Democrat Dictator/Mayor – Nashville COVID Compliance Force Arrests Black Man For Not Wearing a Mask Outside – Where is Black Lives Matter Now?…

As you absorb just how far the communists running Nashville Tennessee have gone in this story, it is worth remembering this is the same city where people were picked up off the street and forced into involuntary internment/quarantine camps in May.  One man jumped the fence and escaped the detention camp. The Nashville police hunted him down and recaptured him.  [BACKSTORY] Think about this people !!

In the latest development a non-domiciled Nashville citizen named Joseph Bryant (61) was arrested for refusing to wear a face mask outside.  His bail is set at $500 and he has a bond hearing today.  Again… THINK ABOUT THIS: This is Democrat Mayor John Cooper.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A 61-year-old man was arrested Wednesday night after police said he repeatedly violated a Nashville public health order requiring masks to be worn in public.

According to an arrest warrant, Metro police issued Joseph Bryant a citation just after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday on Broadway for not wearing a mask, violating Metro Code 2.36.190, which states “it is unlawful for any person to violate an order of the board of health or of the chief medical director.”

The warrant states Bryant was spotted again just before 8 p.m. in the same area, committing the same violation, so rather than issue a state citation, an officer arrested him “due to the obvious likelihood the offense would continue.”

Bryant was booked into the Metro jail around 9 p.m. on a charge of county board of health regulation violation. His bond was set at $500. (read more)

As you can see from this example, the Tennessee Ministry of COVID Compliance cares about the health of its compliant citizens.  Authorities empowered by the Ministry will actively hunt down subversive citizens and forcibly detain them in the ongoing effort to build a new society where compliance will always provide the security you seek.

If wrong-thoughts or requests for arbitrary freedom continue to be expressed, it may become necessary for the Ministry to take enhanced enforcement action.  Please do not put the Ministry in the position of having to make such decisions. Compliance is in your best interest and re-education facilities are costly to maintain.

Relax comrades, the Ministry is sensitive to your previous rights as we initiate our new, safer, society.  The COVID Compliance Ministry appreciates good citizens who voluntarily participate in the rules of our new society. We will continue to reward good citizenship status with enhanced tax credits and social benefits allowing greater access to a safe COVID Compliant Society. A safer society; where the odds will always be in our favor.

A rogue citizen could put a compliant society at risk of infection. They may not just carry biologics they could carry a more alarming virus of wrong-thought against the interests of the state. Rogue citizens would be subversive to our new society.

Social Distancing or House Arrest…. Details, comrades,… details.


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167 Responses to Democrat Dictator/Mayor – Nashville COVID Compliance Force Arrests Black Man For Not Wearing a Mask Outside – Where is Black Lives Matter Now?…

  1. As someone born and raised in Tennessee……

    We expect this from Memphis. Looks like Nashville has fallen too.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      Nashville is not Nashville anymore…it’s been taken over by Hollywood types!!!
      So has country music…Southern big cities are slowly being Hollywoodized. Just like Atlanta.

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      • Tango268 says:

        Seven or eight years ago I was on a cross country trip from Memphis to Virginia. Two of my friends argued for an hour over whether it was appropriate to include rap and hip hop influences in country music. I was amused. Now, I don’t listen to any country music that is not at least 20 years old. I am someone who notices patterns, and the injection of the Luke Brians and Florida/Georgia Lines into the genre has done what Bubba Wallace is attempting to do to NASCAR.

        It starts with making the stars on the inside feel guilty that they are part of an industry that is not “inclusive.” Allowing a few progressive newcomers to expand the boundaries seems like a good and noble thing. Then more and more progressives rush in and crowd out or simply “pay homage” to the old guard while eliminating everything about it that made it interesting and appealing to its customers. I don’t like rap with a southern twang any more than rap with urban slang.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        I think that the movie industry is one of the main reasons
        that rents have become absurd around Atlanta. It’s what
        these idiots were used to out west.

