Simple Questions With Massive Ramifications….

If you ever read the indictment of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe [pdf HERE] you would notice how FBI Washington Field Office Supervisory Special Agent Brian Dugan conducted his leak investigation that ultimately led to James Wolfe.

As SSA Dugan explains his investigative process, he goes to great lengths to describe how he went to the FISA court to pick up a copy of the Carter Page FISA application on March 17, 2017.  Agent Dugan then takes it to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where he gave it to SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.

Simple Questions: Why did SSA Dugan go to the FISC to pick up a copy?

Why didn’t Agent Dugan just go to Main Justice and pick up a copy from the DOJ-NSD file that contained the FISA application? Why go to the FISA Court for a copy?

This is not supposition; this is the process described and outlined in court records. So, why go to the FISC and not the DOJ?

♦ Secondly, SSA Dugan goes to extreme lengths to draw attention to his copy; he calls the top secret FISA application an “FBI equity” in numerous documents. It’s his equity, his document, because he was the original equity holder of the document.

Agent Dugan was responsible for generating it. Dugan repeats that provenance again, and again in court records throughout 2018: “FBI Equity“.

[Document Link – page #3]

[Document Link – Page #13]

The March 17, 2017, copy of the FISA application -as stamped by the FISA Court- was FBI Agent Brian Dugan’s equity. It was inside his investigative file.

This March 17, 2017, copy is his investigative work product.

So riddle me this… QUESTION:

When Main Justice DOJ (think special counsel) released the FISA application, under the auspices of a FOIA fulfillment, on July 21, 2018, why did they release FBI Agent Brian Dugan’s copy?

Why didn’t the DOJ release their clean copy of the FISA application?

Why did the DOJ find it necessary to release WFO FBI agent Brian Dugan’s equity?

Additionally, how did Main Justice get SSA Brian Dugan’s copy of the FISA?…. But more importantly, when the DOJ decided to release the FISA application to the public, why did they release FBI Agent Dugan’s copy?

The answers to these questions tell a big story.

Isn’t it curious how no-one has ever asked those questions?


♦ Why did Dugan go to the FISA Court for his original copy?

♦ Sixteen months later, why did the DOJ want to release Dugan’s copy?

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  1. Joe in Wyo says:

    My question is: “why would SSA Dugan be delivering this FISA to Wolfe himself? That seems odd to me. Perhaps Wolfe was part of this sting so he accepted and distributed this FBI equity willfully….

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  2. freepetta says:

    Those are excellent questions, and very telling as to the sneakiness of the operation

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    • Judith says:

      Sneakiness = INTENT. People within bureaucracies may bumble along without ever realizing they are taking part in a TREASONOUS COUP. But those who make a conscious effort to cover up a trail, that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. Cover-ups cannot be explained away because they are by definition “intentional.”

      People who consciously commit crimes, cover their tracks to avoid detection. They sneak. And this is where Sundance has focused his efforts: the coverup.

      The origin, or original premise of a Russian hack, as presented to FISC, was *known* to be false. This truth reveals those who continue to *cover* their tracks, as co-conspirators in an ongoing, TREASONOUS coup.

      Thus far, DC’s swamprats have studiously avoided doing anything of substance to stop this coup. So Sundance has thrown down the gauntlet. They may talk the talk, but Sundance will go where every Globalist fears to tread. Their motive? Decades of unspeakable financial and other crimes against humanity they are desperate to hide from the masses.

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  3. MLK says:

    “Why did SSA Dugan go to the FISC to pick up a copy?”

    To this and all the other questions the short answer is that the Carter Page FISA warrant and renewals weren’t the only ones deployed against Trump et. al., and earlier than the official time-line, such as it is, presents. This was a separate track intended as a part of the “Insurance Policy.”

    Think about all the disinformation and uncertainties put out publicly. How many FISA applications were sought? Granted?. Who was named as the suspected agent of a foreign power? . . . .

    The “missing” original Flynn 302. Contreras being recused. Rosenstein even recently conceding he only read parts of the last FISA renewal . . . .

    While most people don’t, we know that the Obama administration was engaged in mass surveillance of its political enemies and those it wished to have by the short-hairs. Importantly, the Wolfe indictment background information tantalizes with mentions beginning in 2013/2014 of his relationship and activities with the reporters.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      very true…we are shown what they want us to see…of course with Executive under 45 we have a situation where information can be released at any time…

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      • MLK says:

        March 2016 was a busy month for this criminal conspiracy. Even though it remains officially pre-Crossfire(s). Trump was given a list of five team of foreign policy advisors by Session to announce publicly. Curiously, it didn’t include Flynn yet here was the narrative once he pleaded guilty in November 2017:

        “The charges against Flynn mark a precipitous fall for the retired general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency who first met Trump in the early days of his campaign in 2015, and soon became an influential adviser on foreign policy and national security.”

        That list of five names came days after this:

        CIA boss Brennan visited Moscow in early March: Interfax

        Please tell me on what other occasion have you ever heard of a CIA Director making a secret trip to Moscow?

        I’ll tell you, even if I learn nothing else in this saga, I want to know what Brennan promised the Russians for acquiescing/participating in the frame-up and take down of Trump.

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        • FissionGPS says:

          I wonder: did Brennan seed intel that was eventually laundered through Danchenko and Steele? And that he could then “independently confirm from his sources” to the FBI?

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          • MLK says:

            By the way, given all that we now know — which still isn’t the half of it, consider whether the following action by Putin is acquiescing/participating in the plot against Trump and Flynn:

            “Vladimir Putin Won’t Expel U.S. Diplomats as Russian Foreign Minister Urged”

            I mean, could this have been more perfectly scripted? Like the term “collusion,” and the eventual ‘Russia was attempting to sow confusion,” followed later by allusions to ‘Russian disinformation,’ a criminal conspiracy by Obama officials in close coordination with Russian intelligence is hiding in plain sight.

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            • bertdilbert says:

              Flynn thwarted Russian response. Obama must have had a retaliation to the retaliation ready to go. Again that plan thwarted by Flynn. I think that may be why everyone had to look at what Flynn did to spoil Obama’s plans.


            • bonkti says:

              This is a really good point. Brennan yuks it up in Moscow, lets it be known a favor–the appearnce of collusion– will work to everyone’s advantage.


    • David says:

      A little off subject but what chaps my butt….Cater Page, a undercover agent for the FBI for many years prior to 2016 and then magically becomes a very dangerous Russian agent a few months later, so dangerous we better drop 3 freaking FISA’s on him and NEVER EVER charge him. He was a Russian agent bla bla bla (lol) in contact with all these Russians bla bla bla (lol) but never charged with any crime. I know FBI/DOJ/CIA used Page to jump to Trump but this is were the crime is. I believe Cater Page knew this was going on and was part of the treason against President.

