Bill Barr Interview With Sean Hannity….

Bill Barr calls into Sean Hannity for an interview.

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  1. LOL, surely they are not running with the excuse that his lawyers attempted.

    Did they forget he also WROTE the text, claiming no relationship, or work for, federal agencies?
    And at that time he would have seen his ‘mistake’. Right?
    And this was in the first application & all renewals, so he had enough time to repair his ‘error’.
    And they also downplayed Carter’s work for the FBI (actually they misled the court on that too).
    Clearly not a mere honest mistake.

    Hence his deal & he will sing (or already has more likely).

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  2. Justin Green says:

    Any chance he plead down to a lower count?


  3. Newhere says:

    Why did Barr go out of his way to say anything at all? If it’s not “earth-shattering” why bothering rushing to Hannity to make sure everyone’s anticipating something? Why the hell are you teasing it? I’m not trying to imply something here with these questions, I genuinely don’t get it.

    Teasing a nothingburger guarantees disappointment all around. Because the heads up makes us think it must be *something* — most people are predicting a low-level indictment. But frankly for the AG to preface ANY indictment as not-earth-shattering is bizarre and inappropriate — much less an indictment of a federal official related to illegally targeting a president/presidential campaign. It’s just terribly bad form for an AG to tease an indictment as not earth-shattering (even if he’s mindful many are awaiting high-level accountability).

    So “not earth-shattering” leads me to think it’s not an indictment at all. Unless Barr was improvising — realizing in the moment he was addressing a Hannity audience and wanting to temper expectations. But again, why do on Hannity with a teaser in the first place if it’s a nothingburger? Weird.

    On the brightside, this odd comment from Barr might provide a window as to his perspective; because by calling this first development “not earth-shattering” Barr is by implication previewing that at some point a development WILL be earth-shattering. Otherwise, it would be totally self-defeating to call the best they’ve got nothin’ much. Otherwise, it would be a total messaging fail.

    I know — this is a lot of over-analysis of a single comment. It’s just such an odd way to frame an announcement on a matter of absolute vital importance to our nation, and perhaps the most highly anticipated results of a years-long secret process in American history. Anyway, we’ll know soon enough.

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      • litenmaus says:

        Greatly appreciate that you posted the court document url Mr. Lawson. Thank you.

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      • Is it me, or is this another Jesse Liu-style plea for “friends of the cause”?


        • Newhere says:

          Do we have any idea whether this deal involves a proffer, or promise to cooperate? Otherwise, sure does look like a James Wolfe special. One count plea, which in the drip, drip of information — confusing allegations, process crimes, mind-numbing connections and timelines no one can follow — it can easily be swept aside by by corporate media.

          Barr told Hannity we should interpret this plea as an indicator that the investigation is on track. Just like the Wolfe plea? Not impressed.


      • Tango268 says:

        Could have been filed months ago. All this hype for Durham and all that was needed was two FBI agents to take a statement and one AUSA to file the indictment. Would have cost the taxpayers $200.

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    • Baby Hurley says:

      He’s stuck in the middle trying to keep both sides from killing him or a family member…

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    • Amy2 says:

      It probably is just what it is. Letting us know that THE big stuff isn’t coming from the DOJ as of yet (so those that know everything that happened-I don’t claim to be one of those) so we won’t be up in arms. Too late.

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    • hanna693 says:

      At least Hannity asked him about the weird mustacho boy’s report. I could tell Barr didn’t like it. So agree, quit the interviewing and do something Barr. On Levin he said nothing. The dems charge ahead, they don’t care if they are doing it right or not, AND THEY STILL GET AWAY WITH IT. Barr said we are just making sure that we have a real good case. He must be part of the girlie man establishment that is threatened by Trump. Trump has to fight all by himself. Pence acts like a weasel. The Israel deal was huge, and all one reporter asked him is if he’s sorry for all the lies he’s told for the last decade. No one says anything, not one republican will defend him. The republican party could win it big, ALL OF IT, but a fourth of them are evidently voting democrat.

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      • wvcoalman says:

        I believe the GOPe, like the Kentucky Gobbler, Mittens, Lankford, Portman, etc.would prefer to be in the minority. Nothing changes in their lazy lives and blatant Uniparty corruption if they are in the minority except for the excuse that “we can’t do anything” because we don’t have the votes.

        In this way the GOPe,and their CCP, CoC, Business Roundtable, etc. globalist paymasters can make President Trump a “lame duck” early in his second term to stop the America First agenda. They hate President Trump and all his supporters as much as their Marxist Democrat counterparts.

