Colorado Congressional Candidate Lauren Boebert Appears on Hannity…

Lauren Boebert is a candidate for Colorado CD-03 and represents a voice of familiarity for those who remember the Tea Party movement.  An ordinary patriotic citizen who stands up and says “I’ll go”, and here she is.  [WEBSITE Available Here]

It takes courage to throw your hat into the ring and take action; but action is exactly what is most needed right now.  Our role is to support these citizen candidates with steadfast appreciation for their effort.

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  1. jumpinjarhead says:

    Very pro 2d Amendment too.

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    • COlibertybelle says:

      Lauren will be elected to represent MY district!!! She is awesome – owns and runs a restaurant and her waitresses all carry! primaried out a wussy congressman who put nothing but his own interests as priority the whole ten years he served as District 3 rep in congress. As an example, I have his personal cell number, from when he campaigned first in 2010, and in 2016 when I called him out and texted him that we expected him to support our President Trump, he sent me back a photo of a MAGA hat on a table – HE WOULDN’T EVEN WEAR IT! I knew then for sure we had a total loser in congress. Lauren will do a marvelous job as our representative!! She will support our President to the max!
      If you can, I hope all who saw her and are reading this, please donate to her campaign – – she will be a great asset to President Trump!

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      • Eddd888 says:

        Well now. I just got an alternative reunion notice for the cancelled 2nd Battalion 4th Marines “official” reunion. The new reunion will take place at the president’s ranch in SOCAL. It just so happens that the best, quickest route to his ranch takes me through Rifle, CO where Lauren’s restaurant is. I’m gonna have to give this some deep thought.

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      • stonedstooge says:

        I’m shocked the RNC let one of their RINO’s get away. My district congressman has been on the dole for 19 years here in NW Missouri, and the RNC destroys any attempt for another candidate to unseat him.

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        • timetostandandfight says:

          I left that place. Couldn’t stand the dang snow any more lol. I was in Cainseville, then in Jameson Mo. Moved out back on “10.


        • Pokey says:

          They tried to push Lauren aside, but she just beat them because she is much stronger on the issues and she is obviously smarter than Scott Tipton is.

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      • Colorado KnightOwl says:

        I’m down in the Durango area and have donated to Lauren. She will be a great replacement for Tipton

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        • willthesuevi says:

          Fellow Durangatang here CKO. Agree, Tipton wasn’t much better than leftover bologna. Now, if we could get rid of Gardner.

          We are supporting Lauren as well. She comes from one of the few “working” communities left in Colorado.

          Enjoy the weekend. Looks to be beautiful.

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          • Ironhead says:

            Didn’t know so many Durangatangs hung out here.
            I’m a misplaced one stuck in Illinois for another couple of years but still get out there 4 times a year.
            LaPlata can’t be beat to just get away for it all.
            See ya in September

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          • Pokey says:

            Please think about what happens if Colorado replaces Cory Gardner with John Hickenlooper. I don’t like the mush brained Gardner any better than you do, but a loss of the Senate will be catastrophic for PDJT and would destroy what is left of our country. I will gladly vote for Gardner this fall, and I will gladly vote for his replacement in 6 years if we can come up with a serious primary challenger. This is the reality, as I see it, and I didn’t want the situation we have. If enough good Republicans go to the Government this year, go along to get along Cory will have to adjust his stances to keep his seat among the back benches of the Senate. Cory is a disaster, but our options include a complete loss of our freedoms.

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            • convert says:

              Thank you, on behalf of the country. You are absolutely clear in your thinking.

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            • Missy says:

              Mr. Tea Party sold out very quickly. A whore. So many did…Lil Marco, Cory, Ernst….. Disgusting.

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              • Dayvz says:

                I have a far more contempt for the uniparty Republicans than I ever will for the Democrats


                • Pokey says:

                  Do you see a path forward? I want to win so we can have a free country again someday. You might as well be on the street looting stores and throwing cocktails at the police. That is what the Democrats stand for. Try to know your enemy better, that way we have a chance to defeat them. And don’t get too fired up about this until you read your own post again, carefully.


