The Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – The Big Ugly…

Do not misinterpret anger for defeatism.  Truth is the fuel for cold anger, and it’s time everyone begins accepting some painful truths.

What some have called “Spygate” is not a frozen moment in time or a set of dates on a calendar with a beginning and an end.  Spygate was the originating process to ensure the DC system did not experience the disruption carried by Donald John Trump; but it was only the originating process….

….The process of opposition against Donald Trump is a continuum.

Those who use DC for influence and affluence control the mechanisms within the self-actuating system. This includes both Democrats and Republicans as they both feed from the same trough.  In the effort to remove Donald Trump, both wings of the uniparty bird were aligned with an identical purpose; Democrats carrying out their effort openly, and the republican elements operating covertly as to retain the DC premise.

Specifically, one common misconception is thinking the Mueller special counsel was an outcome of an action by President Trump when he fired former FBI Director James Comey.  This is false.  The special counsel process was a continuum in the effort to remove the threat that Donald Trump represented back in the early primary days of 2016.  The system, writ large, was aligned with this purpose.

There would have been a special counsel investigating the nonsense around ‘Trump-Russia’ regardless of Comey being fired. The special counsel was always part of the plan.

In October 2016 Deputy Attorney General John Carlin, in charge of the National Security Division of the DOJ bailed out of the effort after misleading the FISA court on their surveillance activity and setting up the introduction of the FISA warrant against Carter Page.  Carlin was replaced by a more committed traveler/ideologue named Mary McCord.

With Mary McCord in place to continue the DOJ-NSD aspects to the resistance and removal effort, the DOJ and FBI simply continued the process after the November 2016 election.  Internally all of the officials, essentially lawyers, within the DOJ-NSD were carrying out the removal objective and cleverly attempting to cover their tracks.

We see the creation in plausible deniability with the use of Bruce Ohr as a bridge between the politically corrupt DOJ-NSD and the politically corrupt FBI.  Ohr was carrying the messages from outside the system (Chris Steele) into the system. This was his function.

Everyone knew what Ohr’s mission was.  Anyone today, like Sally Yates, who claims they had no idea what the #4 official was doing is simply lying.  That is part of the plausible deniability part. It was set up that way.  Everyone knew what to expect, everyone knew the goals and objectives and every part of the process was compartmentalized to create these functional denials in case anything went sideways; or if the objective failed.

Andrew Weissmann was inside this DOJ-NSD system and he was a primary participant in transferring the spygate operation into the special counsel.  Again, it’s one long continuum.  Tashina Gauhar was the internal tool who had the objective to facilitate the effort and block any DOJ leadership effort that might disrupt the goal.  She too did her job very well.

This is where it must be accepted the DOJ-NSD was the legal side of the usurpation effort.  Everyone at the top three levels inside the system was participating.  Some of them are still there despite the primary agents leaving.

The special counsel then became the continuation of the process.  Once in place it was the special counsel who ran the show from Main Justice.  Additional operatives were brought in to coordinate the plan.  Pictured group below:

No action took place inside Main Justice that was not controlled by this group. Nothing.

When congress was battling for information, it was the special counsel who held control. Nothing was ever released without the special counsel releasing it.  Nothing was ever redacted, removed, or hidden without this group doing the functional work to control it.

This is critical because too many people have failed to accept that any information released from Main Justice was purposefully released as part of a strategy.  An example of that control is the release of the Carter Page FISA application in July 2018.  This is the group who released it.

When ever anyone was asking who was redacting the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages, it was this group.  They also removed some.

This group also controlled what Inspector General Michael Horowitz was allowed to review as part of any of his investigative inquiries.  Everything was labeled as part of the special counsel investigation…. that’s how they justified and got away with it.

Simultaneously this group was leaking to their friends and allies in the media to frame narratives beneficial to their effort.  The media were willing to assist their friends; and indeed, they are friends.  They run in the same circles, attend the same parties, go to the same functions and meet both personally and professionally.  This is the network.

To understand or expose the largest part of the corruption that exists within DC you need a thread, a fulcrum example to share that exposes how this allied network operates. That example is best evidenced, irrefutably, within the story of how Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was caught facilitating the objectives.

Wolfe was caught by an external investigator from the FBI Washington Field Office named Brian Dugan.  While the special counsel likely knew the periphery of what the Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) was doing (a leak investigation), it was not until the complete investigative file was turned over to the special counsel in January 2018 when the special counsel group grasped the totality of the issues involved.

Immediately the special counsel group formed an attack plan because the outcome of Dugan’s investigation was toxic to their interests in the early part of 2018.   The special counsel stripped the investigative file of the details damaging to their ongoing corrupt effort.  They could not allow the public to know the FISA application was in the hands of their media allies since March of 2017.  This story cuts to the heart of corrupt activity.

What the special counsel team did in order to protect their activity is incredible.  Only someone as arrogant and Machiavellian as Andrew Weissmann could have planned to carry out this scheme.   That’s why he is currently attacking – it’s fear.

The background of the Wolfe story is the thread that lays the corrupt special counsel activity naked to sunlight; and the Wolfe story exposes just how the process from early 2016 all the way through the impeachment effort of August 2019 was put together.  The ramifications are so significant that when you become aware of the Wolfe story everything reconciles.

Nothing is circumstantial, everything is exposed with direct evidence sworn under oath and subject to perjury.   Dig this story hard and everything reconciles.

