Nuts ! – Senator Lindsay Graham Still Doesn’t Know Who Delivered Feb 14, 2018, FBI Briefing to SSCI…

This is theatrically absurd now.  Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsay Graham appears with Sean Hannity to say he’s going to ask Chris Wray who was the FBI official who falsely briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee on February 14, 2018.

First, it was Scott Schools (Main Justice) and Andrew McCabe from FBI.  According to their own records that’s who did the briefing – what the hell is Graham trying to figure out?

Second, presume there were no records…. why the heck doesn’t Graham just walk down the hall and ask his senate friends who it was?  This is not a complex puzzle to solve. And Sean Hannity is just clapping and nodding along… Ridiculous kabuki.  This is what we are up against.  Nuts.


Seriously, this is Pravda-esque controlled media at this point.

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330 Responses to Nuts ! – Senator Lindsay Graham Still Doesn’t Know Who Delivered Feb 14, 2018, FBI Briefing to SSCI…

  1. mr.piddles says:

    Wow. Some of you folks are vicious here tonight.

    Keep it comin’.

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  2. RF Burns says:

    I have the suspicion that he realizes that he is about to be hoisted upon his own petard. Between a rock and a hard place so to speak. Much like like when the music stops in a round of musical chairs and being the odd one out.

    Would it be premature to make popcorn for this show I wonder?

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      He put himself there when CHOSE not to do the right thing years ago. The rock was put there by others bu he decided to pin himself between it and that hard place you speak of .

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  3. Lou is one of the few pushing hard on everyone. He generally knows what is going on and generally knows what needs to be done. Lou will call anyone on the carpet.

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    • Super Elite says:

      Lou is obviously a Treehouse reader.

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      • WillRoll says:

        And/or Lou has been put in touch recently with one proprietor of the Treehouse in order to have his senses and understandings finely tuned to what is going on and what is about to go on.

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      • govlawyer says:

        And Liz Mac Donald (who follows Lou) is a Treeper as well, I suspect…..she’s been on top of a lot of stuff as SD has mentioned.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Fox Biz is simply far superior to what Faux has become.

      It’s the only thing making me regret my decision to cut cable.

      I would love to know whether that streaming service includes Lou and Liz’ shows, but their web site is useless, can’t find any lists of what is provided. Anybody know by any chance?

      Maybe I’ll spring for it temporarily just to see and dump them if they don’t have Fox Biz.


      • I subscribe to FoxNation and sadly FoxBiz is not there. They did offer a week free trial then $5.99/m. FoxNation is not so much about “the news” as much of its programming goes behind the scenes on specific events. The interface is clumsy so you have to dig.

        I do not watch FNN anymore but check their YouTube channel for highlights. I do the same for FBN. I would add Maria, Varney and Payne to your FBN watch list.


  4. John Comnenus says:

    Low IQ, no energy, clueless RINO Senator. He must have been a Cesarean Birth coz he couldn’t find is way out of the womb. Who votes for this moron?

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    • ezpz2 says:

      He’s not so much ‘low IQ’ as he is corrupt.
      In fact, I’d say Lindsey is pretty cunning.

      Let’s not forget who his best bud was until he departed this earth.
      And let’s not forget that the same late bff senator was heavily involved with the dossier, Ukraine, and all sorts of nefarious anti Trump plots.

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      • Dee says:

        Sean has done great work. I think he is loyal to Trump. Trump likes to find people like Lindsey in a pickle.. so my guess let him hang his self all he wants… I would not stop him either. Sean knows what went on and so does Trump.. and because of Sundance so do we… I wish Sundance would tie Ukraine into this mess a little because it is all connected!! It is just a matter of time Lindsey… just a matter of time… Timber!!


        • C2C says:

          I think Hannity just stays in his lane. He’s great as a primer for those new to the info, eventually you graduate. That said, I don’t think he has the intellect nor skill set to conduct in-depth research like SD does.

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          • BareKnuckledConservative says:

            Seconding C2C. If you realize this about Hannity, it will reduce your frustration about him. Somebody said once, I think it was here, that on the first rung of the ladder of understanding you find Sean Hannity. He is a good resource for the “rookie” new to all this. There are apparently a lot of “rookies” (good) and Sean is on that first rung to greet them. That’s his primary function I think.


