They Won’t Like Full Sunlight – Rod Rosenstein Edition…

A more detailed post is going to come out later this morning highlighting what we know of the current positioning and status of the DOJ, as we move ever closer to execution of ‘phase-2’, a full public briefing and delivery mechanism.  However, in the interim something to keep in mind…

Almost no-one that I talked to in Washington DC, media, congress or research staffers in either the House or Senate ever bothered to actually watch Rod Rosenstein’s June testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.   Yes, you read that correctly.  If you are counting on DOJ, Barr or Durham, keep this factoid in mind…  Approximately 9 out of 10 beltway people have absolutely no idea what Rosenstein said.  This includes all chief-of-staff’s for most GOP senators, and every single House and Senate staffer (including Senior Staff) assigned to assist the congressional investigations…  Let that sink in as you watch this.


This video is another fine snippet by our friend John Spiropoulos. Think about how this would play-out if mainstream media, including the tick-tock club, were paying attention.

The former Deputy Attorney General, a man who AG Bill Barr has praised vociferously, testifies two months ago that the Steele Dossier IS NOT in the FISA application to spy on Team Trump. As Spiropoulos outlines, contrast that position with what the Inspector General and the documents already said. This is what we are up against.

Allow me to include a mention of the safety issue, because it keeps getting brought up, and CTH continues to receive emails about it.   First, thank you to all those who have expressed concern.  However, we are beyond the point of no-return now; tripwires are set.

We are past the point of worrying about personal security.  Enough people have been briefed on the material that if anything was to happen, it would only explode the story.  Everyone, including myself, is eyes wide open.  These issues were considered, evaluated, swallowed and overcome long before phase-1 (briefings) began.

After spending two years researching every granular detail of the position within the DOJ, at the time Mueller’s team was in control of Main Justice and the NSD, here’s the visual demonstration of the role played by Rod Rosenstein….

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  1. TwoLaine says:


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    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Encouraging words indeed.

      Dr Simone Gold is now represented by Atty Lin Wood after she was fired at her hospital for the hydroxy summit in DC. Lin Wood represented Nick Sandmann in his recent win against CNN.


  2. bettycooper says:

    I am curious as to the import of the picture at the bottom. Further, why is Diane Feinstein’s right hand grabbing for his knee?


  3. TwoLaine says:

    My posts went into the dustbin.


  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    I copied this Sundance post from Briefings. He was responding to a non sequitur.

    I really like this post. So with respect, I repost for Rosenstein posters just in case you missed this post:

    sundance says:
    August 1, 2020 at 3:31 pm
    Never saw him in DC. Must have missed him.

    There are many really good and well-written books about politics and scandals. However, every book, regardless of how well cited, researched and evidenced, always has a big missing part, at least for me: Where’s the confrontation?

    Where’s the part in the ‘expose” when the writer takes all of the facts, all of the evidence, all of the cited and documented discovery, and gets in the face of the subject?

    What’s the purpose, if not to initiate action.

    Where’s the book writer of DC corruption who puts a microphone uncomfortably in the face of Mitch McConnell (or staff), or Peter Strzok, or Andrew McCabe, or John Brennan, or Kevin Clinesmith… and asks the questions… or confronts Jake Tapper… or travels to the symposium,.. or Tom Perez… or Martin Gugino… or the team of Bubba Wallace…. or Rod Rosenstein… and challenges them in unavoidable detail, to document that part.

    Relentlessly. Visibly.

    The answers are just as easily found on the perimeter; but no-one is there.

    That Andrew Breitbart approach is always missing; that’s why we miss him so much.

    The recent books are great. I have likely read most. They are terrific data records and they show solid documentary evidence on a multitude of schemes, but drive no outcome.

    We gain knowledge; we seem satisfied; but perhaps, just perhaps, we are satiated only because we have stopped thinking about the purpose any longer. What value is there in knowing the fraud and scheme if there is no confrontation to conclude it. Maybe even stop it, or expose it on a level that cannot be denied.

    Ongoing denial of truth permits continued trespass.

    The villain escapes, ultimately because we have stopped the accountability quest.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Next book, new controversy…. new evidence…. same shallow outcome.

    My approach is different. I’m forcing the confrontation by informing -directly and with evidence- those who can, if they choose, do something

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    • Chokdii8888 says:

      Ty for repost

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    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Here is the answer and it comes from the sociology behind business leaders. As was so eloquently put to me once in a visual context about hungry people and rats….

      60% of the people want someone to feed them when they are hungry (38% demand it, another 22% expect it).

      38% can trap the rat.

      2% can trap the rat and then kill it.

      In the case of exposing the corruption and then getting confrontational about it, well, that is relying on the 2%. I would venture that those that are exposing it are in that 38% category.

      As for the news actors and “tic-toc” club of celebrity they are definitely in the 60% and many are actually in the lower 38!

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    • amjean says:

      Re: the book and article authors – Good luck with getting close to any of these officials to inform them; good luck with them listening to you prior to their handlers pushing you away; good luck with them being a good guy/gal and not complicit in the evil, good luck with the media reporting honestly your actions and good luck that law enforcement agencies, whomever they may be, actually get indictments. This is why we get no traction from articles and books being written. We hope that as the facts get out to the general public,
      someone, somewhere will react lawfully. As for us, the common citizen, all we can
      do is try and vote them out and hope our votes based on facts come out on top over other voter’s ignorance and/or vote harvesting, fraud, etc.

      I commend, you, Sundance, for the daunting task you are attempting. I pray the
      government officials you are getting to are honest and have standing to do something
      about the evil that is permeating our government.