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      • Chieftain says:

        The “Chicks”ification of Nashville?
        The State of Tennessee could address this it.
        Governor Bill Lee, Republican
        Senate: 28 Republicans; 5 Democrats
        Representatives: 73 Republicans; 26 Democrats

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      • BigTalkers says:

        We were far “safer” when they were making fun of us. I discovered this secret when I moved to the Gulf 40 years ago.

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      • Justin Green says:

        Don’t get me started on country music these days. It’s wrap, sung by someone who has a southern accent, in most cases.

        Thankfully a few bands are bringing country back.

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      • Deadbeat says:

        It has to do with who controls the money. You notice how the left always talks about “redistribution” that is because they control the money and they do not want you to have any. This is how they maintain controls. We has to end the fed and take away the left’s control over money.

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    • von Vincent says:

      As someone born, raised in Memphis and is currently living in Tennessee, this is not happening everywhere in the state, thanks be to God. My family lives in Memphis and is having to live under house arrest, basically, because masks are mandated everywhere. Gotta look at their “leaders” and that’s all you need to know.


  2. Ellis says:

    Why would he have to wear a mask outside? These people need to be removed from office. That is unbelievable.

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    • Buddy Smot says:

      President Trump has bent the knee to Fauci and Team Apocalypse. It is a little hard to rein in the mayor of Nashville when the president is telling people to wear a mask.

      Karl Rove, Bill Stepien, Jared, and Ivanka, are running the campaign. They are attempting to win back white, suburban women. This group does not like confrontation. Polling shows they like the masks. Biden’s campaign people are going after the same group.

      Gone is the swashbuckling alpha male from 2016. For the next 90 days expect to see the campaign paint in pastels, not bold colors. Whether or not President Trump can contain himself for that long remains to be seen. The COVID updates where he smiles, speaks softly and compassionately are the new Trump rallies. It is a takeoff on FDR’s fireside chats. So far, this strategy is working. People are reassured. Whether it works in the long run remains to be seen. Let us pray that these new campaign managers know what they are doing. I suspect they are following polling data.

      The problem is with Ronna McDaniel. So far, she is no Reince Priebus. We all saw that in the 2018 midterms.

      I would be curious what CTH readers think the campaign message is post COVID.


      • MustangBlues says:

        buddy: astute comments, snarks well worth your pay, but not meaningful to any President Trump supporter, but shows you can read and make up things, try again. More responses gets you more meth money.

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    • More Bore says:

      Would love it if there was video of the arrest and we could watch the cognitive dissonance of them defending cops.

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  3. scrap1ron says:

    No lives matter to the Marxist BLM.

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  4. All I cansay is : Frightening, and it’s getting worse.

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  5. prtomr says:

    I love Nashville. Won’t go back until this s… gets fixed!

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  6. Max Tadpol says:

    This is the issue we fight in court.

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  7. mtsu4919 says:

    This is one county up from me. Very scary stuff. The current police chief who has served for 45 years in the police department had announced his retirement for the end of the year a few weeks back. I saw a story today where he is retiring effective Thursday 08/07. I think this stuff is why he bumped it up. He has been resisting enforcing this, and now the idiot mayor and city council are mandating it.

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  8. bobcorvus says:

    And I am looking for land in northeast TN too. WTH?

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      DON’T DO it! Lot’s of other nice places 😉

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      DeadWood South Dakota

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    • Carly says:

      We’ve been researching TN and spotted many good sites. Conservative, no income tax, and lower cost of living (except utilities) all make TN very attractive. However, when I ran comparisons on crime, it’s some of the worst. Depends on where you’re looking, but do check the crime rate.

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      • realeyecandy1 says:

        Meigs County …. Beautiful Watts Barr Lake and immense COUNTRY land. Look at Ten Mile and you can get waterfront AND country. I lived there for 23 years right on the water at Ten Mile. My WORST mistake in life was coming back “home” to WVA. Actually utiltities near the counties served by Watts Barr (nuclear) are MUCH cheaper. Sweetwater Tn has BEAUTIFUL lake front and river front as well


      • bobcorvus says:

        We have been looking at the crime rates. we were looking around mountain city but there is a state prison right there


    • MBethamn says:

      I had been planning to move to the Knoxville area from Florida. I stayed there this past Memorial weekend and hardly saw anyone wearing masks except for employees in a few businesses. Everything seemed pretty normal to me. Now I read that Knox County has mandates as well as Sevier County. Even the Tri-Cities in the northeast have extended lockdowns and masks are required. There are Facebook snitch pages springing up all over the area. Things are more lenient here in NE Florida (except Jacksonville). I’m staying put until after the election, but TN is no longer on my list. Starting to think seriously about S. Dakota . . . .


