Huge . Not happy with the people running RNC down here !

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    • Publius2016 says:


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    • Proud American says:

      I voted on Thursday in Miami-Dade and I refuse to wear a mask outside of any bldg. I will wear it inside to vote but off the mask comes one step outside the door. No one has yet to say anything to me about not wearing a mask outside.

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    • MILupper says:

      Voted in the Michigan primary Aug 4. No mask required despite Gov Half whitmer’s previous mask orders. Even she admitted that requiring masks violated many federal and state voting rights laws.

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    • Akindole says:

      Did they run your driver’s license back strip through the scanner? They do in my county next to you. Then, the signature was matched up to the one on DL record, right?

      If no, contact the recently unemployed Brenda Snipes. She’s probably advising them now in the back room with the absentee ballot boxes.


  11. Skidroe says:

    In the last 31/2 years how many comments have been pushed or brushed aside and declared a conspiracy theory when actually they are TRUE? They ( Deep State) are trying to control us all. We need to load up and march on DC now! Everything is much deeper than we ever thought. We need to take out the MSM and most of DC. Attack BLM and Antifa where they stand and take our country back. If we wait until after the election it could be to late. They are going to cheat like crazy. Voter ID required and NO mail in ballets. We MUST go on the offense now ! President Trump can’t do it alone. I am old and no power to organize a march or attack but I would go! Many others would to. To much talk and not enough action.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      If 45 calls, me too!

      Right now, the battle is for your mind!

      45 has made a call to all the Digital Warriors!

      As an older voter, you can go to open local message boards and call for volunteers to help with voting…also Just sharing Sleepy Joe’s INSANITY ON ROACHES AND CHILDREN IS DISQUALIFYING FOR ANY PARENT OR GRANDPARENT!!

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  12. pattyloo says:

    I need to remember that people like Clinesmith, who I would call a ‘small player’ may be the only ones we hear about getting indicted or making plea deals. Perhaps these are warnings to the ‘big players’ in the swamp that Barr is onto them.

    I’d love to see Hillary, Comey, Brennan & others perp-walked. But, I also believe that much of their crimes were induced by blackmail. That’s not an excuse, but if true, I would be more interested in justice for the blackmailers, whose names we probably would not recognize.

    I guess you could say that Epstein was one of the blackmailers – but he was not the person giving these people orders to commit crimes. He was just the one gathering the evidence.

    I know people like to point at George Soros, but he is just the public wealthy face of the NWO. Like Epstein’s job was to videotape people doing awful things, Soros’ is to pay spoiled white kids to raise hell. They are each a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole picture.

    Barr could have a whale on the line, for all we know. Similar to how PDJT suddenly announced peace between Israel and the UAE, and no one knew this was even being discussed. Or the numerous al qaeda leaders he’s taken out without fanfare.

    Anyway, regarding Mr. XXXX, didn’t Barr drop the name of another investigator about a week ago in an interview? someone besides Durham?


  13. MaineCoon says:

    Not sure if this has been posted or not. It’s President Trump’s outdoor speech and meeting with NY’s finest, NYPD. It was an inspiring speech and uplifting to them. Rudy spoke also and NYPD deservedly gave him a nice hand of appreciation.

    NYPD unions of 24,000 members endorsed President Trump. He said they don’t usually endorse for the Presidency, but….well, they love him. They also awarded him with a very special statue (30:00) which WILL be displayed in the Oval Office. They very kindly spoke of PT’s brother.

    This is a long video (45:46 min) but I found it very inspiring. Plus, P45 said “NY is in play” in the election! YES!!

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    • Rileytrips says:

      That is going to be way more than 24,000 voters for President Trump. Think about all of their wives/partners, grown children, parents, friends and relatives that are supportive of the NYPD. That will be a LOT!


  14. Publius2016 says:

    Yes, Sleepy Joe said this out loud publicly while running for President of the United States!

    In the 90s, Dateline would run a sting!


  15. Publius2016 says:

    On this day, we celebrate PEACE!

    Beautiful video with the words of one of our Greatest Leaders from the Greatest Generation!

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  16. California Joe says:

    So Cal Reporting: Libs here appear to be extra aggressive and more agitated today. Noticed it on the road and in the shopping center. Also in the supermarket!!! I wonder why???

