The Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – The Big Ugly…

Do not misinterpret anger for defeatism.  Truth is the fuel for cold anger, and it’s time everyone begins accepting some painful truths.

What some have called “Spygate” is not a frozen moment in time or a set of dates on a calendar with a beginning and an end.  Spygate was the originating process to ensure the DC system did not experience the disruption carried by Donald John Trump; but it was only the originating process….

….The process of opposition against Donald Trump is a continuum.

Those who use DC for influence and affluence control the mechanisms within the self-actuating system. This includes both Democrats and Republicans as they both feed from the same trough.  In the effort to remove Donald Trump, both wings of the uniparty bird were aligned with an identical purpose; Democrats carrying out their effort openly, and the republican elements operating covertly as to retain the DC premise.

Specifically, one common misconception is thinking the Mueller special counsel was an outcome of an action by President Trump when he fired former FBI Director James Comey.  This is false.  The special counsel process was a continuum in the effort to remove the threat that Donald Trump represented back in the early primary days of 2016.  The system, writ large, was aligned with this purpose.

There would have been a special counsel investigating the nonsense around ‘Trump-Russia’ regardless of Comey being fired. The special counsel was always part of the plan.

In October 2016 Deputy Attorney General John Carlin, in charge of the National Security Division of the DOJ bailed out of the effort after misleading the FISA court on their surveillance activity and setting up the introduction of the FISA warrant against Carter Page.  Carlin was replaced by a more committed traveler/ideologue named Mary McCord.

With Mary McCord in place to continue the DOJ-NSD aspects to the resistance and removal effort, the DOJ and FBI simply continued the process after the November 2016 election.  Internally all of the officials, essentially lawyers, within the DOJ-NSD were carrying out the removal objective and cleverly attempting to cover their tracks.

We see the creation in plausible deniability with the use of Bruce Ohr as a bridge between the politically corrupt DOJ-NSD and the politically corrupt FBI.  Ohr was carrying the messages from outside the system (Chris Steele) into the system. This was his function.

Everyone knew what Ohr’s mission was.  Anyone today, like Sally Yates, who claims they had no idea what the #4 official was doing is simply lying.  That is part of the plausible deniability part. It was set up that way.  Everyone knew what to expect, everyone knew the goals and objectives and every part of the process was compartmentalized to create these functional denials in case anything went sideways; or if the objective failed.

Andrew Weissmann was inside this DOJ-NSD system and he was a primary participant in transferring the spygate operation into the special counsel.  Again, it’s one long continuum.  Tashina Gauhar was the internal tool who had the objective to facilitate the effort and block any DOJ leadership effort that might disrupt the goal.  She too did her job very well.

This is where it must be accepted the DOJ-NSD was the legal side of the usurpation effort.  Everyone at the top three levels inside the system was participating.  Some of them are still there despite the primary agents leaving.

The special counsel then became the continuation of the process.  Once in place it was the special counsel who ran the show from Main Justice.  Additional operatives were brought in to coordinate the plan.  Pictured group below:

No action took place inside Main Justice that was not controlled by this group. Nothing.

When congress was battling for information, it was the special counsel who held control. Nothing was ever released without the special counsel releasing it.  Nothing was ever redacted, removed, or hidden without this group doing the functional work to control it.

This is critical because too many people have failed to accept that any information released from Main Justice was purposefully released as part of a strategy.  An example of that control is the release of the Carter Page FISA application in July 2018.  This is the group who released it.

When ever anyone was asking who was redacting the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages, it was this group.  They also removed some.

This group also controlled what Inspector General Michael Horowitz was allowed to review as part of any of his investigative inquiries.  Everything was labeled as part of the special counsel investigation…. that’s how they justified and got away with it.

Simultaneously this group was leaking to their friends and allies in the media to frame narratives beneficial to their effort.  The media were willing to assist their friends; and indeed, they are friends.  They run in the same circles, attend the same parties, go to the same functions and meet both personally and professionally.  This is the network.

To understand or expose the largest part of the corruption that exists within DC you need a thread, a fulcrum example to share that exposes how this allied network operates. That example is best evidenced, irrefutably, within the story of how Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was caught facilitating the objectives.

Wolfe was caught by an external investigator from the FBI Washington Field Office named Brian Dugan.  While the special counsel likely knew the periphery of what the Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) was doing (a leak investigation), it was not until the complete investigative file was turned over to the special counsel in January 2018 when the special counsel group grasped the totality of the issues involved.