  9. ex101st says:

    And foolish sheeple think they will actually get out of this world alive.

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  10. Rabidfox says:

    That was one of the best snarkcasms I’ve ever been privileged to read. Thanks Sundance for mockery and lighthearted horror show we look forward to in the near future.

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  11. scrap1ron says:

    Directorium Inquistorum 1578 – “punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit.”

    Nobody expects the Marxist Inquisition. Are you think correctly, citizen?

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  12. mtsu4919 says:

    Nashville is lost. Williamson County (immediately south) where I am if not far off. Give it another few years and it will be just like Nashville.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Murfreesboro is already lost. LaVergne and Smyrna might be safe still but caught between those two. head East… Lebanon and beyond. Avoid Mt Juliet at all costs.

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      • Carly says:

        Mt. Juliet? I have a niece who lives there. She and her husband are the hardest working young people I’ve ever met (earn-save-then spend types). Smart and good-hearted. I hope Mt. Juliet isn’t crazy.


    • Nashville is where all the faux wanna-be country music stars roll It’s the silicon valley of country music. I mean, look at Austin, TX, same thing.

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    • Cathy M. says:

      Durn. I lived in Thompson’s Station (just south of Nash.) & worked in Nash for 5 yrs. (2003-2007)
      Loved the area including Nashville & never wanted to leave the area. Alas, I had to move to AL to help care of my elderly mom.

      Couldn’t stand the Gov. I had to bump heads a few times w/the then Gov.
      Got along great w/ the then Chief of Metro PD

      I had planned to move back to TN.

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      • AlinWonderland says:

        Lots of Tennessee Is rural and most of it conservative. Just like most states, stay out of the metro areas and hopefully we can keep our state red.

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  13. Bluegrass Nana says:

    Where is BLM now? Here in Louisville, they are busy attempting to extort businesses. If you dare to defy their demands, this happens:

    Thankfully, we have Cuban Americans and other business owners who refuse to bow.

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  14. islandpalmtrees says:

    The Point here is that COVID-19 Treatment is a fabrication in order to support Compliance. HCQ prevents COVID-19 infection.

    JAIL FAUCI: Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate — THIS IS HUGE! We Are Talking Over 100,000 American Lives!
    By Jim Hoft
    Published August 6, 2020

    We are talking over 100,000 American lives could have been saved!

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    • StanH says:

      This is important and damning of the perpetrators of the Wuhan Con.

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    • JMC says:

      Don’t you know, ipt, that HQC is not as safe as dying? /s

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    • WIVoter says:

      The saddest part is that this is happening all around the country with DONALD TRUMP as president. I know it isn’t accepted on this site to blame the president for anything pertaining to COVID-1984 but he loosed this tyranny by his health emergency and he has let Fauci, Birx and Redfield run loose and didn’t even bring in other people to counter the narrative of Fauci, Birx and Redfield. When will President Trump stand up against the mask nazis . Oh, I forgot, it is PATRIOTIC to wear a mask and unpatriotic to not wear a mask.

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      • dilonsfo says:

        And your other choice for President would be?

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      • northwoodswatcher says:

        He could end it be revoking the emergency and, since the national declaration was essentially the enabling act for everything else that followed, he should also require the repeal of state/local declarations.

        He could instruct DOJ to ensure immediate arrests and prosecutions of officials in municipalities and states that continue to infringe, post-national emergency, on our Constitutional liberties of speech, association, assembly, travel, worship, etc.

        The enabling act to stop the persecutions would be the federal Insurrection Act.

        Of course, the President would need to declare that specific states and cities were in a state of insurrection — which is what I recommended President Trump do back in April to remove these communists from office. Anyone aiding and abetting an insurrection gets arrested by federal officials and taken away for trial, preferably by a military commission.

