Sunday Talks: Steven Schrage Appears to Discuss His Role in “Spygate”…

We have a saying in the south: ‘hang around a one-legged man long enough and eventually you’re gonna start limping‘.  This interview is an example of how that cuts through the BS, spin and political chaff and countermeasures.  Steven Schrage should be trusted as far as you can spit into a hurricane – which is to say, not at all.

First, in an article to accompany his media effort, Schrage waxes philosophical and woefully about how his years-long good friend and phd supervisor, Stephan Halper, the one-legged character in the metaphor, turned out to be a politically motivated snake and spy.  Oh, but all the years previous this wasn’t noticed?  Not buying it.

Second, Schrage sat and watched Michael Flynn and Svetlana Lokhova get raked over the coals for three+ years only now, right now, to find his conscience bothered by his participation in assisting the lies pushed by his friend against them?  Isn’t that convenient timing?… Yeah, sure. I might have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.

Third, Schrage notes he was interviewed by John Durham. Horsepucky. Durham doesn’t interview anyone; someone else does, someone very specific; and the fact that Schrage has no clue who that person is implies an aspect to the side-show he now presents as total nonsense.  In short, this is a distraction story…. Look over there…. shiny things.


I’ve watched and researched these intelligence characters for so long their M.O. screams like visible strings on marionettes. And yes, once you see the strings it’s impossible to return to a time when you did not see them. This interview is a purposeful ruse.

[His article here]

I also do not fault Matt Taibbi or Maria Bartiromo for falling for it.

Devin Nunes was right about Schrage a YEAR AGO:

[…] What you have there is, you have an American citizen, somebody who’s long been involved in politics, and the guy’s name is Steven Schrage. Now, knows that the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the FBI, we want to talk to anyone and everyone who was dealing with Carter Page and other Trump associates, especially in early 2016.

Schrage is the one who invited Carter Page to this event. Schrage is the one who organized this event. So — but instead of coming forward, a guy who’s been involved in politics for this long doesn’t come forward? I want to know, did he know about the Steele dossier at that time? When did he find out about the Steele dossier? Did he have control of the Steele dossier at any time? Did he give it to anyone?

Those are the types of things that Steven Schrage needs to come clean on, because, you know, look, maybe he was just a guy working for minimum wage sweeping the floors around Cambridge. I highly doubt it.

And the fact that he hasn’t come forward in two-and-a-half years is highly suspect. Now, when you look at the other Brits that were involved there, Maria, if you — this also ties in with General Flynn, because these Brits were the ones who went public and said — specifically, Christopher Andrew said that General Flynn had a Russian girlfriend.  (more)

Nice try…

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403 Responses to Sunday Talks: Steven Schrage Appears to Discuss His Role in “Spygate”…

  1. freepetta says:

    When Stevie said it’s not political I knew he was full of major 💩!

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  2. WhiteBoard says:

    exactly as Sundance has indicated. We Do Not Fall For The Justification Trap.

    In summary, to inform people – you say “the FBI/DOJ system attacked our vote by fabricating a source’s information, into an investigation, that was brought to impeach an elected president ( Attack the vote and remove the elected president)”

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      In short, this is a distraction story…. Look over there…. shiny things.

      Agree. Chaff.
      Of course, the flip side of this coin is….

      Why do they feel the need to throw out this shiny object….NOW?
      As countermeasure to incoming bandits?
      A finale move as part of a victory fly-by?


  3. TarsTarkas says:

    Laser pointer.

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    • barnabusduke says:

      But good golly, these folks know where to point them lasers in order to distract from the target! I read and watched this earlier on CFP and was thinking “It’s Happening!!!” Then I stepped back and waited for the thoughts of Sundance. As always, that was the right move! Thank You Sundance! I tip my hat sir!

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    • MTB says:

      Hey, I said this in the earlier other posts! HA HA!


  4. Jury Nullification says:

    You are our sure footed sherpa guide, Sundance.

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    • Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.
      -Proverbs 21:2

      What is the true intentions of Schrage? Where’s his heart?
      Watch Maria turn her head as if she heard a twist @1:37

      Point of interest:

      1.) @ 1:32 Schrage discusses Page and Halper. Says it was a comedy of errors and it all happened accidentally. As we know, however, by our lantern bearer, there is no accident. All done with precision.

