Status Update – DOJ/FBI Investigative Research on The Road…

I’m going to attempt to clear up some information and speak as directly as would be deemed prudent as of 8/3/20.  This will likely jump around quite a bit.

♦ USAO John Bash – Lots of discussion amid multiple circles about what West Texas USAO John Bash might be looking into.  Is he looking back in time into the FISA(702) abuses that took place during the 2016 primary season?…. That would be in addition to the familiar “unmasking” aspect?…  and, if yes, what would that indicate?

Short answer is: no-one is certain.  AG Barr did mention that Bash is looking backward on the unmasking issues beyond the timeline scope of the 2016 presidential election.  That would indicate surveillance “unmasking” and FISA “minimization” would meld because essentially the terms are synonymous depending on the type of intelligence exploitation.

Prior Obama officials were “unmasking” names associated with FBI investigations simply to dirty them up to give fuel to the fraudulent basis of “Trump-Russia”; that’s the political weaponization of intelligence.  This did happen and Bash is cited with authority to review this carve-out of the ongoing DOJ investigation into DOJ/FBI intelligence manipulation.

However, if Bash is going into the issues of the NSA database being exploited for political opposition research via FISA-702 authorities (the intentional extraction of information with intentional non-minimization) well, that’s a more expansive kettle-of-fish than would seem to be possible to fully outline before the November election.

FISC presiding judges Rosemary Collyer (’16) and James Boasberg (’18) have already outlined the continued use of the NSA database for ‘unauthorized’ purposes. [Use Site Search Tool for details]

Is this something that AG Barr would authorize USAO Bash to pursue?… that’s a big question without answer.  We would hope yes, but think about the scale of that in totality to the interests of DC writ large… Ergo, I’m not confident.

Unmasking and Non-Minimization are essentially the same issue.  The former has to do with actual FBI and intelligence investigations; the latter has to do with using the NSA database to extract information (mostly unlawful use).  Unfortunately the general belief is that FISA(702) and NSA metadata collection, which includes the ability to review information on all citizens, are critical to national security.

Even with the findings of former NSA Director Mike Rogers about the systemic abuse he was not supportive of shutting the programs down.  So, with that in mind ,would AG Barr want to undermine an operational tool that is vital to the function of national security (as defined by the total apparatus) by having a U.S. attorney expose abuses?  See the issue….

Tangentially related to this NSA database aspect, it seems clear the exploitation is not just about targeting political adversaries.   This is about money and power.  While there is no direct evidence the NSA database was being used to make money, the mere fact that Crowdstrike was a contracting agency with access points to a more financially motivated aspect.

Were these “contractors” extracting corporate, business and financial secrets to sell and or trade and make money?  Is this the ultimate insider trading scheme in Washington DC?…  The answer is actually in the question.  What entity would not eventually use that access for this purpose… it is just too easy to make money.

Apply Occam’s Razor. Of course they did.

♦ USAO John Durham – At this point the noise around the likelihood of grand jury proceedings is very loud.  CTH knows the ¹lead investigator for the entire Durham probe (name intentionally withheld). We stumbled upon it accidentally during specific events in/around DC, and the entity was confirmed in an odd way when we attempted to make contact not knowing exactly what this person was doing.  A little funny story for much later, when things settle down.  Suffice to say we triggered some folks, bigly.   They didn’t know the nature of our inquiry and presumed we knew exactly who they were.  We didn’t, but immediately after their response, we did.  A little funny now.

[¹You might even say (I do) that discovery was divinely guided and inspired; because this was so random and yet so important no-one could ever get that lucky without some help from a universe of righteousness nudging.]

Here’s the parts that only a few people are able to comprehend…. bear with me this will be free-flow and typed thought on the fly:

Because of the sensitivity of the issues being investigated; and because even the appearance of politic in the investigation is fraught with peril; almost none of the people involved ever talk to each other.  This includes Barr and Durham and definitely includes Barr and XXXXX.

