August 2nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1291

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. WhiteBoard says:

    It didn’t click until now.

    sundance told us exactly what happened – 3 years ago.

    Due to the Obama administration knowing President Trump would win the election, they had to cover up illegally spying on everyone from 2012, by Making up a FISA (carter) and leaking it to launder (Warner March 17/17 Wolfe leak to buzzfeed to Cnn to get the Mueller appointment) it while Mueller was in charge of the DOJ to give a slap on the wrist.

    The plan was inclusive.

    Fake a FISA. then Launder it to get it public to initiate Mueller appointment to legalize 2012+ spying. And while you launder it you remove you consprirators from prosecution becaus you were in charge of the DOJ and gave them a slap on the wrist.

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    • Pretty much . . . . .As I’ve been saying, they needed us to believe the LIE that Trump & Co. were colluding with Putin to distract us from the FACT that 0bama & Co. were operating like Stalin.

      They failed.

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        I understand Barr has cleaned out this issue with NSA database – they have removed most conspirators. so essentially fixed the 2012+ problem, BUT as Sundance brings up about the exports of the nsa database, THOSE HAVE TO BE RECONCILED right?.

        That would send everyone into panic – if powerful people realized our NSA databse has been exported and utilized for political reasons to win power and TRANSFORM america.

        the hardest swallow – was to realize the Mueller thing, and the Wolfe thing were planned as the closing act of the insurance policy

        and this database is still out there.

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        • SanJac says:

          You can bet there is a warehouse somewhere with a shadow system still operating. Plus googoo and Fakebook and alphabet etc etc are still operating somewhere in this country or China.

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          • Rhoda R says:

            And you can also bet that the powerful people also know that database is out there. That might explain some of the inexplicable behavior on the part of some people.


        • Right to reply says:

          Never lose sight of the FACT that Mueller couldn’t be introduced unless Comey was fired. Comey was in on his own firing. Rosenstein wrote that letter with Comey’s blessing! Isn’t that why Rosenstein was so able and willing to extend the scope, and sign off on a FISA he knew was BS?


      • SanJac says:

        “I’ll have more flexibility after my last election”
        And people are not interested in what Osama was letting the Russians and Chinese were doing in this country ?


        • bshaw7369610 says:

          San Jac, that hot mic moment has kissed me off more than anything in politics (not in the direct battle field of politics I should clarify) in my life. I don’t care what your party affiliation is, we just hear our frewakin president tell Putin’s puppet on live tv that he should tell The current dictator of Russia that he will have more flexibility after the election. JFC, every American should have demanded to know what that was about.

          Just IMAGINE if that had been PDJT!!! He would have been impeached and removed in the same month and by his own party. And we just let MSM and the left get away with this shit. We NEVER do enough to hold these people accountable. And now we are paying the price.

          And by we, in this situation, I mean Rep Politicians. We the people did our f———g part and gave them the congress back. And they did nothing with it. We then sat on our GD hands in 2018 and lost the house.

          We are being left with only one option. One I’ve dreaded my whole life. But we are there. F—K!!!

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    • gensensibility says:

      I don’t think that they “knew” Trump would win. They needed an insurance policy in case he did. They needed a FISA in order to keep spying after the NSA shut them down. …


      • WhiteBoard says:


        but getting the FISA is for nothing – if the WOLFE leak didnt happen right?

        there is no Mueller with Republican support if there isnt a Buzzfeed carter page fisa link – that CNN reports into mainstream


      • Zimbalistjunior says:

        The insurance policy wasn’t in case he won. It was to ensure he didn’t win.

        The story that it was in case he won was a self serving leak given to Washington post. It’s bs. Reread the text in question and ponder why would mccabe Strzok and page say ‘hey let’s do something in case he wins’ when they had a perfect chance to do something to stop him from winning in the first place.
        Anyway this point is immaterial really but a bit irksome.


        • WhiteBoard says:

          if he wins – the national security division is NO LONGER SHIELDED from OIG oversight.

          meaning – you only need an insurance policy to GET IN CHARGE OF THE DOJ (muller) if President Trump wins the election (otherwise hillary wins and you can spy all day long)


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      That’s a good deduction. Then it spins off into the money. Clinton Foundation, Green Energy (Solyndra), Uranium One. HSBC, money laundering, stealing mines and precisous minerals around the world, Deals with Russia, Chine, Iran, Syria, and on and on.

      The thousands of money deals, that were laundered through the big bankers..

      That is what they are really protecting. The 2008 Mortgage Meltdown, does anyone KNOW where all that money disappeared to? Where did it go? Money is a tangible thing, it doesn’t just disappear.

      These are the real things that the Swamp, Deep State, corrupt Media,and, corrupt bureaucrats are hiding.

      This is why the USA has not had a budget since George W. Bush.

      What better plan to steal the taxpayers’ money than to have no accounting for anything they do. USAID is just one of the schemes. The Globalist money-sucking methods are legion.



  2. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    It’s official.

    WordPress hates me.

    Maybe we should start a thread about dumpster diving.


  3. Smokey Jo says:

    Oh my, took the day off, good for the soul to get away from the computer for a day. Obviously couldn’t stay away for too long. Thank you Ad Rem and other moderators for all you do.

    I know this has been posted here numerous times, but we have new visitors from all over the globe visiting daily. Tis still a great video…

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  4. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just say’n… )

    Sunday Funday…

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  5. MfM says:

    From what I’ve seen it’s the very old, especially those in nursing homes that sadly are dying the most. In PA the tragically hardest hit highest( 27%, 2,017) have been women over 85. Many of them in nursing homes.I

    A healthy person with zero heath issues getting the Wuhan Virus and dying is an outlier. Someone under 70 with numerous health issues is also at risk.