      Like previous have said. If you read Sundance everyday he has already told us the answer but is using this discussion to bolster our knowledge of these treasonous act against President Trump, so we can cross the bridge next week with confidence for phase 2 of the enlightenment of the masses.

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      • FissionGPS says:

        Perhaps, but was he expecting to get burned?

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        As Sundance has said once you see it, it is embedded and stays with you, similar to that, my scene is Mueller and wife holding hands going to church, that picture is so clear to me. The bastard corrupt many times over has the nerve to go to Gods’ House that upset me to the core. Now I pray he will pay the piper in this life and God help him once he stands before him. God Bless PDJT, Sundance, special prayer for General Flynn and Sidney today.

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        • trnathens says:

          Matthew 6:5-6 Contemporary English Version

          5 When you pray, don’t be like those show-offs who love to stand up and pray in the meeting places and on the street corners. They do this just to look good. I can assure you that they already have their reward.

          6 When you pray, go into a room alone and close the door. Pray to your Father in private. He knows what is done in private, and he will reward you.

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        • emh says:

          yes, mueller wife and her best friend Bill Barrs wife…


    • Buz Chertok says:

      Missing essential documents are a literal travesty. If the absolute worst , incriminating implications against the agency who was/is responsible for the safe keeping of all documentation were to be presumed to appear on them and be legally applicable to the defense of the accused on whom they bear—and subsequently legally binding in be prosecution of the agency involved–there would be far fewer missing documents.
      Also– why are redactions so sacrosanct. Who places them and why are they not subjected to court sanctioning?

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  4. Paul Gallant says:

    So Duggan knows the original is with DOJ, in “safe keeping” with SC.

    Duggan wants the altered FISA Copy, Classifies it as the official “Equity” so no one goes looking for the DOJ [SC] FISA Carter Page Application.

    FBI Special Agent in Cahoots with DOJ/SC?

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    • phaedrus cj says:

      If this is the correct answer please give this poster a gold star or something so all of will know.


    • Amy2 says:

      This makes sense to me….but then why was Wolfe even bothered with then? It seems like Dugan was doing his job well in investigating leaks by following protocol, so then why not sweep the Wolf thing under the rug instead of going to all the trouble? Dugan-good cop or bad cop??


      • Parker Longbaugh says:

        Dugan must be, like every agent, presumed to be an alter boy until convicted by a jury of his peers. Any other idea is ridiculous. 99.99 % are saints, the .01 have only momentarily had a minor transgression but should never lose retirement pay or be thought of as less than perfect.
        I am I doing it right Hannity?
        With that done I believe Dugan is a good agent caught in the Special Counsel scam to overthrow the President. They were letting Wolf off and he repeatedly reminded the court that Wolf leaked classified documents.

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      • treestar1313 says:

        Maybe they knew Wolfe’s leaking was getting out of hand and would be legitimately uncovered and then the whole thing would blow up. Remember Sundance telling us his lack of real prosecution allowed thing to continue unabated.

        Well, Wolfe only got a slap on the wrist. Then, he went away. No one talks about him anymore except Sundance.

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        • Amy2 says:

          Thanks, yes. That’s the beauty of it. Mr. Sundance kept circling around to Wolfe every week or so, and since I can’t wrap my head around most of this, I figured he was honing in on SOMETHING!

          ‘Guess the players will be surprised that something they thought had gone away has not. Delicious.


    • Justin Green says:

      Or Dugan wanted it to be FBI equity so that the “duty to warn” procedures about notifying the stakeholders that THEIR classified information had been leaked would only apply to the FBI, not tipping off other departments, especially the DOJ. After all, they might be leakers, too.

      As FBI equity, the only agency that would need to be notified would be the FBI.

      However, the upper level FBI went and tipped off Warner – unnecessarily IMHO.

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    • readyandable1 says:

      If this is true, then this just gets even more diabolical by the freakin’ hour!

      It seems like he wouldn’t have to go through all the motions he did though, if that was his goal. And her certainly wouldn’t need to change the date for leak tracing.

      So, while a possibility, without more information I can’t lean to this being the case. But what do I know!?

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    • wxobserver says:

      Here’s another possible answer. Dugan was concerned that acquiring a copy on file at the DOJ would alert those he suspected to his activities. By acquiring a copy from the FISC, the DOJ/SCO/FBI HQ would not know about it.

      In a leak investigation, you want to limit the knowledge of your activities as much as possible, especially regarding those you suspect.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      You can find on this site multiple postings about Dugan. He was not happy that they took his equity and then basically let Wolfe off the hook. He has stated that multiple times. He was not in cahoots but rather was exposing the SC.

      Type Dugan in the treehouse archives search for more articles on this.

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      • Hans says:

        No quite right with your assumption.. SSA Dugan was tasked to find leaks/sessions
        He/They suspected the Senate Intelligence committee

        SSA Dugan obtained original.. per Senator request /altered date.. special original
        Mr Wolf was the person who stored the documents..
        The senators told Mr Wolf what documents to leak to NYT
        The FBI used the MR Wolf ..NYT journalist love angle as a cover. Take the sight . away from senate

        Mr Wolf worked 25 years there. He has plenty on knowledge on how to leak most likely part of his job … when the sting was exposed .. he refused to fall on his sword.. so he got a sweetheart deal.


  5. gsonFIT says:

    One of the reasons SD opens this topic for discussion is because he wants you to be able to share it with your Network of friends, family and associates. Why did DOJ Special Counsel have a document from an FBI file that ended up with NY times Ali Watkins through Warner and Burr’s Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Then DOJ prosecutor Jessie Liu charges the person that leaked the document with telling a lie.

    The public has never seen a FISA warrant in the 42 years of FISC existence. But they haven’t seen our Lion in action either.

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  6. hammertime80 says:

    Long time reader short time poster. Really don’t want to sound crass here but what are your thoughts on the effect Friday’s bombshell(s) will have on the market? God Bless you Sundance and keep you and Potus safe from evil.

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    • Janus says:

      Depends on the “bombshells”.

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      • Judith says:

        If these bombshells blow Trump’s accusers out of the water, it will surely make waves, but can only help the market in the long run.

        The sooner we derail the gutting of national economies, by crippling the architects of UN Agenda 21’s New /One World Order, the sooner we will all get back to the business of MAGA.


  7. phaedrus cj says:

    These questions make it seem like the answer is obvious but the answers arent obvious to me. Why not complete these with the answers for those of us that dont know?

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  8. Right to reply says:

    I will always believe that the Trump take-down began in 2011 after the FBI installed wiretaps in Trump Tower.