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    • AJ. says:

      Thank you SD! and God Bless you sir!

      I place Judicial Watch in the same league hope they can take the FOIA and successfully demand action.


    • bill johnston says:

      But if they choose not to do something, then what?? What mechanism would be employed to turn the bright spotlight on them to possibly elicit derision from the masses? And possibly ousting them.


    • Deborah Fehr says:

      This is my frustration…I read everything, or try to, and see it plain as day, but nothing’d be surprised at how many people know absolutely nothing, and don’t care to know…they hear it, and move on..and depending on what they hear..(ususally MSM version) becomes their truth. Many times people throw at me..oh if that was true why hasn’t anything happened? And they are right!!! Damn it!! Why hasn’t anything happened?? The level of Corruption is stifling..both sides, although I feel Democrats have the lead handily. MSM is our biggest assault..I can’t even turn the TV on anymore…can’t watch movies either, because celebrities nauseate me too…but lets be real, in a world where News and all the fringe surroundings (you tube, facebook twitter), sports, and celebrity opinion is everything…the truth seekers fight an uphill battle. People are asleep and letting nefarious people tell them their own beliefs…its beyond frustrating!


      • William the Comptroller says:

        The average young American 18-50 knows more about the founding myth of a fictional country and Byzantine backstory plot-lines of 100 obscure characters of The Game of Thrones than Spygate.

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  5. Johnny says:

    I vaguely remember an attorney being brought into the DOJ several months ago, and he specialized in RICO and conspiracy cases. Does anyone else remember this story?

    Is it possible that President Trump
    Secretly assigned a special prosecutor? Or maybe has assigned military prosecutor to investigate the conspiracy as treason? President Trump has called it treason numerous times.

    Just thinking outside the box.

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    THIS TIME I didn’t get that cryptic WordPress autoreply message that said “That Comment Cannot Be Posted” (What’s Up with THAT, anyway? Is the WordPress using a “phrase filter” to weed out certain opinions?)

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    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Known issue currently affecting the site since Saturday night. Admins are working to fish posts out of the trash bin that WP is sending them to, no ID of root cause why WP is doing this.


      • I remember when WordPress blocked every comment that contained the name “Tawanna Brawley” and thought this might be something similar.

        Has anyone checked to see if other WordPress-hosted blogs are similarly affected?


    • honornc1 says:

      I was advised that if you use protonmail, the ability to ‘like’ is controlled by WP, not CTHS. I can ‘like’ a post about every 2 days or so.

      I’m not changing my email so I can ‘like’ w/ more frequency.

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    • Issy says:

      letjusticeprevail: My likes never registrar until I post something, and I’m already signed in too. I’ve gotten the notice that I can’t post a reply. I am not posting anything radical or rude, so I don’t know why.


  7. henry says:

    Approximately 9 out of 10 beltway people have absolutely no idea what Rosenstein said.

    Because of apathy? Are the ‘9’ RINO? How would you rate their reaction to learning what they should have KNOWN?

    I’ve corresponded with a number of Congress asshats and their responses have always been condescending and placating. Although I have been assured they had their constituents in mind and were aware of a number of “inconsistencies”, I have never had those inconsistencies mentioned or listed.

    hmmmm pretty sure I have been lied to? da….

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  8. WordPress filtering is delaying and disappearing people’s posts so for another unapproved thought,
    people seem to have a short memory about Uranium One. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Hands Up Don’t Shoot – Uranium One Edition RIP Roy Finnicum

    Didn’t the Bundy Ranch have a nexus with Uranium One land interests or
    was that just a wild conspiracy theory ?

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  9. CovfefeBerserker says:

    Sundance is truly a fine example of an American Patriot. Get ‘er Done!

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  10. fatimadon says:

    I would love to see thousands of different sized envelopes mailed to RR’s home with a single sheet of paper with the handwritten words: WE KNOW. It is our battle cry.

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  11. Troublemaker10 says:

    Rosenstein has never explained the predicate for assigning a special prosecutor in the first place. He never supervised the Mueller team.
    He was obviously being managed. By who?

    Rosenstein had a long flight with Trump before Barr was appointed. Did they get him to flip then?

    They kept Rosenstein in place until the Mueller report was done. I still remember how he looked (flushed and scared) standing beside Barr as Barr announced the summary of the Mueller report.

    Then He lied about the use of the Steele Dossier in the Fisa, just recently? And no one in Congress noticed it?

    Nothing about Rosenstein has EVER made sense to me. NOTHING.

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    • starfcker says:

      “I still remember how he looked (flushed and scared) standing beside Barr as Barr announced the summary of the Mueller report.” I believe that photo of Rosenstein above is from that press conference. Maybe check his tie to confirm.

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    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      The question is how did he come to his “understanding” of exactly what is, or is not in the FISA application??


    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Do you remember that office that was set up in Washington D.C. by Obama and Jarrett? This is the Puppet HQ for the coordination of the swamp.

      How do I know?
      – The Ukraine and Iran pipeline of cash are associated with this team.
      – It was this team’s DOJ/FBI that held all that Epstein evidence and used to control the Hollywood, banking, and politicians on both sides of the isles. “You would not want THIS video released now would you?”

      This ‘team’ is poised to re-take or assume control of the White House once again through the puppet Biden. It matters not that his brain is toast…he does not need it. He just needs a phone (to be told when to sign) and a pen (to enact the plans).

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    • betseyross says:

      He’s got this same look(flushed and scared) in today’s video clip. The demeanor of a liar. He is trying to save himself, but not successfully. .


    • Issy says:

      Troublemaker: All you need to know is he went along with the coup and caused great damage to the country. The reason doesn’t matter.


