FBI False Dossier Talking Points Feb 14, 2018, to SSCI – Same Day As Andrew McCabe SSCI Testimony…

It would be an extreme long-shot if these two documented events were not analogous.

Senator Lindsay Graham asked today {Go Deep} who was the FBI official who delivered a set of false talking points to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) on February 14,2018?

Now we look within the SSCI Russian Active Measures Report… [Page #10, Footnote #25]

[Source Document – Page #10, fn #25]

[Hat Tip DebateJudge] On the same day the false FBI talking points were used, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was briefing the SSCI.  Way too coincidental.  It seems almost certain McCabe was the one intentionally misleading the SSCI.

McCabe may have had someone with him, but records clearly indicate, despite his status of announcing his resignation on 1/29/18, Andrew McCabe was clearly at the SSCI on February 14, 2018 

UPDATE: TheWarEconomy Confirms (via supplemental)

Andrew McCabe (FBI) and Scott Schools (Main Justice) were at SSCI Feb 14, 2018.


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297 Responses to FBI False Dossier Talking Points Feb 14, 2018, to SSCI – Same Day As Andrew McCabe SSCI Testimony…

  1. American Lady says:

    Jay Sekulow Band: Where I Stand Music Video
    [YES, ‘that’ Jay Sekulow!]

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  2. MVW says:

    Take this from another angle…
    Weissman provided the legal strategy and lawyer team, but there are key power leadership players inside Gruberment ….AND OUTSIDE Gruberment. Decision makers that gave the go ahead because there are critical moves to be made, some of which had to be done with Trump’s approval, specifically key appointments.

    These are the lynch pin points in the story. Weissman is just a mechanic, the engine, not the driver.

    The question is which key decision makers actually understood the goal? Of course Weissman, Schummer, Pelosi, Obama, half brain dead Biden, Clinton, etc, but did McConnell know? I don’t think McConnell was 100% on board if he even had an idea, and I base that on the failed impeachment Senate vote. That is a key issue IMO. Lindsey Graham is a bit player as are the other trough Republicon pigs.

    The media is a separate group. Who owns them is key, and I believe they were 100% on board, the owners. Fix that and this whole coup would never happen. That is where the spider is revealed, media ownership. And we know who owns AP and Reuters. Same owners that own the Atlantic rag.

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    • MVW says:

      Anti Trust bust up the media including the Tech media and this coup would fall apart from the start.

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    • Bryan Alexander says:

      Democrats = Remove Trump
      Media = Do what Democrats want
      Establishment Republicans = Weaken Trump to be totally ineffective so that he can be replaced on the ballot in 2020. Retire enough GOP House members to throw the House to the Democrats to cripple Trump.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      All Gang of 8 KNEW (Brennen testified he briefed them all the same individually)


      WE ALL KNOW NOW – we KNOW.

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    • Are there laws the media broke in this matter that they can be held accountable for? Sedition & conspiracy? Is ANYBODY going to jail for this?

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    • rickinhouston says:

      Paul Ryan pops back into my head. I bet he knew. Could he be the whisperer in President Trump’s ear? He and Pelosi were ground zero for the Imran Awan Senate (or House) computer spying. Imran also did work on the DNC server. It was Pelosi that got D.C. federal cops to drop the case. Does everyone realize that?

      Maybe Ryan flipped.

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  3. Road Runner says:

    Someone please clear this up for me….

    If McCabe resigned or was dismissed on Jan 29, 2018, I assume it was effective that day…

    So how is it that he was still representing the FBI along with Schools of DOJ in front of the SSCI, SIXTEEN days later(Feb 14, 2018)???

    WHO sent McCabe to brief the SSCI???

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    • Right to reply says:

      Great question!

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        McCabe retired 1/29/2018 effective 3/29/2018. He was fired for lack of candor at the suggestion of Scott Schools on 3/28/2018 and as a result deprived of immediate access to his pension. He is litigating that.

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        • Road Runner says:

          TarsTarkas, thanks… And I am not doubting your dates…

          So again, WHO, exactly, sent McCabe to brief the SSCI???

          And, if I and others are correct, Schools eventually fired McCabe for ‘Lack of Candor’…

          So, WHO directed Schools to fire McCabe???

          Did Schools act on his own?

          This smells like a WRAY move… HE was Director at that time… RIGHT???