    The FBI was investigating a Russian who was committing illegal gambling/money laundering in an apartment rented at Trump Tower.

    In 2011 while the FBI was listening in, they would have heard Trump state to Bossi that he wanted to run, and they would have heard Bossi state to wait until Obama was on his way out. This gave the FBI 4 years to begin building a scheme to prevent Trump, if he ran. Later on it became panic, as it appeared he would win.

    2011 Butina founds right to bear arms org and begins making contacts in the NRA

    2012 Torshin gains access to NRA

    In 2013 they put Bolton and Butina together at an NRA event
    In 2013 they decided to investigate Manafort again
    In 2013 they investigate Gates again
    In 2013 they instruct Carter Page to hand off documents to the Russians (which were already in the public domain)
    2013 Trump Tower domain servers were hacked
    2013 Torshin and Butina attend NRA

    To this list we can add Patrick Byrnes recruitment to use Butina. Carter Page’s recruitment to infiltrate the Trump campaign. Mifsud’s assistant to marry Popadopalous, Manafort to infect the campaign etc

    As soon as Trump was SERIOUS about running. They got SERIOUS with the spying.

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    • Battleship Wisconsin says:

      Right to reply: “As soon as Trump was SERIOUS about running. They got SERIOUS with the spying.”

      If the FBI was listening in against Donald Trump in 2011-2012, using the NSA database as one primary source — well before he became a serious candidate for president in 2015 — they and/or their contractors were probably monitoring every potential Republican nominee for the presidency as early as 2011.

      Once Obama was reelected in 2012, the FBI’s spying efforts could then shift towards any Republican who might become a contender for the 2016 nomination.

      We should not be surprised if it is eventually revealed that all of the Republicans who were running for the 2016 nomination were being illegally surveilled by the Obama administration.

      It was plainly evident by late 2015 that Donald Trump had become the odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination. The Spygate perps then cranked up their illegal spying to levels that triggered red flags among the NSA’s procedural compliance auditors in the late winter of 2016.

      So now the question becomes, does there exist a documented record of what specific illegal surveillance activities were being performed by which FBI contractors against which specific persons and organizations that caused these reg flags to be raised?

      If such a documented record of illegal spying activity exists within the NSA’s archives, it is imperative that this information be declassified and released before the 2020 election.

      More than any other ray of sunlight that could reveal the truth of Spygate, the declassification and release of the NSA compliance officer’s internal report from late winter 2016 would prepare the public mentally and psychologically to accept the harsh realities of what the Obama administration and the Spygate perpetrator’s were doing.


  9. Talk to the hand Progs says:

    OK, I’ll throw this at the wall and see if it sticks. Dugan floated many altered FISA warrant copies and nailed a big fish, which the SC fixers needed to cover up. Maybe even someone in the corrupt SC office.

    Dugan was probably told to shut up and be content with the Wolfe prosecution and threatened by the SC. The SC was going to charge anyone who exposed them with obstruction of justice.

    I hope SA Dugan has been in front of a GJ.

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  10. Justin Green says:

    If the ONLY difference between the DOJ copy and the FISA copy were dates, or the court stamp, why bother? Just take your little redacting tool and keep redacting.

    If there were more substantive differences in the document, then pages wouldn’t line up, words would appear on different lines, page breaks would be off, etc.

    It’s a simple matter to redact a few more things. Impossible to go back and re-space things because the content is materially different.

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    • testpointwp says:

      The key to revealing the conspiracy is in the timeline.

      At the top of the document posted, the dates are redacted. The copy and the original have different dates.

      There is no reason to redact the date other than to protect the guilty.

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      • Justin Green says:

        If the documents are otherwise identical (absent perhaps a court stamp) why not just redact the dates on the DOJ copy and release THAT one?

        Maybe I’m missing something here.


        • testpointwp says:

          Good question. It may come down to who had authority to redact the document. If I were in Brian Dugan’s place, I would not want to rely on someone outside my authority to redact a document to my advantage.

          Whatever the motive, any redactions at this point in time are obstructing justice.

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        • Mr e-man says:

          Eventually the DOJ copy of the original would remove the redaction showing the correct date. There is no reason to redact the date. At some point, it would be revealed. Once the date was revealed and it was different than the one the NY Times had, people would know the Times had used a leaked document.

          They had to release the Dugan copy with the Dugan date redacted to protect the NY Times and others. The FOIA release and the Dugan leaked copy were the same for that purpose. Problem is they were still caught when the date redaction was unredacted on the FOIA copy.


  11. somebodysgramma says:

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the Executive branch is corrupt, the Legislative branch is corrupt, the Judiciary is corrupt… the 3 legged stool is broken, the checks and balances subverted. For 3+ years they swarm around and around like Yellow Jackets trying to protect the hive via the help of the complicit Media AND the Never-Trumpers, let’s not forget them. It really is time to exterminate the primary nest and hunt down any other ancillary nests. There is only one way to save the Republic – full extermination of the traitors. They didn’t just attack Trump – they’ve attacked our very Republic, each of us individually. Who needs China, Russia, and Iran, when you have our Swamp? I pray so much sunlight on all of the traitors that they leave so-called “public service” forever, forever barred from positions of responsibility, like pedophiles barred from being around children for life. Prison would be my preference.

    Praying every day for your safety Sundance. Praying for General Flynn this morning. Praying for President Trump. May God’s will be done here on earth, as it is in heaven. Amen.

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    • Linda K. says:

      “Who needs China, Russia and Iran when you have our Swamp?” Good one somebodysgamma.

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    • toocoolus says:

      somebodysgamma: you are spot on! We think that there’s corruption in most of the governments around the world…secret treason on the inside is always worse than open and obvious corruption. I suspect that others now look at us as a government that lives in glass houses.


    • Missy says:

      That’s what I keep saying… There’s a reason that God ordered the Israelites to completely exterminate every man, woman, child, and even livestock (which Saul didn’t do). I never understood that, but I do now. Some things and people are not fixable, short of God’s redemption, they are SO EVIL.

      People shrink from what I suggest, because they don’t SEE the full scope of thr evil. You are so right. Extermination.


  12. Bogeyfree says:

    They lied about the Dossier

    They lied about the DNC Hack

    They lied about Russia Collusion

    They lied to a FISA Court

    They leaked the Carter Page FISA to the media

    They framed Gen Flynn and PapaD

    They withheld exculpatory evidence to purposely harm Gen. Flynn

    They lied about Halper and Mifsud being Russian assets when they knew all along they were western assets.

    They unmasked dozen of Americans if not hundreds.

    They lied when they said Russian assets gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks

    They altered and lost FIB evidence in the original Flynn 302

    They used NSA contractors to conduct non compliant searches and extraction of data and information on thousands of Americans for years.