Immediately the special counsel group formed an attack plan because the outcome of Dugan’s investigation was toxic to their interests in the early part of 2018.   The special counsel stripped the investigative file of the details damaging to their ongoing corrupt effort.  They could not allow the public to know the FISA application was in the hands of their media allies since March of 2017.  This story cuts to the heart of corrupt activity.

What the special counsel team did in order to protect their activity is incredible.  Only someone as arrogant and Machiavellian as Andrew Weissmann could have planned to carry out this scheme.   That’s why he is currently attacking – it’s fear.

The background of the Wolfe story is the thread that lays the corrupt special counsel activity naked to sunlight; and the Wolfe story exposes just how the process from early 2016 all the way through the impeachment effort of August 2019 was put together.  The ramifications are so significant that when you become aware of the Wolfe story everything reconciles.

Nothing is circumstantial, everything is exposed with direct evidence sworn under oath and subject to perjury.   Dig this story hard and everything reconciles.

Yes, FISA abuse is a big deal; yes, crossfire hurricane is a big deal; yes, the Carter Page FISA application is a big deal; yes, the Chris Steele aspect is a big deal; but in the final analysis that’s only the beginning of the effort.  Look at what the special counsel was doing from May 2017 to April 2019 and the scale of the effort is stunning.

Corrupt Republicans and Democrats worked together; the legislative branch worked in coordination with usurping elements inside the executive branch; the intelligence apparatus and the State Dept worked to assist both the legislative branch and the usurping agents inside the DOJ-NSD and Main Justice.

….And, worst of all, none of it could have been carried out if there was not someone very close to President Trump, someone very much participating with the effort, who was whispering in his ear about making appointments that were specifically designed to allow the effort to continue.

Who recommended ODNI Coats? Who recommended DOJ-NSD head lawyer Michael Atkinson, the top FISA review authority and counsel to the head of the NSD, transfer from the NSD to become Intelligence Community Inspector General? Both recommendations had purpose; look at what ICIG Atkinson did with NSC operative Alexander Vindman? These internal actions were not accidental.

That’s ugly.

That’s the truth.

That’s where cold anger gives way to righteous fury.

…and believe me DC is petrified of that story.


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1,788 Responses to The Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – The Big Ugly…

  1. CRAIG NELSON says:

    So far the discussion includes domestic players. International players are also in this mix. In the end the FBI and Italy will be the focus of an external addition to the COUP. What is critical is that none of this can play out without OBAMA. None of it both domestically and internationally. Samantha Power will pull Obama down and it will be Susan Rice or Valerie Jarrett that will either be Sethed ( as in Mr Rich ) or will take Obama down. Unmasking is not illegal but forgery is and Powers was used as a tool to unmask 250 Americans and someone forged her name 250 times.

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  2. Buster says:

    It is not about the “who.”
    It’s about the “what, when, where and why.”
    For me – especially the “why.”


  3. icubud says:

    Mueller picture seems to me the attempts of someone poorly trying to act confused possibly early symptoms of senility.


  4. Sundance pointed the laser and some of us scurried about making fools out of ourselves………


    • stillwater66 says:

      I will not pretend to know as much as Sundance, or most of the people commenting. I am an average deplorable, who tries to keep abreast of the truth in news. What I do know, and believe is the corruption in our Government is practically beyond repair. There are many involved in the attempted coup of President Trump, government workers, politicians, MSM, and leadership in the FBI,CIA,DOJ, State Department, and Judiciary. Those involved need to be executed, not prison sentences. I believe in a loud, and clear message being sent to anyone thinking of trying this again. I swore an oath to protect this Nation, many years ago, and that oath has never been rescinded. If I had my way, every treasonous coup plotter would be hanged, their filthy stinking scum bodies would be piled up in front of the Capital Building, and burned, and I pray that the aroma would please God, and He would show mercy on this Nation for the countless sins committed. I also thank God that he has the wisdom to not let me have my way, and leave such justice to cooler heads than mine. With child sex trafficking, attempted coups, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, treason, sedition, and political corruption beyond imaginings, bombarding our Nation , all at the same time, only President Trump, with God`s guidance, can lead us out of this dark forest, and into the light.

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    • Charlie says:

      If I may, Americans are scared, furious and trying to be hopeful all within the same hour of any given day. Never has evil at this level been exposed in America on this scale.
      Reading posts you see anxiety, despair and glimmers of optimism. Trying to find the mole is giving the opportunity for people, your word “fools” to discuss all aspects of the inner circle.
      We are living The Art of War.

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      • Christine says:

        America is shaken now and will be shaken even more. The shock of the pandemic and the changes it has brought to our daily lives in America and around the world may only be preparing us for what’s to come. Trust in the Lord yet.