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        • Newhere says:

          Agree. McConnell seems like he’s barely trying to hide it by leaving PDJT out to dry on Covid relief negotiations. He shoveled trillions to his CoC friends in the first round then basically called it a day.

          And I think it’s worse than wanting Trump to be a second-term lame duck; I think it’s just like the impeachment dynamic — he’s stepping aside to give the dems an open goal on the election. McConnell got what he wanted in term 1 — a raft of corporate friendly judges and another bailout haul for his asset-bubble-addicted benefactors. He’ll have no problem with a Biden presidency.

          Trump should drop the unified front with GOPe and run against Congress. Return to his message from Fall of 2016. There are more Walkaway dems on the left who’ll sit this one out or vote Trump, than there are NeverTrumpers who’ll vote for Biden. And honestly, the disaffected (sane) left are so dumbstruck by these past years and adrift politically, they’re easy to get. Just acknowledging the uniparty will do it.

          Trump is being stymied on action — not just by dems and the bureaucracies, by GOPe. But one thing he’s got that they can’t take away or subvert is the ability to tell the truth. And it’s so rare, I’m telling you, it cuts through a lot. Speaking as a 2016 Bernie voter, I can tell you how compelling it is when ANY candidate speaks truth THAT IMPLICATES THEIR OWN SIDE. Even as a Bernie voter in the primary, I tuned in when Trump stood on stage and called out Jeb and the other empty suits for lying about the Iraq war. That was the third rail, and he went there. Bernie never would. It causes people to start rethinking things and look for more information ….. and when they find it, they can’t go back.

          Anyway, I’m digressing here. Just my two cents!


      • Who’s the weird mustacho boy?


    • YeahYouRight says:

      SD set today as a deadline that some good faith had better be evident that there’s a real investigation underway, snd Barr has lots of smart people working for him. He knew natives were getting restless.

      This is a bone to let us know he’s on the case, and it’s certainly not earth-shattering for anyone here, he’s correct. I agree that this does imply that something down the road will be earth-shattering. He just wants everyone to cool their jets.

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    • Payday says:

      Why? It provides further opportunity to stretch this out. If that’s their intention.

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      • gensensibility says:

        Exactly! We don’t even know if Clinesmith will serve a day in prison. There has been no accountability yet. None!

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        • BByrd says:

          Seems to me the finality of the charge wouldn’t be released to the media if DOJ had not already received all they expected to get from Clinesmith, otherwise it would have to be walked back if Clinesmith reneged. Seems like we could be on track. Creating intrigue for the court watchers. You have to know it was plead down in exchange for what?


  4. California Joe says:

    Clinesmith being charged and pleading guilty today is very good news! For the uninitiated here it never easy to prosecute a lawyer, pharmacist or a doctor because they will lose their state license and lose their livelihood. So, the average corporate type defendant can do their time in prison and come out with another job lined up but not a lawyer. All those years of law school and student loans down the drain. Family embarrassed. Who is going to hire a disbarred attorney? So, lawyers and doctors typically go down fighting hard. The fact that AG Barr didn’t make a big deal out of it is also very good news!!!

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    • Puzzled says:

      The leftist media, virtually all, will hire him, Boeing will hire him. He is set for life. He is a DNC folk hero.

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    • Bradley says:

      100% right. People should go back and look at the Watergate timeline. It took two years from the time of the first indictments until Nixon resigned. One by one the dominoes went down but each took time.


  5. beach lover says:

    This is article from June of 2018! Seems Mr Clinesmith was in the same boat with Strzok and Page.

    Also, I dont buy it for one second, and Im sure the Durham guys don’t either (unless they want to), why would he let this go for 3 years if he knew it was false?

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  6. delighteddeplorable says:

    VP Pence on with Rush now.

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  7. Wethal says:

    Anyone remember who Clinesmith’s immediate superior was? It’s probably in one of Sundance’s charts.

    If Clinesmith got orders from above, I’d assume they were verbal, but given the FBI lovebirds’ emails, the coup plotters may have been a little sloppy because they thought Hillary would see that none of this ever came to light.


  8. Jaap Titulaer says:

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  9. Jaap Titulaer says:

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  10. jackphatz says:

    Adam Housley
    Many of you…funny both sides of the aisle…but for different reasons…are complaining about Clinesmith. For both of you…it gets bigger. Have a great weekend.

    Is Adam Housley one of Sundance’s contacts?