    • cplogics says:

      I have not seen my husband since the last week-end of February. The draconian measures taken by my state have leveled a great physical costs to him and emotionally to our family. We have a daughter who has had to postpone her wedding two times despite having forked out thousands of dollars on venues, photographer, stationer, etc. We are hoping to finally make it happen next month, but I have told the family that if I have to sit there with a mask on like a ward of the state, I will graciously bow out. I am done. Stick a fork in me.

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      • maggie0987 says:

        cp – I am so sorry to read about the goings on in your family because of Wuhan flu.
        It is as tho’ we are living in a bad movie.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I’m so sorry. 😦

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      • Local Treeper says:

        Why are you accepting this? Start standing up for your freaking rights. Say NO, stand up! Is your husband in jail? Has he been charged with a crime? You?

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      • My niece had a zoom wedding at Coopers Rock State Park near Morgantown last week .
        They actually pulled it off quite nicely.

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      • Dixie says:

        That’s awful cp. So very sorry. If it were my husband, I’d storm the nursing home. (So I’d probably wind up in jail.)

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      • Chip Doctor says:

        Cplogic, you are not alone. My father is 93. My mom has been in an Alzheimer’s unit for the last three years. She does not recognize anyone but him. Up until the China Flu, he visited her twice a day, rain, shine, snow or ice.

        It has been so hard to watch him suffer. They bring her to a closed window where he can see her. Because she loses her glasses and hearing aids, she has no idea that he is there.

        She fell and broke her hip and received an artificial. Finally after all these months he was allowed to visit her. He did not think she remembered him. He asked her and she nodded. He has no idea when he will be able to see her again.

        Even with her limited cognitive decline, it just kills us to think of her feeling abandoned. He is ALL she has. Especially hard for my dad.

        This whole thing is a travesty. Horrible.

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      • Amy2 says:

        Ditto on our daughter’s wedding. She went ahead and got married on the date (invites had already been sent!) but we are on hold for the paid for reception! I feel your pain!

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      • Rosemary B says:

        I hear your frustration and utter exhaustion.
        Prayers 💕🙏🏼

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      • InAz says:


        Sorry to learn of all the troubles for you and your family.
        It’s disgusting what these Commie azz hats have done….to our President and the good citizens of the USA.

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    • msidaho says:

      What bothers me is the idea that someone is ‘at risk’. Life is a risk, don’t ‘cha think?
      Far as i know, ain’t none of us getting out of here alive.
      Anyone who is ‘at risk’ for whatever reason will probably die sooner rather than later – except for accidents, of course.
      As Sundance and so many others have said, live life life to the fullest.
      There is a very long list of ‘things’ and diseases you can die from, In truth, any condition which diminishes your ability to enjoy life is heartbreaking.
      Happy Blessed Sunday.

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      • Maquis says:

        Not living our lives is the greater risk to our lives.

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      • flatwesttx says:

        Truth. I don’t want it for me, my family, etc. A friend had gone to a family reunion knowing there was a risk with it. To my knowledge no one got the virus but her brother was struck by a car while walking and killed the evening after it was over. So incredibly tragic and not making light in any way other than risks are everywhere everyday. Glad that they all had time and made the time and was able to spend quality time with him before the horrible occurrence.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Please understand, I’m not saying it isn’t sad. But many of those in nursing homes have dementia of some kind or another. Existing more than they are living, they are unaware of what’s going on around them. Others do not have loving families who visit them. They are lonely. They don’t have enough mental stimulation to keep them from dwelling on their loneliness. They are depressed. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard older people say they’re tired, they’re ready to go and don’t know why they can’t just die. In essence, they are saying ““My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better” (Philippians 1:23).

      We mourn the loss of our loved ones at the same time we know in our hearts to be with Christ is far better.


      • Rosemary B says:

        This is true. Many nursing homes have made it possible to visit relatives, beloved husbands wives, grammas, the list goes on, through screened windows carefully set up.
        I am so sad to hear that you are suffering CP 😷😢

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        • ms doodlebug says:

          The problem is not whether nursing homes have made it possible for relatives to visit. You see a few photos of family at windows looking in on an elderly family member. What you don’t see are the relatives who are 𝙣𝙤𝙩 visiting their elders. Across the United States they are legion.

          I have no idea what you mean by “I am so sad to hear that you are suffering CP”. Feel free to explain if you like.


          • cplogics says:

            While you did not ask me directly, Ms doodlebug, let me explain. My husband needs round the clock care. I am sorry to have misstated that I have not seen him since the end of February. What I meant to say, I have not seen him in person – only video chats. We have had only two window visits which started recently. He remarked that he felt he was in a prison which is the exact reason we waited until now to do the window chats because that is exactly what they remind people of. Every week we pick up his laundry which I insist on doing and when we return it, there is always a bag of something from home for him, some homemade, some store bought, but he knows he is not forgotten. Since the lock down his has celebrated a birthday and we have celebrated an anniversary but not with each other. His facility has not had one case of COVID and I am grateful for that. What I do not see, however, is any pro activity on their part to put pressure on the state to not treat all facilities alike. I realize that my initial comment may have sounded like I had not seen my husband by any means, but your assumption that I was “not” making an effort is a lie and an insult. Have a great day.


            • ms doodlebug says:

              Your assumption that I was commenting on you and your situation is mistaken. In no way was I suggesting you were neglecting your husband.There are a lot of comments between your initial comment and my comment. I didn’t connect your comment to Rosemary’s because her comment came up as a reply ‘to me’ instead of to you. It also came up on my notifications as a reply ‘to me’.