      2.) @1:37 Maria reacts.

      3.) Why is Schrage @7:52 seem to want to protect General Flynn?

      4.) Then right after @8:21 Scrage says he spoke with Durham.

      Basically, why Schrage, with one breadth, sounds good to protect General Flynn, and then the other breadth to state he specifically spoke with Durham and that Halper and Page met by accident?

      Again, just wondering his heart? What outcome is desired?


  5. SpotTheSpook says:

    This treehouse is by far the most informed group of people in the US right now. SD, I can’t express how truly blessed I am to have wandered in here and claimed a branch a few years back. I am counting down the days for Phase II.

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  6. Sporty says:

    SteveO looked and sounded like he was going to enjoy his 15 minutes too much.

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  7. Bogeyfree says:

    This tweet response by Sundance tells me Durham’s lead investigator could be Mr. XXXXX

    Maybe. I could easily vet him to find out if that’s the true motive by asking him the last name of the lead Durham investigator.

    Gives me great confidence that Sundance has indeed spoken directly with either Kerri, Durham or Mr. XXXXX of the DOJ. This plus the image of PT with thumbs up is huge.

    Now, the question is will Durham act on Sundance’s evidence and lasso some Congressional members for their involvement in this coup?

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    • Sporty says:

      I’m guessing he will if the Boss tells him to.

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    • James Patrick Ryan says:

      It would be a refreshing change, however the dirt traders and dirt mongers from inside the beltway will likely have the last say about that.


      • freepetta says:

        DC is one giant dirty slimy sleazy Swamp with despicable creatures. You need a shower every time someone walks by. It’s like the land of the body snatchers. They take your soul.

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    • beach lover says:

      Im thinking we all know this couldn’t happen without the help of some high level GOP members covering for the slime in the O administration.

      So let the chips fall, I say. In fact, if it was only on one side, no one will buy it.

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    • wxobserver says:

      My current guess is that SD ran into XXXXX purely by chance in a D.C. coffee shop, not knowing who he/she was and later figured it out. That’s based on his coffee shop post a while back.

      I also suspect that SD has perhaps met MB in person and still holds out hope that she’ll get it.

      But then, my spidey sense lately has been non-existent, so who who the heck knows?


  8. avocadodipp says:

    Maria lured him on the show, let him talk unchallenged, stroked his ego – oh, please come back … FOR THE KILL!

    Maria’s Mom didn’t raise no fool – Maria will fillet him. She is well aware of what’s going on.

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  9. Gaius Gracchus says:

    I read Schrage’s piece earlier today and my spider sense perked up right away.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Yep, the timing is completely suspect. As is the timing of the Yates hearing.


      • FB2417 says:

        Seems like a concerted effort on their part to start laying down cover. Blumenthal is another great example today, but I saw the piece this morning and absolutely agree this guy is playing the old Soviet trick of a whole bunch of lies wrapped around a couple morsels of truth.


      • FB2417 says:

        Seems like a concerted effort on their part to start laying down cover. Blumenthal is another great example today, but I saw the piece this morning and absolutely agree this guy is playing the old Soviet trick of a whole bunch of lies wrapped around a couple morsels of truth.

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        • Alex1689 says:

          You nailed it.

          Defensive measure.

          That means they know something really big is coming, and they are out shaping the narrative for the low information voters who have had no idea about any of this for the last three and a half years.

          Its a nice warm cup of milk laced with sedatives for the masses. Painting the cabal as not particularly competent, not Americans, tying them to the Kim Philby story for some reason.


          • Tl Howard says:

            Low information voters do not tune in to Fox Business nor to Maria B.


            • Dogsrule says:

              I had dinner this past weekend with some friends on the left and some on the right. I asked all of them if they knew who John Durham was and what he was doing. Got blank stares back. Even the highly educated successful business people have not a clue. They all asked me to explain – I just said, ‘well, you’ll see.’


    • Ellis says:

      We will OfficeTeam know this is a sham if/when the usual fake news outlets write stories to push the narrative this distraction is designed to push.