  12. william elbel says:

    Two comments:

    1. I appreciate the stepped up ban of Nay Sayers

    2. I too wondered, WTF?, when there was no widespread reaction at the time of the mentioned RR testimony.

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  13. Chump Change says:

    From my fighting position, which offers a very limited view, I see two possible outcomes if Barr/Durham, ostensibly the long arm of the law, are not the pivotal swamp drainers:

    1. Trump empanels a grand jury. He can do this himself.
    2. The charges against the “treason”-doers are concrete enough to result in a military tribunal.
    We caught them all…was Trump’s refrain.

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    • I like your thinking. We CANNOT persist in a path that doesn’t work and President Trump has been a genius in other areas and found a path that would work.

      – Wall: State of Emergency, use the military to fund it.
      – Border crossings: Threaten Mexico with tariffs, now THEY enforce border security
      – NAFTA: Make deal first with Mexico and force Canada’s hand
      – DNI: Appoint Grenell temporarily so that they have accept Ratcliffe.

      We need similar thinking to fixing the Gordian justice knot.

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    • garavaglia1 says:



  14. tav144 says:

    The reason that Rod Rosenstein is being protected is because he was involved in the FISA abuse long before the Steele dossier and Russia collusion narrative got legs.Long before he even became DAG.

    How do we know this?

    1) Sheryl Atkinson outlined Rosenstein’s involvement via an inside informant that the USAO in Maryland is/was the center of the unlawful spying. She specifically named Rosenstein as a defendant. The unlawful spying was being legally supported (in appearance) thru Rosenstein’s USAO.

    2). Let’s not forget the Judicial Watch FOIA revealed docs of Bruce Ohr that revealed a phone call Our notated occurring between himself and Rosenstein immediately AFTER Steele contacted him and got the flash drive of Nellie’s research to him with directions to give it to the FBI. And yet he doesn’t call the FBI. He calls Rosenstein….the US attorney from Maryland. That’s no coincidence.

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    • tav144 says:

      Journalist Sues Rod Rosenstein for Allegedly Spying on Her Computer
      January 10, 2020 17:40, Last Updated: January 11, 2020 12:04
      By Ivan Pentchoukov

      Former CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson filed a federal lawsuit on Jan. 10 against former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and several other current and former Justice Department (DOJ) officials, alleging the group spied on her computers and telephones as part of the Obama administration’s war on leaks.

      The Epoch Times
      The lawsuit (pdf), filed at the U.S. District Court in Maryland, alleges that FBI and DOJ officials violated Attkisson’s First and Fourth Amendment rights by conducting “unauthorized illegal surveillance” on her and her family’s computers and phones from 2011 to 2014. At the time, Attkisson published investigative reports on the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious gun-trafficking investigation and the controversial attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

      The lawsuit also names Shawn Henry, who at the time of the alleged spying operation served as the FBI’s executive assistant director in the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services branch. Henry is now the president of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

      Rosenstein and Henry did not respond to a request for comment.

      Also named in the lawsuit is former Secret Service special agent Shaun Bridges. Bridges has since been convicted for stealing bitcoin from the federal government. Prior to his conviction, Bridges worked on the Silk Road Task Force, a multi-agency group that investigated the Silk Road online marketplace for illicit goods.

      The lawsuit also names Roger Clarke, another member of the Silk Road Task Force, and Ryan White, who, as alleged, worked as an informant for the DOJ and as a contractor for the group supervised by Rosenstein. As part of his work, White “and others were ordered to illegally hack into computer systems, servers, emails and phones,” the lawsuit alleges.

      White, Bridges, and Clarke could not be reached for comment.

      Despite a yearslong court battle with the DOJ, Attkisson’s legal team has previously been unable to secure the names of the officials involved in the surveillance operation on her and others. Her legal team recently made a breakthrough after one of the people involved in the surveillance operation came forward and admitted to his involvement. The person who came forward is one of the defendants, Attkisson told The Epoch Times.

      Multiple independent forensic examinations have established that Attkisson’s computers and phones were breached and surveilled. On Aug. 31, 2018, a former FBI unit chief signed a sworn affidavit affirming that Attkisson’s computers were hacked using sophisticated software only available to government entities like the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

      Attkisson, who has written a number of articles for The Epoch Times, said that despite having forensic evidence and a first-hand witness, she expects the DOJ to continue fighting her in court.

      “You’ll never get to the proof,” Attkisson said. “They have six ways from Sunday to keep a case from going forward.”

      Attkisson has been engaged in a yearslong lawsuit against the DOJ. In March last year, an appellate panel ruled that former Attorney General Eric Holder is immune from Attkisson’s claims. Two of the three judges on the panel ruled that Attkisson’s claims should be dismissed because she took too long to determine the names of the unnamed federal agents who breached her computers. One of the judges dissented, arguing that Attkisson’s attempts to discover the identities of the people have been repeatedly thwarted by the DOJ, which blocked the discovery of evidence and did not turn over any documents in response to subpoenas, according to Attkisson’s website.

      “They’re gonna pull out all the stops using taxpayer money,” Attkisson said. “At least this information is exposed.”

      The DOJ did not respond to a request for comment.

      Attkisson finally secured the names of the officials after a former government agent stepped forward and admitted to spying on her, according to the lawsuit. The agent alleged that the group reported to Rosenstein. According to Attkisson’s website, the government hackers reported to Henry. The government operation to surveil Attkisson and others was run from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore, Maryland, the lawsuit claims.