            • willthesuevi says:

              Oh, I will hold my nose and vote for the cuckold.

              Hell, I voted for both of the Bush family.

              If he loses it will be because he is a feckless, gutless, POS. I write that cretin every week and more when National Write your Congressman (NWYC) has a congressional alert.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Mainly because of her outspoken support for the 2d Amendment I have followed her closely for way over here in Georgia after she started showing up on a number of my go-to evil gun sites.

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      • Pokey says:

        Mine, too. She even has great support over here in the labor union mecca of Colorado. I will have my yard signs up soon and I only push up to three candidates because I don’t want people to wreck out on my street while they are trying to read my signs. Donald Trump, and Lauren Boebert already have 2 spots reserved.

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      • NDLaxMan75 says:

        Just donated $50. Also donated to a same-minded candidate in my state of Massachusetts; John Paul Moran.

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      • Dutchman says:

        It is my strong belief that what they were trying to protect from discovery with muh Russia and Flynn, and STILL trying to conceal, is that incumbents of BOTH parties were exploiting contractor access to the NSA database, to undermine the campaigns of primary challengers.

        And, with Adm. Rogers shutting down access, they are VULNERABLE!
        THIS is why we see AOC’s success, in primarying a 10 term Dem, and other primary challengers she has supported also succeeding.
        Notice THIS sweet lady with the glock on her hip succesfully primaried the Republican candidate!

        THEY ARE VULNERABLE, no longer invincible! NOW is the time to open your wallets, and support these MAGA primary challengers. If there isn’t one in your district, FIND ONE. If the filing deadline has passed, find one in another district or State, and SUPPORT them.
        They can WIN, now cause the,Rinos are vulnerable!

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        • Eddd888 says:

          I’ve “heard” three times now, in quick succession, that General Flynn will replace Wray.

          I’ve also heard that if this happens, there will be a Leftist $chitt streak from DC to L.A. Flynn knows where the bodies are buried which is why the Left is tying him up with “legal” acrobatics.

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      • budklatsch says:

        Just violated my rule on donations and sent her $100.00. My rule is PDJT only, but she is as close as could be a female PDJT. Best of luck.

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      Typical Hannity . . . He walked all over her comments, not allowing her to explain her ideas, and then moved on without mentioning her website. The guy just can’t stop himself from talking over people on his show.

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      • Dave Crawford says:

        Hold on there Garrison, we need to talk about me some more.

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      • beach lover says:

        agree with everything you just stated. But, at least he had her on. I bet there are lots of new unknowns that would love that opportunity. I follow Lauren on Twitter. She is a beast! In a good way. LOL

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        • Mr e-man says:

          Oh, and he DID let her tell us her website. For those who missed it because they are blinded by their Hannititus hate, she said

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        Abolutely! That;s why we can’t watch him anymore. Just can’t take it. So much better stuff on and so many better places to get news than Hannity’s show anymore. Sure, he’s a great guy, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to interview. About 1/3 of his show is the same old repetitious stuff called his monologue.

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        • Right to reply says:

          Same here.

          “My name is Sean Hannity, and this show is all about ME”

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          • Rosemary B says:

            Hubbs and I cannot watch evening commentary Fox. I love Fox News.
            We just have to watch something other than politics. Hubbs likes to watch history, science, any documentaries, and tread mill.
            I sew sew sew.
            Happy Friday TreeHouse friends

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        • Thankfully Sundance and others are monitoring these shows for useful content. Saves a lot of us from elevated blood pressure, mass wasting of time, and dying brain cells due to observing host antics and insanity. Sincere thanks to those that take the hit and provide that service to others.

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          • Mr e-man says:

            Meanwhile you miss all the wonderful commentary and insight from guests like Dan Bongino, John Soloman, Sarah Carter, Greg Jarrett, Judge Jeanine, Tammy Bruce, Tom Holman, Richard Grenell, and a host of others. Yes, if you watched the show, you would notice they actually do talk on the show, and provide a lot of information. And even though I don’t like people like Geraldo and Lindsay Graham, I do like hearing debate from all sides to inform me.