      Sundance is right though about this group that has followed his research for years now. How many are of us immediately saw right through this bs?

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  10. Justin Green says:

    Which is why I stand by my earlier comment – there are 10,000 or more shills in the Executive Branch employ just waiting to sell their souls for a leg up in life.

    His timing is odd, to say the very least, lol.

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  11. MACAULAY says:

    Sounds like this man was on the other side when it looked like the Coup might work. Now trying to come in.

    Wonder why Halper agreed to let him record his comments about Flynn?

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    • cboldt says:

      The deal claimed was that Halper agreed to allow his PhD candidate record everything, because there had been a breakdown of trust between them on the academic angle.


      • MACAULAY says:

        Yes, here is the exact language:

        “Because Halper had seemed increasingly erratic in our dealings, making it difficult to advance my doctoral work, I requested to start recording our conversations back in 2015 to document his guidance.”

        Sounds like B.S. to me.

        Why did Halper agree to that nonsense? I’m not much on conspiracy theories, but I think they both wanted it recorded for a reason–other than the BS above—but maybe not the reason it’s being used for today.

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        • Alex1689 says:

          There’s more than one kind of life insurance.

          Everyone knew this could go south. He kept his get out of jail free card

          Hope that card has been stamped insufficient funds.

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        • cboldt says:

          Why believe that Halper agreed to it at all? My state of mind is that all of them are presumed liars, each one trying to get his out ahead of the others.


        • albertus magnus says:

          Is is ABSOLUTE b.s. The chair of a Ph. D. committee, if the relationship between him and the doctoral candidate had reached the point that the candidate wanted to record his advice, WOULD RESIGN and allow someone else to chair the committee.

          Such nonsense. It is not how those committees work.


        • Sparky5253 says:

          To use at times like now, when you know what is about to hit the fan.


        • Mygreney Hyportnex says:

          Now if I have ever heard real horseshit turn into acoustic vibrations that quote was it and I must admit until that moment in the interview I actually was about to believe him.


  12. Legion of One says:

    Seems that Washington DC has the pre-Labor Day jitters.

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  13. Ellen O S says:

    He worked on Mittens and NoName’s campaigns , just like Kevin Hassett, who was a PDJT advisor till July 29, 2019. Hassett returned for a few months for covid, where he performed poorly for the president.

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    • Auntie Anxiety says:

      Good eye! I missed the Romney connection.


    • Ellen O S says:

      In his article he stated “. A covert anti-Trump operative sought to be appointed to one of the world’s most powerful positions that could be used to undermine the president.”
      Mittens as SOS?
      Makes sense to me.

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  14. Richie says:

    I knew for sure he was a lying when he mentioned he was a Republican. In the first minute. No need to go any further.


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  15. toocoolus says:

    My suspicion is that he was sent to the interview (and told what to say) by the Mueller Team, who continue to narrate the story…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  16. kleen says:

    Is this part of some rollout by the swamp? Kinda like Weismann releasing Texts and FISA as a way to protect the swamp in the SSCI?

    I’m glad you know these players. He had me fooled. But I did think his info was kinda empty. Not much to it. More drip drip at best.

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  17. rld rld says:

    I will disagree with you— slightly—- I think Schrage is trying to steer this, but he DOES have useful info that brings us closer to the Kernel of Truth. i.e. Halper’s knowledge on Flynn 2 days prior. We will NOT get to Hussein’s INNER CIRCLE until after this election. I’ll take all the help we can get right now on getting Trump re-elected. Call it OUR kill shot, and let it ride.

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  18. Justin Green says:

    So, one possible theory, based on events from the past few days is that Comey gets thrown under the bus. Graham led his witness, Yates, with “Could you say Comey went rogue?”

    Yates gobbled up the hint like a hungry puppy dog and fell in line. “Yes, you could say that.”

    Too late, Graham. We’re smarter than you think we are.

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    • rld rld says:

      Graham is what we call a ‘ridgerider” He fed Yates the line Knowingly. He’ll stay on the ridge as long as possible trying to see which way to go. Bear in mind, the “ridge” has intersections as well. Things to remember– Those like Schrage will give you half truths, but some times you can marry His half truth to another. And There is ALWAYS dis-info.
      Those who think they KNOW the game without having actually bet their lives on it, are seldom right.