        • ggmppv says:

          Hannity might be loyal to Trump, but he isn’t very smart. That’s why Graham keeps coming on his show, because he knows Hannity is easy to fool and doesn’t realize that he’s as a corrupt as the rest of them. Don’t get me wrong – Hannity is a hero for how hard he has battled, it’s just that he’s not too bright of a hero.

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        • Good luck defending Hannity in this crowd. I have seen that man stick his neck out more than anyone except Rush and yet still he is classed dumb. I also don’t think anybody puts in more hours.
          As to why he keeps on GRaham and so clearly pushes so lightly, I still think that it’s better to keep GRaham around going soft on him, so he will agree to keep coming around…until such time that, yes, Ukraine can be brought out in the open and GRaham can gulp and sputter all he wants to, but his CYA behavior will be out there for all to see. I think Sean either likes the guy and thinks he got in over his head or he’s really furious with GRaham and wants him there front and center when they drop the truth on him and he’s left open for all to see.

          Sean’s interview with Levin last week shows that this is not a man who is dumb or ignorant and he’s very aware of what we are up against; so I think that Lindsay is a pawn for us just as much as he’s a pawn for deep state.

          All we can do is theorize. But Sean had me at 24/7 hour coverage of the murderous starvation of Terri Schiavo when nobody would cover it; and then was the first to go all in for Trump.

          If they want to call someone like that stupid, be my guest I’ll be happy to stand an outsider.


          • WRB says:

            Who does it benefit to bash Hannity, and decrease his popularity or credibility? The fact that we see non-stop bashing here at the CTH is a dead-give-away at who is posting.


      • Mr. Morris says:

        Lindsey has an election to win against Jaime Harrison, a Nancy Pelosi insider. Naturally Lindsey wants to act the part of a great sleuth. Thanks to Sundance we knew the answers to the questions Lindsey is allegedly just asking.
        How many Democrats and Republicans pretend they know nothing? How come so many of our elected officials amass vast sums of money during their years of “public service”?

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        • RJ says:

          Because Washington, DC is a money creating machine! The question is: How does Washington, DC create wealth for elected politicians?

          It begins with being a gate keeper where one can pass through a gate if one pays the “toll” to the gate keeper(s). Over the years this game has gotten much more complex in it’s efforts to hide such realities from “outsiders” which would be the average American voting citizen.

          Educate the citizen about this nefarious game and watch what happens!

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      • chiefworm says:

        EZPZ, Ms. Lindsey’s mind is as corrupt as his soul.

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      • budklatsch says:

        I would like to see a ‘family tree’ rendition of all the crooked accomplices in this conspiracy and how they relate to one another. Something I could pull up on my phone for immediate reference when discussions arise. Of course, that would be one helluva tree, maybe more like a grove.

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      • doyouseemyvision says:

        Even Cindy McCain met with corrupt Ukrainian Pres Poroschenko. Her picture shaking his hand in the Ukraine is in this article. Wonder what was so important for her to fly all the way over there to discuss?

        Won’t shake President Trump’s hand for going through hoops to allow protocols and authorizations for her husband’s funeral. But Poroshenko? No problem.

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  5. MACAULAY says:

    This is like Rod Serling and the Twi-Light Zone–from the old days.

    Somebody whose name I don’t even know—Sundance, anonymous and on the Internet—tells me two days ago McCabe was the one who likely committed a felony by lying to a Senate Committee—not just tells me, but Proves it.

    And tonight, Chairman Graham and Anchor/Reporter Hannity on National TV—whose duty it is to find these things out—either don’t know (Fools) or pretend not to know (Knaves)—that same information about Andrew McCabe.

    The simplest explanation is the most likely–I’m in the Twi-Light Zone.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      It’s likely that having both a radio show and TV show doesn’t permit Sean the necessary time to follow the details. That’s a lot for anyone, and I think both shows suffer for it. He may be an exceptionally hard worker, but lacking quality.

      Lindsay is just pretending not to know.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        He trusts Lindsay. He has been fooled. His question to Lindsay should be. “Why haven’t you exposed this corruption, you had the power to find it all?”

        Over and over.

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      • newbietreepper says:

        Paraphrasing a radio host named Doc Thompson, “You could play Sean’s show in about 10 mins if you were looking for new content”. Doc’s has passed on but his words are still true.

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      • Stickboy says:

        The simplest explanation is that Hannity isn’t about to put his ass on the line unless he knows for sure that it’s safe to do so. He’s no friend to Trump or Trump supporters.

        No member of the MSM should be trusted any farther than they can be thrown by an old one armed Granny.