    When you read this list it begs the simple question………

    Why?? Why would so many risk everything over different politics and because don’t like someone?

    The only answer IMO is because it was ALWAYS much more than Russia Collusion. Russia Collusion was the distraction, the cover up of much earlier crimes.

    The ringleaders concocted and made up the Dossier and the Russia Collusion fraud to distract, damage and harm a sitting President of the United States because they did not like him and his American First Policy AND to hide and cover up earlier crimes such as NSA Contractor Spying, Money Laundering Schemes, Uranium One, Hammer Spying Program, Benghazi and the Iran Deal to name a few.

    Fear of being expose, indicted for the above is why IMO we have CV, the panic, the lock downs, the protests, the looting and violence. They use people, they use and twist events to project a false narrative but make no mistake……….

    All of this is because the ringleaders and major Globalists are close to being exposed for real crimes that have been going on for 10-12 years now.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Is it even possible that with all that we know and all that is listed above coupled with the NSA Spying, Ukraine Money Laundering and Pedogate that Barr and Durham could possibly come back and say they could not indict anyone because they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt??

      Now throw in PT’s answer to the OANN’s question yesterday about treason and we caught them all and it just seems totally impossible that serious indictments are not coming, right?

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      • Linda K. says:

        I still think we could easily knock out a few big players with money laundering through Ukraine and other places. Quick and easy to understand, like Al Capone’s income tax .

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        • doyouseemyvision says:

          I agree that the coup plotters have engineered their evil by “A hands off to B”, “B hands off to C”, “C hands off to D”, that it will be difficult to prosecute due to plausible deniability. In this scenario, it will be difficult to prosecute B, C, and D, all of whom can claim “I didn’t know this was illegitimate”.

          Ukraine money laundering and other money laundering schemes may be the route to catch them. Leaking classified info also another route if the DOJ would just get off the damn dime.


      • marymorse says:

        …”10-12 years now.”…

        In looking into the Optima raids, and beginning to follow the money through the real estate purchases, a company named Meridian turned up in some transactions. Their business buys and sells real estate, but also advises and brokers deals for the development of tax credited low income housing across the US, and US territories.

        Low income housing programs have formed the basis for political scams and slush funds for who knows how long. I began looking at the situation, and requesting formal investigation in about 1987.

        Any wonder why Biden’s brother is latched onto housing development deals in Iraq, and Biden’s continued plan for the suburbs is distributed low income housing development.

        Low income housing was very good to Valerie Jarrett .


      • TrumpPatriot says:

        Candace Owens had an excellent interview with a former government agent who went underground on child trafficking. The Agent, Ballard, then went rogue because of legal restrictions. The interview is on Utube.

        Bogey, there is something BIG yet to be uncovered. Has to be, Donald Trump was liked and patronized by both parties. On the surface he would likely have seemed no more a threat than Ben Carson, or Cruz, or even Jeb. Except…..he traveled in both social and professional circles. He knew a lot of people …..worldwide. It appears to me he ran for President because of knowledge that threatened America as we know.

        I scream every time I hear Hannity, and Riley, and other pundits comment on how much he is hated. NO! NO! NO! He was NOT hated. As President he was feared! This is ALL someone’s snowball that caught up Comey and Clapper, maybe even Brennan, (though he might be a big player), as it rolled down hill.

        There is no reason for these bit players to risk life in prison or dearth over dislike and politics. They had to have been manipulated. Probably unwitting egos played. There has to be a backstory. One might think CIA drug running out of the Afghanistan poppy fields, or gun running……but I think it IS bigger even than that.

        Some of the erstwhile “Investigators” should have stumbled on it by now and missed it. It is something that threatens America and Americans. Something that cannot come to light, and all these other obfuscations serve to camouflage the palpable fear so many are calling hatred.

        Not to say some idiots have not jumped on a hate band wagon for thensake of politics…… but the magnitude of this corruption is just the edges of the Christ of the pie.

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    • Amy Lowery says:

      BF, if I may add something to your succinct list:
      Pedophilia. JE and GM had the goods on many big names, some too close to HRC for comfort. Money and power grabbing some people can swallow so long as you leave them alone…but child grabbing? That is a whole ‘nother kettle that will set many more of us common folk on fire demanding answers.

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    • destin326 says:

      A most excellent post.


    • Right to reply says:

      Yes, but I believe the biggest thing they wanted to hide from Trump, was they knew all about 9/11 and did nothing to stop it, and they knew about Benghazi and did nothing to stop it. Why? Power/War/Foreign Policy Objectives/Money.

      If you are standing in room A, and someone from room B punches you, and leaves. Wouldn’t you go to room B and punch them back? Why didn’t the USA level Afghanistan and its opium fields? Why go to Iraq?


      • Patience says:

        BOOM !


      • mamadogsite says:

        As I remember, there was a rumor that Saddam Hussein had planned or was planning to assassinate George H.W. Bush, which angered Jr.

        #43 and his hawks (Cheney and company) were upset the #41 didn’t go all the way into Baghdad in 1991 (Desert Storm) and take out Hussein.

        So, they concocted (?) the story of Hussein’s cache of chemical weapons and after presenting this farce to the UN, (Colin Powell), #43 built a coalition of duped allies(or willing participants to this farce) and invaded Iraq, capturing Saddam. Come to find out…whoopsie…they didn’t find many chemical weapons. Now there may have never been weapons, or they were stealthily moved next door to Syria. But all they found was a small supply of outdated chemicals.

        Anyway, guess George W. taught Saddam a lesson…don’t plan an assassination of my father. BTW…Saddam was unceremoniously hanged.
        And how much $$$$, and how many lives did it cost this country?

        CENTCOM is not far from where we live…McDill AFB in Tampa. Major Norm Swartzkoph (sp) was the commander in charge in Desert Storm in 1991. He went in, accomplished his mission, and came back having lost no American lives. He retired soon after, and continued to live out his retirement in Tampa. He was totally AGAINST #43 going in to “complete what #41 did not finish”.

        With deep respect for the General, and the similar anti-war chatter from retired military in this area, we had doubts from the beginning as to the validity of the mission. IMHO, #43 was an average intelligence hothead. Still is.

        This is an account from memory, so please feel free to correct or add to.


      • Leaving says:

        I’ll tell you and quite frankly to bothers me that people don’t know the full history of the Iraqi wars. You can debate whether the reasons below are justified motivation for the second Iraq war but to say there was no reason is to ignore the historical events.

        I personally was disappointed that something wasn’t done about him during Clinton’s administration and that he was allowed to continue his bad actions for as long as he did after the first Iraq war.