              I spoke of the thousands of people in nursing homes whose relatives never visit them even when there is no virus outbreak. No birthday celebrations. No anniversaries. No weddings. No holidays with family. No news of births. No phone calls or video chats. No contact with the ‘outside world’. Just forgotten people who, nonetheless, exist.

              “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” (Helen Keller)


    • Kay123 says:

      My question is this. How do we know that older
      people are dying of comFlu? What a way to
      genicide people by the masses. Swab their noses
      with deadly chemical concoction.
      “Let them die” …. “bingo”……. (“”covid-19 # 3000..””) ……. “NEXT..!!”

      Anyone who voted for Trump last election gets tested.
      Hmmmm yes I am ________but I am not a GULLIBLE ________.

      There is no end to the deceit, or depth these mental, midget,
      DemonRats will go. Aided by chi-coms and muzzies who
      are drawing straws for picking rights to our carcasses.

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  6. Right Mover says:

    Et tu, Brett?

    Mr. President, you are surrounded in your Task Force by bureaucrats and Deep Staters who don’t want this virus to go away, and whom you can’t trust. And the more faith you place in them–and the more faith you place in your duplicitous advisers–the more damage is done, and the FURTHER we are from ending this nightmare.

    Please, Mr. President, take the reins of this situation back or else this will never, ever end. And there are people in your own camp who do not want it to ever end. Your nation needs your bold leadership now, not the waffling of Brett Giroir, the hypocrisy of narcissist Fauci, not the promotion of goggles by Dr. Birx, and NOT the wishy washy pandering from Jared Kushner or whoever the hell is giving you advice.

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    • Free Speech says:

      POTUS is all over the place on covid. It’s the worst he’s been on an issue since McMaster was dragging him all over the place on Syria. Hope he gets it together soon and things end well like they did there. One thing’s for sure- he’s not going to get his number one priority, the economy, going again as long as he listens to the staff of advisers he has on covid right now. They are bound and determined to panic the crap out of people and shut everything back down.


      • auscitizenmom says:

        The way I see it is………..if President Trump goes against what the Dem dr/scientists are saying and convinces us all to not give in, the Dems will work even harder to make sure more of us die to prove him wrong, however they can do it.

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      • OffCourseNation says:

        Meanwhile, the enemy has certainly not been “all over the place”, but rather has been fixed and unrelenting on face dippering everyone up and shutting the economy down. Their singularity of purpose gives them an advantage.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Deep Staters {{sigh}}
      Sounds more like Derp Staters to me.
      Easily ignored and dismissed, which is the ultimate cut.


  7. MfM says:

    Sturgis bike rally is happening!

    Several have talked about what happened in Germany with the demonstration. This motorcycle rally is enormous.

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    • the phoenix says:

      Praying for the good health, safety, protecton, and good old American enjoyment for all the bikers attending the Sturgis bike rally this year. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  8. islandpalmtrees says:

    Who owned the virus treatment before the virus was detected in China. Well according to the following document Soros. That’s not good.

    REPORT: Study Used by Dr. Fauci to Condemn Hydroxychloroquine Use Was Debunked! – But New England Journal of Medicine Will Not Publish This Lifesaving Update!
    By Joe Hoft
    Published August 2, 2020

    Deep State doctors are doing all they can to distort the truth about hydroxychloroquine. Does it have anything to do with money or power?

    Why would Soros, Obama and Dr. Fauci want to create COVID-19 a Bio-weapon in China? Could this be the reason – I think yes


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  9. sunnyflower5 says:

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  10. Patience says:

    Sundance, Hope you are having a very excellent Sunday !

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  11. islandpalmtrees says:

    Oh, this does not look good!

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    • Sentient says:

      That study was stupid. HQC only works to ward off the virus at the outset. HQC is an ionophore for zinc like ECGC or quercetin. Hope the U of MN study on Losartan is more honest. It’s being run by
      Losartan showed much promise for covid patients who are already suffering a “cytokine storm” (immune system overreaction). Problem is that Losartan is off patent, so there’s no big money in it.


    • potus2020 says:

      He says it’s a conspiracy of Russia trolls. has had a Gilead grant (said he had a sandwich in 2018 haha)


    • Monadnock says:

      Hey island,

      Chris Martensen over at Peak Prosperity has been posting SARS updates since early this year – one of his posts covered the fact that the WHO in 2019 posted online that in the last several decades, HCQ had been shown to cause negative heart indications precisely ZERO times – no reports at all.

      I meant to download that particular video but cannot find it at the moment.

      He’s got a lot of good stuff on COVID that he’s posted – at times he seems a bit alarmist to me, but there’s no denying that he digs and digs for the truth.

      If I find that particular video or the WHO link, I will post it in a future presidential thread.


      • upstate909 says:

        that is the problem…we all are aware that we have read reports or studies on this, but when you go back to find it…even if you linked it and saved it, the info disappears.


  12. MAGADJT says:

    One of my friends is asking for info on the spy gate and collision hoax. I said I would send him something. Anyone have a Sundance post that would be the best primer for someone looking to learn more and possibly take the red pill? Needs to be remedial at first.

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    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Remedial at first?
      Ok…probably the best way to do that is to send them toward Techno_Fog and UndercoverHuber on Twitter along with Sidney Powell.

      The reason I say this is that this whole conspiracy goes back literally to Obama first setting foot in the White House. Thats a big elephant to eat.