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  17. Perot Conservative says:

    California heat waves, and think the kooky officials will decommission the only zero CO2 nuclear power plant, Diablo Canyon, in 2025.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      the best thing to do is let a nuclear power plant close down right?


      One reason California became the breadbasket for the world was Nuclear! these Globalists want people begging for gruel…

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        I met a man from Fresno who informed me of the Helms project east if Fresno – they created a reservoir up high, and let the water flow down hill during peak demand times (like now) to create electricity. What makes it workable is excess NP which is used to pump the water back up the hill (mountain) at night, when there is excess electrical output from Diablo Canyon.

        SoCal can’t meet the Demand. Oh yeah, they shut down San Onofre nuclear power plant eight years ago.

        California is swash in oil and Natural Gas that liberals refuse to access.

        Blackouts helped boot Gray Davis as Governor. Recall Gavin Newsom.


    • Robert Smith says:

      They think alternative energy will free them.

      But they ignore Germany’s experience actually going down that road.


    • LOL says:

      On an earthquake fault. Should never have been commissioned.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Over a mile from the fault.

        Wikipedia: “… 2016 NRC probabilistic risk assessment of the plant, taking into account seismic risk, estimated the frequency of core damage at one instance per 7.6 million reactor years.[11]”

        Diablo Canyon produces 23% of the states’ green energy.


  18. islandpalmtrees says:

    The FBI leadership was told No again on January 12, 2017 by the PSS(Igor Danchenko), about one week after their own people wanted to close the investigation into General Flynn. Comey was in the middle of a bad month!

    The January 4 memo concluded with this paragraph: “The FBI is closing this investigation. If new information is identified or reported to the FBI regarding the activities of CROSSFIRE RAZOR, the FBI will consider reopening the investigation if warranted.”

    Yet, on that same day — Jan. 4, 2017 — Strzok instructed the FBI case manager (Stephen Somma, NYC) handling CROSSFIRE RAZOR to keep the investigation open. “Hey don’t close RAZOR,” Strzok texted.

    Let’s look at how the IG report frames the primary sub-source(Igor Danchenko), and specifically notice the FBI contact and questioning took place on January 12, 2017.

    “The Primary Sub-source(Igor Danchenko) also informed WFO Agent 1 (Stephen Somma, NYC) that Steele tasked him after the 2016 U.S. elections to find corroboration for the election reporting and that the Primary Sub-source (Igor Danchenko) could find none. “

    Perhaps Somma’s most egregious omission deals with an interview he conducted in January 2017 with Steele’s primary source(Igor Danchenko).


    • litenmaus says:

      David Laufman was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Intelligence and as such, Chief of the NSD’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section..

      David Laufman, the DAAG for Intelligence brokered the three day interview between Danchenko and Somma/Auten and Laufman actually sat in on the first interview on Jan 24, 2017.

      Also in January 2017, Adam Waldman was brokering talks for Julian Assange and Waldman had put Assange in touch with David Laufman and Bruce Ohr.

      Heather Schmidt was assigned by the NSD Export Control Section to assist in the case against Evgeny Buryakov, the same case that Carter Page worked uncover on.

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  19. Perot Conservative says:

    So what do we expect Tuesday?

    Major DOJ announcements?

    Sundance names XXXXXX investigator / prosecutor, and names new crimes / players?

    BTW, hear AOC will only get 5 minutes, & it will be taped? (They don’t trust her to stay on script.)

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  20. Magabear says:

    Have to laugh at one of the tweets Alex Berenson took aim at today. You have a doctor in AZ (via NYC) who proclaims that whuflu will rip thru schools if we reopen them and kill the children! 😮 No science to back up the claim, but beings he’s an E.R. physician, his word can’t be questioned. But what happens when well a regarded physician or medical expert questions that kind of hysteria? They get called names by the panic porn purveyors.

    So to keep things clear, if you’re a medical professional and promote whuflu hysteria, you’re beyond being questioned. But if you’re a medical professional who debunks whuflu hysteria, you’re every word must be picked apart and called into question.

    The appeal to authority line of reasoning the left likes to use is as fraudulent as the rest of their BS.