        0) As a background, Saddam Hussain had committed straight up genocide with “illegal” gas weapons.

        1) The first mistake was by Bush Sr. in asking general Schwartzkoft (sp), with no guidelines, to negotiate the peace after the first Iraq war. His skills were in war, not negotiation. Sr. wanted the war to end within 100 days for the optics and the election. The general failed to insist on Saddam being exiled.

        2) Saddam had been violating U.N. requirements for his weapons of mass destruction (this isn’t just nuclear weapons but includes gas weapons) consistently since the end of the first Iraq war. You may not agree on the effectiveness of the U.N. (I don’t) but the original purpose of it was to provide an avenue for the world work out differences to prevent world wars. As part of that, at times they agreed to sanctions of countries to try and keep them from doing bad things.

        [This one is most important to me]
        3). Saddam had been firing missiles on U.S. fighter planes that were patrolling the airspace in both northern and southern Iraq. They were patrolling, under request of the U.N., in an effort to try and prevent Saddam from killing his own people. BTW, we never did anything in response to these attacks.

        4) Finally, although it was definitely oversold, Saddam did have “weapons of mass destruction”. Specifically, gas weapons (I personally believe these gas weapons were moved to Syria at onset of the invasion). I do think his nuclear capability was oversold to convince congress to declare the war but Saddam was most certainly in violation of U.N. and treaty conditions.

        Yes, there are a lot of personal reasons for Jr. to go to war with Iraq. At the time “He tried to kill my daddy.” was an actual joke in D.C. Now, it’s used as a reason that we had no reason to invade Iraq. I personally disagree. I think we had reasons for years to go back in and straighten out the mess in Iraq from our mistakes at ending the first war (which was started because Saddam invaded Kuwait for no apparent reason).

        There are more theories about Sr. giving Saddam the go-ahead to invade Kuwait and that all of the conflicts are artificially created to “make money off war”. I don’t dismiss the possibility, however, without serious evidence of this, the historical facts, in my opinion, point to the some justification for the second Iraq war (even without the fabricated WMD presentation to congress).


    • Also they were fearful that he could not be bought or blackmailed…not like other subjects they could corrupt.

      Liked by 2 people

    • dd_sc says:

      The current money laundering crime schemes have been going on at least since NAFTA was passed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • grumpyqs says:

      “10 to 20 years”? I would have estimated since November 22, 1963 at 12:30pm Dallas time.

      Liked by 4 people

    • toocoolus says:

      Related to the listing by Bogeyfree:
      Where is the laptop;
      Where is the server:
      What happened to the Seth Rich investigation;
      Why can’t we get the listing of all “contractors” using the 702 queries;
      There are many more question that need answers, and, why is nobody asking these questions?

      Liked by 4 people

  13. soozala says:

    Simply put, it appears that ALL Obamagate participants consider(ed) themselves smarter than the average bear….their first and last mistake…..

    Liked by 3 people

  14. negasht7 says:

    By going to FISA court to get copy, Dugan put DOJ in a catch 22. DOJ didn’t want to reveal the FISA court copy was different, but in releasing the the FISA court copy rather than their own they revealed implicitly that they did know but had to conceal as much as possible that they knew and hope to run out the clock?

    Do we know how the two versions differed?

    Liked by 4 people

    • Puzzled says:

      The FISA application was fiddled with by someone in the FISA court because it contained flaws so they needed to doctor. The DOJ FISA application is different, so the SC office released the one that came from the FISA court. Why, because it leads to the realization that the FISA court was in on the coup. Approving garbage unsubstantiated applications to give legal cover for spying. The FISA court took no action on the lies found in the FISA application. And of course they never challenged the FISA applications when a first grader would have suspected they were nonsense.

      Liked by 3 people

      • TrumpPatriot says:

        Joe DiGenova said Contreras was removed from the Flynn case. . .. that he did not recuse himself. Is there a connection between the unmasking of Flynn and that first FISA and the phoney dossier?


  15. In a 2013 interview, California congresswoman Maxine Waters revealed that Barack Obama possessed a “kind of database that no-one has ever seen before,” with “information about everything, on every individual.”.

    In January of 2017, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer warned Trump that Intel officials ‘have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.’

    Has Barr or Durham interviewed Waters or Schumer?????? Serious question…….

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Bryan Alexander says:

    TOP SECRET//NOFORN is included in the picture. And it is struck through.

    “certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original.” and immediately beside that is the Top Secret classification that has been truck through, meaning, declassified.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. JC says:

    Does this mean agent Dugan is busted for wrongdoing, or is it the FISA court that messed around? Or …. both! I’m thinking both. Can someone help me out?
    Btw…. is this a riddle that only Sundance knows?🤔

    Liked by 2 people

    • Puzzled says:

      The FISA court fiddled the application, Dugan had that one. Someone else has the FISA application from DOJ. When the bomb drops it’ll show that the FISA court participated in the coup. And by the SC office by releasing the application from the FISA court and not the one in the DOJ file, it’ll show they knowingly concealed and were part of the cover-up. Busted!

      Liked by 6 people

      • readyandable1 says:

        Great thought. This is a very strong explanation. Upthread, I had assumed basically the same final conclusion as you, but I had the DOJ fiddling with their own application before or after submission.

        However, the FISA court fiddling with it is just as much as a possibility, IMO. Though, it would be weird for later the FISC/FISA people to insist the other people later requesting copies to go to the FBI or DOJ..because that would expose themselves…


    • Bogeyfree says:

      And don’t forget this interesting OIG finding and settlement back on 7/8/20.

      Click to access 20-077_0.pdf

      Liked by 3 people

      • BuckNutGuy says:

        Yep. And Dana Boente gone as a result. When SD first posted he included Boente leaving/being fired. My guess all along is that Boente went after Dugan….

        Which would say to me that Dugan now has a protector. Barr most likely.


  18. HorsegirlforTrump says:

    The SSCI had Dugan’s copy. Did they release it to the SC in 2018? In order to cover for their media leaker friends? Dugan and the SSCI are the only two entities with this copy to our knowledge, SO FAR.

    The smoking gun part must be that the SC/ Tash altered the original FISA in order to expand their illegal surveillance beyond what the original allowed for.

    In the back of my memory, and several commenters mentioned it earlier this morning, RR “did not read” what he signed. The SC /Tash told him to sign their altered FISA. He was probably told not to read it, which gave him his deniability when put under oath, all planned . RR knew what they were doing and was on their side/all in.

    Liked by 3 people

    • readyandable1 says:

      This is a strong explanation. However, how would altering and having a signed copy provide cover for expanded, non-FISA approved surveillance if the copy the FISA court had didn’t cover all that. Anyone investigating would eventually or immediately get the FISA approved version….seems VERY sloppy if this is what they did.