          In all honesty, I don’t expect that we will ever get ALL of the slime balls but if we can nail the top level, it will go a long way to put the fear of God in the rest of the down stream heathens…

          What really matters to me is, that ALL of them are, are exposed so that the American Public gets to see how totally corrupt the DC Swamp really is…

          The only way this corruption can be slayed is for everyday Americans be alerted to be Revere ‘Minute Men’ and never again let swampians think they are safe from our righteous wrath…

          We will run them to ground and stomp em…

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          • navysquid says:

            Road Runner…great points. However, I take exception to this part: “What really matters to me is, that ALL of them are, are exposed so that the American Public gets to see how totally corrupt the DC Swamp really is…”

            As Sundance has pointed out and I know from my own extended family members, none of them KNOW what you just brought up because they are working every day and watch about 20 minutes of the news or radio and read what they can online but all of my family’s sources are FB, WPost, NYT, ABC/CBS/NBC etc, and so they do not know any of this material.

            My liberal family members still believe there was Russian collusion and don’t know anything about Steele’s dossier being totally blown up. THEY. DON’T. KNOW.
            They just know Orange Man Bad.

            The Media is our problem to ALL of this…

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  4. Right to reply says:

    Scott Schools, the Department of Justice’s top career attorney and an influential adviser to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is stepping down this week.
    One DOJ veteran said Schools likely had “considerable influence” over critical decisions Rosenstein made, like appointing the special counsel Robert Mueller, weighing whether or not to recuse himself from the Russia probe, and green lighting an FBI raid on the properties of Michael Cohen.
    Schools is one of the few top DOJ officials who is regularly briefed on the Russia investigation.
    Bradley Weinsheimer, a 27-year veteran of the DOJ, will temporarily replace Schools. https://www.businessinsider.com/scott-schools-stepping-down-doj-rosenstein-russia-mueller-2018-7

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  5. bertdilbert says:

    I will just insert these here.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      John McCain still dead and voting Biden.

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    • Right to reply says:

      I have noted in recent weeks that Graham has gained weight and looks constantly teary eyed! The end is nigh, and they are doomed!

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      • Robert Smith says:

        I just thought the same thing this morning.

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      • dawg says:

        I noted the same thing about LIndsey on here a couple weeks ago. He looks worse everytime I see him

        As a matter of fact, there are a lot of swamp rats that are looking worse and worse: nancy, Biden, Kamala, etc……

        They all seem to be aging very rapidly and just generally look unwell.

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    • Jan says:

      McCain, Graham , Yovanovich & Klobuchar were part of the money stream going to Ukraine. Why were their pictures taken w/Ukrainian soldiers DURING the Ovomit Administration? And why is Graham getting an award from Ukrainians, one of the most corrupt countries in the world?

      How can Hunter be broke, living in a house renting for $12,000 per month, driving a $123,000 Porche & pay a tax lien over $400,000 in six days & get the lien released that quickly?

      Why has Graham not gotten to the bottom of American foreign aid to Ukraine & kickbacks, at least as it applies to the Bidens??

      WE KNOW, Lindsay. And WE KNOW you don’t have the President’s back.

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  6. mtk says:

    When it comes to the saying “You’re not under invesitagion, “What one needs to really understand is, “That is the same turn of phrase that underlines much of the predicate used against the incoming Administration.”

    I find it inconceivable that Brennan, “Has not asked himself, “Yah right, I am not under investigation as the overriding filter to his responses.”

    Everything he says should be couched under with observation.

    Meaning, with Rogers cutting off contractor access.
    Just maybe, just maybe that is why the swamp is sweating bullets.

    What does the NSA gatekeepers know about communications that can now be retroactively searched in the time period shortly after the cut off but before the Swamp caught on to fact that the contractors could not elimate these double dealing coup resistance efforts.

    It has been my long standing position, NSA contractors where not just engaged in political opposition, BUT where activity searching the NSA batabase to REMOVE the inconvenience of actual COORDINATION COMMUNICATIONS of so called paper trails of Domestic Collision.

    #ThisMayBeNotWhatWeKnow But is likely #WhatWeNeedToKnow

    In the END if The BIG UGLY is to have lasting impact. That might be the the harbinger of the Swamp’s fears.