        Graham is who he’s always been, a back stabbing, lying piece of shit… change there.

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        I wouldn’t make excuses for Hannity. First, so what that he has 2 shows. The work to do both shows overlaps so it probably doesn’t add much for him, plus he most likely has assistants to handle the Fox garbage because all he does there is spout his ever-repeating monologues and talk over the guests Fox has on for him. Hannity is clearly a nice guy but not the smartest guy in the room (I’ve often wondered why someone would buy a book by a guy like that, I want an author to know more than me and educate me and Hannity doesn’t seem to have that ability except for newbies to conservatism. I think it’s good we call things what they are and that should even include radio and TV hosts.

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        • Both Trump and Levin respect HAnnity. I think I’ll take my cue from them.


        • Peoria Jones says:

          Doing a 3-hr live radio talk show isn’t as simple as it seems, and there’s a lot more going on with live TV than you see, also. Both are high-stress, and require much prep work to do them well.

          I do agree that he has some overlap, which is why he is capable of doing both. But it’s that overlap which results in both shows seeming stale and pedantic. We’re pretty picky customers here at CTH, and I don’t enjoy his programs.

          However, he does reach a certain audience – and that is good. If he spent more time researching (learning), and gave up one of the shows, his content would improve. But something tells me he’s reached his maximum potential as a student. 😉

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          • betseyross says:

            He is stretched too thin. Pick one media and stick with it. You are right, the overlap is what is keeping him mediocre. He would probably sleep better at night.


      • Right Mover says:

        Hannity may be on the side of the angels, but he lacks intellect and insight, which is why he’s been leaning on the same catch phrases and the same guests every night for the last 15 years.

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    • CM-TX says:

      When it comes to our Gov…

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  6. 4sure says:

    This Hannity/Graham love fest is embarrassing. If Hannity was not part of the sham, he would have said, Lindsay, can’t you just walk down the hall in the Senate office bldg. and ask your good friend AARON BURR who briefed his committee.

    But in case you want to know right now. It was Andrew McCabe. Now what are you going to do about it.

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  7. msalicia56 says:

    Can’t figure out Lindsay. He seems to not want to now what he knows. When Lindsay is good he is very, very good (Kavanaugh), but when he is bad he is horrid.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      I think that is why the swamp is never held accountable. They pretend not to know so they don’t have to take action that would enrage their friends or opposition and harm their political careers.

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    • lavender blue says:

      with all due respect, there is ZERO to figure out, he’s always been and always will b a corrupt, nasty chameleon with ZERO integrity, ZERO authenticity and ZERO backbone…

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        and don’t forge – once upon a time, I think he said he was some kind of bat crazy – oh, that Lindsey, always ahead of the curve!


    • lavender blue says:

      with all due respect, there is ZERO to figure out… this subhuman will always be a corrupt, nasty chameleon who changes color 24/7 to save his ass. He has ZERO integrity, ZERO backbone and ZERO patriotism!

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    • Lurker360 says:

      Graham did Kavanaugh to save his skin (he was compelled by someone who had the truth in hand). He’s pulling this tough guy shit to impress gullible Repubs to send him money for his current re-election race. Hannity says what he’s paid to say. (like 99.9% of the TV media).

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    • budklatsch says:

      What’s that old country song line? ‘I wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then’.


  8. corvairfan says:

    Lindsay MaGoo, private detective….

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  9. grahampink says:

    Sometimes I feel western civilization should collapse under the weight of its own corruption and stupidity.
    But that’s just me.

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    • RF Burns says:

      I am certain that would be a foregone conclusion, an inevitability given human nature as history has shown time and again.

      However, I believe that hope remains. A measure of faith in following in the footsteps of the lord. A less traveled path to preserve what is good, and to reconcile with our creator so that that we can be made whole. Will I live to see it in this life? I do not know. I just know that there are things in this life worth striving for, things worth protecting, in order to better ourselves and our posterity. I believe that we are called to higher purposes in service to that end.

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    • WSB says:

      Yeah, burkas for all the girls…


    • Linda K. says:

      It may do that grahampink.


  10. jackpundad says:

    Tic Toc! Friday by 5 or Sundance crushes DC! Graham is toast!

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  11. jus wundrin says:

    The people in SC must be masochists to re-elect a guy that just keeps kicking them in the teeth.