      • regitiger says:

        one has to understand that questions clear eyed…through the lens of a criminal conspiracy.

        the FISC can’t be seen approving any warrants that were not spot on…certainly not one involving spying on a president. successfully or not, the impeachment and smearing would come to there must be space between FISC and the storm troopers who were working their apparatus

        thus FISC approves only X.

        but secretly (double secret probation secret), FBI/DOJ/NSD are using powers well beyond those authorized by FISA. The thinking is…no one will ever find out anyway…so we can feedback anything we develop with these other unlawful spy powers and scope and fit them later into the legal FISA warrant package.

        this is the basic idea. I am convinced it was much more elaborate…given over time, the very thing that they were attempting to hide would be exposed. First, Trump won the election….so this placed a heightened panic about what they may have done correctly about concealment over this conspiracy….here are a few of the things that happened that started to tear their curtains down:

        a. the JAR was laughed out of the room by every single respected cyber forensic PROFESSIONAL.

        b. the setup on Flynn was an obviously fraud.

        c. Page gets exposed as a CIA asset

        d. Prior communications internally show the very people directly counter intel maintained a dedicated toxic mixture of political hatred and bias towards Trump and his team AND were actively ignoring facts that in a normal rational law enforcement institution to drop the cases they were aggressively suing.

        e. multiple obvious lies by the likes of clapper, brennan, comey, mccabe, strikeout, page, weiselmann, roseystain and seeyaYater. (to just name a few)

        f. missing documents (302) and multiple records not provided on court order to congress and Judicial Watch.

        g. declass dumps provided by Grenell and Ratcliffe.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Patience says:

    Read the last part of very 1st paragraph in Dugan’s “investigative process” that Sundance provided above. …..”~>FROMExecutive Branch”

    >Talk about “ramifications” !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. tuttizehuti says:

    The date was advantageous for them to promote. The changed date was helpful, the DOJ date was not but also the DOJ version may have additional altered information.


  21. HickTick says:

    The SC wanted it leaked too much rumor that it was a complete fraud and laughable they could say Carter Page was a genuine KGB bonified Russian Agent , and say it with a straight face .
    Also lots of pressure to attempt to seem to be trying to catch the leaker when they knew all along it was them . So to make this believeable they used the Ali Watkins leak to dangle the carrot to cover for SC and Warner and Burr .So it appeared they caught the leaker while for some reason SC needed that FISA copy published to cover something worse .


  22. QCM says:

    Dugan KNEW DOJ-NSD was compromised and didn’t want to tip them off to his leak investigation.

    Couldn’t go to them for a copy of the FISA application.

    SC/DOJ-NSD knew the leak investigation had taken place…knew it had produced fruit (the intercepted Wolff 83 text messages to Watkins)…so it HAD to release the Dugan copy of the FISA application to cover for this…releasing ANY other version wouldn’t have helped.

    Liked by 2 people

    • doyouseemyvision says:

      There is no way Durham is onto any of this. Either because they haven’t found it, or they have, and aren’t touching it with a ten-foot pole.

      With Wolfe having been prosecuted for lying to the FBI, not leaking classified FISA documents, the DOJ had essentially shut down this entire investigation regarding FISA leakage, courtesy of Jessie Liu. There has been no turning back by Durham.

      SD needs to release the kraken.


  23. gsonFIT says:

    Abbreviated Timeline of Key Events Related to Crossfire Hurricane Investigation
    Prepared for 12/18/19 Hearing with IG Michael Horowitz

     June 2009: FBI NYFO interviews Carter Page, who “immediately advised [them] that
    due to his work and overseas experiences, he has been questioned by and provides
    information to representatives of [another U.S. government agency] on an ongoing

    That is a copy and paste for those that dont want to click on the Horowitz timeline link here:

    Click to access abbreviated%20timeline%20horowitz.pdf


  24. Tparty says:

    Why would Dugan seek a proprietory copy for his FIB investigative file? It seems to me that this action, along with the leak trap, would act as a two way trap. One obviously ended up implicating Wolf and the SSCI and the other could implicate members the SC who had the original DOJ NSD version. I think this move was made to protect the interests and reputation of those involved from the FIB by playing the same hand of cards that Wolf used to escape justice. If we go down so does the SSCI and the DOJ/SC

    Liked by 1 person

  25. starfcker says:

    I hate to guess, but I’m going to. Seems to me that agent Dugan was looking to spear bigger fish then Mr. Wolfe. He knew or suspected exactly what he was dealing with in the special counsel’s office, and he took all the necessary steps and precautions to make sure that his investigation documented exactly what was going on at Main Justice. I get the feeling we’ll be hearing more from him. And for the posters who are asking, white hat all the way.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Judiciary says:

    Not being an FBI insider privy to their lingo and practices, I’d say, on the face of it, Dugan picked up a different copy from any “clean” original. They needed to fulfill a FOIA but the requester that FOIA couldn’t be trusted to have the real deal. Perhaps I’m in the weeds. Time will tell.


  27. OldParatrooper says:

    Why did SA Dugan go to the FISC for a copy? Good question. The FBI was the originator of the FISA Application, so they clearly would have had copies. The DOJ approved the application, so likely they kept copies as well. I also assume that the FISC keeps copies of FISA applications, whether approved or denied. And I also assume that the FBI gets a copy of the application back from the FISC with “Approved” stamped on it. As would DOJ.

    So none of this makes any particular sense. Unless the SC had the FBI’s copies and wouldn’t give them back.


  28. TheWanderingStar says:

    So many questions!

    Under what predicate was Dugan conducting his investigation?

    Under whose direction was Dugan operating? He didn’t just go “rogue” and conduct his own investigation. An agent doesn’t just show up at a court – any court – without the proper authorization (investigation documentation) and ask for a copy of a document and then ask the clerk to falsify information contained on the document.

    As to the FISC version of the document and the DOJ/SC version of the document, you can bet that all of the differences were in the redacted portions of the public release of the document. What then was actually shown in the DOJ/SC version document to those within the DOJ/SC/FBI/Congress/Committees? Someone most certainly would have a charlie-horse in their pucker string when all of this came to light.

    Who/What group within the FBI is capable of conducting this type of investigation without DOJ knowledge or even the upper echelon of the FBI. I just don’t see Crissy “Wrong” Wray being the driver, IMHO.

    Is there authority with the office of Department of Homeland Security to start an investigation with FBI resources? My guess of course there is. With the changes in the top leadership of the DHS over the years kinda makes you wonder about Chad Wolfe and Ken Cuccinelli and the timing of the changes in leadership and timing of Dugan’s actions. Ahhh, the plot thickens.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Bert Darrell says:

    The Clerk’s handwritten date (March 17, 2017) on the copy picked up by SSA Dugan would throw “pesky dogs” off their scent” and give DS crooks (including the SSCI) a leg to stand on with their lies, deflections and distortions.