    • litenmaus says:

      And did you notice in Graham’s interview with Maria this morning, Graham attributed Yates with saying Comey went rogue…..No Lindsey, you asked if Comey went ‘rogue’…Yates never used the word…..

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  19. John E. says:

    Well, I have to defer to Sundance’s judgment here as I wrote a comment supportive of Shrage in the Everybody Knows story. I have no problem standing corrected when someone who is obviously more in the know than I am states what he knows. I’m wondering, however, if there’s any truth to what Shrage said about Republicans being involved in the coverup of the Cambridge Four’s involvement. I believe Sundance has previously stated that one or more of the Republicans on the SSCI are suspect, though that may be unrelated to what Shrage was alleging. As this story unfolds it becomes more difficult to follow all the actors and their various arcs or narratives, if you will. Thank God for CTH promulgating a deepening understanding of everything that went down.

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    • joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

      I think we’ve learned that most anything from Cambridge is total horseshit for the most part.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      I’ll give it a couple of days and see where the media takes this. I’m confident that they believe this angle will somehow support their preferred narrative, but I’m encouraged that they now feel that they HAVE TO frame a narrative. They are acknowledging that the public at large WILL learn that the Russia hoax was just that, a hoax. Seems to me that
      they are looking for a scapegoat, and I don’t think Stephan Halper is going to cut it.

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    • Madglobal says:

      Nothing wrong with being an optimist. We all want this to be over.


  20. Trygve says:

    Lou Dobbs would never have fallen for it.

    I do not trust M.B. I think she may have vested business interests, stocks, etc.

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    • Margot says:

      I like Maria fairly well as an interviewer, BUT we have to remember that she IS media, and media’s gonna do what media does.

      Media and the deep state are in lock step together, never forget it. They feed off each other. Doesn’t matter if they’re “left” or “right”. Of course she “fell” for it. That’s her job. She knows the score.


  21. Han Solo says:

    Both the piece and the interview, with the timing of it all, didn’t sit well with me…didn’t buy it either. His manner w/ Maria lacked conviction, assurance, and confidence…in other words, some alternative goal he has for coming out now.

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    • Ordinaryman says:

      I have been reading and commenting here for 2 years and I got to admit that I got sucked in by this interview after the video clip last night. I did find his timing suspect and when I looked up and saw his connection to Romney I had pause but I must admit I so want these criminals brought to Justice that I fell for the interview. I look at my weakness here and feel that I can not trust my feelings which is not a good thing. I feel that the time it has been taking is wearing me down and that is really bad since so much is at stake.

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  22. kaste668 says:

    As I tell my husband, I may look at other headlines, even read a story or two, I always come here for truth. Sundance has proven his credibility over and over.

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  23. TradeBait says:

    Halper and Mifsud – your times in the limelight approaches.

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  24. George says:

    Looks like the Fox is in the X-Ring & Peter Cotton Tail is having a bad day !

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  25. Thomas says:

    What’s the end game here? Limit the damage to McCabe, maybe Comey, on down? Contain it to them?

    Protect Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Yates, Wray, Rosenstein et al. and above all the SSCI?

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  26. Marygrace Powers says:

    …..”The process of opposition against Donald Trump is a CONTINUUM.”

    Schrage is merely another cog in this process/an activated DS SHILL.

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  27. Kimi says:

    The a^* covering attempts have begun! How delicious! 😊

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  28. kleen says:

    “Third, Shrage notes he was interviewed by John Durham.”

    Hummmmmm… I’m trying to think of motive for saying that?

    Durham may be watching.

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    • John E. says:

      Yes, in hindsight, that would be a very odd, even disturbing thing to say if it weren’t true. I agree, what would the motivation be to say that if not true? And if not true are there any possible legal repercussions for saying you’ve been interviewed by a United States Attorney when you haven’t? If Shrage is now indeed attempting a public mea culpa to soften any potential consequences for his inaction when presented with something he could’ve acted on in a timely manner, why would he throw a whopper like that into the mix? I suppose it’s possible Durham looked into Shrage as a matter of simple due diligence and learned nothing, or very little, he didn’t already know — excepting possibly that Shrage was a spineless bastard, or worse, a never-Trumper willing to knowingly assist the opposition with the Trump takedown. At this point, he’s just an odd footnote to the story and may always remain so.