The term “delicate balance” has been used so much it now generates a gag reflex.  Every conversation begins with: “understanding all the issues are entwined in a precarious delicate balance”… and then the nudge-nudge, wink-wink, non verbal communication of interpreting between the lines starts.   After a while of playing this game the frustration is enough to make you an expert at turning billiard ball into a stress ball.  Annoying as heck.

When I share that most officials, staff and investigators are genuinely clueless, I do mean they are genuinely clueless.   This includes FBI and Main Justice officials. Thus the important reason for actually getting on planes, meeting people, looking in their eyes, watching their inflection and seeing their responses.

I know the difference when a person is using the Mamet Principle and pretends not to know…. believe me, most of these people are genuinely clueless – they are not pretending.  They are more concerned with who is getting the bigger muffin from the taxpayer provided snack bar.  They care far less about what middle-America thinks about their lack of corrective action on corrupt issues they are comfortable working with/in/around all day.

If there is a grand jury; and if the grand jury returns ‘true bills’ on specific targets; we still have a filtering issue of AG Bill Barr who will then have to decide which criminal characters will be indicted and which would be too institutionally dangerous to indict.  This seems rather stark to say out loud; but we would be naive if we didn’t think there was going to be some sort of filtering taking place even with grand jury outcomes.

♦Phase-2:  For some serendipitous reason back in 2018 when the depth of the deep swamp became very visible, CTH selected mid-August 2020 as benchmark date.   If action was going to be taken by corrective elements in the DOJ or FBI that action would need to be visible, publicly visible, mid August (two weeks from now).

If there is nothing that comes out of the DOJ and FBI by mid-August, CTH will do the very best possible to launch on “phase-2” which will include us exposing the names of the investigators/prosecutors and what they are specifically known to be doing.  While that’s not the purpose, there has to be a point at which ‘We the People’ get to say enough is enough… we are shifting from prudent patience to full sunlight regardless of the damage it does to the ongoing investigation(s).

Because that’s a pretty serious thing to do; there is an assembly of very smart people coming together right before that date, and these issues will be debated.  I doubt anyone could convince me not to go full combat; but I’m willing to listen up to the very last second of my own self-imposed deadline for justice.

Phase-2 was originally going be a full expose in a manner of platforms on a key aspect that underpins the historic DOJ/FBI and Mueller Special Counsel operation.  That goal is still primary; however, it will also include telling as many people as possible whose doors need to be knocked upon to ask the questions about inaction.  Based on the feedback when we knocked the mystery doors it is likely the investigators (and others) will go bananas if their role is made public.

Once people absorb the severity of the dual systems of justice; and once a very specific issue is thoroughly understood; I am very hopeful a national response will be triggered.

♦ Lastly – In the last several days issues in the background of CTH have been challenging.  Comments are being dropped, filtered and disappeared that are totally out of our control.  We have no idea if WordPress is the cause or something more nefarious.  Regardless, please be patient the admins are working furiously to release all the comments that are being captured/blocked through some unknown technology we appear to be encountering.

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651 Responses to Status Update – DOJ/FBI Investigative Research on The Road…

  1. snailmailtrucker says:

    ” ‘We the People’ get to say enough is enough… we are shifting from prudent patience to full sunlight regardless of the damage it does to the ongoing investigation(s).”

    Right on Sundance….I’m real Friggin tired of these Never-ending Investigations while people like Obama, Hillary, Schiff, Schumer, Feinstein, Debbie Schultz still have Security Clearances and they are Still Actively Destroying our Country !

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  2. snailmailtrucker says:

    National Security Issuses…I have 2 words for that …..


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  3. owtolunch says:

    Given the players in this mess…..

    Who is there to take this information to? Who will act in a manner appropriate with our constitution?

    When the very Judges (FISA) who are appointed by the Chief Justice are not willing to uphold our constitution, and describe crimes as just mistakes or situations and do nothing else what confidence can we have in them? They Let people walk on felonies over and over!!! Thousands of times!!

    When the DOJ and FBI and CIA and NSA all violate our laws and coverup their crimes — Do we take it to them to correct? The FISA Court ignored them… The IGs did not push the issues..