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    • Genie says:

      The choice this November is between Graham or Democrat Harrison, a Pelosi sycophant. Too many Republican primary candidates diluted the resistance to Graham. It’s now a “hold your nose and vote” election for senator in November.

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    • Greeneghis Khan says:

      Six years ago the GOP ran a splitter strategy so that Limpy would run against convicted felon (cocaine) in final runoff

      Same happened this primary season there were two really good candidates that got no traction and then Trump endorsed Limpy thinking Limpy would use the chair of judiciary to nail the bad cops

      Everyone here in SC knew Limpy would falter to Judas

      So now we have the lovely choice of a BLM based Dem or a treacherous SOB Rino in Limpy

      The MAGA thing to do would be state recall of Limpy so a decent GOP candidate can beat out the Dem

      Or just put him in jail already

      Sure there may be some hard core Limpy Graham supporters out there but I cannot find one. You see Harrison signs around but Absolute zero Limpy signs.
      No one will publicly show support for that SOB weasel

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  12. Mr e-man says:

    Like all of them, they claim they are investigating but had 3 years to do so and did not. They had excuses such as “ongoing investigations” that thwarted efforts to get info, but Graham could have had dozens of hearings since Mueller ended. He has had two.

    For him, he isn’t missing the connected dots, he is actively working to create a “we didn’t know” narrative and stalling for what is coming. He was complicit.

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  13. Zy says:

    Lindsey, channeling Songbird, maybe I’ll promise Sean tomorrow that I’ll bring Schrage to the Hill ! And Sean might buy me another Ruth’s Chris steak. Yummy, wish Songbird was here to share. Well I could eat it while looking at your picture NoName, I miss you.

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  14. burginthorn says:

    President Trump gets things done. Even with no one helping him, and everyone against him. I don’t know how he does it. He says things, and the next thing you know its happening. Yet I’ve watched people like Lindsey Graham say for years this that and the other and bupkis. Do nothings need to be purged.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Later. This election we have a Senate to keep and strengthen.

      Shortly after the election the good people of South Carolina can start a recall petition based on the complicity that will be evident. By the time it got legs PDJT’s second term would be steamrollering along…


    • betseyross says:

      It appears to be the difference between a person who wants to serve and a politician.


  15. LandofLiberty says:

    Lindsay and Newt…I quit watching Hannity….but I have told people to visit the CTH because there is a person there by the name Sundance who has been layering evidence on top of evidence for the last 3 or 4 years and its pretty well just as he has said it was. I tell them this guy is somebody or knows somebody who is in the know. CTH is the place to go

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  16. azgulch says:

    I strongly suspect Lindsey is neck deep in the coup. Maybe up to his eyeballs.

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  17. Tiffthis says:

    I don’t watch the video, but did Hannity tell Mrs Lindsay who it was? Or did he play dumb too? (Or maybe not “playing”)

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  18. Steve says:

    Me thinks the sunlight has got in Lynda’s eyes.and it seems to have blinded him.

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  19. T2020 says:

    Yeah, baby! CTH gets a shout out for TRUTH. 😁🍷 And Lindsay plays dumb. What a lying turd.

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  20. alliwantissometruth says:

    Although Hannity is becoming difficult to watch, he is a big Trump supporter and Lord knows there’s not many of those on TV

    Any one with half a brain knows Grahams involved with the Deep State up to his eyeballs, so we know why he acts as if he doesn’t know things, tells us he’ll look into this and that and never does and constantly obfuscates to avoid certain truths, but Hannity, I’m still trying to figure out

    Most of us realize Hannity isn’t the brightest bulb, but is he really this dumb or is he going along with various narrative nonsense in order not to confront certain guests?

    The entire story and more is right here on this site. The truth, basically everything you need to know up to this point is laid out,

    The word games these people are playing isn’t cutting it anymore. People who should know and are highly paid to know have no excuse for not knowing or trying to obfuscate what’s already known to be fact

    Thank God the TreeHouse is getting more publicity, because the people who have the power to do something about this American horror story and those who actually want to know the truth can find the work of a great patriot who’s spent untold hours, months and years putting it all together right here

    No obfuscation. No twisting and turning. No lies and no ideological bent. Just the unvarnished truth. Actual facts

    Here it is. Now prove you want to know the truth

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    • kleen says:

      Hannity loses credibility every time he has this crook on his show.