    That there might likely be whistle drop, hear a pin drop, actual sound bites of actual Swamp communications putting this so called Collusion ‘Insurance Policy’ into play.
    Now that would be a #BigUglyReveal. And #AShotHeardAroundTheWorld.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      It would be a hoot if the NSA data base holds the keys to bringing this all down if our suspects can be investigated by using it.

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    • mtk says:

      What does the NSA gatekeepers know about communications that can now be retroactively searched in the time period shortly after the cut off but before the Swamp caught on to fact that the contractors could not elimate these double dealing coup resistance efforts.

      That is why Wolfe is so important, IMHO.
      The Wolfe capture underscores the basic impunity from which the swamp operated.

      It may only be a two month window.
      Maybe that is why Sundance says, “The TRUTH is not dependant on single person, the TRUTH just exist!!!

      Sundance, “Make it ‘Zippo’ So.” To rip a catch phrase fron pop culture, as in Picard’s catch phrase, “Make it so.’

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      • maxxheadroom777 says:

        Patrick Stewart copped that “make it so” line from Captain Jack Aubrey, the hero (along with Stephen Maturin in the Aubrey\Maturin series of historical novels.


    • Jan says:

      And we’ve got to find out what was on the Weiner latop & I think Giuliani has a copy.

      LSomeone in the NYPD would make sure Giuliani gets it because most police depts. don’t like FBI agents and they didn’t want to turn the laptop over to the FBI, knowing they’d never see it again, nor would Weiner get what was coming to him.

      Once again, the Clintons came to Weiner’s aid…whether it was because of Huma or the laptop, we’ll probably never know, but i’m going with the laptop.

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  7. CovfefeBerserker says:

    Heard this one?

    A Sundance walks into a bar, pulls up a stool next to a politician, places a ticking Nuc on the bar, and says “we need to talk…”

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  8. WhiteBoard says:

    Congress works inclusively together to work the public into allegiance to the Pretend Parties.
    The money that is extracted from these workups are funneled to joint accounts of the Uniparty Congress.

    When public opinion shifts to favor one party, they are then in power and responsible to put the ACT ON as they ENSURE THE UNIPARTY FUNDING continues.

    The Database was a recent tool to simplify and squash rebellions and whistleblows that could compromise the Wrestling Federation of the Uniparty with Red and Blue underwear.

    the Big Ugly will end their show.

    Just like we know have 2020 vision in 2020 to see no people in the stands, but the audio (SHOW) having crowds roaring in the stands.

    In summary, to inform people – you say “the FBI/DOJ system attacked our vote by fabricating a source’s information, into an investigation, that was brought to impeach an elected president
    ( Attack the vote and remove the elected president)”

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  9. Hans says:

    What if….

    In 2006 there was the banking scandals.. Fake mortgage evaluation… the banks and CEO’s totally corrupted..

    And yet no one went to prison.. taxpayers bailed out the banks..because the DOJ decided they were too big to fail. Lots of kabuki …. only Wells Fargo can create fake bank accounts and nothing happens.

    So let’s look at today… what would happen if 10 to 15 Senators we’re exposed as being corrupt and tried to have a coup….. Democrats and Republicans..
    could the DOJ internally decide that to indict all these senators would lead to a catastrophe constitutional crisis and the US military might step in.. so for the greater good.. like the banks to big to fail…nothing is done…

    IIRC senators are removed by an internal investigation…. then a senate vote….

    What if… the Senate is so corrupt that they would not vote themselves out of office…. in that case keep all this covered up…the greater good… God I Hope I’m wrong…

    I’m thinking that we will need to be out in the streets with signs… corrupt senators need to resign..
    Hopefully there will be the same number of Democrats and Republicans so we don’t upset the political balance/sarc.

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    • WillRoll says:

      Recall elections in their home states? In my case, the populous cities that all vote Democrat would still vote for them and they would remain in power. Low-information voters with emotions and black hat/white hat mentality based on D or R behind your name. Our last Republican senator was in 2001. So even recalls probably wouldn’t work.

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  10. BitterC says:

    Notice the McCabe talking points say they have briefed the SSCI MULTIPLE occasions on the Steele dossier.

    Now we just need the guy that put the 37 or 57? page memo together on the Danchenko interviews to testify he briefed McCabe on the truth & McCabe admit he told Wray the truth

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  11. 63gordfa says:

    It’s kind of amusing watching Miss Lindsey Graham flexing his muscles and flashing indignation at the corrupt actions of deep state operatives but watching him on TV he almost always comes across as too cute by half. I think he is nothing more than a poseur.