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        • Baycity Duckhunter says:

          Americans can handle being shaken. The Truth is was American citizens want. And the Rule of Law. And Justice and imprisonment for those who think they are ‘above the law’ and ‘looting the US government is okay’.


  5. Justin Green says:

    Well, I don’t think there’s just one person to blame.

    It’s a massive cabal. Senators and Executive Branch rats aren’t calling the shots, either. Their mega donors do. Uranium One, dumping pallets of cash on Iran, Chinese kickbacks on a massive scale for allowing spying, the Ukrainian cookie jar. And Donald comes along and threatens to upend the flow of taxpayer-funded candy.

    There’s probably a huge crowd of people pissed right now. The SPICE MUST FLOW, lol.

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  6. Nittanylion1 says:

    “Yawn”. We have heard this story one million times. If I had a nickel for each time I heard “Barry is going down, Mitch is going down, Nancy is going down, Chuck is going down, John is going down, William is going down, etc etc etc etc, I would be a zillionaire. We all know the swamp is everywhere and will never be drained. One man is standing alone staring into the abyss. It is only one man and one man alone. Like the other million times, there will be no indictments, no jail time, no nothing. The media will spin it into a nothingbuger and the sheeple will buy it hook line and sinker. I hope I am wrong and eat crow, but it’s unlikely anyone will ever go down for anything. Thank you SD for the effort!!!

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  7. Mathias says:

    I’d say Weasel Weissman is more a devotee of Alinsky, not Machiavelli. He’s a Deep State insider radical, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center type ideologue, who hates America First and Nationalism & wants to destroy the country, to further the globalist master plan.

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    • Justin Green says:

      IMHO, they’re all moral nihilists. Might makes right. Power is worshiped, envied, sought and stolen.

      Money and power is what they all want. Alinsky was a great tool for moral nihilists in educating them in the ways of getting that power and money.

      Many people who are nihilists, and therefore have the view that this life is all we have, want to “get theirs” as fast as possible using any means possible.

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  8. Dana Christianson says:

    To Hell With The Hampton’s, If I Was Trump I Would Go To Sturgis, Surround Myself With Ten-Thousand “Bikers For Trump” And Head Up To Kristi Noem’s Neck Of The Wood’s To Hunker Down Till Whatever This Is Go’s Down. Trump Can’t Trust Anyone! I Must Admit That After Reading This Thread Last Night My Head Was Throbbing. Now After A Good Nights Sleep It Still Hurt’s! God-Almighty, The Evil Is So Overwhelming. God Has Been Guiding And Protecting Trump All Along And Good Will Prevail…

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    • MelH says:

      I too read the article yesterday, and again today, overwhelmed with depression yesterday but today gob-smacked at how Sundance could distill a MOUNTAIN of information into that one Perfect Article! Really, we are the ones who have read 3 and a half years of daily articles and hashed it all to and from hell and back again, but who among us could have sorted it all and connected all the dots and distilled 800 pages of documents and opinions into that one PERFECT ARTICLE. Read it again. There is no equivalent to what the Pulitzer Prize once was, used to be , and is no more, because Obama got it for being Black, and a bunch of newspaper writers got it for making half-baked cover-over-reality. So the Pulitzer is an embarrassment, not a prize anymore. God has a very special place for Sundance in His Heaven. MUST be! Thank you so much, Sundance. Not another soul or Treeper could have made sense of the past 3 1/2 years of Hell on Earth.

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  9. CountryDoc says:

    Who says it has to be one person all the time?. What if the deep state rotates the moles?

    I am very much and deeply Christian, but Pence has always seemed too whitewashed for me, with the color Christian. WHat outstanding qualities made him worthy of being VP? He never says anything controversial or that requires kahones (other than being pro life and pro Christian, which is what we expect). The media leaves him alone. POTUS does not praise him greatly, and you don’t see him taking risks.

    I’ve not seen POTUS trust Pence with anything very critical except the COVID response — and that seemed strategic: If evil, Pence would either declare himself or be an impotent force at the head of a weaponized machine, Notice after a while neither Pence or Fauci were in control, tangled up by their inconsistencies, and POTUS has exposed the exaggerated response while masterfully protecting the country and showing overwhelming ability to to respond in ways never done before.

    When POTUS put him in charge of COVID-19, it made very little sense — based on what experience. Unless he knows pence is a mole and can’t reveal his true colors, so put him in charge of the virus response. All of a sudden the virual response led by Fauci was weakened.

    We know Jared and Ivanka have some differences in opinion about the wall and other solutions.POTUS family has not all been roses. There could be some deep scars there, but POTUS is their best ticket to power, even if they have different goals than POTUS. They wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot.