    Oh, and that date was put ON the document, it was not IN the document.

    Liked by 1 person

    • readyandable1 says:

      How so? Simply by making it clear that this version was a copy provided to SSA Dugan on that date, and not some other version?


      • Bert Darrell says:

        How so, you ask?

        By conveying the false notion that the crooks learned about the warrant on or after 3/17/2017 and not before, when they were involved in planning and executing the illegal move. Some people would call it plausible deniability. Senator Warner and other SSCI members, among others.


    • The Boss says:

      I see what you did there in the last sentence.


  30. dd_sc says:

    Why didn’t Agent Dugan just go to Main Justice an pick up a copy from the DOJ-NSD file that contained the FISA application? Why go to the FISA Court for a copy?

    In March of 2017, this action by Agent Dugan would do an end around Mary McCord who was acting Deputy AG at DOJ-NSD would it not?

    Agent Dugan’s actions appear to be designed to get an unadulterated FISA to SSCI.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. bosscook says:

    I hope all you FBI/DOJ/MSM media jackels/DNC/RNC/Soros and China bootlicking corruption complicit traitorous Commies who are reading all this with increasing amounts of sweat staining your underarms…WE KNOW.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. Bryan Alexander says:

    Agent Dugan went to the FISC to get the document because he knew he couldn’t get one from the Special Counsel’s office without letting them know that he was leak hunting. He needed the cover page changed for leak traps. He couldn’t let anyone in the SC office know what he was doing.

    The FISC court clerk had no such reservations. That explains why he went to the FISC.

    I have a bigger question that I can’t find an answer to: How did Agent Dugan, SSA in the Washington Filed Office, get tasked to provide a copy of a FISA warrant to the Senate Intelligence Committee?

    Who wanted a copy of the FISA warrant? Who requested it? Warner? Burr? Warner was going in to look at it, per leaked text messages. What is the process for the SSCI to request classified Documents?

    “FBI Equity”

    That is an odd term. I work in a government agency. We normally call them document owners. The FBI did not own the original from which this copy was made. The FISC owned it. If by “FBI Equity” he means that the FBI had chain of custody on that particular copy, then I understand it.

    But, as far as I know, Dugan didn’t write the FISA Application. He didn’t have anything to do with the application. He was the “chain of custody” agent who got a copy from the FISC.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wxobserver says:

      Bingo. I agree — Dugan didn’t want DOJ/SCO/FBI HQ to know what he was up to. Asking for a copy from main justice would do just that.

      Another good question in how he came to be investigating the leaking. For this to make sense we must assume he was tasked without knowledge of main justice/SCO/FBI HQ.

      A good question about why the request from SSCI went to the WFO. That might be the logical place the SSCI would go to get one. Does anyone know if that would make sense?


    • flapjackEd says:

      This is one of my questions as well. Assuming Dugan was a white hat, how did he get himself inserted into the chain from SSCI request (IIRC – Warner is proven to be the requester) to the satisfying of that request. Which agency/group would the SSCI make this request to normally?


  33. rayvandune says:

    Perhaps Dugan wanted to use an anticipated leak by Wolfe get the FISC copy of the surveillance application into circulation, because he knew the Special Counsel / DOJ version was not a faithful copy? Was he trying to drive a corrupted SC version “out of circulation” so it could not be used illegitimately?

    In the spy novels I have read (the source of my qualifications here), there are two types of mole traps: one is where you suspect an individual is a leaker, and you let him leak an altered copy of information in order to prove it. The other is where you have a number of suspects, and you provide them all with uniquely-identifiable versions of the information, and see which version hits the nightly news.

    This seems to be the former. Note how Dugan preserves the chain of custody from the FISC through himself to Wolfe’s hands, with no handling by clerks, couriers, etc. But have we excluded the possibility that other uniquely-modified copies were distributed by Dugan?

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Dantes says:

    It seems to me that this copy is a copy of the 3rd application. The FBI and presumably the SC are holding to the story that the original 2 applications did have “predicate”. In other words they say there was good reason to believe the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians. The Inspector General’s report said the first two FISC applications in their opinion had “predicate”. Not the 3rd and 4th. For some reason the SC and FBI are hiding the 1st and 2nd. This is a copy of the 3rd that everyone FBI, SC and IG are still saying had “predicate”. This one doesn’t. There must be something left out of this one that the 1st two have that the SC doesn’t want anyone to see?


    • Dantes says:

      Who started the investigation of the leaks? Jeff Sessions. Where did Jeff Sessions immediately work before becoming Attorney General? The US Senate. Been there for years. Can anyone be in the Senate very long without the blessings of the higher ups of the Senate? Not likely. Cocaine Mitch has been working against the insurgence movements since 2009 and the TEA party. Funding the “good ole boys”. Was Jeff helping the Senate and SSCI? Was Jeff Sessions the mole?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beau Geste says:

        yes, I think sessions was a ‘mole’, or “CHS” (confidential human source) implanted in the Trump Campaign. All the ‘redacted’ names of the ‘moles’ in the IG and other reports should be unredacted.

        Liked by 2 people

        • doyouseemyvision says:

          This would explain why Jeff Sessions needed to recuse himself from any investigation regarding the coup on candidate and President Trump. Because he was part of the coup!


  35. 63gordfa says:

    Unfortunately, there is too, too much intricacy in this case. I know that my politically illiterate family can’t possibly begin to understand this wrongdoing unless, perhaps, it’s in a dumbed-way-down edition of The Russian Hoax For Dummies with lots of simple graphics. Otherwise, with the exception of 1 family member, my entire family is voting for Biden simply because, according to them, he is a Democrat, they are teachers or teacher’s assistants, the teacher’s union is for Biden, and so on and so forth. It’s all quite dispiriting.

    Liked by 2 people

    • trnathens says:

      Show them the newly released “Obamagate” video. PDJT knows his audience. Most newspapers are written at an 8th grade reading level. The attorneys who did all of this? They were counting on the complexity to act as a blanket, or at least a bullet-proof vest.

      PDJT is a producer. He is producing.


  36. Bogeyfree says:

    Because this is a DOJ EXECUTIVE OFFICER and it just happened, 7/21/20 I’m curious if Sundance knows who this person is and is this a new ploy by DS to try and remove key white hat DOJ people?

    Click to access 20-084.pdf


    • olddog35 says:

      “The OIG concluded that the Executive Officer violated the Department’s zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment by making the alleged inappropriate comments to two subordinates and by kissing one subordinate on the lips.”