Yes, FISA abuse is a big deal; yes, crossfire hurricane is a big deal; yes, the Carter Page FISA application is a big deal; yes, the Chris Steele aspect is a big deal; but in the final analysis that’s only the beginning of the effort.  Look at what the special counsel was doing from May 2017 to April 2019 and the scale of the effort is stunning.

Corrupt Republicans and Democrats worked together; the legislative branch worked in coordination with usurping elements inside the executive branch; the intelligence apparatus and the State Dept worked to assist both the legislative branch and the usurping agents inside the DOJ-NSD and Main Justice.

….And, worst of all, none of it could have been carried out if there was not someone very close to President Trump, someone very much participating with the effort, who was whispering in his ear about making appointments that were specifically designed to allow the effort to continue.

Who recommended ODNI Coats? Who recommended DOJ-NSD head lawyer Michael Atkinson, the top FISA review authority and counsel to the head of the NSD, transfer from the NSD to become Intelligence Community Inspector General? Both recommendations had purpose; look at what ICIG Atkinson did with NSC operative Alexander Vindman? These internal actions were not accidental.

That’s ugly.

That’s the truth.

That’s where cold anger gives way to righteous fury.

…and believe me DC is petrified of that story.


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1,788 Responses to The Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – The Big Ugly…

  1. pawatcher says:

    Time for Sarah Palin to go to DC in some capacity; the #1 person Trump and US could depend on to get the job done. She could whisper or shout who We should trust.

    Trump & Palin are the best chance this country has.

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    • brutalus2 says:

      Pence is the only name that would blow this wide open, given he’s the V.P. and we’re going into another 4 years.. Pompeo or Guiliani would be a huge disappointment if it were either of them..everyone else would be filed under the Usual Suspects

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      • coldanger says:

        That’s who I immediately thought of. IDK why, but I don’t trust Pence, never have. The only other name I thought of was Kushner. Hope I’m completely off base on both…

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      • Yy4u says:

        Pence is the name that popped into my mind, too, brutalus2. If it is he, that’s bad because he is on the ticket for Nov 2020. Pray we are wrong

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        • doyouseemyvision says:

          Trump can still change that. Could be one reason why SD wants this traitor outed now before the convention speech, so that Trump can right the ship.


      • sunnydaysall says:

        Pence was actually the one who snitched on Flynn! Flynn was fired when Pence told POTUS Flynn lied to him (Pence). I have also had my doubts about Pence because he was the GOP’s pick for VP! I always thought it would be Flynn.

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        It also could have been a Chief of Staff or key advisor to the president. I’d be stunned if it were Giuliani or Pompeo. And while I know nothing about Pence, given that he was chosen because Trump asked the group of pastors who advise him who would be good and would be able to help get evangelical support, Pence is the one they chose. If Pence is the bad guy, then there’s also a traitor in that group of pastors that were a large part of the successful campaign in 2016. And if it got out who that was, it could create huge waves in the Christian community.

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    • Contrarymary says:

      I lost confidence in Sarah plain when she campaigned for John McCain. I know she said she was just fulfilling a promise, but to me, honor and truth come before making a promise to a corruptocrat. Your morals are your morals and your values are your values no matter the politics. She continued to call McCain a “good man” for years which gave him an aura of credibility to some people who are followers instead of thinkers.

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    • amjean says:

      Nice person, very smart, however, lost her election mojo.


  2. Sparky5253 says:

    Drop the bomb! Reveal the name of the traitor and from there one can track back and identify the coup plotters involved. Or, watch for rats who suddenly out themselves by engaging in rabid, abnormally frenetic behavior. Will be beautiful watching them chew on each other as they go down.

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    • pawatcher says:

      Several Generals and Admirals came out in support of Bolton’s book, they should be history via a military tribunal.

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      • Sparky5253 says:

        Amazing the amount of rot. That these Generals and Admirals have crawled out of the woodwork to comment indicates they, too have a vested interest in the ongoing corruption.

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        • pawatcher says:

          Who actually has the authority to cleanup a coup?? Has there ever really been a coup in the US?? A coup treatment the same as treason?? Trump has used the word, now who can enforce the investigation, and be the judicator??

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      • kleen says:

        IM MATTIS

        “James Mattis is linked to a massive corporate fraud and nobody wants to talk about it”

        Mattis was on the board of Theranos

        CEO’s trial will be this year

        Worried, Jimmy?
        Why isn’t anyone asking Jim Mattis about the Theranos fraud that he profited from & helped facilitate? And the $10 billion no-bid DoD contract that he tried to steer to his corrupt friends at Amazon?

        Mattis is very happy the Theranos trial got delayed due to the pandemic!

        He won’t like what’s coming out

        Imagine if Mattis cared as much about protecting America as he does about protecting Afghanistan

        Billions stand to be lost for the defense industry if America brings our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan as Trump has called for

        The same defense industry with retired generals on all their boards

        Eisenhower warned us

        Mattis is the head of the War Party

        One of the biggest opponents of bringing US troops home was Mattis. He fought hard for the status quo.
        ran and won the election partly by commitng to this policy.
        Why would Mattis take the job & then undermine the policy? Because it’s what DC types do.
        I wonder why so many retired Generals don’t like Trump…

        CNN person w/ direct knowledge: @andersoncooper has been planning a town hall for months w/ Gary Cohn, Jim Mattis, John Kelly & McMaster to air in September. They will make stuff up & say that Trump is unfit for office. Mattis & Kelly signed on. Cohn & HR on the fence.