    No one suspects Don Jr of being a traitor — but we must consider everyone, as anyone can be blackmailed/controlled or made to stand down with the right circumstances.

    Rudi — there were a few times he seemed to loose his effectiveness and fight and we thought he might be aging, drinking, etc — but it hurt POTUS at a critical time. Then suddenly he was on his game again.

    There doesn’t have to be out and out betrayal — just slacking up a little a critical timTes by someone who is trusted fully – Roberts, TRex, Rudi, Pompeo, Mattis, Bolton, Barr, Wray, Rosenstien, Lindsay, McConnell.

    The power of MAGA is economics. THis is what will save the country. Money is the object. Is it going to be used for We the People, or is it going to by siphoned off of us and used to manipulate us. Before 2016, we were about to have our last gasps as a functioning Republic. Currently POTUS is our economic Ventillator, and the deep state is trying to shut him down.

    To achieve the goals of MAGA he must have economically savvy shepherds for We the People, AND a political machine that counteracts the economic siphoning (especially in medicine) and brainwashing (media, social media, and education) of the Truth of our foundational principles.

    The true patriots helping POTUS: Flynn, Jordan, Meadows, Cotton, seem to be accumlating barnacles and getting tired.

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    • Justin Green says:

      There’s a ton of willing moles, all wanting to gain favor with those in power in hopes of climbing the rung. People of weak will and moral character, like Vindman. They’re all over the place. Tens of thousands of little Vindmans to one degree or another.

      IRS targeting? No problem. How many line IRS agents had to go along with that Constitutional violation?

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    • MelH says:

      Country Doc, you are a professional Writer!!! Got an agent?

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      • nats1mom says:

        Agree, MelH, Country Doc always “food-for-thought” posts.

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      • CountryDoc says:

        What makes you think I am a professional writer?

        No, I have just always written a lot. Mistakes abound.

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        • MelH says:

          You make a wonderful analogy now and then, and you never write in cliches, which is how MOST people write. Read a letter from a friend or relative and notice how different your letters are. I admire your writing!


          • CountryDoc says:

            Thank you. I have always loved writing, have a lot I am passionate about, and struggle to express it so others can understand. I write better than I can speak off the cuff and writing enables me to speak impromptu better.

            Ya’ll are my kind of people, talking about something precious to me I resonate and admire almost everyone here at CTH and feel privileged to be allowed to “speak” among you, much less honored to be heard and read..

            I am a full time family doc, trying to make a sustainable existence in a hostile economic environment that my good education didn’t prepare me for.


            • MelH says:

              If one day you decide to publish your writing, I could suggest how to find the right agent,which is where you would need to start. You don’t need to write a selling the idea of what you want to write about.


    • Karmy says:

      I’m not convinced by Jim Jordan since I saw that Google contributed to
      his campaign. Like Trey Gowdy he talks a good game but does nothing to advance the ball.

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      • CountryDoc says:

        That’s why we have to watch everyone closely, and set up good monitoring systems. The Deep State/Uniparty/CoC/Globalists have lmade everything complicated on purpose — they care not, as long as the money flows in their direction.

        POTUS is not fooled. He sees where the money starts and where it ends up,. Unless there is a critical mass of We The People watching the flow in real time, and able to see who is diverting the flow, we will be vulnerable.

        It was an eye opener to read Sundanc’s revelation how legistlators don’t even write the low. K street writes laws, writes them so they hide the theft and chicanery, adds perks to entice specific legislators, lobbyists market to the legilator voters to make sure they don’t work for We the People.

        We need to uncouple our money from the parasites. This will simultaneously stop the thievery, and stop their enslavement of us.

        For example, physicians are now enslaved to insurance companies and large hospital systems. Insurance companies get the money first. They make profit based on not spending it, or investing it into other “health care entities” that make them more money or give them more power.

        Most physicians are now employed and not free to act as advocates for patients, and are incentive to act for their employers or the insurance company to gets money first, demands what data is put it, holds all the data, and has the power to shape medical decision-making.

        I’m not even sure legislators have the ability to act on behalf of We the People anymore.

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  10. FTA:

    “Specifically, one of the common flaws that many make is thinking the Mueller special counsel was an outcome of an action by President Trump when he fired former FBI Director James Comey. This is false.”

    Quite so. And it’s OBVIOUS that, no matter WHAT President Trump had done, the result would have been the same. Had he NOT fired Comey, they would have just found SOME OTHER EXCUSE to fire that salvo against him.

    And I remind myself of that EVERY time he says or tweets something that launches yet ANOTHER cycle of outrage in the media. I FIGHT the thought that “Oh, I wish he wouldn’t say XYZ! It makes him look ABC!”