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          • Rosemary B says:

            These debate and opinion shows are very unsettling for some of us. I thought perhaps I was turning into a snowflake 🥳😝
            I greatly appreciate the others that watch, take notes and share. Spot on, Rino

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        One of the reasons I pay no attention to him, or FN for that matter.

        It is unfortunate that POTUS uses him so often—perhaps that is another of the reasons he has gone off the rails.

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      • d says:

        I tried to watch that, but Hannity really gets on my nerves. He is very self absorbed and he wants to speak in place of his guests..
        I am also sick of hearing the same old talk about himself over and over…

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      • mo says:

        Gee, I thought the bloated ego controlled himself much better than usual.

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      • Pokey says:

        I dislike Hannity, but my reason is that my hearing aids cannot resolve his voice well and most of the time I can’t tell what he is saying when he goes on his off subject rants. Even though I can guess what he will say if I manage to get tuned in to what he is saying,

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      • Mr e-man says:

        Yep. always a good idea to eat your own during an election year. Typical stupid party mentality. It’s not like Hannity has the number one show on cable for a long time, has millions of viewers, is consistently giving a full throated support of President Trump and working hard every day to expose the criminal leftist coup.

        Yeah, instead of appreciating the powerful support he brings to the MAGA agenda, we should trash him every chance we get. Brilliant plan.

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        • Rosemary B says:

          Honestly, I love President Trump.
          and, Honestly, I cannot listen to Hannity. I do not like the sound of his voice, or the repetitious digging. He does not need to do that. People who watch his show like him. So he does not need to go over and over sharing his opinions to them.
          People that are new to his show, think he has a relentless tone of disparagement to the left. That is all fine and well, but it makes ME feel like he is just behaving as obnoxious as the left. That is the single reason I cannot at all tolerate listening the CNN PBS Msnbc, etc
          They have to constantly throw in the talking points, rehash and review.
          just my opinion 🙂


        • Right to reply says:

          I know what Hannity is doing, and I know why.

          I just wish he wouldn’t interrupt those who know more than he does, and his constant throw Granny off the cliff/Walmart quips are condescending!

          I want to hear Carter/Solomon/Bongino etc speak
          Why invite them on if we aren’t allowed to hear them? It just ends up as incoherent tabloid soundbites

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    • Jorizabeth says:

      Anyone know why a blue state like CO has open/carry and CA does not? It’s great that they do, but we are suffering here!

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Sad to say, but my assessment (admittedly from afar but having lived there as well as being stationed there) is Kalifornia is a lost cause and it cannot really even be compared to another “normal” blue state, except perhaps NY.

        Those who really value their freedom as Americans would be well-advised to assess their situations with an eye toward escaping.

        As in all such things, such a decision involves an evaluation of the costs/risks weighed against the benefits to be gained.

        I realize much of the attraction of the state lies in its climate, geography and “lifestyle” (I always “marveled” at the apparent “need” of so many in SoCal to drive flashy cars, but not just the way the factory made them but also with (gaudy?) custom chrome wheels etc.😀).

        Such things of course, especially in the present and increasingly dangerous (from both personal safety and erosion of Constitutional freedoms perspectives) political/social situation may need to be more honestly compared to other areas of America where they may not exactly match those in Kalifornia, they are close enough to weigh them a bit less against the very real negatives that appear to be increasing in scope and severity.

        Obviously other factors like family ties and jobs are also important but there are millions of Americans who do not live in close proximity to family and who have undergone changes in employers etc. in order to maximize (now it is more like save) their freedoms that should accompany being an American.

        As I noted elsewhere, my wife and I went through this difficult analysis some 20 years ago and our desire for maximum freedom required us to relocate, change jobs, forsake most of the aspects of “suburban” life (regular nights “out” to nice restaurants, theater, concerts, myriad shopping choices, close by “neighbors,” health care, police etc.) in return for being left alone to live our lives in a much less frenetic lifestyle with our guns, dogs and cat in the house and families of deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, foxes and bears as our neighbors. We drive old vehicles covered with dust from our gravel road and our “social” life, as is common here in rural north Georgia, is limited to our church “family.”