        If DOJ actually decides to do its job, it could instantly hammer de Blasio, Whitmer, Northam, Sisolak, Garcetti, Newsome, etc., as I would expect that none of these demonRATs would do anything to reverse course. Federal LEOs and probably a federalized National Guard would be called out in every state in a state of insurrection.

        We now have a bunch of little Stalins entrenched in their dictatorships, however, and only a declaration of insurrection — or a whole lot better job by DOJ — can root them out.

        That is, unless DOJ wants to see citizen militias rise up and start shooting down these subversive public officials, along with their vicious Antifa/BLM brownshirts. We have plenty of federal LEOs, however, so this should not require a vigilante effort — again, unless DOJ refuses to do its job, and it has already demonstrated a pitiful record of doing so.

        POST-REPEAL, one would EXPECT that the face diapers, stupid distancing, shutdowns, and persecution would end, IMMEDIATELY. The President can do this anytime he wants. The federal Insurrection Act has been used many times in American history to quell this type of violence and to step in when local/state officials go off the reservation.

        That the President is NOT using it speaks to a deeper reason related to this and future elections. I suspect he has been advised that there never will be another time when the communists would be as insane as they are right now, coming right out in the open with their sh*tstorm. Therefore, the idea goes, now is the time for all of the wobbly swing voters to get their nose rubbed in it and for everyone to get their fill of commies.

        The one problem that will remain once the COVID Compliance Ministries are put out of business following Trump’s re-election is that America will now have a precedent by which some future President can merely issue another national emergency and use BOTH the state governments and federal government to enforce an even worse Nazi regime.

        REMEMBER — All of the infringements on our liberty are occurring because REPUBLICANS, AS WELL AS DOJ, DID NOTHING TO KILL THE ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL CONCEPT OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS MASQUERADING AS LAWS. In fact, any number of Republicans (RINOs) enabled it.

        This is a very key point that will have to be dealt with ASAP after the election.

        For if any executive at any level of government in America can haul out an emergency declaration — whether it’s for an epidemic, hurricane, flood, or whatever, and use executive orders to act like a dictator, then one of them most definitely will do it!

        That has to end. Someone needs to bring this to SCOTUS to make that clear for all time.

        Maybe the President is letting this all roll on because he plans to have some ally bring that case, but he would prefer to do it after he gets another one, two, three, or four Supreme Court picks — and I do believe he’ll get four in his 2nd administration.

        Of course, the only reason I can see for not using the Insurrection Act now is optics.

        Everything the President does is reported falsely by the Fake Media who are the key support of the Fear Porn regimes. If Trump moves to arrest and imprison the Nazi mayors and governors for acting like Nazis, then the Fake Media will instead crucify HIM as the Nazi. This is the conundrum. This suggests that during Trump’s 2nd term he will also have to take steps, using the FCC plus antimonopoly laws, to destroy the Fake Media.

        That aside, I still ask that he stop praising face diapers. Praising Fake Science even in service of a larger goal is just a bad idea. It is going to be increasingly hard to correct the longer it goes on. Like all the rest of the demonRAT’s Sh*t Science, it never should have been allowed in the first place. Face diapers should have been shot dead the very first day.

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        • I agree completely, especially about the President should NOT support face masks. He DID go so far as to say, a week or so ago (maybe more now), “If you can’t social-distance, then wear a mask…” (not an exact quote). But that was a one-off, I haven’t heard it again, by anyone.

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      • 6079 Smith W says:

        Mueller didn’t bring him down; impeachment failed; but his well-known “germaphobia” may well be both his and our country’s downfall.

        Newsweek, September 26, 2017
        “Trump Says He is Scared of Germs…”‘
        “…The president discussed his obsessive-compulsive tendencies during the course of 15 hours of interviews with The Howard Stern Show between 1993 and 2015 that have been obtained exclusively by Newsweek….”

        Politico, July 7, 2019
        The Purrell presidency: Trump aides learn the president’s real red line
        “…The president’s admitted germaphobia has been a fixture throughout his career — from real-estate deal rooms to casino floors — and it’s now popping up in more public ways. It could create another round of tactile challenges as Trump launches his 2020 campaign…”.