    I REFUSE to ask him to CENSOR HIMSELF, and have extended that advice to myself!

    IT DOESN’T MATTER what he (or I) says, because they are ALWAYS WAITING to cage him, or me (or YOU!) in the mire of self doubt and/or self censorship. IT’S WHAT THEY DO!

    I will not go gentle into THAT good night!

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  11. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    “J’Accuse…!” My goodness. Why don’t we just storm the Bastille and drag Pence, Meadows, et al, out into the street? We’re bound to be right if we get enough of them. Hey, one name I haven’t seen on this screed is Sundance. Maybe he’s in on it. Think about it. And it doesn’t matter that I’ve libeled a good man as I hide behind my anonymity. It’s the one in a million chance that I’m right. It will be the legacy of my mind. Perhaps I could have a tee shirt printed so people would know. We seem no better than the antifa or #BLM goons.


    • MelH says:

      Wow, Pegon. WoW! HMMMMMMMMMMM! The TrumpWhisperer…..Sundance? I have to go back and read his article again, because I’ve always hoped the President was reading here. But if naming Sundance is “libeling” him, you are saying he is the one who instigated the President hiring the wrong people sometimes, and Sundance is way too smart and cautious to do that. Bottomline, Pegon, your guess is wrong. I am 1000% sure of that!

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      • Pegon Zellschmidt says:

        Perhaps SD has a sense of humor and sees the dripping sarcasm in my comment with all of the tin foil conjecture taking place.


  12. Patriot Reload says:

    I do remember that it was VP Mike Pence who “talked” Dan Coats out of quitting at one point. They are also both from the state of Indiana.

    I looked for a connection between Pence & Atkinson but came up empty.

    Please do not misunderstand, I am not accusing Pence of anything, I have long been a defender of his. However, I have long suspected that SOMEBODY was close to the President whispering in his ear to keep resistance operatives in place or to hire them in the first place. Whether or not that person is Pence, well, only time will tell.

    I do know that it was Pence who recommended Fauci to POTUS …

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    • My research led me to the same conclusions as you. Pence and Coats but no articles on on Pence and Atkinson. If he also recommended Fauci to close down our economy, we may be heading in the right direction, and it truly would by VERY UGLY.


  13. libswatterlover says:

    Could this be what Sundance is talking about. Please go here and read Jim Hoft is reporting on Gateway Pundit .

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  14. ggmppv says:

    Hanlon’s razor says : “Never attribute to malice or conspiracy that which is adequately explained by stupidity or incompetence”.
    I think it’s more likely that Pence is himself being fooled and used, rather than him being part of it. But you never know. There’s always been something wrong about Pence. He’s too perfect, too clean. Trump is a terrible communicator, but he’s genuine. When Trump speaks, he exaggerates, he goofs, he say silly things at time, and he has no filter – but that is what makes him genuine – you know that what he says he genuinely believes and thinks. What’s in his head, comes straight out of his mouth with no filter. Whereas Pence speaks like a lawyer – every word and sentence is carefully crafted.

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    • Patriot Reload says:

      Yes. That is the difference between someone telling you what they think and how they feel vs. someone telling you what they think you want to hear and trying to guess how you might feel.

      Trump = Genuine
      Pence = Politician

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    • RAM says:

      Pence has often been naive about his political environment in past jobs. He was blind-sided by the depth of corruption among the pool of candidates to fill positions. He had no real reason to suspect Coats, who now seems evil.

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  15. karenlivesmatter says:

    how many of these people are the ch o zen people… asking for a fren

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  16. Baycity Duckhunter says:

    I was searching for info on ‘straight shooter’ IC Michael Atkinson and found this article on American Greatness – about Atkinsons involvement in with Ukraine.

    Atkinson is a dirty Uniparty partisan….

    “One critical period in Atkinson’s resume, however, has been overlooked—probably intentionally—by his boosters in the media: His work as a top deputy in the Justice Department in 2016 and 2017 during the very same time that the DOJ was investigating Trump campaign aides and, after the election, incoming administration officials. Atkinson worked directly for two figures involved in both the counterintelligence probe into the Trump campaign and the set-up of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

    In July 2016, the exact month that former FBI Director James Comey officially opened a case against the Trump campaign, Atkinson was named senior counsel to John Carlin, the head of the National Security Division. Carlin was Robert Mueller’s chief of staff when he ran the FBI and was appointed NSD chief by President Obama in 2013.”….

