Epic – Reporter Complains About Social Distancing, POTUS Responds: “It’s a peaceful protest”…

This was a rather funny and epic moment from President Trump’s press conference in Bedminster, New Jersey.   A member of the press pool complains that the room is not following NJ rules on social distancing.  President Trump reminds the reporter that political activity is excluded and this is a form of “peaceful protest”.  lol

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303 Responses to Epic – Reporter Complains About Social Distancing, POTUS Responds: “It’s a peaceful protest”…

  1. The Gipper Lives says:

    That was beautiful. (*sniff*).

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  2. Hrtland says:

    You just gotta smile. 😊

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Lol I love President Trump!…and his humor. He’s the Best!

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      • Dutchman says:

        PDJT is SO ready for the debates! All his pressers? He’s been PRACTICING, honing a skill he developed over 20 years, of ‘sparring’with the press,….

        And he is SO ready! Game ON!
        IF Biden shows up, PDJT will not only mop the floor with him, he’ll decimate whoever the smarmy inquisitors are, that feed Biden prescreened softballs, while trying to make PDJT look bad.

        They ain’t THAT good, and He is in top form!

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  3. cheering4america says:

    President Trump is always quick.

    But since they are always trying to nitpick him to death, I wonder if “peaceful protest” gives them an ethics charge that it wasn’t actually a press conference? Or … something … always something.

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  4. John Davis says:

    Game, set, match.
    See ya!

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  5. CJ of WV says:

    Like a Boss.

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  6. Kirk says:

    Haha go Trump. Love him or hate him, you gotta love him.

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  7. jumpinjarhead says:

    Quite excellent riposte.

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  8. Winning says:

    Ya gotta love it….

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    • EnoughIsEnough says:

      President Trump speaks for all of us who cannot go to church, hold funerals, or celebrate graduations and birthdays. We are disgusted, tired, and insulted that violent rioters are celebrated while peaceful, law-abiding people are villified by the left and their MSM enablers. I stood up and hollered when President Trump fired back at the reporter. He definitely stands up for those without a voice.

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      • Socal Silent Majority says:

        Ventura County church hit with emergency injunction to shut down indoor services and deemed a threat to public safety. Pastor McCoy vows to challenge it and hold services even though he and up to 1000 congregants will be cited if they go inside and pray.

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      • vikingmom says:

        Exactly right!! I am beyond sick and tired of this two-tiered system!

        “Oh, you’re a law-abiding, taxpaying citizen? No church for you – no visits with your elderly parents, no funerals for your loved ones, too bad about that small business you have spent years building up…sorry, but it’s just not safe!”

        “What, you’re a dropout on welfare or a punk rich kid from the suburbs still living with your parents and you want to rail against the unfairness of a society you NEVER sought to join or improve? Absolutely, go right ahead and riot! It’s your right!!”

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        • Amy2 says:

          Don’t forget, “no wedding reception for your only daughter…” (Still reeling)

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        • EnoughIsEnough says:

          How many businesses have been lost while people followed the draconian rules only to have those same rules flaunted by those with “preferred” status? Or hunkering down for five months now to “flatten the curve” with absolutely no end in sight? Our state (WI) is moving backwards. Last week the governor mandated face diapers for all businesses, which once again will hit bars and restaurants harder than other businesses. President Trump’s response to the reporter was cheered by millions of people tired of being shamed by the hypocrites in the press.

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        • Did you hear about the church who held their service in a Wall Mart? Ha ha ha! That’s what all churches need to do until the commie governors and mayors open churches back up again.

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        • warrprin1 says:

          You always hit it out of the park, vikingmom. This post of yours distills the idiocy perfectly.

          If I may borrow it verbatim, I will share and use it to maximum advantage through this most important campaign season ever.

          Stay safe in Seattle, Viking sister. I remembered, because I used to live there too.

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          • vikingmom says:

            Thank you for your kind words – feel free to share away!

            There is a rally scheduled for tomorrow at Seattle City Hall to support SPD. Hoping that THOUSANDS show up to Back the Blue. Our City Council, led by an avowed Marxist (who immigrated here on an H1-B Visa), is determined to defund the police and bring about “The Revolution”! (There are actually people looking to see if her citizenship can be revoked because she is encouraging treasonous actions against government officials which violates the oath she took when she became a citizen. That would be amazing! Maybe someone should do the same with a few of the “squad” members as well?)

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  9. YvonneMarie says:

    I like the President’s haircut.
    And he is so “quick on his feet”.

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  10. Dekester says:

    I was sitting here in our living room as he was speaking, and screamed, Yes!

    This startled our sleeping Bichon/Poodle.

    Your President is the master communicator.

    Hard to believe that one man can as accomplished as he is.