      So, set their expectations accordingly. Say to them something along the lines of …

      This whole thing reads like a spy novel series. So I am going to show you some of the easiest stuff to discern for yourself where you can see the documents linked and read them for yourself. Techno_fog and UndercoverHuber do a good job of this on Twitter.
      Send them specifically to the first Jensen release that shows that his lawyers were working with the Mueller team behind Gen Flynn’s back to get him to plead guilty and threatening his son if he didnt.

      That’s probably the easiest piece to show and something that any man who has a child will understand exactly what Flynn did.

      From there they can make their way to the treehouse for a deepdive. Just set their expectations once they see the Gen. Flynn stuff, that is just the tip of the iceberg and the further you dig the worse it gets.

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    • WSB says:

      I too have been asking if there is more of a summary on all that we have been learning here for the last six years.

      We could all reread and keep reading.

      In the search box, I typed spygate. A number of excellent articles came up.

      If you want to try one, this might be something to start with.

      You may need to reread first and fill in a summary for your friend. And then try to supplement with the others.

      My guess, though, is that you must premise by introducing the overall reasoning for this starting in the first place:

      “For over forty years, leaders in our government – both Republican and Democrat – morphed into a mafia, who created worldwide taxpayer money-laundering and power grabbing schemes aimed at destroying the United States of America. The levels of infiltration also run through government, media, corporate, medical, religious and educational platforms….worldwide.

      Donald Trump was so alarmed for forty years at how close they were getting to completing this destruction, he ran for office as a last ditch effort to thwart these heinous crimes. And the American people understood. Current conditions are now an epic attempt by the mafia to crush the American people’s rebellion against this tyranny.

      Nothing you are seeing is coincidental. This has all been planned for the total destruction of the US.”

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      • Walt says:

        That’s a good, coherent summary.
        I’ve saved it to print and show to others who need it.

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        • WSB says:

          Much appreciated, Walt…and please share.

          I have been wondering how to introduce all of this to others. 97 days is just not as long as studying this for 6 years or more, as others on this site have done.

          There is simply not enough time for minutiae.


  13. islandpalmtrees says:

    But wait, isn’t Gilead owned by Soros Doctor Boulware? Look below
    George Soros also owns Gilead Biosciences (15).


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  14. islandpalmtrees says:

    Wait, their is more. Who makes Remdesivir, Firm Gilead and who owns that company Glead Soros.

    The First Case of COVID-19 in the US Treated with Remdesivir Was in late January – Two Weeks Later China Was Mass Producing the Drug – The Firm Gilead Sciences and Dr. Fauci Are In the Middle

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  15. patti says:

    Here we go…
    Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to ‘Persuade’ Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines

    The study is published at the government website on clinical trials.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “intervention message”…

      … is what they call it, apparently. 1984 much?

      I’ll tell ya what… they’re gonna have to come get me. And they better bring some big effing dudes with some serious hardware, ‘cuz it’s gonna get ugly.

      Prediction: “John Roberts ‘sides with liberals’ and upholds the Everybody Must Drink The Kool-Aid Act.”

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      • patti says:

        “I’ll tell ya what… they’re gonna have to come get me. ” Me too, mr.piddles. and lots of others. I suspect.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Yep. It ain’t gonna be pretty…………four or five men holding an overweight old granny down to stick a needle in her arm while she is screaming at the top of her lungs.

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    • upstate909 says:

      Read it… The most it tells me is HOW they think, the Least is how they will come at we the people.


  16. islandpalmtrees says:

    Any probability experts out there. What is the chance of having a drug to treat COVID-19 so quickly, when as we know it takes many months? Soros, is not only a great business man, but a fortune teller.

    The first known case of COVID-19 showed up in the US in Washington state on January 19, 2020. The individual had traveled to visit family in Wuhan, China, and had returned on the 15th. The patient was immediately placed under surveillance and after declining health, he was finally given a drug being developed, remdesiver.

    On Feb. 12, 2020 – that is correct, Feb. 12 – 10 days after Trump initiated the China travel ban, Bloomberg reported:

    “A Chinese drugmaker said it has started mass-producing an experimental drug from Gilead Sciences that has the potential to fight the novel coronavirus, as China accelerates its effort to find a treatment for the widening outbreak.

    Then in late February, a study began in Nebraska, to evaluate remdesivir (which all sounds a$$ backwards):

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    • Fubu says:

      Wouldn’t call Soros a great businessman unless you subscribe to his “destructive capitalism” that involves going into a country and causing chaos by overthrowing the government or destroying the currency and positioning yourself to pick up the assets for pennies on the $. His tactics have caused more pain and suffering for more people than anyone ever. It’s people like him that give capitalism a bad name.

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    • Blue Moon says:

      I believe the virus was here all the way back in late October 2019. I went to the doctor with a fever, hacking non-stop cough, wheezing in my left lung. Told the doctor my son came home with it about 3 weeks before but after 2 days was better. Then hubby had it and it was really bad. He should have gone to the emergency room but didn’t. He has COPD and his lung sound like he had pneumonia. The doctor I went to did a strep test and flu test. Both came back negative. He said all he knew was I had upper respiratory infection so nothing could be prescribed for it. He gave me cough syrup which did not do any good at all. I almost sat and cried I cough so much that my side hurt so bad. Then after 3-4 weeks it left as fast as it hit me.

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      • Gramadeb50 says:

        My children and I traveled to California in late October, 3 of us flew, one drove. Three weeks later two were sick and one’s spouse with a flu like they’ve never had before for 3 weeks. They couldn’t shake the fever, their dry hacking coughs and the exhaustion. One kid popped a rib from the cough and still suffers from fatigue that at times becomes total debilitating exhaustion. All have recovered except the fatigue. Thankfully I didn’t catch it.
        I have heard of others who were sick in the October/November time frame.