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    • Grammy850 says:

      I know this is really mean but in my opinion I think Sean Hannity is busy making a living bottom line…I remember back In 2008 / I think it was when Rush L would not compromise and dropped a car advertiser ( I think) Big bucks for Rush but Sean kept his contract
      (Same car company) saying he didn’t believe in boycotts. I don’t think he wants to rock the boat too much or get out of his comfortable tick tick zone. As Sundance says Sean’s just nodding and clapping along. Just sayin. GODSPEED Sundance. Grammy

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      • steph_gray says:

        All of a sudden I can’t help thinking about sundance’s recent article on a mole who was close to PDJT, trusted by him, and advised him on appointments.

        Did Hannity promote anyone? Just askin’.

        I don’t remember Graham’s being close to PDJT in the early days – he only weaseled his way into a sort of trust by backing Kavanaugh.


  21. skimo69 says:

    Whenever I see a Lindsey Graham, a Marco Rubio, a Mitt Romney, ad nauseum, I think of all the FBI files Hillary had, all of the “contractor” access to NSA files, Anthony Wiener’s laptop and Jeffery Epstein’s flight logs. Lots of leverage over these snakes (did I mention John Roberts). I pray for the day that all is revealed and these a$$holes get baked in the sunlight, just like worms crossing a hot sidewalk.

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  22. biff0101 says:

    Hannity needs a blanket party!!

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  23. AustinPrisoner says:

    Is Lindsey a truly religious person who fears God? If not, I would watch him for suicide. He lives a lie in two spheres: the first we all know what I’m alluding to and I have sincere compassion for him; the other is serving his Democrat masters yet pretending to be a Republican. He looks awful lately. Anguished even. He needs to walk away and surround himself with people who really care about him. You know, like friends outside of the D.C. swamp. He needs to apologize for his role in the coup and maybe more.

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  24. Serpentor says:

    Hannity has been running interference for Lindsey this entire Trump administration. Why DJT gives priority to Sean is beyond me.

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  25. Watch General Kelly give Lindsey Graham the eye! And this was awhile back!


  26. 63gordfa says:

    Miss Lindsey is the inspector Clouseau of the Senate.

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  27. bordoodle says:

    AdRem, This is the last posting I received from you folks. Is there a problem in sending emails of new postings.

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  28. honeybee12345 says:

    He’s a stinking corrupt RINO. We have known this for quite some time. Isn’t it conceivable that he commiserates with Deep State players because he has also enjoyed the lucrative fruits of Shadow Government? As usual he appears on Hannity to convince conservatives of his orthodoxy. He does this all the time. Wake up, Sean!


  29. CoHoBo says:

    How is Hannity even still on the air?

    I thought Trump banned Tik Tok in the US.

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  30. Lindsey needs Kabuki Theater makeup and costume to be more convincing in his role.


  31. Nigella says:

    Lindsey is up to his eyeballs in this… McCain and He were part of it


  32. Dutchman says:

    At this point, I personally think the Hannity defenders should hide their head in shame.
    I personally think its clear he, like a # of other faux commentators is in a rolcon role.
    They purport to be conservative alternative, they talk to ‘us’ but with forked toungue.
    Peddling deplorable clic bait, playing tic toc, they are a waste of our time, and are part of a psy-ops operation being run by Ryan, one of the main people behind the coup.
    Face it, even Sean Hannity isn’t THAT stupid!


  33. SGH says:

    So… Having just arrived home from work a bit ago, my option on this matter was commit suicide or watch this. A tough one, but I sucked it up and watched this.

    My takeaway: Somebody did something.

    And I’m still alive for wash, rinse, and repeat.

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  34. FPCHmom says:

    Maria tweeted him the information yesterday. He is a big fat liar.

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  35. nwtex says:

    Who, other than Hannity, is a champion for the President five nights a week off camera as well. I can’t think of one….especially with the size of Hannity’s audience.

    Also, look at all the credible death threats he and his family continue to endure for his staunch, unwavering support for the President. I, for one, will never speak ill of him, nope!

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  36. nehemiahthewall says:

    I think Lou Dobbs should invite Graham on his show.
    Everytime Graham declines, Lou can tell the public.
    Do it everyday until either Graham capitilates or it becomes politically embarassing everyday for Graham.

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  37. nehemiahthewall says:

    Maybe invite Hannity to bring Graham on Lou Dobb’s show.
    Be great if Sidney is on with them.

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  38. mazziflol says:

    Even LG pretends not to know things.


  39. fleemit says:

    I often like to watch people with sound turned off. The first thing I noticed was that Graham looks absolutely terrible. His health isn’t good at the moment.