    God bless PDJT

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  11. pattykins says:

    Bam! Remember when you were young and were told “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”? Well, this guy just proved that tenet wrong. What a fool. 🤓

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      For years, I would start off classes (work related) with: “There are only two kinds of stupid questions: those you don’t ask, and those I can’t answer.”
      Always got a laugh once it sunk in, and made any tension vanish.

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  12. Sporty says:

    F your guidelines NJ. There’s a reason Americans don’t speak British.

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  13. dscottv says:

    I loved that moment. Over at The Hill they are gnashing their teeth over it.

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  14. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just say’n… 😉

    Peaceful Protest!

    Cannot get any more accurate!

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  15. Older/wiser says:

    That’s our guy!

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  16. Patience says:

    ……. and President has only just begun.
    >The best IS yet to come

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  17. ALEX says:

    Classic President Trump. I forget how fun he can be sometimes

    I would like to see the President hold some type of online rally every Saturday night. Just go over the recent events and take shots at the Puppet Biden.

    Even some funny meme stuff, raise money and keep the Hannity et al types away, but he is doing just fine either way

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    • Seneca the Elder says:

      Alex- I still want to see IN PERSON MAGA RALLIES!
      How about those outdoor rallies from 2016 in the airplane hangars?
      I can’t believe that our magnificent President would agree to not have them.
      Anyone see that brief segment at the end of Tucker tonight about the couple who is sabotaging Team Trump Two people I never heard of before.

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      • Sentient says:

        When it becomes more obvious that areas that have been hit hardest by covid have reached herd immunity of sorts – by Oct 1 – he can hold some rallies. FL, AZ, PA and MI especially. When he does hold those rallies they will be very emotional and will draw the contrast with Biden hiding in his basement and drooling on himself.

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      • rebate456 says:

        Seneca, I searched Katie Walsh on CTH. SD mentions around March 2017 that The Pres got rid of her after only approx 2 months.

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      • kleen says:

        Online Rallies is just right for these times. He could have 20 million watching.
        Also and most importantly it would put pressure on Biden. Their excuse right now is Chines virus, so they say he can’t really do much for safety reasons.

        Ok… fair enough, what about an online rally? No excuse!

        Trump having 20 million of us watching, and challenging Biden to do the same would definably expose the farce.

        Joe is Senile, they are hiding him but as far as their base is concerned, Chinese virus is a wonderful justification for him to hide. Works for the left.

        Ok… then do online Rallies, let’s see what Joe has to offer. think about that!

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  18. Blind no Longer says:

    LMAO….says right here exception for political activity and peaceful protests!!!!!!

    I’m starting to see the old Trump Boomerang again!!!

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  19. jusflipthescript says:

    Just Awesome…😅 I swear I 🧡 that President!

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  20. obamagate time says:

    notice he looked down for the exact wording of the law to emphasis his answer. he expected that question and was prepared for it. great prep work to have exactly what he needed at hand to support his response.

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  21. Eric says:

    I’d say Trump just passed Yet Another Cognitive Assessment test, lol!!

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  22. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Boom. Play their game better.

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  23. Patriot1783 says:

    GaZING! 🤣

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  24. calbear84 says:

    Wow! POTUS takes a page right out of Alinsky and makes the Fakers live by their own rules! Just when you think you can’t love him more, he does this!

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  25. conversefive says:

    And he was so polite about it.

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  26. Pedro says:

    That zinger struck fear into the hearts of Biden’s advisors. Because Biden can’t touch that. He can touch others things. But he can’t touch that.

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  27. WillRoll says:

    In recent pressers, it seems he doesn’t entertain all questions as in the past. He hits resistance and either goes to the next questioner and if the next questioner stalls in order to let the rambling previous questioner try to get Trump to respond, he just ends the presser.

    Or like Kayleigh has been doing, let a specific question cue up a prepared response and #walkaway. Mic drop, but more apropos: training the kids that the adult in the room is not going to put up with BS so stop playing games. Brilliant.

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  28. The Tundra PA says:

    Wasn’t it delightful to watch a press conference where POTUS has a significant number of supportive people present instead of snakepit full of nasty hateful reporters? When the cheer went up for his response to the doofus reporter, I cheered right with them. Isn’t that refreshing? (as Church Lady used to say)

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    • Tundra- I was thinking the exact same thing. So nice for our President to be in a room with friends instead of those yapping hyenas nipping at his heels.

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      • Deplorably Bonnie Blue says:

        He should invite some groupies to all his pressers! That would be so fun!

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        • ikarus joe says:

          I’ve been thinking this for months. There are totally enough of us in the country who would LOVE to go and support him.. Some audible applause and “damn straights” yelled out once in a while… Every good team needs its cheerleaders and it seems Trump almost never has any IN THE ROOM when the cameras are rolling.. Would sure be great if his PR people could try to start organizing that.. Even if it was just 10 well behaved supporters per presser.