    • dd_sc says:

      The irony of that graph is that people that think we should be more like Cuba are the same ones not allowing HCQ.

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  15. StanH says:

    A totalitarians wet-dream. Man these creeps are all in on the Wuhan Con. You can just see the little Marxist weasel/mayor goose-stepping around his office in glee of the power he now possesses.

    At some point the levy will break with the Wuhan Con and the wannabe dictator will be swept away in a torrent of Red, White and Blue. My guess 11/4/20.

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    • Bakokitty says:

      I pray that you are right!

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      • StanH says:

        Let’s make it so. We outnumber them 10 to 1. Stick together and we will crush them. Fall for the Wuhan Con, Mayhem and whatever comes next, we’ll still win but not by as much.

        As an aside AdRem and the Sundance team of moderators it would appear WP is corrected. Take the rest of the day off on me…ha. No fooling, you guys did a great job!

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  16. catfederate says:

    I often feel like weeping for the town I was born and raised in. The takeover by leftist politicians have turned the city into something I can no longer bear to venture to. I have lived in a neighboring county for many years and am in the process of moving further out as the sprawl and stench of “progressives” are now in my current town. The 34% tax increase on top of the March tornado and the crushing economic blow from the Wuflu are killing the county. This mayor and his equally douchey brother need to be expelled. Thank you for call attention to this abuse.

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    • realeyecandy1 says:

      I live out in the country but I worry now that I get older about getting to doctors, grocers, etc. Where I live I’m not sure too many rioters will come but it is, as I get older, a concern. There are no Ubers, taxis, buses, etc here. Everyone DRIVES


  17. Eric C. says:

    Let me know when your landing, I’ll pick you up!

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    • The Boss says:

      Was planning to stop in Nashville while on a long drive. Where would you recommend that’s nearby but not as screwed up? Thanks.


      • Sbrgirl says:



      • jtrstill says:

        Maybe Franklin? Not really sure these days.


      • Eric C. says:

        We flew into Nashville, line in north Alabama, a few weeks ago. Stopped at Five Guys in Franklin (south of Nashville about 15/20 min on I-65) seemed normal. Quite a few nice hotels, Drury, Embassy suite, etc

        Williamson County (the one south of Nashville [Davidson county] is very nice. Seems like lots of tree hugger types have descended upon Nashville, I’m sure the music industry rotting the original country genre, the old you can beat em’ do destroy it by making it the same from within.


  18. adam says:

    So if the state mandates that masks are to be worn in public spaces and (unlawfully) criminalizes non-compliance, doesn’t it follow that the state should provide them at no cost to its residents?

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    • New Nonna, Again!!! 🤗 says:

      Adam, not for nothing, but I wouldn’t want one from the state. Somehow that would make me feel like I’m complying even more so than providing my own.

      Besides, if I wear one to go into the food store or church, it happens to say
      TRUMP 2020. And it’s the only thing that makes my complying bearable to me.


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      • jtrstill says:

        DH and I have masks that are the blue line flag. Just yesterday, he was on his way to work. He stopped off for gas at his usual station, and noticed a gang of about 6 policemen stopped off for a chin-wag. It was 3:00 a.m., It was not an unusual thing to see. As he was gassing up the car, one of them walked up and pointed out his brake light was not working.
        DH told him that he was on his way to work and couldn’t get it fixed till the next day. The LEO told him that was fine, he was just letting him know, and to have a good day! No ticket ,or warning citation. DH said he was really trying hard to show off his mask, lol.

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      • realeyecandy1 says:

        I wore my Hot Pink Women For Trump Shirt and MASK today at the Walmart. People shop now like they are zombies. I haven’t been to the store often during this but I actually paid attention today because it was the first day I wore my Women For Trump mask. I just got it in this week

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  19. John Davis says:

    Cops, not long ago, used to chase down masked men.
    My, how things have changed!

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  20. islandpalmtrees says:

    The Constitution is clear – Joseph Bryant is being punished illegally for not wearing a mask. And, this is unconstitutional. Time for a civil suit against “Nashville COVID Compliance Force”.