        We are very content.

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    • jumpinjarhead:
      I have a very unsettling feeling: the Ms. Boebert seen with Hannity does not look in any way like the Ms. Boebert seen in her Beto confrontation, or in her photo with the gun-slinging girls.

      Who else has noticed this??


  2. fred5678 says:

    She will be my new CongressCritter — fingers crossed and donating — I did my share a few months ago to help her primary our current amnesty shill Tipton.

    VERY pro-2nd amendment — she and her servers at her Shooters Grill restaurant (in RIFLE CO !!!) are packin’ !!

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  3. adam says:

    OK … maybe my Tinfoil hat is loose but that red “C” logo just makes me feel “China.”

    Probably just seeing things now.


  4. Eddd888 says:

    Lauren’s email – just received this morning said “Send Me To Congress. I’ll Stop AOC’s Lunatic Agenda In Person”.
    As a mom, I refuse to let my children be raised in AOC’s socialist nation.

    AOC, The Squad and the rest of these left-wing lunatics are taking a wrecking ball to our country while RINOs in Congress stay utterly silent.

    When I’m in Congress, every time AOC and the rest of The Squad come up with another crazy idea, I will remind them that our belief in God, country and family are what built the United States of America into the greatest nation the world has ever known. We will never be a socialist nation on my watch.

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  5. jus wundrin says:

    Speaking of challengers, please help me, and my fellow Wyomingites get rid of liz cheney. Please support Blake Stanley for our sole congresstype, and send cheney packing.

    $20 goes a long way!

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  6. SanJac says:

    Mr Mitch Chow has publicly said some years ago he will destroy the tea party and you can bet this woman will get not one red cent from the RNC.

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  7. WSB says:

    Lauren did a great job tonight! Go Lauren!!!!

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  8. Retired IG says:

    Shocker from Hannity “interviewing” candidate Lauren Boebert, The WSJ covered her primary win. If I can recall correctly, the article said ” the T shirts she and her staff wore had the message, “Guns, God, and Trump.” (Not Sure what Order), and ” there was Heavy Republican turnout in the primary, a landslide against her opponent.” Refused to shut her restaurant down but it was. Eventually. The WSJ actually wrote that Boebert follows Q’s posts.
    I really don’t care who she follows. We all beat to the tune of “our own drummer” no matter where our inspiration comes from. I want very much for Boebert to win her contest!
    Am thinking what an enema she would be for AOC. Can you imagine?
    And a breath of forking fresh air to a House so set in its ” ways and means”?
    I HIGHLY DOUBT Boebert would kneel before Pelosi – who I believe, needs to be carted off along with Biden and Schumer to the nearest NURSING HOME, or mental institution.
    Where are the results of their Covid tests? Huh? How much do you want to bet they are taking HCQ and Zinc? Or quercitin and Zinc? How’s come the LEADERS of THE HOUSE don’t UTTER A WORD about how they are protecting themselves from the VIRUS IMPORTED FROM CHINA?
    Funny the way it is when you think about it.

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  9. kleen says:

    War time conservatives. That’s what I’m talking about!

    No more Sunday School teachers who want to be liked by everybody and be loved everybody.

    It’s war, don’t love your enemy. Go after them and destroy them. Crush the squad

    Confront them, expose them and send them packing.

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    • chinstrap says:

      My biggest red pill moment was when a friends father told me that many Dems and Repubs are the same damned thing. Many ‘conservatives’ float under the radar pretending to be patriots when, in fact, they’re globalists.

      She’s not a “conservative”. She’s a Constitutionalist.

      “Conservatives” can be RINO members of the Uniparty (see: Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley) who feign loyalty while selling out their constituents to foreign interests.

      Constitutionalists are patriots who happen to utilize the GOP because of the two-party system.