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  29. lotbusyexec says:

    MAGA = Man Asked God Answered
    And he did and gave us PDJT
    Nuff said

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  30. littleanniesfannie says:

    This must be the dumbest group of reporters ev-uh! The media is playing “straight” man and Trump is providing the zingers.
    And. They. Can’t. Take. It!!

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  31. Lady in Red says:

    Ha! I have been waiting for PDJT to say something like this. I use it all the time now
    …someone doesn’t like my non-use of masks or my inadequate social distancing I just say I’m protesting.

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  32. j'accuse says:

    That’s a Boom! They’ll never learn

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  33. the phoenix says:

    After a long week, it was so good to start the weekend with hearty laughter and merriment in admiration of our President’s good-natured quick-witted comeback. 🙂

    He just gave a great example for the rest of us to follow …

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  34. Danimal28 says:

    God Bless President Trump for godsakes. Can you imagine Mittens, Paul Ryan, or John McCain for this simple repudiation of the media freaks?! Me either.

    God bless YOU Sundance and the rest of you fine Treepers!

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  35. Truth.
    WE must stop complaining about how the enemy fights .. and just ’em fight better.

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  36. Teagan says:

    I freaking love this man

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  37. justdirectyourfeet says:

    That was FUN!

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  38. jinmichigan says:

    Two things made my day. And this beautiful exchange was only the second best. But it got a loud guffaw out of me to the point the wife came in the room to ask if I was alright.

    The other was the news that PDJT will suspend the payroll tax by executive order retroactive to July 1st. I have 16 employees that deserve to be rewarded for actually working when many of them would have made just a few less dollars per week sitting on their asses. Just wish it was retroactive to mid April when we defied HalfwHitlers orders and went back to work.

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  39. BuckyBadger says:

    I laughed so hard at this!

    I loved the staff booing the press right before too.

    Trump should bring more of his staff to press conferences more often. They should boo like a home crowd everytime the reporters ask snarky questions.

    Might as well use the home team advantage from here until November!

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  40. ms doodlebug says:

    We need Agenda 2020 Peaceful Protests across the country to protest the agenda of the democratic party.

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  41. 4sure says:

    So Thune and Pelozi say PATRUMP cannot use WH to accept POTUS nomination. No problem. Set up a Oval Office replica ln Trump FL. Mar A Lago and accept nomination there. Or better yet, close off the street in front of Pelosi’s house in SF and accept it there. Then have a huge block party to celebrate. Invite all the homeless.

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  42. That was just SOOOOOOO Smooth!
    Almost like a written script!
    Or great Ad-Lib by a guy who knows his way around ………. and has a great sense of humor in getting his message out.

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    • Dutchman says:

      If he was REALLY sneaky, and he CAN be, he ‘fed’ the question TO the reporter, thru an intermediary, of coarse.

      Notice he was ready for a responce, as soon asthe ? was asked, but had to wait for staff booing to quiet down.

      Not saying he did, but wouldn’t plut it past him!

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      • Maybe…Maybe not…

        What difference at this point does it make?


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      • CTH Fan says:

        Dutchman, I love ya, but why do you always want to throw cold water on anything good President Trump does. Just saying. Just enjoy the moment

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        • Dutchman says:

          No “cold water”, at least I didn’t MEAN to, and certainly not “always”; I just KNOW, with absolute certainty, WHO sent DJT’s tax return to the NYT.

          Having WATCHED DJT ‘in action’ for 3+ years, I have come to appreciate that not all if his fortuitous actions,…are.

          And it IS a common practice, and has been for years, for administrations to ‘feed’ questions to the press.

          No cold water, just the ways of the swamp, which PDJT has become skillful at navigating.

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  43. Sharon says:

    I. Love. POTUS. Donald. John. Trump.

    And I absolutely LOVE that he did not diminish the impact of his response by any self-deprecating laughter or smiling (as though to indicate, “You know I’m just josh’n you…”) No. He laid it out deadly serious, in their face, with words all lined up to smack them up side the head.

    So very well done.

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  44. bluenova1971 says:

    Damn I love this guy!

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  45. mkbara says:

    Best of the day

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  46. Margot says:

    Basically, members of the media are just underhanded little beetches who like to show how “wrong” others are. Every time I think I’ve met someone from the media who is different, I am proven wrong. No matter how nicey-nice and “friendly” they appear to be, their true colors always come out eventually, without fail. As soon as they can figure out how and where to shiv you, they’ll do it. I know this from hard experience.

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  47. Wethal says:

    He called COVID-19 the “China virus.” 🙂

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  48. Linda K. says:

    Trump is “My Guy”!

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  49. Magabear says:

    PDJT be like 😁😎

    Media be like 🤕😢

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