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  11. Right to reply says:

    WHO IS Carter Page? Really, who is he, and why join the Trump campaign? Did he join Romney’s campaign?

    I am convinced the CIA sent him in to spy, and he found nothing. That not being good enough, they used Carter Page without his knowledge.

    Carter Page is not an idiot, or fool. There are emails out there where he actually tells Comey that he knows what Comey is up to. Page hid his email address to ensure he was copied in on any responses to the email he seeded. That evidence was put on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

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  12. jay says:

    Justice means they build gallows next to the yellow BLM signed painted in Washington DC, and hang nooses for BHO, BIden, Comey, Clapper, Page and Lover, and every other communist who tried to take down OUR lawfully elected President of the United States.

    Oh, and BLM….ya’ll can CRY US A RIVER. We are done with your BS. More than 9,000,000,000 good Americans got weapons back ground checks since the ChYna virus began. All you BLM and AntiF brats need to get a job, or better yet, just leave. The outcome of YOUR war is so predictable. Enough is enough.


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    • Ninja7 says:

      Think that you have an extra three zeroes, World population now is a little over 7.8 Billion,
      9 Million getting background checks, since the Wu-Flu is interesting, 9 Billion not so accurate. (I blame it on the Gremlins in WordPress 🤗🤔)

      Understand the rest of your sentiments.


    • 63gordfa says:

      Hang ’em high. Televise the hangings so the little ones are left with an indelible impression of what justice looks like. “Why are they putting a rope around that man’s neck, mommy?” “Because he is a very, very bad man who did something very, very bad which hurt our country. When you are older I will tell you exactly why, any second, you will see him swinging from that rope.”
      And have Clint Eastwood as one of many honorary guests.


  13. I won't back down says:

    I learned yesterday the official motto of the Young clan (Scotland) is “we ride at midnight!”

    I asked to be adopted

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  14. jackphatz says:

    Twitter is on fire…Barr may have stolen Sundance’s moment.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      I don’t think so. Sundance has the goods on the larger issue. Supposedly, “Phase 1/Phase 2” reveals massive corruption, and not just “Spygate” specifically. As part of his discolsure operation in D.C., Sundance stumbled upon a juicy revelation about the Durham <=> Barr <=> Mr. XXXXX set up. And I think from there, Phase 1/Phase 2 was enhanced with this added dimension of exposing what THE HELL is or is not going on with Team Durham.

      Phase 1/Phase 2 is still a thing. What the DOJ may or may not have been able to avoid with today’s news is the disclosure of Mr. XXXXX to the media and to the public. Or… knowing Sundance (to the extent possible)… a full and thorough analysis of what Durham and Mr. XXXXX likely are and are not doing in parallel based on these 7,342 data points, etc. etc.

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    • Amy2 says:

      They haven’t seen HIS moment yet!

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  15. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    So the folks in Rio Linda can understand,

    Kevin Crapsmith is the cop who plants drugs on you so he can bust you and send you to jail.

    No Justice, No Peace.

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  16. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    You can’t tell the players without a program:

    Click to access FBI_2016_HQ.pdf

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  17. yankee55 says:

    Clinesmith announcement is anticlimactic at best; a travesty of justice more likely. 🤢 🤮

    🙈 🙊 🙉 – Durham, et al.

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  18. Patience says:

    Will the Clinesmith ‘news’ give cause for someone to try to save themselves?

    Come on man.
    >Spill the wine. Take that girl.

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  19. CopperTop says:

    Quick reminder 1001 a sent Martha to jail. Hello Weismann:

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  20. OffCourseNation says:

    What does it mean to whitewash history?

    “Whitewash is an inexpensive substitute for paint, made of slaked lime and chalk. Historically, it was used in barns and housing for the poor. Early in the 19th century, it evolved into a political term in the United States, meaning a cheap, deceptive coverup of a political scandal.”

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  21. I think the one thing most people overlooked in the announcement was that he pleaded guilty as part of a COOPERATION AGREEMENT. That implies that he’s cooperating with prosecutors as a witness against others. There’s a big difference between that verses a plea deal.

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    • Amy2 says:

      Did I miss that in the Fox article?


    • Padric says:

      Well, according to his lawyer its part of a cooperation agreement. Probably true, but you never know.

      That said, Clinesmith talking is helpful, but limited unless it gets them Page and Strzok. If one of them flip, THEN we’re making headway.