      It’s time to stop confusing the two.

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      • Deborah D says:

        She’s my kind of woman! A Happy Warrior — like Mr. Reagan! God bless her!!

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      • steph_gray says:

        I just call the good ones “MAGA” candidates. I don’t care whether they are labelled as Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, independents, “moderate” Democrats (usually a scam, but there could be a black swan event 😆). Each must be assessed individually and vetted carefully – just as we here assess RolCons who appear here and expose themselves within a few words…

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      • usualwidgits says:

        Take the mask off a Republican politician and you’ll see a democrat. Take the mask off the democrat and you’ll see a socialist. Take the mask off the socialist and you’ll see a communist. Take the mask off the communist and you’ll see a fascist. Take the mask off the communist and you’ll see the globalist

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      • kleen says:

        War time constitutionalist.

        I’ve had it with peace makers.

        I wish our side understood that the left has declared war against us and our country and are fighting in all fronts and winning because we don’t even recognize there’s a battle. (people here on this site do, we know what’s going on, I am talking about but the average American watching Fox or MSM doesn’t) The population is too distracted to know the severity, how close we are to losing our country if we don’t fight back. November is crucial.

        A Trump victory mean we get a chance to stay in the fight. But cleaning the swamp is a long shot. We need to get rid of Mitch, Romney, LG, and many other Democrats posing as Republicans. Corruption is deep. It will be A LOT OF work to clean that up. Winning November is simply a second chance at fighting back.

        We need war time candidates, nothing less.

        I want my candidates to fight and destroy the Marxists. I want warriors, mean, determinate, vicious towards the anti-America enemies. Vicious! Destroy the bastards! Destroy the swamp.

        Pretty words can go to hell. “work with the other side” can go to hell

        Destroy them!

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        chinstrap.. accurate post! Thanks.


      • MakersMark says:

        Nice comment chinstrap.


  10. Retired IG says:

    I just so love this song:For me it is political neutral. Saw the ban in concert. One of the greatest and
    hard for things.


  11. Hoss says:

    Hope she wins. We need more true conservatives in the mountains. She’ll be a great addition to the Colorado republicans in the House. Ms Boebert, and Ken Buck (my Rep), who has an AR-15 hanging in his House office, should make a good pro 2A team. I hope he takes her under his wing, and helps her navigate the swamp when she gets there.

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  12. sync says:

    A look at Devlin Robinson, a Republican running against incumbent Democrat Pam Lovino in Pennsylvania’s State Senate District 37,


  13. Puzzled says:

    Young people standing up and pushing back. A good thing to see.

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  14. Conservative_302 says:

    She rocks! I renewed my NRA membership last night. They are going to need the money thanks to a lunatic N.Y. AG’s new lawsuit. Plus, they work to help Republicans get elected.


  15. She rocks! I renewed my NRA membership last night. They need the money since the lunatic N.Y. AG’s new lawsuit, and they spent up to 70 million in the last election to get Trump elected. This lawsuit is a ploy by the left to tie up NRA funds with a lawsuit so they can’t spend money on getting Trump elected this November.

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  16. Smokey Jo says:

    Just donated. We’re planning on relocating to the Delta area in the next year or two and would be in her district. Will also make to sure to stop in her restaurant on our next road trip out there.

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  17. Steve says:

    Sorry if this already been asked but does anyone have an idea what POTUS meant by you might not see me for a while and the massive staff send off at the Whitehouse. Very concerned as I’ve never heard him speak like that before. He was saying he has some very enemies since slashing drug prices.


  18. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “It takes courage to throw your hat into the ring and take action; but action is exactly what is most needed right now. Our role is to support these citizen candidates with steadfast appreciation for their effort.”

    That is an imperative, especially in NY state. In NY, Republican candidates challenging incumbent Democrats receive little support, if any, from the State and National Republican party. The candidates put much of their time and own money travelling around, yet are treated as expendable “sacrificial lambs”.

    I have no clue what these parties do with their money, because to me it is not being used to challenge Democrats, even when they have a viable, creditable candidate as a challenger.