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  12. jediphantom says:

    There is nothing quite like WEASEL NEWS to start the week off with.



  13. LibertysHome says:

    I am long-time in Tree. Just now venturing out to comment.

    Beau Geste, concerning illegal spying for financial gain …

    Very faint memory of a President/CEO forced out of his position appearing on Fox News, more than one show. A little wild-eyed. He spoke of something similar to what may have come from the ‘about’ searches. Memory so faint I cannot place it on the timeline. Before Mike Rogers kaboshed contractors’ searches and first Carter Page FISA application? I don’t believe he spoke on the prime night shows. Probably during the day. Never heard of the story again. It seems like there had been a rash of similar ‘leavings’, but without public interviews like this.

    If the story can be located, it may precede the Durham time window.

    Otherwise, on pins and needles waiting, wondering how I can help.

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    • Jan says:

      It’s a drag but look at the FISA Court Judge Collyer’s decision in April 2017. She was convinced that this abuse had been going on since 2012 if not longer, & the abuse in 2012 was at the same time that Ovomit gave up on his use of IRS data to go after conservatives that Maxine Waters boasted about.

      After that fiasco, then Ovomit went after Senate & House members, journalists like James Rosen & even his parents, & all potential political enemies.

      No wonder the Democrat Communists & the ACLU no longer protect our civil rights & liberties. Ovomit said it was really ok not to because he’s a constitutional law professor, scholar & President. The worst president ever!!!!


      • LibertysHome says:

        Holy Buckets, Sonia! Bullseye! Sundance all over this a year ago. Byrne WAS recruited by FBI before Butina. Agent Strzok named. Thanks for helping me catch up.


    • LibertysHome says:

      Completely embarrassed by my faulty memory on timeline and ‘about’ searches connection.

      Researching very early this morning, it WAS Patrick Byrne I remember; my focus only the Deep Sate information and Fox (not Business) 2019 interviews. Turns out the story did go on but I didn’t follow it. Seeing this morning 2019 reports by Sara A Carter. She also references reports by John Solomon.

      While ‘about’ searches may have been used to track the Butina/Byrne relationship, they do not appear to be used to enroll Byrne. He stated he went to the FBI. In 2015 after Libertarian Freedom Fest Las Vegas event. Byrne states (and DOJ confirms via Carter) he turned over documentation to Barr DOJ. What an interesting can of worms this case is.

      CTH is teaching me how to research more deeply rather than blurt out a faint memory before I’ve teased it out. I see I owe Thank You to Treeper Sonia who followed up with Byrne as well. I will read the CTH references provided.

      Thank you for your patience.


  14. I think Chairman Graham already knows who they were & he seems to be pushing Director Wray to come clean, finally!


  15. Paprika says:

    What I can’t figure out is why the person’s name from the FBI who briefed the SSIC would be “secret” in the 1st place that Lindsey would have to have Director Wray tell him who it was. The entire SSIC committee would know. The content of what he briefed the SSIC may be protected for “national security” reasons, but why would the FBI person delivering the brief be super secret/can’t tell you because of national security? That makes no sense. He was not a “spy” or working under cover, he was just performing a routine job that is done all the time.

    Does anyone briefing the Gang of 8, the President, or congressional committees in closed/executive meetings have to be “unknown to the public” for security? Of course not! We hear all the time the name of who the person is that is doing those type of briefings. So why would Lindsey even have to ask Director Wray who it was?


  16. lgd says:

    So, Graham is posturing as he knows exactly who lied to the Senate. He is up for re-election and has attached himself to the Trump wagon. He knows the other shoe is getting ready to drop. No one forgets his alliance with McCain against Trump. Trump’s had to accomplish and prove much during first term. Many should be afraid of a Trump second term. He has much to finish and nothing to lose. Call it a Day of reckoning term.


  17. Linda K. says:

    Maybe the reason Andrew McCabe was not prosecuted for lying to the FBI is the same reason James Wolfe was not prosecuted for leaking the classified FISA warrant to a reporter. Both open and shut cases.


  18. sundance says:

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  19. elderama says:

    I think we need to make sure that, amid all of this detail, voters with limited attention span, without patience to try to understand it all, do not lose sight of a key conclusion:—that the impeachment was a hoax!


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