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  17. evergreen says:

    The ONLY thing I can think of that would ice the veins of DC would be if some news broke, or some event occurred, which is evident on its face and accessible in understanding to practically every American that, once internalized, swaths of Independents and even a few libs would say “WOW!”

    The only thing that enables DC is Everyone, everywhere, tolerating status quo. If Everyone said, “that’s just too much to stomach. Clean slate. Incumbents OUT Nov 3.”, well, DC would pucker, and pucker hard.

    If it were to come to pass that Trump’s inner circle contained a trusted advisor who operated in concert with the Mueller DOJ and both Dem and Republican senior senators (and congressmen) to evict the president in wholly illegal methods, then the intrigue is set. The story then needs to be told/played/released for consumption. People need to observe the unbridled arrogance and stunning corruption and Eastern Block Party methods of protection rackets undermining the law.

    Making the connection from Federal Party rackets down to local Party rackets might stoke the response at the ground level to intervene in mail-in ballot measures, local policing prevention, riot tolerance, etc., as it becomes understood that there is a cancerous network throughout the nation, and it is the Party (UniParty as SD calls it). From certain seats on the Supreme Court, sprinkled throughout the national Courts, through much of Congress, to State legislatures and governorships, to the teacher unions, and so forth, Party membership is cultivated and activity is organized between the lines for the same ends everywhere: Lawfare–Party rule outside the law while the non-Party is held to the law.

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  18. wheens says:

    The big picture here is it’s not about “a name or names”. It’s about the whole set up which obviously has existed for years. This is about more than POTUS or who is in that chair. It’s about who controls or has controlled the entire shebang including the monetizing of the entire govt and especially the intel assets and process.

    This has existed long before Trump. How many Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Justices have been a part of this? How many have played along? POTUS became a removal target because he was an outsider. He is a threat to the power structure.

    The issue is the power structure itself and how our country has been completely compromised. We may not be able to fix that but we can see it for what it is and any hope of changing it starts with sunlight.

    Keep going. It’s time to ride.

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    • Justin Green says:

      The Clintons have been abusing power since Slick Willy was Governor of Arkansas.

      What is happening here has been going on for a LONG time. And the Clinton’s have had plenty of practice over the years.

      Don’t ignore corporate benefactors of government contracts, either. Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. All selling data to the US Government.

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    • Newhere says:

      This is exactly right.

      Which begs another question: Just how DID Trump manage to get ascend to the Presidency?

      We’ve operated under the theory that his chances were woefully underestimated, and thus inadequate contingencies were put in place — all they had was the “insurance policy” which seems like more of an afterthought.

      You would think the kind of systemically corrupt power structure we’re confronting would have the Presidency better nailed down. And you’d think they’d truly have “6 ways from Sunday” to bring down an outsider President.

      Which leads to another very uncomfortable possibility: maybe stopping short of a total take down (so far) is also a deliberate part of a strategy. We’ve thought that team Trump has managed to play adequate defense. That could be wrong. I don’t think the possibility can be discounted — in fact, it may be likely — that President Donald J. Trump remains in office only so long as the actors running strategy here deem it necessary or desirable for their objectives.

      No one wants to entertain that possibility, but the truth doesn’t care about feelings. And it can’t be ruled out.

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    • Thinker says:

      Been thinking about this article for a while. POTUS will be leaving the scene for a while. Someone is the mole in the White House. If it were Pence, and Trump outs him, who is next in line for the presidency if something happens to Trump? Pelosi. And Pelosi mentioned working on succession plans a week or so ago. So if Trump outs his VP, he better get another one in place very soon. Would this person have to be approved by Congress? Don’t think so, but not sure. Trump would be laid bare to the world of hateful and plotting Dems if he doesn’t have a trusted #2 in place.

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  19. Abster says:

    I read that this am. Political Moonshine is another great site.

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  20. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    At one point I was convinced that the traitor couldn’t possibly be former NY Senator Alfonse D’Amato. But the more I read … the more I see … I’m becoming a bit dubious. Has anyone been tracking D’Amato? Has he been seen in the company of known Deep State coup plotters?

    I’d be hugely disappointed if he was the bad guy. But in today’s corrupt environment, nothing would surprise me.

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  21. Right to reply says:

    Is that for real?


  22. coolmamie says:

    I think the only thing that would “panic DC” is actual, irrefutable evidence of bribe-taking or other financial malfeasance by influential INDIVIDUALS within the government. It happens all the time: how a middle or upper middle class person comes to Washington on a government salary, maintains two homes throughout his/her tenure, and becomes a muti-millionaire within a decade.