    When the Senate oversight SSCI and Gang of Eight fail to act and cover up the mess – Do we take it to them?

    When the House has voted to impeach our President based upon fraudulent and bogus lies –Do we take it to them?

    When the Senate Majority Leader clearly knows what is going on — Do we take it to him?

    When the major Media Organizations have all worked with these others to facilitate this whole mess – can we rely upon them?

    Who is left to appeal to? Military? A special tribunal?

    A conundrum if ever I have seen one….

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    • Puzzled says:

      Good questions, the strangle hold of elite leftists over the government from top to bottom is mind boggling. It’s not like pulling a few weeds from the garden. Do we the people need a revolution before it’s too late.

      Liked by 2 people

    • sjh says:

      “Protecting the institutions” is nonsense. The only thing that will protect the institutions is to hold them accountable under the law, equal and not above the American people. The more they are seen as rogue communist-globalist illegitimate occupiers, the less these vaunted institutions will be protected. I don’t care if it is an ex-President, SCOTUS, Congress, the entire intel community (which seems to have taken control decades ago).


    • myword says:

      The People have chosen to cut off the limb stuck in the trap rather than wait to die whole. No Institution in our society will survive without TOTAL RESTRUCTURING, if at all.

      Without a major turn of events this month, August, the PTB will bring about their desired CHAOS through destroying the election process. Since Chaos in on their menu, we should put ourselves in the kitchen.

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    • lisa burns says:

      Tucker Carlson….he’d be fabulous

      Liked by 1 person

      • TrustyHaste says:

        He is fabulous, yes, but his show has so many commercial breaks. Can you imagine trying to boil down the massive network and history of these events into TV bites? I think a documentary is what it is going to take. At least 60 min long. People like seeing pictures/videos more than reading and to the general (non CTH) public, this is pretty intense and detail specific.

        Liked by 1 person

        • texelelf says:

          He has so many commercial breaks because he’s probably carrying a great deal of the growing dead weight on Fox News. This and the COVID-19 hysteria is the last gasp of the dinosaur media, and Fox News is merely the spriest of the doomed.


  4. Perot Conservative says:

    Shawn Henry (FBI now Crowdstrike) – on one site – estimated to be worth $30 Million.


  5. teeheeman says:

    I’ll be honest – I’m all for action, but this is getting a bit weird.


  6. Silver Sunday says:

    “Were these “contractors” extracting corporate, business and financial secrets to sell and or trade and make money? Is this the ultimate insider trading scheme in Washington DC?… The answer is actually in the question. What entity would not eventually use that access for this purpose… it is just too easy to make money.”
    All I can say is Oy Vey, a revelation that hadn’t occurred to me. Another look at what motivates human scum. And lookie here at Perot Conservative’s news that Shawn Henry is worth millions.

    So what is at stake for all of those involved from the lowest to the highest? Including the dweebs who are pencil pushers and extremely uncurious. How good is that muffin?
    A job to go to every day guaranteed with all the perks.
    A reputation, which is almost everything you need to keep you desirable.
    A Career the loss of which may have you working in McDonalds if you’re lucky
    Wealth – self explanatory
    Power – self explanatory
    Loss of Freedom – that is the one we want to see most.

    If I got to vote for my #1 who I want to see go down in flames, and in an orange jumpsuit, I am going with Comey – I think that is a possibility. We may have to be satisfied with less than we want.
    But, exposure of them, will be satisfying.
    THANKS SUNDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tulips Moran says:

      You’re trying to boil the ocean. We need a DOJ that is willing to take down the “Dons” the “Bosses”. That will allow the small fish to clean up themselves because they will see first hand what happens when you’re caught. Until we’re able to take on the top eschalon, nothing will change.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. sickrickfl says:

    Prayers for your journey – SERIOUS ONES.

    Hope you have a “deadmans switch insurance policy” for release. Since your identity (while likely known through IC snooping) is now out there to a much wider audience. Many of whom are associated with folks that would like nothing better than for you to vanish, or be “Seth Rich’d”.