    The second thing I noticed was that his lip obviously curled into what looked like a sneer – exposing all his teeth – a couple of times. I went back and listened: This happens when he says “FBI” . The first occurrence is @1:15 if you want to check. I am no expert, (nor try to be) I just found this a bit too much of a coincidence.

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  40. ReglarMerican says:

    When 8/15 hits it will be interesting to see who resigns from which states. That is, will we have enough MAGA governors to appoint MAGA senators and reps to replace the ones that are forced to resign due to their high crimes being exposed?
    Where do senators, reps, DOJ staffers, etc. serve their sentences after conviction? Leavenworth?


  41. atomichillbilly says:

    Interesting discussion on Monday’s edition of Steve Bannon’s war room pandemic…

    They discussed why no arrests have been made and surmised that Barr doesn’t have support among the rank & file swamprats in the DOJ/fbi….because they’re a bunch of wokester douchebags….

    Perhaps we won’t see justice unless we march over there and put the entire swamp on trial ourselves….?

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  42. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    For a long time I’ve thought of Hannity as good hearted but a bit of a dimwit. The next couple days are going to be something of an acid test.

    Lou Dobbs called out Miss Lindsey and revealed the briefers’ names four hours before Hannity’s show aired. I’d bet a lot more than a Happy Meal that Hannity’s email and social media have already blown up with people yelling the truth at him. I realize his staffers for radio & TV handle all of that for him, but the outcry should be too big to ignore.

    I’ll give him 48 hours tops to do a proper call out on Graham over this and if I don’t see it, he goes in the scrapheap with the rest of the lying whores, flip floppers, and traitors that have lost my respect and attention forever. Call it the Glenn Beck zone.

    Too busy? Too greedy? Too stupid? Too many blows to the head from the MMA training? Manipulated by his producers?

    I’m not sure it even matters, he’s so annoying I have to turn him off or fast forward through entire segments of his TV show frequently anyway.

    Reclaimin’ My Time! 🤑

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  43. Alex Pazzo says:

    Pulitzer for Sundance

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  44. icthematrix says:

    Graham is a classic weasel; intelligent and cunning, they put on quite a show when they want to. Weasels change their behavior to fit the moment…tough stance or impish on a whim. Can never be trusted, nor should.

    Hannity tied his boat to this guy either from convenience, orders or stupidity. Every MSM chatter show uses this liar, but Hannity plays his role uniquely as the muttering conservative.

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  45. Papoose2007 says:

    According to our President at last night’s briefing he said it twice: We caught ’em all. Hannity should have asked the creep who was the President referring to… no letter needed in sending out publicized advance questions.The creep has a knack for always warning the perps with the details of his “probing” questions giving them time to clunk heads and come up with non-answers.

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  46. Kimi says:

    At this point, they’re just insulting our collective intelligence. It’s infuriating but the finale will be our vengeance! We stand ready, Sundance, to see this through with you and our fellow treepers! 😉

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  47. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    You guys are being too hard on Lindsey….

    Why just last week my son came home with some test results from his math test…..
    I was curious how he did.

    So I wrote a letter to Bob (my mechanic) asking him to contact Dr. Phil (his Dentist) to talk to Stacy (his hygenist) to reach out to her second cousin, Marge, who gets her nails done by Bob (different Bob) who’s son, Scott, is a newspaper delivery boy to my son’s math teacher, Mrs Magillacuddy, to inquire as to what my son got on the test…….
    that is in his backpack on my kitchen table.

    Can’t wait to find out how he did.

    Liked by 6 people

  48. tds247365 says:

    Worthless Lindsey is never elected by the Conservatives of our state. The Dems cross over cause they know he’s the best Progressive they can get. He may lose his seat this term.

    As far as Hannity and the faux exuberance, he adds nothing to the conversation, and is only there to deflect, pimp books, and repeat. Those two clowns would be better served working at MSNBC.


    • steph_gray says:

      So if you and conservatives in your state plan not to vote for Linseed, then whom do you recommend we work our behinds off to replace him with in the Senate, so that President Trump is not impeached and convicted by a lost Senate next year?

      I’m serious. I can’t stand Linseed any more than I can stand any of the worst RINOs and especially the traitors. But we need to keep the Senate to keep our VSG out of danger.

      As Dan B says, it’s not a choice between good and bad. It’s a choice between worst and less worse.

      Liked by 1 person

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