Devin Nunes Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

Devin Nunes appears on Fox Business News for a discussion on current investigations.

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80 Responses to Devin Nunes Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. bowljoman says:

    I would join twitter just for following what I saw tweeted by the last refuge over the last 24 hours…. Go get em!

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  2. ARW says:

    A very good interview. Laying bare portions of the vast conspiracy.

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  3. William Schneider says:

    Devin Nunes is a cold blooded studl!! I love this warrior for the truth. Let us keep him in preyer-and send him money to keep him in office. His new book sounds superb. God bless this man.

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    • ILOT says:

      It struck me that his book, the way it is being published, the length of read and content sounded a bit like Phase 2 in that it’s primary focus is to educate people before the election. Perhaps a number of these pillars of truth will help bring to light the assault that the Republic is under. If nothing else it certainly seems to support there is a broad understanding of the challenges and also an organized counter offensive with a specific strategy.

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      • cboldt says:

        Reminds me of to the Swift Boat Veterans model. Short, well documented expose’ in print only.

        Watch for the lengthy NYT or WaPo debunking articles, following the carpet bombing using “conspiracy theory!” cry.

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        • “Unfit For Command” was and is an excellent book. Thankfully he did not make it to the Presidency however he did slither into the State department and do extensive damage there. Of course he is still about chatting with Iran and continuing to ferment problems. He is a model for other swamp dwellers such as Pierre Delecto. I would suggest to swamp drainage will have to be complete with all denizens getting many perp walks just to make sure that they don’t re-seed the swamp once drained. Last point if and when you have seen the Barr/tick tock interview, did anyone notice Barr’s eyes as tick was bloviating? Sort of rolled up, much the same response he was affording dubious questions from Congressional hearings.


      • KIMBERLY K HUDSON says:

        Bingo! I had the exact same thought as well when Nunes described his book! If so, it will get A LOT of eyes on the page!

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  4. Dar Adal says:

    Rep. Nunes deserves the Medal of Freedom for what he has done for this country.

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  5. Reaganite says:

    The January 5, 2017 meeting on Obama’s WH
    is a new low in the roller coaster of US history.
    It is “emblematic” of so much.
    That meeting gives us just a glimpse into a
    vast landscape of Swamp and Uniparty deceit
    and sellout. Nunes is a national hero and brave
    seeker of Truth. One of a group now. We know who they are,
    and will know more soon.

    As Maria B says, we wouldn’t know zilch about all this
    if Trump hadn’t won . Maria knows more because of
    SD, methinks.

    Nunes’ new book COUNTDOWN TO SOCIALISM sounds
    BRILLIANT. Like a companion piece to Sundance’s 3 looming briefs.
    The concept that US is being transformed into, and by, a series
    if phony disinformation operations is brilliant, seems like the crux
    of understanding what Left is doing to us.

    Wasn’t ENCOUNTER BOOKS the pioneer in English- language
    translations of Kafka ? If so, this seems apt in several ways.

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  6. SpankynotAlfalfa says:

    This is our motto:

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  7. sticknca says:

    America owes THAT farmer big time.
    He has that Big Valley spirit of long ago where you just can’t stand to see wrong doing.

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  8. sticknca says:

    So somebody catch me up.
    Who is the General or Pentagon official responsible for OAN in ’14-’16?
    Is Chuck Hagel about to be no-knocked?

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  9. rahrahred says:

    Anyone know anything about Ezra Cohen Watnick?

    What do you think of Ezra Cohen Watnick? He appears a strong Patriot and Trump ally. Worked with Flynn. Fired by McMaster (Flynn’s replacement) Trump had him hired at DOJ. He’s transferred to the DoD/Pentagon heading up international narcotics traffic, human trafficking, etc. By all accounts this WAR is real…

    Learned this back in May, but haven’t seen his name again and do not recall where I read it.

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  10. mayflowerchild says:

    5 letters? NUNES


  11. Blind no Longer says:

    This was an excellent interview.

    I always thought the Uniparty wanted Flynn out because he knew where all the bodies were buried…..and he does.

    The office of Net Assessment, The Pentagon, being used for personal wealth enrichment and as a shadow government, subverting the will of the voting citizen.

    Wasn’t there an audit of the Pentagon a few years back where they could not account for billions of dollars? I’m going to do a little research on this, because I think I’m right.

    Every institution in the US government corrupted beyond belief, and used as the elites personal piggy bank for themselves, their families and friends. Disgusting POS.

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  12. Caius Lowell says:

    With all due respect to China Joe BIden, when you have such a demonstrable lack of talent, ethics, and capability, then you have to rely on spying.

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  13. Blind no Longer says:

    Much of the ONA’s work is handled by contractors, including big players such as Booz Allen Hamilton and Washington think tanks like CSBA, which can include alumni such as van Tol.

    Many of the priorities described in the ONA’s recent solicitation are becoming recurring themes for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the Joint Chiefs. For example, Hagel and other top officials have warned that other military powers could target the constellation of American satellites that supports the services’ ability to communicate, operate drones or target their weapons.

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    • wxobserver says:

      Not to mention our constellation of civilian GPS satellites.