        Source familiar confirms to
        and adds that this has been in the works since January, before COVID or recent civil unrest.

        Mattis didn’t suddenly decide he had to speak up, he was timing it for the election

        Pretty telling that the episode which pissed off Bolton the most during his tenure was Trump calling off airstrikes which would have killed dozens of Iranian soldiers in June 2019

        Wait, so wanting China to buy more soybeans from US farmers and stopping America from invading Iran, Venezuela and how many other countless countries Bolton had on his psychotic war mongering hit list are supposed to be bad things Trump did that hurt our national interest?

        Senator Rand Paul


        If nothing else, @realDonaldTrump deserves a gold medal for exposing as disreputable the war caucus led by @AmbJohnBolton.

        Regime change ‘everywhere’ (the Bolton doctrine) was always a very stupid and dangerous idea.

        Richard Grenell


        Everyone should be troubled by someone who refuses to testify under oath but is willing to talk under a book deal. $$$

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    • Redzone says:

      Seems like Pence played a big role in keeping Dan Coats around, who is also from Indiana.

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    • allin4freedom says:

      Your comment reminded me of the ending of James Clavell’s book, ‘King Rat’. But if art is to mirror life, I could go for Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Shooter’ (loved the AG in that, too).


  3. delighteddeplorable says:

    POTUS’ news conference from Bedminster set to start shortly, 3:30 Eastern. Something? The feeling of impending Big Ugly grows.

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    • pawatcher says:

      He oozes snake oil, is best friends with Ryan and Fox news, avid Bush Cartel accolade; he meets all my criteria.

      Ya can tell when Pence has done something wrong – mole may be the answer – Trump keeps him within arms length all the time- Trump doesn’t go anywhere with out him; Using Pence as a safety shield?? Keep your friends close and enemies closer??

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      • Contrarymary says:

        I’m beginning to wonder about pence since he has left birx and fauci as the only voices being heard on the corona virus task force. Since many front line voices are only being heard on the fringes before they’re taken down by social media and then investigated and harassed by medical boards and and the media, pence isn’t doing his due diligence to get information and medication to the American citizens that could save their lives. That, in itself, is a disgrace, since he’s the head of the “task force”. He’s also allowed the numbers to be manipulated for way too long. He’s not taking any strong leadership to bring this “pandemic” to a close.

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    • bulwarker says:

      Pence is exactly who I think it is, as he’s the only one who’s been there all along with that level of access, and has rubbed elbows with the RINO/DC crowd for decades (which is why Jared/Ivanka don’t make sense).

      Notice how all the backstabbers (McMasters, Tillerson, Bolton, etc. etc. etc.) never say a bad word about Pence.

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      • KIMBERLY K HUDSON says:

        YES! THIS! Ive said for years how odd that Pence is never the target of the TDS Fake News that’s heaped everyday onto Trump!


    • StandAndFightSir says:

      Sad but definitely first choice. Okay, maybe it was ole RNC Reince Priebus but I think Pence would still get implicated. And Ryan et al. playing puppet masters. If it turns out to be Th’Generals then a tribunal must be in the works with a full wing in Leavenworth ready to greet them. Hard to believe my Marine Corps could survive as The President’s Own if it turns out to be Kelly and/or Mattis.

      As much as I never loved Christie I think he would have fought the Deepstaters tooth and nail for DJT.

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      • Yy4u says:

        I agree. Christie was for Trump at the get go. Somebody sabotaged him. I thought Kushner but Pence makes sense too. Had Christie been head of FBI or AG the coup would have been ended. Find out who convinced Trump to dump Christie and you have the villain.


  4. CTH Fan says:

    Who has friends in the Military and has friends in the Senate?

    Who has many friends in State Department?

    Who adores his good friend Joe Biden?

    Who plays golf with President all the time?

    Who has friends in the media?

    Who insisted that the President should not fire Mueller?

    Just asking?

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    • Zephyrbreeze says:

      Lindsey Graham

      Played Golf with President.

      10/09/2017, 10/14/2017, 12/10/2017, 05/27/2018, 05/27/2018, 08/05/2018, 10/07/2018, 03/24/2019, 04/28/2019, 06/09/2019, 06/16/2019, 07/13/2019, 09/28/2019, 10/26/2019, 12/30/2019, 06/28/2020, 07/18/2020, 07/19/2020


    • Scarlet says:

      Pompeo. It’s def Pompeo.

      And this breaks my heart because I really liked him.

      My word, you can’t trust anyone!

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      • Abster says:

        Scarlet, in the past Sundance has indicated Pompeo is not trustworthy. Obviously, he knows more than we do. I’m with you. Pompeo seems so genuine and such a patriot. Gosh, his being a traitor would probably shock many, including myself. B Pence not so much. I sure pray the President has been made aware and hope we all know very soon. It all makes me very sick, I wish I still drank and smoked! God bless and protect President Trump and this great nation.

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        • harrietht3 says:

          Pompeo has his eye on the ultimate prize, the presidency. How that translates into how much or how little involvement he has in the coup is yet to be seen.

          Three things about Pence:
          He lied to us while in Congress only days ahead of a crucial Continuing Resolution vote — with passion in his voice declaring he would not support it (this was on Hannity, if I recall). I was stunned when he went along with the herd. Therefore, I was displeased when then candidate Trump took the advice of the Kushner’s to pick Pence as his VP.