    There’s a palpable danger to folks who “speak truth to power” – not just being cancelled in employment or social media. The powers that be have been “disappearing people” for generations – and the public threat of Phase 2, without some serious security backing has me concerned for our fearless leaders (SD, not DJT) safety.

    The next 60 days +/- are going to be CRITICAL to both the future of our beloved Republic in particular, and the world in general. The “fix” is already in. The left and the media are prepping the nation for dragging DJT from the WH (one way or the other).

    I’m not all that big on religion myself, but HUGE on GOD AND PRAYER.

    GODSPEED to our Messenger of Truth.



  8. tleek55 says:

    Please be careful…we can’t afford the loss of any Patriot.


  9. devilman96 says:

    As a very avid reader of TCH I am glad to see other sites like the Citizen Free Press linking to these articles. It’s a much needed boost to the sharing of information.

    To the late comers of Sundance s writing and coverage, it make take you some time to play catch up on the historic background information but it’s completely worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. SSI01 says:

    Sundance – re: that stuff you refer to, in the background, that your admins are trying to sort through and determine both the nature of, and the point of origin of – you WILL let us know what your admins come up with as their best educated and professional guess, WON’T YOU?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. myword says:

    “we are shifting from prudent patience to full sunlight regardless of the damage it does to the ongoing investigation(s).”

    Consistent with a “genuinely clueless” disposition, the incestuous bureaucrats fail to realize no half measures will suffice – it is literally ALL or nothing. But a “nothing” would pull the pin out the grenade of human consciousness, past due date in its long laborious birth, and hungering for nourishment that only Truth satisfies.

    The bloodbath seemingly desired by the ossified elite to maintain power will be merely the opening act to the wrath desired by the whole of humanity upon the wretched, corrupt, criminal control grid.

    We stand in Unity for Truth, Transparency, and ONE System of Justice.

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  12. pjpatriot says:

    I had trouble posting and Ad Rem was very helpful. Having said that, I would not at all be surprised if WordPress had a hacker, or worse.


  13. valleyj says:

    “we still have a filtering issue of AG Bill Barr who will then have to decide which criminal characters will be indicted and which would be too institutionally dangerous to indict.”
    The ones that are chosen to be indicted by AG Barr will certainly squeal, yes? Or just take the knife?


  14. Eileen McRae says:

    Fiddle dee, fiddle dum,
    I smell the blood of what’s to come!


  15. lisa burns says:

    get the info to Tucker Carlson, Paul Sperry, Molly Hemingway, John Soloman… maybe even Sean Hannity to give it to Trump himself


  16. The trouble with getting the perps to trial will only be resolved when you take up arms and march on Washington.The powers that be will never accept President Trump as their leader.They have ALL shown this since Trump won in 2016.They MUST ALL be held to account.EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ann says:

      I’ concur. Very few examples I can locate of ruling elites ceding power without strong coercion from outside.

      One Takeaway is how dangerous a closed caste of invulnerable ruling elites becomes.
      They tear apart their own societies to retain control.
      When rooted, they see themselves are permanent, and the ethos shifts away from public servants,or earned by personal sacrifice to perceiving the public as a possession, a “territory, . Their agenda shrinks to preserving a sick status quo of special privledges and group status. while their country withers.

      Not one dinosaur Senator or House leaders even responded to our Big Agenda .

      Only thing they’re good for is spending. , Throw em out.


  17. MOConPatriot says:

    I, like many here, have been a long time lurker – absorbing and marveling at what my country’s leadership has been allowed to do. It hurts my heart to know these evident truths, but it has hurt worse to feel powerless against the continuing offenses of the machine. You have alluded to a way to channel this desire for a better future. I’m ready and able to be a foot soldier in this cause. Allies visit here by the multitudes daily, but know that this one is ready to step forward. This cause is just and it must prevail. There’s literally no where else to go, if liberty is to survive in this world, our last plausible shot at a remedy to correct course is being presented right now. Count me all in. Pass the ammunition as you see prudent.

    Liked by 1 person

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