    • upstate909 says:

      I seem to remember the China travel ban was Jan 30, however a court objected. It may be plausible it was enforceable Feb. 12. Hmmm, just under that 14 day infectious time period.


  17. Eric C. says:

    Interesting, go read about Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr. (the real life Chappy from the Iron Eagle movies) A highly decorated pilot and 4-star General.

    From Wikipedia:

    “ Being asked about militants like H. Rap Brown and Stokely Carmichael, who implied that blacks ought to fight at home rather than in Vietnam, also angered James, with his stating “the lawlessness, rioting, men like Stokely Carmichael acting as if they speak for the Negro people. They aren’t, and set civil rights back 100 years!” James even removed his Black Panther emblem from his helmet since it had become associated with a movement he no longer identified with.”


    “ Immediately after the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and as riots erupted in several areas across the country, James addressed a gathering of Air Force Association officers at which he declared that in spite of events and the resistance to progress, “I’m not disgusted-I’m a citizen of the United States of America and I’m no second-class citizen either and no man here is, unless he thinks like one and reasons like one and performs like one. This is my country and I believe in her, and I will serve her, and I’ll contribute to her welfare whenever and however I can. If she has any ills, I’ll stand by her until in God’s given time, through her wisdom and her consideration for the welfare of the entire nation, she will put them right.”

    Side note, he almost blew away Gaddafi 😂

    “ Following the coup by radical Libyan military officers, including Muammar Gaddafi, the U.S. announced plans to close Wheelus Air Base. Wanting to see how far he could push the Americans, Gaddafi sent a column of armored half-tracks through the base housing area at full speed. Unamused by the stunt, Chappy closed the base gates and confronted Gaddafi. During their confrontation, Gaddafi kept his hand on the pistol in his hip holster. “I told him to move his hand away,” Chappy recalled having had his own .45 strapped to his hip. The future Libyan dictator complied. “If he had pulled that gun, his hand would have never cleared the holster.”

    Oh how history repeats itself.

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      Just a side note Eric C.: My family was evacuated from Wheelus AFB a couple of years before the incident you cite. I remember my dad, Ret. AF Capt., tell that story about the confrontation.


      • Eric C. says:

        Oh wow!

        I didn’t know that “Chappy” was based on a real person. General “Chappie” James seemed like an amazing person.

        I noted he met his wife at Tuskegee. They were married and had 3 children. It just saddens me how the Democrat party partially succeeded in destroying a lot of the Black community by destroying good manufacturing jobs in the US and attacking the nuclear family.

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  18. mr.piddles says:

    We’ve officially arrived.

    I don’t know where, exactly… but wherever it is… we’re there.


  19. RobInPA says:

    Yogi: Hey Boo-Boo! Who’s your favorite bear?

    Boo-Boo: Gee Yogi, it used to be you, but now it’s the bear wearing the “Trump 2020” sticker!

    “Reward offered for information on who put ‘Trump 2020’ sticker on bear”

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    • ziegler von strahn says:

      oh wow..that woman in the video… “Using a wild animal for that is cruel and inhuman. It’s not OK.”
      Yeah, that bear looked like he was in severe distress over that sticker on the plastic tracker. But somehow, if you look at the picture… somehow, tagging both his ears and putting a collar on a wild animal isnt inhumane at all……


    • Greg1 says:

      Snagged and sent to a buddy with the statement “how to wreck antifa’s day”.

      Thanks for posting that!


    • H.R. says:

      I’m just in awe of anyone who could put any sticker on a bear’s collar.

      Liked by 4 people

      • guru1966 says:

        For real! I’ll offer a $5000 reward to find out who did it, too. But only because I wanna hang out with that dude!


        • ziegler von strahn says:

          its a cub bear. It’s been collared and tagged. Meaning it is probably close to humans daily. Not tame, but not like putting one on a grizzly in wild alaska either.

          Liked by 1 person

          • guru1966 says:

            From the picture, I’d say it easily outweighs you or me. With claws to match.
            And, just because it has been tagged, that doesn’t mean someone walked up to it, petted it on the head, said, “Good boy” and gently placed the collar on its neck and tags on its ears.
            No doubt it was tranquilizer darted in the wild.
            If you’re cool with walking up to him and putting a sticker on him, I’d love to hang out with you, too! 🙂


  20. patti says:

    Fauci Hasn’t Changed – He’s The Problem Not The Solution

    At the height of the AIDS crisis in this country in 1988, activist Larry Kramer penned an open letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was “spearheading” U.S. Government efforts to combat the disease. That letter read in part:

    “You are responsible for supervising all government-funded AIDS treatment research programs. In the name of right, you make decisions that cost the lives of others. I call that murder…

    Liked by 3 people

  21. nwtex says:

    I had to quit after 3 min lest I turn into a puddle of tears.
    God Bless this man and his family.

    President Trump “Never Give Up!” MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO (ORIGINAL)

    One of many awesome comments —>

    thetedmang 6 months ago
    A man in his 70s who gave up his billionaire playboy lifestyle to be ridiculed by liberals and the media the world over.

    A lesser man would have broken immediately, yet he goes on everyday for us.

    Thanks DJT.

    Liked by 10 people

  22. nwtex says:

    FDA Expands Its List of Toxic Hand Sanitizers
    Jul 24, 2020

    -snipped –

    The Food and Drug Administration has expanded upon its previous hand sanitizer warning, adding dozens of brands to its list of potentially toxic products.

    “The agency is aware of adults and children ingesting hand sanitizer products contaminated with methanol that has led to recent adverse events including blindness, hospitalizations and death,” the FDA said in a statement.