          Second: There is something in his face of late, over the past year, that seems odd to me; I won’t speculate further as to what that might mean (though I have ideas). And I watch such things.

          Third: As others note, the insertion of Fauci and Birx into the “task force” has proven a mistake of incalculable proportions.

          And yes: It was Pence who turned on Flynn. Pence who assumed the role of judge and jury — Unforgivable!

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Pence is not bigger than the presidency. if he was any part of the intial coup – he has reconciled by now and kept POTUS one step ahead. the COVID thing has been used by POTUS to completely eradicate CHINA while looking like he had no choice and it isnt personal.

      You couldnt attack CHINA THIS HARD without WAR, really in any other environment. Covid sucks, but it has been the peaceful transition of power from China, we never got with Hillary.

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      • KIMBERLY K HUDSON says:

        Wow! Astute analysis! Why do you think Pence is never criticised by the media? I honestly don’t understand why Trump is the only one targeted.


        • GB Bari says:

          He backed off some legislation in Indiana that would have protected Christians from being forced to hire / serve LGBTQXYZ…after the Sodomy Lobby came after him with a vengeance supported by the Media…

          So I guess in their minds his public contrition meant that he got his “mind right.”
          Plus he is still a respected voice in the faith community and I think they just haven’t found a way to “constructively” attack him and not harm their own interests.

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  5. rayvandune says:

    Aargh, my mateys – beware the Sea Cormorant! It feeds upon even a wary lichen!

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  6. Zephyrbreeze says:

    I switch my vote to Pompeo. He was at CIA, he’s at state. He knows where the bodies are buried to the point that he could recommend people in heavy hitter positions like ODNI and ICIG This depth would be out of Pence’s wheelhouse.

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  7. Michael Reed says:

    “… whispering in his ear about making appointments that were specifically designed to allow the effort to continue.” Key among those appointments would probably be Wray. He was Christie’s personal attorney in Bridgegate. Christie has definitely been close to POTUS and strongly recommended Wray for FBI director. But exposure of Christie wouldn’t petrify DC … would it? Pompeo has made some definite policy mistakes but he doesn’t strike me as sleazy enough or powerful enough to terrify the swamp. But Mitch does strike me exactly that way and he is the most powerful possibility we’ve discussed. Mitch is currently the biggest power broker in DC and exposing him would turn the entire swamp to stone.

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  8. Liberty Forge says:

    More ammunition against Mike Pence:

    PEPFAR. Mike Pence is — and has been since the beginning — heavily involved with PEPFAR.

    This video is only 12 minutes long. There are previous videos that dig deeper into PEPFAR.

    If nothing else, Mike Pence brought us both Fauci & Birx. How is that working out?

    PEPFAR is “dirty” — a slush fund & money laundering operation (taxpayer money), all hiding behind AIDS. HIV did not ’cause’ AIDS, but that’s the story they’re sticking to. HIV is as big of a scam as Covid-19.

    And with that, I’ll shut up — for now.

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  9. KBR says:

    If you have not watched this you might like it regarding Weissman.

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    • Puzzled says:

      Andrew Weissmann is the poster boy for corruption. He and many others should face a firing squad.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        I agree wholeheartedly, as well as 80,000 plus former
        Arthur Anderson employees who lost very good paying
        jobs. I think a more biblical punishment would be just.

        Him and the others should be isolated in a walled off
        town that ‘s lost all it’s industry. Where the whole local
        economy relies on meth, fentanyl, and addiction to liquor.

        His hell would reflect the one he and like types have
        created for millions of Americans.


      • GB Bari says:

        Weissman is also a poster boy for sociopathy. In spades.


      • botchedcasuality says:

        So should the Bar Association that did not strip him of his law license. Why was he permitted to practice law after the Arthur Anderson debacle?


        • Peppurr says:

          It seems it only empowered him to carry on more with more dirty tactics. My Daughter is reading Sydney’s book on that right now. I haven’t had the time to read it myself because of being a faithful here,


  10. Orson says:

    I think it would behoove the reader to consider that there is more than one individual that would fall into the category outlined by SD. The fact that you can’t nail it down, but find extemporaneous examples for multiple individuals suggest just that.

    Personally, I think you can leave “family” out of the mix. In fact, I find it telling that Trump would be willing to face the accusations of nepotism in order to place both his daughter and son-in-law in such a position. There was a reason he took that obstacle head on. He needed, at lease, some advisors he knew he could trust.

    Let’s remember how General Kelly ended up as Chief of Staff. Essentially, Reince Priebus was removed after pressure (initiated) by Anthony Scaramucci, who claimed Priebus was leaking to the press. We all now know what a piece of human excrement Scaramucci turned out to be. So, the valid questions are as follows:

    1. Who recommended and pushed for Anthony Scaramucci to become communications director?
    2. Who recommended that Priebus be replaced with General Kelly?
    3. Was it the same person who made the recommendations on both?

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    • Has anyone considered the possibility that ‘the person in question’, may be someone who is NOT highly visible to the public, yet a very intricate part of the operating cabal AND
      perhaps POTUS knows all of this.