  19. steph_gray says:

    I love this thread and even here in blueMA I just found a worthy local MAGA candidate for it!

    Inspired by sundance’s latest push to find 10 people to share with, a MAGA friend and I went to a barbecue event yesterday evening held by this candidate from Billerica, MA. He’s running against the odious Seth Moulton – he of the recent “red states deserve what they get” quote (and John Paul already has that one in his campaign literature).

    Turns out that the district he’s running in is the closest margin we can get in blueMA – only Dim+5 – so though there is also a terrific woman running against the also odious Ayannah Presley, John Paul has more of an actual numerical shot this time (I will probably give a little to her as well).

    I had printed out a bunch of business-card sized papers with the Treehouse logo and web site address. About half the attendees already knew about this site – others who didn’t immediately responded to the Breitbart logo picture. I think a lot of them will turn up here to look. I gave one to John Paul who was not yet familiar, and gave him a quick pitch on the unique nature of sundance’s research.

    John Paul is a former MIT math guy who started an engineering business, very smart, very energetic speaker who takes no prisoners, and is now traveling around the district in an in-your-face Black the Blue truck (he said he’s gotten 90% thumbs up everywhere so far). I have an assurance from a longtime MAGA friend that he is the real deal (not a stealth Dim in lion’s clothing, which is always a danger here).

    My sense is he can use all the help he can get, and I hope as others said about their local bright lights, treepers may throw him a few bucks. He would be the first Republican to Congress for blueMA in many years, and said himself last night it would cause a shock wave of panic on the left!

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    • steph_gray says:

      Whoops obviously meant to say Back the Blue!

      I like that John Paul is using the truck strategy – an echo of the last time we had a groundswell in blueMA, Scott Brown the Eventual Disappointment.

      However, I don’t think the truck was Scott’s mistake – it was what he did afterwards.

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  20. Right to reply says:

    This house can’t wait to vote Rubio out!

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  21. sarasotosfan says:

    The question remains, as with every candidate, who actually holds the power within the candidacy?


  22. Caius Lowell says:

    Outstanding job Ma’am! Colorado has suffered greatly from a socialist invasion…


  23. cheering4america says:

    I think she does well to emphasize that the Second Amendment IS a feminist issue; the female heroes depicted on TV/movies are unrealistic, and, since this is America, she HAS THE RIGHT to defend herself.

    I also appreciate that she describes herself as a citizen. Hellooooo! That’s what is supposed to be serving in our Congress. She would be SERVING. Not serving herself, as most of them do.

    I hope people in Colorado hungry for some normalcy after all of the chaos: Here is an attractive woman of the old style, a thoughtful mother, and business owner. There must still be some people in CO who can relate to that.

    (A little disconcerting that she either lost an earring or only wore one for this interview.)

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    • John says:

      “That’s what is supposed to be serving in our Congress. ”

      Us older folks can remember when those we elected were referred to as REPRESENTATIVES when mentioned in the media – now they’re LEADERS and LAWMAKERS while we’re TAXPAYERS and CONSUMERS.

      This, to me, should have been nipped in the bud quickly as it’s a very obvious form of conditioning to define what they see as their place and our place.

      Kind of a pet peeve of mine…

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    • Cheering4America,

      Her hair looks like she might style it so the left side hides her ear for some reason. Maybe she can’t wear an earring on that ear or something. Just sayn, I don’t know, but it isn’t disconcerting to me.

      I like her, I’ll donate to her, and I hope that if she wins she can get some traction in the sickening swamp. We really need true Constitutional Republic oriented people from her generation to take hold of government and do the RIGHT things!

      When I see the literal freaks that are holding office and their freakish “assistants” it makes muh blood boil! We are infiltrated with the sick among us… 😦


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  24. ltravisjr says:

    She exudes freshness and happiness, and you can tell she enjoys life, even in the face of these threats that have inspired her to run for Congress. That, in manifold way, is what being pro life comes from and is about. Like so many authentic young conservatives, she is not dour like so much of the opposition. That’s how I know we are on the right side.