      “The Plaintiffs first acquired the details regarding key individuals involved in the surveillance in August, 2019, from a person involved in the wrongdoing who has come forward to provide information. Prior to that time, the Government and its agents and representatives had denied that any such conduct had occurred, including denials in Court pleadings and argument,” the lawsuit states.

      While she was surveilled, Attkisson won an Edward R. Murrow award and an Emmy Award for her investigative reporting.

      Prior to retiring from public service, Rosenstein served as the deputy attorney general. In that role, he oversaw the special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller. Rosenstein signed one of the FBI’s renewal applications for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on former Trump 2016 presidential campaign associate Carter Page.

      During Henry’s tenure as president of CrowdStrike, the company performed the forensic analysis of an alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee’s servers. CrowdStrike assessed that Russian operatives were the culprits.

      Mueller arrived at the same assessment and indicted several Russians. The special counsel concluded his investigation last year, finding insufficient evidence that anyone on the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election.

      At the time of the alleged spying on Attkisson, Mueller served as the director of the FBI.

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  15. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    I think that in his testimony Rosenstein was doing a Bill Clinton, or, if you will, using lawyer weasel words. Oh, no, the Steel Dossier is not in the FISA application. Some overlapping–but verified–material, however is used. See how that works? Hey, presto: no perjury.

    Of course, if it turns out that the info was (1) not really verified and (2) lifted verbatim from the Dossier, then his testimony is problematic.

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    • rickinhouston says:

      But Horowitz’s words were, “The Steele Dossier was ESSENTIAL to get the final FISA warrant.”

      That’s a difficult statement for Rosenstein to agree with when you listen to Rosenstein’s words.

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    • Agree it is not perjury. What he said does not contradict the Horowitz report. He clearly said “the report” was not submitted to the Court. He also stated he understood that the information used in the affidavit was verified. That may be a problem. But how do you get to perjury from an “understanding”?

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  16. MLK says:

    “They Won’t Like Full Sunlight”

    I love the understatement. Indeed, like many here I suspect, I know you choose your words carefully so, to paraphrase Bill Murray in Caddyshack, we got that going for us, which is nice.

    I can think of no one who deserves more credit for methodically furthering the process of discrediting the malefactors than you. What with the internets, many people who know better expect this greatest of political scandals to resolve on a schedule attuned to their short attention spans.

    I used to describe this as a criminal conspiracy under the color of law. That seems now like a cruel joke, from bottom to the top of the bureaucratic food chain they’ve been making it up as they go.

    And all of them, along with their Allied Media and the ‘human scum, waiting for the dues ex machina of removing Trump. That, as I’ve mentioned before, is why the sunlight and indictments, even just one, is essential before the election. Not because if he loses then they will attempt to memory-hole this, though that’s assuredly true. But because that’s what’s driving their ever more reckless efforts to throw the country into chaos and prepare to be able to steal the election on a monumental scale.

    By the way, check out the video at this link. This is Obama in August 2016 (@ 54 seconds): “My constitutional responsibility is to peacefully transfer power to that individual and do everything I can to help them succeed.”

    Uh huh.

    Or this one of CIA Democrat Bob Baer calling for cancellation of the election a couple of days after Trump won:


  17. Blind no Longer says:

    So now I think I’m putting the plan for truth altogether!!
    The post about John Spiropoulos going around the country….he’s part on the SUNLIGHT mission!!!
    Thank you Sundance and John!!!!! DRAIN IT!

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  18. steph_gray says:

    This article was like a drink of water after hours of being parched. SO many thanks.

    I am going to be chuckling for some time about your “Who said anything about…?” comment.

    It is the 1 out of 10 who matters…

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  19. avocadodipp says:

    Please put a warning on those photos – when I scrolled down to see the “Rosenstein visual” I had coffee in my mouth. I spit it all over me laughing.

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  20. lemontree says:

    Un-elected career bureaucrats, staff and attorneys running the country. Elected politicians are just empty suits with a face. Watch only one committee hearing to see it in action.

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    • BigTalkers says:

      Don’t kid yourself, the pol’s suits are hardly empty…

      Quite the opposite, those suits have been filled with Cash for their studiously pretending not to know anything!

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  21. Don McAro says:

    LOL the comparison of Rod Rosenstein to Corporal Upham is priceless…
    I opened up the story read it, ( great work ) and proceeded to spit out my coffee when I saw your neat comparison photo…

    All the best Sundance, you made my morning

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    • Gamble VCD says:

      Corporal Upham is a tragic comparison, unfortunately.


    • johnnyfandango says:

      RR had no backbone to choose a side. The only prop that RR was missing during that hearing was him wearing a German helmet….or at a minimum the Darth Vader oversized, Space Balls helmet… What a sniffling, slimy weasel. ”I didn’t read the FISA’s”. I pray that he receives justice. It was sickening to see that video of his retirement send-off that Barr and Sessions gave him.

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  22. lambgraham says:

    The problem is the corruption and cover up is so pervasive. It includes the Senate Committees (Warner and Burr) , LambGraham is a useless tool,
    The DOJ, Barr refusing to go after Rosenstein, Mueller, Biden and Obama.
    FBI, Wray concealing and withholding evidence.
    Soros State Department untouched,
    Justice Roberts who overseas the FISA courts has taken no action in the face of overwhelming evidence.
    The Federal courts in DC are in the pocket of the Democrats. (Just look at the Flynn fiasco.)
    Forget about the Democrat controlled House.
    The media runs interference for the corruption and cover up.
    Now you can see why the Democrats are so brazen.
    Sundance its up to you and your team to bring sunlight to We the People. I seriously doubt the fight in Barr.