      The one subordinate can only be thanking his/her lucky stars that he/she didn’t get the “Packwood Treatment”!


    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Seems odd. In this day and age, with all the SH training in govt, all men know to stay the hell away from this. This sounds shady to me. Honey pot trap to remove the guy?


  37. El Torito says:

    He knew that what the court received was an altered version. Is this what Wray is hiding?

    Liked by 1 person

  38. sangerweed says:

    I have two questions:

    1) What is the timeline and chain of possession of the “leaked” text messages between Senator Warner and Adam Waldman?

    2) Would Dugan and/or anyone he was working with have access to these messages before they were “leaked”?


    • gsonFIT says:

      I seem to recall a post from SD with a timeline. I believe Wolf was in a SCIF taking pictures of Dugan FISA in the 4 o’clock hour and texting to Ali Watkins, and Scumbag Warner was text Waldman at 5 p.m. o’clock. I might have those backwards but my memory is almost simultaneously. All very premeditated.

      Dont know question 2

      I have a question for the group. How can such a great state like North Carolina get two asshat Senators?

      Liked by 1 person

  39. DouglasR says:

    A little peripheral but given the August 15, 2020 deadline, I would strongly urge Sundance et al.
    to get a copy of the material to Jay Sekulow and his son Jordan Sekulow His historic arguments before the Supreme Court and the fact he was retained by the president and his position within the legal community might put him in a unique position to utilize this information to the protection and benefit of the president and our great Republic in ways that we might not image just yet.

    Jay Sekulow
    Jordan Sekulow (his son)

    The Christian, the Court, and the Constitution: Your Rights as a Christian Citizen Paperback – January 1, 2000


  40. Shop says:

    Curious if Barr/Durham have interviewed Dugan?


  41. Conundrum says:

    Agent Dugan got the copy of the Page FISA from the FISA court and delivered it to Wolfe himself so he personally could attest under oath as to everything about the document. This approach also did not alert the SC to his investigation.

    The SC had to release the Dugan copy under the FOIA request to provide cover to the media conspirators who already had the Dugan copy provided by Wolfe.

    So, in brief Dugan has proven a conspiracy involving the SSCI, the media and the SC.

    The SSCI illegally leaked the FISA to their media co-conspirators and the SC later provided cover for their SSCI and media co-conspirators.

    Open and shut case.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Conundrum says:

      A conspiracy involving all three branches of government: the executive (FBI), the judiciary (DOJ) and the legislative (SSCI) all tied up in a nice neat package and an Agent Dugan bow.

      Liked by 2 people

    • wxobserver says:

      I think you nailed it. SD has told us all this more than once in previous articles. By hammering this into my thick skull by repetition, it is finally starting to make sense, at least to me.


  42. 63gordfa says:

    I’ll tell you which FBI equity I would like to see tossed into a dumpster (preferably while it’s on fire): Christopher Wray. Why doesn’t POTUS fire this jerk? By now he certainly would have ample justification to do it given how obvious it is that Wray has been an obstructionist all along. Please, someone explain why Wray has not been fired. I am down to my last two strands of hair which I’ll be pulling off shortly because no one looks good with only two strands of hair.


  43. Jan Sanne says:

    Better question.
    Since we know about the volumes of evidence the Uranium One whistleblower has of ciminal activity and we know Weiner’s laptop had evidence of crimes others committed besides Carlos, why hasn’t anyone been arrested and taken to trial?

    Liked by 2 people

    • trnathens says:

      If you honestly think PDJT was pre-positioning military equipment around the country in preparation to deliver a vaccine at the end of the year, then I think you may be surprised by what is coming.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. kleen says:

    So basically Dugan had to get a copy for himself then he modified that copy as a leak trap, after he caught the leaker bastard, Tash and her mafia had to get his version from him to release it to the public because that one was leaked already.(by Wolf the bastard)

    So Tash and her mafia went out of their way to cover for SSCI. Why would they do that if they weren’t all working together?

    Sounds like team work.

    The only question I really have is… is Dugan an outsider? He was not given a FISA copy from/by the mafia. He had to go fish one out of the FISC himself. No team work to help him. He is not in the team?

    So, somebody needs to talk to him.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. kleen says:

    Loving team work between (Tash/Weissman’s ) MS-17 gang and the SSCI. Like a mafia family.
    Typical gang loyalty. These people really have criminal mind set.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Exmil-UK says:

    Dugan gets a FISA court certified/clerk stamped copy because it is a legal document, valid in a US court of law. Unless its a physical, legally valid copy of an original document rated Top Secret (or whatever the US equivalent is), the FBI does not have ownership/investigative rights. Is that right?

    Main Justice knows this copy is created and who created it the moment the clerk reports back to them. From previous observation I believe the ***entire US legal system*** is compromised at the clerk level by globalist/CIA/CP-USA sleepers. The higher the level of the court, the greater the number of infesting creatures, their skill level and trade craft.

    Perhaps Dugan knew the electronic version at main justice was already altered from the original FISA court created document, i.e. forged to increase the investigative powers of main justice lawyers. If Dugan gets a copy of this electronic forgery, legally it does not have the same security classification – it sound absurd but administrative rules can easily produce effects that lay-people think are basically nuts.

    Main Justice used the Dugan version to answer the FOI request because the Main DOJ version of it was a “boosted” Forgery. Producing a Forgery is detectable and traceable.

    WARNING: I am not a US citizen and definitely not a lawyer of any kind, so take this with a pinch of salt. Floating a kite only.


  47. Thomas F Anderson says:

    The cover-up is worse than the crime. It sounds to me like the special council was conspiring to hide the crime of the leaking of classified information.


  48. Beau GEste says:

    Back when people used things called “Maps”, the owners and publishers had to protect their copyrights in the work it took to make them. They added zigs in border lines and roads that did not exist. They even added small towns or features that did not exist. Now in the electronic image age, small pixel patterns at specific locations are added which do not adversely affect appearance, at different scales. Prosecuting copyright violators is very much the same as prosecuting leakers.

    Doubtless, the FBI alterations to records are much more sophisticated than copyright protections. It is almost certain that Dugan’s FISA leak trackers included a nomber of other small ‘spots’ and slight letter or image variations. Perhaps even chemical or fluorescent markers. Hidden “Sources and Methods”

    There should be no reason that the NYT and watkins cannot be forced to produce the purloined warrant. Or that wolfe cannot be forced to testify (he can’t ‘take the 5th’ on the FISA leak) about the FISA leak AND all other leaks he was told to make. Warner/burr can also be forced to testify, likely would ‘take the 5th’)

    Liked by 1 person

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