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      • cboldt says:

        He can lie about being interviewed. It’s legal, not even any defamation.
        If a lie, it’s a form of bragging. Going public could be used as protection or as part of an extortion scheme. There is no reason to trust this person.

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        • kleen says:

          Hummm he is exposing Republican on FOX. (to Republican voters)

          Perhaps his role is to expose Republicans? Election is coming up. If Republicans don’t vote Dems get house and senate.
          Is that the purpose? Discourage our voters by exposing many Republicans involved?

          Perhaps a strategy?

          We are dealing with disinformation agents everywhere. They will give you some truth but the rest is brain washing.

          PapaD has been saying we should see more info about Halper coming up soon.

          Was this the typical narrative they release before they know the damaging stuff will be released? Usually they go the NYT, or Post but this could be a new strategy because they can expose Republicans 90 days before election. That’s why use FOX and not the Times or Post.


        • Redzone says:

          He’s just referencing Barr to add credibility to his involvement. In other words, he is part of the big story, so everyone should believe him. He’s so important Barr interviewed him.


      • donna kovacevic says:

        Did Sundance not tell us Durham never interviews anyone, I believe him, this guy a cover your dupe and full of govna. It would be nice if MB asked this guy who he exactly met with, was it Durham, if not give us a name. Notice this guy’s cool calm demeanor, his hair color matched his beard perfectly. Odd imho. I would say odjebi.


      • Hans says:

        I’m a thinking..

        Why now… and the only thing I can think off… Congress has oversight of the three letter agencies.. time for the lower people to fall on their swords.

        I remember hearing Halper was quite ill not to,long ago.. no longer of any use so dispensable.

        The Cia/FBI will be made the scape goats.. to cover for Mitch and company..

        And ultimately Wall St Globalist and China.

        They know we know …. MAGA


    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      Just say’n… 😉

      Horsepucky. Durham doesn’t interview anyone;

      Perhaps, Shrage thinks WE The People
      are not the sharpest tacks in the box. 😉

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  29. ncbirdnwrd says:

    Oops! I fell for it. Mea culpa.


  30. Michael Page Morgan says:

    Yet another CYAer!? An adult diaper store would clean up right now!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Reaganite says:

      Adult diapers for DC CYA’s could use
      various marketing ploys:
      “Your adult diaper doubles as a Mask !”
      “Perfect for Grand Juries ! Wear em when
      you take the Fifth !”


  31. Justin Green says:

    Love the fox firing the varmint rifle, too.

    Schrage, in my manner of classification, is right up there with Vindman. A low level wannabe with a helping heaping of well-timed fake outrage and a lack of any moral character.

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  32. The Gipper Lives says:

    Shiny rocks!


  33. Shooter Six says:

    It’s all coming undone you see, as years ago we predicted it would.

    Many participants, including Steven Schrage – here featured by Matt Taibbi on his blog post today – are, I suspect, maneuvering themselves as favorably as possible ahead of the imminent release of The Durham Report, and the rolling of the tumbrils. Nevertheless, this makes for some fascinating reading … I imagine David Ignatius, Robert Costa and some other well-known media and political luminaries may be ‘lawyering up’ as we speak.

    The Spies Who Hijacked America …

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  34. The more we discover, the more they have to acknowledge.
    The more they have to acknowledge, the more we discover.

    Remember three years ago when the president’s tweet about him being spied on was met with apoplectic conniption fits of derision directed at POTUS unlike anything we’ve seen from the establishment / media ever before? . . . . , and here we are and now EVERYBODY KNOWS.

    Liked by 13 people

    • Clivus- thanks for your comment. I am feeling a little bit stupid because for a short while this morning I actually believed this guy Schrage (with his very red nose) was on the up and up.