  23. KMD says:

    Remember who RR’s wife is, and who & what she’s lawyered for/against, for the last 25years, or so…

    Lisa Barsoomian

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  24. Smokey Jo says:

    Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Crossfire Hurricane oversight day 2 is this Wednesday, starring Sally Yates. I’ll be emailing the senators today letting them know that we the people know, and we’re expecting results.

    Did the same on Friday with the House Judiciary committee members.


  25. covfefenow says:

    We are praying for justice and resolution. We simply can’t go on like this. Rip the bandages off the festering wounds so America can begin to heal. We are with you Sundance. I’m sure I speak for many, and if called to do so I would show up in DC as a show of support. Just say the word!

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  26. frog010 says:



  27. help4newmoms says:

    In your Twitter feed, this morning, Sundance, you write: ‘who made money?’ And you mention Shaun Henry, former FBI, now Crowdstrike & Rosenstein we’re both accessing Sheryl Atkinson’s Computer.

    WHO MADE MONEY? …. from the use of stolen data from NSA database? Let’s try to answer this question Treepers! From all we have learned over the years…

    Clinton’s Foundations certainly made money – I originally thought this might be play for play. But it could certainly be bribe money.

    The O’s made money – I originally thought that book deals and Netflix deals were due to ideological alignment but hey, blackmail works, too.

    Iran – The mullahs (and not the Iranian people) made out like bandits and Ben Rhodes worked awfully hard to get reporters on board with his echo chamber but bribes would work too.

    Fox News – I noticed a few new Crowdstrike commercials on Fox News, is there blackmail there?

    TV & Corporate – Instead of being ideologically in line with progressivism, is it possible they are being blackmailed into compliance?

    John Roberts – enough said

    Who made Money from Benghazi? Why was it so important to find out what Sheryl Atkisson knew and why is the Case STILL being obstructed by the Justice and State Department?

    We know there was a some illegal arms dealing in Benghazi…did it help China? Did it help Russia? Did some senators make some money from this operation?

    Here we thought it was about hating Trump. perhaps it’s all about the oldest motive in the book – money. Whoa! I bet Sundance feels like “Darby” in the Pelican brief. (which played this weekend, btw)

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  28. so…perjury.
    And nary a thing is done.


  29. Gamble VCD says:

    The fact that RR was even close to that character from SPR is pretty tragic indeed. Thanks for the update.


  30. freepetta says:

    That illustrates what total bs this entire farce is/was.


  31. Kent Clizbe says:


    “…I talked to in Washington DC, media, congress or research staffers…”

    Well, there you have it. As I warned when you were sharing scant details on your DC trip: The only useful conversations in Washington would be with law enforcement investigators who are preparing indictments and prosecutions.

    But it appears, from your mention quoted above that you met, or are meeting with: Media! Congress! Staffers!

    Each of them total time-wasters. They ARE the Swamp.

    Especially if they represent themselves to you as “conservatives.” Or some other flavor that seems congruent with your beliefs and the truth.

    They are manipulative at best, and likely destructive to your apparent mission–the truth.

    If you’d like a case study of professionals revealing the truth to DC dwellers–including the media and staffers–see last week’s doctors telling the truth about covid treatments on the steps of the Supreme Court. How’d that work out?

    Maybe you’ll be able to get through to the prosecutors. Maybe they’ll notice your briefings.

    Not to be cynical, but, don’t hold your breath.

    It seems pretty clear that the Swamp has swallowed the truth. It might surface once Trump is re-elected. But maybe not.

    The only threat to your health is to your mental health and sanity. They have zero fear of non-insiders on missions to reveal the truth. Don’t let the ba***ards get you down. Think positive!


    • BobR says:

      Hey Pienka ,
      Tell us about the Woods Procedure.
      Sorry, my bad, nothing in the file, I resign.
      Strong rebuke from Wray/Barr aand it’s over.


    • I believe that Sundance is talking about talking with people over a period of time and not just in the recent meetings. There he is talking with an individual with power or a very close group that can act on the intelligence. He would not want to diffuse this information in this phase. That is for Phase 2 if the individual does not act.


    • stevedinmd says:

      Most of those who “don’t know” don’t WANT to know.

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      • Kent Clizbe says:

        Yes, Steve.

        That’s the point. They answer to a higher power–call it the system, the establishment, the bureaucracy, the Swamp.

        They have zero interest in an outsider rolling in to town with a detailed briefing on “the truth.”

        No interest, and even less motivation to act on the truth.

        Again, the ONLY group/people worth wasting time and effort on is those who can indict and prosecute.

        Remember the fire and brimstone out of that little rooster-headed Congressman from SC, back in the Obama days? He had chapter and verse on details of misdeeds, crimes and misdemeanors. The fake “conservative” media trumpeted his hearings and he was quoted all the time in “conservative” media. He had staffers compiling “the truth,” and feeding it to him for sound bites and questioning in Congressional hearings. And what happened as a result of his actions? Exactly nothing. He got the media attention he wanted. He did nothing with the truth. And he blended into the Swamp.


    • sundance says:

      So automatically you assume I did not talk to the FBI or badges involved. Which is completely false. Therefore the remaining diatribe is complete BS. See how that works?

      Moderators, this is another one for the ban hammer.


      Liked by 4 people

      • Kent Clizbe says:


        Thanks for your note.

        No assumptions here. The only details we have are those that you share. And your hints.

        You only mentioned media and staffers.

        Just sharing a bit of bloody battlefield experience with you. Are you sure you want to ban that?

        If you’re providing your fantastic research to those who can indict and prosecute, that’s wonderful.

        If not, it would be worthwhile to pursue those connections.

        Thanks for all you do.