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      • bessie2003 says:

        That’s what I’m thinking; it will be someone the President has known for years, considers them a good, close friend; someone who’s been in and out of government, knows people, and had never steered the President wrong in the past in dealings, whether business or personal. I’m thinking someone in the press because the President has considered many in the press friends for years, could even be a hollywood-type individual, but most likely someone we’ve never heard of before, one of those people who always gets things done behind the scenes.

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        • MelH says:

          Stephen Miller?


          • bessie2003 says:

            It is a mystery – I wouldn’t think he’s known Stephen Miller that long to develop such a trusting friendship with regarding appointments of people;

            am assuming that Sundance has figured this person out, especially since this question falls into that ‘start asking the right f’n questions’ category;

            which is one of the reasons I’m also hoping the President is one of those receiving Sundance’s presentation.

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      • dwpender says:

        Sundance has railed against an influential internal Brutus on several prior occasions. I recall him saying at one point that this individual was not only in the inner circle, but close to the Trump family. Sundance actually included twttier cc’s to Melanie, Don Jr, etc.

        An earlier thread had much speculation that McGahn was the offender, but I doubt he had any degree of closeness to the family.

        I agree with your suggestion that this individual is not high profile. He/she may inhabit the shady NYC RE world or even the Trump organization. (A Michael Cohen type, although not necessarily a lawyer.)


        • hopespringseternal2020 says:

          This may be totally crazy but what about someone like Hannity? He has known Trump and his family for many years. It has been said that he talks to him on the phone all the time. He had Michael Cohen on his show a bunch of times and he was his lawyer for some issues. He also promoted Scaramucci constantly. He used to say he was good friends with Don Jr. (I haven’t watched for a long time so I don’t know about now).

          He’s a founding member of the tick tock club. He’s very close to Gringrich going way back…constantly mentions it. So…long time connections to DC. Loves Graham, Rove, Christie, Pompeo and has supposedly been pushing mask wearing constantly.

          DC would freak out if their media machinations were exposed.

          PS I still think it’s probably Pence or Pompeo


    • Dutchman says:

      A classic system the Soviets used, to GREAT effect; insert a mole.
      Utilise his information, but when he gets old, or has been around a long time, and worked himself up in the organisation,…..
      Insert ANOTHER mole, who EXPOSES the first, but NOT in time to prevent the first from retiring to Russia.

      The new mole now has bono fides, and can rise rapidly without suspicion cause “hey, he outed so and so!”

      Was used 3 times in succession, with british intel, and they fell for it all 3 times.

      Accelerate the format to allow for “Trump time”; Priebus is getting obvious, so Scarramucci outs priebus.
      Scaramucci gets questionable, someone outs them.

      And, being ‘played’with multiple chains.

      Its the swamp; murky, fetid and full of deadly creatures and traps for the unwary.

      But, just like literal swamps, there are SOME people who live there. Not cajund, however,…swamp creatures drawn to power, or the security,..or initially out of a genuine desire to serve.
      The latter being called “boy scouts” and viewed with dirision by the others.

      Unfortunately, we NEED Boy Scouts and Girl scouts, and what we get are pond scum.
      This HAS to change cause,..
      WE KNOW

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  11. Nigella says:

    It isn’t Pence in my opinion, because I don’t consider Trump “close” to him

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  12. pristach says:

    Don’t leave us hanging..

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  13. pristach says:

    Don’t leave us hanging..


  14. WhiteBoard says:

    When Graham asked Yates if its okay to investigate what who the analyst told about the Dossier being Fake – she responded: that the OIG Horowitze had already looked at this.

    This is what Sundance is pointing out. The Coup relied on Mueller to minimize Horowtiz’s access to evidence to control the conclusion outcome. Why? So that Yates, Comey, ect… Could say Horowitz found no issue, bias, crime, all by the book, case closed, Please dont re-look at this ..

    You get it now!

    Horowitze report was used a PROOF that OVERALL it was BY THE BOOK with a few errrors.

    You get it now.

    This outcome of the report was based on Weisman depriving evidence from Horowtize to Control The Outcome.

    You get it now.

    Weismann ran the DOJ from May 2017 to April 2019. All Cases during this time frame had FALSE manippulated outcomes. Any the media, coup, and their allies point to the EVENTS within this timeframe to MANIPULATE the massses into thinking it was okay


    Someone reply with some detail – if you DO NOT GET THIS

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  15. David N. Narr says:

    I don’t know who it is either ( if in fact it’s one person) but whoever has been giving him bad advice has to have been around long enough, at a high enough level, and operating in an area, e.g., law, fbi, DOJ in which Trump feels the need for counsel above and beyond his native instincts (which are excellent) AND in which he has traditionally relied on outside advice, e.g. law. I also think it will be a person or people who would be among the last we (or Trump) would suspect. If, in fact, a name is finally revealed, we are likely to say whaaaaat! I have my suspicions, but since I don’t really know I’m not willing to sully a man’s name.
    I also wonder about Trump’s seemingly offhand comment Friday that we’re not likely to see much of him for awhile. Is the hammer about to drop? It could be something bigger than we expect, or hope for. Or it could be nothing. I don’t know.

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  16. zephyrbreeze says:

    Lindsey Graham. Final Answer.

