President Trump One-on-One With Lou Dobbs…

Earlier this evening President Donald Trump had an extensive phone interview with Fox News host Lou Dobbs. WATCH:

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100 Responses to President Trump One-on-One With Lou Dobbs…

  1. freepetta says:

    Excellent interview!! Breathtaking works for me!

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  2. RobD says:

    I listened to this interview earlier. Anyone who thinks the president doesn’t know what’s going on has been living in a cave for 3+ years. 🙂

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  3. BC says:

    So does this mean your info has reached the President?


  4. “its breathtaking what they found”

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  5. RedBallExpress says:

    That’s the one where alpha Trump marked his territory.

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    • TradeBait says:

      Just observe PDT – he’s laser focused and getting things done daily. No distractions, nothing getting in the way, moving things off his desk, golfing on the weekends. Plain-speaking about the treason of Soetoro, Creepy Joe and their minions.

      What does that tell you?

      If you have watched Dobbs for years like I have, what has changed? He has been in PDT’s camp since the beginning – major league cheerleader and known well by PDT. However, he had become surly during the mess, calling it out, was rude to many of his regulars, etc. He even called out PDT and the admin at times. How is he now? Respectful, happy, smiling, etc.

      What does that tell you?

      Add that to all of the many active, openly publicized investigations and even arrests of elites and their minions during this year. Add that to the economy roaring back and the identification of the enemies of the state with BLM, Antifa, Blue State demagoguery and murder, holding back therapeutics for COVID, and so on.

      Separating the wheat from the chaff. What does that tell you?


  6. Right to reply says:

    “Breathtaking” Heard it loud, and clear!

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  7. prairiedayz says:

    Sundance briefed the President?….

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  8. fangdog says:

    Kinda like the Cowboy; “I got’m all corralled and one of these days I’ll get around to brand’n them”.

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  9. SR says:

    PTrump is very tight while talking about DOJ or investigation. But he acknowledges that knows everything and what’s going on indirectly. I hope There will be a report and some low level indictments just before first debate.

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  10. kleen says:

    August 15.
    Big day.

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  11. kleen says:

    The best President ever.
    Law and order President.

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  12. Alleycats says:

    The bin is lonely and drab.
    I think I might touch it up with some paint, maybe some frilly curtains…? 🙂


  13. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Anyone who tries to tell you that the Trumpet doesn’t know what he’s talking about is just plain stupid.

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  14. littlequilterkitty says:

    Wow–if seasoned investigators ascertain their findings to be “breathtaking”, then WHAT must that BE???

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  15. SanJac says:

    Just use your imagination when it comes to the abuses of the whole Osama administration and the MSM x10 or something you think would never be done and it’s beyond that.

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    • I have put it down here before and it routinely is as ignored as Sundance was at first with this site, but my sources, while more on the ground, have disclosed so much that is …enough.

      1) Alliance between deep state and cartels
      illegals smuggled
      girls forced into prostitution
      drug cartels supplying opiates to render them helpless
      kids fed to pedophile rings and slave trade
      Weinstein, Epstein AND the Clintons have a HUGE tie to Haitian children which Haiti has been laboring to disclose for nearly 30 years now…all that money for their aid funneled into the Clinton Foundation
      Gates Foundation joining along the same lines as the Clinton foundation. Not charity but one world order and population control…already a big player in making any financial ties to Africa conditional upon forced injection of birth control and abortion and sterilization into a resistant, family oriented country
      YOung prostitutes snuck in for abortions (no need to record so who knows what the real abortion numbers are?) and then put right back into hell though by law all illegal prostitution is to be disclosed to police
      Note: It is NO surprise that W Bush’s daughter Barbara actively works for Planned Parenthood and both Laura and Jenna are eager supporters…deep state for who knows how long, though we now know Bush Sr. had dirty fingers when it came to CIA.
      Part II ahead:


      • 2)Obama’s promise his first month to create a private militia more powerful than police, military and armed citizens combined could ONLY have meant alliance with thugs and criminals….hence this expansive release of prisoners and either defunding and disbanding police or making cities go broke having to pay for mob anarchy until it amounts to teh same thing

        Part III upcoming


        • 3) The part that the pro lifers have known of for years thanks to the investigation of both Lila Rose and David Daleiden and resigned PP director Abby Johnson:

          Babies for retail.
          1) born dead, intact at partial birth and sold for macabre research, degenerate perversion and satanic sacrifice
          2)born alive with organs harvested (NO anesthesia so they are having organs ripped out feeling everything…if you can look at abused animals and speak of the havoc on the planet you can damn well watch and learn about this!) and sold for obscene profit
          3) torn apart limb by limb within the womb with ultrasounds exposing full well that this is living agony that no words I can put down can fully describe.