    The FDA recommends disposing of hand sanitizers produced in Mexico in “appropriate hazardous waste containers” — and not by pouring them down the drain.

    “Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death,” the FDA added.

    For the FDA’s full list of potentially toxic sanitizers visit CBS News.


  23. Donna In Oregon says:

    Just a thought. Write “WE KNOW” on our masks.

    When we get asked what we know?

    One page Data Sheet via Sundance’s truth serum kit to Washington DC.

    Let them take a picture of it and send it to their friends/family.

    How fast can that go through the USA? Pretty damn fast.

    Liked by 2 people

    • jus wundrin says:

      Jan 1, 1984 is the index date for most of these files. Odd. I opened the fallujah.pdf just to see the date: 2004. Paints the jihadis as evil……which they are. Also opened obamas 1961 birth announcement: photo from a newspaper, no viruses.

      When did this dump occur? Ive seen others posted recently, but they were from several years ago.


  24. OffCourseNation says:

    I already know who Biden’s choice for running mate is going to be.

    So do the rest of you.

    Drum roll !!!

    Mrs. Mail In Ballots.

    Now residing in a cemetery near you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bshaw7369610 says:

      It will be Rice. I’ve said it for months now. That way when the DOJ announces charges against her the left can say Trump is a dictator attempting to imprison a political adversary. It’s plain as day to see.


  25. The Gipper Lives says:

    “The corporate media is breathlessly chronicling a vaccine arms race against coronavirus. They’ve not done much to keep Americans up to date about the multiple oddities and inconsistencies that have emerged.

    For starters: Both the Lancet and New England Medical Journal (NEMJ)—fresh off being forced to retract fraudulent studies that attempted to debunk hydroxychloroquine—published reviews of coronaries vaccines from Moderna (U.S.) and Oxford (U.K.).

    Both vaccine-makers previously chose to release their science by press release, where it was easily and eagerly gobbled up and regurgitated by a long-neutered press too scared for their employment and funding to ever question an injectable medical product.

    Then there’s Bill Gates, whose measured persona of Dr. Evil channeled through Mr. Rogers folded like a lawn chair under the softest of softball questions in a recent CBS interview about vaccine’s adverse reactions (or, harms).

    Through all his bizarre and distracting hand waving, like a sorcerer missing his wand, Gates stumbled and flubbed his way through the interview. He finally managed to eke out a plaintive plea to authority, hinging coronavirus vaccine safety on FDA’s ‘gold standard.’

    Ah yes. The FDA ‘gold standard.’ A ‘standard’ that, in the past, has allowed multiple fixtures of the childhood immunization schedule to be freely injected into American children with laughably limited safety testing windows. And by “laughable,” we mean “tragic.”

    The two Hepatitis B vaccines licensed in the United States for newborns are Recombivax HB (Merck) and Engerix-B (GSK). Both were licensed based on clinical trials, which reviewed so-called solicited and unsolicited reactions for no longer than five days after vaccination.

    April in the U.K., headlines reported Britain’s AstraZeneca would join forces with Oxford University in an effort to “accelerate the globalization of a vaccine,” according to their CEO.

    More recently, Reuters reported AstraZeneca was granted legal protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine. This shocks no one who’s followed the long track record of poor vaccine safety science, and the refusal of manufacturers to stand behind their product. But that fact is one the corporate media keeps quite quiet, so share it with everyone you can.

    …Moderna’s key leadership dumped all their stocks and cashed out..Oxford’s shot didn’t fare much better with its early studies on rhesus monkeys. …Nevertheless, they proceeded with full speed to human safety, then efficacy trials…“not off to a good start.” Wired admitted…NIAID director and non-protest-opining Dr. Anthony Fauci continued to grandstand before Congress, however. Fauci claimed that only data from a randomized, placebo-controlled trial would be the gold standard to evaluate hydroxychloroquine [but not vaccines]. With questionable-at-best players like Gates and Fauci marketing unproven mRNA and DNA vaccines using unclear science during their studies, while being cheered on by a mostly acquiescent hero-worshipping corporate news media, it has been left to the public and independent journalists to call them out at every turn.

    With increasingly draconian censorship of critical analysis and those who give it, there is no greater time to stand up. Now is the time to speak out and share the information you find most important. You might never get another chance.”

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Eric C. says:

    Saw WSJ article where Microsoft CEO and President Trump spoke. The President will support Microsoft buying TikTok as long as the deal addresses security concerns.

    I knew that would always be the position of the President: force the security issue and pull the data out of China.

    I wish there was honesty in the press. And a press that was pro-America First. The President would probably have consistent approval ratings in the mid-60’s.


  27. Walt says:

    It just occurred to me why Biden is taking so long to decide on a VP.
    He’s locked into a black female pick but at this point in time no black female wants to be seen accepting a role subservient to a white male.
    That means every candidate is going to come with a long list of strict conditions and perks that were provided by others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I say he still has a little wiggle room if he chooses a Hispanic woman as his running mate . . . and the best part is, Beto O’Rourke is still interested.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Genie says:

        Now self-identifying as Betty O’Dork and riding a pink skateboard.


      • JG3 says:

        Thinking OBloomer’s sermon, last week, was testing the water/setting the stage? Wouldn’t be surprised if his ego want’s it bad enough that he would take 2nd seat. Doesn’t care if he couldn’t be Pres. Just needs enough time to drive the final nails? There’s a feeling /something about the movement of things. And, the look on his face!

        POTUS’s rise in polls may throw a roadblock…


    • auscitizenmom says:

      “strict conditions and perks”………………Now……..that makes a LOT of sense.


    • Robert Smith says:

      I think they are negotiating for a BLM platform right off the bat to sign on.