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  17. proudofpatriots says:

    It’s all so disheartening. It seems to me that the culprit would be someone who has been in a position to know who can be trusted by the Uniparty and/or was (or is) being fed preferences by co-conspirators. Wouldn’t the deep state-rotten apples already know who this person is? Even if the culprit is not self-motivated to deceive the President, it’s possible those “about” queries revealed blackmail information about the insider that keeps him/her doing the dirty work. I’m ready for all of it to come to light. Pray for the President. Pray for Sundance. Pray for the USA.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. bosscook says:

    If it is McConnell, I’m musing on all those so-called conservative judges he brags about confirming. We thought Roberts was…was McConnell part of that judicial “suggestion” before Bush appointed him?? (I looked, I can’t find anything…maybe someone remembers)
    How many of those judges did McConnell shake down in exchange for a nomination to judgeship? Someone has the goods on Roberts, that’s for sure.
    Sorry…now I’m suspicious of everyone except POTUS.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. gpatriae says:

    T – 7 days…stand by to get some!

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Heavy Mecha says:

    Two Big Ugly questions:

    1. Where is the public unredacted copy of the illegal Memorandum of Understanding??? – cited in page 87 footnote 69 Collyer court order –

    2. Who authorized the illegal Memorandum of Understanding?

    Thank you Sundance!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jim in TN says:

      I think the MOU was between FBI and CIA.
      FBI – Mueller or Comey
      CIA – Gates, Panetta, Petraeus or Brennan.

      Mueller and Gates were both Bush appointees who served under Obama. There is a possibility that the MOU could have been a Bush thing that was repurposed under Obama. I doubt it would have existed prior to 9/11 under Jamie Gorelick’s wall. But you never know.


  21. Flat Lander says:

    Being from the Sunflower State myself, I was somewhat impressed with Pompeo’s role as a congressman in the investigations into Bengazi and the Clinton Email scandal. Although disappointingly nothing ever became of either investigation. And was glad back when he was picked to work with DJT in his administration. But what exactly did he do in the CIA in his time there and what exactly has he done in the State Department since he’s been there that has helped to clean house there. And we know now the State Department is pretty dirty. Seems the State Department has a lot of problems with releasing documents asked for in FOIA requests, Tom Fitton being a big source of revealing that discontent. It also seems the Dems usually don’t have much a problem with Pompeo. So I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that name when Sundance reveals that person.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right to reply says:

      Pompeo was cited in court documents alongside Brennan and Clapper. The accusations were that all 3 illegally spied on Americans, and corporations for the purposes of blackmail. The court documents cite the use of HAMMER. A shadow NSA database

      Liked by 1 person

    • MVW says:

      No one ever attacks Mike Pence, but they do attack Pompeo.

      Since Flynn back stabbing by Pence, I have been extremely distrusting of him. Still Rick Grenell gave Pence a boost of support, and for me that bears a lot of weight. Trump is a poker player, so I can’t go by his unqualified defense of Pence.

      Pence will never be someone I trust, and it is not easy for me to give a hard answer why. Yet, I don’t think he is on Sundance’s Brutus list. I like Pence’s wife. Maybe I am wrong about Pence. My problem is that DC is full of wolves in sheep skins.

      McConnell is someone that has come through at just the right time, taxes, judges, and the impeachment. He is a wheeler dealer politician walking the line between CoC, $BigPharma, $BigMilitary, but that is useful. Deals have to be made with the $Devil, while not losing the Republic. Dirty business.

      But McConnell is not Brutus. He is just 100% politician.

      We are talking about a mole…I would bet on a deep mole. Sundance spotted Fauci loooong way before me, I will wait for Sundance.

      Liked by 2 people

  22. Parker Longbaugh says:

    The worst part is now knowing there was not a single white hat releasing information to help the President. It was all the SCO.
    The only white hats were those seeking to discover the truth, Nunes, Meadows, ect.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Kathy says:

    The biggest ugly for me would be Stephen Miller. It would definitely demolish my feelings.

    His presence was tied to Sessions. Loved them both in the beginning.

    I tried to think why DC would be petrified though- and then realized, it would expose the theater, from the hatred they spew of Miller.

    Can’t be. Cannot be. Please tell us, NO.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Skidroe says:

    I am kinda confused. Why doesn’t Sundance just tell us who he is talking about? Seems to me the timing for “the big ugly” is now. What is he waiting for?


  25. jmclever says:

    I have no idea who it might be. But I can think of names that would make me the maddest. And it would end up being someone we also trusted and thought had Our President’s back, a name that would be the ugliest betrayal. Ruddi Guiliani? (Pure speculation but these days it seems anything is likely in the swamp)

    Liked by 1 person

    • jus wundrin says:

      I believe he will reveal that mid August. For now its probably best he keeps his cards close to his chest since this endeavor could be life threatening.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree with the timing. Just a guess, but I am betting that SD is waiting for Durham to announce some indictments. If it appears that Durham doesn’t deliver soon, then SD pulls the ripcord on what he knows. Also betting he has set up many ‘dead man’ type deals so the release happens regardless. I might be FOS, but I am betting SD is more likely to deliver the goods than Durham or Barr. I am praying for such a major reveal. Absent such a bombshell, we can kiss this Republic goodby.

        Liked by 2 people

      • botchedcasuality says:

        I wonder if the potential reveal of this puts the turncoat in jeopardy? Can’t have the cabal squealing on one another… loose ends.
        The list is so narrow right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone unexpectedly falls off a cliff.


    • Scarlet says:

      It would never,ever, ever be Rudy.

      Liked by 2 people

    • dr D says:

      I don’t know who it is, but i would be shocked if it is Rudy.