        • screwauger says:

          grovel much! Bye Felicia!!


        • The important thing to remember here is not to underestimate SD.


        • Talkofthetown says:

          Lmao, I don’t know how to say this, You assume that one man/woman thinks they are an island.. I would assume one man/woman knows better.. Wink…

          In my assumption I’ll just say I see things being like a 4th of July show across America. Waiting patiently for the grand finale…

          Giddy up Sundance!


        • Johnny Bravo says:

          For one with such an impressive resume KC, I’d have thought you’d be riding alongside SD, not sat back in the cheap seats, taking potshots.

          Just goes to show, you can have all the qualifications a man can make up and still be as thick as a brick.


          Hail SD, the bringer of light and the black fingernail (aka ” moderators, this is another one for the ban hammer” priceless😆😂🤣


      • darose5308 says:

        Bless you Sundance. Haven’t laughed that hard in long time. I’ll just go Donate to that!!


      • Deplorable Canuck says:

        Ban Hammer….he..he…he! I like that one!


    • Bogeyfree says:

      I disagree and I’d be willing to bet that Sundance has met with DOJ people (guessing Kerri or John) and/or has given some if not all of his truth and evidence documents to them.

      PS I’m waiting to see the thread that elaborates on Sundance’s Crowdstrike tweet from 6 hrs ago.


    • bill johnston says:

      “they are manipulative at best”. And they have had a long time to practice.


    • butch cassidy says:

      Kent,You write a negative, it’ll never work,11 paragraph post and end it with “don’t let the bastards get you down, Think positive”. Motivation is obviously not your strong suit Knut.


  32. gingergal says:

    They really are in a bubble out there in Washington.


  33. luluof2 says:

    Every time I see this weasel it makes me regret naming our puppy, Rosey! Hopefully, she will be known in the future as a sweet redemptive name because of her.

    Thank you Sundance! The “Fellowship of the Treeper’s” encourages my heart.


  34. Baby El says:

    People in our government make Barney Fife look Mensa.
    And we’re a developed nation.
    Our Founding Fathers understood this well. Hence, the constitution and the 10 Amendments in order of priority.


    • Free Speech says:

      Looks like evil just works harder while our side are a bunch of bums drawing their 6 figure salaries and taking 3 hour lunches in DC aka Sean Hannity’s 99% good people.


    • maga2004 says:

      B.E., don’t underestimate your opposition; the Deep State/Leftists use every socialist propaganda trick in the book to: minimize their opponents; create fear and compliance in the public – 9/11, COVID 19; and flat out lie re: their intentions until they feel they have the advantage, i.e. the riots in Liberal cities. Rinse and repeat. They are by no means stupid; devious, yes, but NOT stupid.

      Liked by 1 person

  35. DeWalt says:

    Your contrasting Rosey with the coward in the movie is interesting to me. I have been opining for some time there is something strange going on with these lawyers. They flow seamlessly from government to high power law partnerships and back again. There is something powerful that keeps them in fear. I feel Sydney Powell knows what this is and who is behind it. I keep thinking about Strzoks secret society comment.


    • William the Comptroller says:

      RR , and many other “conservatives for that matter, resembles Murtaugh in Rambo II; he allows the mission to happen but when Rambo unexpected finds live POWs, they abort the mission and hope the “facts” die out in the field as he hopes Rambo doesn’t make it back…


    • MaineCoon says:

      You’ve probably read numerous comments in recent years of the various attorneys in this scenario who came from/returned to the mega-firm King&Spa*ding. They are one of the biggest (huge) lobbyist in DC. Never saved the link. Sorry. All done in the interest of their mega, worldwide clients & their own fees. $$$$$


  36. dunewall says:

    Not surprised not many in the House or Senate knows anything. Did a tour of the capital building a few years ago, OK, a decade ago. SOP is whoever is delivering a speech is only talking to himself. Very, very, few other congressmen are physically present. No oratory skills are needed. Everyone gets a synopsis that no one reads. Most cases if a vote is needed they vote what the leadership tells them to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WillRoll says:

      Makes me appreciate Devin Nunes and all the digging he did to start to bring things to light. A farmer, working with his hands from before the sunrise. May we have more like him.

      Liked by 1 person

  37. Carly says:

    Likely Sundance met with all of the above, as much as possible in a short period of time. Also, it’s in God’s hands — a point Sundance reminds us of repeatedly.


  38. John OB says:

    So the Steele Dossier being imported into the FISA warrant is a myth, just as the 12 midnight to 5 am attempts to burn down the Federal Court House in Portland are myth.

    The Dem Congress flung their insults like frozen water bottles at AG Barr on Tuesday. Judge Sullivan and his fellow Kangaroos tried to kick his teeth in on Thursday.

    After observing the Attorney General under relentless and withering attack–his forbearance must be waning–down deep he must be considering turning those Bagpipes in for a Flamethrower!

    The Obama regime has been caught using the NSA to spy on Americans and the Donald Trump campaign.

    They have been unmasked, they know it, they have media with them, and they are not stepping back. They are over the line willing to do anything to win the election–they are boldly running for it–they are all in on denial and tyranny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lawton says:

      The Steele lies were the only thing that gave the dossier probable cause for a warrant – that is if they had been actually validated claims which they obviously weren’t.


  39. Merkin Muffley says:

    Ignorance = Disinterest. The people you’re talking to could care less what the Obama administration did.


  40. Will Hunt says:

    let me get this straight – there were numerous references to the Steele dossier but, according to Mr. Rat Rosenstein, it was not included as an attachment to the FISA application for the reader to verify the references????? I have never filed a FISA application but have written numerous technical/research papers – the absence of a reference document like this would stand out like a beetle on a bedsheet.