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    • Oldspeak says:

      I cannot for the life of me understand why health care professionals the world over do not speak out en masse about the over,over hype, the clear political manipulation of a health issue. I understand many are afraid because of their jobs and the almost tyrannical clamp down if one of them dares speak the true reality, but surely to God, when millions of people. especially in poorer parts of the world are desperate, jobless, their economies shattered, not to mention the real “epidemic” that is waiting to explode – the unseen and un-diagnosed and treatable illness that have been “put on hold” TB, AIDS, early cancer diagnosis etc,because people are too afraid to go anywhere near a hospital. As doctors and nurses, surely they must understand that their silence will cost many, many, more deaths and hardship than any Corona Virus has done – in the not too distant future. Or will they spin those as “because of Covid” and ignore the real cause.

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      • mimbler says:

        Took me a while to figure out, but then it came to me. The longer people spend in school, the more liberal they become due to the indoctrination. It appears doctors are not immune to this pattern.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Doctors are happy to restrict all sick people from their offices. Never again will they see someone with cold or flu symptoms.


        • Magabear says:

          Sad, but that does seem to be the logical path we’re on. “Let us know when the fever breaks and then maybe we’ll see you”.


        • swissik says:

          Yes that is my experience as well. However, the dentist saw me two weeks ago, and again two days ago. It was a little complicated but doable. My medical so called team is hugely promoting virtual consultation which I don’t like, but then I am only a patient.


    • Robert Smith says:



  21. sync says:


    • Henry says:

      Shouldn’t have hired so many non-americans.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      People don’t even make doxxing an issue now because the left does it to everyone,except themselves.

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    • MustangBlues says:

      Spell check junkies and quick posting fingers are making a mockery of communication: so many KEY words to get the meaning of the post are the wrong words or left out completely. Editing occurs before posting, yea, tell me about it–education is not what it used to be.

      However, my scroll speed has really picked up; first typo, scroll baby scroll, if a poster writes like a ghetto 7th grader, let similarly ”educated” read the poop. good luck.


  22. Redhotrugmama says:

    Hmmmm look at who else was in Wyoming, Grand Tetons

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  23. Redhotrugmama says:

    Hmmmm look at who else was in Wyoming, Grand Tetons!


  24. doyouseemyvision says:

    100 years ago today, the bravery of Polish soldiers miraculously defeated the Soviet army at the doors of Warsaw on the Feast of the Assumption. The Soviet army intended to use Poland as the bridge to Europe to spread communism and the totalitarian way of life.. Real video footage of this war in the tweet.

    Liked by 12 people

    • TarsTarkas says:

      The Miracle at the Vistula is a history-altering battle that has been lost in the mists of time. I think partly intentionally because the Reds lost. Tukhachevsky boasted that he would be watering his horses at the Seine by the end of the summer, and it probably would have happened if not for Soviet blunders and Polish bravery.

      Liked by 3 people

    • herebouts says:

      Thank you for posting this account. Outstanding victory for Poland and with support from Hungary and Americans. We must not forget the bloodthirsty intentions of the communists. They want a 1917 redux.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Tornarosa says:

      Thank God for the Polish Cavalry., Second time they saved Christian Europe from a pagan servitude. Yemischi Hasan Pasha, and Josef Djugashvili.

      Did it the same way too. Rode right through their headquarters.


      Liked by 2 people

  25. PaulCohen says:

    “Crossfire Hurricane” was a corrupt and dishonest investigation from the start. The “predicate” was faked and the team knew from early days that they were spying on the Trump campaign.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Henry says:

    California state senator and radical gay activist from San Francisco Scott Wiener introduced a bill (SB 145) that would decriminalize men having sex with young boys and no one blinked. If this passes, California parents will have no legal recourse against men who rape, grope, molest, seduce, sexually assault, or proposition their sons.


    • Robert Smith says:

      California is leading the way in demonstrating the Democrat ideal society.

      Liked by 2 people

    • StanH says:

      And that folks is the democrat party. This needs to be a national ad.

      A female speaker says: “As goes California so goes the nation.”

      Speakers voice: “California state senator and radical gay activist from San Francisco Scott Wiener introduced a bill (SB 145) that would decriminalize men having sex with young boys and no one blinked. If this passes, California parents will have no legal recourse against men who rape, grope, molest, seduce, sexually assault, or proposition their sons.

      Woman’s voice: “Uh no, not going to happen:”

      Speaker: Vote like your children’s safety is in peril. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for pedophilia.

      “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this ad.”