      That said, while the indictment is nice, unless it’s just an appetizer for something later today, I doubt it dissuades Sundance nor should it. This indictment was such a low hanging fruit a baby just learning to crawl could have snagged it. If the DOJ is attempting negotiations with Sundance, they need to sweeten the pot way more than with just this and I say that as a strong supporter of Barr and one whose felt I have a pretty good sense of what the man is about and how he operates.

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      • hokkoda says:

        Keep in mind that the texts they were all sending each other have an “extended family” now. I read quite some time ago that these people were using an encrypted email/messaging system outside the normal FBI networks. (ala Hillary). If that’s the case, Clinesmith was almost certainly a part of that, and his ability to get investigators behind the encrypted email firewall would be incredibly valuable.


  22. regitiger says:

    am no longer on the hunt

    its just killing from now on.

    time’s up.


  23. Scott B. says:

    Barr be like handing a McDonalds’ coupon to a beggar…

    Ain’t gonna cut it!


  24. borwarrior says:

    Who did Clinesmith report to? He did not act “rogue” as hard as the lamestream media will attempt to spin it.
    Someone gave the CODE RED!!

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  25. corvairfan says:

    My optimistic side says this is :

    1. More than I expected, at least ONE guilty plea in the bag from a conspirator

    2. They aren’t untouchable

    3. He’s cooperating

    4. Barr said this one is “not earth shattering “….so there will be something bigger at some point.

    5. Barr and others saying , there’s more to come.

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    • California Joe says:

      This is great news. As I said before lawyers and doctors typically go down fighting very hard because they lose their state license. Lawyers get disbarred. Clinesmith is very young. This is, no doubt, a major disgrace for him and his family. He will never practice law again!

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      • twohartsintx says:

        We need several more that will lose their law licenses even if they end up not being prosecuted. I hope they are prosecuted, but being disbarred should be the minimum result for them. It would also be nice if they were barred from making any money on a book deal about their experience as a low life on the government dime.

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  26. Mean Old Man says:

    Sundance… the real heading for this story should be…. “Bill Barr admits running a two-tier justice system.”

    He said he will not bring charges unless the evidence is OVERWELMING, and even then, he won’t bring it if it could be seen as interfering with the election.

    First tier… those that run for office or are on a team of someone running for office.
    Second tier… the rest of us.

    How many indictments are handed out on a daily bases without overwhelming evidence?
    FBI or DOJ has never turned up the heat on a suspect without overwhelming evidence?

    I understand what it would look like, but rules are the rules… it doesn’t matter if they are running for president, congress, or local city council…

    perp walk them and their family and turn up the heat.. on both republican and democrats alike…


  27. J West says:

    I’m just waiting for SD’s response…is this enough or are we on to phase 2?

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  28. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    This Hawley questioning of Horowitz puts Spygate in a nutshell as well as I’ve heard or seen.

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  29. tuebor says:

    Libs should be happy about clinesmith’s guilty plea. If Obama said to run the investigation by the book and clinesmith altered evidence how can the investigation be run by the book?

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  30. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    We need a John Dean to get this party started….Is Clinesmith the guy? I have my doubts.


  31. hokkoda says:

    Clinesmith cops a plea, admits to a “mistake”. Plea it down, the better his information against Strzok, the lighter the charge.

    Like Barr said, it’s not earth shattering. But it is a start.

    But we need more along the lines of this:

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  32. UniPartySlayer says:

    The fix is in. This entire theatre by CONservative mouthpieces, politicians, and investigators was just them BIDEN their time so they can have another attempted assist in getting rid of the greatest president The People ever had.

    Along with that, don’t overlook the FBI documents released by FOIA requests yesterday concerning the coverup of Seth Rich and his communication with WikiLeaks. Unless they are prepared to peel back and reveal the entirety of the EVIL that has infected and rotted out our hollowed institutions then we are ALL wasting our time. These people are sick! Don’t forget the Weiner laptop the weekend before the last election. It’s so EVIL they will never come clean themselves. They have to be purged.

    We already know. It’s time for the reckoning.

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  33. OpenMind says:

    WIll the DOJ accept the guilty plea, grant everyone else immunity, and have this guy do the examination of Klinesimth:

    Compare the treatment of Klinesmith, who is GUILTY AS HELL, to the browbeating and coersion of Flynn, PapaD, and otheres.

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  34. mr.piddles says:

    Glass Half-Full: a DOJ/FBI Coup Plotter is actually being prosecuted for a process crime.

    Huh? That’s progress, right?


    • WRB says:

      A process crime is an offense against the judicial process. These crimes include failure to appear, false statements, obstruction of justice, contempt of court and perjury.