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  25. hokkoda says:

    The Tea Party ought to be your cautionary tale about the 2017 attempted coup, and subsequent efforts to bring it to light. The Government Party unified in opposition to the Tea Party. The Dems and GOP unified around the IRS-strategy. They adopted the language of the Tea Party while running deception candidates. They made promises they never intended to keep. That’s why Trump got elected and Paul Ryan resigned.

    As you go around showing your materials to these people, even the “friendly voices”, remember the Tea Party. Remember that the Ruling Class is altogether evil, and that their primary goal is to co-opt what you’re doing so they can bury it, and you.

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  26. Dar Adal says:

    Still good.

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  27. Reaganite says:

    Boebert is the antigen, antibody, and antithesis of AOC and the squad.
    A beautiful embodiment of the citizen legislators Washington and the
    founders had in mind. With P45 setting the stage, a new era may be beginning,
    if we ALL vote and do our part, as the inspired Mrs. Boebert is doing.

    I pray that the disasters and criminallities of the Bush, Clinton, & Zero-44
    years will turn out to be the pathology that has created its own antiboidies,
    corrections, and cures.

    And that the” arc of history” boomerangs back on the arrogant
    criminalitiers that Trmps and Boeberts are running against.

    Thank you to Sundance for highlighting Boebert. And for everything
    SD and Treepers are so cheerfully pitching in to do.

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  28. pattykins says:

    Just donated to Blake and Lauren. We need to send a message to DC that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.


  29. cheering4america says:

    SD says to show Lauren some appreciation.

    1. After what has been done to other MAGA folks, we need to add her to our Prayer List!

    2. Send her money.

    3. Share her website or this page with others in her district.


  30. Right to reply says:

    I think its great to see Donald Jr featuring MAGA candidates on his Facebook page. Its a brilliant idea for those who just aren’t sure who they can trust/vote for anymore. A comprehensive list state by state would be a brilliant idea.


  31. kleen says:

    Anyone getting into politics now days are either risking everything to save this country because they understand we are at war and Marxism is taking over, or they are slimy, corrupt SOBs.
    There’s not middle ground. Politics have turned into dirty war. Look at what happened to Rand Paul, Scales and many others attacked by Democrats’ community organizers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right to reply says:

      Just use the 2nd, and defend yourself against criminals. Its what they are!


    • Kleen:
      A free society that has witnessed what we have over the last four months would be taking to heart the old adage that ‘politics is war by other means,’ and ‘war is politics by other means.
      The success of communist revolution is that they fight for their cause on two tracks: the political track, and the war track.

      If our government were not weak and corrupt, the war track would have already been activated through strong FBI raids, expansive RICOH prosecutions by DOJ and forceful and effective executive orders by the president.

      Again, we are no longer in a time of peace. Our government must act soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Pale rider says:

    The genie is out of the bottle. Dumbocrates have been manipulating us with all these gun issues, false flags, BS .
    Brings me to a conclusion (ending on my questions of responsibility) when a stupid leftist spews or won’t listen to reason, in my thoughts, they are just as responsible as the shooters, looters, rapist, rioters, traitor democratic congressmen who betray us all. Ignorance is no excuse anymore? For us or them.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Not to be an eyeore. But we need more gun manufacturing and ammo manufacturing in America. Current companies can’t keep up with demand.

    Having the right is useless if you can’t buy a gun or ammo.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    What Biden said yesterday revealing that the democrats take their 90% black vote for granted came at a time when all the pundits are saying that he will pick a woman of color as a running mate. If that vote is “locked in” why bother? The democrats will have Obama out stirring up fear in the black community. At this point wouldn’t be a bit surprised if The Party chose someone like crazy arms Beto as a sidekick to bring some youthful excitement to the ticket. Fortunately that still wouldn’t be enough to pull sleepy Joe across the finish line first.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~


    • hokkoda says:

      At this point, if they don’t put a black woman on the ticket, they are totally effed. The problem, of course, is that the black women they’re talking about are committed Marxists. Susan Rice is facing a perjury indictment. That’s why all these names keep popping up as trial balloons. Personally, I think they’re going to try and arm-twist Michelle Obama into doing it.