    Follow the money always holds true, and there is always a trail if it is truly scrutinized. People don’t fall as groups in DC. They fall as individuals. They whole scheme rests on an individual’s belief that he/she will be protected. When that scheme unravels it is the guilty individual who panics.

    The ultimate backstop for the Dems is the press. There is no press backstop for Republicans, so it seems logical to me that it is among them that the panic exists. That is the only thing that rings true to me, and I welcome the fall of the GOP if Trump loses.


    • evergreen says:

      The fall of the GOP? The GOP doesn’t exist as a foil to the communists; it is an enabler to them. It lives in that crack between proliferating communist principles and fighting them at every turn; it is the Party of Gray. If it were to snuff communism, it wouldn’t exist. If we were to succumb to communism, it wouldn’t exist. So long as we have a fever, it thrives, and its members gain employment and sinecures. It is an occupation, a way of life.

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  23. MelH says:

    Political Moonshine,how did you get ahold of Proton e-mails? Oddly enough I was going to sign on with them today, but sure won’t now. I need to switch from where i have been for 20 years, but obviously Proton isn’t a good choice.

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  24. Blind no Longer says:

    The Spies Who Hijacked America – Reporting by Matt Taibbi
    [Search domain]
    The Spies Who Hijacked America As a doctoral candidate at Cambridge working under “FBI Informant” Stefan Halper, I had a front-row seat for Russiagate Steven P. Schrage, PhD 37 min


  25. RAM says:

    Trump faced a monumental problem in selecting key personnel at the earliest stages. He couldn’t select only outsiders for key posts and had no firm grasp yet of who was an experienced bureaucratic traitor. Pence was essentially in the same boat. Flynn and the “good” Rogers might have helped a bit with this but even they probably lacked the full global picture. Suggestions came in from various interested parties, some interested in sabotaging Trump.. It took bitter experience to reveal the basic corruption of so many people, including their corrupt undermining of Flynn. Even now, there are holdovers who are involved in coup activities but have kept it hidden.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Zy says:

    The ratf’er is finished.

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  27. Sonia says:

    “A single organization, Council for Foreign Relations, controls almost everything you see, hear, and read in the media and they’ve been handpicking your leaders for decades”
    WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media.

    A few of its many notable members:

    Hillary Clinton
    Dianne Feinstein
    George Soros

    And one of many notable historical members:

    Jeffrey Epstein

    Source: Wikipedia

    Although Donald Trump was never a public member of the CFR, that did not stop him from filling the White House with dozens of CFR members. What role has it played in Spygate?

    Liked by 1 person

  28. alvasman says:

    So, who’s among the 1%?

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  29. muckeyduck says:

    I am bookmarking all the articles that seem to be part of a common thread that started with the article, “Act of be acted upon”.

    Here at CTH, Sundance does not write comprehensive articles inclusive of previously disclosed data. We as intelligent adults are expected to be thoroughly up to date on what came before.

    That being said, in my view it would help immensely if all articles that pertain to a common thread could be identified/labeled so we can share with new readers in the correct order.

    I currently have the articles labeled thusly: (Please point if incorrect)

    (1) Act or Be Acted Upon
    (2) Charging the Rampart
    (3) Worth it
    (4) Briefings Continue
    (5) Status Update – DOJ/FBI Investigation
    (6) Factual Stuff That Will Help Reconcile ……
    (7) Considering the Durham Timeline….
    (8) The Truth Doesn’t Care About….

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  30. Ron Hyatt says:

    I’m beyond ready to start Shewtin.

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  31. Francesca says:

    When perplexed by a confusing, changing landscape the best tactic is to zoom up to 10,000 feet. From that height many players, tactical positions and movement can bee seen. This is what our Sundance does brilliantly.

    RECAP of layout by and in this post:

    The “Resistance” we now see is but one head of a hidden Hydra that pre-dates Trump and the 2016 election.

    It’s core consists of a corrupt D and R Uniparty (think McCain funeral) hell bent on maintaining status quo control. (They are two sides of the same coin, but only one side is “up” every time it gets tossed.)

    Uniparty is self perpetuating and owns the keys, locks/passwords, even the motors of US government.

    Trump is not a player, therefore must be isolated, denigrated and destroyed. They never really bothered with him before because he hadn’t bothered them.

    Corruption tendrils of Uniparty have deep connections and cover-up for money, power and sex scandals from Uranium One, Ukraine warlords and banking bribes/embezzlement, Clinton Foundation to DNC/WikiLeaks, Chinese trade and proxy warfare, Pelosi and other Congressional crime families, Vatican financial scandal, and possibly ultra wealthy Soros and Bill Gates Foundation connections to UN and WHO – all probably just part of an inbred web of monetary and tech corruption so grandiose it is beyond imagination.