      Make them publicly defends this crap.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      The description of the bill is incorrect and inflammatory.

      According to a quick search that was introduced in January 2019. It has to do with the sex offenders registry. And there’s actually a bit of logic behind the bill though I don’t agree with it.

      SB 145, as amended, Wiener. Sex offenders: registration.
      Existing law, the Sex Offender Registration Act, requires a person convicted of one of certain crimes, as specified, to register with law enforcement as a sex offender while residing in California or while attending school or working in California, as specified. A willful failure to register, as required by the act, is a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the underlying offense. This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.

      Just want to note too, right or wrong, I think some other states have similar bills. If the “victim” is willing and a minor but the “offender” is not much older, it’s a different kind of offense or not an offense at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  27. fred5678 says:

    THIS is part of that wonderful Obama legacy that prompted POTUS to threaten the Post Office to raise rates:

    “As U.S. Postage Rates Continue To Rise, The USPS Gives The Chinese A ‘Free Ride’

    In 2011, the U.S. Postal Service made special agreements with the national postal carriers of China and Hong Kong (and subsequently South Korea and Singapore) to allow tracking-enabled packages not exceeding 36” or weighing over 4.4 pounds to be sent to the U.S. for extremely low rates. They called this shipping option the ePacket, and the rates are so low that it’s cheaper to ship small parcels from China to an American city than it is to send that same parcel domestically. As Amazon’s Vice President of Global Policy Paul Misener pointed out:

    “The cost to ship a one-pound package from South Carolina to New York City would run nearly $6; from Beijing to NYC: $3.66.”

    While sending that same one-pound package from New York City back to Beijing via USPS International Mail would cost in the ballpark of $50.

    This state of affairs also makes Chinese merchants virtually immune to returns from U.S. customers, turning international e-commerce into a one-way street. As this unfortunate eBay shopper found out the hard way:
    I bought an item from a seller in Hong Kong for $6 and $1.50 shipping. The item was broken so the seller told me to return for refund.
    The shipping weight is 5 ounces. To ship from the US to Hong Kong with the cheapest USPS service that has delivery confirmation (priority international) it will cost $34.87. To ship 1st class without tracking it will cost $11.48.
    How in the world did the China seller pay for the product, pay eBay and Paypal fees, pay for packing material, and ship to me WITH TRACKING for 1/4 of the cost it would cost me just in shipping costs alone to send the item back?”

    Liked by 7 people

  28. Magabear says:

    My best instinct is that Creepy Joe and his political team are making yet another blunder by running ads promoting a national mask mandate, but then again, I avoid the Karen’s of the world. The “masks are stupid” position seems to run thru all ideological groups from the people I’m around.

    The lefts downfall is the insular bubble that they live in and the fake polls they live and die by.

    Liked by 5 people

  29. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Updated: 3:01 PM EDT August 15, 2020

    Facebook ~ Twitter

    MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. — Supporters of President Donald Trump will attempt to break the world record for the largest boat parade Saturday morning. More than 1,181 boats are expected to gather in Madeira Beach, breaking the previous record set in Malaysia in 2014 with 1,180 boats. This, according to the rally organizers’ website.

    Trump boat parade attempts to break world record in Clearwater, Florida. Supporters of the 45th president will sail from Clearwater Beach to Madeira Beach Saturday morning.

    National Co-chair of Women for Trump Pam Bondi spoke to “Fox & Friends Weekend” at a beach in Florida where supporters hope to break a Guinness record for holding the world’s largest boat parade Saturday.

    “This is a not-so-silent majority, and this is what’s going to get the president re-elected,” Bondi said. “These are families on every single boat, and they are not scared to be out there supporting President Trump and his great agenda.”

    The former Florida Attorney General, in her hometown of Clearwater, said they think they have more than 1,800 boats assembled to break the Guinness Record.

    ~~~~~~~ Patriot Volunteer Navy for TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

    Liked by 9 people

  30. Liberty Forge says:

    A Dictatorship in action:

    Pennsylvania’s very own Dictator, Governor Tom Wolf, had punished Lebanon County for ‘opening’ (going Green) BEFORE he said they could.

    As punishment for disobeying him, Governor Tom Wolf withheld $12.8 Billion in Federal funds from Lebanon County.