          Part IV ahead


          • 4) Sundance on his end has learned more about the access to untold, unmonitored wealth and insider trading that deep state and the globalists have accessed, which greatly contributed to the obscene disparity in economic conditions during SEVERAL of the many last administrations. The rabbit warren that is bureaucratic offices is a virtual disneyland of graft opportunity

            And finally: The globalist goal that they had assumed was theirs upon Hildebeast’s coronation:
            One world with each globalist taking benevolent oversight of any regions he/she deemed plausible for financial development. No expenses would be spared for education and regional development.

            Those areas NOT plausible for financial development (as in 3/4 of the world I learned when I was face to face with one of these societal engineers)?
            Obliteration by each other.
            There would be NO wars or efforts to aid the underdeveloped or hte persecuted and it goes without saying that religious affiliations, other than those pagan sects of climate,planet and carnal perversion, would not be intolerated. Zuckerberg had already shared that they are working on a chip that they believe will suppress whatever ‘gene’ is responsible for igniting a desire for God and/or for independence…he shared it openly, not fearing in Silicon Valley that this would receive any disfavor.

            They believe in the master race
            They believe that their wealth and power entitles them to domination and genetic favor
            They believe the disproved and dystopian myth that the world can only sustain 500 milliion people.
            3/4 of the population agreeably killing each other does away with the need for messy gas showers and other locations so unfortunately visible to the public.

            And during the 8 years of Obama HUNDREDS, nearly ALL, of the world’s private islands were purchased by the eltite.

            Islands, yachts, jets. What convenience to be able to be spectators from a distance to the planet’s implosion. After they have achieved that they can move in and show that mythical Christian God how the earth should REALLY have been designed.

            I am pretty sure that at least one of Sundance’s sources has similarly been audience to a first hand account as I was.

            In their hubris,they presume that anybody they like surely must think like they do because they have infallible judgment.


  16. jmbuck says:

    Great interview! Thanks for posting this. I ditched cable years ago so I only see what gets posted. Our beloved President sounds very confident. Sounds like he has the goods on the criminal cabal so if Barr fails he can release it all. Very encouraging.

    Much more info coming to light. Seems Sundance has rattled them. Interesting days ahead!

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  17. Dee Paul Deje says:

    “It’s breathtaking…”. Do we still hang traitors?

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    • InAz says:

      It is such cowardice and BS that people such as Obamination and Hitlery Clinton are never held accountable. This preferential treatment has created the two tier justice system, and emboldened these corrupt vile evil Communist chit bags and their sycophants to do whatever they want.

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  18. Mark Charpentier says:

    On August 15th, President Trump was going to throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium. A couple of days after this was announced he said there would be a better time to throw out a first pitch and canceled the 15th date at Yankee Stadium.

    Maybe he has more important stuff to focus on that day! Praying for transparency and more Americans to wake up to the evil bestowed on us by the swamp in DC. Dems and Republican, the alphabet agencies and the MSM. God bless you Sundance

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    • MelH says:

      Mark Charpentier, the President was reacting to the Demorats loud fury over him being chosen to throw out the first pitch. It was all they could talk about on social media and on the air. So he gave them the middle finger, in essence, and walked away.I suspect his own safety is a serious part of every move he makes in these days of more and more violence. “Trillions and trillions of dollars at stake”, Sundance quote.

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  19. ukdeplorable says:

    Really great interview and love the usage of the word ‘breathtaking’ – for sure Sundance has spoken with President Trump.

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  20. nimblenavigator says:

    “Breathtaking”, huh? Like experiencing a “shortness of breath” when dealing with the “invisible enemy”? Am I stretching too far here?


  21. Patriot1783 says:

    Great interview!
    Also love seeing the secret service on the WH rooftop in background, keeping our President and family safe. 😍

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  22. konradwp1 says:

    “…and his lover Lisa Page. You remember that beauty?”

    I fear President Trump was being unnecessarily polite here. “She could eat an apple through a picket fence” would have been a more accurate appraisal.

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  23. SGH says:

    I’ve only used that with a prefix… LGBTQUFO’s. Why is this a topic at the end?