    An attempted coup is small potatoes compared with the actual shadow government which has been operating US policy and bureaucratic machinery at least since the 90s.

    Who we elect, what we read in the media, has been pre-conditioned; the guise of democracy under our US Constitution is an illusion. The actual power was co-opted until Trump and a grass roots uprising interrupted the hardening of the Uniparty with a MAGA bunker-buster bomb.

    For at least 3 years DOJ operated like a puppet on the hand of open seditionists, spearhead by Weissman under Miller smokescreen.

    All docs and investigations (pre-Barr) are micromanaged diversions or setup. IG Horowitz report was tampered with.

    The entire established Executive branch, lifers and and Uniparty believers jettisoned vows to uphold Constitution and is suspect regarding every action.

    Technique of COMPARTMENTALIZATION has blurred visibility of connected corruption within and BETWEEN branches of US government.

    Catching felony leak of James Wolfe, SSCI Security Director, revealed irrefutable link of same Uniparty corruption with Legislative branch, as well as (Duh) media.

    SSCI complicity completes circle of corruption back to State Dept.

    That’s my very brief summary, but what about potential connection with the the Judicial Branch…
    FISA court oversight by Chief Justice Roberts?
    Did Scalia know too much and get “Epsteined”??? (There are no coincidences.)
    Who is planning the next move for conspirators in each government branch?

    The grenade is exploding right now, shrapnel incoming.

    My personal guess is that the corruption is entangled globally so that the guilty who panic or despair will be tempted to carpetbomb everyone else in malice or retribution. Prayers, unceasing intercession, is needed, along with the “shield of faith and a breastplate of righteousness.”

    True Justice is on the way, so keep your courage and “man the walls,” because there are many fates worse than suffering or death.

    If it’s worth living for, it’s worth dying for. We have angels all around us…make sure you’re surrounded by the good ones!

    Sundance, thank you. Bless you. God guard and keep and guide you.

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  32. I bet that it was Pence whispering in Trump’s ear. You cannot be more establishment than Pence. He was the one who said that Flynn lied. Think about that. If Flynn had stayed on the job, then it all would have been exposed. If somehow Trump had been removed from office, who would have stepped in and saved the day? Pence.

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  33. I bet that it was Pence whispering in Trump’s ear. You cannot be more establishment than Pence. He was the one who said that Flynn lied. Think about that. If Flynn had stayed on the job, then it all would have been exposed. If somehow Trump had been removed from office, who would have stepped in and saved the day? Pence.


  34. Spurwing Plover says:

    The truth hurts get used to it Snowflakes


  35. Jack Rail says:

    Okay, I’m dense. Who did recommend Coats? Who recommended Michael Atkinson?

    IOW: Who is this person who had the president’s ear?


  36. Jeffrey Coley says:

    The UniParty DC Establishment didn’t count on one thing: Donald Trump is much, much smarter than they gave him credit for.

    Time and again they laid traps for him, and time and again he refused to take the bait. The outrageous persecution of Gen. Flynn; the over-the-top theatrics of predawn SWAT raids on Manafort, Cohen, and Stone; and a host of other outrages were all provocations intended to goad Trump into intervening which would cross the tripwire “abuse of power, obstruction of justice.” But he never took the bait. He also confounded them by cooperating completely with the Special Counsel probe, avoiding the sought-for spectacle of the President refusing to turn over some documents, which would have been PROOF POSITIVE he was covering up.

    Trump refused to fall for their obvious tricks. His legal team refused to play the game.And he persevered despite the opposition.

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  37. MetalGod209 says:

    It frustrates me that no one ever talks about the “Hammer”. Remember the “we have files on everyone…..Barak has a computer network”. Who was that, Maxine Waters?
    The Hammer. This is what Admiral Rogers went and warned Trump about. The spying.
    The Hammer…..why are so many corrupt? So many turn?
    You better believe Bathhouse Barry, Clapper, and Brennan are pulling files when needed. “Hey Jeff Session…..we’re going to need you to recuse yourself…..yeah….we would hate for your wife to see the laptop cam of you jerking off to big bootied black chicks. Oh, and the 700 searches for teen boys in their underwear would sure look bad on the 8 O’clock news. Now, play ball, and there will be a bag of cash in your backyard.” Hey Trey Gowdy, remember when you were sending dick pics to your high school girlfriend, talking about how your wife is a cold fish? Yeah, we need you to retire. Keep up the bulldog act for credibility, but we’ll send you what to say, thanks.
    The Hammer…..far reaching, moving the chess pieces, because they got all of the dirt on everyone.


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