    Now, Dictator Wolf will release those funds — providing Lebanon County launches a “Pro-Mask Campaign”, using a portion ($2.8 million) of the total $12.8 Billion.

    Who knew State Governor’s held such magical powers before this Plandemic?

    Before this Plandemic, who were aware of what absolute power our state officials held over us?

    Hopefully, we will remember — and vote far more carefully for positions within our own states in the future.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Magabear says:

      Hopefully Lebanon County tells Herr Wolf to pound sand and files a lawsuit against him. Better yet, maybe PDJT can just send Lebanon Counties portion of the funds directly to them. 😁


  31. I Hear You Now says:

    President Trump News Conference
    5 pm – Bedminster New Jersey

    Liked by 5 people

  32. sync says:

    Christopher Rufo appeared on Tucker this week to declare a “one-man war on critical race theory.” The impetus for his appearance is the revelation of documents that allegedly were leaked from the fed’s “premier” nuclear research lab’s “white privilege” indoctrination camp required for all white male executives.


    • Robert Smith says:

      If the DeepState ever was going to arrest anyone for exposing their secrets, they wouldn’t tell you. Anyway, curious coinkydink that seems to happen a lot in these things.


  33. sunnydaze says:

    Liked by 6 people

  34. nwtex says:


  35. California Joe says:

    Battle of Warsaw 1920

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Greg1 says:

    This is hilarious to me.

    It’s worth the read. The democrats are tore up that the NYPD union endorsed President Trump.

    I don’t often use the word “stupid”. But this is truly STUPID.

    They can’t figure out why Trump was endorsed? Really?!?

    And they are ANGRY about it? REALLY?!?

    Won’t be long til the NYPD is collectively called racist for this.

    All the garbage democrats have done to the police, all the crime skyrocketing, and they can’t figure out WHY Trump got the endorsement.

    Liberal privilege is like a disease or something…….

    Liked by 3 people

  37. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    If we can’t have our regular Trump Rallies we’ll have MAGA Boat Parades.

    This from earlier today at Madiera Beach, Florida; going for a world record.

    Liked by 8 people

  38. nwtex says:


    • Robert Smith says:

      they are a white nationalist group?

      What is a white nationalist group? It’s thrown around a lot these days.


    • Free Speech says:

      Again, the ‘white nationalist’ Proud Boys (who have non-white members) are protesting peacefully, get physically assaulted, and defend themselves. Ist amendment for Commies but not for Conservatives.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. Misha Berra says:

    Will someone in the press corp please ask Mr Biden –
    After 40 years in public office –
    1) Do you regret lying to the American people, and
    2) Do you regret stealing millions of dollars from the Ukraine government?

    Liked by 1 person

    • jay says:

      My take from the Millie Movie is the US helped destroy Ukraine. Essentially, we made a mess that needed fixing. That allowed US to pump $$ money into Ukraine. Both the Ds and Rs sucked from the US $ troth, as funds were pumped into Ukraine and funneled into their corrupted pockets through bogus contracts and pet projects. Not sure how much Ukrainians received, if any.

      This seems to be the new investigation theory. That the coup was – well, just a matter of treason. But the real story is the BHO administration stole billions through nefarious activity. Follow the money…

      We all know the USA is so deep in debt. How much of that debt is money that was stolen??? I feel so sad for our country. It’s like we keep getting gang raped.


  40. convert says:

    If we could post GIFs here, I would post the one of the guy eating the trashbag full of popcorn: it’s me watching Dem mayor’s of major cities caught in extreme violence and destruction. If they let it continue, their cities are done. Amazon is talking about relocating employees, Macy’s is leaving NYC. Meanwhile, any clampdown on the violence and the whole insane academic clowncar base rises up and throws them out of office. It’s delicious.😂

    Liked by 1 person

  41. gabytango says:

    Latest D-Rat outrage: The Divider-in-Chief, with his Election Interference speech yesterday, saying President Trump is “trying to knee-cap the USPS” (nice thug-Chicago-talk, there, Barry) – Hundreds of protestors march at the USPS Postmaster’s home today and the Libtards’ newest hashtag of #SavethePostOffice.

    Dear God, I can’t abide this any more. Oblunder should be arrested for this insurrection!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Debra says:

      States are responsible for election security!

      The post office is a federal agency!

      What states are so wimpified that they would forego one of their most sacred trusts and hand that over to the feds?