  35. hopespringseternal2020 says:

    Don’t forget some love for Sean Parnell who is running against Conor Lamb in PA

    and Alek Skarlatos (of the Paris train fame) who might be able to knock out long time very left Congress critter Peter DeFazio of OR. President Trump came very close to winning this district in 2016 and with all of the unrest in OR it has a good chance of flipping this time!


  36. benifranlkin says:

    Lady Lauren is terrific! She even did this (from her website): “When Colorado’s liberal state government voted for the state to join the National Popular Vote Compact and hand our votes for President of the United States to California, Lauren became the second-largest signature gatherer (over 229,000 signatures were gathered statewide), ensuring that voters would have the opportunity to repeal NPV this fall. If repealed, it will be the first time since the 1930’s that a law was repealed via citizen petition.”
    Make a donation to her campaign to be the R rep for Colorado CD3…takes up the entire western half of Colorado with 700,000+ peeps. She can win this thing; she will be running against another woman-Democrat sociology professor. What a contrast!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. I have a very unsettling feeling about Ms. Boebert: the Lauren Boebert that appears on Hannity looks in no way like the Ms. Boebert seen in her Beto confrontation , or the Ms. Boebert seen in the photo with the gun-slinging girls.

    Has anyone else seen or noticed this? Seems to me that this is way beyond surgery, or weight gain or loss.


  38. MaineCoon says:

    Here is here Contract With Colorado

    America First.

    I work for you. Not special interests. Not Washington, DC. Just you!
    I’ll always vote for a strong national defense, better care for our Veterans, stronger trade agreements and to keep the promises we’ve made to our seniors. No Green New Deal, no more DC power grabs, always what’s right for Colorado.

    Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    My job is to secure your rights and defend the Constitution as it is written. I won’t let them take away our guns. I’ll always stand up for freedom of speech. I’m against judges who legislate from the bench. I’m against the national popular vote; Colorado’s voice matters and we can’t give that away to California.

    Limited Government.

    An entrenched federal bureaucracy with over 2 million federal employees who earn more and receive better benefits than Main Street is far from what our founders envisioned. Term limits for all politicians, not just the good ones. Cap federal civilian pay and benefits to private sector levels. Give more authority to the President to take on the Deep State by firing those in the executive branch not implementing his policies.

    Free Markets.

    Free and fair markets work when we let them. Fewer over-reaching regulations and more competition will deliver better outcomes. Healthcare should be personal and portable with transparent and competitive pricing. Veterans should have a private-sector option, too!


    I believe life begins at conception. Planned Parenthood can go fund themselves. They should never receive a dime of our federal tax dollars.


    Attacks on our personal freedom must stop. I will never vote to give away our personal freedom to socialists, globalists or other left-wing lunatics. Watch out AOC and the Squad, here I come!

    Strong Borders.

    A country without borders is not a country at all. We must enforce our current immigration laws, put a stop to sanctuary cities and build the wall.


    Energy independence is critical to our national defense and economic security. I support an all-of-the-above strategy where the government does not choose winners and losers. Drill baby, drill!
    Add new nuclear technology to the mix as a clean and efficient energy source.

    Fiscal Responsibility.

    The federal government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. We don’t need tax increases. I will introduce and vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment every year I serve in Congress.

    School Choice.

    Charter schools work. School choice works. Local decision making is better. Parents know better than bureaucrats. There shouldn’t even be a federal Department of Education.


    I am a strong conservative with principles that I will always stand up for. I’ll hold myself accountable and you can, too.


    Liked by 3 people

  39. JCscuba says:

    Truly an important post, thank you. Great job as usual.


  40. bosscook says:

    Donate if you can…she’s EXACTLY what we need more of!

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Lenny Ladner says:

    Will she VOTE NO, on any bill which would INCREASE the size, cost, reach and power of government??


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