      A BLM ticket.


    • ….strict conditions…… such as no sniffing and touching on intimate places…..Walt?????


    • evergreen says:

      They’re vetting the next president for VP. If he were to become president, the VP would imminently step into the role of president. Probably within the first week. Heck, Biden may be incapable of swearing himself in. The VP could actually swear in as the president on day one. Then, all depends on makeup of congress to determine who gets in as new VP.

      Yes, they are probably thinking along those lines as to who they trust to give the presidency to.


    • lurker99 says:

      Walt, I am not even sure if its Biden who is doing the picking for VP……………………


  28. Donna in Oregon says:

    Biden is doing what Hillary did, using his status as running for POTUS to block any chance of legal action.. Smart move: Protecting the Deep State, the billionaires, Globalists, and Washington DC Swamp creatures all at once.

    Systematically stealing our wealth and destroying our Republic.

    They want our stuff. All of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Augie says:

    Jordan Peterson: Is neo-Marxism on the rise? Good discussion, comparisons to Stalin. Under 14 minutes.

    Notable quotes:

    “A warning to corporate people: you let that fifth column in, you’re going to regret it. You’re going to regret it.

    “A very well-organized minority can have an unbelievably pernicious effect on an organizatioin.”

    “I think the group identity game ends in blood. It doesn’t matter who plays it.”

    Liked by 2 people

  30. OK now a post may work.


  31. jay says:

    Feinstein: China Is ‘Growing Into a Respectable Nation’

    Madam: look at the definition of respectable:
    1 : worthy of respect : ESTIMABLE
    2 : decent or correct in character or behavior : PROPER”

    Liked by 1 person

  32. DeWalt says:

    Excellent thread for your reference.


  33. Texsun says:

    Just when you think things can’t become any more bizarre in “Bizarro World”, Nancy Bullosi supports cannibis (WEED FOR THOSE IN RIO LINDA). Of course, she slams President Trump for suggesting a legitimate drug, Hydroxychloroquine, will possibly help you.

    So, what would the Democrats recommend to individuals suffering from the Chinese Wuhan pandemic crippling our economy and isolating our children, condemning them to mediocre remote classrooms with no healthy social interactions with their peers?

    Apparently, they think y’all should just get high.

    Friday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about the various provisions set forth in her House “stimulus” bill that relate to cannabis policies and cannabis banking laws that appear to have nothing to do with the pandemic-related economic disaster the bill is supposed to address.

    The speaker explained to the intrepid reporter that the cannabis laws are directly related to COVID.

    “I don’t agree with you that cannabis is not related to this,” Pelosi explained. “This is a therapy that has proven successful.”

    As Dr. Fake Fauci says, Show me the double blind studies that prove it!


  34. got to John Ratcliff’s chief of staff and one more tonight over west of our place at a meet up in Rockwall.Tx

    Jason Ross, running for Ratcliff’s House seat, was John’s chief of staff,
    put 10 of Sundance’s post on his work in Jason’s hands by “paper” tonight and prior by text to his phone and e-mail, he acknowledged it tonight. I looked him in the eye and advised him to not bs me and get in front of John, he knows John and I are friends from way back.
    Also a person jordan who is with Sarah Huckabee’s and her dads PAC ,is working for Jason an e-mail from me on all of it with links here, ,,,,,

    will send his e-mail to adm herein. which may piss him off as he seemed to be a lower part of the cult judging from his eyes and reaction to my stuff.

    Jason is in contact time to time with John, who calls Jason when he is in area. John has so much security now it is very hard to communicate with him.

    Also put the main post by Sundance in this Huckabee political persons world via his e-mail

    It will take deliberate acts on their part to keep this from John as sooner or later I will be in contact with John. Jason knows this. He also needs my support to get to first base to take John’s place next Sat. over in Sulfer Springs Tx. at the House Dist precicent chair and county chair election.


    Liked by 2 people

  35. romy911 says:

    Backbone Radio
    Hour 3 is Sundance’s “Paul Revere Ride.”

    Liked by 1 person

  36. This will make your blood boil, every false narrative you can imagine dumped into this ridiculous diatribe by a son of Soros AND the punk has the nerve to play the anti-Semitism card to boot. Pathetic. But, reading between the lines, could this be a bit of Soros flop sweat? Are things heating up for them? Could they feel that they’ve crossed too many lines and are in a bit of a panic?

    My father, George Soros, is white supremacists’ favorite target. But they won’t stop us.


    • Robert Smith says:


      White Supremacy is nowhere in sight. Am I wrong? Wherever they are I think they know they’d be locked up in seconds in today’s environment.

      They are the favorite bogeyman for the DeepState.


    • InAz says:

      I was lifetime banned from the NPR site for telling the truth about Georgy Schwartz…..aka George Soros. I was also called an anti Semite.
      A taxpayer funded site bans anyone who speaks truth and true facts.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      That’s funny….coming from the son of a NAZI Workerbee, the founder of the first Moving Company for Death Camps…Oh my, dire warnings from Soros’ prodigal son: warning all about ‘White Supremacists’ /eyeroll.


  37. deplorableintx says:

    Had some fun with a Liberal yesterday when I received a wrong text from a Texas Democrat Committee member yesterday asking if I was thinking I’m some Democrat named Daniel. I took this opportunity to have fun, tie up their physical resource (not a bot) for an hour and a half, and sow the seeds of chaos! It happened once before during the primaries, but thinking I with another name. Here’s some highlights.

    Rose: Hi Damon! It’s Rose with Texas Democrats. Texas is the biggest battleground state in the November election. Can we count on you to support Democrats up and down the ballot?