      If i was betting, i would bet on graham and/or turtle.


  26. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The big Ugly……..

    Liked by 1 person

  27. jus wundrin says:

    Is it just one, or several worm tongues? Christie was credited for recommending snakes to the President, was he not?


  28. Right to reply says:

    Mitch the snitch McConnell

    Liked by 1 person

  29. ALLAN CRAIN says:

    Sundance… I fully respect you and admire you and your efforts. Please end the speculation by letting us treepers either know whom you are writing about stop making riddles. .

    The following have been named on this thread that are close to you including: Jared Kushner; Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, just to name a few. Please stop it, it is very damaging to the innocent who have supported you and the President.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tl Howard says:

      Frankly, all studiers of politics should know from the get-go that allies become enemies, and vice versa. It’s the nature of the beast in this arena.

      Liked by 2 people

    • barnabusduke says:

      Allan, it IS only speculation and guesses. That is in no way dragging anyone through the mud. Sundance will let us know answers on his schedule, not ours. I myself will patiently wait…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Scarlet says:

      Oh, ok. YOU’RE impatient so Sundance should blow his entire operation to suit you.

      Good Grief. Get over yourself.

      Patience is a virtue.

      Have more respect. Now, go sit down and be quiet.

      Liked by 3 people

    • cjzak says:

      There is a plan to be followed and Sundance is dealing with way more than we are privileged to know about and his timeline is made for a good reason. Maybe he wants us to work through this and see how many come up with the right answer. We need to be analysts and slueths. Put the pieces together as it be.

      He will tell all in due time. Patience, treepers.


  30. jackpundad says:

    The “Ear Whisper” unlike Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, is more like Brutus, Caesar’s traitor. If Durham doesn’t indict by next Saturday, Sundance go for the jugular and release everything including the name of the “Ear Whisperer” if you know.

    Liked by 4 people

  31. Nigella says:

    Sad to say .. Pompeo

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Jorizabeth says:

    It begins….


  33. WhiteBoard says:

    Flynn’s True OPEN discussion of the “so called lie” with Pence could explain a lot..

    This guy – Neal Katyal – WAS IN Don Mcgahn’s ear. recommended this executive order:

    (a) United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia;

    (b) United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and

    (c) United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

    the issue is that prior to this order the AG sucession was …:

    (a) United States Attorney for the District of Columbia;

    (b) United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and

    (c) United States Attorney for the Central District of California.

    So honestly you would want to change this order – and Boente is a hard one to pin down if you dont know he is COUP.


    • StandAndFightSir says:

      McGahn was there throughout the campaign and WH counsel as one of the first picks. Former counsel to RNCC for a decade… Perfect conduit between Priebus, Ryan et al. Fought against Trump firing Mueller. DJT has called McGahn a “lying bastard” and Mueller Report cited him more than anyone else as “witness”. Perfect profile for GOPers, the Deep State and all that is wrong with DC attorneys.

      In the first insane weeks many pointed out the need to follow all the NSC staff from Obama’s first term as they had infused their virus throughout all three branches. The next web was all of the lawyers that make up more than half of all senior positions in government and the law firms that provide the revolving door to The Blob. It was a tragedy that Trump did not request the resignation of ALL political appointees and indicate he would review each and every one for continuation. Yes, many were moled into SES but Congress ultimately identified them at the urging of Patriots.

      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
      – William Shakespeare:Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2

      Liked by 2 people

  34. burnett044 says:

    and who is worm tongue…….???? Stay tuned..

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Charlotte says:

    Jared Kushner

    Liked by 1 person

    • johnnyfandango says:

      He’s a soyboy dweeb. He couldn’t even stand up and defend his wife as two gay wankers were berating Ivanka, on a Jet Blue flight. Wasn’t she pregnant or had just given birth. No Jared is nothing but his wife’s accessory.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Charlotte says:

        You underestimate him.


      • MVW says:

        Jared is a stone cold killer negotiator with a knife edge brain. If he did not get all GI Joe, it is because a wanker is a setup for a legal take out by operatives.

        Don’t be fooled and don’t play poker with him.

        Remember what Jared told Peter Navarro? ‘Peter, take yes for an answer.’


  36. jimboct says:

    None of the politicians alive could have survived the mueller which hunt. They all have so many skeletons in their closets, they could start their own cemetery.
    VSGPDJT isn’t corrupt. They couldn’t find anything. They couldn’t make up anything believable. A mitt Romney as potus would have been kept in line by the deep state.
    No justice no peace. Those traitors must be held to account.

    Liked by 6 people

  37. pawatcher says:

    SOS Julian Assange, Sarah Palin, Admiral Rogers, General Flynn your fellow patriots need your assistance to help Trump ——–> Drain the Swamp and clean out the muck on the bottom along with the bottom feeders. The biggest clean up to pull the constitution out of the mire.


  38. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Pence. No doubt in my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. realeyecandy1 says:

    I was pretty sure it was Mitch … but it could be KellyAnne … her still being married to the biggest Ahole in the country and having a liberal stupid daughter who rubs everything in our faces … Oh God Help Us

    Liked by 4 people

  40. Johnny DeStefano is who approved all the incoming staff. He also was in charge of staffing all newly elected Tea Party members after the wave of 2010.

    He was recommend to Trump for the job by John Boehner and Reince Preibus. Priebus, who got to know DeStefano when he was Republican National Committee chairman, called DeStefano two days before Christmas to ask him to come to New York the next day to meet the president-elect’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, at Trump Tower.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Right Mover says:

    Mike Pompeo or Kellyanne Conway.