    Get a good lawyer Joseph!

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  21. paper doll says:

    I’m in a blue state and while I must were a mask in stores, we can go maskless outside and most do… wth Tennessee??


    • TradeBait says:

      It’s just in Nashville. None of the rest of us do except some counties require it to go into stores. Don’t know why somebody doesn’t sue the pants off the mayor/city. Knoxville bowed to the pressure from bar owners last night. They had ordered them to close for a few weeks and some said – not happening. So city council came up with a plan to leave them open until 10 PM nightly. It passed and had the support of the bar owners and community.

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  22. TradeBait says:

    Nashville and Memphis have been taken over by lefty loons. Fortunately we are holding the ground in east TN and all of the rest of the state. It’s happening to country music there in Nashville as well.

    The only way to swing it back is for crime to not pay anymore. That means parading elite and grunt criminals in cuffs for the entire country to see who attempted a coup while throwing all of us under the bus globally by selling out to communists. It is the only way to reclaim ground taken by an evil enemy. Anything short of it will just get swept under the rug and business as usual will continue.

    It needs to be a painful existence for a lefty. They need to know the only way back to restoration and redemption is confession and repentance.

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    • …I was going to respond, “Ditto”, but then I remember the “Friends” episode where Joey thoughtlessly responds to Chandler’s agonized admission of love/lust for Joey’s girlfriend: “Well, that’s PRETTY good…”

      You left out all mention of nukes, for example….

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  23. I just got back from visiting Nashville friends and family on Monday. Don’t fly down there, there are a lot of patriots there who could help out.
    I didn’t wear a mask in several restaurants or outside. But, I was in Hendersonville, Gallatin and Franklin which are suburbs of N’ville.

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  24. You cannot convince me that the same people who were responsible for Spy Gate- The Civil War are not responsible for the Chi Com Covid Catastrophe.
    All of this BS has now filtered down to the “granular” level (not sure if that is the proper use of the word) of town and county governments.
    New York, NJ, CT and much of the East Coast is a disaster zone thanks to the hurricane and tornadoes that plowed through our neighborhoods, yet our government officials are still all in lockdown as are the courts.
    Most of us had no electricity and no internet for a couple of days and there are many who still are waiting to have theirs turned on.
    Every single civil rights violation, assault on our liberty, government malfeasance and misfeasance, presidential campaign, are all being filtered through the fake Covid Scam-DEMic.
    My heart goes out to this gentleman and it looks like help is on the way, but our entire Country needs help at this point- in many places like NY and California things are going backwards, getting worse not better.
    I hope and pray that our President Trump will soon begin to have outdoor rallies, maybe at the airplane hangars like he did in 2016. We need organized, massive DEMONSTRATIONS for FREEDOM and we need them NOW.
    I also pray that our amazing President will come out with some heavy punch back like an Executive Order declaring that the public health “emergency” is OVER and that it will be illegal for any Governor to make illegal and unconstitutional “orders” that override the elected officials in their legislators.
    I am sick and tired of seeing BLM and Antifa stealing our thunder day after day because our side insists on playing by the Marquess of Queensbury rules. Time to take off the gloves and start fighting back- HARD.

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  25. 28angelica28 says:

    Another edict by another Democrat sCooper. Too many of them in power. November here we come!!

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  26. Kimi says:

    Comrade Murphy, here in communist “Joisey”, stated the Bill of Rights “are above (his) pay grade”. Just who is paying him then?!? Details indeed…🤔

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  27. Michelle says:

    Welcome to Nazi Germany.

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  28. jaggggg says:

    How in the world can Tennessee, with a population of 6.7 million and only 1,144 deaths be at ANY significant risk at this point in the epidemic? Massachusetts has only 6 million population but nearly EIGHT TIMES the deaths and, even then, the average death age has been 82 with 98% having co-existing conditions.

    Its been hysterical in MA given the data. What TN is doing here is utterly and completely INSANE.