      The FAA is currently making a huge mistake. They want to decomission the only real backup source of private and commercial air navigation — VOR and TACAN sites. This will allow the Chicoms to shut down our entire air traffic system by simply taking out a few of our GPS satellites. And I suspect they already have that capability with many “killer” satellites in orbit just waiting for the order.


  14. The Overlords have lost control. There will be no restoration for the authoritarians on the Left. The Deporables are now aware of their own strength.

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  15. Michael Hennessy says:

    “The Office of Net Assessment is an independent organization within DoD and is charged with identifying emerging or future threats and opportunities for the United States.”

    Even without Flynn, why hasn’t the Office of Net Assessment been audited for these shady payments to a fat crack addict? (and others)

    Looks like it’s a corrupt state money laundering operation for their secret police.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      We want a full audit and investigation of the NSD as well. PRONTO. Crooked as h11 and never been audited.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      Much of the ONA’s work is handled by contractors

      AND therein lies the problem. Just like spygate, the US government using/colluding with outside contractors to muddy their actions/spying/money laundering.

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      • 55praises says:

        Using contractors also allows the overhead agency it’s excuse of “plausible deniability”, a phrase I am coming to dislike.

        No one wants to be responsible when there is an accounting due – is this not the same disastrous failing in Communist China? and why problems escalate into catastrophes?

        It is also a problem in any workforce…not my responsibility.

        In other words, it seems to be a human failing; which makes it a failing we need to address and not overlook. Christianity addresses taking responsibility….imagine that.

        Is anyone impressing/teaching Christianity into the culture? …or is the opposite more the case?


      • mimbler says:

        With criminal prosecution of illegal behavior, the contractor scheme wouldn’t work. It only works because they know they can get paid to do illegal things and no one will prosecute them.


    • Robert Smith says:

      The Pentagon was very concerned they could not do their own spying after 9/11 and that they had to rely on other agencies such as the CIA. They wanted the capability to get intelligence and remove the threat. No doubt this groups morphed into supporting part of that.


  16. TwoLaine says:

    I posted a story the other day on the people/companies who got rich over the extended fraudulent shutdowns/lockdowns, and said to follow the $$$money$$$.

    It is basically the social media giants who also CENSORED OUR SPEECH and content during this time as well as CENSORING any possibles treatments to ward off the Chinese Wuhan Virus, such as HCQ.

    They could not have done better for themselves if they planned this, and I believe they did.

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  17. Dee says:

    I read somewhere that Brennon was working with Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef who started a fund to do undercover ops with the us cia and saudi. When the new Prince took them all down one got away and he is in Canada. His name is Al-Jabri. I think the secret fund was also supporting muslim brotherhood. I hope some of this comes out also.


  18. TonyClarke says:

    I’m hearing about this group called Office of Net Assessments, a division of the Department of Defense created by Nixon in 1973. The first guy who headed it stepped down in 2015 at the age of 95. 42 years. Does that seem odd to you…42 years as head of a government think tank? This is the group that apparently funneled money to Stefan Halper.

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  19. devilman96 says:

    I noticed something in Nunes’s statement that has changed.

    Previously Halper has bee referred to as a spy where Flynn, Misfud, Papa, etc were concerned. Now he is saying he was not a spy or hired to spy but just making up stuff with Steele.

    That is a DRASTIC change in position from his previous statements on Halper / Misfud connections.

    Anyone else catch that?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Spy implies to me a direct government agent. To me all these guys are “free lance” spies.


      • devilman96 says:

        What I found curious is his former statements on them were as spy’s.

        Very few of our “government agents” are spies, most are exactly what these D bags were. Paid assets being handled by the ONA or other agencies. Our agents are the handlers.


  20. minnesotamike55 says:

    Headline: Corrupt government bureaucrats indicted for lying to congress, using government systems and agencies to spy on opposition political opponents, and using government systems and information for personal profit. DOJ is providing a list with at least 30 names involved in an agency wide corruption scheme to defraud the American people and remove a sitting president.

    Think that covers it? Don’t think we’ll ever see it in the MSM but sure would be nice to start seeing it somewhere, soon, please.


    • Jeem says:

      minnesotamike: here’s the way the POS and corrupt media will spin the story:
      Headline: Corrupt minions of President Trump politically attacked and indicted honorable government servants for allegedly lying to congress, using government systems and agencies to spy on opposition political opponents, and using government systems and information for personal profit. The American people want to remove this sitting president for creating this political scheme.



  21. 4*Freedom says:

    VACCINE FOR FBI & OTHER PROPAGANDA – Even moderate/moderate left sources are so alarmed at Left-driven disinformation threatening the nation – some of them (below) are compelled to speak out (risky for them) & urge this remedy: LIE/TRUTH DETECTORS…tools like the following to spot and neutralize “perception management” manipulation. Please review then distribute widely:  (Congressional hearing)  (Glenn Beck) (Fox, Levin)


  22. Cathy M. says:

    (problem w/ WP)


  23. Bryan Alexander says:

    Here is a question: Can the Special Counsel subpoena the recordings of the White House meetings that Obama had when non-presidential appointees were present, i.e. Peter Strzok?


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