  42. realeyecandy1 says:

    Kevin McCarthy is also right up there … the fact that we can find so many names is TROUBLING!!!!! There are so many RINO’s and thugs up there folks. We hardly have anyone we can truely trust

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Not knowing is ok, SD knows, PDJT knows, that’s enough for now.

    Liked by 4 people

  44. Eric says:

    McConnell is the obvious choice. Refusing to recess the Senate the entire time, in bed with Team China, career swamp creature. Exposing McConnell would make senators quake.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michael Reed says:

      Sundance has focused on the Wolfe prosecution and Senate involvement as key to the Big Ugly. Would the SCCI recomendation for leniency in Wolfe’s prosecution and sentencing have been made without Mitch’s approval? Is there any record of that approval or McConnell’s knowledge about the leak cover-up?


    • zephyrbreeze says:

      That’s very true. Refusing to recess the senate is a big tell.


  45. Summer says:

    You guys are killing me. Just because Sundance suggested this, does not mean there is indeed some demonic person “close to the President” “who is/was whispering” in his ear. There is a whole cabal of the whispering people in DC. Called establishment, lobbyists, special interests etc. etc.
    Sometimes they make offers Trump can’t refuse. Sometimes it’s just a bad deal. Trump is notoriously bad at appointing anyone outside his area of expertise (economy, trade etc). One of the reason is if you go fishing in a swamp, you don’t catch anything good.

    Consider Rosenstein appointment, for example. It was Sessions’ hire, not Trump’s. “Someone” was whispering into Jeff’s ear then, not Trump’s ear. Rosenstein then appointed Mueller.

    So, it is Sessions —> Rosenstein —> Mueller++.

    Unless you have a proof that “someone” other than Sessions himself whispered in Trump’s ear to make sure Sessions becomes AG and then hires Rosenstein and recuses himself (all planned in advance), this particular conspiracy theory is falling apart rather spectacularly.

    Liked by 2 people

    • gary says:

      seems to me sundance was specifically saying it was one person. it did take trump a couple months to realize the bastards were out to get him. sundance has learned something. there is an investigation going on we don’t know about. probably about the wormtongue. we are not dealing in theories jumping all around now, as you suggest. there is a righteous group of people on point now, by the read of it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Summer says:

        In my opinion, stating something like that without actually naming names (with proof) is doing disservice to both President Trump and the folks who read this blog. By doing this, he casts aspersions on the whole group of people who did not do anything wrong. Just read the comments. Pence, really? “Javanka”, right? Even Mike Rogers is in the crosshairs now. Sickening.

        Without documented proof, this is just malicious gossip, not journalism.

        Either name the person or shut up. I have zero tolerance for innuendo and riddles. Especially unacceptable because Sundance usually does such a good job of documenting everything.


    • Jorizabeth says:

      If you can do better than Sundance, have at it!


      • Summer says:

        I posted my comment on a published theory. I don’t have to do anything else. Neither invent my own theories nor take anyone else’s theory as a gospel truth.

        Liked by 1 person

        • old45model says:

          Perhaps there is a deeper motive?
          Why should people think with their heart when they are required to think with their brain? Do you not perceive this one way to try to get people to not think emotionally but rather, calculatingly and coldly?
          Perhaps there are far too few on here not applying logic to their decisions and comments.
          However, all these wild speculations also serve a purpose, to my way of thinking (but that may well be a product of my devious mind getting carried away – and I really have no skin in this game, other to watch from afar – and occasionally comment if I feel so inclined).
          Lastly, do you not perceive that Sundance is executing a well thought out plan?
          Why do you think he should detour from that plan, to satisfy your (or anyone else’s) desires? None of you are privy to it!


  46. pietrodleone says:

    Its been The Big Ugly facing Trump since early 2017, and well before.

    Looks like most are casting their votes on Who?, for Mitch or Pence.

    But if we are talking about someone both with influence and in a trusted (but should not have been) position, than I don’t see how Mitch fits that billing.

    He’s been in a position of power since well before, that’s been clear enough, and he’ll play his own hand, thank you. He’ll go along with the WH when it suits him, and I’m confident DJT saw that clear enough all along. In that setting, take what the Defense gives you is about as much as you can expect.

    As for Pence, I don’t know. I think Trump needs an effective and vocal advocate for his POV. I’m all for a change. Even if he’s been loyal, that’s not enough. And if he’s been, essentially a mole, then that’s a double edged sword. As that doesn’t speak well if its taken almost four years to come to that conclusion.

    This ongoing battle, is clearly a Beast defending itself.
    And its a UniParty beast at that, no doubt. There aren’t many good guys, by definition.

    It strikes me that the Opposition would be happy to see either of these two taken down a notch or two. The only way I see Trump gaining a major campaign edge, would be to see a whole lot of them exposed for treachery, on both sides of the aisle, magnifying and validating the entire concept of The Swamp, for all to see.

    If its insider trading on intel secrets, we’d need to see a very different picture unfold, very quickly and clearly.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. SanJac says:

    Those involved one and all no matter if a government official or past President or military personnel should take the 90 mile trip south of Florida.


  48. olderglory says:

    DJT just tweeted “Major News Conference in Ten Minutes!”

    Liked by 1 person

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