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    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Nashville….not Tn.
      Big difference. Like night and day difference. Nashville has evidently just become another Memphis.
      When I was first getting ready to move to nashville 20 years ago, the wife asked me…
      Where in Nashville are you planning on us moving to….
      My answer>…outside of it.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      We’re at this point because data from CoVid is being skewed

      A 35 year old man who was a roofer in Florida didn’t get off the roof when a storm began to brew in May

      He got hit by lightning jolted off the roof

      Sent to the hospital in critical condition

      He died in June

      The hospital listed his death from Coronavirus

      The man died from his injuries from falling off the roof when he got hit by lightning

      Perhaps the hysteria would simmer down if we had accurate records

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    • twingirls says:

      The masks won’t go away until Nancy can wear turtlenecks to cover her “turkey neck”. Notice how she color coordinates her outfits and masks? And wears them around her neck. If she had to wear the “shield” the masks would go.

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  29. SandDollar says:

    Will there be a fund to help bail this man out? I am in to help offset.


  30. Cortes says:

    Isn’t Tennessee “the Volunteer State” any more?

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  31. dawg says:

    This COVID hysteria is the gravest threat to our nation.

    These types of things are happening because a large portion of society has given “consent of the governed”. Governors have received the cover to do this.

    They (We) have given consent because they (we) are fearful of the virus.

    They are willing to give up their fundamental rights for perceived security because MOST PEOPLE ARE UNINFORMED AND MISINFORMED as to the true nature of the virus.

    A Rasmussen poll of 1500 registered voters showed that only 50% of people were aware that the virus is more deadly for older people with health conditions and not deadly for young and healthy people. Our enemies have achieved exactly what they wanted to. The majority of people in this country believe the opposite of what is true in regards to the virus.

    We have to combat the fear-mongering with specific TRUTHS about the virus, put it in context and broadcast the available highly successful treatments for it. Every possible statistic of this virus is being manipulated in every possible way to incite FEAR.

    This whole thing is being weaponized in every which way to enable a Biden win. If Biden wins, not only will any exposure of Spygate completely vanish in the blink of an eye, all those who seriously attempted to expose it will be CANCELLED.

    The weaponization of the virus has been successful beyond their WILDEST dreams.


    • hopespringseternal2020 says:

      This just illustrates how the media and then big tech are truly the greatest enemies we face.

      They must be destroyed…hopefully, by Epstein, Russia collusion revelations and more financially devastating lawsuits like the Covington kid. The politicians wouldn’t be able to get away with the COVID scheme or racial riots if the populace wasn’t being gaslit 24/7.

      Of course the education indoctrination is a huge problem but if the media could be neutralized sooner rather than later our country would be in much better shape.


  32. thrawlbrauna says:



  33. Abster says:

    Why are no lawyers stepping forward to fight these officials, their mandates and help the innocent?

    Liked by 9 people

    • sundance says:

      GREAT question.

      Liked by 4 people

    • pf1289 says:

      We have the 1851 Constitutional Project in Ohio. The executive director is Maurice Thompson. They fight against unconstitutional laws in Ohio. He successfully sued the state for gym owners. They were allowed to open back up sooner than the state wanted. He successfully sued to get indoor water parks back open. A restaurant was shut down because a cook didn’t wear a mask and he beat the state on that one as well. He said that case meant they couldn’t enforce the mask mandate.

      I haven’t worn a mask anywhere. I go to Kroger, Home Depot, Staples, etc. and no one says anything. They all have signs saying masks required. I was a little nervous at first at what would happen but I had responses ready. I wasn’t going to cause a scene but would leave if I couldn’t reason with them. It got easier every time and now I don’t even think about it.

      I think more people need to stand up against the masks. The more of us that do, the less power they have. If you can’t stand up against a mask, you won’t stand up against bigger things down the road.

      On a side note, our Governor, Mike DeWine, couldn’t meet with PDJT today because he tested positive for Covid 19. Ha! A reporter asked him what this meant for his message. I had just finished a run, sucking in tons of outdoor air (which is a disinfectant) and I shouted at the radio that his social distancing, sanitizer, and mask wearing didn’t work!