    Me: My man Bernie’s workers’ rights message has been lost. Unless Biden picks him as VP, its just 4 more years of DC elites. And he’s out of touch with the people.

    Rose: Bernie and Joe Biden have worked on the Dem platform together. Please read Also, the current occupant in the White House has provided no leadership to fight covid with 140,000 people dead. The Republicans are sitting on their behinds refusing to extend the unemployment benefits of $600 per week and so many people will not be able to pay their rent or food. What do you think about another 4 years of Trump? Seriously.
    Joe has shown a lot of compassion and will work to improve our conditions. But you won’t know unless Biden is elected.

    Me: I really hate settling for Biden. Haven’t we already had selected not elected? Besides a lot of us have lost businesses due to Covid. At least nobody dies of the flu anymore.

    Rose: Biden was not my first choice either. But I am voting Blue as it’s a choice that gives us hope versus the current administration. Covid was made worse by the Trump administration not providing any leadership and our country is in crisis. Right matters as we need to do it by voting the right way. For me, it is voting Blue.

    Me: Ye gave me hope. When are we going to get someone young fresh like most of us? Not sure Joe’s gonna make it…

    Rose: Joe will be announcing his Vice President selection in another week. His selection for VP will be very critical as that person may have to step in if Joe cannot complete his term. Would you like to volunteer to support Dems in the November election? I’ve been volunteering for several months now as it is so important that we swing the Senate Blue and the President Blue too!

    Me: Joe won’t make it the first month! That’s exactly why he must pick Bernie!

    Rose: Joe has stated he will pick a female VP and there are only female VP on his list. Joe will have a strong cabinet as he has many experienced people to select from, like Bernie.

    Me: Not feelin it Rose. I’ll get back to you after he makes his pick.

    Rose: Have a nice evening, Damon!

    Me: You too

    Should I accept the invitation to volunteer? Do a little inside disinformation?
    Have fun Treepers!

    Liked by 2 people

  38. mtk says:

    I am all in on SD efforts. He got has got something that is moving the powers to be, the govt at whit large to move forward. Bravo Sundance It has been a long road.

    Having said that, an appeal to reason is long in the coming. So, to charge forward on the banner, “Enough!”
    Is very appropriate.
    My step back is such, while not knowing what you have put together, is to say, “Never underestimate the power of turning complex analysis as NOT being the final end of all.”
    History is repeat with far too many examples where complex social analysis has been proven MOST affective if it can be boiled downed to a simplistic representation that grabs the widest imagination of the public with what is stake. Often that power of discussion finds the greatest and widest spread appeal is through comic relief.
    Just saying, the more a subject matter becomes based on the ERUDITE under pinning, the more the owner’s of that understanding STRIVE for the widest simplistic presentation to the public
    Even our Founding Father’s acknowledge that importance.
    Much of what we know of about our Constitutional Revolution while based on an enlightment of reason. Was based in the end on the most successful of resorts.
    The appeal was achieved not by appeal to reason but by simplistic comic satires. Thus amoung them was the deeper story of reason embraced.
    An example though the ages is, “Flyers” That are historic keys to opening the mind to listen to the deeper appeals of reason.
    All Earth shaking revelations start off with deep seated reason, but in the end the greatest impact was achieved by embracing a single minded crystalization of boiling down the complex into a comic realization that glavinizied the public to a reexamination of the stakes.
    My point being ..Even
    Thomas Paine’s many years of appeals to reason didn’t effect popular opinion until his reasoning was characterized in comic relief.

    Your story, your brief needs such a headlining grabber.
    Only then will those not open to reason will take a second look.
    In this day and age of MSM, just look at how profound this impact of truth is performed. Every single governance of what is told by the msm has a basis that is pinned on a cultural simplicity. Call it a Cultural War.
    But making inroads to penetrate the minds of people is most successful achieved in comic relief. That is why, when flyers are dumped out of planes over enemy territory, what is dumped out not the long worded appeal to logical reasoning but a simplistic comic representation. It through that representation that the larger, more deeper reasonings find a home, a root of appeal.
    The swamp is totally exposed to these ridicules and my bet is they are coming. Soon.

    I think most people are missing the point of your USS Indianapolis narrative. That is, the bomb delivered operation is directly related to your briefing travels.
    Nope, everybody, the bomb was delivered in Dugan’s turnover to team Mueller many month ago.
    Just my opinion.


    • MustangBlues says:

      mtk: go ahead and dismiss this comment: communicators are responsible for communicating.

      Not possible to read your comment, a stream of constant continuous sentences, just unreadable. Suggest you try to always double space after the second sentence to create readable chunks to digest. Otherwise it really is like an avalanche of cluster type, suffocating meaning.


  39. sync says:

    Chicago-Area Leader Call for Illinois to Abolish History Classes

    Who is La Shawn Ford?

    In November 29, 2012, Ford was indicted on charges of bank fraud, alleging he provided misleading evidence to obtain a $500,000 extension on a line of credit. The charges state he used the money for personal expenses rather than rehabilitating an owned property, as stated in the loan documentation. On August 4, 2014, all 17 felony counts of bank fraud and false information against Ford were dropped by federal prosecutors in exchange for his pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor income tax charge, and Ford’s trial was removed from the federal docket.

    Wasn’t Obama’s wingman Eric Holder the Attorney General in 2014?

    I guess the federal judge did not even put up a stink and want to pursue his own prosecution.


  40. someone posted this on the presidential thread yesterday; I saved it and sent it to a couple of people I know. I am afraid to send it to the people who say they are opposed to masks but wear them anyway because, you know. they hate confrontation and it’s no big deal..they’ll put their foot down on the next issue.


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