      Liked by 1 person

  42. peace says:

    A little help needed today. I feel a cold coming on so I went to the store to get some zinc;however, there were so many kinds to choose from that I left without any. I did get the NOW bottle of Quercetin with Bromelain (800 mg is a serving size) and I would very much appreciate advice on Zinc (dosage and type) . I want to make sure I’m around (I’m in the elderly group) to do all I can to re-elect President Trump!


    • gabytango says:

      Make sure you get Zinc Picolinate if available, peace, it’s the best! Hope it’s just a passing cold! Dr. Zelenko’s recipe if one has Covid is to immediately take:

      HCQ 200mg Twice Daily x 5 days
      Zinc 220mg Twice Daily x 10 days
      Vitamin C 1 Gram twice Daily x 10 Days (EmergencPak is 1000mg)
      Azithromycin 500mg Daily x 5 days


    • CovfefeBerserker says:

      I follow the EVMS Eastern Virginia Medical School Covid-19 Treatment Protocal for prophylaxis. Latest update here:

      If that is the Now brand quercetin, note the suggested serving is two pills, so one pill is 400mg.

      From my research on Zinc Picolinate vs. Zing Gluconate, the only difference to your body is the price. But, be very carefull of taking too much zinc long term. I has bad effects if too much, including destroying the copper levels in your body. Wife and I take the 50mg zinc gluconate every other day.

      OTOH, if you dont feel well, and you havent been taking any zinc suppliments before, EVMS suggests taking a higher level short term. You might want to consider their suggestions on C and D too.

      Best wishes on a speedy recovery.


    • CovfefeBerserker says:

      IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: not sure about HCQ, but quercetin causes slower elimination of some diabetis, high blood pressure and blood thinning meds. My mother had to adjust her dose of warfin down 15% when she started taking quercetin daily.

      It is common sense to consult your doctor if you take any meds.


  43. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    BM had planned to shut down the Dan Ryan expressway (I-90/94) in Chicago, but ….

    (Indiana refers to the street, not the state)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      Diverting to Grant Park mean’s they’re downtown, and I have little doubt the ferals will be joining them and there will be much destruction and looting yet again.


    • LBB says:

      Heard only a couple hundred protestors showed up in lieu of a couple thousand. Not enough to achieve their tollway goal.


  44. eric says:

    i still believe truth will have its day.
    TRUMP 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

  45. burnett044 says:

    Do you remember this guy and the plot…?????


  46. Jan Sanne says:

    Joe Biden is on videotape confesses to a crime yet walks run for President.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. honornc1 says:

    Re: the Millie Weavers video released early today (not the arrest video of yesterday).


    This video connected a lot of dots going back to the Obama years & —>. Ferguson, Michael Brown, 2016 election, Mueller, MSM, BLM, Defund the Police, COVID hysteria, even the creation of ‘Karen’.

    The singular statement that stood out & that is TRUE to the core:
    ‘they are hacking into your reality’.

    I think that Sundance would agree that’s exactly what the CFH/CFR/DOJ/FBI/CIA/FISA sham/SSCI/Impeachment/Fauci led hysteria/Biden getting the DEM nomination, (and list goes on and on) was all about.

    This vid was done well. Easy to follow; succinct; credible sources; graphics used to verify-not to muddle the message.

    Probably too long a video to tolerate for those that need to hear this info the most, but maybe it will be republished in shorter versions later on.

    The other impression I can give is how vulnerable our elected officials are/courts are/jury rigging is now controlled by ‘AI’ tools under 28.USC 1836(b) w/ no vetting of the contractor(s) supplying this tool to state & local court systems.

    I think this video is just once piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle.
    I think Sundance’s info will be another piece of this giant puzzle.

    However, you can’t start putting the puzzle together until all the pieces are all face up.

    Okay – I’ve gone on long enough.


    • Jay says:

      Justice Roberts and Judge Sullivan’s rogue behavior makes sense. They are being blackmailed. And if 50% of what is presented in the film actually did happen, the nation is in for a dark and bumpy road ahead. The credibility of our agencies, leaders, laws, policies, governance- everything will be questioned, everything is at stake. I hope Pres. Trump has a plan to put the nation back together. This will be a Lincoln moment.


  48. T2020 says:

    Los Angeles WalkAway Rally:


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