      But though Clinesmith lied, it was in the context of doing his job, not in the context of being investigated. So it really isn’t a process crime. It is an “abuse of power” crime, and (probably) in support of a conspiracy.

      If we read the charging document, we see “the FBI opened a Foreign Agents Registration Act investigation.” That sounds like they opened a criminal investigation, not counter-intelligence. So what’s with the FISA? I see a red flag there.

      We also read “On August 17, 2016, prior to the approval of FISA #1, the OGA [CIA] provided certain members of the Crossfire Hurricane team…had been approved as an operational contact…The first three FISA applications did not include [Carter Page’s] history or status with the OGA [CIA]”

      So the FBI says, “hey, we got probable cause this guy is a Russian SPY.” And they forget to mention, “well, the CIA says he works for them, but ignore that.” That raises red flags too.

      In other words, there are clear criminal elements outlined in the document, and they point to people other than Clinesmith…who I am willing to bet will testify that all his (ex-) pals were running a scam on the Court.


      • mr.piddles says:

        “And they forget to mention, “well, the CIA says he works for them, but ignore that.” That raises red flags too.”

        And that’s not even touching on the fact that CARTER PAGE WAS AN FBI INFORMANT UNTIL SPRING 2016. He worked a Russian-something case in New York a couple years prior…. led to a couple convictions, IIRC. That minor detail seems to have been lost in all this Clinesmith stuff.


  35. Tango268 says:

    G. Gordon Liddy must be pissed he was not born 50 years later.

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  36. kleen says:

    It took them this long to get this guy who obviously committed at least a crime 4 years ago and has been known even by us, the public.

    There’s was nothing to investigate about this. It was 2+2=4 obvious.

    And he is not even in jail, just going to (future) plea guilty. Well duh!

    How long for the next obvious criminal “going to something” next?

    Thanks for some little crumbs, Barr.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      How long has he been cooperating? Or will he now begin to cooperate? That is a question.

      IMO the Sundance MOAB will go off on schedule. If Barr were really bothered by it he would have done something about it, and not necessarily good.


  37. corvairfan says:

    Don’t underestimate this, folks. To get a sleazy, slick and well connected lawyer to plea to something like this, you can bet your sweet bippety there was some pressure applied.

    And how many people *really* think he’s honorably falling on his sword quietly ???

    Show of hands?

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  38. beach lover says:

    Ok.. this is nice that they are finally announcing this, but didnt we already have this information? My brain is on full clog at this point, but I swear we knew he changed the one word to make it change the whole document.

    If he is working with Durham, and they agreed to this plea, doesnt that mean he had to give them something in return?

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    • hokkoda says:

      We have to look at this a bit like when you’re watching a movie you’ve seen 10 times with your wife who not only hasn’t seen it, but she isn’t particularly motivated to watch it… You know every twist and turn and wish the movie would get to the good part faster because you know the whole story already.

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      • beach lover says:

        good analogy… like saying.. “hold on.. it’s gonna get better”?

        My worry is somehow they never live up to the hype.. if the hype is so big.

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  39. Barr is a windbag!!😠


  40. mauiis says:

    We were given a guppie.

    “cast your net on the right side of the ship” boys, we need a monstrous catch.


  41. OffCourseNation says:

    Barr should go into the restaurant bushiness.

    He could open up a chain of restaurants with a very long wait time that served nothing but crumbs.

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  42. Patience says:

    Who’s jumpin on the bed? lol


  43. okiedelta says:

    Is it unreasonable to think that Clinesmith has been cooperating with Durham for a significant period of time, and this announcement is intended to let the other players know?


    • hokkoda says:

      There is a bit of “we better scatter some treats on the floor before these people show up at the Department of Justice with torches” feel to this. But I think you’re right that he almost certainly pled down from a more serious charge in exchange for testimony.

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    • hope2386 says:

      He was Mr. Schiff’s “whistle blower” and co-conspirator during the impeachment hearings. Remember how Clinesmith’s name was protected by Twitter and fake news?


  44. Padric says:

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  45. Brant says:

    Question, is the Clinesmith result refreshingly different from Wolfe in that the white hats are in a stronger position now? If Clinesmith back then, would it be a similar result? If white hats now in stronger position and can give resistance the finger regardless of their threats (and its too close to election), I’m liking it. Hope it continues. I know for darn sure we probably wouldn’t be here if not for this website.

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  46. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    I predicted that Barr will announce that he lost 12 pounds on the Marie Osmond diet. That’s my low bar setting. Anything more pertinent than that will be a surprising plus.

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