    • Just so we could see your comment and steal lgbtqufo’s of course. LOVE IT!


    • dd_sc says:

      Might just be an inside joke between Dobb’s President Trump, and Tucker Carlson.

      Carlson did an interview with President Trump and brought up UFO’s and extraterrestrial visits –

      Carlson has also been a guest on the show Ancient Aliens.

      With the advent of Space Force, a lot of people think President Trump may actually be the president that finally declassifies any information about extraterrestrials, recovered spacecraft, Area 51 research etc ….


    • GB Bari says:

      The President brought up the topic previously (not with Dobbs) after news of a Pentagon briefing about craft “not of this world” and materials “we couldn’t make these ourselves” in the government’s possession was published in the past month.


  24. Eastender says:

    Excellent interview. Our President was terrific and his usual, treanparent, honest self and seemed to enjoy himself. Even Lou Dobbs was tolerable during this interview and didn’t interrupt for once.


  25. Joshua says:

    SD you are the only hope we have in this cause for equal justice.

    Can you press the buck in any way?

    I fear a runaround.


  26. TradeBait says:

    You can tell who understands what is happening versus who are shilling, trolling, and oblivious by simple reading the posts in this thread. Don’t know how you put up with it, sundance. Talk less, listen more, stop seeking misery.

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  27. Snellvillebob says:

    President Trump keeps saying that “this should never happen to another President”. The only way to accomplish that is to severely punish those involved which has not happened. Loss of a job, but keeping their pension, walking into Fake News jobs paying more than they were making is not punishment and guarantees this will happen again since there is no downside.

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  28. doofusdawg says:

    Somebody should ask Sally today during her testimony if she ever considered resigning or just making a statement that she refused to help ruin Flynn by suggesting a bogus Logan Act violation. You know… like she did with Trump’s immigration order which was upheld in the Supreme Court 9-0.

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  29. StanH says:

    Outstanding Interview. “Breathtaking!”


  30. dasantacroce says:

    There is a scene in “Pale Rider” where Clint Eastwood, the Preacher, is asked if he is going into town on the morrow to face the bad guys. The response was “how can you ask that question”? DJT has come too far to do nothing and has endured every sling and arrow. How people can doubt DJT at this point is beyond me.


  31. dawg says:

    Only 64 comments on this thread? No way, not possible.


  32. Bogeyfree says:

    Could US Attorney SDNY Aubrey Strauss be our Special Person who also served as Chief of the Securities and Commodities Fraud Unit.

    She took over for Berman June 20, 2020 after Berman stepped down via pressure from Barr.

    These 6 indictments back in Oct 2019 didn’t get much play but interesting nonetheless.


  33. somebodysgramma says:

    Release the Kraken!!!!
    We are With You!


  34. Love it that President Trump is lowering drug prices! Best President in my lifetime.

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  35. Reaganite says:

    Another reason duly elected President Trump
    sounds so conffident, yet concerned:
    A clearly emerging V shaped recovery.

    Atlanta Fed projected GDP growth for Q3
    just keeps getting better and better:

    Latest estimate: 20.3 percent — August 5, 2020


  36. Deplorable Frog says:

    “It’s up to the AG. I didn’t want to get involved, maybe i should maybe i shouldn’t…”

    But was that with the UFO? I feel there was a coded message there…


  37. Rip Tide says:

    Keep praying everyone, our momentum is gaining, and the prize is yet ahead of us. Laser focus now, with SD at the point!


  38. tpwbama says:

    Well I certainly did not learn anything new…….this whole interview …….everything asked and answered…..we have heard ad nauseam….Just ready to get past this point..


    • swissik says:

      Me too bama. I turned off Dobbs and the interview, too much of the same old same old. I am exhausted from all the speculations.


  39. Deborah Fehr says:

    Go President Trump! you will go down in history as the greatest President EVER!! TRUMP2020!!

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  40. Retired IG says:

    On topic with the Lou Dobbs interview with the President, Dobbs reminds me greatly of Walter Cronkite. I was very young during the years of the Vietnam War, and back then, there was only
    CBS, NBC, and ABC to watch with the reception provided from the antenna on the roof (still there), AND MY Father, and hence the rest of the kids were glued to Walter Cronkite.
    The courtesy Lou Cobbs has to listen and THEN respond to the President, or anyone else he interviews without BUTTING into the conversation is A LOST ART in the media this daze.


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