      My rationale was that with the Sundance Operation Sunlight in full swing, who knows what is gonna come slithering out from under those Swamp rocks.

      Anyway- you reminded me of something. Remember when our President Trump thought he was being spied on and he left Trump Tower and went out to Bedminister? I get the feeling that this is the same kind of deal. Something happened that caused him to move to a safer location.
      I still think that Sundance is shaking them up good and plenty.

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  35. Mreed01 says:

    He used the specific language “small group”

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  36. cnd90 says:

    You are a sly fox.
    Set those hounds straight!

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  37. Cavt says:

    The only guy I believe who talks to Maria about spygate is Nunes– He has given solid facts that prove right. This guy today talked in circles and offered no facts of value–

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  38. ziegler von strahn says:

    This is hedging by Schrage. Its a guess if he is using Durham in the same way we would Mueller, implying it wasnt actually Durham but his henchmen. Obviously, SD could challenge him.

    The events still add up sans his own bemused innocence. It strikes me as, maybe he has more than his finger in the air and knows the sh*tstorm about to hit and is putting up a shield of his own no matter how weak.

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  39. jengancworld says:

    I always thought that guy Taibbi was a big Lefty writer. I don’t know if he switched over to our side. I always he was was anti-republican, anti-President Trump, anti-conservative!!
    Oh yeah and also a big Obama lover!


    • Taiibbi is a lefty .
      He is kind of a Rolling Stone lefty that likes to poke the bear on either end .
      He is not a lover of PDJT and calls him out often ,but does call out the lefties also.
      Surprised he has not been cancelled by the left


  40. delighteddeplorable says:

    That last image pretty much says it all. From running undetected amongst the herd to taking careful, deadly aim. Godspeed, fair winds and following seas, Sundance.

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  41. twodot says:

    Red noses are caused by alcohol and lying, this guy is stressed and that is how he came off in Maria’s interview.

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  42. Sonia says:

    Could Maria Bartiromo be in on the coverup? She is member of the Council of Foreign Relations, the club that includes the Clintons, George Soros, Dianne Feinstein, Mark Warner…


  43. fred5678 says:

    Can you smell the STENCH of the roll-out of an imminent BOOK DEAL ???

    “There is far too much to tell in a single article. In the next several weeks I plan to reveal what I know, …”

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  44. joeknuckles says:

    I was going to post that this guy was full of it this morning (I swear I was). Anyway, he was right about one thing- that there were Republicans involved. He should know because he’s one of them.

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  45. islandpalmtrees says:

    Steven Schrage is CIA. So why is the CIA surfacing now. In a word Flynn. He is trying to supply cover for the Full Panel Appeals Court Review.

    Steven Schrage was recent alumnus of center for strategic and international studies (CSIS). BTW John Brennan sure has given a lot of talks at CSIS. Oh and special bonus note, CSIS was created in 1962 by an initiative of the CIA

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  46. Lenny says:

    I thought only Moses got lost in the desert?


  47. starfcker says:

    Now we know who the fox is.😉


  48. MostlyRight says:

    1. This guy used SD’s language, like “small group”, and made references to things discussed here at CTH. There are no coincidences.

    2. I’m confused a bit by him saying he was recently interviewed by Durham. He says he has been working with government investigators a long time. Certainly Nunes didn’t think so a while back. He may just be saying “Durham” interviewed him in the sense that Durham’s people have. SD doesn’t think so. But why would a guy publicly state he’s been interviewed if he hasn’t? Durham will see this and know if he’s lying or not. Do we not trust Durham now?


  49. CM-TX says:

    Lol… these people not only suck at acting, their cya-narrative attempts have become almost comical!

    Try harder guys! 🙄

    Liked by 2 people

    • libertymel says:

      Ever since I watched Strzok devolve into a Randian caricature of evil under oath I’ve always thought of these clowns as “Komey and the Keystone Kops”.


    • doyouseemyvision says:

      His eyes darted to the left and right as though he was reading his prepared script for the interview. He blinked a lot so as to cover up the fact he appeared to be reading his script.

      Even when Maria was talking, his eyes continued to dart to the left and right as though he was reading her script to be prepared when it was his cue to respond back with his pre-written response.


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