  41. Lawton says:

    That appears to be RRs standard BS that he thought things were valid which is nonsense because just signing the first scope memo with the Flynn allegations showed he was willingly going to be a rubber stamp for the coup attempt.

    This is the same crook that told the House that he would keep Mueller in check and only allow a valid investigation to take place as he had to approve their actions. Now that people may go to jail he wants to play innocent.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Craig says:

    Wasn’t there some other “distraction” going on the day RR testified?
    Seems his testimony was overcome by other events…


  43. mtk says:

    If “They won’t like full sunlight”, then they will definitely not like this…


  44. stevedinmd says:

    Rosenstein also testified that he never even read the FISA application before signing it. Stunning.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Blind no Longer says:

      He acted totally pissed he was even questioned about it. I remember so well, the “these are career law enforcement persons signing this information”…why should I have to verify anything BS.

      Liked by 1 person

    • regitiger says:

      eventually THEY WILL ALL TESTIFY…UNDER OATH…that THEY never read the FISA application.

      they are getting the screen play read out to them largely due to and thanks to (/S) graham, who’s ONLY and SOLE purpose for driving any “investigation” is to provide a smooth transition out of this mess. He learned from the great mccain, who learned this from feinstein.

      THIS IS the potomac two step.

      text book.

      and for anyone have any doubts who is being carried down the field for another touchdown, please let me introduce you to Jordan, who will perform wittingly or not to the same tune and songs as the gowdy before him!

      we are asking the wrong people to fix these problems!

      stop doing that.

      you will not get different results relying on the same “system”.

      you do understand this no?


      • darose5308 says:

        No offense Regitiger but I must disagree re: Jordan. Jim Jordan is a real live patriot. And there are very few in the Swamp

        Liked by 1 person

        • regitiger says:

          there are two ways to bring justice to criminals.

          courts…with real penalties.


          street justice.

          let me know when jim jordan or ANYONE in congress is capable of performing justice to criminals. spoiler: it’s never going to happen from the judiciary committee. ever!

          nothing against Jim Jordan to be crystal clear. make that perfectly clear.

          but expecting the judiciary committee to serve justice is nonsense.

          look at the referrals to the DOJ over the last several years.

          anyone been indicted?

          anyone go to jail?



          expecting different results from the establishment is a fool’s errand.

          when indictments happen, if at all, it will come from real cases in a real court room with evidence that a “prosecutor is capable of proving guilt”…intent and all that.

          sure Jim Jordan AND OTHERS in congress can provide some sunshine to these crimes.

          we’ve seen how much THAT has worked in the past.

          I’m not being pessimistic. I am being realistic to the DC politics style of “investigations and hearings” that have produced zero consequences to real criminals. As I have pointed out, numerous times, with graham as the “head” of this “ongoing” investigation, all you can expect if at all, is some kind of “report”..if that. It will be used as a political football to establish talking points…and maintain or steal power.

          nothing at all to do with justice in a court of law…for real criminals..

          I do not rely on hope.

          the best strategy is to place a force of momentum (truth with consequences for inaction) against the DOJ so severe that they will be motivated to take cases and pursue them.

          if that is what Jordan is doing, point it out. I can say, with 100 percent accuracy, with record proof, that every single referral for criminal investigation from congress about this coup and coup conspiracy and felony false statements, and unlawful leaking of classified materials has so far resulted in zero, nada indictments.

          maybe that changes. maybe it doesn’t.

          the problem I have with all of this is the material evidence of these crimes are obvious and concrete. A conspiracy to a coup is the MOST devastating crime and the most damaging crime against this republic. you would assume the DOJ would take such crimes with the energy and accelerated momentum it deserves.

          we have NOT witnessed that. We have witnessed just precisely the opposite.

          we do remember that on 7 occassions Barr has declared he will not pursue criminal investigations against key players, no?

          this leaves zero imaginings about the seriousness (the lack of ) that THIS DOJ has decided.

          following ONLY those facts of evidence they choose…and willfully ignoring the higher crimes and high level criminals within it, is a black flag tell.

          some people have this wild estimate that it’s all some sort of misdirection to prevent these criminals from knowing what is coming…that the curtain and the rug will be yanked hard.

          that, I believe is a very bad estimate.

          a dude makes adam schifface nervous with a social media tirade…in 72 hours he is arrested and indicted by Durham.

          think about it.

          don’t overthink it.

          things are going exactly as they are to delay anything before this election….there is a certain and predictable element within the DOJ and congress that yearns that Trump loses this election and they will sweep this entire “matter” under the rug.

          that’s the game.

          nothing about justice…

          WE THE PEOPLE will have to force justice….WE THE PEOPLE will have to make the consequences for those in positions to serve justice so severe they must act properly.

          it’s the only way. it’s the proper way. it’s the treasured historically correct way.

          want your country back? force it to happen.

          other than that, I have no strong emotions on the subject.

          God Bless America….He is watching what we do.

          Liked by 1 person

  45. DD says:

    I’m reminded of the communist maxim that a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. A perfect example of this maxim in action is the George Floyd Phenomenon. We live in an age of emotion. Facts and figures have little weight. But the right story can have huge impact.

    I think this can be applied to spy gate. The story is so complex and involves so many people, that it is hard for average folks to get their heads around it. Perhaps a useful strategy would be to personalize it by framing it as a tragedy. It can’t be about PDJT. He is too polarizing. Gen. Flynn? Perhaps but it’s hard for folks to have sympathy for a ‘player’.