  34. Patriot1783 says:

    Fed Gov needs to cut off aid to cities or states that disregard the US Constitution and abuse their constituents. See how long the state can survive or how fast the tyrants get run out of office.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. digleigh says:

    Nashville will go the way of all cities which go Demoncrat….Property values will plummet, crime increases, tax base moves out., low socioeconomic populations go up, and more government dependence,and utility prices go up..The people who suffer are the middle class who can’t afford to leave, endure the crimes, and see all they’ve worked for go up in flames…Literally, the story of my mid size town where we used to wander all over town as a youngster…Now, we carry mace, some cwp, and family with little ones never go out alone….pop.down from about 100,000 to 77,000, over a few decades…


  36. OffCourseNation says:

    In 1860 in Tennessee a black man could get arrested for not wearing chains. Now in 2020 a black man gets arrested for not wearing a face diaper. I guess things haven’t changed that much after all.

    Liked by 3 people

  37. dorothea brooke says:

    I have lived in Nashville since 1966. We are in the hole of the buckle of a totally red state. Nashville proper is one of the few places which is filled with Progressives. We live about 4 miles from downtown Nashville. Most Conservatives have moved to Williamson County and other border counties to get out of here. Cooper raised our property taxes by 34% which would not have been necessary if the previous ALL Democrat mayors had saved some of the tourist money for such a time as this. Instead they spend money on strange art for roundabouts. They sold off one piece of property at the old convention center which at one point was the most valuable piece of property in the WORLD for $5 million on the equivalent of ebay for government property.


  38. Cathy M. says:

    From a Nashville Tennessean article (linked by SD in his post)

    The article 1st calls the encampment “an emergency homeless shelter.”
    Now the police is calling it & charged the poor guy for an “escape from a “PENAL INSTITUTION”

    “Metro Parks has charged the man with a single count of escape from a penal institution, a class A misdemeanor. The statute that defines this crime makes no mention of it being used to enforce quarantine orders. When asked about the legal authority to make this arrest, the Metro Health Department cited a different section of law that classifies violating quarantine as a class B misdemeanor, which is a less serious offense.”


  39. ncxplant says:

    Commie Cooper here in NC just extended Phase 2 for 5 more weeks… Sept 11th… I escaped NY 4 years ago, but there is no escaping CV.

    I go about my life as usual, NO MASK! I shop at Harris Teeter, Target (ugh), Petsmart, etc. and so far no Karens.. Oh and by the way, I’m a geezer, maybe that’s why they leave me be 🙂


  40. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Sounds like “The Volunteer State” needs it’s volunteers to go to Nashville.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. says:

    Once America and freedom were synonyms. Now they are antonyms.


  42. simplysoutherngal says:

    This infuriates me! Nashville has one of the largest homeless populations in the state yet they worry more about a mask than helping a person find a home! This should bring forth an outcry from every citizen…… no health “emergency” should violate our freedom !

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Sonia says:

    Joseph Bryant the very easy and safe scapegoat in a city where non-compliance appears the norm:

    Another #pandemic Saturday night in Nashville. Video/photo submitted by @NC5 viewer: “This is maddening. No masks, no social distancing, transpotainment vehicles continuing to run, something has got to give!!”— Phil Williams (@NC5PhilWilliams) August 2, 2020

    The equivalent of police out catching the motorists 3 mph over the limit.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. dilonsfo says:

    Non domiciled=homeless. Is this the new pc language? I guess “intestinal exit shoot=a$$ho!e.”

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Murray in Nashville says:

    I still lIve in Comrade Cooper’s (mayor) Nashville.


    Go figure.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. I’ll repost the pertinent comment, about my experience in Gallatin TN (25 miles west of Nashville), which I put on the post about the LA mayor a little earlier:

    conservative treehouse

    People are still driving around without masks, but almost everybody but me is wearing a mask to go into a store. I think they are all infected…with yellow cooties. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. `OffCourseNation says:

    America is now a religious tyranny with a mandatory state religion consisting of having unquestioning faith in, and worship of, face dippers.


  48. Robert Smith says:

    Democrats interning people on Plantation.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. …East! Gallatin is east of Nashville (oh no, I’ve caught the Biden…)


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