    I don’t have a good answer at the moment but I thought it would be useful to throw this thought out for treepers to mull over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • nimrodman says:

      Good strategy

      We need to bring back the sad Indian elder shedding a tear about littering

      Only somehow portray that this time he’s sad after learning about the coup


  46. scrap1ron says:

    Sundance, if anyone ever deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, it is you.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. lolli says:

    Thank you for this update.
    Looking forward to your follow up post
    I am loving the fact that you have your own zippo 😉
    (“With or without Barr/Durham”)
    Walk towards the fire Patriot Treepers!

    Liked by 1 person

  48. bemymiro says:

    The two tier justice system is in full view! The swamp can misspeaking and have lack of candor while committing perjury! We the people would be just plain lying and held accountable! As free citizens and not subjects, we cannot let this stand! Expose the truth at all cost. An army of Paul Reveres is ready to ride once the lantern is hanging in the belfry! God bless Sundance! You are in my prayers.


  49. Winston says:

    I see there’s still an amazing number of people who continue to think any of this matters even though nothing significant will be done about any of it.

    “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.” – Mark Twain


  50. Bubby says:

    At the one minute mark Rosenstein says “what’s in that affidavit is verified. So “Steele’s reports 80,90,95 & 102 were used to support the (FISA) application” were verified. If what’s in the FISA application was verified who verified it? “Former FBI Director James Comey admitted that the Bureau did not verify allegations in the Steele dossier before it was cited as grounds for snooping on a former Trump adviser in 2016….Asked by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) what the FBI did to confirm the Steele dossier, Comey indicated that effort was still underway months after the warrant to surveil Page had already been granted and renewed…The admission came in closed-door testimony before congressional investigators that was made public Saturday evening.” – Mary Kay Linge 12/8/18 New York Post. So Rod Rosenstein who verified those Steele’s inserts in the original FISA application against Carter Page? It couldn’t be Comey!


    • regitiger says:

      bear in mind, one little understood reality about “establishing” probable cause or reasonableness or whatever legal concept you might have assumed about meeting thresholds before the secret police spy power court:

      it’s an honor system..and little more than that. There is zero definition of what is exactly that threshold. it’s secret and it clouded in obscurity…and not for the reasons of tradecraft or secret agent protections. It’s clouded in secrecy because that IS EXACTLY HOW CONGRESS designed it…to escape the “problems” of meeting a normal federal court protections principles of due process, the 4th and predicate. it’s a loophole they invented….it’s unconstitutional…and it is illegal in every other aspect of our justice system.

      FBI: we have a target “WE BELIEVE” has done some bad things…we don’t know if these are criminal or not…BUT, upon authorization of this secret spy order we will determine that.

      FISC: where do I sign?

      FBI: ( 90 days later…) based on what we have collected thus far, we continue to believe there exists enough details about this target to be suspicious…we want a crack at it again.

      FISC: you know where the rubber stamp is…

      FBI: (again, another 90 days later)..same song and dance.

      FISC: mind getting some more rubber stamp ink….stuff is getting expensive. oh, and by the way, just one question because “I AM ONLY CURIOUS” any charges for criminality in this?

      FBI: we don’t expect that…you see, we believe in the doctrine of innocent before proven guilty…mostly we’ve turned this into an intell gathering game…counter-intel, you see.

      FISC: I’m satisfied. see you later tonight for beers bros.

      ps: none of this would have ever been truly revealed and curtains yanked back….but that hillary LOST and Trump won!

      THAT is why we are seeing the entire IC apparatus, DOD, and congress doing everything in their power to drive attention away from this secret police spy power….

      why would they desire to give up so much power? Justice scores zero points on the priority leader board.

      it’s all about preserving access to these spy powers.

      they will never give them up…

      so NOW YOU KNOW what the fight is really about..and how the adversaries are!

      they are organized….they have the media to spin the narratives.

      we have our liberties to save.

      that’s the fight.


      • Bubby says:

        Probably true but the FBI saying “We believe” is not that same as sitting before Congress and testifying what’s in the FISA warrant application is “verified”! Verified – definition “2. Law a. To attest to the truth of (something) formally or under oath.” There was no truth to the Steele inserts in the FISA application.


        • regitiger says:

          meet lawfare…your definitions are flexible…

          the mealy mouthed protectors of the corruptors will simply recreate and manufacture a dozen or more narratives to explain what

          “verified” means.

          and it will work.

          it will.

          you know why?

          because that is exactly how congress has created these secret police spy power authorities.

          it boils down to an honor system. no hard lines of thresholds.

          there is no serious critical analysis of the underlying material..

          and lets face it, even if there was, the corruptors would simply find a way to lose anything harmful to the narrative (as they have done numerous times) or stonewalled courts to provide it (as they have done numerous times)…or simply re-create and doctor up official documents to adapt to the fluid dynamic contest they enjoy mincing it up.

          here is the truth: “officials” and prosecutors and namely the DOJ/main justice including judges have lost the capacity to put their foot down….they do not KNOW or DESIRE to make hard decisive decisions…it’s all politics, led by wordsmiths, acting as attorneys.

          anecdote: friend of mine committed some serious crimes…felonies…guilty as they come…plenty of direct evidence, physical and eye witness…prosecutors went to trial with this and a jury of his peers found him guilty…because that is what the proved evidence showed. nothing else matters. this happens daily to hundreds of people across america….assumed innocent until proven guilty.

          then we have “this”…a different kind of justice…where there is no serious inquiry or desire to pursue real criminality…

          why is that?

          we know why.


        • 4sure says:

          So, remind me, please, what swamp critter has EVER been held accountable by lying to congress? That’s a rhetorical question.


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